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Adrian Gonzalez Dealing With Rusty Neck Again

Adrian Gonzalez

We have the first rusty neck of the spring and the award goes to Adrian Gonzalez. You like what I did there guys? Just a little bit of Oscar humor for you. The club is reporting that Gonzalez sat out Sunday’s workouts as a precautionary measure after some base-running drills on Saturday went awry and caused his rusty neck to flare up. He’s stated that it’s not a major problem and he’ll continue to play through it as he has for the last several years.

The problem is on the right side of his neck and it can limit his motion while he turns to face the pitcher while in the batter’s box. Apparently Gonzo originally suffered the injury while with the Padres back in 2011. If you remember he had to have surgery on his shoulder during that winter.

“There’s not much we can do about it. It’s a bulging disk and it’s too risky to operate. Just pain management. I wasn’t smart with the base-running drill. I have to stay away from things that irritate it.”

We’ve seen Gonzo dealing with the injury since he joined the Dodgers. He states that it’s more about pain management than anything. It’s too risky to operate on and only bothers him occasionally when he does things like base-running drills. Perhaps this is why he’s so slow running the bases. Regardless of the injury, Gonzalez has been a rock. He’s been one of the most consistent Dodgers over the last few seasons. Last season he played in 156 games. He played in 159 games in 2014, and 157 in 2013. Gonzalez has played in 1,648 MLB games over his 12 major league seasons. He’s also recorded over 640 plate appearances with the Dodgers from 2013-2015. Gonzo has 6,974 career plate appearances, and 6,171 at-bats.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

55 thoughts on “Adrian Gonzalez Dealing With Rusty Neck Again

  1. Looks like the Spotlight is on Agon.
    If the pain gets to the point that he can’t hit his weight, does he retire or go on the disabled list for the rest of his contract? Hurry up Mr. Bellinger.

  2. Bellinger is two years out. Backup at first base is Van Grandur. I think Gonzalez will be fine and do what he always does. I believe he will do it to the end of his contract.

      1. Scott, you are missing Badger’s Fantasy Baseball Daily. It spreads insidiously and leaves people with a lack for gray matter! So sorry Truth! – There is a cure – it’s called REALITY!

        CBS Sports has the Dodgers #6 in the power poll and says this:

        Too much focus on losing Zack Greinke and not replacing him with another ace would not do justice to this roster. It’s incredibly talented and deep. There’s enough here to be the best team in baseball this season.

        These guys don’t want to read stuff like that! So, that make crap up!

        1. Power rankings for the Dodgers thus far:
          Sports Illustrated – 4th
          USA Today – 6th
 – 4th
 – 9th
          CBS Sports – 6th

        2. lol, I still love you Mark but I just disagree with the talent assessment this year, that is all! Like I said before, I hope I am wrong, I will gladly eat crow on this, I am sure Badger would too.

          1. I would keep it as is, I was in the camp of NOT resigning Greinke and predicted FAZ wouldn’t. I see good things happening, just not this year.

  3. So, when this team if finally ready in 2017 or 2018 — AGon will be on his last neck (or is it leg)? That is how we build around Clayton and AGon — and the new guys will be learning how to be major leaguers.

    Did they play intersquad games this past weekend?

  4. I don’t see why some people, are in such a hurry, to get rid of Agone. Agone has been the most consistent offensive player, on the Dodgers. And he will be a big help for Cory, and the other infielders, with his defense at first base. Agone is one of the best RBI guys in all if baseball, and has the second most RBIs in baseball, in the last five years. And Agone is a good guy, for a young player, to learn from. He knows how a pitcher, will attack him, and makes adjustments in almost every at bat, that he has. And he always adjusts his swing, when there are people on base.

  5. Adrian’s a gamer, he’s played through discomfort before. But the clock is ticking. And this is a reminder that depth is not just about quantity but quality. I think what Badger may trying to say in his post is that key injuries can throw projections and Power Rankings out the window pretty quickly. Van Slyke’s spot on the roster suddenly looks a lot more secure.

  6. Roberts says Turner will miss first week of spring games, but is on track to be ready by opening day. Gonzo is a pro. The guy knows his own body better than anyone. Obviously the choice was made not to have surgery. But if he plays 145 games rather than 156, is it that big of a deal? SVS has done well when playing there, and Gonzo is slated to get more off days, which should only be beneficial to a 34 year old ballplayer. Grandal could even play a game or so there if needed, and Utley and Turner. Bellinger was at Rancho last year which puts him at least 2 years away. I think they will be fine with what they have.

  7. I don’t think anyone wants to get rid of AGon. Even those who high expectations in replacements and those that hate ‘the trade’ surely cheer AGon’s at bats. Ink it, AGon will, as always, give many more cheers ahead.
    I’m gonna guess I must be the only one here having trouble with this site. This has been a problem since that double underlining appeared the 1st time and it’s infected my whole computer and the reason I’ve been posting less. I’m just not savvy enough to where I’m able navigate through the problems created however they came to being on this damned thing.

  8. … and so it happens. Adrian Gonzalez will be 34 on May 8th. He has been the Dodgers best offensive weapon for a few years now, but let’s get real – he is not the player he was at age 29 and he’s going to feel the aches and pains much more. Albert Pujols experienced his big drop at age 33. A-Gon seems to keep himself in better condition in the off season so maybe that will help. He will surely regress each year, but hopefully this year it won’t be much and if the players around him are better then it might not be noticed. The Dodgers have two more years of A-Gon and his contract is like CC’s: He’s untradeable, but if he can stay on the field, he can be a solid addition. I called for his trade the last two years, but it’s too late now. We are stuck with him… for better or worse. Hopefully, it’s for better!

    1. The Dodgers coveted Adrian for years before “the trade”. They looked into the future and saw that all of the big-time first basemen were being locked up via extensions by their teams and that the cupboard was bare in the minors for first basemen. He’s been the Dodgers’ most consistent offensive player since they obtained him. Here is Jon Weisman’s take:
      “Gonzalez is essentially the fourth-most prolific first baseman in Dodger history, which isn’t breaking news, but is still impressive for someone who joined the Dodgers after his 30th birthday …”
      The Dodgers need Gonzalez to be good for a few more years. Not only is he a steady performer, he is a solid to great defender and a great clubhouse presence. There is no reason to trade him and they don’t have anyone to replace him now – maybe Bellinger in a couple of years.

  9. Hey, it isn’t ME saying the Dodgers are middle of the pack, this one is BR:

    I’ve still got us in the top 10.

    There was 1 guy who talked of moving AGon and we all know who it was. If he gets proper rest he is still a 3 WAR player and we want as many of those in the lineup as we can get. He, Seager and Puig are the 3+ WAR players I see when I look at our lineup. Pitchers? We have 1. Pederson and Turner certainly could be as could Grandal if he can stay healthy.

    1. Badger I read that article in Bleacher Report, and they rank the Dodgers 14, the Dbacks 15, and the Giants 4. I don’t think the Giants are that much better, then the Dodgers. They rank both the Giants, and the Dbacks starting rotation, better then the Dodgers. Especially the way they described the rotations. They said from top to bottom, the Dbacks, and the Giants, have better rotations. The Dodgers more then match up with these two starting rotations. Kershaw hands down, best number one, and Ryu, if healthy, will more then match, with there number twos, and Maeda, Kazmir, and Wood are better 3,4, and fives, then the Giants and Dback’s back of the rotation. They did mention the Dodger’s bullpen, and the bullpen gave away 21 games last year, and there era was just under four. I hope Roberts, and the new coaches, can get much more, out of the bullpen this year. I really think, if Bochy had the exact pitchers in his bullpen, that the Dodgers have had, the last couple of years, I think the bullpen would have been better, under him. That is how bad I felt Mattingly handled the bullpen, and all of the pitchers. So maybe, Roberts, and Honeycutt, and the new coach, in the bullpen, can make a difference this year.

      1. Honestly I can’t say what is and what isn’t. Kershaw vs Greinke, our lineup vs their’s sounds like a toss up to me. After that? How does anyone know? I still believe this season goes down to the last week with 3 teams banging heads to the finish line. That’s my prediction.

      2. rated the Giants #2 and the Dodgers #9 – obviously there are a variety of opinions on the subject…

        1. Projections are just tools that allow prognosticators to brag at the end of the year. Fans will select the projection that best fits their desired results. Those who think the DBacks are better than the Dodgers will select those projections to support, while those of us who think the Dodgers will win their 4th straight NL West will support those projections. I’ll support the projections that show the Dodgers and Giants as NL West contenders. There is not a scenario that I can support where the DBacks will be contenders unless both the Giants and Dodgers crash…not likely.

    2. Hate those slideshows. Power Rankings mean nothing. The game will be won or lost between the lines as it was in our fathers’ time, replay and game clocks notwithstanding. Kendrick was a 5 WAR player in 2014 and Turner was on his way last year before the infection put him on the DL. Some guys will improve on last year and some will regress, like every other year. If the Giants stay healthy, I’m worried; if we stay healthy, they should be worried.

  10. I’m more concerned about 3B and Turner’s knee than I am about AGon. At least we have a viable backup in SVS should AGon be out for awhile. With Turner, we have no backup and Howie and Utley said to go there as backups is purely ludicrous. How many games have they played there, maybe a dozen total?

    Would it be such a bad idea to sign Freese as a backup to JT? Isn’t JT a FA at the end of the year? Who do we have to replace him on a full-time basis. Just not sure if Freese has a pick attached to him. In any event maybe something to think about.

    1. There is no pick involved for Freese, but unless Turner goes on the DL (which doesn’t seem likely) he would not make the team. He wants a guaranteed contract or he won’t play. Someone will give it to him. It shouldn’t be the Dodgers. Turner is a FA after this season. I would not be afraid to put Austin Barnes at 3B – he would put up better numbers than Freese!

      Austin Barnes just needs a position! He is a baller!

  11. RichieF – but the Dodgers have the deepest farm system, and taxi squad in the majors. That is what F&Z are all about.

    If not, that Korean pitcher with the artificial ankle, and TJ surgery is available after next November. He is just a short hop away over the Pacific pond.

  12. Turner should be fine unless he isn’t. Seager, just like Pederson, will be rookie of the year. Kazmir will do something he hasn’t done in 9 years, throw 200 innings, Maeda will show the only thing his tender elbow needs is less rest between starts and he too will go 200 innings, AGon does what he always does and puts up 3.5 WAR, Anderson will surprise everyone by throwing 186 innings and win double digit games, Crawford will get 386 at bats and have his best year since ’14 when he hit .300 (costing Mark yet another 500 push-ups) and put up 2.3 WAR, Kendrick and Utley will together put up 4 WAR at second base and Hernandez will have no place to play because nobody gets hurt. All this happens and the Dodgers win 92+ and their 4th straight Division.

      1. The pictures bothered a lot of people. And that fact bothers me. Any player seeking a multimillion dollar contract will never be heard saying something is bothering him. The 5 man rotation could be an issue for him.

    1. “Turner should be fine unless he isn’t.” Very profound. I guess that can apply to any player for any team.

      “Seager, just like Pederson, will be rookie of the year.” Just like Pederson was, Seager will be one of favorites. Steven Matz and Trea Turner are also potentials. Even if Seager is not the ROY, he will undoubtedly have a better year than Rollins. I know it doesn’t fit in your scenario but it is a plus for the Dodgers.

      “Kazmir will do something he hasn’t done in 9 years, throw 200 innings.” Ahh, sarcasm. Even I do not believe Kazmir will have 200+ IP. But if he repeats what he has done the last two years (190 and 183), he will be close.

      “Maeda will show the only thing his tender elbow needs is less rest between starts and he too will go 200 innings.” More sarcasm. Maeda will not have 200+ IP even though he has done it 4 times in Japan. He won’t pitch the # of complete games he had in Japan, and he will be rested more. Maybe he blows his elbow out, maybe not. But I’ll back the guy who bets on himself like Maeda did.

      “AGon does what he always does and puts up 3.5 WAR” – I agree. AGon is nothing if he is not consistent.

      “Anderson will surprise everyone by throwing 186 innings and win double digit games” – Well not really a surprise. That would almost duplicate what he did last year. He had 180 IP with 10 wins. That’s a pretty good guess.

      “Crawford will get 386 at bats and have his best year since ’14 when he hit .300” – Not likely, but I like your thinking.

      “Kendrick and Utley will together put up 4 WAR at second base and Hernandez will have no place to play because nobody gets hurt.” Now that’s just silly. Everyone knows that the only team that will not have injuries is the Diamondbacks. But Kendrick did have a 5.3 WAR two years ago, so…The difference is, is that the Dodgers do have Kike’ as reserve, Giants and DBacks ???

      “All this happens and the Dodgers win 92+ and their 4th straight Division.” Now your catching on.

      1. “Now that’s just silly. Everyone knows that the only team that will not have injuries is the Diamondbacks.” Nice one!+

  13. Thanks MM & Roger for your input. I thought the FO was concentrating on Barnes as a C and maybe at 2B. I was also concerned about JT being a FA at the end of the year.

    1. Barnes is being groomed as a catcher and he will be a fine one, but he has a soft glove and could play 3B. I happen to love the guy (like I loved Russ Martin, who could also play 3B).

  14. Rest him vs leftys so we get the most out of him vs rightys. Maybe that will help his poor old bulging neck disks. He wont have to turn his head as much to follow the ball out of righty pitchers hand.

  15. Maeda is the starter for Saturday’s game. Grandal gave him a good report today, after catching Maeda in batting practice, for two innings, and compared him to who? Greinke, because Maeda has four different pitches like Greinke.

    1. Grandal also said that he really isn’t comparing Maeda’s stuff to Greinke’s because they are different pitchers, but he does say that Maeda has good stuff to work from. Not all pitchers with 4 pitches are the same – Kershaw has 4 pitches too…

      1. Dodgerick I assumed that you knew that Greinke has 4 good pitches, that he he can throw for strikes. That look like the same pitch, coming out of his hand.

  16. I’m looking at Barnes’ minor league stats. He played 3 years at Arizona State, and has 5 years in the minors. That’s basically 8 years of minor league ball. He’s played 520 games since turning pro and only 16 at third base. He could probably do it, but at age 26, is that what he should do? I don’t see him as a corner infielder. Second base? Yeah sure. He hits like a second baseman. But then what do we do with the other four second baseman we have? Is he durable enough to catch? Well, our other two catchers don’t appear to be so maybe he’s the answer there. Hard to know what the plan is, but if he’s catching this Spring, he’s going to OKC to catch our next man up rotation. He appears to be another Kike. He might be ready to play at this level, but he won’t with this team. Not this year.

        1. That’s true rick. I had 7 pitches, including a knuckle ball and a palm ball and I wasn’t a whole lot of help because after age 50 I couldn’t go more than 2 innings and be dominant. I have depth though. And profundity. Which is handy.
          Barnes a trade chip? To get more minor league fathomage? We already traded for him, but that doesn’t mean anything with these guys. I think he’s there as insurance in case Ellis or Grandal get some jacuzzi time again.
          When do we get to read someting about Guerrero and Arruebarrena? Wait……. you just did. I have depth, profundity, and I’m ahead of the curve, which usually results in a slow roller to the left side…… ok, I’m done.

          1. Bager they actually mentioned Guerrero in Dodger Digest. And for the first time in Dodger Digest, they didn’t insult him. He has been there whipping boy, all year long. They would go out of there way, to bad mouth him, any chance they had. But I do have to give Dodger Digest credit this time, because they didn’t do what they have done in the past. And it would be better to let Guerrero play third base, in spring training to give him a chance, to get some looks, and try to increase his value, so he can go to another team, so he gets a chance to play, and that would be best for the Dodgers. And I believe Guerrero will hit like he did, last spring, if he gets his at bats.

          2. Badger in Bleacher Reports, they had an article of the best Money ball teams, which was a way to rate the best money spent on players, on all of the baseball teams, and they mentioned Arruebarrena, as a Dodger player.

        2. Dodgerrick I assume everyone here, already knows that, and so do I. I give everyone credit here, because they deserve it.

  17. I hated catching someone for the first time!!! Protect the jewels and all exposed areas… I like what Grandal reported and lets see what we got next time… Heck it’s ST…

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