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Stripling Charms Snakes With Arm and Bat

Ross Stripling

Man the Dbacks are awful. The Dodgers easily disposed of the Snakes on Tuesday night by a score of 5-2. The win kept the Dodgers 4 games ahead in the NL West after the Giants came from behind to defeat the Rockies 3-2 in Denver. Spot starter Ross Stripling has been like Johnny on the spot. Filling in whenever and wherever the Dodgers need him too and doing a very serviceable job. These types of wins certainly increase the Dodger’s Betting Lines this season. ESPN seems to agree.

Tonight he was solid as he tossed 5 innings allowing 2 earned runs on 3 hits and striking out 5 without issuing a walk. Stripling beat the Dbacks not only with his arm but also with his bat. The right hander singled home a run in the Dodger’s second inning. The Dodger offense scored all 5 runs within the first three innings which included three runs in the bottom of the third. Kenley Jansen pitched a scoreless ninth frame to record his 42 save of the season. The Dodgers are now 78-60 and a season high eighteen games above .500. Here’s how the game went down…..

Dbacks  2 4 0

Dodgers 5 11 0





The Dbacks struck first in the top of the first. With two outs, Center fielder A.J. Pollock slugged a solo home run, his second of the season to put the Snakes up by a 1-0 score. The Dodgers would tie it up in the bottom of the first inning as opposing starter Shelby Miller’s struggles continued. Corey Seager lined a single to left. Then Wellington Castillo’s passed ball advanced him to second. Justin Turner’s single to right scored Seager and the Dodgers tie it up.

After Ross Stripling recorded a 123 second frame, the Dodgers took the lead in the bottom of the second. Josh Reddick singled to center and one out later was thrown out at the plate on Andrew Toles’ double into the gap. Pollock’s relay throw to Jean Segura was on the money and Segura threw a strike to catcher Castillo who tagged out Reddick on the slide. The Dodgers would get one run out of the inning though, as Stripling would slap a single over the first base bag past Paul Goldschmidt to score Toles and give the Dodgers a 2-1 lead.

The Dbacks went down in order again in the top of the third. The Dodgers followed by plating three runs in the bottom half of the inning. Seager singled again and Turner’s ground-rule double sent Seager to third. Yasmani Grandal’s ground-out scored Turner to put the Dodgers up 3-1. The Dodgers weren’t done. Reddick singles in Turner, and Joc Pederson’s infield single sends Reddick to second. The red-hot Toles’ single up the middle brought home the fifth run and the Dodgers took a 5-1 lead.

The Dodgers would not score again, but the Dback’s bats were kept very quiet for the rest of the night. The Dbacks scored their second run in the top of the fourth, but Stripling would hold the damage to just that lone run. Chris Owings doubled. Stripling then whiffed Pollock. Goldschmidt singled Owings to third, and Owings would score on a sacrifice fly from Jake Lamb. Joc’s throw to home would have been close had it not hit the mound.

The Dodger bullpen took it the rest of the way. Josh Fields, Pedro Baez, Joe Blanton, and Kenley Jansen all pitched a scoreless inning of relief to secure the win. Jansen strikes out Goldschmidt and Lamb to end the game. Dodgers win 5-2!

The Dodgers had 11 hits on the night. Seager, Turner, Reddick, and Toles all had two hits each. The Dodgers were 4 for 10 with runners in scoring position. The Dodgers will try to wrap it up with a sweep in the series and home stand finale. Robbie Ray will counter Brock Stewart as the Dodgers have no won four consecutive games. A long ten-game road trip looms for the Dodgers, starting on Friday night in South Beach.

Clayton Kershaw will make his return to the mound against Jose Fernandez. Only 24 games remain in the 2016 season and the Dodger’s magic number to clinch the NL West is now 21. Don’t forget about the broom depot’s specials on all Dodger sweep merchandise. There will be a big discount sale tomorrow night. Just type in the promo code “DodgersSweepSnakes” to receive 15% off all your Dodger sweep items.

Go Blue!

Scott Andes

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

113 thoughts on “Stripling Charms Snakes With Arm and Bat

  1. The Dodgers traded for Reddick before they had much of a chance to see Toles, but regardless of Toles’ ability, you generally defer to a veteran down the stretch. In Reddick’s case, he has changed his approach at the bat this year and is having much better success (per Nomar), If you have looked at Justin Turner’s stats a couple of years ago, you might have concluded that Toles should play over him too. Reddick would not be the first 29 year old to suddenly become a better hitter. He seems back in the groove now and is a “AJ Ellis type” locker room guy.

    I love what I see from Toles but I am not going to have an irrational attachment to him just now. I presume that DOC has reasons and access to info that we don’t. He seems to be using Toles judiciously — maybe to keep him at an even keel. I don’t know about Toles makeup….

    It’s my opinion that Reddick is not in the Dodgers plan going forward…. but you never know. I would suggest that you put down that irrational hated of Friedman, Zaidi and anything A’s associated and enjoy the rest of the season. According to most of you, who picked the Dodgers to finish anywhere from 2nd to last, they are playing with house money and have already exceeded your expectations by a lot!

    FAZ is so stupid, Doc is a puppet, they have no depth, this team is poorly constructed, blah, blah, blah It’s the same thing everyday. The Giants tanked – that’s why the Dodgers are in first place. HELLO! Guess what, the Dodgers are winning too! They seem to be peaking at the right time.

    So, to save face, you try and nitpick everything to somehow save face. It’s too late! You were wrong! These guys have what it takes. Watch and learn… if you are capable! I do know some of you are not…

    Dee Gordon is hitting .249 with a .290 OB% – sort of like he did before he was traded. You were wrong about that trade too. It’s amazing what you can do when you cheat. If I were the Marlins, I would sue him to seek to void a deal obtained under false pretenses. He also has the worst fielding % of any starting 2B.

    Darnell Sweeney – many lamented his trading (me included), but I didn’t dwell on it. The Phils just cut him and after he his .232 at AAA. Nothing to see here folks.

    The Dodgers’ future is bright and they are in the thick of things to win a championship NOW (I know, you picked the Cubs). I am enjoying the ride unlike some of you miserable souls (don’t take offense if your not one of those).

    — This is a public service announcement to balance out the irrational, incessant, constant Anti-FAZ comments.

    1. Well said!

      Gordon, sucks. Add in that he has a total of ten extra base hits all season and a -.01 OWAR and he really sucks. Glad he isn’t leading off for the Dodgers.

      Badger, hope you are in training for our push-up bet.

    2. Mark
      Don’t use the good club house guy, because we know that isn’t that important to this front office, after they traded AJ, and brought Puig back.

      Puig is only up here to see if he can help against leftie pitchers, and to see if he can improve his value.

      And by the way Nomar, has been saying much more about Toles, even before Toles hit that grand slam.

      If you look at Reddick, he has a pretty long swing, and he has to swing almost perfectly, to get a hit, or he is late, or under the ball.

      Toles has much better bat speed then Reddick, and runs a lot better too.

      And no one said a word about the front office in this last thread, it is you and Boxout constantly bringing up the front office every other comment, that turns people off, that don’t feel strongly either way.

      And not everyone loved Gordon either.

      I never really liked him, and I thought he got more chances to be a Dodger, then most players would get, probably because his father was a former major league player.

      And Gordon was not that in to baseball, and he didn’t have good baseball instincts, because of that.

      And he couldn’t handle the pressure of playing in LA.

      And comparing Reddick to Turner is not a good comparsion.

      Turner did nothing but hit, from the very beginning, when he got his chance on the Dodgers.

      And Turner didn’t get 70 at bats to see if he could hit, unlike Reddick.

      Turner had to earn that chance, once he was on the Dodgers, unlike Reddick, who was given chance after chance.

      And Turner wasn’t getting consistent at bats either.

      Turner had never been given the chance to be an everyday player, like Reddick.

      The two times in Reddicks career, that he had a good Babip, he only had 250 at bats, because he got hurt.

      And Reddick has been out for injuries, quite a bit in his career.

      And we didn’t need another left hand bat in the outfield, and if they sign any player, to play in the outfield, it should be a right hand bat.

      1. MJ, get your facts straight. I didn’t even post in the last thread.

        Why don’t you complain about all the anti-FAZ comments? They are much more numerous. Is dissent not to be tolerated? Are you a closet FAZophobe?

        MJ: “And Turner didn’t get 70 at bats to see if he could hit, unlike Reddick”.

        My memory isn’t what it used to be, but, didn’t Turner have a big slump this very year? Probably more than 70 AB’s long. I seem to remember people calling for him to be sat or moved down in the lineup. Do you remember that? I know it might be a part of sabermetrics, but, sometimes players “revert to the mean”. If Reddick does, it could be a very enjoyable ride with the rental. I know I have enjoyed Turner “reverting to the mean”.

  2. You are a one trick donkey. Bluster Rude. Your new handle.

    Dee Gordon hit .289 for us. Led the league in triples and SB. Read up once in a while will you please?

    Where is that blog you’ve mentioned starting up again? Would like to see it happen.

    Another 5 inning Dodger start. We must be close to leading the league in that department.

    The team is hitting. Let’s hope it continues.

    Kershaw v Fernandez coming up. That should be interesting.

    Baez is an interesting pitcher. Great arm. I see a second pitch is being worked into the fastball down the middle program. There may be hope yet.

    Was reading exit velocity charts. You guys know Jonathan Schoop? Second highest exit velocity to Stanton. Funny stat, the hardest ball hit this year, 123.9 mph, was a double play. The second highest, 121.6 was a force out. Three of the four hardest hit balls were outs. None of the 15 hardest hit balls were home runs.

  3. Max velocity achieved when ball struck dead center with bat and ball arriving on same plane. That should create a low line drive. Home runs need a higher launch angle achieved by hitting ball below center or upper cutting which puts ball and bat on different planes.

  4. Good article on the pen. It’s that depth thing again.

    While the Dodgers’ bullpen-building efforts haven’t always been well-received, the current relief corps appears to be a top-quality unit,’s Doug Padilla writes. Apart from star closer Kenley Jansen, most of the pen pieces aren’t exactly household names and haven’t been used in formalized roles. Manager Dave Roberts continues to mix and match, and now has 13 arms to call upon down the stretch.

  5. Sometimes, it’s better to ignore posts that ramble on. Seems the more we win, and the more our lead increases, certain posters need to say ‘na na na I told you so it’s all about me” rather than focus on the Dodgers. I’m just here to enjoy the ride and check out cute girls in low cut Dodger shirts at the Chavez Ravin…… I mean Chaves Ravine.

    I usually skim right thru those posts, noting only the relevant facts/opinions, take a sip of my bulletproof coffee, and then continue on to more interesting, Dodger related posts. (kind of like reading boring cases in law school). Of course the political ones are fun too, but we all know how those tend to work out.

    Magic Number 21. What I liked about the last 2 days was we showed off our monster power in Game 1, and then we got some nice situational hits and moved guys around, along with good relief pitching, in game 2. Let’s see in what fashion we can win today’s game. You can sort of see that feeling developing on the team. Go down a few runs? Who cares, we’ll score our own soon enough. I like it. I didn’t quite see this type of mentality the last few years, with more talented players. As I say every day, I give that credit all to Doc. I also recall I wanted Dave Roberts all along from the beginning when this managerial search started. I told you so!! It’s all about me!! Praise me everyone!!!!!

    Giants had a nice comeback win last night. They have the worst record in baseball since the break, so I still expect them to wake up soon and come hard for us and the wild card. I won’t believe otherwise until they’re mathematically kicked to the curb. Yes Badger, if Friday is Kersh/Fernandez, wow!!

    Mark said this re. Toles “I love what I see from Toles but I am not going to have an irrational attachment to him just now. I presume that DOC has reasons and access to info that we don’t. He seems to be using Toles judiciously — maybe to keep him at an even keel. I don’t know about Toles makeup….” I mostly agree with this. He’s not Seager last Sept, where you just hand him the job and expect him to be a stud. But he does seem to have that even keel, as most of the players/Doc have said about him, especially after his grand slam. I like how he struck out twice the other day, then sat for a few days, and when he got his start yesterday, he had some great swings. As our lead grows, I play him more. I still wonder if he’ll make the playoff roster because of his game changing speed and better defense in LF. At the end of games, I’d rather he (or Trayce) be out there than Howie. Toles/Trayce, Joc, and Puig/Reddick is a very good defensive outfield to have from the 7th inning on.

    1. Bobby: “I’m just here to enjoy the ride and check out cute girls in low cut Dodger shirts”.

      Damn you Bobby, you lucky dog! OK, maybe something we can all agree on, Dodgers have the best looking female fans in all of MLB? I even will agree this has been the case since before FAZ.

    2. Bobby
      Remember when everybody use to say this team was boring, because they didn’t hit much, or come back late in innings?

      This team is doing almost everything, that everyone, wanted them to do, and that is mostly do to Roberts.

      The Giants got lucky last night, because Decaslo made an error in the top of the eighth, or the Giants wouldn’t have won that game.

      But all the Dodgers have to do is worry about themselves, and win games.

      If they can stay up three games, it will still be hard for the Giants to make up those games, even in there head to head match ups against the Dodgers.

      Because a team practically has to sweep a team, to make up that much ground in the standings, so this is in the Dodgers hands right now.

  6. And let’s give credit, where credit is due.

    Most people in baseball, are giving Roberts credit for helping to change this teams attitude, not Faz.

    People in baseball are saying that Roberts should get manager of the year.

    And I haven’t heard a single person in baseball, say that Faz should get executive of the year.

    But all I hear from Mark and Boxout, is that the front office is responsible for where the Dodgers are today.

    Without Roberts, his coaches, and the players, who knows where the Dodgers would be right now.

    1. Well said MJ, but most of them do not want to admit that a lot of the pieces to the puzzle were in place before FAZ arrived. Urias and Seager were part of the former regimes pieces. Out side of their wacky free agent signings and a couple of trades, the bulk of this team came from…… guessed it……Ned’s tenure. Granted a lot of the farm system is the FAZTERS, but the team on the field is mostly Ned’s.

  7. Concentrate on the team guys. I care less what FAZ and the boys up top are doing. I like what I see on the field, and after all, that is what it is all about. You can bet Jints fans are crying in their soup about now because their chances at a WS win in an even numbered year are slowly slipping away. But the Jints can still be dangerous. Our BP has held up well with all the work they have been given, but this next road trip is going to be a test. Friday will be interesting since Kersh is going up against Fernandez. Then they move on to NY to face the rejuvenated Bombers. I still totally do not trust the starting rotation. It’s mediocrity has not changed much. 5 innings from a starter again last night. I am not sure what at this point can be done to change that. But come playoff time, there will only be 7 guys in that pen. In a short series they could be over used really easily unless the starters start doing the job they should be doing. But first things first, they need to win the division, and get some idea of who will be on the playoff roster.

    1. Who is responsible for hiring Roberts. Who is responsible for not trading all the top prospects. Who is responsible for Toles. Who is responsible for not keeping Greinke. Who is responsible for Maeda. Who is responsible for Hill. Who is responsible for Utley. Who is responsible for Grandal. Who is responsible for Blanton. Who is responsible for Liberatore. Who is responsible for Howie. Quite a few positives to balance any negatives.

      1. Since 1958
        The owners are more responsible for hiring Roberts if you want me to be specific.

        Because our front office truly from the begining, wanted to hire Gabe Kaplan to be the manager.

        But the owners wanted the front office to look at more candidates, and they liked Roberts.

        And I have said more then one time, I thought the front offices best signing, was signing Roberts, to be the manager.

        And I have no problem giving the front office there due, but that is all we hear about from some people.

        Most people put there focus on the team, not the front office.

        How often do you hear people giving credit to Roberts and his coaches, and the players here?

        I will answer that, not that often.

        The point is there are people here, claiming in almost every other sentence, that Faz did this or that, and that is why the Dodgers are where they are.

        But really with the troubled starting rotation, and all of the injuries, who do you think made this team stick togther, and continue to win, when Kershaw went down, or when another starting pitcher got hurt, or couldn’t pitch effectively enough, to pitch past the second inning?

        This fell to Roberts, his coaches, and the players, to keep playing hard, and to keep winning.

        It it sure wasn’t the front office.

        1. MJ,

          Most of that is fiction. You may like the fiction section, but I prefer Non-Fiction!

          You can believe it if you like but it is wrong. Your source is likely the National Enquirer!

        2. Pertaining to hiring Roberts….I have to think that it was a mutual team effort decision and if wasn’t a congenial team effort decision I really do not think Freidman would stay or Guggs would let them stay. People at that level normally do not tolerate the BS that generally flies around the journalists and the fan base. They are way smarter than you or me on running an MLB team and baseball chit in general. Just my opinion though. Maybe you are right and FAZ and Guggs are totally incapable and just bluffing their way through on BS and bravado.

    2. Once again you’re blaming the pitcher for something that was not his doing. Manager Genius pulled him after only 66 pitches. I would think he might do two more innings….

    1. He did a good job, and Miller looked like he has looked for most of the year. He was not fooling anyone. But they still need to get more than 5 inning out of these guys. It is nerve wracking to watch.

  8. One more comment. There was a lot of chatter about how Dee Gordon was not hitting well, and how he has regressed. Well try missing 80 games and coming back really ready to play at MLB standards. It was his own fault, but that has a lot to do with the way Dee is playing. Is he a batting champ like last year? No, but the guy can hit .280 and be dangerous on the bases and help his team a lot. I think next year you will see a whole lot different Dee Gordon.

    1. I think Gordon can still be an asset. Who was it we got for him?

      I agree with you and Bobby about the neener-neener comments. Childish. Truth is we haven’t accomplished anything yet.

      1. Lets see, Hernandez, hitting below the Mendoza line, Heany, who is an Angel, Barnes who was at AAA most of the year, and Hatcher, who has never sucked more than this year. The biggest asset we got from that trade is Howie Kendrick who came over for Heany, but had to be resigned as a free agent…..

    2. Michael
      Have you found a place yet, or did you and your dog, go back to your sister’s place?

      You do need time to rest, because being a care giver can be really tiring and draining.

      It is almost always harder on visitors, then the people that are actually in the hospital, so I bet your tired.

      1. I will be living here at least through December. Put away enough money to do that. Checking my options out as I go. After the wake on Saturday I will have time to myself. Packing his things right now, and taking care of all the funeral arrangements. That was pretty easy since he wanted no service and is being cremated. Having the wolves at the door wanting things he promised them has been the worst part. Since I can be a mean SOB when I want to I just told them you will get them when I am ready to do that and not before. Thanks for your concern!

        1. Did your friend leave any written instructions? A will?

          Sorry you’re going through this buddy. Hopefully this part will be over soon.

          You know, I’ve been involved in various veterans organizations over the years and I never fail to feel a pain in my heart when one I knew, or knew of, dies. That’s especially true for Vietnam vets. So many never got the credit, or respect, they deserve. So many I’ve met and worked with had a very difficult time finding true happiness. Very sad. Michael I hope your friend found some peace while he was here. I trust he’s found it now. May God bless him. And may He bless you as well.

          1. I had a written list of things that were special to him, and who he wanted them to go to. So that’s what I have done. He had a Harley vest he bought a few months ago, and the guy it went to kept telling me about how Rick wanted him to have it. I gave it to him after things calmed down. Most of that is taken care of now. Just focusing on this week. There will be a flag presentation at the gathering. If his son makes it out from Cali, he gets the flag, if not it goes to his sister for safe keeping. You are right about that Badger. I get more respect now than I ever did back then. I wear my veteran status with pride and honor. I did my job, served my country and came home. Thanks for the good wishes. He died at home in his own bed and that is what he wanted most of all.

  9. 1. I like that FAZ didn’t trade White’s/Colletti’s collection of young players.

    2. I like that FAZ signed Toles who was working at a grocery store and out of baseball.

    3. I like that Roberts is easing Toles into the lineup without shaking up what has been working regarding Kendricks at bats. I think Toles best position is LF.

    4. I like that Toles is using his bat and glove to make it easy for Roberts to give him playing time versus displaying an attitude that makes it easy for Roberts to keep him on the bench.

    5. I like that Puig is only used against leftys which continues to send a message to Puig.

    6. I like that Utley seems to stay in the lineup more often against leftys.

    7. I like that Joc has been pinched hit for less and less against lefty releivers and has started a few games against leftys lately. He is their best defender by far in CF.

    8. I like what I see in the young pitchers and believe that Stewart, De Leon, Urias, Stripling are bailing out the likes of Anderson, McCarthy, Norris, Rhu, Wood, Kazmir all of who were risky and unreliable for 2016.

    9. I think the team needs to hit the reset button with Kike’ and use him very sparingly form here on out and bring him back next year for a new start.

    1. Only 9?

      Come on man, you can come up with that #10.

      #8 is why, at the beginning of the year, I said “not this year”. The good young pitchers were a year away and Kazmir, Anderson, Wood, McCarthy and Ryu scared the crap out of me. Even Maeda, and his 6 day rest tender elbow made me nervous. Somehow, 4 game lead in September happened. I said in April it would come down to the last week. I also said Arizona would be in the scrum. I had that wrong. But it could still come down to that last series. Man I hope not. I don’t need that stress. The playoffs will be enough intensity for me. I want the midgets to disappear.

      1. I probably had to pee and couldn’t get to #10. Its always nice to enter a season with a core of players that have proven themselves. While I recognized that anything could happen with this team because of so many unprovens and high health risk players I managed to stay in the moment and let the season play out with cautious optimism.

        I never whined over not signing Greinke, didn’t flinched when Kershaw injured his back, and never looked at the dark side. It feels good to not have caved to doubt.

        Badger, you correctly identified the question marks on the team and put your faith in the near future. We fans look like we have dodged a “wait til next year” team and now we have a good chance to actually get into the WS.

        Kershaw, Hill, and Maeda are a good playoff rotation and the bullpen has many many players to choose from for the playoff run. And, next year, there are less unprovens plus help from quite a few talented unprovens waiting in the wings.

  10. Dodgers have not won anything yet it’s true. But the players and coaches we have now are directly responsible for the high level of competitiveness the Dodgers are enjoying right now. Faz is responsible for many of those, directly or indirectly. If Dodgers suddenly collapse they’ll be responsible for that too. Goes with the territory, take the bad with the good.

    1. The players and coaches are playing and coaching?

      Yeah, I have to agree with that. I’ll also agree that out of the 350+ moves made, some of them are working out well. Our best players were here. Our current crop of available top prospects were here. Our starting pitching is still suspect, and we have gone through quite a few looking for the right combination. We haven’t found it yet, but the team keeps winning and that’s all that matters.

      I’m fine with Roberts as Manager of the Year. There are other candidates. If the giants get hot it could be Bochy again. Errr, Bochy. I don’t like that guy. I like Maddon. I like Baker. Terry Collins anyone? The Mets are making a move. 7-3, one game out of Wild Card. If they make the playoffs Collins is a candidate. A lot of good baseball yet to be played.

      1. Easy to say anything in a chat site. I give FAZ credit for not trading prospects and making good deals for players like Grandal, Utley, Howie, Toles, Hill, Liberatore, Blanton and not trading De Leon, Julio, Seager, Stripling, and maybe Stewart. See how he does tonight. I also give FAZ and their minions credit for a vastly improved farm. Call me whatever.

  11. I cast my vote for MOY for Roberts. I can’t remember a manager speak so well to the media. I’m sure he relates to the players the same way. Very intelligent guy. Able to analyze and dissect things on the spot. He pulled Stripling early because he thought he was losing his fastball. I don’t know who or what goes into that analysis, but for the most part, he has been right this season. I had my doubts until about 2 months ago, but now I am a believer in him. Let’s win tonight and then we can take on Mattingly, who might have some extra motivation for this series. Then on to the Yankees and Zona. Big road trip coming up. How will Kershaw do?

    1. Having a BP he can count on is YUGE for Roberts success. Yes he does look and sound very Managerial. Quite a bit more so than Donnie did I have to say. A step up definitely, though I never saw Mattingly as the reason Dodgers didn’t win in the post season.

      1. Roberts with help from his coaches, has learned how to handle a bullpen this year, as the year

        Unlike Mattingly, who is still making the same mistakes, after six years.

        1. And the bullpen Mattingly had, wasn’t that different from then this current bullpen.

          There are many of the same guys, in the bullpen today, that was in thr bullpen, that Mattingly had.

          1. Who is left from last year? Jansen, Baez, Howell, Liberatore and Avilan. They have added Chavez, Blanton, Coleman, Dayton, Fields and Fein. Not to mention Norris who probably is long relief right now. Hatcher, Garcia, Nicasio, all gone, or injured. Frias has been here once. Bolsinger is gone. So in actuality, it is not the same BP. There are 4 lefty’s down there now, Mattingly never had more than 2.

    2. It helps that the team is winning. It was early in the season that the inveterate complainers were second guessing his every move and dismissing him as a FAZ Muppet. The team finally starts to hit and now he’s manager of the year.

      I like him. I give him credit for developing a team culture. What I found so extraordinary about the Molly Knight book was her description of the entourage of hangers on and hustlers that would accompany Puig wherever he went…even the dugout. I’m amazed this was allowed to go on.

      I think Roberts and the FO have worked collaboratively to deal with Puig more effectively and hold him accountable. (Pity SJW college students aren’t held to similar account).

      I think credit needs to be given to the FO for the myriad of moves during this season to juggle all of the injuries and allow Robert’s to do his own juggling to stay competitive. You can make an argument that the predicament was their own doing, but as Always Compete described on another forum, their ability to keep it together has been “masterful.” Ok…you want Garvey, Lopes, Russell and Cey playing every single day, but for the team to have not imploded, especially when Kershaw went down is impressive.

      1. “I think credit needs to be given to the front office”

        Of course you do. You’ve been married to that take all year. As inveterate as some have been with the myriad of moves being graded 2.44, and meh, you’ve been just as chronic with your support of the FAZ genius. Most are tired of the argument. This was a very good team and a strong organization when they got here and it still is. Congrats to them for not f’n it up completely.

        1. Actually, NO!

          When FAZ arrived in late 2014, the hated ones had just won their third WS Championship. VERY BAD!!! I have lived in Midget country for 33 years, for the first 27 years, I could quiet ANY Midget fan with a simple question. How many championships have the SF Midgets won? Their dejection was very gratifying to see. For over 50 years Dodger GM’s, made sure Dodger fans had this nuclear option, at their disposal when debating Midget fans.

          But sadly, NED was hired, who I have long believed to be a “double agent” allowed the hated ones to win, not one, not two, but three frigging championships on his watch. Do you really want to now, argue about Ned’s accomplishments? Do you really?

          Happily, I can tell you FAZ has put the same dejected look back on SF Midget fans, they had pre NED. Midget fans loath FAZ just as much as many on this board!!! Thank you FAZ!

          1. Ned allowed the Giants to win 3 World Series’? Really?

            I can remember many of us shouting for a lh reliever a few years ago, we didn’t get one and Kershaw swallowed an olive. I think that was on Ned’s watch. Last year it was the 3rd starter issue, and we didn’t get that, and paid severely in Game 3. This year? Who knows how it will go. The playoffs are so intensely competitive whatever edge you can get, you better get it. We are hitting. I ask again, can we keep doing that until November? Will our starting pitching be good enough?

            Maybe we talked about it already, sorry, I forgot if we did, but you live up north. Whereabouts? I lived there for about 30 years too. One championship while there. Everyone on my softball and baseball teams were giants fans. They were merciless. It would be great to give it back to them.

          2. We have talked about it. I lived in Humboldt County 1975-1978. Back to LA & Santa Barbara 1978-1983. Reno since 1983.

            Yes, the Midget fans can be ruthless, much worse than those on this board. I have had to learn to fight multiple battles at once, but, the enemy is now running scared. FAZ has given us much ammo to fight with, reminds me of the Commandant of MC.

            Did Midget fans run you out of town?

          3. No. They were my friends. Still are. They just teased the hell out of me. But back then, the midgets never won anything. That sure has changed. Since ’74 I spent 6 years in Wisconsin, 8 years in Arizona, the rest all over Northern California. It’s been tough watching them win. Venice Glen, long time poster on a few boards over the years, longtime giants fan too, has been the most respectful, but he gave it to me a bit too. He’s been to Sedona twice. Loves to talk baseball. It sure would be nice to, after 28 years, dish it back. 4 game lead. Feels good. For now.

          4. You guys are lucky. I have a daughter, 3 grandkids and a son in law who love the Gnats. Also the lead guitar player of a band that I sit in with a lot is a Gnat fan too. I have heard them all. blah blah blah..3 in 5 years…you guys suck.,,Dodgers lose! How do you like that? Giants own you!!! Pain in the ass to hear that crap from family! They are all out of my will!!!!!

          1. No, they could sell them for big money.

            I would probably do something like Brewster’s Uncle did in that movie, Brewster’s Millions. Get nothing or go to every Dodger game for ten years, in Dodger hat & jersey, for the big jackpot.

          2. Sell them for big money?

            First of all, that ain’t necessarily true. Season ticket plans start fairly inexpensive.

            Secondly, to what big jackpot do you refer?

          3. I have always thought all Dodger tickets were “priceless”, but, I figured you would have Michael leave them season tickets, right behind the plate, so they could wave to all their Midget friends on TV.

            What Jackpot? Well, besides Michael’s millions, the picture of Michael singing the National Anthem at Dodger Stadium.

        2. That’s simply not true. The only time I have even addressed the performance of the front office directly, with my own opinion, was to criticize their decision to not go after Cueto more aggressively with some of the money they had already allocated to signing Greinke.

          If I come off as a FAZ supporter, it has more to do with countering criticism I think is not well thought out or irrational. I hate stupid shit. I hate stupid arguments. I hate it when people parrot the same arguments they just read from the next guy until it becomes a self-perpetuating echo chamber of ignorant group think.

          That scenario you painted, where Roberts gave his bona fides as a yes man and got his marching orders as a condition of his hiring was just a dumb, dumb comment. It’s been repeated endlessly before: that he’s just a basebot manager figurine who simply takes orders from the FO that everyone here despises and has no agency to do anything but clap his hands and pat guys on the butts. There’s simply no evidence that that’s true and is not grounded in reality or likely how that organizational relationship really works. I’m sure there’s input from the FO. I’m sure they’re involved and they talk to Roberts about most things, but I’m also pretty confident it is a collaborative effort and there are certain roles.

          There was another comment here about how Guggs isn’t really interested in a WS, and just wants enough of a contender to keep fans going through turnstiles and buying merchandise – dumb comment divorced from evidence or fact.

          I typically don’t criticize the moves of this FO because, on the whole, I think they’ve shown to be pretty good, and even the ones that don’t work I don’t typically criticize them because I at least understand the logic that went into the decision making, and understand, because I’m a grown up and grasp the concept that we live in a world of uncertainty, that not every decision a person or an organization makes is going to be successful. Even if McCarthy doesn’t pitch again for the Dodgers, I still wouldn’t criticize that move because, at the time and with the best available data and in spite of the risk, it was based on sound baseball judgment.

          I don’t support the FO in all cases, but I generally give them the benefit of the doubt because their thinking is rational and their judgement, in my estimation, has been sound. So don’t lump me in with some contrived caricature you created of FAZ ass kissers.

      2. Dodger patch
        This front office is given the credit everytime the Dodgers win.

        They are given way to much credit, that is the problem.

  12. AAA playoffs: Kazmir pitches tonight against the A’s who had the best record overall. Big game for those guys and we will see what Kazmir has.

  13. Mariners and Padres are also in it. Logan Bawcom goes tomorrow. The team promoted Kyle Farmer to AAA for the series. Interesting move. He has been slumping.

  14. Yadier Alverez, cannot wait. Will be going to see him and Abdullah when they get to High A. Just keeps getting better and better.

    1. In so many ways.

      The team is hitting. As I’ve said for years, you gotta hit with ’em to play with ’em. We’ve been hitting. And as you know that hasn’t always been the case. Can we keep it going to November?

      1. In so many ways the hardest thing in MLB is to win the regular season grind. We have a chance for 4 in a row. Hardly chopped liver by any means I can think of. I’ll take that over a wild card any day. Now if the Dodgers can stay hot and get lucky maybe they can get to where we all want to be. We may not get complete games or even 6 or 7 innings from our starters going ahead but with the BP clicking we won’t need em.

    1. Sounds like we really overpaid for the garbage we got. You really have to wonder why. Anyone of those three should have been payment enough for what little we got in return.

    2. Badger
      Can you bring the link to this article below over here?

      Another Great Steal by Dave Roberts the New Dodger Manager.

      It was in ESPN and it was wrote by Mark Saxon.

      It was written on November 22, in 2015.

      Mark said what I wrote was just BS, and he wanted me, to list one real source, but I don’t know how to bring the link here.

      Could you bring it on after the last comment, so Mark doesn’t miss it.

      And Thank you Badger!

  15. This team is a mixture of players left over from Ned’s tenure and the new regime. Some of it works, other parts, not so much. But the starting pitching outside of Kershaw is on FAZ. So the mediocrity of this bunch of stiffs is on them too. The BP they have assembled has worked pretty well so far, and the bench has produced at times. Maeda was a good signing although I would like to see him be more conservative with his pitch count and get deeper into games. Anderson and McCarthy are a wash. Kazmir has had a few nice outings, but a lot of stinkers too. The kids have held their own, and none of them are FAZ’s. Do not get me wrong, I am not blasting the guy, just pointing out facts. Grandal has been pretty good lately and I eat crow on that guy. Funny they trade AJ for Ruiz and the guy has been in what, 3 games? Thought he was brought in to face lefty’s. So he has really not had much of an opportunity to catch these guys. If Granny goes down for any reason, we have a problem Houston. But all in all they have been playing inspired baseball. If it was me, I would put Toles in the leadoff spot because his speed can be a game changer. He has been a huge surprise and one of the FEW reclamation projects that has worked out.

  16. Some of these comments are interesting. Some of you have bad mouthed FAZ all year. You ridiculed every move they made. Now that the Dodgers are winning, you don’t care what FAZ does, it is the managers and coaches. Who hired the manager and coaches? I agree, the managers, coaches and players are doing a great job. So is FAZ. You were on Turner when he wasn’t hitting. Yes, somethings did not go right for FAZ, but they have done more things right than wrong. The Mariners starting pitching staff is a mess, and they do not have the depth to fix the problem. We did have the depth, thanks to FAZ. I will take Kershaw, Hill and Maeda in the play offs. Assuming we are in the play offs. Our bull pen is strong. We play good defense. Our hitting is good. Onward to the play offs.

    1. I do not like the way he does things and that won’t change simply because the team is winning. And they have won zip yet. All he has to show so far is a division championship last year. Talk to me about doing a good job and making good moves after they get a WS win under their belt. Neither FAZ nor Friedman has ever won a WS. I do not agree that more has gone right than wrong. Most of their free agent signings have been awful. The dumpster dive like it is a passion, and both still work with that small market mentality. Reddick has been pitiful until the last couple of games, and we have gotten 2 starts out of our major mid season pick up. Their track record right now is not all that great. Yes, we have depth. But it gets really tiring watching a guy like Kazmir struggle to get through 5 innings almost every time out. Maeda can’t get into the 7th most of the time, and if the BP had been worse than it is, they would not be where they are. Yes, some things have worked, others not so much. But if we all thought alike, the world would be a pretty dull place. I have been a fan long enough to know that nothing is forever, and if FAZ and Friedman do not produce a championship team, they will be gone too. Another early playoff exit will also make the fans madder than they have been so far. And in the playoffs, you are not going to see Shelby Miller. You are going to get the best the other team has, and this team has not hit that great against good pitching.

      1. Got to disagree a little bit You said–“and if FAZ and Friedman do not produce a championship team, they will be gone too. ” I’m not so sure that Guggenheim really cares that much. As long as the Dodgers contend and bring in a lot of money, they may be inclined to leave things along.

        1. Then they would be going back on the promise they made to the fans when they took over the team, and that was to make the Dodgers champions again. And in MHO, if that is not accomplished in say 3 more years, they will be looking hard and long at the builders of the team. Especially if the Gnats get lucky and win another one….The LA fans would hate to see that happen. How much MORE MONEY do you think a Championship team would generate? Not to mention the excitement.

        2. If they don’t get to a World Series I too think they will be replaced. Like I’ve been saying, 2018. That’s when the heat will be turned up. They aren’t going to get canned before 5 years. Badgerswill Predicts! (see what I did there – it’s a play on Criswell. ’emember him?)

  17. Idahoal
    I guess you didn’t read my response.

    Because you would know that Faz wanted Gabe Kaplan to be there manager, but the owners wanted to see more candidates, and they liked Roberts.

    And Faz didn’t bring in all of the coaches.

    Roberts brought in at least two of the coaches, and Faz brought in the bench coach, from the Mets, to help Roberts.

    And Honeycutt was already here.

    And I was one of the people concerned with Turners slow start.

    And all anyone said, was that Turner should be moved down in the order, until he starting hitting.

    Maybe we didn’t really know how badly Turner was hurt, and how long it would take him to heal.

    And just because I get upset about our platoon line up, doesn’t mean I think Roberts is a bad manager.

    Because I have been one of Roberts biggest supporters, and I knew he would make big difference.

    I just want the team to do well, and this is a place to discuss stuff like that.

    And if our starting rotation didn’t have McCarthy or Anderson in it, there wouldn’t have been such a need anyways.

    That is why I think the starting rotation should have pitchers in it, that have been able to make most of there starts.

    If they want to take a chance for the second and third depth, that is fine with me.

    And I remember you saying that you were not going to post here anymore too, but you are still here, aren’t you?

  18. Give me one – JUST ONE – credible source that says that Guggs and Company wanted FAZ to interview more candidates and not hire Kapler.

    Show me where FAZ said they wanted to hire Kapler.

    MJ posted that earlier and I think it is BS!

        1. Mark
          Another Great Steal for Dave Roberts, the New Dodger manager.

          And this is one of many articles about this.

          I will look up more later.

          And this is a sports writer I believe, not a blogger.

  19. There are several aspects to consider when we talk of signing players in/for ‘depth’. There is certainly good to be said for having backups in case of injury or non-performance. The other sides of that are:
    1. Roster limitations. We can only protect 40 players.
    2. Financial limitations. Certainly no GM, not even FAZ, is privileged to enjoy an unlimited budget. So the question becomes: is it wiser to spend $30MM for one very good pitcher, or 5 with poor histories but high hopes. I’m glad I don’t have to make those decisions, I much prefer to second guess them…

    1. One good/smart thing our management did regarding depth/versatility is to have a bench of guys that all can play multiple positions (except Grandal/AJ)

      This allowed us to keep 1 less bench guy, and instead add the extra bullpen arm because God knows we needed that a lot more! That player flexibility thing worked out fantastic for us this year. Good move

          1. I hope they sign Ruiz rather than count on Barnes. I certainly could be wrong but I don’t think he ever gets good enough to be front line catcher.

    2. If FAZ plays it right, they might have one at $38 million. Another at $12 million and three at the MLB Minimum. That’s the way you do it >money for nothing and the chicks for free.

  20. Mark, my wife and I are going to Crawfordsville, Indiana on Saturday to visit some old friends.

    MJ, I did read your post. However, I do not believe everything I read. The elite media is slanted 90% of the time. They do not report news, they make news to fit their thinking. FAZ hired Roberts.

    I said I would not post. I got tired of all the crap said about Dodger players and FAZ. Everything was negative. I thought I would come back and join the fun. They are winning. Enjoy the ride.

    1. Glad you’re back. We tend to disagree but you certainly have a right to post your opinion. If SuperJerk is tolerated, no way you wouldn’t be…

      1. Wondering
        He was complaining about Scott being negative.

        And you are right, everyone has a right to have a opinion, but Idahoal had a problem, with other opinions, that were not like his.

        1. Why wouldn’t he think Scott had as much right as anyone else to be ‘negative’? Or ‘positive’? It’s his message board for Heaven’s sake…

          1. Wondering
            I don’t understand that either.

            Because he could post at many places, that only put Faz on a pedestal.

            And I am not even anti front office, I just don’t like how they build the starting pitching rotation, but they continue to focus on the front office, and give the front office, credit for everything.

            And that is not true.

    2. Idahoal
      After Mark said what I wrote was BS.

      I listed the one source Mark wanted me to list, and it was from a sports writer.

      And the owners had there say on who would be the manager.

      And Friedman answers to the owners.

      And if you think different that is fine, but I am not making up anything!

      1. Don’t worry about it. He is a very disturbed person who likes to hurt people. Best to just ignore everything he writes. He has threatened to leave many times but he won’t.

          1. Oh come on!! MJ…Mark likes you..everyone likes you. Just because he calls BS on something you say doesn’t suggest otherwise. Don’t make out to be anything other than that.

            What Wondering just wrote was a shit comment and he should be ashamed of it. Mark is not trying to hurt you.

      2. Well, IMO sports writers are not the best resource for truth in what actually happens behind the lines in MLB. Like I said JMO. Especially ESPN.

    1. Dodger patch
      I don’t want Mark gone, and Wondering was just trying to be nice, so I wanted to thank him for doing that.

  21. Mark is a kick in the asz and the most refreshing and entertaining part of this site. I don’t even mind when he chews my but or challenges me to meet him in the parking lot. LOL. Course I was an Iron worker for 40 years and you cannot have feelings in that trade.

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