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How Sweet It Is! Dodgers Win Opening Battle Against Giants 9-5

Dodgers vs Giants – battling for first place in the NL West. Maeda against Bumgarner. Vin Scully calling the plays. What else do ya need?

1st inning
Giants got a base hit. Nothing else.
Corey Seager slugged a two out double.
Justin Turner rocked a single to knock in Seager. 1-0

2nd inning 1-0
Maeda with a 1,2,3 inning on 8 pitches.
Rob Segedin tee’d off on Bumgarner for a solo home run.  2-0

3rd inning 2-0
Charlie Culberson cut off Corey Seager on a grounder up the middle. Wrong play.  Seager’s momentum was carrying him to scoop up the ball and make the throw to first for the out. Culberson was running away from first and had to make the same acrobatic spin throw that got Ruben Tejada‘s leg broken in the Utley slide. Culberson could not make the play. The runner was safe, and that rookie mistake came back to haunt the Dodgers.
Men on 2nd and 3rd, with one out. A bloop single by Angel Pagan made it 2-1.
Another single made it 2-2.
Corey Seager pinged out his second hit of the night.
JT with another single to send Seager to third!
Gonzo wiith a sac fly RBI. 3-2

4th inning 3-2
With men on 1st and 3rd the Giants tried a double steal. Grandal straight dealt to third and gunned the runner out. 2 out.
Maeda then tossed an excellent slow breaking ball, followed by another on the outside corner to strike out Bumgarner and end the inning.

5th inning  3-2
Another Giants rally that started with a mistake. This time, a passed ball by Yasmani Grandal. The official scorer faulted Maeda with a passed ball, but no way. Grandal should have made that stop. Either way, the runner advanced and was cashed in. 3-3
Kiké Enrique Hernandez finally paid off his start and hit a lead off single. He was immediately erased on a come-backer to Bumgarner.
Kendrick and Seager on 1st and 2nd, one out.
JT hit a little nubber to third that couldn’t be played. Bases loaded!
Gonzo brought home the butter and eggs with a clutch base hit! 5-3

6th inning  5-3
Jesse Chavez in. Single, stolen base, single, score. 5-4
Adam Liberatore in. DP to get the job done.
Chase Utley in. Base hit.
Andrew Toles with a PH gapper!!! Scores Utley. 6-4

Kiké base hit! 7-4

7th inning  7-4
Joe Blanton in. Struck out two. Job done.

8th inning
Blanton still in. He got two out and the skipper went for the four out save with Kenley Jansel. One pitch and job done.
With one on, up came Andrew Toles.
KABOOM! A two-run home run to CF. 9-4

9th inning 9-4
With two out and two strikes, Jansen gave up a home run. He then got the next batter to close things out.

Dodgers Win! 9-5 

Kenta Maeda was not as strong tonight as his past few outings, but he kept the game close. He was snakebit for two runs by two misplays from his defense. The first was Culberson cutting off Seager’s probable out in the 3rd, and later, on Grandal’s passed ball in the fifth.

Two games in a row: Andrew Toles and Rob Segedin bashed home runs.

ROY Watch: Seager remains hot. 3 hits and a walk. 14 game hitting streak.

Speaking of a hot bat: Gonzo has a 16 game hitting streak. He came up huge with two critical RBIs in the fifth.

Did somebody say “Hot bats”?: The 3,4,5 hitters went 8 for 12, with 2 walks tonight.

Kenta Maeda (W 13-7) went 5 innings with 6 hits, 3 runs, 4 walks, 4 Ks.

Home runs: Segedin, Toles

Team with RISP: 4 for 11

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

93 thoughts on “How Sweet It Is! Dodgers Win Opening Battle Against Giants 9-5

  1. Offense saves the starter again. Maeda stunk pure and simple. The guy walked four and was in trouble in every inning but the second. Threw 100 pitches in 5 innings. No wonder the bullpen is nearly exhausted. Personally, I think Pederson catches Pagan’s soft liner to CF. Kike held up instead of charging the ball. Had he come in on the run he probably would have caught that ball belt high. Culberson made a mistake that he should not have made. And he is no rookie so he should have known better. Maeda and Grandal had communication problems again. For some reason this happens almost every time Grandal catches Maeda. There was a passed ball that should have been a wild pitch because Maeda totally crossed Grandal up. But he also threw a bunch of pitches in the dirt, and got himself in hot water constantly. Posey got an RBI single on the biggest lollipop pitch you have ever seen. Why Grandal called that pitch is beyond me. First pitch of an at bat, you do not throw a nothing change up to one of the best hitters in the league. They won the game, but it was far from pretty. Thank goodness for the offense.

    1. Well, stunk might be a strong word since as you point out there were a couple of plays that should have been made. He kept his team in the game. Five innings and four runs is the new quality start for Dodger pitching. Obviously someone forgot to go over signs with runner on second with the translator.

      1. Snider
        On the after show, they said that the Dodgers changed some of there signs, before they played the Giants yesterday, to make sure that the Giants couldn’t steal any signs, or in case scouting didn’t catch anything, on the Dodgers, before this game.

        1. Maeda did not “stink, pure and simple”. Stink is reserved for what Brett Anderson provided in his 3 innings of work this year

      2. Translation……he stunk…….yeah, there were a couple of questionable plays by the Dodger defense, but the point remains that he got himself into more trouble than they did. Bullpen gives up one run, and the offense pours it on again, so we win. But they had better get some innings out of someone soon or the BP is going to wear down eventually.

    2. Michael

      Bumgarner threw Turner the same kind of pitch, and Turner hit in the first run with that pitch.

      Culbersons mistake was bad because Maeda wasn’t sharp last night, and that mistake caused Maeda to have to throw more pitches, and allowed the Giants to score two runs, that they shouldn’t have.

      1. I watched the game. He tried to fool Turner and threw a cookie. But it was not on the first pitch of the at bat either. Turner reached out and pulled the ball on the ground through the hole. Posey got one chest high on the outside and slammed a line drive to center. You don’t throw a hitter like that a pitch that looks like a balloon .

      1. Hawkeye

        Kike doesn’t play often, and he plays center, even less.

        And Joc only plays center, nothing else.

        It is hard to play a position, better then the person, that plays that position all the time.

        And Joc plays center well.

        But Joc does go back on a ball, much better, then he comes up on a ball, and he is a good centerfielder.

        Kike was just probably trying to be careful, because if he doesn’t catch the ball, it might get by him.

  2. Tomorrow’s game will be very tough. Roberts won this game. With so many early miscues, I think Mattingly’s team would have folded. And I loved how Roberts brought back the lefties after we knocked Bumgarner out of the game. Utley’s foot worries me, but we’ve got insurance in Kendrick at 2B and it’s still August. Maybe just keep him around in the clnhouse for pinch hit duty until his food gets better.

    Let’s see what Rich Hill is made of.

  3. That was a pleasant surprise. Wouldn’t have thought the team could bat around Bum with such ease. At this point I shouldn’t be surprised. This offense is now really good. Since the break it leads the majors by a wide margin. Hopefully it continues and they don’t peak too early, if there is such a thing as peaking in baseball. Hopefully the offense and the bullpen can carry this team until reinforcements arrive.

    So, the Dodgers accomplished two things last night: they extended their lead on the Gints, and they set the MLB record for players on the disabled list. The fact that they accomplished the first in spite of the second is pretty remarkable. No doubt some here will withhold credit to the front office for the first while blaming it for the second.

  4. The Dodgers are in first place despite setting a record for most players of the DL ever. Of course that is FAZ fault for acquiring all 27 of those players, many of you will erroneously say. Yeah, it’s their fault the 27 players went to the DL, but they get no credit for a bteam in first place! Right!

    I wish some of you could learn. When Kershaw went down in late June, I said that this could be a good thing and was promptly trashed by many because “what possible good could come out of that.” That galvanized them as a team. They realized it was on each and every one of them to pick it up… and they did. That’s what good came out of it.

    Listen, watch and learn. Many of you still moan and groan over every little detail even though the Dodgers are solidly in first place. If I didn’t know better, I would think the Dodgers were a sub .500 team with all the illogical rants. Anderson and McCarthy had extensive injury histories, but your irrational hatred of anything FAZ will not let the logical side of your brains focus on the reality that Kershaw, Ryu, Kazmir and the other 24 players on the DL are mostly just bad luck and despite it, the Dodgers are in first place near the end of August.

    Of course, even when they win, you can’t give FAZ any credit and now you are in Roberts corner after saying that he was just FAZ’ puppet. It’s the same thing, day-in-and-day-out. You can’t even enjoy first place. It’s more than pathetic it’s a lynch mob mentality, led by a bunch of old men who don’t like the youngsters running the Dodgers, because you can’t (or won’t) understand it.

    All year many of you have mocked the Dodgers “depth” but after 27 trips to the DL how do you explain First Place without “depth?” Total BS! You are so blinded by hatred of anything FAZ you cannot see how sophomoric your circular arguments are. It’s irrational, illogical and completely devoid of reason.

    I think today is very important. The Dodgers do need Rich Hill to pitch well. I can’t see him pitching more than 6 innings, but it is needed. This could be the most important game of the year. Maeda needs to pitch on six days rest the rest of the season. Hopefully, Clayton will be back and Urias and De Leon can give us QS in September.

    The fact that we are in first place is because they have built a “team” and have a manager who gets these guys to play their asses off. I also have heard (not verified) that a poll was taken on the Dodgers and, to a man, they do not want Yasiel Puig back! I don’t know if that is true, but it smacks of the truth!

    Lighten up – enjoy the ride. What a game last night! We have the third best record in the NL and the sad part is that some of you are pissed off the team is doing so well. I think you might be happier if they were losing so you could tear FAZ a new one!

    1. Last night was a BIG win. And I do agree that tonight’s game is the ‘biggest game to date’, but there will be others. This is the fun part of the year.

      I give Roberts a lot of credit cause it is obvious that he has been given lemons (McCarthy, Anderson, Wood, Kazmir, Norris, Puig, etc.) and has made lemonade.

      Is it coincidental that for the second straight year, when Puig has vanished from the clubhouse that the team has excelled. I think not. One must ask oneself, why keep spending money on Cuban prospects?

      Didn’t Grienke voice the concern last year about Puig? Maybe, just maybe Grienke would have given the Dodgers last chance of signing himself IF they would have said, we’ll move Puig….now will you accept our offer. Just sayin.

      3 games up or 1 game up after tonight…..will big game Cueto show up or will it be big game Rich Hill (has he ever pitched in a big game?)

      1. Chili
        It is funny because I was thinking about Greinke and Puig this morning too.

        I bet Greinke regrets going after that extra money now, because I think he probably wishes he was on this team, especially with Puig gone.

        I think Toles might stop some of the talk about Puig now, for a while.

        If Puig was up now, and continued to fade under pressure, when he is up to bat with runners in scoring position, everybody would be all over Puig for doing that.

        Most of the Puig talk, is because Reddick hasn’t produced at all, and that is normal.

      2. Greinke said the Dodgers had an excellent clubhouse especially last year and it was no part in his decision. He’s a mercinary and went where the money was. Legacy and history meant nothing to him.

    2. Mark
      I do give you credit about saying when Kershaw went down, that may make this team stick togther, and play better.

      And if Kershaw makes it back, and I think he will, that will suprise a few people too, who thought Kershaw was through for the year.

    3. There you go, wasting brain cells on us unwashed morons again. For your own good, I beg of you to desist. Or were you just fooling us when you threatened to do so?

    4. Mark, I think you mistake ignorance for what really is frustration. Most long time fans are the ones most frustrated. Yes, the team is playing well and over coming adversity and a ton of injury’s that obviously the front office did not anticipate. The fans get down on FAZ, and I have been one of them, because he is the one who signed most of these guys. To them, it is a lack of knowledge of the players history, or a total disregard for that history. I give them credit where credit is due as far as retooling the farm system, and yes, they have a ton of depth. They have a plan as you say and they are pretty much sticking to that plan. Last year they lost 2 of the 5 starters, Ryu and McCarthy. This year they lost all 5 effectively for long stretches. They have mixed and matched with mixed results. They now have a collection of guys who cannot seem to get past the 5th inning. So the bullpen has become a revolving door with OKC. The elevator up and down to AAA has been very busy. What probably frustrates fans so much is this is not what Guggenheim said they were going to do when they took over the team. They said they were committed to winning now. The trades and free agent signings FAZ has made do not really make the fans feel that statement is true. The fans wanted a big splash and they got a mild ripple. Maybe the trade with the A’s works out and Rich Hill is a true #2. Maybe Reddick rediscovers his bat and becomes a force at the plate. Maybe Kershaw can make 5 starts in September and they go on to win the division. All well and good. But it’s picking up guys like Tepesch and a few others that boggle the mind. Trying to trade Puig for a bag of balls pretty much from what I have been reading. But the bottom line is this. Do you honestly believe, and this is a real question, that this team, as configured right now, can beat the Cubs? Especially in a series where starting pitching is so vital? Most fans doubt they have the stuff to do it.

  5. Just read through comments on the last thread. I wish I could up vote many of the comments.

    I guessed right on 7 of the 8 players in the lineup for yesterday’s game. I had Joc in CF and Kike’ at second. Didn’t see Culbertson being called up. That surprised me.

    If the Dodgers were confident in Toles, Pederson, Kendricks, and Segeden for outfielders, I wonder if they would consider trading Reddick. He obviously has passed waivers already unless he would have to pass again after being traded to the Dodgers.

    1. He didn’t have to pass waivers since he was traded in July. I think the Dodgers ran him through waivers a few weeks ago and if so, he could be traded again with no waivers required. Here’s hoping he is but I doubt anyone is interested at all.

    2. He was traded at the deadline. You do not need waivers before the Aug 1 deadline. He would have to be waived this time though

  6. Segedin and Toles will get more playing time. Both were reclamation projects by FAZ. Toles was out of baseball last year. Segedin was thinking about giving baseball up.

    If Seager or Urias would of been traded in the last two years we would all be asking for FAZ’s scalp. I really do not care who we would of gotten in return. Not to trade those two was the best decision FAZ made. Seager is a beast.

    I hope there is a spot for Either when he comes back. He deserves to be on this team. I see no place for Reddick on this team. That trade does not look good unless Hill is very good.

    It would not surprise me that the players do not want Puig back. If Agon, Utley, and Kendrick say no, then it should be no.

    1. Either will be back in September, after the 25 man roster limit is expaned.
      Once again I have to sort of disagree, that we owe thanks to FAZ for not trading Seager and Urias. I think he would have traded them for a barrel full of garbage, as is his want, wiser heads, Kasten and Guggenheim forbade it, realizing that they are The Franchise, the fans would have never forgiven them.

  7. Now that Utley has to rest his ankle my lineup against Cueto (Q8o?) would be:

    LF Toles
    CF Pederson
    SS Seager
    3B Turner
    1B Agon
    C Grandal
    2B Kendrick
    RF Reddick

    The stats support this lineup and I liked last night’s 3, 4, 5 hitters = Seager, Turner, Agon

  8. Being an equal opportunist, I think it’s time to get back on the hate Honeycutt Train…
    Spot on Mark, but as you know that hurts a little… 1st. place by 2 against the hated ones…
    Lets see if Cueto can disappear a little early this year…
    Very anxious to see Deleon get a shot…

  9. Didn’t initially see the second 23rd thread.

    Yeah, that went well. These giants aren’t the same first half giants. I hope they stay asleep. And will we keep hitting like this? We’re good, but we’re not this good. Nobody is this good offensively.

    But for now? Yeah, 9 runs against these guys is fun.

    Pitching still sucks.

    1. That’s the part that makes it hard to understand this team. The starting pitching can barely go 5 innings but apparently that can be worked around. Of course it helps to have a SF which is torturing it’s fan base.

  10. I give all the credit to Roberts. There was a quote in USA Today, where JP Howell said that even after winning the division 3 straight years, this years team is the first group he can call a team of grinders. By that he said he means a team that just keeps trying to score and just keep marching along.

    Today’s a new day and I think we can get to Cueto. He must be tired out at this point in the season. I’m looking for some fireworks from Pederson and Reddick tonight.

  11. A quick comment on the Major League record for broken players – none of us are surprised by this. Even the phants in all honesty can’t be surprised. Dealing in bargain by injury players is what they’ve been doing since FAZ got here. Of course many will go down, but they make up for it in shear numbers. I have no idea exactly how many moves have been made but I wouldn’t be surprised if it totaled over 400. You keep throwing darts one or two are likely to hit the target. There are some good players they picked up that are still standing. Good for them. But the best players on this team were here when Friedman arrived.

    1. I read that. And their preview of the game was classic too. “How are the Dodgers in first place?” They asked. Some great writers on that blog, but I think they are seriously lacking the mojo we have here.

      1. Read both. Bisbee is a witty writer. I have to relish his pain, though. It’s fun to read him twist and turn.

  12. The birds are singing, the sun is shining! What a beautiful day!

    I never get tired of watching Midget players filing into the clubhouse after a game and looking back, one last time at the “House of Horrors”. Their dejected look has ALWAYS brought me much joy.

    Well played last night FAZ. A quick recap.

    Dodger starter, FAZ acquisition Maeda, didn’t bring his “A” game last night, but, still outdueled the Snotrocket for the win!

    After Maeda, FAZ acquisitions, LIberatore and Blanton, pitched 2.1 innings of PERFECT relief, slamming the door on the hated one’s faces. Thanks again FAZ for that awesome bullpen.

    Meanwhile, FAZ acquisitions were busy pounding the ball AGAIN!!

    Hernandez, 2 hits
    Segedin, 1 hit, a home run, good job Papa
    Utley, 1 hit,
    Toles, 2 hits, including a home run, who can’t root for this kid?

    And, of course, the kid so many wanted traded for Hamels.
    Seager, 3 hits, could this kid become only the third player to win ROY and MVP? Yes, he could. I don’t care if I have to say it for the next 15 years, Good job FAZ for not bowing to the pressure and trading him!!

    A truly good night to be a Dodger fan!!!! After reviewing the prior thread from last night, I can see that many are boarding the FAZ train. The enjoyment FAZ has brought to so many here, with the exciting players they have acquired, pleases me very much. Thank you FAZ.

    Yes, the FAZ PLAN, has something for everyone! Most of us are enjoying this year’s whoopings of the hated ones. Others, like Badger, have boarded the FAZ train and have wholeheartedly embraced the FAZ 2018 plan. And who can blame him? 2018 is shaping up to be a team with 5-7 ACES with a young powerhouse lineup. Whatever year FAZ PLAN you embrace, you are sure to be rewarded. Reminds me of my first trip to Disneyland as a child. So many choices.

    1. We know you guys do that “Seager for Hamels” thing on purpose now. Not gonna work anymore. De Leon and Holmes would have done it. All baseball experts think so.

      btw, De Leon a TBD now. Any day.

      I approve of the FAZ future plan. I think we should be in pretty good shape then, as long as we don’t do anymore 3 top prospects for old blistered pitchers and weak hitting rentals. Finding part timers like Toles and Segedin have my approval. But their choices in pitchers have me a bit bumfuzzled. And by the way, it looks to me like 5 innings and 3 earned IS Maeda’s A game.

      We are damn lucky the midgets have gone to sleep. But, we are currently pounding the ball so, ef them. Like I mentioned at the end of the other thread, only the Cubs can beat us 10-9. The current gints can’t get out of their own way. Even Bochy is scratching his size 8 1/4 Shrek head and if he can’t figure it out nobody can. Fun to watch isn’t it.

      1. Thanks for mentioning Bochy. I loved how he had to stop his “relief” pitcher from running off the field so quick. It was as if the pitcher had seen an “Axe Murderer” or something!!

      2. “De Leon and Holmes would have done it. All baseball experts think so.”

        Where do you get this stuff? You just completely made that up.

      3. I’ve never been to this site before, but this comment caught my eye:


        Could you please reply with some proof of this? Despite my noob status here, I read a lot online and have NEVER, EVER seen that reported by anyone I deem an expert.

        Thanks in advance.

    2. I’m not on board this model. Not because it isn’t a proven model. Over a long season it has shown to work in Tampa and Oakland. I just don’t like this style of baseball of lousy starting pitching and a parade of cast off relief pitchers building frequent flier miles between LA and AAA. I’m glad we won but it’s just one game. Still more innings for the bullpen to eat up. Yippee!

      Seager great rookie season. Inflate him to possible MVP? I won’t. Steiner brought that up last night. Rick Monday didn’t follow along.

      I wish Watford was still here he would understand this issue of winning and still being booed off the pitch. Both teams stunk last night with terrible starting pitching, pitches in the dirt, and a bone head play to steal 3B.

      But I do like your Disneyland analogy. This is entertainment. And a battle for the entertainment dollar. Though I don’t find error filled baseball very entertaining.

      “See it’s only entertainment. A superficial urgency, poster board mentality”.

      1. I think the point you made above, and this one, are both sound artie. It just doesn’t feel like winning with such shaky starting pitching is sustainable. Yes, we’ve been winning with offense, but remember how long we went without it? Will this team regress to the mean before October? It seems logical to expect that. For now – this is fun.

        And there are a lot of guys I would like to see come back. Good to see Brooklyn posting again, though he does seem a bit reserved. We got splintered in here.

    3. Boxout7

      This game was won from Roberts
      his coaches, and the players.

      I don’t understand why some people act like the front office, is the star of this team.

      They have helped the team with some good deals, and there has been deals that are questionable.

      That is normal, people are not perfect, but why root for the front office, instead of the team itself?

      Give credit to a manager and his players, who have played there heart out, since Kershaw went out.

      And Roberts, and the players, have had to deal with more then just Kershaw going out.

      The starting pitching rotation has not been that good, and the rotation, is very questionable everyday.

      I don’t mean to get all over you, but that argument really stands some where in the middle, and if Roberts had not did a good job bonding these players into a team, from the begining of spring training, who knows where the Dodgers would be today.

      This team is more about the human condition much like Mark speculated, when he said that this team might bond together, and play there hearts out, and play even harder, to compensate, for Kershaw going out.

      1. “I don’t understand why some people act like the front office, is the star of this team.”

        I do.

        This team has talent. Everyone but Truth (miss his take) figured them to be in it to the end. The questions have been about the three hundred fortyleven moves that have been made. Many are head scratchers.

        But for now – I’m good.

  13. Seager has had a very good season but his numbers aren’t quite all that. He is a shoo in for the ROY but there are at least 3 other players that will get more votes in the MVP balloting than Seager with all 3 more deserving. Those 3 are Kris Bryant (whom I think will win the award unless he and Rizzo split the votes), Anthony Rizzo and Daniel Murphy. Even though I like Seager a lot my vote for Dodgers MVP this year would go to Turner. When Turner got going, the Dodgers offense took off.

    1. Chili
      I agree about Turner.

      And the fact there have been a lot of different players on this team, that have been valuble, and that is a good thing.

      I thought last night, was one of Cory’s best games of the season.

      He got to Bumgarner, with Bumgarner’s very first pitch.

      Bumgarner couldn’t believe that a leftie hitter, almost took him deep, when Cory hit his first pitch, for a double.

      And in Cory’s very last at bat against Bumgarner, Cory got a walk after being behind on the count, with two strikes to Bumgarner, and that made Bumgarner mad.

      Because Bumgarner wanted to get Cory out badly, after Cory got those first two hits off Bumgarner.

      Cory, Turner, and Agone, were something like 9 for ten last night.

      And that was against a pitcher, that might be the Cy Young winner, this year, unfortunately.

      I am hoping those runs we scored on Bumgarner, might get in his way, of getting that award.

      But I don’t know if those runs will do that, because Strasberg went out on the DL.

      And really Kershaw deserved that award, more then any other pitcher, but he is going to miss the innings he needs, to get that award.

  14. I think Seager does have a shot at MVP, but he’ll need a really big September to get to the magic .300/30/100 numbers. Seems Kris Bryant is the guy everybody likes, and Cubs are the darlings, so he’ll get tons of votes.

    I think we need to keep playing Toles. Regardless of how much we traded to get Reddick, it’s all about winning now. And Toles so far is helping with that more than Reddick is. Tonight we’ll see how good our trade with Oak was. Reddick and Hill most likely in the lineup for the first time together.

    And it’s hilarious that the Dodgers win, are now 2 games up, and some people need to make each thread about themselves and not the Dodgers. Guess I need to work on my ego some more so I too can talk about myself on this blog day in and day out.

    Also, as MJ mentioned yesterday, Walker Beuhler got up to 97mph yesterday, in his first game back from tj surgery! That is really impressive, considering he’ll still be getting stronger.

    1. Bobby
      I agree about Toles.

      He has showed us, since his first at bat in the bigs, that he is not afraid, to play at the major league level.

      He is another one of these players, that can slow the game down.

      And I guess he can hit lefties, occasionally.

      Toles has really good bat speed, and good wheels.

      And he is a player that Wills or Roberts, would love to take under there wings.

      That is also great news about our young pitcher, he might be a even better pitcher, then his college roommate, Michael Wacha.

    2. I agree Seager has a shot. Definitely hard to overcome the Cubs bias though. Rizzo could take some votes from Bryant. Seager has to finish strong. He won’t get 100 RBI’s because he bats 2nd but he could score 100 runs and lead the NL in hits. Murphy will deserve votes considering Harper’s year.

  15. Bobby, no ego work necc. Just enjoy the 2 game lead…
    Our MILB pitching future is lights out… Our 2017/8 staff will be a lot of fun to watch… Of course pretty good trade mat’l also to pick up a future FA…

  16. P.S. Lets just enjoy what we have in Seager for the next ten years or so…
    2017 run away ROY and top 3-5 MVP candidate…

  17. Walker Buehler should be in the rotation next year. If I were the Dodgers I would bring him on slowly and have him start by mid-May,because he will be on an innings count.

    He could be a #2 – that’s his top.

    Toles and Segedin have to play over Reddick RIGHT NOW. Let them show what they can do. I’m not anti-Reddick, but they have shown a lot right about now. REWARD THAT!

    Next year:

    1. Kershaw
    2. Buehler
    3. Urias
    4. De Leon
    5. Stewart

    ????? hummmmmmm….

    McCarthy, Kaz and Maeda could get traded.

    Ryu might retire

    Anderson is gone

    Hill and Norris won’t re-sign.

    Ross Stripling is the swing man.

    1. And, Alvarez, Abdullah, De Jong, Oaks and others will have a chance of shuttling up to the MLB Dodgers for a spot start or key relief appearance.

    2. Nobody would trade a bag of balls for McCarthey or Kaz, and Maeda has too good a contract to even think about giving him/it up. McCarthey and Kazmir’s contract are also a factor that would make them untradeable, unless the Dodgers eat a lot of it. Your brain cell loss is becoming apparent…

  18. Tonight in all honesty is a huge huge game going forward for this year. Because if Rich Hill is healthy, and if he can throw like threw it for Oakland this year, then we have our legit #2 playoff starter and rotation anchor until Kersh returns.

    So far we’ve been winning with starters pitching for less than half the game!! It still doesn’t make any sense how we’re doing it. But if Hill throws like the guy we traded for, then things suddenly get really interesting!!

    1. Yeah I agree it doesn’t make sense. But that is because we have been trained that starting pitching is always first: Koufax and Drysdale; Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz.

      But I do like the mentality being tossed around on this blog….Lets enjoy the ride!

    1. If you did have a magic wand you could do more than that with it.

      Wave it again and see what happens. Think starting pitching.

      1. Just looking for a way to propose that trade without someone being able to say the Braves or Dodgers wouldn’t do that trade.

        btw, on second wave, Koufax starts tonight for the Dodgers.

        1. Kemp just passed waivers and is available free to anyone who will pay the remaining $60MM on his contract. Reddick is a lame duck free agent (who currently isn’t hitting a lick) who has zero trade value. Kemp’s remaining contract, $20MM plus the rest of this year, is a huge handicap to anyone trading for him. Now if Atlanta wants to pay $40MM of the $60MM due Kemp over the next three years in trade for Ethier, FAZ just might be interested…

          1. Kemp’s remaining contract, $20MM plus the rest of this year, is a huge handicap to anyone trading for him.
            That should have been Ethier, not Kemp…

        2. Bum
          Kemp turned me off, when he opened his mouth.

          And I don’t like the fact that Kemp really didn’t get in shape, to play this season.

          I heard someone in the Braves front office or there owner, called Kemp on not being in shape.

          That tells me that Kemp doesn’t care.

    2. Matt drove in 3 last night. I am not too impressed with FAZ. We all know that. I think the way that they operate with a small market mentality is not what is expected in the 2nd largest market in the majors. They have a plan as Mark says. They have executed a large part of the plan by retooling the minor league system, and by reducing payroll. They have jettisoned some unproductive players and eaten large sums of cash to do it, Crawford, and Guererro, who last year was everybody’s darling. A few on here insist that FAZ did a great job NOT trading Seager and Urias. I disagree. I am pretty sure there is NO WAY ownership would have signed off on trading the 2 best prospects this organization had seen in years. And they would have had the final word. 2 prospects who by the way were here BEFORE FAZ arrived. Now, we will have to wait a few years to see how the draft picks pan out that the new FO has drafted. I do not believe like Mark does, that Buehler will be in the rotation next year. He is at least 2 years out. The guys he says could be traded, have little trade value. Who in their right mind wants Kazmir? McCarthy has 2 years left on his deal. They going to eat 24 million? Well I guess they could, but that’s a pretty bad business decision. So we have to wait and see how it all works out. 1 win over the hated ones does not a season make.

      1. I don’t believe Mark really believes Buehler will be in the rotation next year. Let’s remember this prediction. He throws a lot out there and reminds us when one hits.

        I do agree that McCarthy and/or Kazmir could be traded though. There are no good free-agent pitchers. GM’s understand what the recovery for a TJ is like so MCCarthy is definitely tradeable. Kazmir didn’t help things when he announced to the world that he’s had this neck issues for years. Maeda’s contract would be attractive to other teams.


        Those guys should be enough while Buehler, Dejong, and Alvarez move up the ladder.

  19. “Seager has had a very good season, but his numbers aren’t quite that”. Here are his projected 162 game average. BA-326, OBP-387, SLG-547, RBI-85, HR-28. Then someone says his numbers aren’t quite that. He is a rookie. What more do you want.

      1. And the only reason Cory had a slow start, was because he missed almost all of spring training, because he hurt his knee, in spring training.

        What other rookie, could have that happen, and have a season, like Cory has, up to now?

  20. Who is going to be in the starting rotation for the next two weeks or longer? Here are my thoughts. Maeda, Hill, Urias, Stripling and Stewart/Norris will start. I just do not think DeLeon will come up until September.

  21. Question. Who gets the heave-ho so they can activate Hill???? Any theories??? Opinion: With Utley day to day it cannot be Culberson….they are short on middle infielders…………..bye bye Avilan?

    1. Michael
      Chase has been dealing with this sore foot, for a month.

      Kike and Howie are there, if we need someone.

      I personally don’t see Utley being out that much.

  22. Can you imagine being the sales person who handles purchasing the plane tickets between LA and OKC? Man, that person must be filthy rich by now.

    1. The FAZ is definitely job creators Tim.

      I agree with Michael about the apparent small market mentality. It’s not what we are used to, but it is certainly what FAZ knows. I’m still waiting for the big market star signing, and haven’t seen it yet. As I have often said, I think they will eventually bid for a star, but not for a while. My guess is we see more of the same for at least another year.

        1. Turner will be 32 in November. He makes only $5mm now. (Bargain to be sure). What do you think a 32 year old on bandaid knees will be worth on the open market? Remember he’s never played more than 126 games and to date has never had a season with 500 at bats. He might be AL material for his next stop.

  23. MLBTR says Cespedes is not going to opt out. I think he’s making a mistake. Staying on means he makes $50MM for the two years and $17MM-$18MM as a a QO, if that is still in play. Then he’s a 34 year old outfielder looking for a contract. If it were me, I’d opt out and try to sign a 5 or 6 year contract at $25MM per. I think he could get that.

    1. Wondering
      Cespedes aproached the Mets to make this deal.

      That is because Cespedes likes playing in NY, and he really didn’t have many teams, interested in him, late in the off season, like Howie.

      But you are right it would be best for Cespedes to opt out, epecially with all of the different cars, that Cespedes has bought.

      I knew Kazmir wouldn’t opt out from the begining, and we know now, he won’t be opting out, with his injury problems.

      I wonder if Kazmir is really that badly hurt, because they only have him out for ten days I believe.

      I could be wrong about that though.

  24. Hopefully we won’t have to worry about Anderson (we call him Ballet Bret on dodger site) and for obvious reasons. A big one is he is the least athletic of any pitcher we have had, as he continues to get injured trying to field his position. Also I would not miss Kazmir or Mccarthy if we don’t see them for rest of this year. the signings of these 3 pitchers was an example of poor judgment of pitching by this small market minded FO . And we are seeing the fallback as a result. But good news is we may finally see DeLeon this weekend against Cubs.;
    August 24, 2016 2:57 pm
    Dodgers’ Jose De Leon: Candidate to start Saturday
    by RotoWire Staff | RotoWire
    De Leon seems like a top candidate to start Saturday against the Cubs in place of Scott Kazmir (neck).

    The stars seem aligned for De Leon’s long-awaited major league debut, as Kazmir is on the DL and De Leon is coming off his most dominant performance yet with Triple-A Oklahoma City. De Leon took a no-hitter into the seventh inning Monday and finished with 10 strikeouts over seven scoreless innings, his second straight start with double-digit strikeouts and zero walks. He has posted a 2.86 ERA, .199 BAA and 98:20 K:BB in 78.2 innings with Oklahoma City this season. An official announcement regarding Saturday’s starter may not come until later in the week.

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