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AJ Ellis Gone

Today in a shocking move the Dodgers traded Clayton Kershaw‘s personal catcher A.J. Ellis to the Phillies for Carlos Ruiz. Ellis has been with the Dodgers since 2008. The Dodgers are in the middle of a pennant race and playing very good ball, decided to make this move to try and go deep into postseason and also insurance if Yasmani Grandal gets hurt. I just hope this doesn’t ruin the great chemistry the team has built and doesn’t effect Clayton Kershaw’s focus once he returns.

Carlos Ruiz to Dodgers: Latest Trade Details, Comments, Reaction

A.J Ellis has been a mainstay with the Dodgers and has built great relationships with his teammates. This kind of move is risky. The Josh Reddick move got rid of Yasiel Puig and Reddick seems to fit in well with the team even though he is in a slump. But Puig wasn’t liked and A.J Ellis is liked. Hopefully Ruiz will produce when he plays to get in good graces with the fans. I ‘m hoping this move won’t blow up in  their faces and the Dodgers can re-focus on trying to bring a World Series to L.A..

Their is obvious reasons for this move from a team standpoint. Ellis hasn’t played much and when he has played he hasn’t produced.  With Kershaw being out, Ellis’s playing-time has really dwindled.

If Yasmani Grandal were to go down with an injury, the Dodgers do need a productive back-up especially against left-handers. Carlos Ruiz does bring championship experience from his Phillies days and he is a veteran that should mesh well with his teammates. I know most fans will ask about Austin Barnes but recently Barnes injured his hand. I’m sure Austin Barnes will be the answer next season.

I’m sure the team will be devastated by the move since Ellis was a good presence in the clubhouse. I want to know what you the fans think of this move. I’m sure some fans will applaud the move and some won’t. This move will improve the team from a production standpoint. But this kind of move can ruin the chemistry of the team and put a sour taste in people’s mouths.

I see no reason to fix something that isn’t broke and no reason to upset your franchise player in Clayton Kershaw. I’m sure Kershaw didn’t like when Zack Greinke left either. The Dodgers are all getting along and coasting with good vibes even as their staff ace is injured.  A move like this can cause a weird chain reaction or they can continue to persevere. I hope the Dodgers players can remain professionals during this. This fan here will miss you A.J. Ellis.  Thanks for your service. I want to know what the fans think?

James Moya

Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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James Moya
Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

111 thoughts on “AJ Ellis Gone

  1. Well I guess FAZ really shows that it will make any move. This one makes no sense to me but they don’t care what I think. My thought is that I do not understand this management in that they continue to win and I cannot seem to embrace them. Just too much stuff that makes no sense but as a fan I cannot seem to get close to them. I do think Kersh will walk after 2018 if he is not traded first.

    1. The move is a sound baseball move, but after reading that the FO never let AJ know that this might be in the works shows that they have little class at all. AJ was and is a class act FAZ is not.

  2. From a pure baseball standpoint, it is probably a good move, but I feel that the Dodgers lost a little bit of their heart. Were the Dodgers to make it to the World Series, it would be a little sad that AJ couldn’t be there and be a part of it. I hope AJ knows how much so many of us respect him.

  3. Well said hp.

    This trade makes it much easier to move on to next year if the Dodgers fall short of a WS.

    I am mad.

  4. It is a good move from a purely baseball point of view. As a backup, Ruiz is a definite improvement offensively, and should help against lefthanded pitching, and I believe he has a good reputation defensively and for his ability to handle a pitching staff. Maybe the Dodgers lost a little of their heart, but maybe they also gained some heart in Ruiz. Besides, I think the Dodgers have plenty of heart with players like Chase Utley (who is probably happy to be re-united with Ruiz), and Justin Turner, who AJ singled out in his interview today. And there are others. As for Kershaw, if he’s a professional he won’t less this move effect his performance on the field. And as for 2018, the Dodgers will cross that bridge when they get to it. Who knows, by 2018 AJ may be back coaching somewhere in the Dodgers organization, or maybe he’ll join the Dodgers broadcast team.

    Overall I think it’s a good move, but only time will tell.

    1. The thing about Puig is, he’s doing real well in AAA and there are still no takers in MLB. Think they know something.

      1. It was reported this morning that the Dodgers have turned down multiple offers already because they aren’t willing to sell low. Too young and too much talent. Someone will have to give something up that helps the ball club and not just a bag of balls.

  5. I’ve always thought Ruiz was a good, hard nose type catcher. Molina lite. Gets dirty. He’s probably more athletic than Ellis. Can run? The team got more athletic and maybe a little tougher. I love Ellis and I hope he comes back in some capacity when he is done playing. Ruiz has handled good to great pitchers before. Remember when AJ asked Grienke what Grienke would do to make the team better? Grienke replied that he would trade Ellis. Well, it’s happened. A few years later. A good move. We haven’t won with him, so why not?

    1. I thought they had won 3 Division titles?

      If you are referring to WS titles, than they should be trading everyone cause they haven’t won with any of them.

    2. I doubt very seriously that Ruiz is tougher than Ellis. More skilled with a bat, yes, but he has no knowledge of the Dodger pitchers other than hitting against them. AJ is as tough as they come, bet on it.

  6. AJ would have caught Kersh 1, maybe 2 more times this year. He would have barely played in the playoffs, and he would have been gone after this year, as it is.

    I don’t think Kersh will harbor bitter feelings. He knows AJ only had 1 more month (hopefully 2), left as a Dodger anyway. Kersh wants a ring. He doesn’t want to play with all his bff’s, otherwise we’d be out trading for Matt Stafford of the Detroit Lions.

    I can’t see Kersh being such a bitch where he’d hold this against the Dodgers for two more years before he’s a free agent!! AJ was a great guy, and I”m sure everyone in that locker room (and the 37 guys on the DL and the 42 guys who have gone up and down and are currently in AAA) will miss him. But this is crunch time. Giants are in town. Cubs come tomorrow. These guys want a 4th straight division title and want to get to the World Series. Ruiz is a playoff veteran that also has a great reputation. I”m sure he’ll fit in quite nicely.

    1. Remember also that AJ has a BA well over 360 in playoff games, and last year he should have started all of them instead of Grandal.

      1. How true. AJ always seemed to get hot down the stretch. Ruiz was a beast in the playoffs several years ago; maybe he has a few good swings left.

  7. And Ruiz will know how to catch the Dodger’s pitchers HOW?

    Grandal learned from – let’s see – that’s right Ellis.

    You don’t change catchers in the middle (or end) of a season. At least Barnes knew the guys.

  8. Combine Bobby’s comment and Michael Morris’s and that is the perfect post. Well said both of you. They see both sides, which is how we should all look at it as fans

    1. That if he wasn’t retiring they would be attempting to deal him for another GM to add to the FO.

      That loyalty only applies to Rays and A’s ‘championship’ players.

    2. Bum
      Nomar is back.

      And Ethier is playing in Rancho tonight, in a rehab assignment, and Tyson Ross will be pitching.

  9. Been a Dodger fan my whole life — I must say I am not as broken up as many are about this. AJ is definitely a stand-up guy with a winning personality (and great sense of humor) and it was cool he stuck it out and even had a major-league career… but it has been quite painful watching him out there the past three years. He may possess some intangibles, but he has been a broken-down player for a while now. Even at his best, I was often perplexed by his game calling in big situations: going to the same pitch over and over again / not having his pitchers change their patterns, and defensively he had such limited mobility. Anyway, I do think it is somewhat heartless of the FO to do it this way, but for me Ellis does not merit anywhere near the attachment level I have had to our many past great players. I wish AJ all the best… and I am still excited about tonight’s game — Go Blue!

  10. The Dodgers did not just trade Jackie Robinson – they traded AJ Ellis who is done.

    James said “I see no reason to fix something that isn’t broke…

    Hello! It is broke. LH pitchers kill the Dodgers!

    The Dodgers are 9th in hitting against RH Pitching and OPS .772 while they are 30th against LH Pitching with a .227 BA and OPS .663.

    When AJ Ellis catches, they have no offense from the catcher position. Ruiz is a huge upgrade offensively and also is better defensively. Clayton has already started he is fine with pitching to Yasmani.

    FAZ had a chance to upgrade the team and they did – Carlos Ruiz is a highly respected player. Puig? Not so much – no comparison.

    Also, what were they supposed to do – call AJ in last night and say “Hey AJ, we might trade you?”

    Don’t be absurd! It doesn’t work that way, unless the player has to waive a no trade clause.

    Agree BisonJones – I still think the Cards knew when certain pitches were coming as the game progressed. That could be on AJ…. or not!

    1. They seemed to hit Bumgarner fine the other night……oh wait, they didn’t sit all of their starters. Not playing the B team would be the first step in improving your Lefty #’s. And its safe to say they would have won that game against Bumgarner even if Ellis would have started.

    2. If they had any class they would have shown a little and told him a trade was on the table. There is no problem with the trade since it makes baseball sense, but the longest tenured player on the team deserves a little respect from the front office. They showed they are classless. There is no excuse or anything a FAZOPHILE like you can say to prove they do.

    3. Strange that the FO just decided to do something about team’s inability to hit lefties after trading for Josh Reddick.

  11. I see why you would say that rick but Ruiz is a veteran and I think he will have no trouble communicating.

    I think it’s interesting that part of the planning for this involves “if Grandal gets hurt”. Yeah. Probably smart to plan for that if

    If the story of how he was told is true, AJ deserves to be treated with more respect.

  12. I hope the Phillies cut AJ and he comes back. This move was just done for Carlos Ruiz by the Phillies out of respect. AJ is not part of their plans. Will he really report?

    1. I was hoping for the same thing. Ask for his release and come back after Sept 1st to work with pitching staff. No one can say they aren’t going for it when they move someone like AJ out of the locker room.

  13. Kinda makes you think FAZ doesn’t really care if Kershaw gets upset. Which makes you think about other things they may not care about.

  14. I think it’ll turn out fine. This deal makes no sense for the Phillies other than as a favor to Ruiz’s for his past services, and I think/hope AJ will be back as a minor league coach or special assistant.

  15. No crying in baseball. Let’s see what the new guy can do? Smarter people than me think it’s an upgrade. When you’re forming a tear in the corner of your right eye remember AJ (who everyone likes and we will see again in some capacity here) must struggle with the $4.5MM he earned this year. I’ll cheerfully go spend a month in the Phillies dugout for the $$ and experience. What I say in closing is thank you AJ, you’ll be missed!

  16. What kills me is that the Dodgers are 30th against lefties but yet our FO went and traded for a lefty who doesn’t hit lefties well. Sends Puig to the minors whom hits lefties better than their acquisition, therefore lets place some of the blame on our lack of hitting lefties on our back up catcher. Anyone else see the hypocrisy?

    I’m not sure AJ will come back to this organization with F & Z around. Just a gut feeling as time will tell.

    1. No!

      Ask the Dodgers players if they would rather have Puig or Reddick.

      While they may like AJ, they all know they are better off with Ruiz.

      Even Ray Charles can see that.

  17. ‘They all know’, wow. Not one of them knows if they are better off with Ruiz. You speak like your in the dugout. In fact I’m confident Ruiz hasn’t even appeared in the LA dugout yet.

    1. Well, I have been in the Dodgers dugout many, many times. How many times have you been there?

      Answer that and I will continue.

        1. Three.

          The fact of the matter is I was not a good baseball player, so I was not in that many baseball dugouts.

      1. Narcissim at its best. And everytime you’ve been in that dugout it has been as a non playing member of the baseball team.

        Trust me, you have been in more dugouts as a non playing member of that particular team than I have. When I’ve been in a baseball dugout it has always been as a starting member on the team.

        And yes, you cannot speak for everyone saying ‘they all know’ cause no they don’t.

        1. Technically, what I said was nor narcissism. However, saying “When I’ve been in a baseball dugout it has always been as a starting member on the team.’ is classic narcissism.

          Thanks for giving a real life characterization! You saved me a lot of explanation.

          You are so easily baited and predictable…

          1. ‘Well, I have been in the Dodgers dugout many, many times. How many times have you been there?’ Making a statement like that of which has no relevance to the conversation is very narcisstic. A narcisstic person never thinks they are narcisstic.

            How many championships has FAZ won?

            Answer that and I will continue.

            See the difference. Something fact based and not about me. How often have you heard me talk about me? How often have we heard you talk about you? Look up the definition of a narcisstic personality.

  18. I’m not sure AJ will come back to this organization with F & Z around. Just a gut feeling as time will tell.

    A “gut” feeling based upon your intense dislike of FAZ, but with no inside information. Hilarious!

  19. I will say this, when Lester became a Cub, his personal
    catcher came to the Cubs too.

    I guess what Lester wanted was important to the Cubs, to make Lester happy.

    And I would think that the Dodgers should treat Kershaw in the same way.

    1. But AJ is a lot older than Kersh. You knew this would probably be his last year. And the Cubs can carry an extra catcher because they don’t need 8 or 9 relief pitchers.

  20. Yes, time will tell. Not sure about you but if I’ve felt betrayed/burned or slighted by a company you can bet that there was no way in hell I was going back. I have no idea how AJ feels. He might not feel that same way, hence why I said gut feeling and that time will tell.

    If this was all about acquiring Ruiz they could have sent a class A low level prospect at a position where they had excess. Could have kept Ellis off of playoff roster but available as an emergency. They chose this way.

    You can like the way they conduct business. I do not. 2015…Grienke gone. 2016….Ellis gone. 2017….is A-Gon gone? 2018….is Kershaw gone? Time will tell but none of that would surprise me.

  21. Speaking of injury, what if Grandal takes one in the family jewels tonight, who would be the backup catcher?

  22. At the end of the day baseball is a business. So if trading a fan favorite provides the team with a better player that is in the middle of a pennant race, you make the trade. I’m sorry to see AJ go, especially since he loved being a Dodger (unlike Geinke who chased the money). That is the kind of players we want to have. But if you think you can improve your team you do it.

    As Seinfeld said “we all end up rooting for laundry.

  23. Robinson, Cey, Lopes, Garvey and many others were traded or allowed to walk by the Dodgers. Why in the hell are we agonizing over freaking AJ Ellis?

    Answer: Anything to make FAZ look bad is what most of you prefer.

    1. Its how they did it. I just stated above what they could have done….and actually that would have been more beneficial to the Phillies. Either they just don’t care or they are still wet behind the ears.

    2. Better answer: They didn’t have Internet in the 1970s…. Can you imagine the way we would have debated the Civil War? Excuse me, The War of Northern Aggression.

  24. I remember when Paul LoDuca was traded in 2004. It was while the team was in SD. Vinny said their were tears in the locker room. And he missed out on the playoffs. These things happen. At least he was closer to the dog races in Florida.

    1. At least we got Hee Seop Choi in that trade. That rekindled my interest in Dodger Baseball which had been lagging…

  25. Mr timmons my comment was about messing up chemistry not stats. Losing puig doesn’t affect chemistry because no one likes him. If Ruiz produces it will be no issue. I would love for an opportunity to be in the dodger dugout. Let me know when you start your site.

    1. The new regime under Guggs and Company will no longer allow it. I was kind of like fired like AJ was. It’s their business, but it’s from Kasten, not Friedman.

      I used to have full access. When I was in LA this summer with the family, I asked for a tour of the pressbox and offices… several times. They won’t give me the time of day. I think Scott can attest to that too.

  26. So FAZ and Josh Byrnes put their heads together, and decided to make a lateral move that will definitely jeopardize their current clubhouse mojo…Remember this is the same front office that loves to throw millions of wasteful dollars at players to go away, but refused to pay for superstars like Greinke to stay. And oh by the way, Matt Kemp still thanks them for letting him buy another yacht w Dodger dollars in Atlanta. Sure Ruiz is an upgrade at the plate, but before some of us start praising our wasteful brain trust, let’s be reminded that when crunch time playoffs start – AJ Ellis, being the consummate professional, turns it up a notch. Friedman and his crew want an insurance catcher who can hit lefties down the stretch. Ok, let’s not forget AJ Ellis, in the last 4 playoff series vs. the Cardinals and Mets, has a slash line of .365/.450/.615 with a couple of dingers to boot. In that forgettable series against the Cards in 2014 when it seemed every Dodger hitter couldn’t hit a medicine ball off a tee – AJ Ellis produced a mere slash line of .538/.647/.846 and went yard for good measure. And oh yeah, that same 2014 regular season AJ hit a mere .191. I GET IT…his skills have diminished since, but for a club that keeps reiterating the importance of clubhouse harmony at the expense of Yasiel Puig, this move should make the likes of Kike Hernandez and Scott Van Slyke very nervous. And this also speaks volumes about the hypocrisy of this FAZ administration regarding their handling of the Yasiel Puig dynamic. And even though AJ is hitting below the Mendoza line, we’re also paying him for his invaluable leadership presence and selfless professionalism. If we can pay Brian Wilson and Carl Crawford a combined total of over 50 mil to go away…I think we can justify paying AJ a paltry 4.5 mil for his WAR of 100 in the clubhouse unity department. Plus, you’re just coming off 2 impressive wins against our hated rivals, and an equally huge series w the creme de la creme of our league this coming weekend. The timing is about as perfect as watching Bartolo Colon trying to hit a knuckleball. Kershaw is human, and this unnecessary move will cost big time in the goodwill department. Maybe not today or this year, but like others above have said…Kershaw and others in that clubhouse will remember this. Even if Ruiz channels his inner Johnny Bench and makes us forget AJ, this move is about Kershaw’s perception of FAZ 2017 and beyond.

    1. Great Post, Air! I respect your point of view (even if I disagree) because you have a very well thought out argument, unlike many others who just want to blah, blah, blah.

      Congratulations. I love your post!

      You had a take and it did not suck!

          1. Same with you, why would I care what you say? And the bombastic one has just sat here this entire thread belittling people because they think the FO is a heartless bunch of twits.

    2. Good post. But I still think everyone should stand down and let this play out.

      This trade made no sense for the Phillies. Let’s see what they do with AJ. They could easily have asked for 1-2 second tier prospects and signed some other catcher off the waiver wire.

      1. Reports are that the Phillies insisted on AJ as the centerpiece of this trade. They plan on using him extensively to mentor and groom their stable of young pitching arms.

  27. … anyway, it was fun while it lasted. The old regime was good to me. Press Passes in other ball parks. Roger Dodger went with me as my photographer. Now, it’s big business and if they don’t get something, you don’t either.

    Bloggers are worthless… unless you are Eric Stephen.

  28. Chili, and everyone else. Does the following really describe Cjili or Mark. “Narcissistic supply is a concept introduced into psychoanalytic theory by Otto Fenichel in 1938, to describe a type of admiration, interpersonal support or sustenance drawn by an individual from his or her environment and essential to their self-esteem. The term is typically used in a negative sense, describing a pathological or excessive need for attention or admiration in codependents and the orally fixated, that does not take into account the feelings, opinions or preferences of other people.”

    See Badger you were always right to battle the Arrogant One, throughout the years. You did not always say things that were absolutely correct but you always exposed the fake order, which was really just a controlled environment of fakery to be exposed by the brave. Stay Strong.

    During this year I have often wondered if AJ would be traded and the next announcement would be that CK was done for the year. Maybe when Neddy Jr. trades way one of their precious jewels that the traded for, and who are a complete failure they might gain a little more respect from the fans.

  29. I guess a message has been sent to the team.

    I have suggested that Ethier be traded and he has more time on Dodgers so for me it isn’t about sentiment.

    AJ was cool. He helped build the pitching strategy. He was a catcher that worked closely with pitchers.

    Reddick acquisition now bothers me.

  30. BOB, I had an interesting conversation with a poster recently, doesn’t matter who, and he had a fascinating take on the pathological traits of the invert narcissist. Not knowing much about it I read up on it.

    Good read. Some answers in there.

    However, I don’t Mark is that complicated. He’s just a bully and he’s mean spirited, to anyone who dare disagree. He’s especially irritable when he drinks too much beer, which is probably right now so, stand by.

    So far the trade looks like it’s having a negative effect on the team. 3 zip. Lot of game to go.

  31. There is the karma factor that may work against this trade. Ellis is a good dude, well liked, and if in fact he was disrespected the universe might punch back. I think Ruiz is gonna love playing for this team, but if he is blamed for any….. misfortune…… it could get ugly.

  32. Joc would have had the ball that Kike missed last inning. Did you see how he got turned around out there? Giants broadcasters noticed the same thing

    1. Tough play, but yeah. Kiké is no center fielder.

      I bet if De Leon was in Philadelphia he would have started by now.

      Stripping 3 earned in 5, against the stenchulant pungints? Meh. Ok I guess. Very Maeda.

    2. I saw that rick, and I thought that Joc would be playing in this game, because I thought I saw he hit a HR against the pitcher.

      The team looks as bad as they did, when they faced Moore, right before the trade deadline.

      Where is a game plan?

  33. Many here have gloated that the Giants’ deadline deals haven’t accomplished much – like the Dodgers’. Moore looks good to me – and he’s not just a rental.

    1. Rick
      Moore looks good everytime our team plays against him.

      The Pirates hitters, took the ball the other way against this pitcher.

      And the Mets had no trouble with Moore either.

      And the trade has to effect the team.

      The front office didn’t tell AJ, Roberts did.

  34. James, I couldn’t disagree more with your take on the Ellis trade. It was long overdue and the only problem it may have is in the minds of some fans that are attached to him sentimentally. Kershaw will be fine. If he isn’t, he will have to grow up some more. Great pitchers are not made by catchers. Production doesn’t get much worse than Ellis has given us the last few years. Nice guy, but his time is up.

    Reddick is a non-factor on this team. He has done nothing to warrant being a starter or even remaining on the bench. Guys like Segedin, Toles, Thompson, have shown so much more promise. And then, there is the never-ending saga of Puig, the natural heir to RF, who seems to have more talent than all of them but needs to have extra guidance and care to shore up his fundamentals.

  35. Dodgers are the worst against left handers. So the right handed approach isn’t working. This will not work in postseason. Timing of trade is horrible. Should,ve been done earlier.

    1. James
      I agree when your right hand almost all rightie line up, has the worse offensive numbers in all of baseball, you don’t continue to play them against leftie pitchers.

      Platoons are suppose to give a team an advantage.

      And that trade sucked all of the life out of these players.

      Roberts had said earlier that Moore didn’t have extreme splits, so he might use a line up that would suprise some.

      When Roberts said that, I thought he was going to use the regular team.

      And I thought he was going to use the almost everyday line up, when he said that.

      This is how the team was the last time they faced Moore.

  36. There was no reason to trade AJ. He has no value to the Phils. Trade them a Class A prospect at a position of abundance. Keep AJ around just in case one of the catchers would get hurt in the playoffs. Problem solved and no one is pissed about it.

    1. I do agree with that part. Put AJ on the DL for a blister or something, and then go get Ruiz for whatever we sent there.

      AJ could still be on the team, but know that he won’t be a Dodger in the post season

  37. We need some serious Scott Andes mojo plus explosion before the Cubs series.

    You can bet that the Cubs, Maddon and Theo are coming into our yard to show us what’s what. We need to grind it out.

  38. Bochy might be making a huge mistake here, letting Moore go out to try for a no hitter. This guy just had surgery. He can’t be throwing 140 pitches!

  39. This is totally a throw away game. Moore isn’t even trying. Neither are we.

    But let’s how this team reacts after this game, against the Cubs. I may not watch that series altogether ….

  40. Back to AJ, we totally could have flipped Reddick for Ruiz and everyone would have cheered the move with Ethier coming back. But then we’d have to cut AJ … Maybe that was the calculus. Better Philly cutting him than us, then get him back ….

    1. And shipping Ellis to Philly saves the Dodgers his salary and luxury tax on it. Maybe only a couple million, but, probably means more to Guggs than anyone on this board.

  41. One thing I didn’t like what both Nomar and Orel said.

    They said Moore had good finish on his fastball, and made really good pitches.

    Moore has done this twice to this team, but when any other team has faced him, they have no trouble hitting him.

    Sorry they should play mostly the regular line up, leftie hitters too, against leftie pitchers.

    I could see maybe one or two rightie hitters, but I rather have Chase have four at bats, then

    Continuing to play this line up, is just giving games away.

    We are in a pennant race, and we can’t afford to give games away.

    Now Giants have two pitchers, that the Dodgers can’t hit, Cueto and Moore.

    And if the front office would have dragged themselves away from the A’s and the Rays, maybe they would have found an outfielder or a rightie hitter, that can hit leftie pitchers.

    Trading AJ effects this team’s moral, way more then Puig’s shenanigans.

    1. MJ, actually they’ve got 3 pitchers we can’t hit. We’ve been able to beat Bumgarner a few times because Kershaw/Greinke have been matched up against him, 2-1, 3-1, etc. That last one was a bit of an anomaly, and now we are in a bit of a slump as we’ve gone 2 games with a total of 6 hits. Yoikes. That’s why they say pitching is 90% of the game.

      1. YF

        They have done better against Bumgarner, then Cueto and Moore.

        This was the second time in about a month and a half, that Moore, was able to dominate this line up.

        This platoon team of part time players, are last in all of baseball, in offense.

        That line up hasnt really worked much at all.

        When something is that bad, I would think you might try something different.

        Continuing to play that same line up, and expecting something different to happen, is the definition on crazy.

      2. Bumgarner has not beaten the Dodgers since May of last year. So for now, he has been having trouble beating the Dodgers.

  42. AJ will be going to phila during the hottest, muggiest summer on record, away from his family and friends and favorite foods. Can you imagine the effect on his body, his nervous system, digestive system and such. You guys talk about these trades as though they did not involve a human being.

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