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Urias Returns as Dodgers Eye First Place

Julio Urias vs. Mets

Tonight marks the return of phenom Julio Urias as the Dodgers attempt to move into a first place tie with the Giants in the NL West. The Dodgers are coming off of an exciting 8-5 win over the Red Sox on Sunday afternoon. The Dodger bats torched David Price as Rob Segedin, Justin Turner, and Adrian Gonzalez led the way to a big series win. Against a lefty too!

Now Big Papi, Hanley and the rest of the Red Sox move on and the Phillies come into town for a three game series. Oddly enough this is the first time the Dodgers face the Phillies this season. I know weird scheduling right? Segedin is back in the lineup tonight batting eighth and playing left field. The Phillies are pretty bad as they sit in fourth place in the NL East. Urias will be facing a lineup full of rookies.

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This is Urias’ first start since July 21 when he got lit up by Washington. Urias pitched three innings of relief last week at Denver and has only won one decision as a Dodger. Overall he is 1-2 with a 4.98 ERA in 9 starts.

He’s struck out 51 and walked 18 across 43.1 innings pitched. While he has great swing and miss stuff (10.7 K/9), he’s allowed 10.4 hits per nine and more hits (50) than innings pitched (43.1). It’s been a rocky debut for the talented youngster. This will be the last time everyone will get to use hashtags about being struck out by a teenager. Urias turns 20-years old on Friday.

Dodgers lineup vs. Philadelphia

Utley 2B

Seager SS

Turner 3B

Reddick RF

Gonzalez 1B

Grandal C

Pederson CF

Segedin LF

Urias P

Zach Eflin-3-4 vs. Julio Urias-1-2

Game Time – 7:10 PM – TV – SNLA

The Phillies will counter with 22-year old right hander Zach Eflin. The Orlando native was once a Dodger for about 20 minutes. The Dodgers acquired him from the Padres in the Matt Kemp/Yasmani Grandal trade. The Dodgers flipped him to the Phillies for veteran shortstop Jimmy Rollins. So did the Dodgers miss out on anything? To put it simply….nope.

Eflin is 3-4 with a 4.77 ERA in 10 starts. This includes only 31 strikeouts in 60.1 innings pitched. That means Eflin is whiffing only 4.7 per nine and allowing 9.0 hits per nine frames. Eflin is a control pitcher (15 walks) and has allowed 9 home runs and 35 earned runs in his 60 frames this season. He’s never faced the Dodgers and is 2-2 with a 5.19 ERA on the road this season.

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The Dodgers have placed right hander Joe Blanton on the bereavement list and have recalled right hander Josh Ravin from Oklahoma City. If you remember Ravin broke his arm in a car crash during spring training and then tested positive for PEDs. He’s had quite a spring to say the least. We wish  Blanton all the best and our thoughts go out to him and his family during a tough time.

While the Dodgers are battling Chase Utley’s former club, the Giants have their hands full with Jose Fernandez and the Marlins in South Beach. It’s 5-1 Miami in the sixth inning!!!!

(Update) The Marlins blew it and the Giants tied it up 5-5 in the 7th. Ughhhh!

(Update) Yes!!! The Marlins have retaken the lead 8-7 over the Giants in the eighth inning!

It’s all happening guys!!!!!

First place!!!

Go Blue!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

31 thoughts on “Urias Returns as Dodgers Eye First Place

    1. Bum
      Yes you never run to third, when the ball is hit in front of you, or next to you on second.

      But that is the first time I have ever saw Agone do something like that, since he has been with the Dodgers.

      And Nomar said he shouldn’t have went.

      Joc had two base running errors, in the same series.

      And I wasn’t the only one that said that about Joc.

      I only did that, because some said that if Puig did the same thing, he would have been crucified for making those two errors.

      1. I didn’t see the first Joc mistake but the 2nd wasn’t a bad decision so although he was out, it didn’t warrant criticism.

        Agon has made plenty of base running errors, all players have been guilty of this.

        I’m just tired of those kind of comments–ones that don’t add thought.

        1. Bum
          Both Nomar and Orel said exactly what everyone here said.

          The thing about Joc going to second, is that he doesn’t need to do that, in Colorado, because there outfield is so big.

          But I am sorry I hurt your feelings, because that is not what I am trying to do.

          1. You are not hurting my feelings. Am I hurting yours?

            I don’t care what Nomar said. I think for myself. On that play, if the throw goes to third, the hitter should go to second. A good throw from the CF to third would have allowed Arenado to tag out that runner and no play would have been made at second.

            Its really simple. Don’t hit the cut off man and runners try to take the extra base.

            My point is that Joc did the right thing but the bad throw to third allowed Arenado to move up and short hop the throw and get Pederson at second. Vin really critizied Agon for going to third and there is no explanation for Agon to make that mistake.

            I am not just taking up for Joc because I like him. I am complaining about the complaining that has been so prevalent in here. Glad to have Mark back to add more glass half full commentary.

    2. Bum
      Forget about it.

      I want Joc to do well.

      And me and everyone else, expect more from Joc, because he was a good base runner, and stealer in AAA.

      1. Joc looks like he has gained some weight but I haven’t read anything that says he has or that he now runs slower, yet you have said a number of times that he is slower.

        He was recently clocked at 20 mph running down a line drive.

        1. Bum
          I said he is not as quick.

          If he has gained weight, it is muscle.

          I am not saying he is heavy.

          Fast and quick are not the same thing.

          Joc still does a great job going back on balls, but he is not as quick.

          Quick is usually your first couple steps.

          I was saying that, to defend Joc, not to criticize him.

          1. But MJ, how can you see if Joc is not as quick by watching him on TV. You are starting gossip by saying Joc is not as quick when you don’t have evidence that he is not as quick.

            Joc has never been a speedster like Gordon or Puig. He gets good jumps and takes diredt routes and uses plus speed to cover lots of ground in CF.. He stole most of his bases in the minors by taking a walking lead and Pitchers in the Majors have not let him do that.

    1. Bobby
      That guy Dog on High Heat, hated that trade for Smith.

      I think Smith gave up some runs, last week too.

    1. you know Rick, I feel the same way about Urias that I did about Kersh in like 2008. One pitch will be amazingly tantalizing. Then a few wasted pitches that are balls and the pitch count gets high.

      It’s frustrating now, but by next year he’ll have so much better command/confidence. All part of a very young starter

      1. Bobby
        He is a lot better.

        He doesn’t have to swing that hard, he is a strong guy.

        I think when Joc got hurt, that might have been the best thing to happen to him.

        Because he reexamend his swing, and his hitting.

        He is hitting so much better.

        Joc barely swings, and the ball hits off the wall.

        He is a strong young man.

  1. Thanks for the soapbox today, Scott.

    It’s all out of my system until the next time…

    BTW, you are my puppet – I control you. You are getting very sleepy!


    Glad to know Bob thinks I’m a cockroach – those dudes are hard to kill. So am I!

    1. Kershaw wasn’t Kershaw until his third year… and he was a year older when he started.

      Urias won’t be as good as Clayton (my opinion), but he will be very good. Perfect #2.

  2. Urias is no Kershaw, but neither is anyone else. I expect Urias to be very good, but not quite yet. Can’t throw 20 pitches per inning and expect to be successful. Kid still needs refinement, and I’m not convinced it’s coming this year. Might be time time to see what De Leon can do.

    1. Yes when Urias misses, he throws to far off the plate, and hitters won’t go for those type of pitches.

      He needs to miss a little closer to the plate, and the strike zone.

  3. There is a really good article in Fox sports about the Dodgers, written by Ken Rosenthal.

    It’s title is, It is Time to Stop Doubting the Dodgers.

  4. Bobby
    I hope Mattingly only put Cashner in the game last night, because that is the only pitcher, he had left.

    Because the Giants are way to familar with him, and I knew after he put him in, the Giants would score.

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