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2,000 + 8 – 2 = Dodgers Beat Pirates Second Night in a Row

Thunderous skies threatened to rain out tonight’s Dodgers – Pirates match, and the Bucs probably wish they had, as the Big Blue Steamroller just kept bangin’ along on all cylinders on its way to win number 89 for the season.

Five Dodgers: Chris Taylor, Corey Seager, Justin Turner, Yasmani Grandal, and starting pitcher Brock Stewart – yes, that Brock Stewart – all picked up RBIs that added up to a crazy eight runs, more than enough to bury the Pirates and seal tonight’s victory.

Unfortunately, Stewart’s first career RBI (with the bases loaded in the 2nd) was his only highlight.

Everything else was pain. Before the game Scott predicted Stewart would go 4 innings and give up 5 runs. He was half right. It turned out Scott gave Stewart too much credit, as Brock only lasted two innings. Good ol’ Scott was spot on in his pessimism, though. When the fire was finally put out, Stewart was credited for five earned runs. Even though we say it every time he pitches, let’s hope this time was really the last start that Brock gets.

Luckily, the Dodgers came out swinging, and scoring right from the first inning tonight, and they kept the pressure on in a wild and wooly game of almost constant scoring. The boys manufactured runs in the first and second innings to give them a 4-0 lead going into the third.


Then the wheels came off for Stewart, who couldn’t get anyone out to begin the third. He gave up a two-run homer to Starling Marte, which tightened the game 4-2. He then gave up two walks and a single, and the skipper had seen enough. Stewart was yanked for newly called up Josh Ravin, who promptly gave up a two-run double to tie the game at four apiece. By innings end, Ravin gave up one more run and the boys in blue were behind 5-4.

No worries, however. The Dodgers small-balled the tying run in the fourth.  Then the retook the lead in the sixth, but that came after  Adrian Gonzalez led off the inning by picking up his 2,000th career hit with a sharply cracked double deep into the right field corner of PNC Park.

Gonzalez shoved Cody Bellinger off first base when he returned to the team, but he has steadily produced at the plate, and I’m going to be looking for that to continue into the postseason. After six, Dodgers up 6-5.

Speaking of heating up, Yasmani Grandal hit another home run tonight. This one, a two-run shot in the seventh to put the Dodgers up 8-6, and they never looked back.

After that five-run third inning, the Dodgers’ bullpen completely shut down the Bucs. Watson, Cingrani, Fields and Jansen combined to keep the Pirates scoreless over the final six innings. Cingrani was impressive with two scoreless innings, while everyone else threw only one. Watson held Pittsburgh scoreless for his inning, but he’s got a long way to go before I’m convinced he’s any good.

All in all, the bats made noise all night long, and they overcame lousy early-game pitching. It didn’t rain after all, but at the end of the game, the Pirates were all wet.

Here’s one more number for you: Corey Seager is on a hitting streak. Currently at 11 games.

Game three of four tomorrow at 4 p.m. PST. Don’t miss it!



Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

44 thoughts on “2,000 + 8 – 2 = Dodgers Beat Pirates Second Night in a Row

  1. Well Roberts and Honeycutt were masterful in using our bullpen today. Watson and Cingrani did well against a tough lineup. But this means we will see Baez tomorrow and Jansen should not pitch under any circumstances tomorrow.

    And Seager with another two out RBI today. He is really something. Totally under the radar. He, Turner and AGon are excellent in those situations. We need to give Turner and Seager some rest when the roster expands.

    And just to be clear, Scott is not a pessimist – he’s just trying to maintain the balance of the universe with his mojo. Especially now that the Dodgers have made the cover of Sports Illustrated despite a team of no name do-gooders. Yikes. We will need all the karma we can get and everyone please staying away from gloating. Especially to relatives who are Cubs, Red Sox or DBack fans. This site’s community of realists is needed more than ever. This has been a public service message.

    1. YF

      I agree with everything you said.

      And I too, have to give credit to the guys in our bullpen for shutting the Pirates down, after Brock couldn’t go many innings.

      Our two new guys had their best innings to date, and this was against a team, that is very familiar with these two pitchers, and Kenley just keeps getting the job done.

      I forgot to give Stripling credit the night before, so I will mention how well he pitched, the night before too.

      It was really good to see our top hitters on this team, make productive outs, to get Taylor home, after his lead off double.

      Corey hit the ball to the right side to get Taylor to third, and Turner hit a slow roller to the shortstop to get Chris in.

      And as we add more young prospects to our line up, this type of an example from our top young players, will be a great example to any new young prospects that come up, as well as the rest of the players on the team right now, and in the future.

      And it was good to see Agone finally get his 2000 hit too!

      Agone looks much better then earlier this season, because he has probably not felt this good, for a very long time.

      Because he has always been on the field, even though he has not been 100 percentage, for a good while.

      His exit velocities are much better then they were earlier in the season too, so maybe he will demonstrate more then just warning track power.

      And it is still amazing after he has missed so much time, to see him contributing with his bat, right after he joined the team.

      And although Puig did strike out twice, he still came back strong in his last at bat, and shot a ball to the right side for a hit.

      And even when we were a pretty good team, we still had trouble beating the Pirates at home, so these first two victories, show that this team is much further along, then anyone thought, prior to this season, and compared to any other team, we have had, in a very long time.

      And although no one wanted to see Bellinger out of the line up, this DL stint just might make Cody have a better post season, then he would have had, because he is getting some rest right now, and this might make him even stronger, the rest of the season.

      And I agree with YF, about not tempting fate!

  2. Well seems the BP got the job done. I am glad as always that they won. Very astute and smart move putting Bellinger on the DL instead of tempting fate and letting him hit on a lame ankle. Maybe, just maybe they get some innings out of their 16 million dollar man today and the BP gets a breather. Roberts has already said that Jansen is not available today. I do not like the short bench though. It limits Roberts ability to make moves. He was lucky yesterday that the BP did it’s job so he did not have to pinch hit but once. Nice job by Josh Ravin, who has nasty stuff, after just arriving from OKC. Paredes, Morrow, Avilan and Baez did not have to pitch yesterday, so they will be the first arms out of the BP. I doubt they use Paredes in a high leverage situation, but if they are coasting he might get the call. Stewart will probably be optioned back and a hitter brought up. At least that’s what they should do….only one I can think of down there that is on the roster is Segedin. They are 6-0 against the Buc’s this year…..

    1. Paredes may be better then some think, because Cody has already said, he has a hard time trying to get a hit off Paredes, when he was on another team, last year.

      1. He probably does have nasty stuff, but the only time they put him in a game this year the opposition hit 3 rockets off him. He was lucky because all three were at em balls. But he may be better than advertised. He is not really a kid. I think we will see Buehler up here real soon because right now he is being groomed in the BP at OKC. I also do not think there is anyway they carry 4 lefty’s in the pen in the playoffs.

        1. Michael

          I was just thinking we should take a better look, when he is up.

          Because before last night, or other two new pitchers, hadn’t pitched well.

          And I don’t think we gave this guy, much of a chance, because you never really know, by only one appearance.

          I haven’t seen any news on how Buehler has pitched lately.

          I see him as possibly kind of like Wacha was, for the Cards, except, in the pen.

          1. Cingrani has actually pitched well the last 2 outings. Watson is a proven commodity who is having a tough year. They obviously saw something they thought Honey could fix. Paredes is a career minor leaguer who is 30 years old and never pitched in the majors until his one inning earlier this year. His K rate in the minors was less than 2-1. That’s pretty mediocre. Granted, he has pitched well at OKC in 11 games. ERA is 0.75 and his WHIP is 0.36, and he has stuck out 21 and walked 6. As far as Buehler goes, I think they still see him as a starter, but due to the arm injury he had, and the recovery time, it is prudent to put him in the bullpen for his debut in the bigs. Since he has been in the organization the entire year he can be added at anytime and still be in the playoffs if needed.

  3. I still have no confidence in Fields to be the guy we really need to close down an inning. It is fine and dandy to have a bullpen guy come in with no one on base, it is a whole different kind of pitcher to come in with men on base and get the job done. I think we have the former and next to none (except Jansen) of the latter. We are going to need both kinds in the playoffs. I hope Ferris can be the latter kind. Maeda could be that kind of bullpen guy however.

    1. Question, who is Ferris? I think Fields has been a lot better the last couple of outings like he was at the beginning of the season. The first time he was sent down he had a 0.00 ERA. He also pitched very well last year, but I have no clue who Ferris is.

      1. Michael

        Your a movie watcher, so you should know this, remember Ferris Buehlers, day off!

        I know about the movie, but I never watched it.

        1. It was an inane comedy. But that’s my opinion of it. Not even close to funny in my book. Buehler is 1-1 at OKC with an ERA north of 5. But that is skewed a little since he had one really bad start. He has pitched 17.2 innings with 9 walks and 26 strikeouts. Overall he is 3-3 with a 3.36 ERA and 117 K’s in 89 innings. I get it though, Ferris BUEHLER>….’

    2. True

      The problem with Fields, is only if he doesn’t get his fastball just out of the strike zone correctly, because he has given up a lot of HRs, but he has been better lately.

      1. I repeat since you seem to have missed what I was saying , MJ

        I still have no confidence in Fields to be the guy we really need to close down an inning. It is fine and dandy to have a bullpen guy come in with no one on base, it is a whole different kind of pitcher to come in with men on base and get the job done. I think we have the former and next to none (except Jansen) of the latter. We are going to need both kinds in the playoffs. I hope Ferris can be the latter kind. Maeda could be that kind of bullpen guy however.

        1. True

          Sorry I should’ve read that more closely.

          I worry about that too

          But at times our guys will give to many free bases, when they come into a clean inning, but I do know what you mean, and I agree with that.

    3. Michael

      I know Buelher is a starter, but I was talking about for our bullpen this year!

      And you just never know, and I don’t care how old he is, because someone like that is grateful for any chance they get.

      I know the history behind these two pitchers, as well with Baez, and his numbers, that really tell the truth!

  4. Stewart optioned to OKC. Kyle Farmer recalled. A move I wholeheartedly agree with. I hate the 3 man bench.

    1. Well that will change by the weekend. Stripling can start and may have to. I like them adding Farmer because he is pretty versatile too. And he has some pop. Hitting over 300 at AAA.

  5. Anyone who felt Bellinger was put on the DL to give A-Gone at bats does not really know what they are talking about. Bellinger was put on the DL as much to protect him as anything else, and being the team player he is, I doubt that getting Gonzo at bats had anything to do with anything. And I do not think that it was in any way a cheap shot at Bellinger. Maybe he could have played. I get that, but with a 20 game lead, why in the world would you want to even take a chance of reinjuring the ankle by him being in the outfield again? With no more interleague games on the schedule, the only way he is in the lineup when Gonzo is, is if he plays the OF. Cody will be fine. Remember, the kid has never played in more than 128 games in his career and that was in 2015 at A ball. He has played in exactly 100 this year. So the rest can do him nothing but good. And I doubt his timing will be affected much. His swing is pretty consistent.

    1. With all due respect, how can you say that the off time will not effect Cody’s swing and at the same time say that Gonzo should play. Cody is a better player than Gonzo. Agon’s time has passed and Cody has proved he should be in the lineup. I do not believe he is still hurt and I sure do not believe he will be hurt when he finally can leave the DL. All this said and for all you know, he will be kept out longer. With all the players the Dodgers now have, why should Cody have to be the one who sits?? I will tell you why, because Agon is a 1st baseman only and that is why they cannot move him even though he cannot carry Cody’s water bottle.

      1. Also, if the Dodgers send Cody out for a short Minor league assignment to get ready to return, I am really going to be pissed.

        1. They won’t. He’s getting a few days off. Remember, until this year all his pro seasons have ended early. He hasn’t played in September, let alone October. He is on the roster and will play a huge part in the run for a title. AGon? He’s getting at bats to show he’s healthy. If he doesn’t contribute, he won’t be necessary in October.

      2. I think you are selling both players short. Bellinger plays a good OF and incrementally Bellinger+Taylor is better than Joc+Taylor in the OF. Bellinger cannot play both OF and 1st base at the same time, at least not without putting Kike in the OF and Bellinger is better than Kiki too, maybe not defensively but overall in offense and speed. Therefore, since AGon is also a gold glove first baseman, we gain both in the field and in offense by sitting Joc. AGon is replacing Joc in the lineup. Bellinger being on the DL has everything to do with possible fatigue and taking no chances with the ankle.

        1. With all due respect, I do not care who they sit as long as it is not Cody. Kike or Joc playing and not Cody is crazy. Also, have you looked at Agons stats? Before and after the injury are not good.

          1. Package

            You would feel bad if Cody did come back to early, and further injured his sprain, and had to be out, even longer!

            Kershaw had to learn the hard way last year, when he tried to do things to early, and it kept him out of the line up, even longer.

            This is about doing the best for Cody, not us fans!

            There is not a single person on here, that doesn’t want Cody in the line up.

            We just want him to be fully healed, so nothing like happened to Kershaw last year, would happen with Cody!

  6. When I looked at the standings and saw the Giants 40 games out, I thought it was a mis print. Giant fans must be choking on their hot dogs right about now.

  7. Dodger line up tonight. Taylor CF Seager SS Granderson LF Gonzalez 1B Puig RF Utley 2B Forsythe 3B Barnes C Hill P Watched a video of the team taking batting practice. Gonzo wearing the socks high tonight, Taylor slashing line drives in every direction and Granderson making every hit go to LF. Interesting stuff. Nomar behind the cage talking to CK. And Roberts throwing a little BP.

  8. High socks good, pajama bottoms that have become so prevalent suck donkey, not to mention looking totally stupid. What’s next, spikes that look like Uggs? Get all the players to wear the same UNIFORM, that’s why it is called such. Otherwise, it should be referred to as a costume.

  9. I have to admit I thought Pittsburgh was better than they are. I just checked the stats. They suck offensively and defensively. Pitching they are middle of the pack. Just another sub .500 team that can’t match up with the Dodgers. Do we ever play a team over .500?

    1. They are not a good team but they have a tough lineup. And like many average teams, they give up too early and don’t really believe they can come back from late deficits.

      1. Yeah, I thought the same thing. Tough lineup. Then I looked at the numbers. They are what we used to call “second division”. These guys can’t hit a 90 mph fastball right over the middle of the plate.

        1. This is pretty much poor form and petty, but I couldn’t resist.

          Before reading this, let me commend Badger for being more confident than I am. I don’t think I made any predictions nor do I plan to. And if I did, I definitely couldn’t have predicted the team being this good, this deep and this well-constructed.

          Also, in Badger’s defense these are/were from February/March:

          In February and March of this year, Badger made these predictions:
          Now we’re questionable from 2-5 come October.

          Who knows, maybe Hill and Maeda start 36 this year. I doubt it.

          And if Ryu starts 10 it would be a freakin miracle.

          I still have the under on 92, and think 88-90 is a more realistic number

          I think the West will be closer than most think it will be. We win it by 3 or less.

          1. Yeah, it does take stones to make predictions. Some have them some don’t. I’ll admit I had this regular season wrong. You don’t have have to do that do you?

            I take the arrows head on. Even from the shadows you can point that out.

          2. No, and I shouldn’t have.

            You are a good sport.

            It was wrong, and I think I knew it when I posted it.

            Good on you.

          3. As I recall, we were talking projections back then. I was looking at fangraphs ’17 projections and they didn’t think much of any of our starters other than Kershaw. That 36 number may have come from one of the Roto projections. I don’t recall ever saying 88 wins, but you took the time looking for it, why only you would know, so I don’t doubt you. The team had been regressing in wins since FAZ took over and I thought that trend would continue. NOBODY, and they includes you, knew Bellinger and Wood would be this good.

    1. Josh Harrison said he felt Hill having to go to the stretch in the ninth, threw his timing off, for the tenth!

      I did think maybe Turner should come into the game, especially for defense, because Forsythe doesn’t play defense at third, at Turner’s level.

      Because I thought of Hanley, and that is why I thought of Turner!

      But this team has bailed Hill out, more then a few times, when he wasn’t pitching well.

      And at least tomorrow’s game comes quickly tomorrow, so we can get over this.

      Because that was such a terrible ending!

    2. Bluto

      I want to hope so, so Hill has another chance, but then it still wouldn’t be right.

      But it just might happen again, without Roberts having to do that!

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