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Friedman Goes Dumpster Diving, Finds Trash, Signs Will Venable

Will Venable

The twin dimwits in the front office have gone dumpster diving once again, and this time they’ve found some prime trash. For whatever reason the duo has decided to sign left handed hitting outfielder Will Venable to a major league contract. The 33-year old will go right onto the major league roster as the Dodgers announced they’ve optioned catcher/second baseman Austin Barnes to Oklahoma City to clear room for the veteran.

Once upon a time Venable was a decent player that could hit for some power, play a good outfield defense and run the bases well. Now he’s just way past his prime and hasn’t appeared in a major league game since 2015.

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At one time Venable slugged 22 home runs and stole 20 or more bases in four consecutive seasons. Venable is a .251 career hitter with a .317 OBP and 81 home runs across 8 major league seasons. Venable spent most of his career in San Diego and has 135 career stolen bases. He was originally drafted by the Padres in the seventh round of the 2005 draft and made his MLB debut in 2008.

The Padres dumped Venable during the 2015 season trading him to the Texas Rangers for minor leaguer Marcus Greene. Venable batted .182 in 82 plate appearances with Texas before he was granted free agency at the end of the season. Venable has split time between the Cleveland Indians organization and the Phillie’s triple-A  club this year. He batted .205 in 149 plate appearances in the independent league so I expect him to fit right in with the rest of the Mendoza line hitters on the Dodger’s roster.

This is Friedman’s solution to the offensive problems? Bringing in another guy who can’t hit above .200? It wouldn’t surprise me to see Dave Roberts batting Venable lead-off as soon as he arrives.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

22 thoughts on “Friedman Goes Dumpster Diving, Finds Trash, Signs Will Venable

      1. I understand that Snider. I would have just stuck with Crawford. Venable does nothing to improve this roster and at this time of year there is nobody available that would. This is one of those roster shuffles that doesn’t deserve a second look. Forget it and move on.

  1. Good win. Maeda X-rays came back negative. Thank god. Let’s see how long he’s out

    Tomorrow kersh. We can win the series. I’ll take that

    1. The point is, he’s no better than Crawford. If they’re not going to sign a better player, then why no just let Crawford continue holding that Roster spot? Venable is a better fielder but that’s all.

      1. Being a better fielder is not necessarily an afterthought.

        If you’re going to be critical, find something significant to be critical over. This doesn’t rise to the occasion.

          1. And my ability to see an obvious non issue and opine on it is subject to my discretion.

            The FAZophobes – pining for the Carl Crawford glory days and ruing the decision to cut a future Hall of Famer.

            Back to the original question: Who do you want to sign? ….?

  2. Since we have no choice but to pay Crawford his salary, the only reason to remove him from the roster should be to replace him with someone better. Signing Venable is another bad decision by FAZ.

    1. Ok…..who should the Dodgers have signed?

      And is it your position that the Dodgers should have kept Crawford simply because “we have no choice but to pay Crawford his salary?”

      1. It won’t happen but they should trade for Braun or Cargo or even Lucroy to fill Crawford’s vacated spot. Satisfied? (Rhetorical question)

        1. Again, you are dreaming. This is a team DUMPING salary NOT ADDING it. There is no way they trade for Braun. If they could get Lucroy without having to take Braun too , they might do it. But Braun is a LF now, not in RF, the Dodger OF has better fielders at all 3 OF positions.

          1. Braun’s 105 million contract runs through 2020. It’s more than the Dodgers dumping salary. The team just doesn’t want to add a dumb contract for someone four years removed from his most productive years, 32 years old and coming off of back surgery.

            In terms of actual value to the team….using Wins Above Replacement, for example, do you really think Braun is going to be the difference over Trayce Thompson or Andre Ethier? Compare the homers and average of Thompson and Braun. Are they really so different that it is truly a difference maker? Braun is not a good defensive outfielder. Thompson is and can play all three positions.

      2. Why not call up some of the “depth” they have already at OKC? Zach Walters is hitting 80 points higher than Venable was at AAA and is a switch hitter.

        1. 26 years old, no MLB experience, has played 5 positions at OKC including SS.. but has 9 errors………maybe they want someone who has been there before, and Venable has..

  3. Venable is a good ballplayer. He has speed, can play all 3 OF positions, and has some pop. He might not be Ryan Braun, but he did not cost us anything either. No prospects or Puig and Pederson going the other way as some MORON suggested. Instead of immediately dissing the pickup, you should wait a couple of weeks and see what happens. Ethier is out until at least August, and they do need a LH bat off the bench……..

          1. I know how to spell voila, I said walla…….or if you prefer…..wah lah.

    1. You get it. It’s a cheap, low risk move. It could be this year’s Ruggiano. There’s really not a lot to complain about.

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