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The Real Reason For Booing Pedro Baez

Pedro Baez

The Dodgers have been mired in one of the most pathetic losing streaks we’ve seen in recent years. They’ve now lost 8 in a row, 13 of their last 14, (that’s a 1-13 record over the last two weeks) and show no signs of ever winning a baseball game again. Their lead in the NL West is still a strong 10, but their hold over home field advantage is quickly slipping away. They look like a lost defeated, dejected club. They know they are going to lose every day and well….they are.

But there was some controversy the other night surrounding right handed reliever Pedro Baez. The real focus should be on how much the Dodgers suck, and man do they suck right now. But instead a lot of the focus especially on social media has been put on this Pedro Baez thing. Let me paint the picture for you before I get into the reasoning of this.

Let me take you back to last Tuesday night in the opening game of the home stand against the Dbacks. The Dodgers had already been pathetically swept by the Snakes in Arizona. With the division lead dwindling and Dodger fans confidence waning, everyone was hoping that some home cooking was what the Dodgers needed.

Hyun-jin Ryu pitched well in a duel against Dodger turncoat Zack Greinke. The game was tied at 1-1 going into the tenth inning. As usual the Dodger bats were ice cold and pitiful. So with the game tied in the top of the tenth, the Dodgers turned to Pedro Baez to hold the tie. He promptly walked the first two batters of the inning. Then he gave up a grounder, a fielder’s choice grounder and then there was a throwing error (It was really a missed catch error) and two runs scored for the Snakes. Arizona would go onto win by a 3-1 score.

After that stupid inning Dodger fans booed poor Baez off the mound when the inning was over. And I mean they booed him. They opened their mouths, cupped their hands around their mouths and elongated their vocal chords. Baez got booed off the mound and he walked off with his head down. If you remember Baez also blew a game in San Diego on the last road trip and that was also still fresh in everyone’s minds. So they booed him, and they showed no mercy while doing it.

Flash forward to last night’s pathetic 5-4 loss to Colorado. Pedro Baez is brought into pitch in the top of the sixth inning with the Dodgers down by a run. As soon as his name is announced, he got booed. He walks the first hitter. Boos rain down upon him. But he recovers and strikes out the next three hitters to get out of the inning.

Manager Dave Roberts was furious though. He’s a good manager and his job is to protect his players. I understand that, but man what a circus. Here was his comment after the game….

That’s not the real reason Baez was being booed. The real reason was because of this….

2014 NLDS game 1 vs. Cardinals


And this……

And who could forget this…..

The Dodgers weren’t booing the 2017 Baez, they were booing the 2014 Baez, the 2015 Baez, and the 2016 Baez. That’s years of resentment for him built up from years of high leverage failure. October baseball is a cruel mistress, especially to middle relievers.

For the record I have never booed any Dodger except for Milton Bradley, and that guy deserved it. I do however believe that when you buy a ticket to a baseball game you have the right to boo whoever you want to. These players are making millions of dollars and hey if they perform as bad as Baez does in pressure situations then probably expect to get booed. I’m not saying it’s a good look to boo one of your own players, but I understand the frustration.

Suck less Pedro, but I’m cheering for you.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

6 thoughts on “The Real Reason For Booing Pedro Baez

  1. We are not looking good at all bad decisions, no small ball to advancing the runner. BTW FAZ was target date 2018 .

    1. FAZ has no target date. They are in the camp of every off season is a crap shoot so just get in the postseason.

      2018 is/was Badger’s date. He was the first one to target that since the beginning of 2015. I still think this is the year but the Dodgers never do anything easy.

  2. I have for the most part felt Baez has been a lot better this year than before. Then the HR bug hit him again. He gave up 11 last year and this year was doing a lot better than that until lately. And I think they were booing him because on Monday he gave up 2 HR’s in one inning. He has been a gas can in recent games. Roberts was defending him because he was pretty effective during the time they were winning. But I have never really trusted him in high leverage situations.

  3. some time i think manger dont know good player from bad players..we need a set line up and stick to it..2nd base is a big problem ..we need chase to play second not logan.. seem to me chase comes up with some big hits when we need them..

  4. Maybe the fans should boo Dave Roberts. He is the guy that thinks it is OK to continue to play crazy lineups and evaluate players even if the Dodgers continue to lose games. Losing 13 games and only winning one is not acceptable to most Dodger fans.

  5. i agree seem like the fans know more about the line up then the manager do …i am from the old school .you play the best play who are doing the best ..seem like we are so far behind in the first inning..that is almost impossible to come back and win a game..these picture are loosing it in the first or second inning.s

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