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Vin Scully to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Vin Scully, the beloved former broadcaster for the Los Angeles Dodgers, will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama on November 22.

From the official White House press release:

“The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the Nation’s highest civilian honor, presented to individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors. From scientists, philanthropists, and public servants to activists, athletes, and artists, these 21 individuals have helped push America forward, inspiring millions of people around the world along the way.”

Baseball Hall of Famer Scully will be among twenty other recipients, which includes Kareem-Abdul Jabber, Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen.

What a wonderful award to receive, and just in time for his 89th birthday (November 29). Three cheers for Vinny!

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

197 thoughts on “Vin Scully to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

    1. Yes, a text book example of the “blind squirrel analogy”. Although, wouldn’t surprise me if President-Elect Trump suggested it, to give the Obozo legacy something other than failure.

        1. I will say I do not like Obama. But I sure as daylight am not the least bit positively inspired with Trump to the slightest degree. I am completely at ease that I’ll never have to feast on these words.

          1. Different opinions there bro, and that is cool. But it distresses me how badly the losing side has acted. I like Trump because A. He tells it like it is, and B he is not a career politician. We need new ideas , not the same old crap, and between you and me, all the Veterans I know were against her. I would not follow her as my commander in chief. She is unqualified to lead girl scouts, let alone the US Military.

          2. Yeah, Trump’s a mess. The Bannon appointment is really dispiriting.

            I guess voted for him for any reason but lesser of two evils (and even that’s debatable), but they did. So let’s hope for the best.

          3. Yeah, he’s really draining the swamp with his new ideas. He’s putting former lobbyists, family, and politicians in all his cabinet positions. The Bannon appointment is a disgrace. For those who are telling people that they should get behind the president-elect make sure you did so 8 years and 4 years ago. McConnell even stated that their number one goal was to make Obama a 1-term president and when that didn’t work it was to make his presidency a failure. Never once was it to do the best for the country. So, no one should be shocked at how people are acting now. Trump said he knows more than the generals so he better be the best commander of the military ever. If I were a military man that would insult the hell out of me.

            Funny, that Trump offered the VP to Kasich and said he would let him run the show, but Kasich turned it down. So, he turned around and did the same with Pence. The con-man will be a PR guy and reap the benefits while the politicians run the show. Bank on it. It’s up to Trump to convince me other wise. We don’t have to support him until he shows that he is a President for all the people.

          4. HawkeyeDodger: “The Bannon appointment is a disgrace.”

            You should try expanding your horizons beyond CNN/MSNBC. Steve Bannon is smart, effective, white, conservative, and he loves his country. That is the Democrat’s definition of a white nationalist. The Democrats and their media allies are using Bannon as a test case to control the Trump administration. I expect “white supremacist”, “white privilege” and “white extremist” to be the labels thrown about anything that Trump does.

            Opposition in politics is normal and expected. However, the Democrats in collusion with the media will paint ALL Trump policies as “racist” and use that as the basis for opposition. That’s morally bankrupt and will continue to keep America divided

            Happily, most of America has awakened to just how corrupt the “Democrat Party Media Wing” is. Over 70% of voters now say they no longer trust or believe big media. Even 30% of Clinton voters say the Democrat Media was in the tank for Crooked Hillary. Expand your horizons!

          5. Boxout, I’ve read enough of Breitbart to form my own opinion. I’ve been working on these issues for the last 25 years of my life so I don’t need MSNBC to tell me my thought because I know how these guys actually vote on issues and I understand how gov’t works.

            I for one don’t think all Republicans are racist, homophobic, or sexist, but if you are the Republican party definitely has a place for you in their tent. I had hoped that Trump used the racist language as a tool to motivate a certain element of the Republican party to vote and would govern a bit differently. Appointing Bannon wipes out those hopes. It was Bannon himself that said he want to give a platform to the the Alt-right.

            I find it funny when right-wing guys call CNN liberal because they aren’t piping in right-wing garbage 24 hrs a day. MSNBC is obvioulsy liberal in their opinion pieces but they also have way more Republicans represented on there than Fox does Democrats. These days people tune into the channels that tell then what they want to hear and it will continue as long as there is such a profit motive in the news business. You should thank those two channels. They did more or as much to create the Trump hype than anyone.

            We can do all the analysis in the world, but it comes down to a few very simple facts. There were two unpopular candidates plus the FBI inserted themselves into the election. When voter turnout is low Republicans win. When it is high Democrats win. It was the lowest in 20 years so Trump won, but lets not act like there is some mandate because Trump also lost the popular vote. So, Republicans will continue to do everything they can in the future to suppress voting and force long lines in the urban parts of America. It benefits them to do so.

          6. ‘I guess voted for him for any reason but lesser of two evils (and even that’s debatable), but they did.’

            What is that? Because it is NOT a complete sentence as it is missing many elements to qualify as such.

          7. Hawkeye- I don’t recall all of the people protesting in the streets 8 years ago and chanting hate slogans against the President-elect. Do you?

            Prior to Trump running for President not one person ever labeled or identified him as a racists. That and affairs are a ploy that the Democrats use against every Republican Presidential nominee.

          8. HawkeyeDodger: “I for one don’t think all Republicans are racist, homophobic, or sexist, but if you are the Republican party definitely has a place for you in their tent.”

            Too funny! Well, I for one don’t think all “Slave Party Democrats” are racist, homophobic, or sexist either. Many are just uninformed!! Democrats, the party of slave owners, segregationists, KKK inventors, Jim Crow law legislators and affirmative action promoters, have long been the big tent for people who want to pit one group of people against another!! And it doesn’t matter what color they are!!

            The same people who ignored Obama’s affiliation with black nationalists, card-carrying communists, black separatists, Rev. Wright an anti-white, anti-Semitic Chicago preacher, and a 2003 video of Obama attending a birthday bash for Israel-hater Rashid Khalidi with domestic terrorists Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers in attendance, are now outraged and accusing Trump of “racist language” and giving a platform to the “Alt-right”. That’s rich. How about some particulars? What racist language? What is the “alt-right” platform? Freedom and justice for all? Power to the individual? Sounds good to me!!

    1. Cool souvenir. I have one signed by Rick Monday and also the ball I got the night I sang the national anthem in 81. That one has about 12 signatures on it.

    2. Hawkeye

      And this guy didn’t pay taxes for 18 years, and every other wealthy person in this country, won’t be paying there share fare share of taxes, either.

      Becausr Trump will be giving big tax breaks to the wealthy like him.

      Trickle down to the small guys, never happens.

      It is more like the rich just put more money in there pockets.

      Bannon is already being investigated, for taking money from a PAC.

      And the two guys he wants to be Secretary of the state, are war mongers.

      I can’t believe anyone believed anything that Trump said.

      1. And not all vererans are Trump supporters.

        And most of the top military people, are afraid with what Trump will do.

        But those generals don’t know what they are doing, and Trump thinks he knows more.

        That alone should tell you, he is out of his mind.

        1. NOW REALITY!!

          Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a public statement regarding his feelings on establishing a renewed relationship with America and its recently elected president, Donald Trump.

          “I would like to congratulate the American people with the end of the electoral cycle. I would also like to congratulate Mr. Donald Trump with his victory in this election.”

          Putin states that he is “clearly keen on restoring relations between Russia and the United States.” Putin promises that he will “do everything to return the Russian-American relations to a stable and sustainable track.”

          Putin’s aide, Sergei Glazyev, took it a step further and describe Hillary Clinton as a symbol of war. He told reporters: “Americans had two choices: World War Three or multilateral peace.”

    1. I can surely understand how you created that fine young lad. There’s a lot of positive in your kid’s life even above the obvious strength is his apparent happiness. You have every right to feel more than proud.

          1. Hawkeye

            Pence doesn’t sound like he knows everything, but he is pretty to the right.

            I can’t even imagine that these people believe Trump.

            Notice no one here, is denying that Trump said he knows more then the generals?

            Who is going to believe that?

            Trump hasn’t even done manual labor, in his lifetime.

            And Trump was never called a racist before, because he never talked about stuff like that.

            He was nothing but a reality star.

            And if any of you, believe he cares about the middle class, your wrong.

            This guy is constantly waffing with anything he says.

            He told you what he thought you wanted to hear, but it isn’t going to happen.
            The guy has said bad stuff about a prisoner of war, as well, to people with disabilities.

            And you all can wait for the rich, to trickle down some of there money saved, by huge tax breaks.

            This isn’t the first tme around that someone tried to sell that to the middle class.

            It doesn’t work.

            He is also hiring people from W Bush administration, and other politicians.

            Just remember that Trump knows more then any of the generals, that makes it easy to go to sleep at night Not!

  1. Here’s some names from the Cabinet assembled by the ‘great one’ 8 years ago……Hillary Clinton (Sec. Of State), Eric Holder (Attorney General), Rahm Emanuel (Chief of Staff), Janet Napolitano (Sec. Of Homeland Defense), Hilda Solis (Sec. Of Labor)…..what a lineup. None were close to being in the middle. Didn’t hear one Democrat complaining about the lack of representation for the rest of the country. Therefore I would say to Trump….go right, all the way right and f em. Will he….probably not but you can bet I would.

    1. Just remember Trump said he knows more then all of the generals in the arm forces!

      Like that is true!

      Doesn’t that make one wonder, about everything else, that Trump said?

      Just because he isn’t a politician, that doesn’t make him better.

      He will probably only be a front, for all of the politicians behind him.

      But remember Trump knows everything.

      And he thinks he is better then a prisoner of war.

      1. He had the endorsement of most of the military, that’s a fact not the crap you get from the media. Most veterans and active duty military personnel that I know, were scared to death that Killary would win, and in the early going she was winning. I doubt he thinks he knows more than the Generals. That’s just hate media. He went to a military academy when he was young, so he learned a little. More than frippen Obama knew when he took over. As for Hillary, she has already shown she is incompetent in a crisis, and if you do not believe that, watch the movie 13 Hours, or read the book written on Benghazi. It does matter that she did not at least try to get those guys out. It was her’s and the presidents responsibility and if nothing else, both are guilty of dereliction of duty under the constitution.

          1. Bull. It is totally true, not fiction. It is based on the accounts of the people who were there. Benghazi is not a mirage, it is fact. The propaganda is the BS they have been feeding you. Fact. 4 people died during that 13 hours. All of them because the Secretary of State, Killary, and the POTUS, Obama refused to use drones to help them get away from the terrorists. They also refused to give those guys air support. Stuff you know little or nothing about. They also did not allow the team on the ground to go to their rescue until it was really too late to do so, and they were a little more than a mile away. The propaganda that all that stuff is lies comes from the Democratic party and Killary’s advisors and her team. You do not print a book like that without facts, and I mean facts that are verified. Hillary was also quoted as saying, ” What does it matter” Well when your job is protecting American lives overseas, you had better do the job a lot frippen better than she and Obama did. They lied to the family’s of those who died also, saying it was started because of a video that was insulting to Islam. Horse manure, there was no video. I have read from multiple sources and seen interviews with the survivors. Wake up there MJ, Someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

  2. Trump is from NY, and he couldn’t even win in NY.

    And it wasn’t even close.

    The people who know Trump, didn’t vote for him.

    And your right, Trump is not a conservative, but that is what he had to do, to get elected.

    Just let Trump handle the terrorists, he knows more then all of the generals, in the arm forces.

    Did you all believe that too?

    1. You are beating a dead horse and for one, I could care less what Trump says. Actions speak louder than words. I have never seen so much vitriol poured on a president elect who has not even taken office yet! What idiocy. There is not one person on here, myself included who has one single clue how Trump will be as president. I for one am glad the good old boy network got beat. I am sick and tired of all the BS that comes out of Washington and if Killary had won, it would have been more of the same. I did not see anyone rioting and protesting last election. And I am not blaming it on the Democratic party. I blame it on the fact that those morons out there protesting a perfectly legal election are just nothing but a bunch of idiots who are pissed that their free ride is over. Burning the American flag? Horse pucky. Do that on my block and you are asking for an ass whopping. You do not know that the people who know Trump did not vote for him. Some of the high ranking former Republicans might not have, but so what. And he said what he had to say to get elected? Come on, you are smarter than that. You name me one politico in our nations history who has not said exactly what he felt the public needed to hear to be elected. We have become a nation of sheep. We blindly follow the leader. I for one am glad that there will be a breath of fresh air in DC. More likely it will be a strong gust of wind. That is another reason I am for term limits. Some of those senators and members of the house should have left years ago.

      1. Michael

        By calling Hillary by another name in what you just wrote, doesn’t give you credit either.

        Trump used one of the nastiest campaigns in years.

        You should care because this guy thinks he knows everything.

        And you are a very smart guy and you know that there is not one person who knows everything.

        He already has a bunch of lobbyists, and people from Bush’s administration joining his administration.

        You know California well enough, to know all of these republicans that use the people who come over the border as scapegoats, are the same people hiring them.

        Trump actually likes and respects Hillary.

        He has even donated to her cause and the Clintons was at his last wedding.

        The reason that Trump might be so involved with the Russian president, is maybe they have shared the same women.

        Two of Trumps wives, is from that area of the world.

        And that is another odd thing about him, he has married women not from the US, and I bet his money helped them stay in the US.

        But I like you and we will see.

        1. The name Killary is because she left men to die without lifting a finger. Her campaign was just as dirty, and there has not been a clean political campaign in years. I doubt any in my lifetime. Where Trump’s wives are from makes not one bit of difference. Maybe he just likes that kind of woman. All of John Wayne’s wives were Hispanic. They attacked Kennedy because he was Catholic. They attacked Jimmy Carter because they said he was too timid. That is just the way the game is played. And Hillary is not squeaky clean either. There are a ton of questions concerning the fact that large amounts of money donated to the Clinton Foundation came from Arab donors. And she was investigated more than once over those emails and the fact that many of them were classified material. And yeah, I am pretty smart, smart enough to see through the fog and BS she put out and I am damn sick and tired of DC shoving laws down my throat that I neither want nor need. It is time for HUGE change, and it is finally going to happen.,..Thank God for that. He was a democrat at one time. And those appts are preliminary. The guy has no political machine in place so they are doing this on the fly. As for Trump saying he knows everything, or is smarter than Generals, Well he had a great education, and in certain things he probably is smarter. He is a billionaire with a huge ego. That does not bother me at all. At least he is not part of the corrupted machine that has been in DC way too damn long….

  3. The only reason Trump might lean to the right, is to get those big tax brakes, that all of the rich get.

    And because Trunp said so, they will pass it down to the middle class.

    And he knows more then all of the generals, in the arm forces too.

    1. I would recommend you write that express that very concern to your Congressman MJ. Mid terms will be on us in quickly. Who’s up for re-election in your area? Voice your concerns to local leaders.

        1. I know. I am in alignment with your view MJ. And my point was that we should all express our views with our elected leaders. As a fellow Vietnam combat veteran John McCain is well aware of my views, as is my local Congresswomen. I am just encouraging you to write a letter to your local leaders, whoever they are. We must speak up. Half of all eligible voters remained silent in this election. I don’t believe for a minute Donald Trump and his “posse” represent a majority.

  4. Why is this Dodger thread about people’s opinions on politics?

    Come on, Oscar. Let’s keep this to baseball and not politics

    1. Got off on a tangent there because Obama is giving this award to Vinny and it just escalated……….my fault, sorry.

  5. MJ: “Notice no one here, is denying that Trump said he knows more then the generals?

    Who is going to believe that?”

    Well, me for one!! I guess you didn’t hear about Obozo emasculating the military and firing any competent general who disagreed with him over such issues as homosexuals and transgenders, women in foxholes, Benghazi or the Obama sequester. Retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady, recipient of the U.S. military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, as well as other top retired officers, say President Obama’s agenda has decimated the morale of the U.S. ranks to the point members no longer feel prepared to fight or have the desire to win.

    The reason no one is responding to your hysterical rants about Trump being smarter than the Generals is because he probably is. I hear many of the Obozo generals only know how to fight “micro aggressions” against transgender troops.

    Also, I bet you never knew that President Truman once had to relieve General Douglas MacArthur from command over how to fight the Korean War. Truman thought he was smarter than MacArthur, when MacArthur wanted to attack China and he probably was.

    1. Boxout

      First just the fact that you are trying to defend that ludicrous statement, gives you know credit.

      There is a lot that we don’t know, that goes into certain decisions.

      Trump is a blow hard, that thinks he is always right.

      You must of believed his stupid reality show.

      Reality isn’t actuality!

      And your bashing is another thing, that causes you to lose credit.

      Republicans say they want goverment out of there lives, but they want to get in people’s bedroom, and tell women, what to do with there bodies.

      1. I have never heard him say that. If he did, when was it? He might have better general knowledge or know more about business, but I am sure he does not think he knows more about military strategy, that would be just stupid.

  6. As I said, casting a vote either way could only be done with partial treason. How can anyone get behind either Hillary or Donald? Does anyone really believe truth was the agenda to answer ANY question of either? To call oneself democrat or republican is an insult to oneself. The only things either said were not spoken to tell you who they really are. Who they really are is something they surely do not want the populace to be in the know of. Look at it in the face and if you don’t see the joke of it all………….

  7. “Truth is simple, illusion makes it infinitely intricate.” Meher Baba

    Both candidates have spent a lifetime showing us who they are. The truth here is simple. Do not be fooled by the illusions.

  8. An observation:

    The commenters who are happy with Trump’s election frequently resort to name-calling: Killary, Obozo, for example. The commenters are appear unhappy with Trump’s election do not seem to be resorting to name-calling. Is name-calling really the best way to discuss national affairs with our fellow citizens? There are important, some would say critical, issues facing our country and we’re already more divided and isolated from each other since the Civil War; encouraging and widening those divides by resorting to hate-filled name-calling will lead to no place good. Better in my opinion to talk about those things on which we agree.

    Better yet, let’s talk about how the Dodgers should in NO WAY give up Bellinger for Ian Kinsler, although Kinsler is a tempting target.

    1. Astute observations CT. Those who resort to name calling do so because their arguments cannot stand on their own merit.

      Trade nobody. Especially trade nobody for anybody over the age of 30. And sign no free agents who appear to be bargains because they are coming off injuries. Learn from your mistakes. If you do not, you are doomed to repeat them.

      1. You mean like this?

        Badger: “And gang rape is something only the hopelessly ignorant would make light of.”

        Boxout: “What a pompous ass you are! First, you cry over the election in multiple posts! Then you want to scold me for the “micro aggression” of using the term “Gang Rape”.

        Spare us your crocodile tears!!

        YOUR candidate and hero, Crooked Hillary Clinton, IS someone who is hopelessly ignorant (your definition) for truly making light of gang rape. At least, quit crying/pouting about the ignorant old hag not being elected President before casting the first stone will you?”

    2. CTDodgerFan, I guess you missed the commenters who appear unhappy with Trump’s election referring to him and Republicans as “racist, homophobic, sexist or war-mongers”. If you want to pose as an “impartial observer” you have to do better than that!

      I do agree with you, NO WAY do I give up Bellinger for Ian Kinsler.

      1. I told myself that I would not reply, but I just…. can’t…. help…. myself…..
        False equivalency alert!

        “racist, homophobic, sexist or war-mongers” – not quite the same thing as Killary or Obozo or any number of loaded nicknames intended to be both insulting and funny at the same time. Racist, homophobic and sexist are actual words in the dictionary. They have real meaning.

        So, let’s take the last one first, shall we?

        War-mongers. It’s my personal opinion, which anyone is welcome to agree or disagree with, that both major political parties in the US are war-mongers. Why? Because the global economy is designed to enrich global corporations and their wealthiest investors (the so-called “investor class”), and nothing enriches corporations and investors like a good war. War is good business. Both parties are under strong influence of organizations and individuals who profit greatly from war. That’s why I say both parties are war mongers (or is that war mongerers?). Now war monger can be perceived as an insult, but it’s certainly doesn’t contain the same level of vitriol as turning a person’s name into a not-so-veiled accusation of murder (Killary). Nobody has more respect for our fighting men and women than I do. They give a lot and get little in return; a crime, in my opinion. Anyway, there ARE people who are war mongers, like it or not.

        Homophobic – My son is gay. Why don’t I ask him if he thinks there have been any speeches or writings by republicans that can be perceived as homophobic? Homophobic is a real word that means “fear of homosexuals.” Do you seriously think that that is not a real thing? I would add that homophobia is not restricted to members or voters of the republican party.

        Sexist – Ask a woman who has been groped by a male if she thinks the guy is sexist. Ask a woman who has been passed over for a promotion that was ultimately given to a less qualified man if she thinks that was sexist. Surely you can’t disagree that Candidate Trump made comments that could be construed as sexist. It’s a fact. Look it up my friend. Am I agreeing that sexism is rampant everywhere? No. But it IS more common than any man might care to admit. (Full disclosure here – I’d rather report to a male manager than a female manager based on my almost 40 years of corporate experience.)

        Racist – Again, ask any non-white American if they’ve ever been the victim of racism. Ask some of those unarmed black guys who were shot and killed by police – oh wait you can’t, because they’re dead! My point is that racism is America’s ugly underbelly. It does exist and some believe that laws passed in southern and republican-run states that make it more difficult to vote were specifically designed to suppress african-american vote counts.

        Anyway, I guess my point is this – why can’t we aspire to be better than simply name-calling people with whom we disagree? Why can’t we at least TRY to find common ground and realize that political parties are not our friends, they’re not our “home team” that we root for.

        By the way, add me to the list of people happy for Dave Roberts and Vin Scully.

        1. CTDodgerFan, Well at least you blew your cover as an “impartial observer”. Couldn’t help yourself could you? Your self-perceived aura of superiority cracks me up!!! Oh boy, Where to start?

          CTDodgerFan: “Racist, homophobic and sexist are actual words in the dictionary. They have real meaning.”

          You don’t think calling someone a “racist” is intended to not be insulting? The word “nigger” is an actual word found in the dictionary. Most people find it insulting. Not you? Oh, sure, now the n-word is universally accepted as an insult, but, for the Democrats who invented it, it had “real meaning”.

          CTDodgerFan: “Homophobic – My son is gay. Why don’t I ask him if he thinks there have been any speeches or writings by republicans that can be perceived as homophobic?”

          Ask away!! Does your son’s gayness give him an unquestionable authority/knowledge of what is homophobia? I don’t think so! In fact, he is probably biased on the subject. Of course, he is entitled to his opinions and can even argue what someone else’s words meant, but, I prefer to ask the person saying something what they meant.

          CTDodgerFan: “Sexist – Ask a woman who has been groped by a male if she thinks the guy is sexist. Ask a woman who has been passed over for a promotion that was ultimately given to a less qualified man if she thinks that was sexist.”

          Can only males be sexist? Has a more qualified man ever been passed over for a promotion for a woman? Ever had a woman tell you “you had a good looking set of buns and pat them”? I have, somehow I got over it! In fact, I made a new friend!

          CTDodgerFan: “Racist – Again, ask any non-white American if they’ve ever been the victim of racism.”

          Why ask any non-white American? I believe we have ALL been victims of racism. I know I have been and I am white. It’s the 21st century, you ever heard of affirmative action?

          You exposed yourself as a person who has TOTALLY bought into the Democrap line of thinking. You probably view yourself as some kind of social warrior. I will say to you, the same thing I said to HawkeyeDodger, expand your Horizons!! Try looking at the INDIVIDUAL, not putting everyone into some group, like Democrats have been doing for over 150 years now!!! Not until we ALL start looking at the INDIVIDUAL will we get along!!!

          1. FYI:
            1. I never claimed to be an impartial observer. You said that, I didn’t.
            2. You have no idea who I voted for or the totality of my beliefs. (I’ve been registered as an Independent since my first presidential election vote in 1980.)
            3. I always try to look at the individual. In fact, I have some very close friends who disagree with me on political affairs and issues of national importance. I don’t “buy into the Democrap” line of thinking (I think you made a spelling error there – it’s “Democrat.”) The only “team” I swear fealty to is the Dodgers. I HATE the two-party system because it’s corrupt with the influence of big money and I believe it does more to separate people than join them together.
            4. I never liked affirmative action much and I believe the traditional liberal methods of trying to solve the problems of poverty and racism have largely failed. In a perfect world, people would be chosen on the basis of their abilities, skills and talents. Affirmative action, after all, gave us Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
            5. I’m truly sorry that half the country feels that they’ve been overlooked and made to feel irrelevant and less important than other groups. But I’m even sorrier that too many people still cling to this archaic tribalism for their identity.

            Dude, the Democrats and people who vote for their candidates aren’t your enemy. Big corporations are. Look below the surface, beyond labels and tribes and parties. The global economy and its corrupt proponents (in BOTH parties) have been stealing from all of us for decades.

            GO DODGERS! (At least we can agree on that!)

          2. CTDodgerFan, good debate! Some Observations!!

            CTDodgerFan: “I never liked affirmative action much and I believe the traditional liberal methods of trying to solve the problems of poverty and racism have largely failed. In a perfect world, people would be chosen on the basis of their abilities, skills and talents. Affirmative action, after all, gave us Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.”

            Agreed, the racist liberal affirmative action policies amount to, “two wrongs make a right”. We don’t need to live in a perfect world to make laws that ensure “people are chosen on the basis of their abilities, skills and talents”.

            I know Justice Clarence Thomas has been branded as an “uppity negro” by Democrats, but, have you ever read anything about Thomas’ accomplishments and his grasp of the law? Following is a link to a book a friend (and a high-powered lawyer) told me about years ago. Very enlightening.

            CTDodgerFan: “I’m truly sorry that half the country feels that they’ve been overlooked and made to feel irrelevant and less important than other groups. But I’m even sorrier that too many people still cling to this archaic tribalism for their identity.”

            I don’t know, I have been laughing like crazy watching the “delicate snowflakes” melt over the election. That includes some on this board. Agree, the libs/Democrats should jettison their archaic tribalism, but, that is what they do!! One-hundred fifty years and counting.

            CTDodgerFan: “Dude, the Democrats and people who vote for their candidates aren’t your enemy. Big corporations are. Look below the surface, beyond labels and tribes and parties. The global economy and its corrupt proponents (in BOTH parties) have been stealing from all of us for decades.”

            I don’t know, it is Democrats that constantly want to limit free-speech, advance racist policies, vilify Christians, tax/regulate people to death, take guns and more. Never had a “big corporation” do any of those things to me. In fact, Dodgers are a big corporation. It does seem many here share your big corporation views, when it comes to the Dodgers. I LOVE many big corporations, some provided medicines that kept both my parents alive longer. Oh, I think I will go for a drive later, in my big corporation auto, but, first I better turn off the electricity provided by a big corporation.

            Look in the mirror, “look below the surface, beyond labels and tribes and parties”!!!!

    3. I really dislike disrespectful name calling and don’t think much of the character of those that do it. I don’t call the Giants “gnats” or “midgets” much less call an honorable, moral, educated, intelligent, two-time elected President anything less than his actual last name. I am willing to tell someone to FO if they give me shit.

      Kinsler’s contract says he can’t be traded to 10 teams and the Dodgers are one of those 10. He says he will okay a trade to the Dodgers if he gets a contract extension. He is 34 and signed through 2018 so an extension of say 2 years would have the Dodgers on the hook for a middle infielder through age 38.

      Rather have Utley back for one year and ride him for as many months as he can last which might be through June or platoon him so that he doesn’t exceed 300 at bats and hope he is strong enough to do well in the Playoffs.

      I want to drain the swamp though so for me that means getting younger and faster and better defensively. The latter could be improved with less platooning so that players like Kendrick and Hernandez aren’t playing against lefties in LF and CF respectfully.

      1. Bum

        Now that I know Kinslers demand, I don’t want him.

        You must have fell in love with the 1968 draft.

        There is no team, that has all young guys from there system filling there everyday line up, with no veterans.

        The Cubs don’t even have that.

        1. As long as Citizens United remains law, the swamp will not be drained, it will only enlarge. Read what CT just said in his 7:31 post. He nailed it.

          1. Badger, I agree about Citizens United. I am just playing around with the term draining the swamp in regards to old vets. I hear that Trump wants to speed up the approval process for new drugs and even seems to want to allow drugs that haven’t been approved for use in the USA but have been in other countries to be allowed to be shipped into the USA. The massive drug lobby is against it and therefore congress is against it and congress is now controlled by one party.

          2. Bum, I haven’t heard Trump’s position on drugs. Didn’t know he had one, though I figure he keeps a handful of roofies at the ready. It’s going to be interesting to see what the three headed Republican hydranoid values. The first 100 days will be the tell. Hey – That takes right into the 2017 baseball season. Maybe they value a fleet footed strong armed glue glove shortstop as much as I do. Gavin Lux? Yeah, maybe. I don’t know enough about him. Is he Brandon Crawford or Augie Schmidt? Whatever, he’s 4 years away. I want a Lindor in place by 2018.

        2. MJ, there will always be a need for a veteran or two that play key roles on a team. They help out in the clubhouse as well as show young players how to act during the season as well as how to prepare for a game and execute the game plan. Turner might be that veteran as the Dodgers don’t have a replacement.

          Gonzales however has the best trade value this year and that value will continue to go down. I could see a mid-season trade that included Gonzales. i like him. Hopefully he will not be needed to hit in 1 through 5 of the batting order. If younger and faster players can’t push him down in the batting order he will probably stay a Dodger for all of 2017. I try to not get attached to players that will soon be gone.

          One of the things Steve Garvey did when he first went to San Diego was to show all the young players how hard he worked to get ready for a season.

          I just don’t want to trade promising prospects for older players. I like Verdugo, Calhoun, and Toles but they are lefty hitters and the Dodgers have a young core of lefties already in Seager, Pederson, and Bellinger, a catcher that mostly hits lefty, and a third baseman that hits better against righties than lefties.

          I would rather trade Verdugo, Calhoun, and Toles if they are to be traded for other young equivalents that hit from the right side even if it has to be a two for one trade. Pitching? I am confident the Dodgers can find enough in house to win the WS in Kershaw, Urias, Strewart, Stripling, De Leon, Buehler, Alvarez, and De Jong so I would try to trade “high risk, high reward” older pitchers in any trade the Dodgers make.

          1. Bum

            Some people feel the same about Joc.

            And you wouldn’t like that either.

            And he is a leftie too.

            This team needs hitters, that make contact, and put the ball in play.

            Hitters like this, make contributions to the offense more often, then all or nothing hitters.

            And how many players come up and hit right away like Toles did?

            Corey is the only one I have seen, in the last four years, do this.

          2. Bum

            And eveyone agrees that they should get rid of McCarthy, and Kazmir, will they can.

            I think if they don’t sign Turner, we will be in for a very long season, that won’t be fun to watch.

            Turner’s bat, is important for this offense.

            Right now, Turner is the most important bat, in the line up.

            Corey is the best all around hitter, but he is still learning, and will get better.

            But Turner is more clutch then Corey is right now.

  9. I can’t challenge the truth of what any of the above political commenters were saying. Both sides are probably correct. And isn’t that a tragic commentary on the state of America? Please, let’s talk baseball…. Even a trade proposal from Bumsrap is better than this…

    1. “I can’t challenge the truth of what any of the above political commentators are saying” – Wondering

      Of course you can Wonder. Truth is simple. Discard the blather and witness the actions. This is not the place to discuss it obviously, but this nation needs people to challenge authority. It is the most valuable ingredient in a free society. Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.

        1. Yes. Required reading in Ethics. It’s been 40 years. The name’s Walzer and Locke leaps to memory as well. I’ll have to research why.

          Thanks for the link.

  10. This comment is in reply to many posts listed above:
    I am not a Republican nor a Democrat but an Independent. Both parties have vast improvements to be made and now that Trump will now become president we should give him our support like it or not.
    MJ said that Trump didn’t pay any taxes which may or may not be so but even if he didn’t why should he if he followed the laws to allow him do so. If you don’t like it, CHANGE the law but don’t admonish him for finding LEGAL Loopholes in the law.
    Also there were times when a legal higher authority than a General did know more and had a broader vision than the general in the field.
    MacArthur wanted to go into China. Patton wanted to rearm the Germans and invade Russia. Think about what that would have meant.
    Finally this is supposed to be about baseball and Vinnie NOT VENTING YOUR OWN PERSONAL OPINIONS. it is what it is so move on.

    1. Richie

      Just by trying to defend Trump’s statement, that he knows more then all of the generals in the armed forces, makes you lose any credibility!

      And I didn’t start this!!

      But obviously some think reality, is actuality!

      I bet you loved him on his show, but guess what, that was just a show!

      1. Knowing more than the generals is a big order, but it might be good that he has a different agenda. If he means he doesn’t want to waste any more money and American lives on things we can’t change, I consider that a plus.

        1. When Trump said he knows more than the Generals he stepped over a line that anyone who ever served in the military knows is a line you don’t ever want to cross. These military leaders are all far more educated than Donald Trump and have spent a lifetime defending this country. Donald Trump has spent a lifetime serving only himself. Personally I think he’s in way over his head, but I’m willing to give him some room for change. Pissing off our military leaders is not a way to start a relationship with that particular group of men and women. I would love to hear the conversations at those tables right now.

          1. I am ready to fully support actions that I believe in and march if I have to do voice actions I detest. What lies in the middle lies my questions.

        2. ….(“If he means he doesn’t want to waste any more money and American lives on things we can’t change, I consider that a plus”)…… I do as well Wondering but it seems like when the current president actually implements that concept it is considered weak and feckless.

          1. Bum

            That is what I am afraid of.

            That former NY mayor wants badly, to be the Sec of the state.

            I don’t want our young people having to fight in another war.

          2. There is no easy answer. We took a bat to a beehive in the Middle East. It would be nice if we could just back off and say “oops, our bad. We’ll just leave now and let the thousand year history between you warring tribes play out”.

            No can do man. We broke it. We bought it. Maybe Trump can build a golf resort and make them all happy.

          3. Badger, we didn’t break anything. Iran and Iraq were in war for 8 years before Iraq invaded Kuwait. Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds have been fighting forever. There is civil war going on and that was in the ether long before Cheney invaded Iraq.

          4. You nailed it when you said those factions have been at it for centuries. Iraq had nothing to do with our towers being taken down. Why did we invade? Most intelligence says there would be no “Islamic State” without the Iraq war.

            Probably not the forum to continue this. Many books by intelligence experts have been written on this subject. The Saudi’s have never been held accountable. Gee, I wonder why?

    2. And that law has been changed, but I bet Trump will line the pockets of the rich, any chance he gets!

      But wait, all of those rich people, are going to let that money trickle down to the others. NOT!

  11. “We should give him our support, like it or not”.


    Read the link Wondering just posted.

    We should keep an eye on him. The entire planet is on edge because of what we just did. If he f’s this up we all will be held accountable.

    After reading your opinion, I am ready to move on.

        1. Badger

          Hopefully everyone will not let something happen like this again.

          And they will get out and vote.

          Doesn’t everyone remember what W Bush did to our economy, and our young people?

          1. Well MJ, I think many people have indeed forgotten how that started and the crash that followed. I don’t know how we would motivate those 50% that sat this out. A lot is being written about it, voices are being raised and petitions are flying about. Too late for this one, but there is always another one around the corner. Midterm fires are already burning.

            Write your Congressman. If enough people do that, who knows. Remain silent and we get what we deserve.

  12. Well, I am out. I lived two years going through campaign bullshit, and now political bullshit has taken over this board. Some people here think that calling names is cute. Most people give that up at about the 7th grade.

    1. Leaving the discussion won’t add to it.

      Talk baseball and you will get a response.

      Here’s a question for you hp, will Corey stay at SS until Lux moves him (I figure 3-4 years before he’s ready, if he ever is) or do the Dodgers find another Peraza and get Corey to third base? It’s my opinion shortstop is too demanding physically. His offense is what will drive his value to organization.

        1. That’s exactly how I read it Wonder.

          If Turner stays, we can take our time developing Lux. Seager can go to third later. So much about ’17 depends on what our FA’s choose to do.

          1. I was wondering about Lux, because Mark had him in one of his trades.

            And I thought that was odd, since Lux was our number one pick.

          1. MJ, right movie, Young Frankenstein, but wrong character: Igor. Abby Normal is the name Igor called the brain he and Dr. Frankenstein stole.

          2. Oh yeah? Without looking it up, who was the actor who played the ‘monster’? Or the actress who was the female lead? Or the actress who played Frau Blucher and what musical instrument did she play? What popular actor had a well disguised cameo in the movie? (Just kidding)

          3. Peter Boyle (He’s dead too) and the blonde was Teri Garr. Sorry if some find this more boring than politics.

        2. The big talk now is Fraizer and Sale.

          I don’t think Fraizer is as good as Turner on defense, and Turner is a better hitter.

          Even though Turner didn’t come up with the Dodgers, it feels like we saw his develpment to the player, he is today.

          And he is also a home town guy.

          I truly think Turner will comeback and hit lefties better next year.

          He use to hit lefties fine.

          The media was talking about how the Dodgers can’t hit lefties, and Turner was upset about that.

          I know Turner works on his hitting every year in the off season, so I think he will address his problem, with lefties then.

          1. Wondering

            The monsters real name was Peter Boyal

            Cloris Leachman.

            Bernadette Peters.

            I can’t remember the blonds real name.

            Igor was Marty Feldman.

            And Gene Wilder, just died.

        3. Peter Boyle was the monster. Frau Blucher was played by Cloris Leachman, and she played the violin. Marty Feldman killed it as Igor. A little trivia, Gene Wilder would only do the movie on one condition………..that Mel Brooks would not appear in the movie. He usually, like Alfred Hitchcock would do a cameo in every movie he made in which he was not staring. Like the Indian chief in Blazing Saddles. The female lead was actually 2 women, Madeline Kahn and Teri Garr, who played Richard Drefuss wife in Close Encounters.

          1. Teri Garr was John Denver’s wife in “Oh, God”. And Burt Reynolds was the other actor in Young Frankenstein.

      1. Badger

        There is a great article in SI about Corey, and him playing shortstop.

        I read it in Bleacher Report, it was written by Verducci.

          1. “Good’ is a word that can never be properly used in a sentence with the word ‘politics’… Politics and corruption are synonyms.

    1. Bellinger For Sale?

      No. I think we should not sell him.

      I mean yes, we could use a real starter in this rotation.

      I’m conflicted.

  13. I have been all over the place with Puig but when I think about the type of player I want on the Dodgers (fast and good defenders and young) he fits my mold.

    I want to keep Puig. He is also my dark-horse long-shot candidate for third base should Turner not return. In that crazy scenario my outfield would be Toles, Pederson, Thompson. I don’t need Braun or Cespedes. I do need a second baseman.

    1. I saw an ESPN article that talked of Puig’s speed . Fly ball he reached 21.1 mph. Home to home in 15.2. Home to first 4.18. That is OMGf/X speed.

      He’s too fast to play third base.

    2. Bum

      Why do you want to put one of our fastest players on the team, at third?

      And why haven’t you made a trade for Betts?

      Mookie Betts was a second base man at one time.

      But I like him better, in the outfield.

      Betts had the most defensive runs saved, in all of baseball this year.

  14. Yeah, I also saw that “Kinsler for Bellinger” thing. LOL at that one! a 1 year rental for perhaps the AFL mvp. that’s ok they can keep Kinsler, and I’ll go with our numerous options at 2b

  15. The cameo in Young Frankenstein wasn’t Burt Reynolds – it was Gene Hackman. He played the blind man that the Monster visited.

  16. I was somewhat surprised the initial reaction the election was so subdued last week. It seems the catharsis is upon us. I didn’t vote for him. On visceral level I’m relieved he won. Maybe I see it as a broad pushback against the ideological cult of smug political correctness. We now lack the capacity to talk about issues rationally, and with facts. If you don’t acknowledge your white privilege, you’re a racist and we’re going to protest, assaulting cameramen in the process, until you resign….but one example. When a Hollywood celebrity can dream of a better world where white men go extinct, then there’s a problem. Trump isn’t the solution, but he is the response to it.

    but whatever…..there’s always Vin.

    1. I wouldn’t make too much of it. He got less votes than Romney. Two bad candidates so people stayed home. The funny thing is for someone who hates PC he is the thinnest skinned person ever.

      1. You’re right. He did get fewer votes than Romney. Turnout for Hillary tanked. Still, it’s telling that Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin turned in Trump’s favor. Bill won these states easily. If Hilary’s is pandering to the PC left, which demeans white working class voters, they’re going to respond in kind.

        For a progressive identity politics movement that makes everything about race, gender and sexual orientation and makes white males the de facto boogeyman, that’s not the way to appeal to white males who are just struggling to get by.

    1. They have made 2 trades, all be it minor ones. I think they will not do anything until the winter meetings…except maybe try hard to sign Turner. Picture below is in tribute to all those who died at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7th 1941… is my dads ship, USS Nevada BB-36 beached at Wapiao Point not long after the attack. The Nevada was the only battleship to get under way during the attack. She was refitted and saw action in the Atlantic on D-Day and took part in the invasion of Okinawa…..

        1. By that point in the war, my dad was on a destroyer. He was transferred in Jan of 1942 because the Nevada was going to be refitted and they needed all able bodied sailors for the war effort. His destroyer was the USS Dewey….seen below……

          1. Battle of Okinawa, was from 1st of April to the 22nd of June, 1945. 84 days of pure hell. Because of the length and stress of the campaign, Admiral Nimitz was forced to rotate commands in and out of the battle to give the commanders rest. It started under Adm. Raymond Spruance and the 5th fleet, but ended with William ( Bull ) Halsey and the 3rd Fleet. I lived in a big home for kids in Highland Park until I was 14, and our house father and his wife lost their son during that battle.

  17. Baseball’s version of Lets Make a Deal starts next month!!!! Me and Jay Johnstone……..Sept 9 1981…..Do0dger Stadium……

      1. Nah……they were playing the Giants that night. I got to shake Fernando’s hand on my way out to CF to sing the anthem. That night Cey had his arm broken by a pitch. Missed the last 3 1/2 weeks of the season…….then was co-MVP in the series…

  18. There’s a rumor going around the internet that this is a Dodger blog. 😉

    Trying to defends Trump or Hillary is indefensible! All I can do is wait and see. Maybe he is smarter than the Generals. I have no opinion. All I will say is that after Obama was elected all we heard was that he was going to take the guns, he wasn’t born in the USA, he’s a Muslim, he wants to overthrow the constitution. I’m not saying he was a good president, but much of what was said about him was wrong. Learn from that – I am giving Trump a chance but he scares the hell outta’ me.

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled bloggery:

    1. Write this down – Corey Seager is the best SS in baseball – there’s more chance he will move to C than 3B!

    2. Josh Reddick, we hardly knew ya’! I think you will be surprised at what he does in Houston. I don’t think he ever felt comfortable in LA. If we didn’t have so many LH outfielders, he might have been a nice platoon guy, but if chickens had lips they might be people.

    3. The Dodgers will trade Yasiel Puig IF they can get value for him. If not, they have nothing to lose (and maybe everything to gain) by keeping him. They won’t just dump him for a bag of balls.

    4. Ryu, McCarthy, Kazmir – At least two of those will have good a good year. This time next year, we might be talking how a couple of them saved the season.

    5. Whoever came up with the idea of signing Sean Rodriguez is smart. A two-year deal would be ideal.

    6. Brian Dozier to the Dodgers for Calhoun, Stewart and Verdugo. Wanna’ play? You gotta’ pay! I would do that deal and try and extend Dozier for 3 more years.

    7. If we get Rodriguez and Dozier, then re-sign Turner and Jansen and get Melancon, we are done.

    8. What basis is there to believe Turner will hit lefties better next year? Wishful Thinking! That’s all.

    9. Maybe the team doesn’t need radical restructuring.

    10. Maybe this is the platoon:

    1. Toles LF
    2. Dozier 2B
    3. Seager SS
    4. Turner 3B
    5. Gonzo/Rodriguez 1B
    6. Grandal C
    7. Pederson CF
    8. Ethier/Thompson RF

    BTW, the rosters will be expanded to at least 26 players next year with limited callups in September.

    1. Mark

      Turner hit lefties well the first year he was here.

      It is something about the way Turner stands in the batter’s box.

      He always works on his hitting in the off season.

      I am sure someone can figure it out.

      The batters box theory, I heard from a former major league hitter.

      And Turner is more opt to hit lefties, then Kazmir or Mc Carthy puts a full year in, let alone a good year!

      1. … or maybe they have figured out how they can consistently get him out with LH pitchers. Again, it’s just wishful thinking. I hope so too, but there are no supporting facts.

    2. I was reading about the roster change. I disagree that two of those guys have good season’s. I lean more towards two of them winding up on the DL again. But we will see…..

          1. No she did not. When the final votes were tallied she lost the popular vote, and she was not even close in the electoral votes. As they say darlin, scoreboard. He won where it counted. Game over….bring in Gagne!

    3. that roster isn’t done. the reason is that we still have an inadequate rotation. if we get a good season out of one of the walking wounded i would be surprised. Kazmir maybe – Ryu is probably done for his career and McCarthy is made of tissue paper.

      your roster has a rotation of Kershaw, Maeda, kazmir and 2 kids. OK – maybe with the 2 kids, but there is still no legit #2 starter here. Facing the likes of Arrieta, Strasburg or Cueto as our competitor’s #2s, I don’t want to see Maeda or Kazmir.

    4. Mark:
      There is NO basis to believe Turner will hit better vs LHP than RHP next year. Fir the past 6 year since he’s been a semi regular to regular player, he has NEVER hit LHP better than RHP going back to 2011.
      Lifetime BA vs RHP-.299, vs LHP-.247.
      He’s a same-side hitter. Pure and simple. It’s the reason why I didn’t want him hitting in the #3 hole when facing LHP.

      1. Richie

        I was one of the ones that thought Roberts should give Turner his day off against lefties.

        He hit decent against lefties in his first year here.

        And the time you are taking about in Turner’s career, he wasnt the same hitter he is today.

        So those old stats are just history.

        And he didn’t get the at bats, he does now.

        And he didn’t get the consistent at bats, he gets now either.

        And most major leaguers, can’t hit well, in that circumstance.

        And it isn’t even close, because he was a mere utility player.

        Turner started working in the off season with his guy, about four years ago.

        And I think Turner will work on it, in the off season.

        And like Mark said, I hope he can get better.

        A couple of good former major league hitters, think it is simply the way he stands in the batter’s box.

        The way he is turned around in his open stance, it doesn’t give him a good look at lefties.

        If you watch Turner he is behind on lefties fastballs, at times.

      1. McCarthy is due- odds are against you.

        Kazmir has been very solid at times – not every year but then he just comes back and convinces you.

        Ryu was part of that prediction too.

        1. Key phrase, at times. He also is not happy here and wants out. Unhappiness does not make for good Karma. As for Ryu, he is the wild card in all this. If he is healed, he can be key because that would give them a solid 3.

  19. And the Astros will regret giving Reddick a mere platoon player, four years, for 52 million dollars, just like we all regretted when he was traded here!

    1. While I did not want Reddick back, sometimes you have to look a little deeper. On MLB TV, they said that Reddick was the best defensive RF’er in baseball behind Heyward (their words, not mine). He looked really bad for a long time, but he also had his moments. Maybe he is not a LA guy, but I still say you may be surprised.

  20. I read that Reddick’s D has taken a step backward and that his arm isn’t what it once was. He didn’t look that impressive to me. I would rather have Puig playing D in RF.

    1. I agree, Puig is a much better defender and his arm is one of the best in the game. If he has finally gotten it and that 10 cent brain kicks in, he can be a difference maker.

    2. Rick

      Reddick made more errors while he was on this team, then any other outfielder on this team, made all year.

      And we are talking about routine plays.

      And he didn’t have many extra base hits either.

  21. MJ,

    Justin Turner has always had reverse splits since he came to LA.

    He hit .245 against lefties in 2015 and .209 in 2016.

    There is no basis for hope except Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny!

    For his career he has a .245 BA against LH and n.299 against RH pitching.

    TOTAL WISHFUL THINKING! Kazmir has had several successful seasons, but Turner has never really hit LH pitching with any consistency.

    Feel free to measure him differently than you do KAZ and MAC! It’s a double standard!

    1. Mark

      Using Turner’s history is weak, because Turner isn’t the same hitter, or player he was, before he played for the Dodgers.

      He was only an utility player, so he wasn’t getting as many at bats, or as many consistent at bats, as he does now.

      Turner is a completely different hitter today.

      He started working with a guy in the off season, to be the hitter he is today, four years ago, so this is recent history.

      And guess what, he has only gotten better each year, unlike Kazmir, who is on the end of his career probably.

      Kazmir was released from the Angels, for ineffectiveness in 2011.

      He was pitching in an Independent league after that year.

      Kazmir had a good half season in 2015, but once he was traded to the Astros, he was not the same.

      So he hasn’t been consistently good, since the first half of the season, in 2015.

      And he only threw about two really good games for us, in this last year.

      And he wasn’t pitching in Sept, at all.

      It is about what have you done for me lately.

      Turner has had four really good years, and he is only getting better.

      Kazmir, may be on his way out, like he was, in 2011.

      Your the one that has double standards, because if this front office brought a player here, you are always trying to revive one of the players they brought here, to a better level, if they haven’t done well,
      to try to make the front offices moves, look better.

      I don’t care about that, I try to see a player for what they do.

      The fact I like Toles, shows that I don’t care who brought a player in.

      I just evaluate a player or pitcher, on there own merits.

  22. I think Turner hit lefties well in 2014. He really dives in toward the plate after the ball so much that lefties just bust him inside and get a lot of week contact from JT the last two years.

    1. Hawkeye

      Your right about 2014.

      And any history they mention before then, is irrelevant.

      Because Turner wasn’t the same player, or hitter, he was a mere utility player back then.

      And like I have mentioned, it might be just a minor adjustment, that Turner needs to make, to see lefties better.

    1. Ryu is a wild card here. I think he gives it one more old college try. But his kind of injury is hard to predict what will happen. But I agree they need at least 1 arm added to the rotation that is reliable and not wounded, preferably someone with a track record.

      1. Michael

        I agree with you about Ryu.

        He was a really good pitcher, until he got hurt.

        Although it doesn’t look good for Ryu, like some here have said, there is always a chance.

        Orel came back from that type of injury, so you never know.

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