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Yasiel Puig, Dodgers Punt Away Ninth-Inning Rally

I had a perfect recap all written up for this game when it was 6-0 Arizona in the top of the ninth inning. I use the term “perfect” loosely of course. However the Dodgers rallied to score 5 runs over the final two frames (Including 3 runs in the ninth) and had the tying and winning runs on base in the top of the ninth inning when Yasiel Puig came to the plate against Arizona reliever Jake Barrett. I was beginning to think I would probably have to rewrite this entire recap. I was happy to do it. The Dbacks tried their best again to give this game to the Dodgers and the boys in blue said no thank you, we don’t want a win. We’ll F’ this one up and give it right back to you.

Actual Line score

Dodgers  5 11 0

Dbacks    6 9 0





Puig just can’t hit much anymore and when the game is on the line and runners are in scoring position he is the last player you want up in that situation. So it’s not surprising when a guy who hasn’t hit in two years strikes out on a pitch that was almost in the dirt. Chris Taylor followed by striking out as well for the final out. I’ve been a big Puig supporter for a while now, but I can’t support him for much longer if he continues to hit like this. That at-bat ruined that rally and the Dodgers lost.

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Honestly I don’t feel better after that rally like I thought I would. It just infuriated me even more. Those 5 runs mean nothing when the team loses anyways.

Check out the recap I wrote when the score was 6-0 when the top of the ninth inning began. Just do it for fun, and pretend like you’re me and the Dodgers are going to lose 6-0. A 5-run rally was the last thing on my mind at the time. What this does is magnify Dave Robert’s lineup choices even more.

Maybe if Gonzalez and Grandal had 4 at-bats instead of A.J. and minor leaguer Zach Walters, then maybe the Dodgers score a couple of more runs. Maybe. Yes I know they both struck out in pinch-hitting appearances, but there is a big difference between pinch-hitting cold off the bench and getting 4 or 5 at-bats. I don’t know. Or maybe I’m just irritated by this entire series? Think about how cool this rewrite would have been if they had pulled this one out. Oh well. This is an anatomy of a recap rewrite. Have a great Sunday everyone!

The Dodgers punted away another one on Sunday afternoon as they dropped the rubber game to the Dbacks by a 6-2 score. I don’t want to come across as too “negative” or as a “Debbie downer”, but it is super infuriating to me to watch a game like this. Last night sucked, but at least the Dodgers lost with their best players on the field. Last night can be understood, despite the mistakes on the base paths and with runners in scoring position.

Today is another story. If you were to add up all of the games the Dodgers punted away with these idiotic all-righty lineups the club would be in first place. Let’s take a look at an interesting stat before I get into the lowlights of the game. Because honestly there were no highlights for the Dodgers this afternoon.

Dodgers vs. left handed pitching .226./303/.365 (171 for 756) RANK 30th

Embed from Getty Images

Look at that stat above. Look at it now and be infuriated as I am. The Dodgers rank dead last in the majors against left handed pitching. So that means that these all-righty lineups simply aren’t working. Despite the obvious common sense the Dodgers refuse to stop doing something that clearly isn’t working.

Dodgers  2 7 0

Dbacks    6 9 0




So that meant that legitimate power threat Yasmani Grandal and first baseman Adrian Gonzalez were out of the lineup so .191 hitting A.J. Ellis and minor leaguer Zach Walters could get their reps. What an impressive strategy that is. Losing is one thing, but when you choose to loose with your weakest players than that is a very poor strategy.

So it was not surprising to anybody when the offense tallied just four hits the entire game. Kenta Maeda was horrendous today. It happens to the best of them. Maeda lasted just 4.1 innings allowing 5 earned runs on 7 hits and striking out 5. His opposing starter left hander Robbie Ray easily cut through the Dodger’s right handed B-squad order. Ray tossed 7 innings of shutout ball striking out 7.

The Dbacks put up 3 runs in the bottom of the first off of four consecutive hits against Maeda. Three singles and a double that included an RBI single from Jake Lamb, and a two-run double from Brandon Drury. Lamb then hit a monster home run over the center field wall to extend the Snake’s lead to 4-0. The Dbacks added two more runs, one in the fifth inning and another in the seventh inning.

The Dodger offense could muster only two runs against the worst team in the NL West. The Dodgers plated their two runs in the top of the eighth. Corey Seager doubled and Justin Turner blasted his 15 home run of the season.

Embed from Getty Images

That was the lone highlight of the game for the Dodgers. The loss drops them to 52-42 and they missed a golden opportunity to gain more ground on the Giants. The only thing that can make us all feel better is that the Giants are suffering a worse embarrassment in San Diego. The Giants are currently on the verge of being swept by the lowly Padres.

The Dodgers will head out to Washington D.C. to play a three-game series against the Nationals after a day off on Monday. Hopefully they can re-group in the nation’s capital.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

87 thoughts on “Yasiel Puig, Dodgers Punt Away Ninth-Inning Rally

  1. Could have used that rally last night. Gonzalez was 0-11 off Ray; maybe he was due. Puig struck out with winning run on base, but A.J. also struck out four times, including bases loaded no one out. Maeda got knocked around. Where do you start with this bunch?

  2. I’ve been hawking for LuCroy & Braun for awhile now.Of course we won’t get both or either of them. Presently the are both over .300 while our catchers(Ellis & Grandal combined hover around .200. The fact that we are 30th vs LHP(.226) is of no suprise to me.
    Here and now we have a chance to get two RH middle of the lineup hitters but are afraid to pull the trigger because it would involve many of our top prospects plus some who are on the 25 man roster.
    The catching position is our weakest link and I don’t understand why that isn’t out #1 priority. It boggles my mind.

    1. Of course the payroll will go up but how many tens of millions of dollars will the Dodgers receive by getting to the PS and further to maybe to and including the WS. Is it guaranteed? Of course not but how many of you can say it wouldn’t help tremendously?
      I believe the following players will NOT be wearing a Dodger uniform next(and some this year). In no particular order: Utley, Hatcher, Howell, Coleman, Kenley, Puig, Fien, Kazmir, Norris, Ellis, Grandal and perhaps Turner and Kendrick. I’m not sure about Anderson and Baez. Add all those salaries up and it comes pretty close to the salaries or Braun and LuCroy. Ethier is gone after this year or next. AGon in what 2 years?

      1. Kazmir and Kendrick are already signed for next year. Grandal will be back unless he is traded. Norris might get a contract offer, Turner will definitely be offered a contract. You are probably right about the others.

        1. Kazmir can opt at the end of this year. Kendrick is signed for under $10MM. Peanuts to this organization.

          1. They will NOT trade for Braun. 5 years left and a ton of money owed to him. Ethier is under contract for 1 more year and untradeable. Why trade for Braun only to block Verdugo? They have a ton of OF’s, they do not need Braun. Lucroy makes sense but in order to get him they would have to take Braun. Others like Bruce and Gonzalez have lousy career numbers at Dodger Stadium. Kazmir has 2 years left on his contract, but can opt out after this year. Kendrick is signed through next year. They might trade Puig and they might not. His value is not what it once was, but he might get packaged for a starting pitcher. Ellis and Utley are 37 and most likely will retire. The relief pitchers you named will most likely be replaced by more of the same, low priced bargain bin castoffs because that is this FO’s modus operandi. But do not expect a major trade for elite talent. That is not FAZ’s thing……another blockbuster for trash like the Wood deal is more likely

      2. Maybe because the Rays don’t have a catcher to trade? If it costs money or prospects, I don’t see it happening. Aside from being unpopular in LA, Braun is on the wrong side of 30 and is owed about $90 million through 2020. If only he were a Cuban free agent.

        We’re probably stuck with Kazmir next year but not Anderson. While we’ll save some money, some of those guys will have to be replaced. At least at third base and the closer position, I don’t see anybody in the pipeline who looks ready, so some of the savings will have to be spent there.

      3. I can sympathize with you up to a certain extent. The Dodgers do need some work, but you seem a bit over the top and not realistic. Utley is certainly not a problem for this team as well as Jansen. Puig is still a hitter as he’s proved since coming back from the DL. He certainly has some areas that need improvement, but he is also not the source of our woes. Norris has looked ok and Kazmir has his good moments, but Turner and Kendrick are solid additions to the lineup as we’ve seen. Both have pulled out of their dive and into high level production. It’s the pitching that is mostly stuck in the cement. Jury is out on Norris, Maeda, Kazmir. All can turn it around. Add in Kershaw, McCarthy, if he is still producing like he has been, and Urias, and it doesn’t look so bad. Sure, it’s not Cueto, Bumgardner, et al. But, not bad.

        1. Jeff:
          I happen to like Utley a lot. He’s been very good for us and I love the way he plays and his professionalism. I included him and others on my list because he is a FA(Kenly, Turner, Norris).

        2. Jeff
          Did you see Puig out in leftfield next to Howie in the game on Saturday, when Lamb tied the game with a ball hit off the leftfield wall?

          He was standing next to Howie.

          And it wasn’t when Howie was moved to the infield.

          What was Puig doing in leftfield?

          You couldn’t even see Scotty in centerfield, but Puig was in leftfield, where the tying ball, was hit off the leftfield wall.

  3. Catching is definitely a weak link with the Dodgers. Although Grandal has shown some signs of life, A.J. Ellis is a complete waste with a bat in his hand. I realize that Grandal can’t catch everyday, but why wasn’t he in the lineup today with a day off tomorrow? Because of a lefthanded pitcher? I’m sure that our manager knows that he’s a switch hitter, and that this year is actually hitting for a higher average righthanded. Didn’t I hear during yesterday’s broadcast that Grandal is hitting .300 this year from the right side? Whatever the case, he certainly couldn’t be worse than Ellis.

    I’ve been thinking about Lucroy for quite a while. Don’t know what it would take to get him, but I do know that his bat would make a huge difference in the Dodgers lineup. Even if he hit .260, that would be a huge improvement over our hitless wonder Ellis. And Lucroy, we all know is more than a .260 hitter. Lots of doubles as well.

    When Andrew Toles singled in the 9th, the first thought that came to mind was that he should be stealing. I thought that was a perfect opportunity for the Dodgers to be aggressive, especially given their penchant for not getting baserunners home. Maybe he gets thrown out, or maybe the catcher throws the ball into centerfield, or maybe he’s successful in putting the go ahead run on 2nd base, which would have put more pressure on the pitcher.

    I’ve been a supporter of Puig’s in the past, and still think his talent could suddenly emerge. But it appears to me that he presses and gets overly aggressive in tight situations like today. He just needs to relax and try to just put the ball in play. Of course, that’s easier said than done. If the Dodgers can get value for him in a trade, then you wouldn’t hear a complaint from me.

    1. Here’s the problem: If anyone trades for Puig, it is with the idea that they can “fix him.” Therefore, they won’t pay a lot. I have always thought Cleveland or Oakland would be good trade partners, but what would they give us? Salazar or Gray? No way!

      I have long been proclaiming that Puig was a knucklehead. Maybe he will be good somewhere else, but it’s time to move on. I am soooooooooooo done with him!

      I am almost of the opinion that Verdugo should be given a chance! Pederson will be back in two days. Thompson in 8 days!

    2. And Brooklyn
      that is not a bad idea about Toles.

      The only thing I can say about why Toles shouldn’t run, would be because he doesn’t know the pitchers moves.

  4. Scott
    I totally agree with you.

    Why do teams platoon, to get an advantage, against the other team.

    When there is no clear advantage, with this almost all rightie team, why continue to run them out there?

    When this almost all rightie line up is down from 25th in all of baseball, to now 30th in offense, it is time to try something different!

    It is so hard for part time players, who are not getting consistent at bats, to produce once a week.

    I much rather see players that are getting consistent at bats, hit most of the time.

    I know days off are needed, but don’t give the top players, a day off, all at the same time.

    And about Puig, I already knew Scott that you were not happy with Puig’s at bats, in the Saturday game, so I knew today, you just couldn’t help yourself, and I truly understand!

    All Puig had to do today, was make contact, and put the ball in play.

    And he didn’t even need to get a hit this time, but he couldn’t manage to hit a mere flyball, or even put his bat, on the ball, and hit a slow grounder to the right side.

    He didn’t even make contact, and put the ball in play, in
    the ninth today.

    That is because he tried to swing way to hard, instead of just making good contact.

    And this happened after Puig had left a bunch of runners on base, in yesterday’s game.

    And Puig did this, right after Toles hit a single up the middle, to continue the rally.

    And Toles only has been in a few games, in the majors.

    And Toles did this in yesterday’s game, in a pinch hit appearance.

    I hope that Roberts, moves Puig down in the batting order again, to seveth.

    I’m sorry Puig is no run producer, and he isn’t good under pressure, so he is not good in the clutch.

    Think about this, how many runners has Puig thrown out at home?

    Puig has not thrown many runners out at home.

    Because he gets overly excited and doesn’t align his body, to make a throw, and most of his throws to home, are almost always off line.

  5. Howie Kendrik is VERY tradable! So are Austin Barnes and Kike Hernandez.

    Puig, Kendrick, Barnes and Kike for a solid RF’er?

    Who? We have some pitchers we could include…

    A 3-way deal?

    Jackie Bradley, Mookie Betts?

    MJ talked me into Betts.

    OK, Betts for Puig, Kendrick, Kazmir and Barnes

    1. No for LuCroy. If we have o sweeten the pot LITTLE so be it. It’s more critical to get a solid RH good hitting carcher than another OF. I had mentioned Braun in my previous post because I assume if we took Braun and his salary it would lessen our cost in prospects,

    2. Point of order,,,,,,the Red Sox just acquired 2 players who can play second, why would they trade for Kendrick and Hernandez. They have Ramirez and he would tell them all about Puig. They also just got a lefty starter….you trade from need and the Sox do not NEED what you offered…

  6. Why in the world would Boston trade Betts? And does the square peg Braun really fit the round hole FAZ?

    Forget Lucroy. If he’s available we will be outbid.

    Don’t make any knee jerk moves. We’ve got what we need to be great right around the corner. Terrific young talent and financial flexibility is just months away. This team needs too much to believe we can get all of it and keep the future secure.

    That said, if somebody wants Kazmir they can have him. Kendrick won’t bring much, but he could get something. Same with Hernandez. Keep Puig. He’s cheap for what can do over a full season.

    Stay the course. We didn’t go for it last year or over the winter. We didn’t for a reason. If these mirrors work, and the smoke conceals our mediocrity, we could sneak into the playoffs this year. If not – oh well, the odds have been against us all year, but the future is bright. You know – “we’re number 1!”

    1. If we were to unload: Kazmir, Utley, Kendrick, Kenley(FA); Puig, Howell, Venabal, Ellis, Fein, Grandal, and Hatcher, based on their 2015 salaries, we would save $64MM. Just FYI

      1. My had, meant to say 2016 salaries. All players listed in my last post are making UNDER this years QO.

      2. Venable is in the minors and not on the roster…..You are proposing unloading 10 guys at the deadline?? Never happen..

  7. I would take Betts over Lucroy any day. Boston is looking for another starter. Maybe they would like Kaz. Betts would be hard to get. That is for sure, but it might be a 3 or 4 way deal with Puig going somewhere and Kendrick going somewhere else.

    If we made that deal, here would be my lineup:

    1. Betts RF
    2. Seager SS
    3. Turner 3B
    4. Gonzo 1B
    5. Grandal C
    6. SVS/Toles LF
    7. Utley/Taylor 2B
    8. Pederson/Thompson CF

  8. Cleveland lost their catcher for the rest of the season and their backups are worse than ours. Think they’d be interested enough in Ellis to give us something?

  9. Betts? Seriously?

    I wonder if somewhere out in the hinterlands of baseball blogohysteria some small group of fanatics are talking about ways they can trade for Seager. Yeah. Probably.

    FAZ has been operating in LA for about 22 months now. You’ve seen how it is they go about their business. Yes, they are scouting everywhere. But honestly, why would anyone believe they are suddenly going to do something outside their established business plan? The blueprint is there for all to see.

    Kershaw, Kazmir, McCarthy, Maeda, Ryu, Norris, Wood, and maybe De Leon. Possibly Urias. There’s your 8-9 man staff for the rest of the year. 68 games. 9 starters. 68 games. Maybe we can win 55%. of those games and finish with around 90 wins. That should keep us in contention, and that’s the goal for ’16. My hope is FAZ keeps their head about this and doesn’t try something out of character. Stay the course.

    1. Badger
      Do you think that Puig will ever be a good hitter?

      Jerry Hairson, was saying Puig was to crouched down in his stance, and he said by the time he stance gets more up, the fastball is past him.

      I just don’t think Puig has the temperment to handle pressure, and right now I am very frustrated with him, because of his antics too.

      1. Puig is already a decent hitter. He has good career numbers, though one wouldn’t know that by watching him. Career OPS+ of 132 is very good for a 25 year old. I’m sure there are a number of hitting instructors that would love to get their hands on him. I don’t know what the answer is for this situation but maybe both he and Hernandez, another good young hitter floundering in LA, should just be sent elsewhere before it’s too late. I don’t really want to do that as I see the raw talent. But our coaches are not getting through to him.

        1. Badger
          Puig’s career numbers are not getting better, they are getting worse every year he has played.

          He has been closer to a 250 hitter, the last two years.

          I don’t think that Puig played in Cuba’s top league that much at all.

          1. MJ….Puig was injured a large portion of last year, and he spent time on the DL this year. You do NOT come off the DL guns blazing. He has hit better since he came off the DL. Nobody is perfect and he has his problems. If the guy had been healthy all that time you might not be so eager to see him go. He has more raw talent than any OF in the system. Power, speed, a great arm. He has not adjusted to the pitchers in the bigs as fast as they have figured him out. He is still vulnerable to that breaking pitch low and away. But he also was our best hitter the first 3 weeks of the season. Ethier is not coming back anytime soon. Thompson a week away, Joc due back in a few days. The OF of Puig, Thompson and Pederson is still the best defensive OF we have. Puig played about 79 games in Cuba’s premier league. The kid is raw, pure and simple,, but he plays hard for Roberts. I say leave him alone, Roberts knows how to motivate him….if he gets traded, well that is up to the FO, but you are not going to get much for him alone because his value is down…..

  10. I wish we had Betts but I don’t think Boston would ever let him go.

    I really don’t know of any real good player, that isn’t going to cost to much, unless a team gets desperate to win.

    I guess there has been some bad trades, but Boston needs a number two pitcher, and they just got that Padres pitcher.

    I just hope the Giants don’t get Miller.

    This Guy on MLB Channel is making a big deal about the Dbacks winning, of course he isn’t saying anything about the Giants being sweeped, because he is from nothern California, and played for the Dbacks.

    The Dodgers are always getting disrespected from the eastern press.

    1. MJ,

      ‘The Dodgers are always getting disrespected from the Eastern press’ cause they are the most ballyhoo, large market, high paying organization to not even get to the World Series the past 28 years. Getting to the WS and winning it a time or two earns respect. Put yourself in their shoes, would you respect an organization (and their fan base) when they haven’t been to the Series for almost 3 decades and the past couple of years have had 2 of the best pitchers in the game and have ‘choked’ in the playoffs.

      Win and THEY can’t disrespect the Dodgers.

      1. There’s a “Beat LA” mentality everywhere in the country chili. I think we know what that is about. Having lived all over I’ve had it thrown in my face from NY to Nebraska, to Wisconsin and here in Arizona. Everybody hates LA. Even those in the same state! Northern Cal is brutal to Dodger fans. It became too crowded for me in So Cal, but living the good life in LA? Doesn’t get any better. There are many things I still miss about where I grew up, but I doubt I go back.

        Now, about that 28 year drought. I say again, the Dodgers, the Lakers and the Los Angeles Rams are on a similar trajectory. It’s gonna happen. This year? I don’t think so. But, miracles do occur.

        1. Well I hear ya. The ‘Beat LA’ slogan is similar to the many that like to see the Yanks get beat as well…..but I do believe the Yanks have a larger nationwide following primarily from their organization consistently having star power and winning championships.

          I also feel that the ‘Beat LA’ thing is catchy because it is easier to say than most anything else.

          Regarding the Lakers, Rams and Dodgers……well in all honesty when looking at the next 5 years I think the Dodgers have the best chance to win a title.

          Now that is not giving any kudos to the current Dodgers Management as I do not believe that F & Z will win anything but rather is implying as to how bad the other 2 organizations are at the moment. Basketball titles come with star power and the LA Lakers have none. Football titles come with good to great QB play and/or a great defense and the Rams don’t have either.

    2. Michael
      I respect your opinion but do you think that Puig has the temperment and the mental forttude to hone his talent.

      Puig only hit well that first week of the season, take a look at his final batting average for the first month of the season.

      What did you think about Puig’s at bat in the ninth in yesterday’s game.

  11. I just saw this Bill Plunkett asked Puig if he ever looks at film, on his at bats, with runners in scoring position.

    And Puig said no, this isn’t school, this is a job.

    1. Its the coaches job to sit his ass down in the film room. If they aren’t doing that then that’s on them.

      I sense some dysfunction in how our offense goes about its business. Our RISP approach is not working. We jost lost a series against a last place club because of it.

      1. Badger
        I looked at both Puig’s and Turner’s batting averages against leftie pitchers.

        And Puig is hitting 229 and Turner is hitting below 200 against leftie pitchers.

        No wonder that almost rightie platoon, is ranked 30th in all of baseball, in offense.

        Both Turner and Puig who play everyday, are not hitting well against leftie pitchers.

        So even most of the regular players, that play in that platoon line up, are not able to help the part time players much, because they don’t hit lefties well either, and they are right handed hitters.

        1. Clearly you’ve lost confidence in him. I get it. But look at our offense as a unit. Do you see a common theme here? We are 21st WRISP and 25th in BA. We are 94 games in and we just don’t hit very well. Yeah, Puig is part of the problem. You want to trade him be my guest. I really don’t care. But at 7, 8, and 9 million ’16 through ’18 good luck finding a more cost effective replacement. He’s already earned his money this year with 68 games to go. The coach that can get through to him will produce a 3+ oWAR player. He’s already done 3.9 and 5.2 oWAR. I dont know what happened but whatever it is LA Dodgers hitting instructors apparently can’t correct it. But looking at the rest of this offense, they can’t get through to them either? Looks like an organizational issue to me.

          1. You are right Badger…….it is a TEAM thing…..NOT a Puig thing……..

          2. Badger

            The Dodgers are actually decent hitting with runners on base, as long as there is zero or one out.

            But they are terrible with two outs.

            I read that somewhere today.

        2. You ever try hitting off that pitcher? Then you have no clue how good he is. Any pitcher on any given day can get you out if he has a good plan of attack. How many times this year have so called bad pitchers beat the Dodgers? And it is not all on Puig, Taylor struck out after he did……sheesh. You guys all act like it is so damn easy to play the game and produce. None of us would hit over .100 up there, even in our 20’s. And I played a lot of ball. In Ellis defense, he had not played in 8 days, that is why he was in the lineup in the first place to give Grandal a blow. And I did not see anyone bitching at Corey when he wore the Golden Sombrero a couple of weeks ago. Ellis is 37 and no longer a regular. Most of the trade proposed on here are pure fantasy. We all know how this FO has worked so far and the kind of deals they make. So quit dreaming about Mookie Betts or Jackie Bradley because the Sox are not run by stupid people. Braun? Please. The guy is on the wrong side of 30 with almost as big a contract left as Kemp had when he was traded. You think FAZ wants that again?? Insane. Lucroy actually makes sense, but you would have to take Braun to get him. Bruce? No thanks, his Dodger Stadium numbers are lousy.

          1. I’m not sure taking Braun would be insane. It would be a huge gamble, the kind of move Ned might make, but not Friedman. And I think in this case I would agree that it doesn’t really make sense unless they’re giving him away.

          2. Michael Puig almost plays everyday Taylor doesn’t.

            And Puig didn’t even have to get a hit.

          3. Michael
            It always seems the players born with the most talent, don’t get the best from it.

          4. I don’t get upset at Cory because he doesn’t do that everyday, and he is just a rookie.

            And he also has the highest batting average on the Dodgers.

          5. MJ you are totally missing the point and pointing the blame the wrong way. Whether Puig only needed a fly ball or what ever…..why was he in that position in the first place? The entire team was to blame. No one was hitting. They did not even score until the 8th. Good grief, it does not take a genius to figure out that this team has TROUBLE scoring. And all of them are to blame. I gave Ellis slack because the guy was on the pine for 8 days. You put your self in a 6-0 hole against a pitcher you have basically owned and end up losing 6-5, that is on the team. All this BS blaming this guy or that guy is nuts. None of us have the skill to play at that level and we sit here and evaluate and criticize? And I am guilty of that a lot, but on reflection, I know I could not be doing what they do. Puig has less than 2 full years in the majors. He is a foreign born player who was not raised on US fundamental play. Now it is on the coaches to get this guy on track. Look, certain guys we focus on when things go wrong. He just as easily could have crushed a HR. I do not like Grandal, not one little bit, and maybe I am over compulsive about that. But I give him his due when he does well. He just does it less than any of us would like. The FO will make the final call on Yasiel, with input of course from Dave and his coaches. If they decide they cannot coach the guy, he will most likely be gone. If they think they can get him on track he stays. As for trading for Braun or any of the other OF’s on the market, I think they should focus on starting pitching……it is a bigger need..

          6. Michael,

            You definitely do not hide who you like and who you don’t like but I disagree with your stance regarding Puig and definitely do not think that MJ is missing the point. With the tying run on 3rd and less than 2 outs, there are many ways of scoring the run which should be of the utmost importance to the batter. Striking out gives you zero chance of scoring in that situation. Saying that the team did not score in the first 7 innings doesn’t give Puig a pass in the 9th. Many MLB teams go 6 or 7 innings without scoring and still win the game. Sure being down 6-0 going into the 8th is on the pitching but that doesn’t give any of the hitters ‘passes.’ What if the Dodgers had scored 5 runs in the first and were down 6-5 in the 9th…..same situation, got to get the run home from 3rd base and with less than 2 outs there are MANY ways of doing so.

            This is Puig’s 4th season……AND (at this point) his walks to strike out ratio is higher now than any of the previous seasons. Is that someone that is learning? His OBP, SLG & OPS have all decreased each year. His HR to AB’s ratio is lower than any of the previous 3 seasons. What is the offense lacking? A RH power bat. Who continues to under perform?

            Unless Puig turns it around soon, like within the next 68 games AND the team does not make the playoffs he is all but gone by the start of next season.

    2. Badger,

      Yes the coaches should insist on him viewing his at bats BUT most any player that wants to get better will want to watch himself, especially when he fails.

      When the great Tony Gwynn religiously viewed his at bats both good and bad than a knucklehead like Puig should be doing so as well. Maybe someone needs to show him how to turn on the projector.

      1. I agree with that chili. But I also believe that it’s a mistake not to get him into the film room. I was very surprised to hear him say that as I thought ALL players were required to study film. As a former coach my response was immediate – “get your ass in here, and bring pencil and paper with you”. The Dodgers don’t do that? That’s absurd. Unless of course Yassie was bullsh*tting.

        1. Badger
          How many great athletes are there, that are born with so much talent, but they don’t take advantage of that talent, for some reason or another.

          Many of these type of players, never hone there own talent.

          I thought Puig was going to start hitting at the begining of the season, but that lasted a week.

          I thought the same after he came off the DL, and started hitting.

          I have never been one of those people that have said trade Puig.

          But it looks like Puig just doesn’t have the decipline that a hitter needs, to have good at bats.

          Everyone was on Agone, because of his power drops, but Puig should have much more power then Agone.

          Puig is one big guy, and he doesn’t need to swing so hard.

          I have noticed that Puig has mainly hit singles, that just get through the infield.

          He hardly even hits the ball in the air, or on the line, much anymore, unless it is a hanging curve ball.

          It is his at bat discipline, that works against him.

          And he is still late on decent fastballs.

          1. Actually Yasiel was killing the ball for almost 3 weeks before his troubles began, and it was due to his hammy..

      2. Chili

        That is what I was going to say.
        Puig is an adult, it is up to him, to do everything he can, to make himself a better player.

        Doesn’t he realize there are plenty players, that wish they had his talent.

      3. Michael
        I don’t want Braun and I don’t think there are many good players, to trade for, and the few good players, that are out there, will cost way to much.

        And I am kind of afraid what this front office, would trade for.

        Puig just doesn’t have good at bats, and I don’t know if he will ever have the mentality to have good at bats, in the clutch.

        The team does have problems hitting with runners on.

        But that almost all rightie platoon line up, is just not that good offensively.

        And Puig and Turner are not hitting well, against leftie pitchers, they both have reverse numbers, against leftie pitchers.

        Roberts should have started the game, with the best line up, instead of bringing them in, in the eighth and ninth innings.

        I trust your and Badgers thoughts a lot, but I guess those two games, really got to me.

        Sometimes I think Roberts should use a bunt to get some runs in, as long as the bases are not loaded.

        1. Hey I know frustration, but I believe Puig usually is trying his butt off, and you should read what Roberts said in Dodgers nation. He said, and I believe this, that Puig is pressing and trying to hard to make up for lost time. He said he is squeezing the bat instead of letting it lie naturally in his hand. They should have won 2 of 3 at least…..but the 12 inning fiasco and Kenley blowing a save, well that does not usually happen. But yesterday, well that was a mess….and by the way, Turner has been hitting LH pitching pretty good the last month or so. His numbers are skewed by his early troubles, and Puig usually kills lefty’s….Just not so much right now.

  12. Look at that contract. That would be received as another “The Trade” that will anchor the club and be used as reason for failure for years. That is not FAZonian. FAZonian is Latos and Tepesch, Wood and Anderson. If we are buyers, and there is guarantee of that, look for more moves like these.

    1. Agree. F&Z is not looking to trade for any front line players. They haven’t done so for the past 10 years so why would they start now. Regarding Braun, I would pass on him anyway as he could slide at anytime and without roids he’s not going to bounce back quickly or perform at a high level. In this new era, I would not bank on any player performing well beyond the age of 35.

        1. One clue. They are all in the minors. It’s what you call ‘potential.’

          To keep it simple……If FAZ trades for them than they are elite. If FAZ trades them away then they are not elite.

  13. 1 – No way that the Bosox are trading Betts – quit dreaming.
    2 – No to Braun – 30 year old OF who is injury prone and can’t field.
    3 – No to new catcher mid-season – too hard for pitchers to make adjustment.
    4 – Dodgers’ inability to hit with RISP – you can’t trade the whole offense, so change hitting coaches.
    5 – Braintrust won’t make big splash at the deadline. Biggest offensive need is probably in LF so we can stop playing a 2B there.
    6 – Need a SP for #2 slot. Keep the pressure off of the bullpen.
    7 – Eventually they do need to get rid of Puig, hard to do it now in light of injuries to Pederson, Ethier, Thompson. Someone has to play OF.

  14. Mark, it’s funny how you mentioned Mitchell White. Somebody here, after the draft, said it was a stupid pick because he lives in Santa Clara and had never heard of Mitchell White of Santa Clara. Probably the stupidest reasoning I’ve ever heard, but haters only need 1 moronic reason to justify their beliefs.

    1. I really didn’t know much about him until I read Ron Cervanka’s article. He sounds impressive. I’m going to go see him in the Midwest league.

        1. But the big picture is that they are 10 games above .500. That’s still out performing my expectations. I don’t expect them to catch the Giants so the challenge is to hang onto the wild card slot.

  15. OK, I will trade Puig, Kazmir, DeLeon and Kendrick for Betts. YES, DE LEON!

    Would that get the job done? Boston wants more pitching. Give it to them and give them 2 outfielders. We’d probably have to take something back…

    I want Betts. Waaaahhhhhh – Give me Mookie Betts!

  16. Michael Norris,

    I think Yasiel Puig has more talent than any player I have ever seen. He’s a cross between Bo Jackson and Roberto Clemente.

    But, I am of the opinion he will never reach his potential… especially in LA!

    I hope I am VERY wrong!

  17. Baseball coaches are usually not hired for their competence, they’re hired because they’re buddies with the Manager or GM. The Baseball Welfare System.

    1. Wondering
      I was so shocked that these players, only have to play a very minimum of games, or be on a team, to collect thirty thousand a year, in retirment.

          1. It is called having the best UNION on the planet…….they have fought for years to get those goodies. Before they all needed off season jobs.

  18. My last word on Puig……He has played 406 games at the MLB level. He has played a full season once. 148 games in 2014. At this point he has played 75 games this year, 4 less than all of last year. His batting average is 2 points higher, he has struck out 9 less times, which of course means zip. His slugging pct is way down, but his OBP is almost the same. By comparison, this guy has exactly 72 games in the minors where you are supposed to take off the rough edges. He had exactly 63 games experience when he came to the majors. He is raw, and he is one of those guys who seems to not understand the fundamentals all that well. And he is not going to do what we all want him to do all the time. He frustrates us, and infuriates some. But he along with Seager are the 2 most exciting players on this team. The rest of the team,, not including Kersh, is about as exciting as watching a fly go up a drape. Watching a casket warp is more fun. That’s why Hanley, Kemp,, and Gordon were so fun to watch, they were exciting….this team is not. Gonzo’s AB’s are so Ho Hum….it is painful to watch….

  19. *smh* at the zeal to trade Puig, after two All-Star caliber seasons, one injury-plagued season, and this season in progress. Saying that he’s “the last person you want up” with the game on the line and runners in scoring position – when he’s actually one of the team’s BEST hitters in those situations – strikes a major blow to the credibility of this blog.

    1. That’s interesting Mickey. I wasn’t aware Puig was “one of our best” with the game on the line. So I went to Baseball Reference and checked his “Clutch Stats” for the year. In case you don’t know what those are….. never mind, of course you do. But you might want to take a look. It appears his RISP stats are a bit padded by what he does when the team is ahead. “Game on the line”? ….. not so much.

      But thanks for contributing.

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