Dodgers Snap Out Of Post-Clinch Trance, Pummel SD 9-4

Oscar Martinez

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14 thoughts on “Dodgers Snap Out Of Post-Clinch Trance, Pummel SD 9-4

  1. I think Ethier makes the roster makes the roster because if the load up and go all lefties by starting Toles in LF like they should then they won’t have a lefty on the bench. So, it comes down to Culberson vs Kike unless they go 14 position players which they could do in the NLDS.

    Seems like guys like Deleon, Liberatore, and Coleman have pitched their way off the roster. In JDL’s case he was never on so it isn’t fair to say he pitched his way off. Liberatore and Coleman just haven’t been the same since they were injured which is too bad because they were both real good through mid-July. Right now Avilan is my second lefty. He has been lights out lately. It they want Howell or Liberatore to be an extra lefty they will go with 12 pitchers. I’m counting Urias as a starter but could certainly be the 3rd lefty in the pen too.

    McCarthy and Anderson will be pitching the inter-squad scrimmage on one of their off days.

  2. Glad to see some of the peripheral players contributing like Segedin, Ethier, and Toles. Puig looks ready for the playoffs. And, how about Turner! This guy is firing on all cylinders, lately, and getting stronger at the plate.

    Alas, the pitching, once again, is less than satisfying. Urias still looks like he is in a between mode, between having command and efficiency and struggling. I like him, but I’m not confident in him for the playoffs.

    Anderson, another example of an undeserved win, gives up 4 hits on 2 innings of relief, yet wins the game because of Dodger bats, not on his performance. Guys like Chavez and Liberatore should be sitting out the playoffs. My vote of no confidence to these 3 pitchers. Urias does not look ready for the playoffs, either. He is still a band-aid for a compromised starting rotation.

    As of now,
    Wood, maybe.

    1. Jeff
      I thought Urias pitched better last night.

      I worry about Urias not pitching well, in the first inning.

      Because that seems to be the inning that gives him trouble.

      But after he settles down, he does fine.

      In Urias’ previous two games, he didn’t pitch that well, but last night he did fine.

      1. MJ,
        2 walks in 3 innings. Nearly 60 pitches. This is considered not efficient. Granted, he didn’t give up any runs and he had some SO’s, and he did look better than the last 2 games. It’s the stability that I’m looking for and I don’t quite see it yet. He does tend to do better the longer you leave him in, but a better team than SD might have made him look bad in this game. He’s going to be on the roster next season, for sure, and they could start him at #4 if there is no one else that looks more solid. All these caveats speak to a rotation that is in trouble. I’m not hopeful about these playoffs, but as I said in another post, the Dodgers have this gestalt going. For those who don’t know the meaning of this word, the sum is greater than their parts.

        1. I agree, but I believe it’s been hard for him to find any rhythm sitting in the pen waiting for a spot start or an inning of work here or there. Starting pitchers are creatures of habit. Of course, the long layoff between end of season and start of LDS puts everyone in that same boat, which is another reason to dislike second wild card.

        2. Jeff
          I can’t argue with a thing you said, you are right.

          I didn’t realize he walked two hitters, and I didn’t think about the pitch count.

          These two factors that you have mentioned, is another reason why Urias would have trouble coming in from the pen to pitch.

          1. He walked two hitters because he got squeezed. On the second walk, the pitch tracker showed it well within the strike zone. Urias is more likely to give them 5 good innings than any other choice. His ERA is down to 3.39 now and that’s after two shaky starts to begin his career. As for tough first innings, that is really the case for a lot of top notch pitchers. You have to get them before they settle in. If you follow JDL’s career in the minors, the 1st inning has been his biggest nemesis there too.

            Wood? Really Jeff? The guy has thrown 2 innings since his injury. No thank you. Wood is auditioning for a bullpen spot at best. The Nationals will have a lineup with Murphy and Harper. Two lefties. Unless they come back with CK on short rest, it has to be Urias unless you want Anderson out there again unable to field bunts or cover first base,

  3. I do think Ethier will make the team as a pinch hitter. He is a veteran and he is now starting to hit in that role. I also think Urias is the 4th starting pitcher. It is going to be interesting to see who is on the team.

    I do not like everything FAZ does. I did not like the signing of Kendrick after we already had Utley. If we win the WS, then the trade with Oakland will be ok. Otherwise we gave up a lot for those two players. Two players we may not even have next year. I have a feeling Ruiz will be on the team next year and Barnes will be traded. Kike will also be traded. I said on the other post, how would you like to have Toles, Pederson, Puig and Thompson in the outfield next year? I would. All four have good arms, they can run, and pretty good hitters. Two left handers and two right handers.

    1. I agree that Barnes will get moved in a deal with one of the veteran pitchers unless Ruiz retires. Kike is going to have to play winter ball and find his swing because he is a mess this year. It will be interesting to see if they attempt to bring back Utley knowing that Kendrick is there and there is a log jam in the outfield that includes a potential leadoff hitter in Toles.

      1. Kendrick might be playing third next year. The way they move players around I wouldn’t be buying any jerseys except #5, #9 or #22.

        1. Snider
          I sure hope not, because Turner is to important to this team.

          I also think Turner will work with the front office, with a contract, unless the front office try’s to low ball Turner.

          But I think the front office do know Turners value to the team, so I think both parties make this happen.

    2. Hawkeye

      I just worry about his walks and pitch counts in the post season, and umpires unfortunately don’t give Urias the respect like they give a veteran pitcher.

      But I thought he pitched well yesterday, as compared to his previous two starts.

      But he has had problems with keeping his pitch count down.

      I agree it is hard for Urias to pitch as well as he could, being left in limble, about what he is going to do.

      Like I said, it is mainly the first inning, that bothers me.

      I am suprised Stewart wasn’t given the same chance as Urias, but they might just like Urias stuff, for the line up, the Dodgers will be facing.

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