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Yasmani Grandal is On Quite a Tear

Yasmani Grandal

Dodger’s backstop Yasmani Grandal is on some kind of tear like we haven’t seen in some time. The switch-hitter is now batting .293 overall and drove in another run in the Dodger’s 4-0 win over the Cubs in the series opener with a run scoring double on Friday evening. When Grandal gets hot, he gets hot and there may be no stopping him until he cools off. Sorry National League. Well actually I’m not sorry.

Over the last month (since May 1), Grandal is batting .364 (24 for 66) with 11 extra-base hits and 15 runs driven in. That’s over his last 70 plate appearances. Since April 15 Grandal is hitting .308 with 15 extra-base hits and 19 runs driven in.

Grandal has been slugging the ball for a while now. Since April 15 Grandal is hitting .323 with runners in scoring position. He’s hitting .372 at Dodger Stadium in May, .325 at Chavez Ravine this season, and he has a wRC+ of 129. As of right now with Justin Turner still on the disabled list he’s the Dodger’s best hitter and he’s batting third in the order.

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While his walk% has lowered from 9.5% in the month of April, to 6.5% in the month of May his strikeout percentage has lowered from 22.6% in April to 17.1% in May. He’s been making more contact and getting on base more often. His OBP has risen from .325 in April to .400 in May. His power metrics have increased as well.

His isolated power has gone up from .189 in April to .256 in May. Grandal has raised his slugging percentage from .408 in April to .591 in May. Grandal has also been going the other way as well. On opposite field balls put in play Grandal has an average of .615 and a .769 slugging percentage when he does so.

Grandal seems to hit best when he is batting fifth in the order. He’s hitting .318 when batting in the number 5 spot in the order. Overall Grandal is batting .293 with an .856 OPS and .359 OBP. He’s blasted 5 home runs and driven in 22 runs in 154 plate appearances.

Not only is he tearing the cover off the ball, his defense is excellent as well. His pitch-framing skills are well known by now. Pitch-framing is super important because the more strikes your pitching staff gets the more outs you receive too. Grandal is one of the best pitch-framers in MLB. Last year Grandal’s pitch-framing was worth +24 runs above average according to statcast. This year he is on pace to shatter that mark with a +75 mark.

Not only that but he is throwing out runners at a record pace this season. He’s tossed out 11 of 24 runners attempting to steal in 2017. That means Grandal is throwing out base runners at a 54% clip! That is incredible. Unsurprisingly he leads all of baseball in that category.

Yasmani Grandal is not only hitting well, but he’s a terrific pitch-framer with a strong and accurate throwing arm. This year his increased contact rate has certainly helped his hitting approach. Yes I know he can be a very streaky hitter and I am sure he will go through his cold spells. However he is healthy, productive and right now is the Dodger’s best hitter. Honestly this was the best trade the front office has ever made.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

29 thoughts on “Yasmani Grandal is On Quite a Tear

  1. Nice write up.

    Now go back to last year and write something about his splits for May/June. In fact, take a close look at his career splits month by month. He is a classic streak hitter.

    He’s what the FAZ wants, an all or nothing hitter that by the end of the year, usually a short year, 1800 plate appearances in 6 years, will put up a decent OPS.

    Maybe this year will be different. Maybe this is the year he remains consistent and gets over 500 PA’s. Maybe this is the year he hits .275 with 25 home runs. Hope so.

    1. I’m pretty sure the FAZ wants all kinds of productive players. From the framing and streakiness of Grandal, to the all-around hitting of Bellinger/Turner/Seager, to the slow running, high impact, disciplined hitting of Gonzalez.

      They just want contributions.

      Speaking of contributing, my childhood fave Peter Gammons says the Pirates should look to deal Cole. Probably would get a Sale like package.

      I don’t think the Dodgers would (could they?) splurge that much, but he says the Yanks or Astros (benefit of tanking!) could.

      1. I think they would look for young stud pitchers. You willing to deal Alvarez and/or Beuhler?

        I agree with your take about production from every spot in the lineup. I look at Grandal as a 6-8 hitter. And if the pitching staff likes him, we put up with the passed balls, substandard blocking and cheer his season ending .800 OPS. Go Yassie.

        1. Buehler’s stock way up. A deal with Beuhler, Alvarez, and Verdugo could seemingly return a very high caliber pitcher that is under control for a few years.

          Other than that, how is the mood on the team? Think they’ll pass the Rockies? Or is the DBacks that take the lead? Who are those guys?

          1. Who knows the mood of the team?

            I’d say the majority of fans feel the team starts playing to true levels they should be hard to beat.

          2. They are not going to trade Buhler. Not in a package deal or any other trade. First off, the guy is not even averaging 5 innings a start. He is less than 2 years removed from surgery. And he is one of FAZ’s first draft picks for the team. So he will be around a while. I see no problem trading Verdugo who has little power and is at a position that is loaded in the system. When is one of their Cuban signings going to pay off? Who knows, so far most of them have been mediocre, or down right bad. From the way this FO values it’s prospects, do not expect them to do much of anything at the deadline.

          3. You could argue that Olivera paid off, but I think you mean the new Intl group. Most of those guys are still ridiculously young

          4. You have a point there Bluto. Yes, a lot of those guys are very young. But they are also less than inspiring. Now had they signed a guy like the White Sox signed today, I might be more enthused. Puig is the closest thing to a plus Cuban player the organization has signed. Alex Guerrero and Arruebarrena have virtually disappeared from the pro baseball scene. The kids in the minors have skills and are prospects. But until they do it up in LA, that is all they are.

  2. This day in Dodger history, May 27, 1957. The Dodgers and Giants are granted permission to relocate their franchises to the west coast.

  3. Uh, Scott, 11 of 24 is less than 50%. 12 of 24 would be 50%. It is more like 47% of runners have been caught.

  4. I will say this, Grandal is playing well and hitting better than he has in the past. I agree with Badger that his pitch blocking skills are far from good. I also think, and this is my opinion, that he does not call a great game. I have seen this on numerous occasions and it has cost the team a few times. I think that we can evaluate month by month all we like, but until the season is over and we look back at the total picture, you really do not know what you have. If you were to judge Bellinger on his first 21 games in the majors, you would think he was a budding superstar. But the pitchers are getting a book on the kid who is really going to look bad if he keeps swinging the way he is. He needs to shorten up when he has 2 strikes, and take the ball where it is pitched more often. He has really looked over matched the last week or so.

  5. Right now times are good. Wins in 7 out of 9 games. Alex Wood has been outstanding. Let’s enjoy it.

    Happy Memorial Weekend everyone.

    God Bless America!

    1. Back at you my friend. Happy Memorial day to all, and to those who served and never came home, our deepest thanks.

  6. Forgive me for getting a bit off topic.
    Not sure how many Veterans are on this blog but I know my friend Taxidea is one. This weekend is not about BBQ’s baseball and beer. It is about remembering those who have served and paid the ultimate price.
    Baseball BBQ and beer is an added bonus.
    Sorry to be a realist but it’s a hot button with me.
    Click here please.….0…

    Sorry if the link is weird I am not too good at this part.

    1. I know that Badger served and so did I. Spent 9 years in the Army, Dec 1965 to Oct 1974. Radar Tech in a HAWK missile unit, Korea, Germany and Ft. Bliss Texas. I lost a lot of friends.

  7. We’re hitting. It’s good.

    McBrittle dealt. Only 79 pitches. That could mean something.

    Cotton and Montas pitched today. 6.2 between them, 2 hits and 3 earned. That was Cotton. Montas’ inning was clean. Dbacks and Greinke lost. We can pick up a game on them.

    1. Even better than that. Cotton had a no-no until the 6th when he gave up 2, third time through the order. Let’s hope he’s turned the corner.

      I wish they’d try Montas in either higher leverage situations or try to stretch him into a starter.

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