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NLDS Game 5: Dodgers Beat The Giants!


No words can describe the incredible joy Dodger fans and all of Los Angeles are feeling right now. In case you were hiding in a cave somewhere, the Dodgers knocked off the Giants 2-1 in game 5 of the National League Division Series at Oracle Park in San Francisco. The Dodgers advance to the NLCS (beginning on Saturday night in Atlanta) to face the Braves.

There are so many things to talk about from this intense game. There was the Dodger’s questionable decision to use Corey Knebel as an opener, ultimately bringing in Julio Urias in the third inning. There was the amazing performance from the pitching staff led by Urias and Max Scherzer. There was Mookie Betts notching 4 hits on the night, the inexplicable bunt from Taylor, and of course the clutch RBI single from Cody Bellinger in the top of the ninth that broke the tie. I can’t forget to mention the check-swing in the bottom of the ninth called on Wilmer Flores that ended the game.

Beyond all of that, we should reflect on how huge this is. This is the equivalent of defeating a hulking monster. It’s Jon Snow shanking the dragon queen. It’s John McClain throwing Alan Rickman from the Nakatomi plaza. The Dodgers slayed the beast, and in the lion’s den. They hung in there and came away with the victory. This was one of the most clutch and satisfying wins I have seen in my life. And I’ve seen a lot of Dodger Baseball.

If the Dodgers can win the World Series this year, we’ll look back at how special this season was. This series was a battle between two heavyweights. The Dodgers have become what the Giants were back when they won their three titles. The Dodgers are that team that will not give up. They are grizzled postseason veterans and they have ice in their veins. This club does not give up! Ever! The Dodgers are advancing to the NLCS for a rematch with the Braves. In the meantime celebrate! Ding Dong the Giants are dead! They left their heart in San Francisco, and the Dodgers ate it for dinner.

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Tough Break Giants…..See you next year!

Just Repeat!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

2 thoughts on “NLDS Game 5: Dodgers Beat The Giants!

  1. Well, the Dodgers did just about everything they could to lose the game. But, luck was finally on their side. And to top it off, Flores did not go around on that game ending check swing. Dodgers got a gift.

    Knebel/Bazooka openers really accomplished nothing.
    6 straight fastballs called by Smith, and Ruf knocked the 6th pitch out.
    2-10 RISP. Dodgers swinging for the fences in critical moments.
    Turners…Trea .136 Justin .050 for the series.
    Disgusting bunt attempt by CT3, not to mention .143 for the series.
    Error by JT in the ninth almost cost the series.

    But we will take it. Steal the NLDS from the Gnats in their house! Just what the Doctor ordered. Could not ask for more than that. NLCS and World Series will be icing on the cake!

    Dodgers will need more to challenge the Braves. Fewer
    RISP, more productive and timely hitting. I hope they can do it.

    Go Blue!

  2. I for one thought it was a beautifully played game. The Giants had a great year but they are still very reliant on Crawford and Posey. What a great game of baseball this was!

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