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Dodgers Spring Training Camp in Tweets

Dodgers Spring Training

On Friday afternoon four of the most beautiful words in the English language kicked off spring training for the Dodgers. PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT. Friday marked the official first day of Dodgers spring training camp as pitchers and catchers reported for duty. Next Wednesday is mandatory reporting day for the rest of the players and Thursday is the first full squad workout.

Some of the players were already there while others will not be there until next week. Unfortunately I am not able to be there this spring. A lot of fans are already there as well. I’ve mentioned before that the first couple of weeks of spring training are really boring. It’s nice to see the players back and watch them practice, but there’s not a whole lot to do. Exhibition games start on March 3.

So for all of the people who can’t make it down to Glendale, here’s the first couple of days of Dodger’s spring training in tweets.

This is kind of creepy looking but Kike Hernandez is ready for spring training. His eyes are super large too. Yeesh Kike don’t hurt yourself. Go Dodgers!

It all starts here. Glendale here we come!

Hyun-jin Ryu and Kenta Maeda ready for business as spring camps break

Arizona State has retired Andre Ethier’s number 14. Congratulations Andre!

Meanwhile back in Los Angeles, the Dodgers have announced their new partnership with Emirates, as Stan Kasten poses for pics. Emirates will get exclusive home plate and foul pole signage this season.

Corey Seager works out with the rest of the boys, and getting in shape.

New skipper Dave Roberts addresses the troops for the first time.

These two kids are the future of the Dodgers.

Clayton Kershaw preparing for a bullpen session with the rest of the guys.

Jose De Leon and Kenta Maeda.

Vin Scully will call 4 spring training games this year.

Kenley prepares for more California Love.

Roberto Baly and Pedro Guerrero talk. It looks like Roberto’s car dashboard has a face. Doesn’t it?

More to come as spring training goes on. Soon we’ll be hearing the five most beautiful words ever spoken in the history of mankind. “It’s time for Dodger Baseball!”.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

60 thoughts on “Dodgers Spring Training Camp in Tweets

  1. Pop up blocker doesn’t seem to allow me to access ladodgerreport on my pc. It’s not a problem using my smart TV and it’s pop up free. Glad something in this house is smart.

  2. Spring training 16. Time to start speculating about Spring trainings of the future after reading some scouting reports.
    Potential Dodgers lineup in 2019
    Walker Beuhler
    Chase DeJong
    Chris Reed
    Jacob Rhame
    A.J Venegas
    Frankie Montas
    Yadier Alvarez
    Bryce Harper
    Joc Pederson
    1B Cody Bellinger
    2B Willie Calhoun
    SS ?
    3B Seager
    C Grandal/Barnes
    A lot of money will be coming off the books in 18 to sign a big free agent and keep Kershaw when he opts, and the prospects will be ready or have already had a year of service.
    It’s hard to tell who the SS could be. Maybe Seager keeps the athleticism to stay there. I would think a defensive centric SS with flashes of hitting and speed would be coveted by the Dodgers (yes, Dodgers ditched Peraza, I know). There’s not a lot in the system, so they may have to trade for it.

        1. Dodgerpatch we all better hope that Kazmir has a really good season, or the Dodgers will be stuck with him. And if that happens, I think I would have rather have Greinke till his 38th birthday, then Kazmir, till his 36th birthday, and MCCarthy, to his 36th, or 37th birthday. I still think that signing MCCarthy, was the front offices biggest mistake, and everytime I hear, or read a tweet from him, it reminds me, of what a bad signing it was. And that he has sit out, and got all of his money, even though he only pitched 4 or 5 games, and even those performances were subpar.

          1. Kazmir’s contract runs through 18, so it really isn’t that long that the team will be stuck with him when he’s untradable. McCarthy was signed to a four year deal. Both of those guys will be done with their contracts when they’re 35 and 34. Greinke signed for six years. He’s now the same age as McCarthy and Kazmir. He’d be 37-38 when his contract ends.
            McCarthy, because the total money is not that exorbitant, is really not terrible even if he doesn’t pitch effectively. In the grand scheme of things with MLB economics and the Dodgers financial largesse, a four year/12 million deal that goes south is not going to hurt the team too terribly, especially considering the team has lots of other options. I wouldn’t worry about it so much.
            Dodgerrick keeps talking about this Kershaw/Greinke comparison to Koufax/Drysdale. That may be a missed opportunity, but you could also potentially look at a Kershaw/Urias duo as being more comparable…and longer lasting.

          1. Urias may be great! Or maybe not – he hasn’t pitched in the big leagues yet and after he does, if he is going to be good, it may take a few years, by which time Kershaw may be gone. Greinke and Kershaw are great now and were together until ——now.

    1. It will be interesting to see if Harper can play the next two years, and stay in the line up, because he has been out a lot, from injuries, in the past. And I think the Dodgers would have a good chance to get him, even though the Yankees have a lot money coming off there roster, in 2018 too. The Yankees would love to have Bryce with there short rightfield, but Harper loves having facial hair, so the Yankees might not get Harper. And I don’t know if the Dodger’s front office will even sign any player to a long contract, like Harper will get. Because like Mark says, they want to find a player, that isn’t a superstar yet. They want to find or sign a player, that is the superstar of the future. And about Kershaw, I wonder if they will even sign Kershaw to a long contract, if they didn’t sign Greinke. I think Greinke was the ideal older pitcher to sign, because he had already made the transition to be able to pitch well, even though his fastball wasn’t what it was, at the begining of his career. Well Kershaw make the same transition that Greinke did, at the age of thirty? And I think that Greinke’s delivery, is cleaner then Kershaw’s. I could be wrong, but it looks like Kershaw, has to put far more energy into his delivery, then Greinke does. Greinke saves his arm, and his energy, for certain situations, in a game. Greinke will throw a slider sparingly, because that particular pitch, is harder on a pitcher’s arm or elbow, then other pitches are. The big question is, will this front office sign any big free agents? I would like them to sign players already on the Dodgers, that have proven there worth, that will continue to help the Dodgers. But will this front office, sign any player, that they have to compete with every other team to sign, on the free agent market?

      1. Kershaw does that that hitch in his windup and that jerky motion. That’s part of what makes him effective because it adds deception to his pitches and makes them seem faster. Personally, I would like him to learn a changeup. I think when matched to that arm motion of his it could be a devastating pitch and eliminate that one weakness in his game: hitters guessing on his fastball and sitting on it. It could maybe prolong his arm health and career, too.

    2. I want them to sign Ian Desmond, he’d be much more useful than Utley and could be our shortstop when Corey moves to third, which could be as soon as next year.

  3. I like this conjecture and projection.

    SP – Still need to think Grant Holmes. He could be potential replacement for Maeda or De Jong (who I really like). I think FAZ needs to start discussions on Kershaw opt buy out now. He needs to finish his career as he started…as a Dodger.

    RP – Chris Reed is with the Marlins. Were you thinking Chris Anderson, or actually re-acquiring Chris Reed? I am assuming that you do not think that the Dodgers will re-sign Jansen. I think that is a mistake (the Dodgers…not yours). Your list is all RHP. They are going to need some LHRP, which I assume can come via trade. This leaves no room for Yaisel Sierra who was just signed and added to 40 man. Does Liberatore or Avilan stick around, or does Ryu move to the pen?

    OF – I do not believe there is a prayer that FAZ signs Harper. He is going to make Stanton contract look like pocket money. FAZ has not shown any desire to spend those kind of dollars. Besides Verdugo, there is the Cuban duo of Diaz & Heredia who should be ready, and maybe Mitch Hanson remembers why he is a 2nd round draft pick. Scavuzzo and Paroubek are also potential options.

    INF – Bellinger – yes. I think Calhoun ends up as a LF option. Micah Johnson would be my pick to be 2B. I think Seager still plays SS and my FA signing would be Mario Machado at 3B. If the Dodgers can find a Carlos Correa or Francisco Lindor in the Dominican all the better.

    Catching is okay.

    1. Do you mean Manny Machado? If you mean Manny Machado, Machado might be a better shortstop then Cory. I don’t know that for sure, but I would rather have Colorado’s current third baseman, then Machado.

      1. MJ, yes…Manny Machado. I would like to have Arenado, but he is not a free agent until 2020. Machado is a FA after 2018.

          1. I do not expect the Dodgers to sign any of those FA after 2018. I just thought that an infielder made more sense, and you are right it will be Giancarlo $$$$.

    2. I forgot about Holmes. There’s a possibility, because he was signed out of high school and is relatively younger, that he’s not quite ready to crack the top five or six. I picked DeJong because he’s already 22 and because his stuff projects well as a starter versus a fastball/slider reliever type. I have Maeda on there because he has a long term and team friendly contract. Ryu’s contract is up after 18. He might sign for bigger money somewhere else. Not a lot of LHRP prospects in the system. I think the FO can always trade or sign someone. 19 is still a long ways away.
      You’re probably right about Harper, but it is intriguing to think about having one of the two players in baseball who are head and shoulders above everyone else and the impact that could have on a team. I was reading something about the Yankees. The assumption that I had was that they just bought their teams. They did have a nucleus of home grown talent in Jeter, Rivera, Williams, etc., and then bought an ARod who put them over the top. We keep talking about big contracts and having financial flexibility. Flexibility to do what? Harper is much better than Stanton. That was a dumb contract because the Marlins can’t afford him, and he’s really not worth that much money. Harper’s contract might be mind boggling, but like with a Trout, with him it might actually be worth it. We’ll see.
      I think in this era of new school ways of looking at performance, more weight is put on defense and runs saved than it once was. For that reason I just don’t see the FO going for a battery of Seager and Micah in the long run. I want Micah to excel, but there’s a possibility he’s another Alex Guerrero. There aren’t a lot of established top end shortstops that I know of that they could trade for now. I bet the Dbacks regret giving up that #1 draft pick – a stud SS prospect.

    3. Agree! No way that the Braintrust sign another free agent to a big contract. If Mike Trout was available this year they wouldn’t sign him.

      They probably won’t extend Kershaw if he opts out either.

  4. A few Observations:

    Kenley Jansen will be a free agent next year. Given his age and if he has a very good year in 2016, he is in line to get $15+ million a year for 6 or 7 years. I cannot see the Dodgers doing that. I think the Dodgers have plenty of arms that one or more will step up as a closer. High-priced relievers (Rivera excluded) are seldom the solution. Give him a qualifying offer and take the pick!

    The team you see in the spring will almost certainly change dramatically as the season progresses. I can see several pitchers traded for prospects who could be parlayed into another high-octane starter. I can see Barnes traded. I can see Kendrick traded to one of the teams interested in him, but unwilling to cough up a pic (that’s in June). I can see Micah Johnson as the 2B and leadoff hitter.

    Players that aren’t available now, could be available later. That’s where all this depth comes in. Most publications have De Leon as being ready THIS YEAR! If he is and Ryu and McCarthy return healthy, there could be some amazing returns in trades. McCarthy, Anderson and Wood could all be moved. This could be the rotation by September: Kershaw, Kazmir, Madea, Ryu, De Leon.

    Think about the return the Dodgers could get from a desperate team(s)for Kendrick, Wood, Anderson, McCarthy and Barnes. YIKES!

    I am excited about the Dodgers prospects this year, but look out for some very interesting trades!

    1. Mark that rotation certainally looks much better! I think Maeda is going to be better then thought. I know he doesn’t weigh a lot, but he doesn’t look much shorter then Ryu, and isn’t Ryu about 6’2, 6’3? Maeda is going to be more athletic by being smaller. It looks like Maeda has as much energy as Kike, with his warm up. I could see Kike, trying to do Maeda’s warm up. I just read that Mattingly made a new team rule on the Marlins, and it is no facial hair. Isn’t that kind of hypocritical?

    2. DeLeon might be ready for a post ASB or September call up, but I’m not sure you want him during a pennant drive or during the playoffs. Maybe he will be that good.

      Right now, until McCarthy starts pitching and regaining some form, I’m not sure that the return for him will make trading him attractive, especially if the FO doesn’t want to eat some of his contract. Same with Anderson. He’d be rental because he’s not under team control, and being that he’s not a frontline guy, the return on him would not be a lot. Wood, on the other hand. If you package him with a resurgent Zack Lee and maybe someone else….

      Do the Royals have a true closer?

    1. Many of you get hung up on the wrong things. Is having a great closer important? Maybe…. maybe not! The team that has won 3 or the past 6 World Series has had a different closer each time. Wilson was the closer in 2010 and made $4.4 million. In 2012, the closer was Casilla who made $2.2 million. Romo was the closer in 2014 and made $6.6 million. I am going to suggest that there is a correlation between paying a closer huge model and winning… and that correlation is that if you do, you likely won’t win! This is not fantasy baseball.

      Matter of Fact, if I were FAZ, I would think about trading Jansen at the deadline if I felt I had an in-house replacement!

      1. I assume the 7 WS (5 WS wins) by Mariano Rivera must have been a fantasy. Rivera was a Yankee and was taken care of by the Yankees. Just like Bernie Williams, Jorge Posado, and Derek Jeter. Mariano pitched until he was 43 and was still effective with 44 saves. Jansen is 28 and has only 340 IP. He has been a Dodger from the beginning. He is one of the top 3 closers in the game (Kimbrel and Chapman being the other two). Or can anyone currently in the organization save 36 out of 38? He deserves to continue to be a Dodger.

        Mark, I know you like prospects as do I. But some players need to retire with the team they signed with. Jansen and Kershaw are two such players. Kenley has done nothing to not get such consideration. He will not be easily or competently replaced. You want to win WS like the Yankees, start treating your star players like they do. Or do you want to continually rebuild after players reach FA status. There is always going to be a prospect, but sometimes you need to reward Dodgers for being lifelong Dodgers. Grant Holmes and Yadier Alveraz could be ready by 2018/19. Should the Dodgers let Kershaw walk because there is a prospect ready for the rotation? I have no problem with not offering the sixth year for a mercenary like Greinke, but if that situation comes up again, and FAZ does not honor what Kershaw wants, a true lifelong Dodger, shame on the Dodgers.

        1. Part of the attraction to building a good farm system is the stream of budding stars who are under team control and relatively cheap. This is important for more than just getting total payroll down; it also gives a team options. That controllable asset is now attractive trade material to other teams. Also, by having a core group of young and cheap talented players, a team has the financial flexibility to sign a big free agent…or extend the contract of a star player.
          I don’t know if Kenley is necessarily the face of the franchise in the way Kershaw is, but it wouldn’t hurt to extend him three years and bump his salary to 12 million – Kimbrel/
          Chapman territory. The key point you make is that he can’t be easily replaced…now. I don’t know that you really want to keep a “closer” much past thirty. Kimbrel is starting to slip just a little bit at 28. On the other hand, Kenley doesn’t rely on throwing 98, and has that low 90s cutter… Rivera did. I definitely wouldn’t give him 7years/15, and I don’t think he would reasonably ask for that. I hope not.

          1. Dodger patch I think Kenley will hold up better, then Kimbrel , because of Kenley’s body type. Kenley is a bigger guy, and he is not having to pitch all out, like Kimbrel does.

      2. Mark I was thinking about what you said, about the closer. And this is my problem with using the Giants as an example. The Giants have had a better total bullpen then the Dodgers, in the last four years. That is why they were able to use some of these different guys. Bocy and his pitching coach, might have made there bullpen better, in the way that they have handled them. And I saw where the Dodger’s bullpen, was tied with the Cardinals, when they calculated war, but the Dodgers bullpen, has given away, to many games, in the last three years, and that needs fixed. They ranked 23, or 32 in baseball, because of this. I personally look at innings pitched, and the players put on base, and that tells me a lot.

  5. Seeing pictures of Puig over on Dodger Digest, he took getting into shape seriously. He may be getting ready to have a monster season, he looks great. It’s possible one question mark is about to be answered positively.

    Yasiel Sierra has been signed and Josh Byrnes has positive things to say about him. Could be a starter 4 seam fast ball hitting 97-98 2 seam fast ball 91-93. Needs to work on command, control and changeup, will start in the minors.

    I think the only way Jansen gets traded is if the season tanks, he walks at the end of the season and get the draft pick depending on how the CBA works out.

  6. Why in the world would anyone believe Jansen would be in line for $15+ million for 6-7 years? No closer has made that much money – ever. Chapman, probably the best, just signed for $11.325 million., slightly higher than the previous highest Papelbon. If Jansen thinks he’s worth more than than that – adios. He makes $10.6 now, extend him. He’s 29 next year, so 2 more years at his current salary is fair. Jansen isn’t the best closer in baseball. He’s paid a fair salary.

    It’s good to see that Mark agrees some moves need to be made before this Dodgers team is considered a contender. “A high octane starter”. You mean like the one they DIDN’T get last July? Yeah, something we agree on!

  7. Bolsinger and Lee may also be traded. Both need to be given a chance to pitch some where. Frias, Sierra and Stripling will be given a chance to pitch in the bull pen. I like Mark’s starting pitchers in Sept. You can add Urias to that group the following spring. Depth is starting to pay off.

  8. It must be that Midwestern Mary Jane at work!??! $15MM f0r 6 to 7… Jansen paid a fair salary??? There are no fair salaries for anyone with a lil seniority… Another great union tragedy…
    Oh well, thank God ST is here…
    I’ll go with Howie followed by CC…

  9. Badger said:

    It’s good to see that Mark agrees some moves need to be made before this Dodgers team is considered a contender. “A high octane starter”. You mean like the one they DIDN’T get last July? Yeah, something we agree on!


    That’s not what I said. Not even close! I said that our surplus “COULD BE” parlayed into a top starter, but I don’t think that is necessary, especially considering the likelihood of continuing development of Urias, De Leon, Stripling, Cotton, Sierra, Lee, et al.

    I also don’t think we should have traded our prospects for Hamels.

  10. BTW, two of the Prospects the Rangers traded for Hamels are in the TOP 100: Thompson at #75 and Nick Williams at #27. Jorge Alfaro is rated ahead of Thompson for the Phillies, but is inexplicably not in the MLB Top 100.

    To match the deal (if the Phillies would have agreed), the Dodgers would have had to trade De Leon (that’s a deal-killer for me), Grant Holmes and probably Austin Barnes. However, the Phillies might not have wanted two pitchers – maybe they would have wanted Bellanger or Verdugo…. plus more. The Rangers traded 5 players for Hamels.

  11. I think Hamels would look great in our rotation. He sure would have looked good against New York last October.
    But I’m ok with De Leon and Holmes stil being here. They remain prospects, but they are believable. I don’t think Barnes would have been needed. I think De Leon and Peraza plus some lower prospects would have done it. But, we made some progress here Mark. I think we agreed on something above (trading to upgrade) and I think it’s progress you aren’t insisting it would have taken Seager and Urias. I’m happy with these agreements. Progress. Progressive. Move on dot org……………………… (Too much?)

  12. The Dodgers USED to keep their players for their primes after developing them. Jansen has been one of the best 4 relief pitchers in baseball for the past 4 years. What is the point of developing great players if you are going to let them play their primes for another team?

    The poor teams (eg. Rays, A’s, et al) trade their players as soon as they become “too expensive” to keep. How many A’s fans would have preferred to see Josh Donaldson in that ugly yellow uni last year instead of playing for the Jays?

    The Dodgers are not a small market team, even if the Braintrust want to run them that way. (Yeah, I know, they have a big payroll again this year, but wait 3 or 4 years – they won’t.) There is no reason not to keep your relief ace if he is still great – and if Jansen is great again this year, they should keep him. The problem for the last 3 years has been building a bridge from the starter to Jansen – where does the bridge go if Jansen is gone?

    1. I agree. If he’s still good, extend him. At least offer it. He may decide to turn it down. It’s business.
      The Dodgers can do both build and sign (or trade for) free agents. The key of course getting the right ones in here.
      Mark. Yes. Yes I am. But, I believe in live and let live. I believe in burying the hatchet, not throwing it. And I believe it was Larry King who said – ” can’t we all just get along?”

      1. We will get along just fine if you stop attributing things I didn’t say to me. Today you say I caught a 12 inch bass. In a month it’s a 10 foot shark and next year it’s a whale!

    2. Rick, I agree. Kenley Jansen was signed a Dodger and has done nothing except get to FA status to not be considered for extension. The Yankees treated their stars properly (Rivera, Posada, Williams, Jeter, and they even brought Pettite back so he could finish as a Yankee). Right now there are two Dodgers that deserve to be treated in the same manner; Jansen and Kershaw. Maybe Seager eventually reaches that status. You are right, the Dodgers are not the A’s or Rays. They should keep their lifelong Dodger Stars. It’s not like they have a closer waiting in the wings. Even the Twins are keeping Joe Mauer as he is slowing down. He will always be a Twin, just like Kirby Puckett. You want loyalty from your players, start showing loyalty to your stars.

    3. Dodger rick I believe in what you said. The Dodgers, and all there riches, should do what you have said. Why have all these riches, and don’t use them in these instances. If not, when do you use them?

  13. It’s a different game now due to the numbers. Big contracts to players seldom pan out. I agree that Kershaw has to be a Dodger for life. .. no matter the cost! However, he is a different situation. Greinke was a Dodger (mercenary) for three years and there is no way that ends up being a good contract for the D-Bags! I am in favor of extending Kenley to the tune of something like $50 million/4 years, but I think he will get much better offers. He has to take the best offer, but there’s no way I think the Dodgers should pay that. The Cards, Royals, Giants and others have shown you don’t need an expensive closer.
    Look at all the big contracts to free agents – most are boat anchors mid-way through the deals. We have some on our team.</b)

  14. Would Colorado take Zach Lee, Pedro Baez, Austin Barnes, Jharel Cotton, Alex Wood, Trayce Thompson and a PTBNL (Howie Kendrick in June) for Nolan Arenado? If you ain’t tryin’, you are dyin’.

    1. Mark, a third team would be needed and Turner. I don’t think Wood and Lee would do well in Colorado. Need more mph and sink.

    2. “Would Colorado take…..”
      No. Would you?
      Young team controlled stars aren’t going to be had for a handful of 4A players. Include somebody that is equal in talent and control (Urias) and they will listen.
      Nobody knows if Greinke and is contract will be a problem. Those that keep saying it are just spitting out sour grapes. We offered him 5 years and it was ok, Arizona offered him 6 and its the Titanic of all things contractual. Arizona got a lot better. So did San Francisco. Get used to the idea. The West is coming after us. Window. Closing. All those guys that hit a buck two thirty WRISP better turn it around this year or WE are a 12″ bass and the NL is Moby F’n Dick.
      Remember Venice Glen? He’s in Sedona for the film festival. We took a hike then sat down for coffee. He said the gints chat rooms are lit up with excitement. He met Joe Blanton at the airport and had a conversation with him. Nice guy. Says the Dodgers are treating him well and he’s looking forward to doing the job asked of him. Sure hope his ten minutes in the Steel City was no fluke. With our 5.2 inning starting staff, we are going to need a strong bullpen.

  15. You know I think a case of Prevarication can treated with a mild antibiotic such as A-Cillin oral…
    Just saying!!!
    Finding a closer for the Blue and most teams is not an emergency… You usually have one available on your 40 or lurking… Albeit were not talking a Mariano… I cant forget that the last time I saw Kenley he was Catching at A leveI… Why would Kenley or Kersh want to leave the Blue with it’s future so damn bright??? Oh I forgot about the Monopoly money…

  16. Unless Co. wants to shut down complete and start over, Arenado is as close to ‘untouchable’ as any player there is in MLB.. I believe Co., having delusions of grandeur, feel they’re on the cusp of greatness!??!

  17. Kershaw may not like being the old man on the new edition Dodgers in 2018. At any rate, it’s interesting to see Mark is now willing to trade prospects again. Throw McCarthy and some Cubans into that Arenado trade.

    1. The Dodger’s bullpen has been a big problem, in the last three years, except for Kenley. We all just want to get the ball to Kenley, in almost every game. This is part of the reason, everyone wants him to stay, and can you blame anyone for feeling this way? I will just say this. I’m am glad that Mattingly is handling the Marlin’s bullpen this year, and I hope he has fun with that!

  18. Arenado will be available in 2020. Until then, Arenado will only be in LA when the Rockies team plane lands there.
    Nobody wants McCarthy.
    Why would Kershaw want to leave? He’s already wealthy and if his years here don’t result in a championship, two teams in Texas would extend that contract for another 5 years. Houston looks like they will be good for quite a while and the Rangers are always competitive. Jansen will probably lean whatever way the wind is blowing.

    1. I kind of wish, that the front office would stop spending money on these new Cuban players, because of the way they have to pay them, as compared to other international prospects, and prospects from the U.S. I know some might be a steal, but the evaluations on these players, must to be right on, because of the guaranteed money they have to pay these players up front, as compared to other prospects. Prospects are hard enough to evaluate, with out, having to give them this up front money. And when a team pays this kind of money, to one of these Cuban players, these players must make it to the bigs, and stay in the bigs, to make it worth the money.

  19. Do you think Kersh wants to be second in SP $$$ to anyone ??? They’re all damn mercenaries… I think not… If he stays it is becuz what I said before… Rings…
    I extend Seager by end of the year if he produces like I know he will…

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