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NLDS Game 3: Lifeless Dodgers Swept by Dbacks

Thank You fans

The Dodgers won 100 games again this season. Fans boasted. Dave Roberts felt confident. Fans once again drank the swill. This year would be different. This season feels different they said. This team fights, this team has heart. They destroyed the Dbacks in the regular season (they didn’t actually, an 8-5 record is not destroying). so why wouldn’t they in the playoffs, right?! Analysts marveled at the Dodger’s talent and imposing lineup. They scored over 900 runs!

Yet the Dodgers came into the postseason with no starting rotation, a weak bench, and one of the worst pitching staffs we’ve seen in 30 years. Their demise was accurately predicted by me here, and a few of you as well. I said in April, May, June, July and September that the Dodgers didn’t have the pitching to win a World Series this year. They also apparently didn’t have the hitting either. Well….

The Dodger’s starting pitchers gave up 13 earned runs in the three games.

Dodger’s starting pitchers had an ERA of over 40 in their pitiful three game sweep.

I had my fire Friedman tweets firing all game. I was in rare form.

The Dodgers had no idea who would be pitching from game to game, other than Clayton Kershaw would start game 1.

But it wasn’t just the dreadful pitching. Mookie Betts, and Freddie Freeman went 1 for 21 in the three games. The Dodgers scored 6 runs, and were outscored 19-6 in the series.

If you didn’t watch the game, good for you. You saved yourself so much aggravation. The Dodgers lost to the Dbacks 4-2 on Wednesday night, getting swept out of the playoffs. I hate to say I told you so, but….actually I don’t. It doesn’t take a genius like Andrew Friedman to figure out that great teams have great pitching, and you need great pitching to win a championship.

Dodger’s starter Lance Lynn actually looked good for a while, until he gave up four solo home runs in the bottom of the third to put the Dbacks up 4-0. Lynn had pitched two scoreless innings to begin the game and looked like he might give the Dodgers what they desperately needed, an actual quality start. But number nine hitter Geraldo Perdomo, (who couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat) Ketel Marte, Christian Walker and Gabriel Moreno all hit home runs within minutes.

With the score now 4-0, the Dodgers went to the bullpen, and they pitched very well. Kudos to those guys, they did their jobs. Brusdar Graterol, Caleb Ferguson, Alex Vesia, Michael Grove and Evan Phillips did not allow a run to cross the plate.

Opposing starter Brandon Pfaadt had no problems with the Dodger’s pathetic lineup. He tossed 4.2 scoreless frames, allowing just two hits, and striking out two. The Dodgers had one look at the game in the top of the seventh. With their season cratering, Max Muncy blooped a single with two outs. Will Smith (who had 3 hits in the game) singled, and Chris Taylor’s line drive single got the Dodgers on the board. Enrique Hernandez followed with a single to left scoring Taylor and the Dodgers were down 4-2.

With the season on the line for the Dodgers, Arizona called in rookie left hander Saalfrank. So of course that means you gotta get Austin Barnes to the plate. After all he hit .180 and had 7 extra base-hits all season. He grounded out, and that ended the rally and the season. The Dodgers posted the most pathetic postseason performance in MLB history.

But you know who the real MVP of the series was? ME. I put up three recaps when I would have rather been gouging my eyes out. There has to be changes for next year, I think it starts in the front office. Firing Andrew Friedman and Brandon Gomes has to be the top priority. Friedman’s reign has gone on long enough. He’s had his chance, and while I appreciate the three pennants, and world championship in 2020, his teams have been an embarrassment in the postseason. Next priority is to actually build a major league pitching staff, and starting rotation.

I want to thank anyone who has visited, read, commented here this season. I appreciate all of you. I’ll keep writing as long as there are people around to read, and depressing losses to recap.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

5 thoughts on “NLDS Game 3: Lifeless Dodgers Swept by Dbacks

  1. One final check of the boxes:

    Red Hot Snakes carry momentum of Wild Card sweep into Dodger Stadium….. “CHECK” And they sweep the Dodgers too! Pretty embarrassing. Would have been better if they had just thrown in the towel and forfeited.

    Dodgers “flatfooted” after 1-week layoff….. “CHECK” Unable to shake off the cobwebs.

    Tired and worn ol’ veteran pitcher gets shellacked and cannot get out of the 3rd inning before giving up 4 Jacks….. “CHECK”. DR decided to keep Lynn in and squirm like a worm on a hook. Should have yanked him after the first two homers. DR wanted to save Pepiot for game 4? WHY?

    Sporadic Bullpen could not stop the bleeding….. “PASS” Bullpen put out the fire, and kept the Dodgers in the game, but offense could not respond.

    Sloppy defense….. “CHECK” but lucky it did not add into the onslaught. HR barrage were the nails in the coffin.

    Offense sputters….. “CHECK” Mookie and Freddie a “No Show”. Add to that, way too many weak ground outs, and pop outs.

    RISP, 2-5……”CHECK” These are bad numbers when you can’t get anybody on base, and then waste the few opportunities you had.

    LOB, 5…… “CHECK”. Not enough baserunners.

    KO’s 7……”CHECK”

    So much for 100-game winners. Orioles eliminated, Dodgers eliminated, Braves on the brink of elimination.

    Hapless Dodgers come home to clean out their lockers…. Many may not be returning. Lots of decisions to be made by Free Agents, as well as Dodger Brass on picking up options.

    “Maybe Next Year, Dodger Fans. “CHECK”

    Thanks for reading my rants. Hate to say “I told you so”. Believe me when I say I would happily eat my words if they went all the way, but I just knew it was Mission Impossible. Thanks Scott, for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind. Have a nice off-season, Bluto!

    This fan is done with baseball this year. “DOUBLE CHECK”

  2. Just wanted to add this interview of Alana Rizzo.

    Alana is “spot on”. She hit every angle (holding back no punches) and surprisingly echo’s what I had been sayin’ all season long. So great to hear from someone who is knowledgeable and respected. I don’t know about you folks, but I sure miss her. So much better than her replacement the “Clueless” Kirstin Watson.

    High Dollar superstars are supposed to “Lead” not sink the ship (look at. Bryce Harper, and Cory Seager right now. Dodger Brass sat on their hands, failing to address the actual needs of the team…”Starting Pitching”. Yes, DR did make some dumb decisions, but he actually did the best he could given what he had to work with, and all the unexpected injuries and player issues.

    I’m waiting for opening of Spring Training, when the Dodgers will make their annual boast of declaring to have 9-10 pitchers who can potentially be starters. LOL, we all know what has been the case these past few seasons. All I usually see by season’s end is this picture of the Zacky Farms Chicken Wing Plant, with whole chickens walking in, and walking out with no wings.

    I’m “OUT”! Have a great Holiday season, everyone! “Et Tu Bluto!

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