Yasmani Grandal Doesn’t Deserve the Heat for This One

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This time, it seems Grandal’s mouth has got him in a bit of trouble because of some comments published today in an article from the Los Angeles Times: 

“I don’t worry about the fans … Nothing against them, but they have no clue what baseball is about. They think that we get here at 6 p.m., we stretch and then we go play. I don’t really worry about what they think.” – Yasmani Grandal

It took only a matter of minutes before fans began commenting on how idiotic Grandal is- and those were the least inflammatory. Within a few hours, at least one article went up throwing gasoline on this situation, which could have been a smolder of sparks, potentially blowing it up into a wildfire backlash against the home team’s catcher.

All of this unnecessary drama on the eve of the NLDS, for pete’s sake.

Grandal’s statement seemed to be in the context of how the fans reacted to the Dodgers’ protracted losing streak late in the season, and in their reaction to Dave Roberts‘ leadership during that time, in particular.

“…they have no clue what baseball is about. They think that we get here at 6 p.m., we stretch and then we go play.”

Grandal isn’t exactly wrong on this point. It takes just a casual reading of fan’s comments on sports articles or a scan through the super-heated world of Dodgers Twitter to find fans who are ready to fire the manager, DFA this player and bench that player at the drop of a hat. It’s really not that hard to find plenty of fans who hold extreme positions that aren’t very baseball-savvy.

One doesn’t have to know what’s in Grandals’ heart of hearts to know he wasn’t referring to EVERY Dodgers fan, or even the majority. One simply has to reflect for a moment that Grandal probably receives tons of negative emails and tweets disparaging him – and he probably gets them at a higher rate than most of the Dodgers (but I’ll bet less than Pedro Baez).

“I don’t really worry about what they think.”

Of course he doesn’t worry about the negativity behind some of the fans. He can’t, or he would probably end up curled up like a ball in a corner of the clubhouse. He certainly shouldn’t worry about writers who on one hand pontificate about how much they know the game, while on the other hand, taking the position that teams which win division titles shouldn’t have champagne celebrations.

As if the players don’t start training for the season months before Opening Day, grind out schedules that require them to criss-cross the country and perform at their peaks, away from home and on minimum sleep, play through lingering injuries and various bumps and bruises, while doing it all through the six hottest months of the year. Yup, after all that, they shouldn’t celebrate a major accomplishment against other world-class athletes trying to do the same.

There are plenty of us who don’t know or understand everything there is about being a baseball player. Give Yasmani a break.


Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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19 thoughts on “Yasmani Grandal Doesn’t Deserve the Heat for This One

  1. About 3 years ago when our never ending search for a 2B was once again to the fore, I suggested a trade for J Altuve.
    I was told in no uncertain terms that Jose wasn’t all that!!
    Well, I’m not sure that is true.

    Houston looked good, and so did Cleveland. That is gonna be a huge match up for the AL.

    A win tonight is imperative, especially if AZ starts Walker.

    1. First pitch is 3:30 your time. So it’s either an early rise for you or an all-nighter, at the pub I assume.

      And congrats to your 3 Lions for their qualification. Our Yanks have been an awful spectacle to watch. Dee Gordon playing short stop or Kike batting against a right handed pitcher are perfect analogies. They basically play for their WC lives today at home to Panama.


    2. Watford

      I don’t know who told you Altuve wasn’t all that, because this isn’t the first year, he has been in the MVP talks.

      Altuve does it all, and the fact that he is only 5″6 makes him a very good ambassador for baseball.

      Because baseball is the one sport, that anyone almost any size can play!

      I think Cleveland is the team to beat, because they reached the World Series last year, and they didn’t have two of there three best starting pitchers last year, because they were on the DL.

      The Astros only have two really good starting pitchers, as compared to the other team’s, and that is probably there biggest weakness.

      Hang in there, hopefully Kershaw will take control, and the team will take charge tonight.

      But I understand where you are coming from, because we have talked about this before!

      Take care!

  2. Watford that surely wasn’t me. There are very good matchups all around.

    Grandal taking heat, deserved or not, is fine to me. Great even. This guy, when he goes on a hot streak, can get very hot for several weeks at a time. He has a couple of those streaks every year and this year he is overdue. Maybe a bit of a self-inflicted pressure will set him off. Like I said before, I would happily eat crow if he ends up winning every post-season award.

    And Darvish too. I am not a fan of Darvish either but happy to be shown up!

  3. Ryu not on the playoff roster for the NLDS. I agree with that for a 5 game series. Every slot needs to be valued.

  4. Not caring about the fans is modern baseball. Only older generations, guys like Vinny and Tommy, still mention the fans as being important to the ballclub.

    Grandal’s comments don’t bother me. The current owners/investors are more vicious to the fans. They want to excise as many dollars as possible.

    Fans may not have a clue but they do have a right to their opinion as does Grandal.

    1. Artieboy

      I agree with you.

      What ever these players do, to not let the outside noise affect there play, doesn’t bother me.

    1. Bobby

      I suggest you better have some drinks on hand, at the beginning of the first pitch, and just to relax and enjoy the game!

      I try not to watch all of the talk before the game, because it only makes me more nervous!

      And it always seems like every broadcaster or analysis on TV want the Dodgers to lose.

    1. Package

      Baez has given up 3 HRs to the Dbacks this year, and really that number should be 4 HRs, but Puig made a leaping catch, on what would have been Baez’s 4th HR given up, to Arizona this year!

      1. I just feel like Baez has earned a spot with his play earlier in the year. He is more deserving than that Locosta ever hoped to be. I know he really messed up late in the season but he should have a chance in the playoffs. He might surprise you. Do you agree with everyone else MJ?

        1. Package

          I hope your right about Baez!

          I don’t think any Dodger fan wants any of the players, not to do well.

          I don’t know what you are talking about, with your last sentence.

          But if everyone is saying that they want the team to win, I agree with that!

        2. Package

          I never thought the pinch base stealer, was a good idea!

          I do think Farmer is a good choice, because not only is he a back up catcher, he has been a pretty good pinch hitter, and he seems to always have, pretty good at bats!

          I just wish he had a chance to catch more, at the big league level.

  5. Anytime a player says anything to the media, he opens himself to criticism. Duke Snider did the same thing in Brooklyn many years ago. In this day and age of social media, the back lash is going to be much worse. Old saying goes, if you cannot say something nice, shut the hell up. If Grandal were HOF caliber, nobody would care.

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