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Has The Real Chris Taylor Returned?

Chris Taylor

Yesterday I wrote an article about the three automatic outs in the Dodger lineup. Namely I was speaking about Chris Taylor, Enrique Hernandez, and Austin Barnes. Up until last night all three have been pretty awful at the plate. Since writing that article (you’re welcome) all of them have perked up. Hernandez hit a grand slam in Tuesday night’s win over the Giants. Taylor notched three hits tonight, including two home runs, his first career multi-homer game. Even the punch-less Barnes tallied a couple of hits yesterday.

Most notable of course is Taylor. The Dodgers thumped the Giants again 9-2 on Wednesday night. Taylor had possibly the game of his season. He drilled two home runs (A Three-run Shot and a solo homer) and added a double as well to drive in four of the Dodger’s nine runs. His average rose all the way up to .235. His OBP is now threatening to go above .300! Regardless it was a nice rebound for Taylor. Can he keep this up the rest of the way? Because the Dodgers are going to need him. Only time will tell folks. Check out his two bombs below. The Dodgers have won 50 of their first 75 games.


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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

21 thoughts on “Has The Real Chris Taylor Returned?

  1. He crushed those pitches.

    But I am not a believer yet – there are still plenty of holes in his swing. The reason why he strikes out so much. The first one he hit out is promising. His old swing path could not reach those high inside pitches before. The second one, I am not so impressed about. The ball ended up in the lower middle of the zone and he hit it out using the same swing he’s always had. Instead of jerking and whipping his bat like that, he should keep it more level through the strike zone (like Turner and Seager, and also the improved Pederson of the last 18 months). When I see him starting to make good contact and driving the ball into the RF gap, then I will be excited.

  2. It is the mighty Giants pitching staff, just saying. I hope RUN THB has figured it out, but I need a larger sample size, which includes some good opponents before I throw all in on the resurrection of RUN THB

    1. No doubt Roberts puts a very similar lineup out against Bum tonight. Joc will be sitting but then again, Muncy should be back in the lineup for perhaps a couple of obvious reason, WSS.

    1. And this surprises who? Trout is simply one of the best I have seen in my life. But Bellinger is playing better than any Dodger since they moved to LA. Deep staff keeps the Hill injury from being a really bad thing. He has already been placed on the 10 day IL. No replacement named yet. Another BP game tonight. Up in SF they only got Muncy’s homer off of the Bum, but made it hold up. Kike is a mess. For now, I use him as a defensive replacement only. Every time he does something like hitting one with the bags juiced, he suddenly thinks he is Manny Ramirez and goes for the big swing. Now, last night, at least he was trying to go the other way. He hit a couple of hard shots that were right at Yaz. Let Taylor do this for a couple of weeks and I might believe he has found the answer. Friedman said in an interview that the Dodgers would explore multiple relievers, but not be stupid about it and not give up the farm. Counting the days until Corey gets back. 50 wins, first time since 1977 they have done that in the first 75 games. Did not do it in 17 when they were clearly the class of the league. Rockies lose Story just in time for this weekends meetings. Blackmon in on fire.

      1. This from a source for Think Blue LA…….
        ThinkBlueLA has learned from a trusted source that right-handers JT Chargois and Josh Sborz are en route to Dodger Stadium from Triple-A Oklahoma City.

        Although one of the two will be used to fill the roster vacancy created when Dodgers left-hander Rich Hill is officially placed on the 10-day injured list later today, the other move comes as a bit of a surprise and the corresponding roster move is unknown.

  3. Well, I think I will pass on tonights game. I am in no hurry to watch Kike, Taylor, Barnes, Garlick and no Bellinger. I think Dummy has decided to let this game go so I think I will bypass this game. I hope you all enjoy and I hope the Dodgers win in spite of Dummy.

  4. I guess package that if “Dummy” can take a pass on tonight’s game, that you are entitled to as well. However, Bellinger has been very hot and it is probably a good time to sit him down and cool him off. I bet if you asked Bellinger, he wants to be in there with his hot bat. Typically guys that are cold get a night off but not with Roberts, hot = sit

    1. True
      You have it just right. I have never seen a manager sit down hot players as much as Dummy. I am sure there is not stat that says if you are hot you need to sit to improve your game and people just don’t get why I named Roberts Dummy? I am sure Bellinger wants to play every night. Imagine you have tickets for tonight’s game and you get to see tonight’s lineup. I would be pissed that I got to watch the bench perform and pay a premium for my ticket.

  5. True
    Here is a little more food for thought. How would like to take one of your children to the Dodger game tonight to see Taylor, Kike, or Barnes? In my day it was Koufax, Drysdale, Snider, Hodges, or later with Wills, Gilliam, Frank Howard, Roseboro or a host of top notch players.

  6. I will say one thing for Roberts and that is that he is consistent. He continues to bat Kike in a spot in the order where he has consistently been bad. And we are talking over 260 at bats, half a season of failure in that spot. Maybe he is hoping something will miraculously happen and Kike won’t suck as a leadoff hitter. I have a better idea, bat Taylor, who is hot right now and a much better lead off option in that spot and hit Kike 7th or 8th, where his OBP is much higher than the .290 from the leadoff spot. Bellinger has not really hit Bumgarner, which is why sitting him makes some sense. Kike owns the Bum, but has not owned him lately.

  7. Barnes has a great night at the plate. Garlick, Barnes and Pederson go deep. Jansen in to try and close it out. 9-8 no outs in the 9th with a 2 runners on and 3 runs already in. Sborz pitched to 2 hitters too many. Pederson played 1st base for one inning. But with the game on the line Cody comes in to play first. Jansen not looking good at this point. I would bet that Package is glad he is not watching this. Wow, the epic meltdown continues. At one time the Dodgers led this game 6-0. Bellinger makes a great throw to 3rd on a bunt that cuts down the lead runner. Posey up. Fans are very very nervous. Posey flies out to Verdugo….2 on, 2 out, Belt coming to the plate. Belt is 0-3 tonight with a walk. Dodgers-Giants is always like this……gut wrenching. Belt flies out. Jansen gets the save, 9-8…….I need a bi-carb! They keep the lead over the Rockies, who come in tomorrow for a 3 game series at 10.

  8. Another 9-spot for the Dodger offense. That makes three games in a row, compliments of “The Hated Ones”. Dodgers send the “Mad Dog” to the dog groomer for an early flea bath, again.

    The “0”-fers…CT3 looks like the old CT3 we knew. You might be right…. He is back, Scott. Austin Barnes got the memo. Kiké looked like a veteran leadoff man…. get on base any way you can, even if it is a HBP. On-base twice, steal two bases, score twice. I hope he watches the films today, and takes notes.

    There still was a lot of wasted scoring opportunities (6-15 RISP, 10 LOB). Also some shabby defense and Kenley Jansen almost lost the game. Maeda comes in to PH for the pitcher, and lays down a perfect SAC bunt (what all pitchers should be able to do), only to be wasted by Kiké.

    Belli still showing off his MVP skills. Kyle Garlick, one of those unfortunate kids who wasted away in the Dodger farm… How could this kid be in the minors so long? Oh I forgot…. According to “Andy’s Book” the Kids are never ready for the show. “Let the Kids Play”, for cry’n out loud.

    I know, as much as I complain, the Dodgers are still the best record on MLB, and 10 games ahed in the NL West, and have a mammoth +127 RDIFF, so what do I know. They must be doing something right. Dodgers are doing just fine, without Pollock and Kelly, thank you.

    Keep on Truck’n Dodgers!

  9. The Dodgers batters have a motto “no lead is ever safe”

    The problem is the Dodgers bullpen has a motto “no lead is ever safe”

    They have to do something about GasKanley, this is getting to the beyond absurd point. The guy does not have closer ability anymore. Hell, the gave up some rockets that got run down by Verdugo and Garlick, so even the outs he recorded (not to mention the bunt that Bellinger pounced on and threw to third for an out) had nothing to do with his pitches being quality. GasKanley isn’t just an issue he is now a major problem and a problem that is going to cost the Dodgers dearly in the post season, you can count on it. Let me remind you, the Dodgers should have swept this series but GAsKanley secured one loss and did his damndest to try and secure another loss. So we have the rest of the team performing and one firebomber being allowed to blow it all up whenever the opportunity is presented. Damn this is fn ridiculous, shake things up Bert, find another way and give someone else a chance, hell Chargois should be given the chance to close.

  10. Garlick was a 28th round pick in 2015!

    What the heck is BlueFan talking about with regard to him being “wasted on the farm.”

    He was developed and aggressively promoted.

      1. I’m not sure what you are saying/asking or joking?

        But it doesn’t change how inaccurate your original statement was/is.

  11. Good news, they won. Bad news, Jansen most likely not available for a save tonight. So, who would get the call??? I go with Baez or Floro. Both have nasty stuff. They cannot stick with a 3 man bench with the Rockies in town. Look for Sborz to head back to OKC and possibly Beatty back with the team.

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