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Seager Wins it With a Grand Slam

Coming off his first walk off hit last night, Corey Seager hit his first grand slam in the bottom of the 8th inning to propel the never say die Dodgers to an improbable come from behind 9-7 victory for a sweep over the Reds. It is the Dodgers fourth straight win in which they came back from a 7-3 deficit. Hyun-jin Ryu was on the mound facing off against Tim Adleman.

Ryu was destroyed by the long ball as the balls seemed to be launching out of the park today. Adam Duvall and former Dodger Scott Schebler took Ryu deep in the top of the 2nd inning. The Reds led 3-0 at that point. The Dodgers fought back in the bottom of the 2nd when Cody Bellinger hit a two run shot to cut the deficit to 3-2. For Bellinger it was his 14th homer but wasn’t done yet.

Joey Votto then hit a solo shot in the third to increase the lead 4-2. Ryu would only last 4 innings. He was relieved by Ross Stripling. In the bottom of the 5th Chase Utley hit a solo shot to make 4-3. Jose Peraza hit a sac fly in the top of the 6th to score another Reds run. Devin Mesoraco who homered yesterday then hit a two run shot for the Reds to make the score 7-3.

Adrian Gonzalez left the game with some back issues and Bellinger was put at 1st base. Stay tuned to see what happens with that situation. The bottom of the 8th inning will stand as one of those magical moments of this season. Cody Bellinger hit a solo shot for his 15th homer to cut the lead 7-4 to start it off.  With one out , Yasmani Grandal hit a single. Rasiel Iglesias came in for the Reds.

Yasiel Puig then had a patient at bat for a walk. Kike Hernandez then had the most important and longest at bat in recent memory, as he kept fouling off pitch after pitch. He finally got walked. Chase Utley the gray fox also walked to score a run to make the score 7-5. Corey Seager who is the face of the franchise then took the first pitch he saw from Iglesias and sent the Dodger crowd into a frenzy as he hit a grand slam to make the score 9-7.

Kenley Jansen then came in to register his 200th career save and add another inning without walking anyone. The Rockies also finally lost so the Dodgers gained a game in the standings. The Dodgers will now head out for a six game road trip.


James Moya

Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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James Moya
Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

41 thoughts on “Seager Wins it With a Grand Slam

  1. I left after it was 7-3. Guess my leaving was a good thing. I will watch the replay in a little while. If Gonzo is hurting, I would put him on the DL and move Bellinger to first in a heartbeat. Joc back in a little over a week, they can move Taylor over to left or call up Verdugo. Joc is 3-9 so far in his re-hab.

  2. I think this team should trade Joc and probably Puig. Neither seem capable of hitting over .250 and both seem to suffer slumps, too often. They are good fielders, which is important, but we need to upgrade our outfield as it’s been a very long time since Kemp and Ethier held down the fort. This current group really doesn’t rise to those heights. Would we go for pitching, a SP?, or a tested, solid hitting outfielder?

    I thought we had our 2B position sorted with the acquisition of Logan, but he has not adjusted well at all. I know he’s been hurt and getting his groove back. Can he rise to the level he played at before? As poor as Utley looked at the start of the season, he has certainly cemented a starting position at 2B, imo. No one comes close, even at 38!
    2B-?Taylor? He has outplayed everyone except in fielding.

    Just one position still up for grabs in the infield, while our whole outfield is a day to day grab-bag.

    1. I doubt they trade either of them. First off, their trade value is not all that high. Puig’s career average is over .280. Both are using different stances and new approaches applied by the batting coach Turner Ward. You do not trade a premier fielder like Puig unless you can get someone almost as good out there back. Who are you going to stick out there that has that kind of arm? Both are working hard to get better and if they don’t well, they might get traded this winter. But Joc’s fielding and his power potential, and he has only been in the majors a little over two years, make trading him a little premature.

      1. I can see both sides of that debate. But I also think each of these players are what FAZ is looking for – good fielders with high OPS potential. I think they are too young to trade but wouldn’t be surprised if they are moved.

        Beating up on the sub .500 teams is what we are supposed to do, and we did. Things are going as planned. I still don’t believe Colorado is a .600 club. We will be in first place by summer – the day AGon hits his second home run – after returning from the DL.

      2. Who knows? I think Turner Ward has the final say on whether either of them are dealt….in a way. I think the MO of this FO is to get as much information as they can before making a decision. Ward’s the guy who has been working with them the last couple of years. If he says either or both don’t really have the makeup to improve, then that weighs heavily into the decision. I say Joc is more likely to stay because he’s had the most recent successful track record last year. He put up a 3.6 WAR and 126 wRC+, mostly from his good second half of last season. I don’t think they give up on him after 40% of the year.

        Who do the Dodgers get anyway? Lorenzo Cain’s name keeps on getting floated out there, but really, he’s two years removed from his most productive years. It’s not just this year he hasn’t really hit. He didn’t hit exceptionally well last year, either. Why would you deal Joc, who’s a valuable asset with still a lot of upside who, as Bluto points out, has seen his trade value drop for a guy who isn’t performing offensively all that much better?

        Ozuna is, I’m afraid, just too expensive right now. I think the FO would have to be convinced that there’s been a fundamental change in his approach that is likely to be permanent before they (or me) buy into the notion that this hot start is not a mirage. His BABIP is .371. How likely is that to continue?

        J.D. Martinez…..lousy defensive WAR. Limits the positions he can play to left. Braun….injury, age, bad contract.

        If I knew the answer I’d be getting paid the big bucks to be the GM.

        1. Well, that makes sense to me. I don’t really want to trade Joc, I want him to improve. Watching his at bats makes me uncomfortable. He should watch an hour of Votto’s at bats. If Joc would emulate him, he would be a perennial All Star.

          I don’t know who to get. I am interested in a few names floated – Yelich and McCutcheon intrigue me, but no doubt would be costly. Matt Kemp might be available. Yeah, I know. Honestly I don’t think we get an outfielder that will cost top prospects, I think we use those prospects for a pitcher. Darvish or Archer, with an outside possibility of Cole.

    2. By the way Jeff, you never responded to my bet the other day. I don’t even remember what it was, but I figure I probably lost so I just did the 10 pushups.

      McCutcheon might be for sale. Do we want him in left for the stretch? He might get excited about playing for a championship.

      1. Going after Cutch follows the same reasoning of those who have suggested it’d be a good idea to go after Matt Harvey: they’re former stars who are still somewhat young who have seen their performances decline. The problem is you’re buying on their previous reputation and not their current performance. That’s buying on hope. At least Harvey still has his velocity. McCutcheon has also seen his defensive performance plummet. Sometimes guys just lose it a little at 30. Sorry, I’m not buying him.

        With both Hill and McCarthy, the FO saw things in either their performance and/or peripherals that made them worth taking a chance on. What is it about McCutcheon, aside from his reputation, that make giving up the precious prospects you want to hoard so badly worth it?

          1. Hope backed up with SOME evidence. Hope is what inveterate gambling addicts do with their rent money in Vegas.

          2. A career slash line of .290/.370/.485 for a 30 year old is not evidence? He is a free agent after this year, unless a team option of $14.75mm is exercised. He’s been hot for a month. I’m not saying we should, but I’m not saying we shouldn’t. I do think he would make our lineup against lefties much better.

    3. Jeff

      You are not off base, with your concerns about both, Joc and Puig.

      Neither one, has done that well offensively, and this is not their first year, in the majors, by no means.

      They both have not been able to hit well consistently, in the last few years.

      We do need another rightie bat, because Puig has not been any help against lefties, this year.

      He is hitting a hundred points lower against lefties, and he has had reverse splits against lefties, throughout his career.

      And Puig is not close to providing the offense, a right fielder should provide either, because rightfield, is not a defensive position.

      The only reason Puig is getting to play everyday, is because we have three outfielders out on the DL, right now.

      And the truth is that this is Puig’s fifth year in the majors, and his numbers have dropped every year, since has played, in the majors.

      And the only reason Puig’s career average is 280, is from what he did, in the first year and the half, he was with the team.

      But because Puig has better numbers then Joc has, I think Joc is going to have to prove he can hit consistently, right when he gets back, or they will try to find another bat for the outfield, at the trade deadline.

      And Joc has hit two HRs in AAA in a park where the ball flys out, but I don’t think that is good news, about Joc.

      Because Joc also hit a lot of HRs in spring training, but he was not hitting well, at the end of spring training, and he has not hit well, all season long.

      We all know Joc can hit a HR, but he still has not hit well consistently, in the last few years.

      I think one of Joc’s biggest problems is that he tries to hit the ball out more, then just get a hit.

      And because of that, he still has not consistently adjusted his swing, when he has had two strikes, when runners are in scoring position.

      And the truth is that Joc still has not hit well consistently, after two years plus, in the majors.

      And has not tried to consistently adjust his swing, in these last two years plus, either.

      And he has been lucky to get this much time, on a team, like the Dodgers.

      1. Kike actually has more MLB service time than Pederson. Joc has more power, is a better fielder and has more potential and upside than your beloved Kike. He also has just a little over 2 years in the majors. I have seen players with a lot more experience do less. If you look at video of Pederson, your evaluation of him not adjusting his swing is totally wrong. He does not even have the same batting stance he used in spring. When you make adjustments in season, it is not always going to work right away. First off the player has to become comfortable with the new approach, and obviously both Puig and Pederson have not reached that level. Joc has been out over 30 games. He only has 105 at bats. Will he ever be a consistent hitter? Who knows, but the Dodgers, not you, will make their evaluations without your input since your opinion means nothing to them. Oh by they way, You said Joc hit his homers at Round Rock. Wrong, they are playing in OKC. The fact that he has 3 hits in 9 at bats is important. He has only struck out once. You just dislike the kid because you feel he has played too much for the amount of offense he has provided. But 51 homers, tell a different story.

    4. McCullough thinks we could see Joc and Taylor in the OF together. Joc in left even though he’s a better CF because Taylor hasn’t had much experience there.

      I do think a new RF is a trade deadline target.

      Also to note: Scott Van Slyke is batting .407 in last his 11 AAA games.

      1. Bluto

        Since Joc can’t hit lefties, I see Taylor playing center then, but right now, Taylor is also hitting better against righties, then both Puig and Joc.

        And I also think Kikes really good at bat yesterday, earned him more playing time, too.

        1. Kike is a sub, one good at bat does not earn him playing time. He extended the inning, that’s it. So did Puig, and Utley. He is not and never will be a regular player. He gives Roberts options to give other players days off. But you are not starting him over and of the so called regulars unless you like the matchup.

          1. Puig has never had an at bat like that, in the five years, that he has played!

            He still has trouble having a decent major league at bat, in clutch situations, in games, even though, he is only hitting eighth.

            And he has never had an at bat, like Kike had, yesterday!

            Puig was unintentionally, intentional walked, yesterday, that is why he got on first, with four pitches!

            And both Puig and Joc are just platoon players, because they are hitting a hundred points lower, against lefties, so I wouldn’t be putting Kike down!

            And I actually think Kike is hitting better against righties, then Joc is!

      2. Not according to what is being written. Dave Roberts is very satisfied with Puig out there. And according to all reports so far, they are targeting PITCHING. Both starting and relievers. Besides, what RF on the market is as good a defender as Puig? Answer, NONE. They would not get a whole lot for either Puig or Pederson right now. SVS has been hitting well, but not with much power. I think he is way down on their depth list. The other reason they are not doing that is what do you do with Bellinger? Who is playing LF every day, leads the team in HR’s and RBI’s. Unless you move Gonzo to the bench, Joc in LF makes no sense what so ever. I think when Joc gets back, Taylor basically takes Kike’s infield utility job away from him, and he is the relief player who gives Forsythe, Turner and Seager a day off since he is a natural SS.

        1. Your right, Roberts said he is happy with Puig in right, what does that have to do with Puig’s bat, nothing?

          Puig’s offensive numbers are not good, for a right fielder, and that is the truth!

          And rightfield is not a defensive position, even though, you want say differently.

          Nomar said exactly what the Dodgers thought about Puig, and that is that Puig doesn’t hit consistently, enough.

          And that is why there have been some scouts, that only consider Puig, a fourth outfielder.

          And Puig’s value may never come up, especially considering the fact, that his stats are going down every year, so the odds are, his value will only go down, even further

          And Puig and Joc are just mere platoon players too, so that is not a reason, to put Kike down!

          But that doesn’t matter, because everyone here, saw Kike’s at bat, yesterday.

          And they gave credit, when credit is due.

          I never said Joc was playing left, but Taylor will continue to play, if he continues, to produce!

          And Agone will probably go out, because he hurt his back, yesterday.

  3. I think the deadline deal will be interesting.

    You could argue that the Hill deal was the least value-centric deal the front office has done. I wonder if that’s because it was done for the stretch run, and that may change the thinking.

    If that’s the case, then the McClutcheon deal is a little less likely.

    1. Wait a minute …… Van Slyke is hitting .400 in June? Is he still in the picture? I forgot about him. If he is healthy and motivated, we may not need another RH stick.

  4. Not going to get into the argument about Puig and Joc. They both have their faults, and they both have been putting in a lot of time with the Hitting coach. Sorry MJ, but the main reason Puig is playing most of the time is his defense. That was stated by none other than the manager a few weeks ago. He is a superior defender, and he saves runs. The other thing a lot of people forget is that Joc just turned 25, Puig is 26. By major league standards they are babies. Roberts likes Puig in the 8 hole because he feels it lengthens the line up, and that Puig is less likely to get over anxious down there. The story I read yesterday said that Roberts wants to see more consistency in Pederson’s at bats. So that is the reason he is going to be at OKC for an extended re-hab. Whether they are traded or not, well that’s not my department. But 2 young guys, under very team friendly deals with huge upsides if they can turn it around, you just do not give up those guys that easily because they are not that easy to replace. I have seen a lot of names floated in rumors. But most are players on the down ward slide. There is not anyone tearing up AAA who plays the outfield. Verdugo is over .300 down there with no power to speak of. Kike is a sub, pure and simple. Taylor is an infielder playing there only because Joc is injured. There are no easy solutions.

    1. Roberts doesn’t say bad things about his players.

      What is he going to say about Puig, other then he plays good defense, when he is not producing, offensively.

      The truth is both Puig and Joc have been given more chances, then most players would get on a team, like the Dodgers.

      And they are both not doing well offensively, and their values, may never go up!

        1. Bluto

          The point is that Puig’s stats are not getting better each year, they are getting worse every year.

          And that has been happening now, for five years.

          But you even brought up we need a better bat, in right, so I don’t know why you are asking me, about that.

          Why did to say we need help in right?

          1. I’m not sold on Puig, and the team is going to optimize the playoff run.

            In that context Puig is sub-optimal.

            But I don’t think his stats are going to go down, no need to be pessimistic.

      1. I think you better check on rookies on other teams. A lot of them get extended looks. And some come nowhere near having either Puig’s or Joc’s abilities. The Brewers gave up on Gennett. And look how he is playing for the Reds. Joc BARELY has 2 years in. Puig has played parts of 5 seasons. They are both under 27 years old. Taking that into consideration, the team has given them opportunities. Why? Because there is no one in the system at this point who can replace them, both of their trade values are not high. And who in the league that even comes close is available who is not in his 30’s ? As far as Puig’s production, for a # 8 hitter, it is pretty good. (9 home runs, number 2 on the RBI list on the team. Combine that with his defense, and he is pretty good for the money. Pederson is a different animal altogether. Joc has not done well in his 35 games, and he has been out for almost 3 weeks now. Hard to produce when you are injured. Both play when healthy because of 1 reason. They are the best option at the position they play. Joc will be right back in CF when he gets healthy simply because he is a better CF than Taylor.

  5. I agree that RF should be reserved for a good defender. Puig has become a #7 or 8 hitter, but he’s a gold glove right fielder, and that does have value.

    He’s become the best defensive right fielder in the game, and that cannot be understated.

    1. Bobby

      Mookie Betts was the best right fielder in baseball last year.

      And I believe Heyward was the best right fielder, in the national league last year.

      Puig has a better arm, but he does not have the range, and get to the balls, that Betts, and Heyward get to.

      And that is why Betts was the named the best defensive player, in all of baseball, last year.

      Betts had the most defensive saved runs, in all of baseball last year, in rightfield.

      But Heyward makes my point!

      Even the Cubs didn’t continue to play Heyward in right last year, when he didn’t continue to produce, on offense, even though, he was good defensively.

      1. I looked all of the guys up.

        Puig has 6 defensive runs saved, this year.

        Heyward has 8 defensive runs saved this year.

        And Mookie Betts, has 11 defensive runs saved, this year.

        I do think Puig is a good defensive player, but he is not doing well on offense, and that is true.

        And our outfield has not produced enough, in that last two years, on offense, and with Agone hurt, we will need another bat.

          1. Bobby

            Puig is a really good defensive player, and you won’t get any disagreement with me, about that.

            Because that is a fact!

            It is to bad he isn’t doing as well, as we all thought he would do this year, on offense.

            It is a dam shame that he is not hitting better, because he has everything else, a team would want, in a player.

            I am afraid he might not come around, until he is in his thirties, when he is not in his prime, anymore.

            How can anyone not like Puig when he is doing well, because he is fun to watch.

            The only thing that bothers me about Puig, is when he goes in front of another outfielder, like he has done, with Joc.

        1. Is there an algopuigrithm that calculates how many scoring position bases Puig saves by guys not running on him? Guys who would likely run on every right fielder not named Puig?

          1. Badger

            You right about that.

            His rep alone, makes runners think twice!

            But I think Heyward, has a pretty good arm.

            And it is not as good is Puig’s arm, but it gets the job done.

            And there is not a game saving throw, every game either..

            Just like there is not a game saving catch, every game either.

            And I would love to see what really difference does defense make, as compared to a good offensive player, like Kemp, on a game to game basis.

            I just don’t think the way sabers rate a players defense, is an important on a game to game basis, when most outfielders, make more rountine plays, then not.

            It is not perfect science, and sabers acknowledge, that.

  6. If Kike was better than Joc or Puig, he would be a starter…..Kike is not better than Joc or Puig, so Kike is a scrubeenie. One good at bat does not buy you playing time. Producing when you start is what does the trick, see Utley. I am glad the Dodger brain trust see things more clearly than MJ.

    1. Michael

      I never said Kike is better, but Joc has not hit much better then Kike has.

      And kike at least hit well, for almost entire season, unlike Joc.

      And the truth is, both Joc and Puig can’t hit lefties.

      Why do you find the need to put him down Kike, when Puig and Joc, are really platoon players too?

      Kike isn’t my favorite player, but he did have a great at bat, and that is something that Puig has never done, for a very long time.

      And I remember you saying Toles needed to have a good major league at bat, and this was only his first year.

      You should expect more from two players, that are in their third and fifth, major league season.

      And you better check Kike’s OPS.

  7. Badger


    I looked at that, so Puig’s arm, and the rep on his arm, is already figured in, the formula for defensive runs saved.

    1. Badger

      Mookie Betts had 32 runs saved last year.

      No wonder he was named the best defensive player in all of baseball, last year.

      And right field in Boston, is really hard, to cover.

      Heyward had 11 runs saved last year, so maybe Puig has a chance against him, this year.

      But Heyward seems to cover more of the ground then Puig does, in the metrics.

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