Why Austin Barnes Should Start 2016 at Oklahoma City

I have nothing against Austin Barnes. I like him. I don’t think as highly of him as Mark does, but I still consider him a young talented player with a high ceiling. It’s just not the same ceiling as others may think he has. Barnes is a 26-year old right handed hitting catcher/second baseman. He has more experience as a backstop than a second baseman, but can play either position well.

Barnes is a career .300 hitter in the minor leagues and has a .390 career OBP as well. He’s hit 40 home runs and has an .828 OPS across five minor league seasons. He’s a contact hitting catcher with great on base skills that can play second base and hit a few home runs. I can see why Mark likes him and I would love to see him get more playing time this season. Unfortunately Austin Barnes probably shouldn’t be placed on the major league roster in 2016, and it has nothing to do with his playing abilities. So why shouldn’t the Dodgers find a place for him on the active roster this spring?

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Dodgers Podcasts, Videos (High Heat, Lasportshub)

With about a little over two weeks from the start of spring training I wanted to share with you guys a couple of Dodgers videos as we wait for spring training to start. You know once the super bowl is over spring training is right around the corner. It’s almost here.

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Dodgers Officially Announce Howie Kendrick Deal

The Dodgers have finally announced the signing of infielder Howie Kendrick making the deal official. Kendrick signed a very team friendly two-year 20 million dollar contract. The signing was originally reported last Friday. Here is the official press release from the Dodgers.

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Can The Dodgers Build The Bridge to Kenley Jansen?

The dictionary defines a bridge as something that is intended to reconcile or form a connection between two things. The Dodgers are looking to build one of those things inside their own bullpen in 2016. How do the Dodgers build a bridge to closer Kenley Jansen? Dodger’s fans have been asking that question for several years now. So far the construction has not been completed. Maybe the builders are on union time.

The Dodgers have been looking for that seventh and eighth inning guy for seemingly forever. Unfortunately the bridge keeps collapsing. Again possibly shoddy construction has been the culprit. The Dodger bullpen ranked 19th in MLB last season with a 3.91 ERA and 21 blown saves. Dodger’s relievers posted a .249 batting average against and a 1.28 WHIP. There is definitely room for improvement.

How do the Dodgers build that bridge that we keep hearing about?

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The Dodgers Need a Lead-off Hitter

It shouldn’t come as a shock when I tell you that the Dodgers didn’t have a good lead-off hitter last season. Times have changed in MLB. Less and less teams are using the classic prototypical lead-off guy these days. You know the type. The little speedster that gets on base a lot, steals bases (Brett Butler was the perfect lead-off hitter) and is generally a pest for opposing clubs. Normally it’s a middle infielder and the player is usually smaller in stature. Those guys are called table setters and they can be a nightmare for other clubs. The Dodgers could have used a player like that in 2015.

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White Sox Reportedly Interested in Andre Ethier

Here’s an interesting tweet from this morning. MLB.com writer Phil Rogers is reporting that the White Sox have reached out to the Dodgers about acquiring longtime Dodger outfielder Andre Ethier. Of course Ethier has been involved in trade rumors for the last few years now so this comes as no surprise. The White Sox have been known to be looking for outfield help and are also rumored to be considering signing free agent Dexter Fowler.

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Top 5 Dodger Bat Flips

Yasiel Puig recently made headlines by declaring he would be ceasing his trademark bat flips much to the dismay of many Dodgers fans. Puig’s bat flips have been the focal point of many discussions about the sanctity of the game and emotional outbursts on the field. Some people believe that they disrespect the game and that Puig should be “playing the game the right way”.

Despite what boring people and Cardinals fans think, bat flipping is fun. It doesn’t ruin the history of the game or whatever they’ve been claiming. It’s not just Puig that bat flips other players from other clubs have been bat flipping for years. Jose Bautista performed a huge bat flip last season for the Blue Jays after he hit a home run that almost caused a lot of the anti-bat flip purists’ heads to explode.

If you don’t like bat flips then you probably don’t like fun and are dead inside. I think bat flips can be a work of art. People don’t understand that they are not easy to do. It takes practice to flip a bat well enough for the video to go viral. First you have to hit a home run or at least get an extra base hit. You can’t just flip a bat on a routine grounder. Imagine how sill that would look? Then you have to be able to get enough height on the flip itself to constitute a proper bat flip.

The wrist twist, the arc, the hang time all determine a good bat flip. I love watching a good bat flip because it’s fun and you guys know this site is all about having fun. So in honor of these incredible displays of bat masonry, I think we should look at the top 5 Dodger bat flips of all time.

Of course bat flipping has been around since the beginning of time in baseball. Many players bat flipped in years past but nobody said much about it because it was before twitter had been invented. Let’s take a look at a few of the best non-Dodger bat flips first.

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