Kenta Maeda

Kenta Maeda: Gotta Keep em Separated

Dodger’s Japanese right hander Kenta Maeda is very good at two things. One of those is getting hitters to swing at strikes outside of the zone. He’s been doing that all season at one of the best clips in all of baseball. According to the numbers he’s inducing those swings at pitches outside the zone 36.1% of the time. Another thing Maeda does very well is getting velocity separation on his…


Dodgers Lose 8-5 And It Was Nowhere Near That Close

In the second of a two game series at Tropicana Field, the Dodgers sent struggling pitcher Alex Wood to the mound against the struggling Rays. Tonight’s question: Quien es mas struggling? 1st inning Alex Wood declared, “Yo soy mas struggling!” And he promptly gave up a solo home run to Brandon Guyer. Nothing much happened for the Dodgers through the first three innings. 4th inning Rays 1-0 Dodgers Yasmani Grandal…

Trayce Thomspon and A.J. Ellis

Dodgers Go For Sweep in Tampa

So the Dodger bats magically came to life in Tuesday night’s 10-5 win over Tampa Bay. The series opener saw the Dodgers blast three home runs, highlighted by Trayce Thompson’s gigantic bomb. Thompson was the offensive star of the night driving in four of the ten runs. Yasiel Puig and Joc Pederson each added a dinger for good measure, and the Dodgers survived another J.P. Howell atrocity to take the…


Dodgers Dominate in Tampa Bay (J.P. Howell not so much)

The first game of the all-astroturf roadtrip brought an interleague match against the no bullpenned, dome-stadiumed Rays. It also brought plenty of ex-Jays back to Tampa, Enrique Hernandez as the DH, Joc Pederson getting his first start of the season against a southpaw, and Scott Kazmir on the mound. It was bound to have a story or two to tell – and boy, howdy – it did! 1st inning Rays…

Tropicana Field Scoreboard

Dodgers Return To Andrew Friedman’s Old Stomping Grounds, Open All Turf Trip

The Dodgers open up a five game all turf road trip which kicks off tonight in Tampa Bay. That’s right the Dodgers will be coming back to Andrew Friedman’s old stomping grounds. This means he’ll be able to go back to his old office say hello to his old boss Stuart Sternberg and dust off his old computer to come up with some new algorithms. Boop….Beep…Boop….Beep….Boop…… Alright enough of that…

Josh Ravin

Josh Ravin Suspended 80 Games For Violating MLB Drug Policy

We have more surprising news coming out from Dodger Stadium regarding a player testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. This time it is a current Dodger that is being punished for using performance enhancing substances. Dodger’s reliever Josh Ravin has been suspended for 80 games for reportedly violating the MLB drug policy. This is according to reports from Jeff Passan. Sources: Dodgers RP Josh Ravin suspended 80 games for PED…

Yasmani Grandal

Why Can’t The Dodgers Hit At Home?

The Dodgers finally snapped their six game losing streak on Sunday afternoon with a 1-0 win over the Padres. It was nothing to feel good about, even though the team celebrated in the clubhouse like they had just won the seventh game of the World Series. After all the Dodgers scored just one measly run on three hits and it was driven in by Clayton Kershaw himself. The Dodgers have…

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Clayton Kershaw Steps Up, Padres Fall Down. Losing Streak Over!

The Dodgers had dropped six games in a row, lost back to back series’, and were in danger of dropping out of first place in the .500 Division, the NL West. If anybody could stop the skid and right the ship, the best pitcher on planet Earth could do it – and he did. 1st inning Clayton Kershaw stepped to the Dodger Stadium mound and made quite an opening statement!…

Clayton Kershaw

Your Friend The Dodgers Are Trying To Win Baseball Games

If the Dodgers play a home stand and never win a game, did it really happen? It’s been almost like a feverish nightmare. The Dodgers have played six games on this seven game home stand and have lost every game. This is their first six game losing streak since May of 2013. It’s gone beyond jokes or snark at this point. It’s now reached the point where it’s just sad…


Losing Is A Disease, Contagious Like Polio – And The Dodgers Have It

Coming into tonight, the Dodgers had dropped five games in a row, and were on the brink of dropping out of first place in the NL West. Yasiel Puig did not play, which wasn’t a bad move, considering Puig’s horrible at bats over the past few games. Adrian Gonzalez gets the benefit of the doubt, and he will continue playing through his slump, but it’s as glaring as any on…

Adrian Gonzalez

Dodgers May Never Win Again

Ever Again…… The Dodger’s losing streak has now reached five games and we’re beginning to enter defcon 5. Last night’s pathetic performance was just another pathetic performance in a long line of pathetic performances. The club scored one run and the bullpen imploded again in the late innings. Even the most ardent brain trust supporters are beginning to see that there are some real problems with this club that go beyond just the injuries….

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Dodgers’ Bats Silent, Matt Kemp’s Bat Very Loud

Fresh off a four-game sweep by the Miami Marlins – the worst team on the east coast – tonight was the first game of the Dodgers trying to prove to everyone, including themselves, that they are not really the punching bags they seem to be. Residing National League West punching bags – the San Diego Padres – dropped by Chavez Ravine, and the battle to decide the worst team on…


Mediocre Dodgers Welcome Below Mediocre Padres

The internet is still abuzz over the hilariously shocking news of Dee Gordon’s 80-game suspension for testing positive for PEDs. Just imagine little Dee was juicing all along. The thought creeps into my head and almost makes me laugh out loud. Don’t let the funny news distract you from the terrible baseball the Dodgers have been playing. The club just got swept by former manager Don Mattingly and the Miami Marlins four straight. They’ve…

Dee Gordon

Suggesting Front Office Traded Dee Gordon Because of Steroids is Misguided

The stunning news broke only minutes after the Dodger’s humiliating 5-3 defeat and sweep at the hands of the Miami Marlins was not only shocking but largely entertaining. Former Dodgers second baseman Dee Gordon has been suspended 80 games for testing positive for PEDs. Think about that for a second. Little man Dee Gordon, doing steroids. It’s almost hilarious. Think about how stupid this week has been. The Dodgers play some of…

Howie Kendrick

Patience is Needed With Howie Kendrick

Dodger’s infielder Howie Kendrick is certainly off to a dreadful start. Kendrick is hitting a putrid .135 ( 7 for 52) in 53 plate appearances. After another 0 for 3 night he has a slash line of .135/.151/.286 through his first 15 games this season. After the Dodgers signed Kendrick to a two-year 20 million dollar contract this offseason, it seems like that was a huge mistake, or a gamble….

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Breaking News: Old Friend Dee Gordon Suspended By MLB For Cheating!

In news that was breaking across the wires just as the final game of a four-game series against the Dodgers was ending, it was reported that Miami Marlin and former Dodger Dee Gordon, is being suspended by MLB for 80 games for using PEDs. The absolutely shocking news states that Gordon tested positive for exogenous testosterone and clostebol, both illegal, performance-enhancing substances. The news is creating particularly large shock waves…