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Yu Gives Up Too Many, Bats Don’t Score Enough. Dodgers Lose 3-2

The good news is, you’ll have to go all the way back to June to find a series the Dodgers lost. The bad news is Yu Darvish looked very vulnerable after a stint on the 10-day DL, and the Dodgers’ bats are still having a hard time stringing together consecutive hits and plating runs.

Yu Darvish only pitched five innings today, giving up three earned runs. He was lucky to only give up that many. Despite striking out seven batters, he never seemed to be in control of the game – or his pitches – and he gave up six hits, one home run, and he walked three. That was a lot of action to pack into just five innings.

The word is Darvish worked with pitching coach Rick Honeycutt to change his arm slot for delivering pitches during his layoff. Today’s results were far from successful, so stay tuned for Yu’ next start.

Speaking of “stay tuned”, some folks are getting antsy over the Dodgers bats showing signs of cooling off over the past few games. I’ll chalk it up to the dog days of summer and every team goes through stretches exactly like this every season. I’m figuring the Dodgers are very lucky it’s only happened once this year (I don’t count the month of April, as this is an entirely different squad), but I sure can;t wait for them to shake off these batting doldrums and get back to blistering every team they face.

The boys were only 2 for 4 with RISP, but that just points out the fact baserunners were pretty rare through the day. Adrian Gonzalez went 0 for 2, leaving one man on base, and he was lifted for a PH in the seventh inning. I’ve been pulling for A-Gone to find his stride at the plate, but so far, he’s not showing much beyond warning track power and some sprinkled shots.

Logan Forsythe was just as unproductive today (0 for 3, 1 LOB), and I’m thinking if he doesn’t break out of his slump after one more series, he needs to move to the bench when Cody Bellinger returns to the lineup next week.

The Dodgers’ only runs came in the sixth inning. Brewers starter Jimmy Nelson had a no-hitter going for five innings when Chase Utley, pinch-hitting for Gonzalez, stroked out a single to get things going. Corey Seager later knocked in Utley for the Dodgers’ first run, and that extended his hitting streak to 15 games.

Justin Turner then caught some luck with a sun-assisted double to knock in Seager for the second run of the day. After that, the Dodgers’ bats went right back to sleep.

In other good news, Tony Cingrani moved his scoreless innings streak up to four. He pitched one inning, gave up one hit and struck out two.  Pedro Baez and Kenley Jansen also kept the Brewers scoreless today. I’ll take small pleasure in those mini-positives on this hot Sunday afternoon.

The Dodgers have a day off tomorrow. As Scott said earlier, they can sure use it. I hope they use that time to burn those ridiculous, jinxed Players’ Weekend jerseys.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

54 thoughts on “Yu Gives Up Too Many, Bats Don’t Score Enough. Dodgers Lose 3-2

  1. Well I’m afraid package is right in that Roberts is creating an excuse to give AGon more time to figure things out without hurting the club. I guess another way to look at it is that if this was another player, like Toles, do you make the same move and keep Bellinger out 10 days, or just a few days? Of course it’s AGon so the coaches and the FO is giving him more time. And you know what? I think AGon with his history and clutch potential deserves a longer look. All in all this is a blip and I worry more about our pitching than our hitting.

    Darvish is in a funk and needs to pick it up. He was laboring out there. This upcoming 7 game trip will tell us a lot about how they will prepare. I don’t mind them losing half their games actually if that’s what it takes to light a fire underneath them. I just hope they are prudent with Jansen. He’s the most irreplaceable player on this team in my opinion.

    And finally there were some nice things Roberts said about Chris Taylor in the CF. it suggests Taylor is now better than Joc in CF either by the eye test or by the SABR test. I am not surprised as Taylor seems to improve as the season goes on. I read this on TrueBlueLA but maybe the interview is on other sites too. What does this all mean? It means either Joc or AGon needs to earn their place on the postseason roster. Personally I’m hoping it’s AGon unless Verdugo sets the world on fire in September.

    1. Just one more note. I’m interested to find out whether this team are a bunch of front runners or counterpunchers, meaning whether they do better when things are going well, or are they pacing themselves and can turn it up when backed into a corner. I am hoping I find out more about them during this 7 game trip. Both works, by the way. LaSordas teams are by and large frontrunners that rally behind a cause and play out of their minds for long stretches. Those Jeters Yankees teams are counterpunchers, in comparison, as was that Angels team that won it all under Sciocia. Why is this important for met? I think we need to be counterpunchers to win the title this year. Just my feeling.

      1. I know they mentioned that Honeycutt did an adjustment with Darvish’s delivery, but they also talked about Darvish having a hurt thumb.

        I don’t know if it is on his hand that he pitches with, but that might also explain with the way, he has been pitching too.

        Darvish is going to have to have his delivery down, where it is second nature, if he is going to pitch in the post season.

        With all of this on his mind, no wonder Darvish is over thinking, when he is pitching.

        It is really frustrating watching him pitch like this, because he is throwing way to many pitches, to get an out.

    2. When it comes to the playoffs, I think A-Gone will be there simply because of his stature in the clubhouse and the fact that he has been the butter and egg man for many years. Also he is a total team player. I also do not think that a whole lot is going to change with the starting 8. Cody, Corey. Puig, Taylor, Grandal, Turner are going to be in there everyday. With Forsythe and Utley platooning at 2nd, and Granderson rotating in left with whoever they decide is best. A-gone will play 1st when the matchup Is right and Cody will be in the OF on those days. If A-Gone’s health becomes an issue again, back tightness does not sound good to me, then Cody will be at first all the time with Grandal probably in LF. The best lineup in my mind is Cody 1B, Utley, 2B, Turner, 3B Seager SS, Grandal, C. Granderson, LF, Taylor, CF, and Puig in RF. Defensively that is one of the better lineups, and hitting wise it is much better. It puts, Forsythe, Barnes, and Gonzo on the bench and who ever they pick from everybody else. I think if the choice were made right now, Joc would not be in a Dodger uni again until spring, if he is not traded. I also think Kike is definitely on the bubble. He cannot hit a lick against RH.

  2. Well first off, they were out pitched the last 2 games. Both Davis and Nelson definitely had their number. My biggest beef is not being aggressive on the 1st pitch. I saw at least 6 times where the first pitch was right down Broadway and taken for a strike. Forsythe does that a lot, and Grandal did it too. Turner has not hit a ball hard for over a week. He is definitely in a slump. They need his bat back badly. Maybe with Cody coming back and hitting behind him he will get some decent pitches to hit, because he sure is not getting them right now. But losing two in a row, and now heading into a series where every game means 2 in the standings should wake them up. The Dirtbags have been playing well. Not picking up ground because the Dodgers were hot. But they have picked up 2 games in the last 2 days, and you do not want to give you closest pursuer any kind of hope. 3 with the D-Backs and 4 in SD, who always play the Dodgers tough. Time to man up and finish this thing. Kersh back on Friday. Darvish was far from sharp. He looked like he was searching all day long.

    1. I think Kersh being back will be a good thing. He’s been raring to go and you need that intensity for the home stretch, especially when you’re basically lapping the field.

      The Bucks sent their best two starters against us in these last two games, and maybe people don’t know it, but Nelson is really very good and the Bucks are actually second to the Dodgers in pitching in the NL, in terms of ERA and I believe WHIP. They’ve been under the radar. I have had Nelson all year in my fantasy baseball team but I sat him today. I am still in first place in my league, but as a rule I always sit enemy starters against the Dodgers out of pure conflict of interest. So far it has worked out great because the Dodgers get tons of walks and HRs.

      1. Yueh, Kersh will bring that attitude to the whole pitching staff. Wood said that watching Kershaw pushed him to be better. And a little observation here. Other than the first game he pitched, Darvish has been pretty pedestrian. Yeah he got 10 strikeouts and the win in his second game, but he only went 5 innings. Same thing the last 2 games with 2 K’s in the no decision and 7 in yesterday’s loss. Of course, if Corey had not blown that easy DP grounder, it would have been 2-2. Here’s the thing. Friday is the 1st. All the walking wounded and some healthy body’s can join the team. Take 2 of 3 from the Snakes and go into SD with Kersh on the mound, you have to feel good. Get through the next 3 games with no major injuries, and no issues, and you are in September with a 20 game lead. That has never been done in Los Angeles Dodger history. They can clinch by about the 10th of the month. Sooner if they wipe the D-Backs out this week and next when they come to LA. Another thing, they were out pitched the last 2 games, that will not happen much the rest of the way. Playoff preview when they got to Washington after the next home stand.

  3. Ethier went 2-3 with a double at OKC in todays doubleheader. Rob Segedin hit his 3rd homer in the 2nd game. OKC split the DH.

      1. Artieboy

        You don’t have to worry anymore, Cody will only play first, when he comes back, I just read this in the LA Times right now, and Cody only playing first, on his return, was the title of this article, so it looks like they wanted to ease the worries, for Dodger fans.

        It did say that they would be easing Cody back into the line up though, and because of that, Agone will still play some at first, but Cody will only play at first, from now on.

        I haven’t forgot about you!

  4. On the pregame show yesterday, the one of the Dodgers anouncers interviewed a writer at the LA Times.

    And he said that Taylor is the starting centerfielder, when Joc comes back, because he is a better defensive centerfielder, and obviously he is performing better.

    As much as I have had doubts with Joc’s hitting, this probably explains why Joc isn’t taking his demotion as well, as Puig did.

    It probably isn’t helping him, when he is up to bat either, but he needs to have the same attitude that Puig had, when he was put down.

    I would want to prove myself, if I was demoted.

    I don’t think Roberts is making any excuse for Agone, and Agone has already said he just wants to help the team anyway he can, so Roberts isn’t under any pressure from Agone, to start Agone.

    There was a big write up in the LA Times, even before Agone returned to the team, about Agone being, nothing, but a team guy!

    So I don’t understand why everyone is blaming Agone, he hasn’t demanded to play, at all.

    It amazes me the people are blaming the offense on Agone too.

    Granderson is hitting below Agone, and he wasn’t out almost the whole season like Agone was.

    Basically our top three hitters, are not hitting much, and especially Turner, but every team goes through this.

    Cody makes everybody in the line up better, when he is in the line up.

    And I am glad he has had this rest now, because it seems like Corey is a little worn out.

    Last year, Corey said his legs were tired at the end of the year, and he said he was worn out, before the post season began, and Corey has only hit one HR in August.

    His strike outs have went down which is good, but most players strike out more, when they hit for power.

    The problem right now is that we don’t have anyone who can hit in Cody’s place in the line up.

    Granderson and Grandal are not the answer!

    Grandal is striking out to much, and Granderson has been an all or nothing type of producer, so they are not the type of hitters, that should hit at the top of the line up.

    And this is who Roberts has stuck in Cody’s place in the line up.

    I think Agone hit there twice, but it has mostly been Granderson and Grandal.

  5. Another issue is that Forsythe is playing to much against righties, and he isn’t hitting righties, any better then Kike is.

    Roberts doesn’t really play a true platoon, between Forsythe and Chase.

    Chase gets to play, but he doesn’t start against every rightie.

    Check out Forsythe’s numbers, against righties!

    And I haven’t seen Turner hit a line drive for a while now, it seems like he is only hitting flyballs, to the outfield.

    The truth is that we have been spoiled this year, and they will get back on track soon.

    1. The bad thing is that we don’t know how Cody will hit after being taken out for 10 days. Anyone who plays sports knows that laying off is not good for timing in any sport. This is not always true but it happens a lot.

      1. Pacakage

        Hopefully he will be fine, he has been taking batting practice, for the last four days, so let’s hope he comes in, and adjusts fine.

        But you also have to remember that, when it comes to Agone, he has been out even longer, and everyone is expecting him, to hit better, then everyone else on the team,, even though he has missed most of the season.

          1. Disaster? Please Package, not even close. A disaster would be them losing all the games Cody has been out. They have not been the same team obviously. But they have played .500 ball, and a little offense in Pittsburgh the day Hill pitched and they would be better than that. You panic too easily my friend. And I think after 3 or 4 at bats you will see Cody being Cody. He has not been sitting on his thumbs. A-Gone deserved to play. He may be at the end of the road, but expecting him to crush the ball after being away close to 3 months is a little bit much. And he is a total class act and team player. He did not insist on playing. He was forced into the role with Cody’s injury.

          2. Package

            A disaster would have been, if they brought Cody back to soon, with his bad ankle, and he hobbled with a bad ankle, for rest of the season, and that affected his play, in the post season!

            And the fact that Roberts said he was going to ease Cody back into the line up, tells me, Cody’s ankle, is still not 100 percent, yet.


            And in that Times article where Roberts said they were going to ease Cody back, tells me, he is still not a 100 percent!

      2. Cody will be fine. You do not forget how to hit in 10 days. And he has been taking batting practice. I am not worried in the least about that kid. He has a great approach at the plate, and the rest should have done him nothing but good. Remember, this kid has never played more than 125 games in a season. He is already at 100 in the bigs, plus the games he played in the minors before the call up. And there are 33 games left. So he is going to go way past what he has played before even before the playoffs arrive.

        1. By the way Mr. Norris, I am not panicing. I am sure the team will be in the playoffs but it may effect the way Cody has been hitting for awhile. The move to bench Cody for 10 days was a disaster and uncalled for.

  6. “And he said that Taylor is the starting centerfielder, when Joc comes back, because he is a better defensive centerfielder, and obviously he is performing better.”

    Who said this? The Dodger announcer or the LA Times writer?

    1. Artie

      It was weird because it was Kelly the women, that broadcasts for the Dodgers channel, but she was interviewing the LA Times writer, on the Dodger pregame show.

      And and I believe Nomar later, commented that Taylor, would be the starting centerfielder too, for the same reason.

      I do know the Joc’s defensive metrics are not good this year.

      1. Artieboy

        With the way that Roberts complimented Taylor’s play in center, falls along, with everything I have read, and saw on the Dodgers pregame show yesterday, before the game.

        Also they have not played Joc even once, in center in AAA, since he went down.

        1. That’s because Verdugo has been out there almost all the time, and because they see Taylor as the main guy in CF now….at least until Forsythe is off the team. Taylor is the much better option at 2nd.

        2. That’s not quite accurate MJ, yesterday Joc played in CF today after four games in LF & one game at DH in Triple-A.

          It’s only one game, and it may indicate nothing. Pederson’s problem is hit bat first and foremost.

          Moreover, Roberts says Taylor has played better in CF this year (not sure that’s in relation to Taylor’s past or Pederson) and also said that Joc can play either position.

          Wait. Wait. Here’s the whole quote to provide context:

          Joc Pederson was optioned to Oklahoma City on August 19th and when he has played in the field, he’s started at left field. Manager Dave Roberts explained why that was happening this morning.

          “Just the way Chris [Taylor] has played center field, his sheer foot speed to close on the baseball,” Roberts said, we know Joc can play center field and if he comes back up here, we know he can play centerfield but to give him an opportunity to get some repetitions somewhere he hasn’t played in a few years we felt that was kind of a smart thing to do.”

          “That’s why to move Chris from left field to center field to give him repetitions, we’re going to put Cody back out there in the outfield again to give him repetitions. So I think it is more of just giving guys as good of chance of having success at something if we make a decision in kind of that way.”

          “Chris has picked it up very quickly, infielder by trade, put him in center field, left field and he’s really worked his tail off to be a good defender,” Roberts said, “you look at all the metrics and it validates our eyes.”

    2. The writer. But honestly it makes total sense. Joc is not playing worth a damn down in OKC. Taylor has played CF like a veteran. And he is hitting, well he was hitting. He has managed to keep from going into prolonged slumps. And don’t look now, but Andre Ethier is starting to hit the ball hard down in OKC. So conceivably, he could be back by the first of the month and contributing. My guess is that Joc will NOT get called up until the AAA season is over if at all. He made his own hole, now he has to dig himself out of it and prove he belongs back in the bigs, which right now he is not doing.

      1. Like Michael said, Cody will be fine, and the Dodgers were not going to chance Cody’s health, because he means to much to this team.

        1. I just read that LA Times article MJ. Roberts is the one who said Cody is playing first and Gonzo is going to the bench. That comes right from Doc’s mouth. I also read an interesting piece from Dustin Nosler on Dodgers Digest about September call ups. He had some interesting points. Urias is on the minor league 60 day DL so he will not accumulate service time. Same with Eibner, so that limits the guys who are non roster who could be called up. It is pretty much a lock that Buehler gets the call, and will no doubt cause a move of probably Eibner to the 60 day DL or someone on the 40 man getting DFA’d. He thinks that person could be Fabio Castillo, who in his words, does not fit in to the long term plans of the team. He also said he doubted Verdugo would get the call because he is pretty sure that Thompson, Pederson, Ethier, and Segedin will all be activated and on the team at some point. Guys like Ysla and Jankowski could also be recalled. He thinks that Font deserves a shot because he has been a strikeout machine at OKC. But that would also require a move of a player from the 40 man. It is going to be very interesting the next week or so to see who gets the call, and who does not.

          1. Michael

            I guess I didn’t make that clear, but it was Roberts who said that, in the article.

            He was also the one that said he was going to ease Cody back into the line up, too.

            I think we will hit better in this next series, because not only will Cody come back in the second game, all the players are much more familiar, with all of the Dback’s pitchers.

          2. No problem MJ. When the article popped up on twitter I decided to read it. Just affirming what you had said. Read another one on ESPN.com about why the Dodgers have struggled the last 8 games. All points to Bellinger not being in there. Since Roberts said Cody would be playing first and A-Gone on the bench, I do not think he is going to ease Cody back into the lineup as much as he would a more veteran player. Like Kersh is starting on Friday, but you can bet they will be monitoring his pitch count. Reinforcements get here on Friday, so the dugout will be packed with all sorts of options, and they play a double header on Sunday. One of those day-night jobs. But since they are just going back to LA after the 2nd game, it won’t be as bad as flying in from the mid west or east coast. If memory serves, they have a winning record against the Snakes this year.

  7. Doc’s comment about easing Cody back into the lineup means, it gives him a way to sit Cody so he can play someone else for that game or games. Really? You think that is not what they are doing? Well, if you think they are not, I have some underwater property I would like to sell you. Cody is well or he would not have taken batting practice for 4 consecutive days plus the last few days before activation.

    1. Michael

      To be honest I was surprised that Roberts said that, because it did seem like a counter diction to me.

      I only said that, because I had just said that Cody would only play first base for now, and I wanted to mention exactly what Roberts said, to be clear.

      And I couldn’t think of any reason that Roberts would have to ease Cody in the line up, unless his ankle, wasn’t 100 percent, quite yet.

      Michael why do you think Roberts said that?

      1. Not really sure MJ. But I do think it has a lot to do with the fact that Gonzo left yesterdays game with tightness in that back. It was a mild strain for Cody, so it should be pretty well healed by now. I also think Gonzo’s struggles might have something to do with it, plus the fact that the rosters can increase on Friday. Then he will have at least 4 guys who can play the position with some amount of proficiency. Bellinger, Gonzo, Segedin and Utley can all play there. I also think that they probably have at least 3 outfielders joining the club on Friday, Thompson, Ethier and Pederson. So Cody would not be needed to play out there since you would have Puig, Taylor, Granderson, Pederson, Ethier, Hernandez and Thompson all available to patrol the outfield and Segedin has played left before too.

    2. Package

      I just don’t think there is much I can say, because it sounds like you don’t think Roberts, wants to do what is best for the team.

      But I do wonder why you would think that.

      1. Roberts does what is best for higher management in my opinion. Putting in AGon was not what was best for the team in my opinion. If you do not think that is so then I suggest you look at AGon’s stats for the month of August. TERRIBLE! I can see sitting Cody for a couple of days but not 10 based on reports. Roberts wanted the flexibility to play AGon for an extended period and he figured the ankle was a good excuse instead of sharing the load with more players so he or management decided to place Cody on the shelf. I do not think Dodger management always tells the truth. Just my opinion.

        1. First off, Roberts always does what is best for the team, and so does Gonzalez. Remember, it was his idea to go on the DL in the first place. Second, they did what was best for the player. With a 20 game lead they could afford to be cautious with Cody and not put him in a situation where he might reinjure the ankle. That was the recommendation of the medical staff. It was a joint decision of them and management. Yeah, Gonzo has not done much since he came off the DL, but in reality, they did not expect him to come back both barrels blazing. Your opinion is noted, but your logic is as Mr. Spock would say, flawed. Are you a DR? Did you examine the patient after the injury? No, you are a fan trying to rationalize something you cannot control, and making statements based on what your heart tells you. Robert stated BEFORE A-Gone came off the DL that he would NOT be playing everyday. He would be eased back into the mix. The injury changed all that. And by the way, Gonzalez has not played every game since Cody went on the shelf at first. Utley started over there for one game. As for management, they are trying to win. I doubt very seriously that they would do anything to upset that apple cart as the fans are restless enough as it is over the 28 year championship drought. Roberts also does what is best for the player. He actually communicates with these guys, something Mattingly never did. You act like losing 4 of 8 is the end of the world………chill, they are fine

          1. Just to be clear, you don’t think that the fact that Cody could exercise the DL entered in Roberts mind when the decision was made so he could play AGon without upsetting any other players? I have read many of your posts Mr. Norris even when I was not posting here and I thought you were not a fan of FAZ. Did just winning change your opinion?

          2. No Package, not at all. I still do not like a lot of the moves made by the FO. But I also have been watching this game and team for over 60 years. Placing Cody on the DL was a prudent move and define disastrous. They have not tanked. They lost 4 of the 8 games played so far and have only lost 2 games off a 20 plus game lead. I also do not think the whole DL thing was Roberts idea. I think the medical staff and the front office had discussions on what to do. They have people who evaluate the condition of the players pretty much every day. Not like you or I where we have to go make an appointment. I also think you do not realize how much respect Gonzalez has in that clubhouse. And you are laying way too much at the feet of the manager. He does not have the power to place a player on the DL. That comes from above. They erred on the side of caution with a young player who is an integral part of getting to and winning a title. They took what medical told them, and decided to make the move. Not to get Gonzalez playing time, but to protect an important part of the team. What would have been your reaction if Cody came back after sitting out a couple of days and reinjured the ankle? I think part of the problem is you are basing your opinion without knowing how the system is working. I understand how you feel, but a disaster would be if they totally went in the tank and lost say, 10 in a row, which has happened before. But I do not think that is happening to this team. If anything it just made it very hard to hit that 116 win plateau. Which to me is worthless unless they won it all. They still would have to tank totally to lose home field in the playoffs. And believe me, the players were not upset that Cody went on the DL and Gonzo got playing time. This team pulls for each other.

        2. This makes as much sense as that nimrod who was worried about Planet X and it crashing into the Earth.

          Go find some tinfoil and wrap it around your cranium.

          1. Uh, planet X is closer than you think. Their leader is currently running North Korea.

  8. Package

    These players are million dollar investments, so it is the medical guys that make these calls, like Michael said

    And if Roberts was so game to give Agone that playing time like you said, why did they wait a few days, before putting Cody on the DL.

    Remember they didn’t stick him on the DL right away, they waited four or five days, and maybe longer, before they put Cody on the DL.

    And Michael made a very good point about Chase playing first too.

    I agree with you that sometimes the Dodgers organization, will keep the players injuries, close to the vest.

    But it is usualy just the opposite with what you are saying.

    The Dodgers tend to down play a player’s injury, because they don’t want another team, to know the status of a player’s injury, so another team can gain an advantage, from this info.

    And the Dodgers had no intention of playing anyone over Cody in this line up, including Agone.

    And the only reason they put Cody out in the outfield, was to see what Agone would do.

    And the truth is that Cody miss step on a bad place on the warning track, in Detroit.

    It is not like Cody is challenged playing in the outfield.

    Cody played out there, even in the minors, and remember that is the first place that Cody played, when he first came up.

    And actually Agone volunteered to go out, so Cody could play first, when Joc came back, so Roberts didn’t have to make that decision.

    And even Ethier took batting practice last year, when the bone in his leg, was not fully healed.

    And I don’t know which ankle Cody sprain, but he has to anchor his ankle on first base, to stretch to catch balls.

    And you know enough about baseball, that a player who is on the DL as long as Agone was, it takes more then 35 at bats for a player to get their timing back, let alone, to know if that player, is going to hit.

    1. From the looks I saw on the video of the play MJ, he hurt his left ankle. Now that is the foot he pushes off of when he swings. So all the torque of that swing puts a lot of pressure on that ankle. If he had hurt his right ankle, his landing leg, he might have been able to play. But with all the pressure on that ankle with that swing of his, it would make it hard and very painful to push off. I know this because that is the ankle I hurt when I came into second that time. It took close to 4 weeks before I could unload on a pitch without any pain and with any resemblance of power.

    2. MJ, Cody was injured on the 19th in Detroit, which was a Saturday. They waited until the 22nd to place him on the DL and made it retroactive to Sunday the 20th.

  9. I think we are now in the part of the schedule where we all try our damndest to overthinkg every move, project whatever benevolent or nefarious motives we can think of onto the manager and the front office and impatiently wait for the roster to expand …. fun times!

    (I’m am neither a FAZphobe or a FAZphile – I think they’ve done a good job, but others could have done better, and it was a great thing they got rid of Mattingly and hired Roberts. I am a fan of Kapler though and would like him to take over for Zaidi when Zaidi gets his own team to run.).

    1. Conspiracy’s abound my friend. Just look at the news. Which in truth I do my best to AVOID. The shooters were on the grassy knoll……….Kapler is running the farm system I think, and could be being groomed for a GM job. But they have so many former GM’s, I just do not know if that can happen. Kapler having been a player would have a great rapport with the players. I was listening yesterday and Joe was talking about Darvish when he came to LA being very surprised at the amount of information available to the players. He actually sat down with Zaidi and they looked up information on Zaidi’s laptop. As for FAZ, I totally agree with some of the things they have done, disagree with others and think that maybe this year they finally found a formula that is working. But they could have traded Hatcher a lot earlier for my taste and got rid of Romo a month into the season. Their mix and match style is sometimes very hard to fathom, and the constant picking up guys off the waiver wire only to waive them a month or so later, or in Farrell’s case, to just trade them, sometimes seems very pointless. I mean, why pick up Ysla on waivers, send him to AA, not AAA and waste a much needed roster spot? Same thing with Jankowski, although he is at OKC. Unless the player is a player the team drafted, I do not keep AA guys on the 40 man. Unless they are close to being rule 5 guys you do not want to lose.

  10. The funny thing about conspiracy theories is that you are never sure whether you’re half right or half wrong! Ha ha. (Though I do think patch got it more than half right about giving AGon a lot of rope and the kid didn’t need that much time off … and actually it goes both ways as I think Eric Stephens made a remark about AGon’s “back tightness” being your average MLBspeak for “sore hamstring” (and used quotes to both phrases). Well it’s over and Bellinger is coming back so on to the next thing — roster expansion!)

    1. YF

      I don’t see that is something bad for the team, I guess because I am pretty good of saying both sides of an issue, it doesn’t mean that I can’t make a decision, but it is always good to look at the bigger picture, and of course with any good conspiracy theory, the way to blow it out of the water, is to educate yourself, beyond any of the sources that they use, to build conspiracy issue.

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