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Dave Roberts Wins NL Manager of The Year

The baseball writers association of America has announced that Dodger’s manager Dave Roberts has won the National League manager of the year award. Roberts received 16 first place votes and 108 total votes. The first year skipper edged out second place finisher Joe Maddon who got 8 first place votes and 80 votes overall.

Rounding out the top five was Washington manager and former Dodger player Dusty Baker. The veteran manager got 4 first place votes and 66 votes total. Terry Collins of the Mets finished fourth and you’ll never believe who finished fifth in the voting. That’s right former Dodger manager Don Mattingly received 2 votes to sneak into the top five.

Roberts becomes the first Dodger manager to win the award since Tommy Lasorda in 1988. Roberts led the Dodgers to their fourth consecutive NL West division title as the club reached the NLCS in 2016. The Dodgers finished with a 91-71 record and Roberts was the first rookie manager since Lasorda to guide the club to a division title.

Roberts made more pitching changes than any other manager in the major leagues this past season. This seems deserving as the Dodgers had to overcome a mind boggling amount of injuries in 2016, yet Roberts got the Dodgers to the NLCS.

Congratulations Dave!

NL Manager of the Year voting results

Manager, Team 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Dave Roberts, Dodgers 16 7 7 108
Joe Maddon, Cubs 8 8 6 70
Dusty Baker, Nationals 4 12 10 66
Terry Collins, Mets 2 3 5 24
Don Mattingly, Marlins 2 2

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Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

27 thoughts on “Dave Roberts Wins NL Manager of The Year

  1. I assumed Roberts would win. No drama in the dugout this year. The team stuck together when things got tough. DV says the Angels are pushing hard for JT.

    1. Hawkeye

      That is odd about the Angels.

      They need some leftie hitters, to go with there two big right hand bats.

      I really don’t think they will sign Turner, because I think we will.

      The Angels might be one of the teams, that has there pick protected, but I just think this is just talk.

  2. He deserves it. So did two other guys, but I have no problem with this choice.

    Why do you keep suggesting people are hiding Mark? We don’t accuse you of that?

  3. Roberts deserved this award more then the other managers.

    Roberts in his first year, had to deal with a starting pitching rotation, that didn’t even make it past spring training.

    He also had to deal with starters, that didn’t pitch much past five innings.

    And because the starters didn’t pull there weight, Roberts had to make sure he didn’t over tax any one reliever in the bullpen, throughout the year.

    He also had to find out which reliever could do the best job, in high stress situations, because Hatcher couldn’t do his job, and Baez wasn’t good, with inherited runners on base.

    And that is why Blanton ended up being are set up guy.

    Roberts also kept the team together after Kershaw went out.

    And even when the Giants were eight games up, Roberts insisted that the Dodgers were going to win the National League West, when anyone in the media asked him about being the wild card.

    And Roberts did all of this and more, with having to constantly baby sit Puig.

    Although Roberts made some questional moves in the post season, he also made some very good moves too.

    Roberts with his coaches, changed the mentality of this team, and got the players to buy into what he was preaching.

    With the way that Roberts communicates, and with his all around people skills, Roberts was the right guy for this job, and really, he was made to manage.

    The fact that Roberts did play Major League Baseball, and Maddon didn’t, might make Roberts a better manager then Maddon, in time.

    Because Roberts can relate better with his players, because he has been there, unlike Maddon.

  4. Congratulations to Doc! He did a great job with all the instability in the rotation, and for a pitch or two, might have made it to the big dance.

  5. Great season for Roberts. Way better than I expected. Good job. On 2B: short of a trade, it doesn’t look like the suits are caring much about production at 2B. They will probably go with a defender who hits a little bit. Culberson, et al will give a .240 BA. That is all these guys are looking for, I think. Who can catch the ball best? Who played middle infield in OKC/Tulsa? Anyone who can play short can play 2B, so look at high minor shortstops, too. I find it careless to get rid of Kendrick when the position is so wide open. Makes no sense, and the money part is not credible.

    1. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over 2nd. 2017 Dodgers will be gamers all around. Look for more platooning until players can prove they can hit both righties and lefties. Kendrick trade cut payroll and provided a potential right handed hitting masher, a VanSlyke clone, and another potential 2nd base option. FAZ will acquire lots of possibilities. Here is another 2nd base platoon possibility:

      Good LHP splits and can play ANY position. Versatility!

        1. Spring training, batting practice and spot starts. You don’t think Dodgers know who is progressing? They don’t have to platoon everybody, everytime. A guy like Rodriguez, who can play anywhere, could platoon with anyone on a given day.

    2. I think Kinsler would be the perfect fit at second.

      He is only a one year rental, so he won’t cost to much.

      And he actually kills two birds with one stone for us, because he will fill the second base job, and he hits really well against lefties.

      He provides power, and still hits for a good average, and he is a scrappy player.

      My only reservations I have, is will he be able to hit National
      League pitching, and will he have that same power, hitting at Dodger stadium.

      I think we have to sign Turner, because we have no one that can fill in for Turner at third base, and we don’t have anyone, that will hit that well either.

      And why give up a bunch of prospects, when the Dodgers have the money, and Turner deserves the money?

      The front office had no trouble giving McCarthy, and Kazmir a multi year contract, and they are no younger then Turner.

      At least Turner has played well, since he has been a Dodger, and his production has went up every year, since he joined the team.

      The front office isn’t going to get the payroll down below the luxury tax really, until after 2018.

      And if we sign Turner to a four year contract, he will only have two years left on his contract, after 2018.

      1. Think again. MLB.COM says Detroit is targeting Bellinger. That is who they want. And we all know that is not happening. Kinsler also has an option for 2018. I do not think the FO wants to include Bellinger in any trade. Also, outside of maybe Shawn Green and Gary Sheffield, not many power hitters who have come to the Dodgers have seen their numbers increase. In Dusty Bakers first year he hit exactly 4 HR’s and barely over .200. And he was from the NL. One of the reasons the Dodgers have never had a 50 HR guy in their history. Dodger Stadium…..

        1. These talks are going nowhere…. Kinsler says he won’t waive his no-trade clause unless the new team extends him, and the Dodgers are not likely to do that.

          1. I believe it a partial no-trade clause so it may not affect LA. Also, if the Tigers are blowing things up then he may not want to be there given a chance to play for the Dodgers. He may just ask for his option year to be guaranteed if the no-trade comes into play.

        2. Michael

          Any team is going to ask for the other teams number one prospect.

          That is a given!

          There is no way that this front office, will trade Bellinger, for a two year rental.

      2. Detroit is a pitchers park so I wouldn’t worry about the Dodger Stadium thing. I wouldn’t expect him to replicate 28 HR’s. They would need him to bring a nice OBP to the top of the order with some RH pop. He actually has a reasonable option for a second year. Bellinger would end the conversation though and I have a hard time believing that Detroit thinks the Dodgers would give them Bellinger for Kinsler.

        1. Hawkeye

          Like I said to Michael above, any team is going to try to ask for another team’s top prospect!

          That is a given.

  6. When a player with career OPS of .693 suddenly puts up .859 the year before free agency one wonders if the mine has been salted.

    1. Dodger rick

      I read that article.

      I can’t imagine Reddick is more valuble then Kenley, if you use WAR, as your measurement.

      I know Reddick is a platoon player, but I don’t value him over Kenley.

      In that article, it also talked about the Rays complicated relationship with Friedman.

  7. Now that Kinsler wants an extension, forget about him.

    The Dodgers are on his no trade list, so we can look else where.

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