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It’s 2020 But The Dodgers Are Still Operating Like it’s 2019

Happy new year everyone! It’s now 2020, but the Dodgers are still operating like it’s 2019. I figured I would pop in and write another free form article about the Dodger’s lack of movement. I figure if I can convince one Andrew Friedman worshipper that he sucks then my job has been accomplished and I have made the world a better place.

Most of you probably know by now, Rich Hill has signed a deal with the Twins. Hyun-jin Ryu is long gone already (signing his contract with the Toronto Blue Jays) and the Dodgers will be going into 2020 with the exact same pitching staff as they had in 2019. It won’t be the same though, in retrospect it will be arguably worse without their best starting pitcher (Ryu) who won the National League ERA title and finished second in National League Cy Young voting.

Like Stockholm syndrome, the Friedman worshippers and Data fanatics will do anything in their power to defend Friedman and his millions of dollars in pocketed profit while discrediting everyone else. Now these bozos are trying to discredit Ryu’s brilliant 2019 season in order to make Friedman look better or trying to make it seem like Friedman knows what he’s doing. News flash, he doesn’t.

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The comments about Ryu by the Friedman worshippers are ridiculous. He’s not that good! They’re saying. Or that he’s too old anyways! Ok sure. The most ridiculous of the Friedman defending has people actually saying that Ryu’s ERA title doesn’t mean anything. ERA doesn’t mean anything anymore! Duh! It’s all about RA/9! Ryu was just lucky!

Get the heck out of here you annoying Friedman lovers. That’s when you know you have beaten a Friedman worshipper and proved them wrong when the only defense of Friedman’s idiotic moves is luck. When they say a player was lucky, you have proven them wrong.

Unfortunately we are still hearing bogus PR generated rumors of the Dodgers gearing up for some big blockbuster trade that will never ever happen. Earlier in the winter it was for Francisco Lindor, or Mookie Betts and David Price. Now those lame rumors have turned towards Chicago third baseman Kris Bryant. The Dodgers are making a run at him!

Whenever I read those dumb rumors I just roll my eyes and go back to what I was doing content with the knowledge that I know that those rumors or trades will never come to fruition. This is Andrew Friedman after all. 2020 will see the Dodgers entering the decade with the same problems and no solutions. Greedy ownership raking in billions of dollars in revenue. A small market minded, cheap, yet wasteful president of baseball operations who won’t go after top talent players, won’t spend money on elite level players, and refuses to participate in winter improvements. A field manager who makes the same game management blunders every postseason. The same mediocre pitching staff that can’t hold leads. Too many unproven and mediocre relievers, and an aging franchise closer. Oh yeah and most Dodger fans still can’t watch the games on Television. Welcome to 2020 Dodger fans!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

48 thoughts on “It’s 2020 But The Dodgers Are Still Operating Like it’s 2019

  1. The Betts rumor has resurfaced. It is one of the main topics of conversation on twitter. And of course, Price is part of that rumor also. Lindor has been pulled from any trade consideration by most reports, as has Clevinger. To be honest, once they insisted on Lux, that deal had no shot of being made anyway. Now to Bryant, that also is strictly a rumor with no basis in face. And although Morosi has the odds at 50/50 of Arenado being dealt, there is very little chance Colorado would trade him to a division rival like the Dodgers. Now, Betts is probably a target, Boston is not asking for Lux, so that might have a little more truth to it. Adding Price to the deal is all Boston’s idea. I am not sure a guys who has been as up and down as he has the last couple of years adds an ace to a team as deep in pitching talent as the Dodgers are. And the cost of just those 2 guys if LA took on all of Prices contract, would be close to 60 million for 2020. That puts them over the Luxury Tax, and that ain’t happening. Boston, in order to move Price, is going to have to fork over a large sum of money. And although coming to a league where they are not as familiar with you has some advantage to the pitcher, I do not think Price is anywhere near a 30 million dollar arm. 2 names have been mentioned from the Dodgers side, Verdugo, and Ruiz. None of the young starters mentioned as of yet. So I am taking a very wait and see attitude on this. Too much young talent for a guy who is most likely going to walk after this year seems a high price to me. Especially since there is no guarantee he helps them over the hump. And despite his track record, I do not expect Price to be effective the entire time left on his deal. And yeah, Friedman sucks

  2. This site is just dripping of negativity, it’s become pathetic.
    It is no wonder that no one posts here any longer.
    Those negative wavelengths will get even heavier

    1. Hey Melton-

      At least no one on here has spent 9 years in the slammer. I think all of the 3rd graders are on the other site because every one there is either too dumb to research anything or are in compliance with their leader.

      Continue to keep the bar low and it should make you feel better both about the Dodgers and life.

      Friedman has been a GM/President of Baseball Operations for 14 years and has zero championships to show for it. He has had opportunities to help the Dodgers get over the hump at trade deadlines and the off seasons and has failed to do so.

    2. You see negativity. That is your opinion. You are more than entitled to it. What I see is a guy who says one thing, then does entirely the opposite. All winter long there have been rumors, none of which has been true. So, how is a dedicated fan supposed to take that? Myself, after watching Friedman work over the last 5 off season, I expect little, and in that sense, he never fails to deliver. At this point this off season, all the major free agents except one have signed. Josh Donaldson. Dodgers were linked to him early until the salary rumors hit 100 million and 4 years. AF not giving that kind of deal to a guy pushing 35. Scott is a longtime fan, and someone who is fed up with the 31 year run, as are most fans. What this is about is fans who buy into he way AF does business, and then just as blindly without researching anything make excuses for his failures. At this point in his Dodger tenure he has made far more head scratching signings and trades than he has block busters. He has never signed a significant free agent from another team and has never given out a 9 figure contract to any player, and sorry, you have to do that to draw a player like Rendon to your team. For every Kike, Max Muncy and Taylor, there are many more McCarthy, Anderson, Kazmir types coming to LA. He has made 2 mid season trades that brought super star caliber players to LA. Machado and Darvish. Darvish was pedestrian in his Dodger service and will forever be the GOAT of the 2017 series. Along with of course, Dave Roberts. Machado, although he put up decent numbers, regressed in his time as a Dodger. His average dipping over 40 points from .315, to .273. His strikeout rate climbed dramatically, and was even higher in the playoffs, where he had a decent NLCS, but was absent without leave in the NLDS and the World Series. Sure, you have to win the division before you can advance. At least in 2018, they lost to a far superior team, and they did not have home field, unlike 2017. 2019’s exit from the playoffs was another example of the arrogance of this FO that this team, despite obvious weakness in the pen, and starting pitching that was over matched in a short series against Strasburg-Scherzer, did little to bolster the pen or the rotation before it was too late. The meat of this team is mainly from Colletti and White’s regime. Buehler is the first AF product to make a significant contribution. The Dodgers are a collection of utility players. They have no real super stars save Bellinger and Kershaw. Buehler is on his way to that status. In a town known for superstars, this is unacceptable to the bulk of the fan base. Most of us realize that this team is owned by a corporation. Their main goal is making money for the ownership group and that they are doing hand over foot. A vast majority of Dodger fans still cannot see the team on TV. Ticket prices, already high by any standards, have skyrocketed since they took over, going up almost every year, as have concessions and parking. The average family of 4 is going to spend close to 300 dollars for one game. Too steep for my pocket book. They are pricing the average fan right out of the game. It is becoming elitist. So yeah, you are going to get a lot of negativity because it is warranted. Had AF at least gotten the team to a title, it would not be so harsh. But he is as over rated as he is inept.

  3. Same old crap, just different but extremely familiar smells.

    Is it going to be the smell of some washed up players that AF found at the bottom of a dumpster, living in in cardboard tent in downtown LA, or standing in a soup line the local mission?

    Is it going to be The smell of AF absorbing another salary dump by the opposition? Seems that the other GM’s know a sucker when they see him. They know AF is willing to blindly, take on those ridiculous contracts, and also part with potential prospects in the process.

    Is it going to be another year of the smell of washed up players whom the Dodgers committed Millions to, rotting away in the clubhouse?

    Is it going to be another year of a goat smellin’ bullpen?

    I know one thing for sure…. the owners will be enjoying the smell the money rolling in, as clueless Dodger fans will continue to storm the turnstiles and empty their wallets.

    1. Absolutely right Bluefan. With more than 65 years of money, emotion, and a lot of energy used in supporting this team, I feel I have earned the right to be negative, when I see no light at the end of the tunnel championship wise. At least not with AF at the helm, and the Guggenheim money machine making the kind of profits they are pulling in. Oh, they need a competitive team to do that, and in that sense, AF has delievered. Granted, they spent some money when they first came here, and made the deal that brought a lot of fans back. But since that time, even with 7 west titles under their belt, they continue dropping money on the fan experience, which to me seems to be their main focus, while falling short bringing premium talent to LA. This year will be another example. Another 100 million dollar face lift to the old ball park, and so far 10 million spent on talent. They will make a ton of money over the 3 day All Star break. 2 games and the HR derby will pack the park.

      1. I’m retired and have plenty of time to read up on what’s being said during the off season and for me it’s hard to put my finger on exactly what Friedman has said to lead people to believe he’s promised on things he hasn’t delivered. Here are examples from November:

        It’s like eating soup with a fork. Rather than try to read between the lines I prefer to watch what is done. I think it’s wiser to judge actions not jump to conclusions based what it is you think you hear. One need to look no further than campaign promises for examples.

        Friedman does what he does and frankly speaking, based on outcomes he’s pretty damn good at it. Only once since he took over have the Dodgers been favored to win it all and that was the year Houston cheated its way to a Championship.

        There is one World Series winner and 29 World Series losers every year. I choose to remain grateful we are in it every year. It could be, and has been, a lot worse.

        That said I know from my infrequent visits that second place is not good enough for those who post here. This is where people come to complain. I accept that. It wasn’t always like this here. Baseball used to be discussed here. Chili is spot on with his take about the inmate’s site. For some reason those there continue to take his abuse, he’ll never change, but at least baseball is being discussed there. I know a lot of the posters there would give this site a chance if the attitude here would improve. But that tone is set by administration and it’s clear where the administrators here stand.

        I look for more of the same this year. 99 wins and another trip to the playoffs. A pennant? We’re favored again. A Championship? As of today, not likely. We need a bump. Maybe it will come from an internal source (Lux, Gonsolin, May) maybe it will come from an upcoming trade, or maybe it will be a deadline deal. But in my world January is a little early to throw in the towel.

        1. More than willing to talk baseball. But if we are going to talk LA Dodger baseball well that might be tough to do since again not much has happened this off season.

          Same ole, same ole.

          When the Friedman fanatics see their ‘hero’ smiling big and laughing they think it’s because he has snookered another FO but in reality he is laughing at them. Of course all the way to the bank. There is no cure for small market disease.

          Even AF has stated that if you stick to a budgetary maximum dollar expenditure on star FA’s you will always come in 3rd. That pretty much sums it up.

          Under AF, the Dodgers will never sign another ‘star’ FA. So either they trade for them which is quite costly in prospects AND very rare or you develop them. When you consider the #’s/percentage of ‘star’ performers, there might be 12-24 over a given 10 year period in the entire league. Kershaw was one of those. Bellinger might become one of those (this season will be telling on him). In other words ‘they/Stars’ do not fall off trees (nor the sky).

          As an example, the Big Red Machine of the 70’s had 4 ‘stars’……Rose, Morgan, Bench & Perez. My interpretation of ‘stars’ are HOF type of players.

          If the FO thinks they are going to develop ‘stars’ within their organization, well the numbers and history says NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

          And Kershaw’s career is on the decline.

          Losing Ryu’s numbers from last year is a big loss, not that he would have duplicated those numbers but that did contribute to the 106 wins. A lot is riding on the young pitching prospects. Most teams don’t mind throwing 1 into the fire but if you are talking 2 (or 3) well that could make things interesting. But if the system is as strong as everyone says it is then promote them and see what happens (after all there is not any other options). Friedman has seen to that.

          1. The big free agents this year allegedly wanted nothing to do with us. Last year it was Harper. As much as I thought he would look good in Blue that contract he signed was a tad heavy.

            We don’t need a lot of offense added to this club. As much as I’d like to see a difference maker on the staff I don’t know who that would be. I never believed Ryu would do what he did so why would I believe he would do it again? I don’t think he will. We lead the league in scoring and we lead the league in pitching. I think we just might do it again so I would rather extend Seager and Bellinger, if possible, and continue developing. My biggest gripe about Friedman is not who he didn’t sign but rather who he did. Pollock and Kelly were meh and that contract he gave Jansen was nuts. He’s still owed $38 million!

            I think the team and the organization is in good shape. I welcome a trade for more better players but I’m not for overpaying players that are obviously past their prime. Each year we appear to be introducing great players onto our stage. This year it looks to be Lux and May. Next year it looks to be Ruiz and Gray. Then maybe Downs. Then Vargas. We added Treinen and if he’s whole our pen is better. Maybe we aren’t done, but as is I expect to win 99 and take the West. What’s been more difficult for me is watching the Rams and Lakers cough up hair balls year after year. Watching the Dodgers has been fun. Beats being a Padre or dbacks fan.

          1. Exactly, Scott and Michael’s post above here is representative of how most fans feel right now after watching what took place in the 2019 NLDS. I agree that we do talk baseball, but what good has it been this of season?

          2. What are you talking about.. we got Treinen. And Treinen rings like a bell through the night, and then he is the darkness. Will he ever win?

            Hope so.

            So what it’s been quiet? Better to have done nothing than to have Pollocked up another hair ball. Relax. We are still in the drivers seat.

  4. What cracks me up is that a year or 2 ago, everything pointed to the 2020 season and how the Dodgers will be way under the luxury tax and would have all this money to spend on FA’s and look what happened. Well actually NOTHING happened!

      1. I do not believe it is what AF says. It is the way he says it. Everything I read said the Dodgers were going to go after elite talent, which is exactly the line we got last year. I love talking baseball, but with this team a lot of the conversation turns to the FO because of the 31 year drought, and the fact that AF was hailed as a genius. Great. He is a genius. He is still a genius who has never had one of his teams win it all. And after all, isn’t that the supposed goal of this team? Did not the ownership pretty much tell the fan base that was the goal when they bought the team? Look, 200 million dollar payroll is not peanuts. We all know that, and we also know that ownership wants to stay under the tax. So AF gets creative, and in the process pisses off a large portion of the fan base. But there are still the lemmings who buy into his way of doing things, and don’t complain at all. Then there are others, who are simply tired of hearing all the rumors of this big name or that big name coming to the Dodgers, and it never has happened so far. Yeah. AF has dug up a few gems. but he has flamed out more than he has hit a homer.

  5. Who spent 9 years in the slammer. I get kicked off that site because I speak my mind to the almighty Mark Timmons who acts like a bully and a child. All those sheep follow everything he says.

    1. When I first came on here, i disagreed with his assessment of Yasmani Grandal. I thought then and I still believe that pitch framing and hitting homers about 20 something times a year are the only real skills he brings to the game. His game calling skills are marginal at best. he is not a clutch hitter at all, as a matter of fact he hit into so many double plays and struck out in the clutch so much I nicknamed him Rally Killer. His retort was that I was basically a dumb ass and did not know crap about baseball. We got into some pretty heated exchanges. I told him basically he would not say that crap to my face, and he as much told me he could beat my butt. Well, maybe, but not without sustaining some serious injury to his person. That is all in the past. I never have gone on his site, and I never will. I post where I have respect for the writers. I respect Scott and understand what a tough job it is keeping a blog like this going. If someone does not like my opinion, that is fine I can live with it. But I will never be stiffled simply because someone disagrees with me. I believe what I believe. I think saber metrics and analytics have actually made the game less fun for me. All the new stats, I can do without. Wins, BA, RBI’s all mean more to me than some players WAR or dWAR, which makes me a dinosaur in their eyes, but to tell the truth, I do not care.

  6. As the self-proclaimed third grade class president, I will respond to recent attacks against this website by Mark Timmons of Every year he has a meltdown whenever one or two people disagree with him and his endless legions of yes-men. This year he has at least spared us the shutting down of his website again, but has instead posted a rant against one person, James Moya. In that, he suggested that James is a third grader who needs to go hang out with the other third graders on this very website. He even included a link to ladodgerreport in his blog post.
    “Some of you here are not going to be happy today because I am sending you back to third grade. You will no longer be welcome here. Where is the 3rd grade? Try here: You will find lots of third-graders there. Revel in your rudimentary knowledge of baseball, but I can’t tolerate your moronic, unintelligent, elementary comments anymore and neither can a large percentage of the readers here.” – Dark Demons (host of LADODGERTALKOUTTAMYASS)
    If pure narcissism had a name, it would be Mark Timmons. I am ready to expose and humiliate him again, if need be. But his game is tired. It would be a truly joyless task to engage with him again. So I will just say that he needs to keep the name of this website out of his mouth. Scott has NEVER attacked Mark, his posters, or his website by name. He does not deserve to be put down again and again by a bullying carpetbagger hack from Indiana.
    If I were Scott I would demand an apology, but he has too much class for that. Mark has put him down, mocked him, poached his posters, threatened to fight his posters, threatened to sue his posters, accused Scott of hacking his website etc… (the list goes on and on and on) But Mark posting a link to Scott’s website in his article is beyond disgusting and lowdown. It’s downright rotten and pathetic.

    1. Don’t forget he threatened to shoot posters too. That last meltdown, one of many, was classic.

      Everything you said is of course true. But the posters there don’t seem to care his history or his continued bully tactics. He’s been the same guy for over 20 years. I never knew his personal history, only that he served time and it will all be in the book. Well, no, it won’t. I sure don’t miss his rude, narcissistic behaviors. I am surprised so many still put up with it.

    2. I don’t know what is up with his obsession with this website, but I will say this:

      Whomever posts as James Moya on that board was not only a nimwit, but also seemed to seek out arguments. He/She added nothing to the discourse there.

        1. Not at all, I say that because he was idiotic and launched into ad hominem attacks.

          Having different opinions on how the Dodgers are run is vital to good discourse in the off-season.

          I’m not quite sure how you can have it otherwise, Scott. Perhaps I’m missing your unsaid point?

          1. I ask because I know Mark’s history of banning people for no reason other than disagreement. That’s why I asked what was said. James is not the type of person to launch attacks.

          2. It’s very possible that the person you refer to as “James” and the “James Moya” I’m talking about are different people.

            Using fake names, I say with irony, is quite easy.

            The person on the other blog literally added zero value to the discussion.

    3. As usual, you are a damn liar and full of shit.

      I would sue you, but it’s an exercise in futility because you are worth jack shit!

      I do have to admit that you are the voice of reason on this blog which speaks volumes.

      1. Don’t speak to him or anyone on this site like that Mark. You are lucky, that I don’t ban you like you did to James and I. I am extending a courtesy to you that you extend to no one, that is I am allowing you to defend yourself over here. As usual you can only respond in vulgarities or childish insults. Why did you ban James anyways? Because he disagreed with your opinion?

        I have never posted an article attacking you or any other writer, as that is childish and pathetic. I am sick of you and your brainless minions attacking this community. You can rest assured that I will be writing a response to your stupid article, and it won’t be kind. If you think I can’t get dirty, well you have another thing coming. I can get real dirty Mark, and you best believe it will make your head spin. newsflash you arrogant egomaniac……YOU CAN’T SUE PEOPLE BASED ON A BLOG POST!!!! A circuit judge would laugh at you and throw it out! What are you going to do? sue in small claims court….excuse me your honor, some people on the internet are hurting my feelings!!! WAHHHHHH! GET A LIFE!

      1. Mark. Just move on. You are just embarrassing yourself. You aren’t gonna sue anyone , fight anyone or best anyone in a war of words. There is nothing here for you, except a mirror for everyone to see your true nature. I wish you the best on your way out.

  7. The dumbest thing the Dodgers did, was pitchfork over all that lettuce to Kershaw and Jansen. You think they would have learned their lesson, after how they made Matt Kemp an instant multi-millionaire for life.

    The Dodgers also love to bail their rivals out, by taking on their worn out player’s massive salaries. I wish some teams would be stupid enough to take Kershaw and Jansen off our hands, so they can make room for some young, healthy talent, worthy of a decent 4 year deal, with options or team opt out clauses.

    The days of guaranteed, 10-15 year multi-million dollar deals has got to end.

    1. Kershaw still has something left. Not $31 million worth maybe, but he did put up 3.6 WAR last year. If he can do that 2 more times he’s earned most of that contract. I agree about Jansen. Looking around the league I just don’t think it wise to give aging relievers massive contracts. There appear to be no Mariano Rivera’s left in the game.

      I’m tempted by Price if it brings Betts. I think Price is another Kershaw in that I believe he could put up 3 WAR in the NL West. He’s not worth 32×3 but if he’s not asked to anchor a staff I think he could chew up innings as a #3 and come close to earning the money. If it means Betts I would seriously consider it. The thing is… will Betts stay with us? If not, then no deal.

      1. I agree Badger. And therein lies the rub. Betts has said repeatedly that he is testing the market. And the market for his talents as a 28 year old is going to be huge. He is more athletic than Harper, and a much better outfielder. So someone is going to pay him….a lot. And is that someone the Dodgers? Not likely. Rumor is that they are really trying to unload Pollock and possibly Taylor. They are considering multi year deals for Muncy, Buehler, and Belli. Belli’s would probably take him through his arbitration years. Since he is a Boras client, the chances he leaves are pretty high. As for Price, he could have his moments, but right now, I am really down on salary dumps.

      2. If Betts is going to commit to Free Agency, then his value in a trade will come down. It has to. You don’t commit the same amount of resources for one year of a player as you do for two years of a player (Betts vs. Lindor)

        Thus, I’d still be for a trade to acquire him.

        1. In my opinion, if we agree to take on Price, the value of what goes back drops remarkably. Without Price in the deal, what is one year of 6 WAR worth? An equal trade would be one or two players projected to produce 6 WAR over their controllable years. That isn’t Verdugo, May, or Lux. It might be Gonsolin plus an A player. It might be someone like Peters who would put dents in that stupid wall, it might be someone like Ruiz or Estavez, neither of whom we wouldn’t miss. Well, I’d miss Ruiz, but nobody is asking me. I’d say ask Friedman but he ain’t talking.

        2. Bluto, as I have said before and as I just read here…no deal of top propsects for just 1 year of Betts, because even if Dodgers gave him a QO for 2021, he will not take it and we will habve on a draft pick compensation when all is said and done.

    2. Kemp and Ethier’s contracts were the product of the prior regime. Kemp was coming off of a great year, so at the time, it was pretty much in line with what he would have received from another team. Ethier was a product of panic. He too was coming off of his best year. As for Jansen, he was the best option at the time. Worth that much? Who knows. He has had his moments, and some classic meltdowns too. Kershaw earned his contract on performance and the fact that there was no one better. The extension? Well, that was wanting to keep a home grown star home. And the only real albatross contracts they took on was when they traded with Boston for Gonzalez, Beckett, Crawford and Punto. Gonzalez earned his money. Beckett and Crawford, not so much.

      1. Im not as down on the Punto trade as most. Something was necessary to change the tide of the McSphincter culture. That trade immediately did it. The organization went from a joke to worth $2 billion in short order.

        I’m on board with the Friedman model – grow your own, then sign and trade for needed pieces. I wasn’t ok with $300 million for Harper or Cole. I balked at the Kershaw and Jansen extension. I could go on – Kelly, McCarthy, Kazmir. Not everything Friedman does is ok with me but the basic premise is solid. A quick check at Roster Resource shows the Dodgers with 25 home grown, 6 free agents, and 8 trades. Good balance. Just get the right free agents is all I ask.

      2. Kemp did earn a raise coming off a good year, but way too much committed. Seemed his pockets got too heavy, and he got lazy and cocky with his guaranteed riches, swerving into the fast lane of off-field distractions.

        Ethier got a bum deal after he got his contract. Injuries took its’ toll on his future. the Dodgers literally gave up on him, relegating him to platooning in an overcrowded outfield, and with his enormous contract, he could not be traded.
        Kershaw’s extension was ridiculous. He had a great enough contract that would have allowed him to retire comfortably as a Dodger. Can’t call it greed on Clayton’s part, when the Dodgers literally threw the money at his feet.

        Jansen was a great reliever and closer in his prime, but he too was bitten by the health issues from which he could not recover full form.

        Just seems that once these huge guaranteed contracts are granted, these players fall into an abyss. Or, in the case with other teams, they pay their players big money, then find a sucker (like the Dodgers) to take on the salary dump. The biggest joke was literally throwing away $25M to Homer Bailey, last year.

        I agree, Adrian Gonzalez was about the only salary dump pickup that seemed to pay any dividends.

        Like Badger said, Betts proclaimed that he’s going to test the market. So you can rest assured that he will be just another high priced, salary dump rental, and will again test the market when his current contract is up. The only loyalty these players have today, is to the smell of money… screw the team and obviously screw the fans. I really do not have an answer, the floodgates are open on the game of baseball, and they cannot be shut, as long as the fans keep the money rolling in.

        Money has changed the complexion of the game for the worst. A ballplayers’ average life expectancy is definitely not worthy of such lengthy, guaranteed contracts. In the Dodgers’ case, they will, firstly, invest in an old ballpark to attract more revenues, tie up too much money with its’ presumed franchise players, or continue to absorb the salary dumps. In the mean time, hold back their prospects, platoon them and limit their play, or let them waste away in the minors, until they are past their prime, traded away, or lost in Rule 5 draft.

        BUT, I still am a Dodger fan, and fan of the sport of Baseball…. go figure. I guess when radio is no longer free, I will have to give upon the Dodgers and MLB. I’ll just go to the local park and watch the Lil’ Leaguer’s or local High School team.

  8. Just read on Dodger Website, that Verdugo is still battling with back and oblique issues.

    I have always questioned the abilities of Dodger trainers and conditioners. Do they really know what they are doing? Are they working and stretching the correct muscles that are used in baseball? Are they building the wrong muscles, and putting undo strain on the actual muscles needed to play baseball? Ballplayers today seem to be too bulked up to play the game.

    On the flip side, do the players take this game seriously? Do they listen to their trainers? It seems that players are more interested in swinging wildly for the fences or trying to throw 100+ MPH, and increase their spin ratios, instead of staying within their true abilities.

    Is constant platooning causing more injuries to surface? When players sit, does that throw off their conditioning program? Does it make players lazy and uninterested in staying in shape? Then, when called upon to play at a moments notice, are they physically ready for the challenge? Does being called from the pen to just throw to one batter, day after day, put undo strain on the pitcher’s arm?

    The Dodgers have had so many injuries. Obliques, hamstrings, forearms, groins, backs…. I know these are common injuries, but it just seems more so, with the Dodgers. Just raises a flag, don’t you think?

    1. Good questions. Yesterday’s players were built for the long haul. Slow twitch. Today’s players are built for tractor pulls. Fast twitch. You want to make the big bucks you have hit the big fly. You want to strike gold as a pitcher, you have to strike out more of those guys trying to hit the big fly. Today’s game is about power, which is defined as energy transferred per unit of time. P=Work divided by delta T. In the box it’s bat speed. On the mound it’s arm speed. How to develop that and be able to keep doing it for 9 months every year. Truth is, very few have figured it out.

      When I played it was running, a lot of it, push-ups, pull ups and sit ups, a lot of each, and just hours of playing ball. I have no idea what they do now but from the size of them I’d say they spend a lot of time in the weight room. I’d encourage going back to body weight resistance but that’s old school. I’d also encourage more line drives, but that’s for guys my size not the players out there today. Today’s players are so strong they can miss the sweet spot and still hit it over the fence. We aren’t going to change that. Muscle pulls? Yeah, they are going to happen but hopefully not until after that first guaranteed contract. After that? Who cares. You’re set for life.

      1. Ha ha…. good points Badger. I get it. Too bad old school is obsolete in today’s game. I think players would be more valuable, and enjoy the game, in the long haul and longevity of career. But, if ignorant owners are going to continue to reward these gorillas a boatful of bananas for a couple of solid years with BIG stats, then it is what it is.

        Old school baseball would be so much more exciting. Today’s game of long ball, matchups, platooning, no base running, and the dreaded shift, is so boring.

        1. That’s why I like the Little League games. Especially now that they’ve adjusted balls and bats to keep it from turning into home run derby. Those kids play sound fundamental baseball. They are well coached. As they move up the ladder they will be rewarded for it, but only to a point. Eventually they all have to have gap power or the OPS just won’t be there. You can still hit .300 and get noticed if you hit a lot of doubles. The idea of getting to first, stealing second and scoring on a single is no longer a part of the game. Maury wouldn’t make the team in today’s game. I find that sad, but, it is what it is. OPS .750+ or you won’t get a sniff of the show.

          Hey Scott, what happened to the 5 minute edit capability here. I still need it. Obviously.

  9. Scott,
    I have read and commented on this blog for the past several years and have always been able to write what I feel. Many if not most disagreed with most of my comments but you never did. Thank you for that. You are a standup guy and I am proud of you. Thank you for continuing this blog. It has taken a long while for some here to say what I have been saying for years and for that I am grateful. As far as what has been said by others at a different site. They are the unprofessional commentors and posters and I wish they would take their foul mouths back home to their site. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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