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Welcome To The Dodgers Keibert Ruiz!


The Dodgers completed a clean sweep of the Angels on Sunday afternoon with an 8-3 victory over the Halos in Anaheim. The game was particularly noteworthy for the MLB debut of 22-year old catching prospect Keibert Ruiz, who had been called up from the player pool after Will Smith was placed on the injured list. Ruiz impressed the Dodger faithful by smacking a home run in his first career big league at-bat. The last Dodger that I can remember doing that (homering in his first AB) was Jose Offerman back in 1990. I guess I’m getting pretty old.

The Dodger’s catching situation has always interested me. The boys in blue could use a catcher that can hit. Unfortunately they haven’t had one since Yasmani Grandal left town. Smith has been largely unimpressive, slashing .188/.341/.406 through 41 plate appearances this season. While he put together a strong campaign in 2019 across just 54 games, he petered out during the last several weeks of the season and was not heard or seen from again. Despite his recent little hot streak, Austin Barnes couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.

Enter Keibert Ruiz. The young Venezuelan switch-hitting backstop was signed back in 2014 (Ned Colletti/Logan White acquisition) and has spent the last five years in the Dodger’s minor league system putting up good but not great numbers. If Ruiz becomes an important part of the Dodger’s roster that would be a huge boon for an already potent lineup.

The Dodgers are not getting any production from the catcher position right now. I don’t expect my catcher to hit like Mike Piazza, all I expect is for him is to hit at least below average while handling the pitching staff. Preventing runs and handling the pitching staff is most important for a catcher, but they still can’t be an automatic out. All I ask is for below average production which Smith and Barnes cannot do. I’m rooting for this kid to make it. It’s the best possible scenario for the Dodger’s catching situation. Welcome to the bigs Keibert!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

4 thoughts on “Welcome To The Dodgers Keibert Ruiz!

  1. Nice to see the kid hit one out on his first at bat. It was also amusing to see Urias and the Angels stadium workers looking for the ball a long ways from where it actually landed. They need to get some home stadium karma going. They are 10-2 on the road and only 6-5 at home. 4 games against the Mariners to start the week. 2 at home then on the road for 2 before coming back to play the Rockies this weekend. RH, lh, rh, lh vs the Mariners, so Ruiz most likely gets the start again tomorrow.

  2. Welcome to the “Bigs”, Keibert. Wow, only 22. Look in the rear view mirror, Barnes and Smith. Kidding aside, too bad about Smith’s injury, and Barnes has really stepped up to the plate, literally. They say he got private lessons from Betts! Nice story about Travis Barbary (who was a Minor League coach at the time), who fostered Keibert when he was 16. Barbary took him into his home, made sure he got to practice, introduced him to junk food (Burgers), and hired an english tutor, to teach him the language. Nice that his “now” OKC manager got to attend Keibert’s debut and witness Ruiz’ first at-bat Home Run!

    Do you think DR finally understands the “Memo”? Keep Betts at leadoff. Still think Mookie is paid way too much, but at least he is earning his keep, for now. Mookie looks comfortable with the Dodgers. I guess I would too, if I got paid that much.

    I think DR brought Belli back to the heart of the lineup too soon. IMO, BellI should stay at 5-6, and continue to work on his timing and mechanics, before being thrown back into the pressures of 3-4.

    Still need more innings from the starters, and could use one good starter who can eat up some innings, otherwise, the bullpen will be taxed by October. May, Gonsolin, and Strips have really held up the fort, so far.

    I said all along, “Let the Kids Play!”

    Go blue! Good to hear from you again, Michael!

  3. Wow, what a pitcher’s duel. Gonsolin pitches another gem, only to be victim of the middle of the lineup shooting blanks against Gonzales…. 11 Ko’s in all.

    Barnes hitting over .300! Maybe Betts can be Dodger hitting coach after he retires. Is Belli unwilling to ask Mookie for help? Our Seager needs no help.

    Dodgers manage to eek out the win., vs. the lowly Mariners.

    Poor Maeda…. missed out on a no hitter. At least the Manager let him go 100+ pitches. If still with the Dodgers, he would have been yanked by DR in the 6th.

    Still need more length from starters. They will never be able to do so, if DR won’t let them go beyond 90 pitches or 5-6 innings.

    Go Blue. Still best team in MLB so far.

  4. Well, another ugly game. I suppose I have to realize that the Dodgers are bound to lose some games, but it is hard to digest the losses to sub-par teams.

    Urias stunk (1.2 innings, 52 pitches). Urias had 5 K’s but threw away too many pitches. Santana was even worse (0.2 innings, 35 pitches, 4 ER’s). That will not get it done. When will DR get the Memo, to “Let Gonsolin Play!” I really think Urias has been bit by the “Diaper Rash” syndrome. The Dodgers “babied” way too long, Instead of letting him play… wasting away his most potentially productive seasons. I hope they do not waste away Gonsolin’s career in the same manner.

    The Three Mendozas (Peddie, Muncy, Belli) provided the only real offensive punch, but Belli and Peddie could not produce with runners on base. Mookie cannot do it alone. Cory still hitting the ball hard, but got robbed by some superb defensive play. 1-5 RISP will not get it done.

    Very disappointed with the umpiring, this year especially. The strike zones are so inconsistent.

    Big matchup today, with Kikuchi vs. Kershaw.

    Go Blue…. get the offense going.

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