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Dodgers Trade Rumors: Mookie Betts is Not Coming To Los Angeles. Can We Stop With This?

Mookie Betts

The latest PR generated Dodgers trade rumors now involve Boston Red Sox star and former American League MVP Mookie Betts. The rumors from earlier in the winter involved Cleveland infielder Francisco Lindor. Now those rumors have shifted to Betts, and other Boston stars like starting pitcher David Price. I find it funny how Andrew Friedman is always working on some big blockbuster trade, yet it never comes to fruition.

Any Dodger fan would love to see Betts playing in Dodger blue. He’s one of the best players in baseball. Unfortunately that would involve acquiring Betts in his walk season and then renegotiating a new contract and or an extension. We should all know that Friedman would never acquire elite talent and never actually pay for premium talent.

Again these rumors seem to be circulated via chatter. Beat writers who are looking for something to write about, or insiders looking for a story. Surely every team has internal discussions about different players. This doesn’t mean these rumors become reality. When Friedman is involved they never do.

League sources suggested that nothing is close regarding a deal in which the Red Sox would send Betts to LA or anywhere else. Clearly, their preference appears to be to shed payroll while having Betts anchor the lineup for at least one more year.

Evaluator, speculating….

As early as the Winter Meetings, one National League evaluator wondered whether the Dodgers could motivate the Red Sox to part with Betts by offering to take on both him and a starting pitcher (perhaps David Price, who is owed $96 million over the next three years) while giving Boston a meaningful prospect in return.

According to league sources, such an idea never gained any meaningful traction throughout December. 

I’m not saying there are not some truths to them. Perhaps there is a smidge. But I don’t see this ever happening. At least not now. Maybe there may be more momentum in July if the Red Sox find themselves completely out of the race and looking to do a roster purge and total rebuild. Again I find that scenario even more unlikely.

The pseudo trade rumors are perpetuated even more to make it look like Andrew Friedman is working hard, yet continues to run into roadblocks that prevent him from acquiring top tier players that are beyond his control. The excuses as to why the deals never happen pile up. He just barely missed out on Gerrit Cole. Anthony Rendon did not want to play in Los Angeles. Francisco Lindor would cost us too many prospects. Mookie Betts is too expensive. Hyun-jin Ryu is old. On and on and on and on they go.

Poor misunderstood millionaire Friedman. Working hard for his millions, if it weren’t for such crappy luck. Friedman fans can keep dreaming and clamoring about how something big is about to go down. I laugh when I read that stuff. We’re on what year five of the Friedman era? Nothing is going to happen. Please just stop with this bologna.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

34 thoughts on “Dodgers Trade Rumors: Mookie Betts is Not Coming To Los Angeles. Can We Stop With This?

  1. Your ire is understandable. But the real focus for the Dodgers not getting top level free agents should be directed at Stan Kasten. He of the Atlanta Braves who had three hall of fame pitchers and only one lucky World Series win. He doesn’t like to spend money and never will.

    1. Stanley, Kasten is not an owner. it is not his money to spend, both he and Friedman answer to a higher power, and for the last 2 years the owners have mandated that they will stay under the luxury tax. The Braves won 14 consecutive division titles, and one world series, they played in 4 others. So they had 5 shots at the big one and won once. But a lot can be said of how AF operates. He has never signed a free agent to a 9 figure contract. He has never traded for a premier player in his prime in the off season. At the deadline he acquired two players who were supposed to be difference makers and get the Dodgers to the promised land. Machado and Darvish, neither was outstanding and neither helped reach the goal. But player acquisitions are Friedman’s domain. As long as the owners sign off on the deal, it would happen. But he has shown no inclination to make the big jump.

      1. Machado was a disappointment, but it was a good move. He was 25 and OPSn over .900 when we traded for him. Darvish was curious because looking at the month before the trade he was getting clobbered.

        Friedman has his own way of doing things that’s for sure. I like the fact he builds from within. Not signing $35 mil a year 30 year olds doesn’t bother me. Those guys have already put in their best years for somebody else.

        1. Biggest difference about the Machado trade is that it was made because it was a need. Seager was out for the year, his replacements. Taylor-Kike, were not getting the job done. Taylor was not having the same kind of year he had in 17. He also did not really cost the team any prime prospects. He was very disappointing in my eyes simply because his production was no where near what he was doing in Baltimore. He also, except for in the NLCS was totally worthless in the playoffs and series.

  2. Michael, I have to concur with Scott here as far as ” can we just stop with this bologna?” Since all the big name FA’s with the exception of Donaldson are off the board all anyone can do is moveon. Now in regards to thios Betts trade, It won’t happen because I cannot see Boston getting much or expecting much in return for a 1 year rental.

    1. Things are not always as they seem. You can quote me on that.

      I have a feeling that something is up. I can’t put a finger on it, but I can say with certainty that the roster will change between now and October. I know that’s not soon enough for most in here, but I’m just not that concerned. This team is good. We’ve got some exciting players entering their prime and a system that is loaded. Grumble on if you wish, but I choose to look ahead. It’s going to be a good year.

      1. There is a quote from Kasten on one of the Dodger blogs, not sure if it was Dodger Blue or Digest or one of those. Kasten said, and I quote, the team we have right now will not be the team we take into the playoffs, and he can see them going over the luxury tax. Now whether or not this is simply to placate those who are upset with the lack of action, or a statement of their future plans remains to be seen.

          1. It was also quoted on Dodger Report. And he and Plaschke have sort of a running fued right now. Plaschke rather rashly said that they were hated by most fans. I do not think they are hated. I do think that more fans than he thinks are frustrated at the lack of action. Yeah, we ALL knew Cole wanted to be a Yankee. But what surprised many was the lack of even making an offer to Rendon. Yes, he also did not want to be a Dodger, but due diligence says make and offer. No whether they do what Kasten says they will do and go over the tax before the end of the season remains to be seen. As for the subject matter of this post. I believe that Scott is close to being right. But Dustin Nosler made 3 proposals for a Betts-Price trade that actually made sense to me. Whether the Red Sox would consider any of them is another matter. But the fact remains that in order for any deal with Boston to get done, they would have to at least take Pollock as part of the deal. It is the only way the money works.

          2. We don’t know what Boston wants. They may just keep him and make a QO or they may trade him at the deadline to the highest bidder. And we sure don’t know what Friedman wants. He may wait and make free agent offers on Betts AND Lindor. As for what what fans think of ownership my guess would be most baseball fans are average hard working people and are fully aware that people like Guggenheim Partners wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. Just pay the FCI, purchase your cable packages and stfu because beyond that you are f’n irrelevant.

          3. Let’s remember that although Kasten said the roster will not be the one we have now that plays in October, honestly October is still not guaranteed anyway. 162 games still have to be played first, and the rest of the NL West teams have really one real goal in mind at this point, and that is to take down the Dodgers. WSS but all I am saying is that an 8th straight division title is not necessarily a lock.

      2. Badger

        I mean no disrespect but you could take a comment from 2,3,4 years ago that you made it would be the same thing. You keep saying the Dodgers will do this or that or make an excuse why they won’t pull the trigger on a trade or FA when you know that some teams like the Yankees do not have a problem going after a top tier player. You cannot keep making excuses for Friedman and company because they only love money, not the Dodgers and their plan is exactly what you said you want.

        1. I have no problem with them not trading Lux. One of the best prospects to come down from the farm since Belli. Now as to Cole and Rendon, they did their due diligence, and neither wanted to play for the Dodgers, so that makes signing them problematic. They made Cole a huge offer, but he wanted to be a Yankee and he got 24 million and another year more than they offered. It was also noted that some of the money was deferred. Strasburg was not on their radar at all. Now as to trades, tell me Pack, just who would you be willing to trade for Lindor? Be honest too. Who would you swap for a Betts-Price package? As long as the Indians insisted on Lux, it was never going to happen. They offered Seager and were rebuffed. One thing that AF has done is completely whiff on some free agent bullpen arms that I thought might help. You know me Pack, I am no Fraudman apologist. I do not like the way he operates and never have. I do try to understand his logic, and normally, I cannot. But I am not for stripping the farms system for one player who does not guarantee you a thing. So they trade Lux and about 3 others for Lindor. Lindor plays 2 years, they win 2 more division titles, get knocked out in the NLCS in one and lose the series in 6 the other, Lindor declares for free agency, signs somewhere else and what do you have left? A draft pick. Probably not that high in the pecking order either. I am not making excuses for Friedman or the owners, I am just trying to make sense of why or why not.

          1. Michael
            Not sure who I would trade but it would include some mixture of the likes of Pollack, Pederson, Stripling and a couple of lesser known minor leaguers for Betts/Price but could include an infielder but not all of the above. Key word= mixture. For Lindor, maybe Taylor, Kike, others and perhaps maybe just Verdugo but not much more. I never said I could put together a package that would be OK for the Red Sox or Indians but I think I could do something to sway them. You got to give to get and you know it.

        2. Friedman has not won the World Series in 5 years with the Dodgers, but Cashman has not won in 10 years with the Yankees. That’s a weak-ass argument.

          1. Last I checked Cashman has been gm and senior vice president in ny since 1998 in which the yankees have won 4 championships, 98,99,2000,2009

        3. I don’t follow pack. I’ve said many times what I thought they should do – they didn’t do it and won the West. Several times. They also got to the World Series two years and were 2 Roberts brain farts from advancing last year. I was hoping one of the three top FA pitchers would sign here, but none wanted to be Dodgers. I don’t blame Friedman for that. As for trades, I don’t trade our top prospects for rentals. Neither does Friedman.

          I’d like to see something done but when players choose to play elsewhere, like Rendon in Anaheim and Cole in New York, what can you do?

          As for my comment about ownership I stand by it. Fans are either stupid or crazy, either way ownership knows they own them. $100 for a ticket? No problem, give me 4. $150 for a jersey? I’ll take 2!” Stupid or crazy, maybe both, but absolutely owned. I’m out. I’m not spending another dime on MLB, but they don’t need me.

          1. Badger
            My point is that you give the same excuses that Friedman gives over and over and I could have told you and did that nothing will happen with the Dodgers during the winter the last 4 or 5 years, he does not acquire Top Tier talent. I about knew it when he traded Kemp. He does not care about winning the championship, just games and making money. They discussed this very thing on inside pitch on MLB radio today and they agreed the Dodgers do not care if they win a championship and they needed a good bump. Friedman is not a championship winner, he is like Kasten where playoffs are just fine. Just keep the money rolling in.

  3. Pack, knowing Badger as I do, he is not making excuses, he is stating facts and we all know AF has never gone for the premier talent in free agency. Fact, they have never given any free agent a deal longer than 4 years. Including their own. Fact, they have never given any free agent a contract calling for 9 digits. You might not believe it is about winning, but it has. You have to win in the regular season to even have a chance in the playoffs. They have done that every year they have been here. Now you name me one single player that was on the market that they could have traded for at the deadline or in the winter that puts them over the top and they win the World Series. You can’t. No one can. They traded for the 2 best available players in 2017 and 2018, and neither got them over the hump. One had a classic melt down under pressure, and the other simply played very good. And why postulate and cry about the past? it is over and done with. Yeah, the Stros cheated and it helped them win. Dodgers just could not overcome the cheating and Roberts bone headed moves. Friedman is a pawn. You need to understand that. He does exactly what ownership wants him to do. And although Kasten is the President of the team and a part owner, he answers to other people too, and winning is very important. Yeah, the money is rolling in BECAUSE they are winning. If they had won 1 division title and no WS all the fans would be totally pissed. Trying to blame Badger for saying what is the truth and simply stating facts makes no sense. I respect your opinion, but you are way off base if you think he is making excuses for AF. He is like me, he tries to understand their plan. In order to make money you have to keep winning. And the off season is not over yet. Adding Betts, Lindor, Price or who ever does not guarantee you a thing. Coming to a new league, they could suffer the same fate Machado did. He was no where near the super star he was in Baltimore, and last year in San Diego, he was not that great either. Yes, those guys would probably help the offense be less lefty heavy, and yes they bring skills to a loaded team. But the problem has not been the offense. It has been the back end of the pen. And if you want to direct any ire against Friedman, that is the area it should be directed at. The guys you proposed for Betts-Price, might be enough, but they would want at least one prospect, and sending them Joc-Pollock would offset some of the money. But no matter what, Betts is a one year rental. He has stated over and over he is testing the market, then you are stuck with Price at 32 million for 21 and 22. As for Lindor, no way Kike and Taylor come close to what the Tribe wants. They want Lux, and that is not going to happen. Sit back, relax and just wait til spring is over to see who is on the team before you blow a gasket….it will go much better for you.

    1. Michael
      You know as well as I there has been more players than I care to count that could have made the difference in just a divisional winner and a World Champion but Friedman and Company choose not to spend on TOP TIER PLAYERS, Why? Because it costs money, yet he spends money on worn out players or injury prone players or International players that never amount to anything. That is why his payroll has been so high and over the their cap. That is failure any way you cut it. He could have had GOOD players but instead we get Pollack who everyone knew got hurt all the time and guess what? He was hurt many many games with the Dodgers. He lets Ryu walk and then says it doesn’t matter. Give me a break. I am sick and tired of excusitis. I want results and he didn’t do any better than the last crowd, probably worse but many just excuse it away and give HIS excuses. I screamed that DR was a Dummy for a long time before anyone did but I was constantly put down because of it but guess what? Now many say the same thing I did. I will not let them off the hook until many of this crowd finally wise up and see it.

      1. Package206, I concur with EVERYTHING you have stated here and on other pages. I watched every game last year and although they were basically winning against teams with sub par pitching, the fact remains that Dodgers are too LH heavy in the offense and it does make it easier for teams to match up, especially later in games. Look what happens every time the Dodgers face a LHP with the lineup. But also to Michael’s point about the BP it is very true, case in point is what happened from the 8th inning on in the NLDS against the Nats. But Nats also showed how they got to and won a WS with great starting pitching . And as you are saying, I am not too thrilled with what has taken place so far this off season either. But I still will say that money may not be the only issue as to why top FA’s and other top players do not want to be here. and that is they may very well be a bit leary of the mind sets of Freidman and Roberts on the daily managing of the lineups and pitching.

        1. Paul
          Very true Paul. I think many players would be leary of being put into a platoon system or a Pitcher who is supposed to be a starter turning into a reliever. Also, some of the way Roberts makes his decisions. The fact that they cannot win the big one also may play into their thoughts plus other monetary considerations. Just a few thoughts.

      2. That is fine, you can think it sucks all you want, but if you think they care nothing about winning, you are way off base. It is all about winning, and winning in the regular season comes first. You don’t win the division and become the wild card, then it is really a crap shoot. But look what DC did as a wild card. And we are not making excuses for Friedman. That’s BS and you know it. We just look at what he does from a different point of view than you do. To you, it is all about winning the World Series. Great, I get that. We all want them to win. And you can bet ownership wants one too. Why? Simple, you think they make money now, you hang a banner in Dodger Stadium and everything sky rockets. Ticket sales, concessions, souvenirs, all of it. And sorry Pack, they really do not care what you or I or anyone else thinks. They are a business, and are run as such.

        1. Michael, there is one thing that is certain to take place, or maybe a couple things that will take place in 2020. They are:
          Dodgers will rely on a LH hitter heavy lineup, musical chairs will again take place with lineups every time Dodgers face a LHP, Roberts will make those same type of pitching decisions he made last year, and especially in October. He even told Plaschke of LA Times as such.

    2. Well put Bear. And for the record I don’t believe pack was in any way attacking me. His questions are legit.

      I’m not a Friedman fan pack. I came down pretty hard on him early and often. But I had to concede what he was doing was working. I also concede Kasten builds playoff teams, but not necessarily championship teams. And from his interview with Plaschke it would also appear he’s a condescending jackass.

      I think Cole was way overpaid. By all accounts Friedman offered $300 million. Maybe he knew Cole wasn’t coming and threw that out there just for drill, but frankly I believe that is too much for a player soon to be past prime. I was actually for signing Harper because he was 26 and will put up 4+ WAR until he’s 33 as a hitter. I figured he could DH for us too. Pitchers? I’d rather develop them than take chances on guys going into their 30s. I think it’s a different game now – pitchers are, in my opinion, too risky after 30. Prime years are 24-29. After that? Good luck.

      I’m for signing Lindor or Betts as a free agent. They look like players that will produce into their early to mid 30s. I don’t trade any of our top 3 prospects but after that I trade all of them in the right deal. A rental is not the right deal. I would consider taking on Price if it meant lower prospects went over, but I don’t see Boston doing that. All that said at this point I will not be surprised to see Friedman outbid again by somebody. Hopefully there is a free agent that WANTS to play in LA.

      1. Badger, I am not for dealing top prospects for 1 year rentals either, and Boston certainly cannot expect that much as far as Betts is concerned. I too would sign the 2 ya mentioned as FA’s .. Now keep in mind something about Nolan Arenado of the Rockies. He has a FULL NO TRADE clause and can veto any deal they attempt to make. He probably waves it to be traded to Dodgers, but Rockies don’t want to deal him to a division rival. OK, fine then, he (Arenado) by virtue of his full no trade clause can dictate where he goes, and if the Rockies don’t know it by now, Arenado most likely opts out of his deal after the 2021 season and can and most likely sign with the Dodgers but wss.

  4. The argument is moot. We all know what Friedman is. We all know how he operates. Just coming on here and pissing and moaning about changes nothing. And again Pack, you did not name this player they could trade for or sign that puts them over the hump and makes them Champions. Harper? Hardly, he was not all that in Philly last year, and the need is not on offense, it is pitching. They could have had Verlander the year the Stros traded for him, but I think they felt he was not the same pitcher he had been in previous years. That was probably a mistake. Everyone said a few years ago that Hamel would have gotten them over the top, but at what cost? They had 2 of the best starters in the majors in 2015 and still got knocked out in the NLDS. No one player guarantees you a thing. They won world championships against better teams with superior pitching. That is the thing this team has not had at all. Very good, yes, superior>? No. You want to know why they lost to DC? Simple, they had no answer for Strasburg or Scherzer. Although Buehler pitched really well in game 5, Kershaw blew the lead, they could not get it back, and the pen blew the game. But the real reason is they had no answer for Scherzer in game 4. They were up 2-1. And who do they trot out there against one of the best pitchers in the league? Lame ass Hill. Why? Because they did not trust Maeda, or May, or Urias for that matter. Had they gone and gotten a starter with some sort of track record, it may have turned out different. But that is over and done with. Had the beaten DC and then the Cardinals, chances are the Astros beat them again.

    1. We had the Nats beat late. It wasn’t starting pitching that lost that game it was the manager misusing his pen.

      It looks to me everywhere I go nobody really believes in this team. Even the positive sites have misgivings. One move here, another there, if this if that. I don’t know anymore but with each passing day I give a sh*t less. The Yankees, Nationals and Braves are spending money, which guarantees nothing. Houston and Boston are standing in front of the judge awaiting sentencing, which I believe means nothing regarding how good they will be next year. Players win games and no players will be disciplined. But right now I got the Yankees in 4.

      The Dodgers are good enough as is to win the West. After that it’s another crap shoot. I believe I read somewhere in craps you you have about a 17.5% chance. Roll them bones Andy.

      I still think we will do something. Something big seems less likely with each passing week, it’s still possible, but in my orbit this Friedman play is a rerun that is getting old. We’ll be good, we’ll win the West, Roberts will gag, we lose. Add to that bad theater the Rams suck, USC and UCLA are second tier, and I am not a LeBron fan. Not much joy in Mudville. Add to all that Timmons is threatening to sue again. What a wonderful world. Think I’ll just go to the beach, get high and watch the surf.

  5. There is an easy solution to the problem, and that is, do not expect anything dramatic, and when nothing happens, you will not be dissapointed. As for the statement Pack made about AF doing nothing over the last 5 years in the winter, well that is totally false. His first winter here he traded Kemp, Gordon, Haren, and a few others away and got Grandal, Barnes, Kike, Rollins, and Kendrick, all who made some contributions to the teams success. Did he get a big name star? No, but he was extremely busy that first offseason. His first draft netted him Buehler, and that was taking a chance seeing he was injured. His first deal actually came in November when he traded Jose Dominguez and Greg Harris to the Rays for Jose Peralta and Adam Liberatore. Over 4 day period in November he got 4 new pitchers for the team, Bolsinger and Nicasio were the other 2. Dec 11th was the Gordon trade, and Kemp was traded on the 18th. Rollins came to LA the next day. At the deadline was the huge trade with Atlanta and Miami. He got Utley in August. In 2015 he made the 3 team trade with the Sox and Reds that brought Thompson, Johnson, and Montas to LA. So although he did not make a big trade he managed to be busy signing a lot of free agents. Other than Dec 2016 and this year he has been very active in procuring players over the winter. His draft team brought you Buehler, Beaty, Rios, Gonsolin, May, Lux, Smith. Not bad.

    1. Michael
      You call all the players that he got in the off season successful? GIVE ME A BREAK! Just because he was busy does not mean he was getting anyone of note. You are so focused on trying to find something positive with Friedman that you list a bunch of nothings except maybe Buehler. He doesn’t get credit for unproven players and washed up players. The jury is still out on Beaty and Smith and Rios, Gonsolin, May and Lux are unproven. I am talking about TOP TIER PLAYERS.

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