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Dodgers Vow To Define Role For Carlos Frias

Carlos Frias

The Dodgers are vowing to define a role for right hander Carlos Frias this spring. The 26-year old Dominican right hander has been used as a swing-man over the last two seasons for the Dodgers making appearances as a starter and reliever. Last season Frias pitched most of the year out of the rotation filling in after injuries to Hyun-jin Ryu and Brandon McCarthy. After injuries and inconsistencies he’s fallen to the bottom of the depth chart. The Dodgers are not going to give up on him though as he can still become a useful piece.

The young hurler has a strong fastball but has struggled with his command. Last season Frias appeared in 17 games, with 13 of those as a starter. He posted a 5-5 record with a 4.06 ERA/4.32 FIP in 77.2 innings pitched. He struck out 43 and walked 26 while allowing 10.2 hits per nine and 3.0 BB/9 to go along with a 5.0 strikeout per nine rate. In 2014 he posted a higher strikeout rate. That year he whiffed 29 and walked 7 to post an 8.1 K/9 with a 4-1 strikeout to walk ratio in 32.1 innings of work.

With the news that Hyun-jin Ryu has fallen behind in his recovery from shoulder surgery and probably won’t be ready to return until May, Frias could be called upon if anyone else were to fall victim to injury. Frias primarily throws a fastball and cutter, but also can mix in occasional sliders and changeups. Perhaps the Dodgers and pitching coach Rick Honeycutt can work on developing one of his secondary offerings.

Frias had a good start to the 2015 season winning his first three decisions. Then on May 24th he got bombed against San Diego allowing 10 earned runs on 12 hits across four frames. If you remember the year before he set the LA Dodger record by allowing eight earned runs on 10 hits in just two thirds of an inning at Colorado. It seems like Frias has one meltdown start per season. After that disastrous start against San Diego he bounced back nicely by beating the Cardinals by allowing just one run (none earned) on five hits over seven innings in a 5-1 Dodgers win.

Unfortunately poor luck and injuries derailed the rest of his season from that point on. Frias won just one decision in the month of June before going on the disabled list in July with back tightness. He didn’t return until September, making only three appearances as a long reliever. He pitched only six innings after June 30th.

Frias seems to pitch better as a reliever than he does as a starter. If you look at his career numbers, he gives up about a run less as a reliever.

as Starter 4 6 .400 4.96 15 15 78.0 96 46 43 8 24 44 1.538 5.1 1.83
as Reliever 2 0 1.000 3.94 17 0 32.0 25 14 14 3 9 28 1.063 7.9 3.11

Frias has started he would prefer to start rather than relieve, stating that it’s easier to prepare for.

“When you start, it’s easier to prepare because you have a routine and know what you have to do each day,”

Of course Frias will start the season in Oklahoma City. However with Ryu’s timetable getting pushed back, the uselessness of Brandon McCarthy, and the possibility of other injuries, Frias can be a good break glass in case of emergency pitcher.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

82 thoughts on “Dodgers Vow To Define Role For Carlos Frias

  1. It will be interesting if this year’s team has a long reliever. Many of us thought last year’s team should have had one. I think Frias would be good in that role.
    Lee is my long shot player to make the opening day roster though.

  2. My point about the supposed depth – it is an illusion. McCarthy and Ryu start the year on the DL and hopefully they come back some day. In the meantime, they have 5 guys – Kershaw, Kazmir, Maeda, Anderson and Wood. They have the same mix of minor leaguers (Lee, Stripling, et al) and spare parts (Bolsinger, Frias) as last year as we wait for our top prospects (DeLeon, Cotton, Urias) to be ready for prime time.

    1. it’s not really depth – it’s injured guys and spare parts and someday, maybe the prospects. In the meantime, this years’s starting 5 to start the season isn’t as good as last year’s – no Zach

      1. AC I don’t think they are saying that. They are saying that they don’t believe all of the talk that the Dodgers have so much depth, that there is no really questions or concerns. I could be wrong, but I think everybody here wants everything to go right.

  3. The Cardinals lose Wainright for the year, trade Miller, Holliday is limited to 73 games and Adams is limited to 60, and yet the Cardinals won 100 games in 2015, 10 more than in 2014. The Pirates have one legit starting pitcher, lose Harrison for about 50 games, and lose their young SS for the end of the year, and they win 98. The Cubs push all the right buttons with their wunderkids, pick up an Oriole cast off who wins the CY, and they win 97. The Royals have no starting pitching to talk about, lose their closer at the end of the year, and they win the WS. And yet three of you believe that the Dodgers have no chance because Zach Greinke decided to go to another team, and because the Dodgers would not pay $200+ million for Greinke or Price. There hasn’t even been one ST game and three of you have quit on the Dodgers for 2016. I have been a Dodger fan since 1958, and not one year have I ever believed that the Dodgers were not going to win. Disappointed more than not, but always believing. I do not mind disagreements, but quitting…

    1. Well, the Dodgers didn’t win 100 games last year like the Cards did or 98 like the Bucs. They won 92. this year, they have a major upgrade in Seager over Rollins and a major downgrade in Kazmir/Maeda instead of Greinke, so while I believe that the Dodgers will be competitive this year and will finish 1st or 2nd in the division, I don’t believe that they will win more than the 92 games that they won last year.

      I too have been a fan for a long time. I saw my first game in ’59 but was too young to remember it, but I do remember watching Koufax pitch in the ’65 Series. My Dad grew up in Brooklyn and saw them play in Ebbets as early as ’39 – his Dad saw them play in the Series in the 20’s, so I don’t need a lecture about being a Dodgers fan.

      That being said, while I expect the team to do well this year, that doesn’t mean that I have to agree with every move that the Braintrust has made (or hasn’t made). And by the way, if you really thought that they were going to win every season, you must be crazy! I remember how bad they were in ’67-’68 and there was no way that they were going to win in those seasons.

  4. dodgerrick: “My point about the supposed depth – it is an illusion”.

    You have to be kidding. McCarthy and Ryu on the DL and Kershaw, Kazmir, Maeda, Anderson and Wood as a starting five!! With Lee, Stripling, Bolsinger, Frias and top prospects DeLeon, Cotton, Urias in reserve (I am looking forward to the FAZ shuttle of these guys for a spot start). Oh and you forgot Sierra and Beachy.

    dodgerrick you sound like a guy who has been in a six team baseball fantasy league, with an all all-star pitching staff. Sorry but it doesn’t work the same way in the MAJOR LEAGUES. If you can’t see the depth that FAZ has accumulated you should do some homework on the competition. What do the Midgets and DBags have in reserve? I guarantee its nothing like the Dodgers.

    1. I never said that the Dbacks were going to win this year – but I do believe that they will be better than the team that won 79 games last year. I also believe that the Giants will be improved over the team that won 84 last year. If the Dodgers’ main 2 competitors win more games then last year then it seems unlikely that the Dodgers will win more than the 92 that they won last year.

      See my comment below about my time as a fan:

      “I too have been a fan for a long time. I saw my first game in ’59 but was too young to remember it, but I do remember watching Koufax pitch in the ’65 Series. My Dad grew up in Brooklyn and saw them play in Ebbets as early as ’39 – his Dad saw them play in the Series in the 20’s, so I don’t need a lecture about being a Dodgers fan.”

      You insult my intelligence – I must only be a stupid fantasy baseball enthusiast if I don’t think that the Dodgers have a wonderful pitching staff. You on the other hand must be some sort of baseball genius – all knowing and all wise and certainly my intellectual superior in every way. I hate the name calling on this site. If you want to disagree with me then fine – but I will guarantee you that I am at least as knowledgeable a fan as you are – just one with a different point of view on some subjects.

      1. dodgerrick, didn’t mean to insult your intelligence. Agreed, you are a knowledgeable fan. Agreed, I am not “all knowing and all wise”, the wife would happily confirm that.

        However, your response does not address what was being debated “pitching depth”. What other organization could suffer having three major league pitchers on DL (We both forgot Montas) and still have the healthy starting five the Dodgers currently have, along with all the additional options at starting pitcher? Could either the Midgets or Dbags handle losing three starting pitchers to the DL and not have to write off the whole season? I don’t think so, no depth. What say you?

        1. All teams have to have enough pitchers to pitch games. In that sense, all teams have depth of a sort. In the case of the Dodgers, they had 2 pitchers that they knew were going to be injured to start the season and they lost Greinke. Wood was acquired last year to replace one of the injured pitchers and he was a bust. Will he be better this year? I hope so, but…? I never saw him pitch with the Braves. Last year he had inconsistent release points and arm slots. If in fact he came to the Dodgers hurt last year then they didn’t do their due diligence before acquiring him; on the other hand, he could be better this year. They have acquired 2 new guys this year (Kazmir and Maeda), one to replace the other injured pitcher (since Latos was even a bigger bust than Wood) and the other to replace Greinke.

          So – the Dodgers knew that they had 2 pitchers who wouldn’t be able to start the season so they picked up some new ones. That’s depth of a sort but it’s also a team that hired McCarthy for 4/$48 mil after he has 1 healthy season in 5 – not smart. Maeda’s elbow MRI was so bad that no one else would sign him so they got him for cheap – more depth of a sort.

          Finally, since all teams have to have 5 man rotations these days, all teams will have at least 5 starters. Whether they are any good is the issue. They had Greinke as part of their depth last year, but they now have Kershaw and several mediocre guys.

          Of course the D-backs have no depth in their rotation, but their ace last year was??? Now they have Greinke and Miller to start things off. No depth but better than last year. The Giants have Heston who won 13 games last year as their 6th starter – not too bad – but they have Cueto as their #2 and based on his records that’s better than anyone that the Dodgers could put forward.

          Incidentally, I don’t count Montas – he has not started a game in the majors and was slated to open the season in OKC even without his injury.

          1. Depth is an illusion. Everybody thinks they have it. Like you said, all organizations have at least 5 starting pitchers at AAA ready to go at any given time. Ergo the Dbacks have just as much depth as any team in the league.

  5. Badger: “I also intend to spend a day over at Salt River Fields. I know that may upset some readers here, but tough”.

    Don’t think anyone here is upset by this. ENJOY!!!! DBag plan of getting AZ home boys excited, WORKED. Well, I admit, its a tiny little bit upsetting to see so many get snookered by the guy who got snookered by “Lucille”.

    Here is something that will get thousands of AZ fans, including you, driving hundreds of miles to put their butts into the seats:

    The Diamondbacks have signed infielder/outfielder Rickie Weeks. Weeks hit .167/.263/.250 in 95 plate appearances with the Mariners last season before being released in June. He’ll provide the D’Backs with some minor league depth at both his natural second base position and possibly in left field, as he appeared in 19 games in left last season (the first time he’d played outfield in his 13-year pro career).

    This signing is LUCILLEtastic!!

    By the way what is the push-up line on Greinke/Miller 2016 DL trips?

  6. Boxout, it would not make any difference if we had Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax in reserve, it would not be enough depth for some of these guys.

  7. Not a lot of real news these days.
    Quitting? I already purchased my MLBTV for the year. I’ll be there. Mostly for Vinny, but I’m anxious to see what the new guys can do. I said I was selling short this year, not giving up. There’s a difference you know. Or, maybe you don’t, I won’t speak for you.
    Weeks is a FAZ kinda guy snider, but maybe they only make those bargain basement moves on pitching.
    Remember when I said I had Ryu on the DL to start the year? Yeah, I did. McCarthy won’t be around either. What about Grandal? Will Turner be able to go? Hernandez? Montas out until mid year, should bring him back slowly. I wonder how Kendrick’s legs feel? Rested after only playing 117 or sore from pulled hammy’s. Never know about those things. They can linger. Especially in players over 30. Alex Wood “playing hurt” with a bone bruise. I guess we can assume he will be ok. Just read that iron man AGon might be asked to rest more as his slash line dipped to ..264/.344/.427 after the break. I find that funny because I can think of more than one starting Dodger that would love to have those numbers. I guess Van Slyke will play the back up role. Hope he is healthy. Maybe Utley will play there. Grandal. Turner.
    Lucille box? That’s a tired and sophomoric insult. Stewart is a whole lot more than that story. You should maybe give him some credit for his impressive professional career. 3x World Series Champion. World Series MVP. 2 x ALCS MVP. He was also an excellent pitching coach. He and La Russa will get that organization turned around. And no, I don’t think they will win the Division, but yes I do believe they will compete.

    1. Well Badger that is the second time you have questioned my intelligence. You go after Mark for his name calling, but at least he is up front. You are more subtle. First I don’t have compare and contrast skills learned in English Composition, and now I don’t comprehend what selling short is. Well you’re the one who compared the AZ #7 draft pick to LA’s. You’re the one who stated how Bradley even beat Kershaw.

      Selling short…betting against the Dodgers so you can profit by their loss. Now I suppose you could mean that you are projecting the Dodgers only winning 91 games, but still winning the NL West. Or that you hope you lose on your short sale. No, IMO you’re selling short because you do not think the Dodgers can win.

      I believe the NL West will come down to two teams, LA and SF. The DBacks will max out at 84 wins, which I acknowledge is an improvement. But I project LA at 92 wins and SF at 90. Some prognosticators have the Giants winning, and some have the Dodgers winning. But no credible prognosticator has AZ as winning. Meaning they bought Greinke to put behinds in the seats and raise the hopes of the DBack fans for an above .500 season. Maybe Weeks can beat out Owings and the the DBacks can throw out defense at 2B as they did at SS.

      1. I made bets with Mark a lot over the years. He lost every one of them. Selling short in ’16 merely means I don’t see this squad as championship caliber. I don’t believe they are even close. I’ll bet you 500 push-ups the Dodgers do not go to the World Series in ’16. You, like Mark, can accept the bet, and when you lose nobody but you will know if you did the work – or not.
        Compare and contrast is just a written exercise about the similarities and differences between people, places or things. In other words, you can compare and contrast anything. In grad school I was asked to compare and contrast a Chevy Impala SS and a donkey. That was fun because my first car was a ’62 Impala SS. Never owned a donkey, but having met several jackasses in my time, I aced the assignment. You can compare Kershaw to Koufax or the Dodgers to a bag of peanuts. We’ve done the Koufax Kershaw exercise. If you look at stats, it’s not really that close. If you look at awards, it is. The Dodgers and a bag of peanuts? I’ll go first, since O’Malley sold to the evil Fox Corporation and Beelzebub Murdoch, the Dodgers have been an empty shell compared to Dodgers of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

  8. I keep seeing in my eyes, the match-up, pitching wise, that will occur during the season.

    What is dynamic — ise pitching, yes, but then the hitting match-ups. I believe now with Roberts and his coaches / instructors — this team will score more runs WHEN THEY NEED TO SCORE RUNS. And not leave them out there to die. That alone can create a number of more wins.

    The other dynamic, are those games where the Dodger starter has to come out after 5 inning or in the 6th inning with runners on ——– and the pen work some magic. That also can create a number of more wins.

    Those other teams mention above like the Cardinals, Pirates, etc. as I remember had solid pens when they needed them.

    So on with the training time. Getting ready. I think this afternoon, I will go out and sit on a board in the back yard — just to get my back side in shape to see some games.

    1. You maybe coming to Arizona Roger? I’ve got two Spring trips planned, and will probably take in a Sunday game in July too.

  9. What Will the 2016 Dodgers Look Like?

    The short answer is I don’t know and neither does anyone else… not even Andrew Friedman. Many fans have castigated the Dodgers President of Baseball Operations, who has built the strongest farm system in baseball by resisting the urging of the fans to trade these prospects for Blue Blood Stars. Let’s be clear though, it doesn’t take guts (balls) or whatever word you want to use to trade prospects. It take guts not to… thus Friedman’s immense unpopularity among fans.

    The fact is, Friedman is building for 2017, 2018 and beyond… but he is also trying to win now and I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you that the 2016 version of the Dodgers is capable of winning the World Series. Mind you, I am not predicting it – just saying they are capable… just like about 8 other teams are capable. See, a lot has to go right for a team to win it all and lest you forget, in 2015 things went wrong… very wrong!

    Brandon McCarthy went down with Tommy John surgery; Hyun-Jin Ryu was lost for the season; Jimmy Rollins proved to be at the end of his career; Joc Pederson flamed out after a very good first half; Yasmani Grandal looked like a Single A Catcher after an All-Star first half; Luis Avilan and Alex Wood were lost and Jim Johnson and Mat Latos were horrible. Top it off with Yasiel Puig, Carl Crawford and Kike Hernandez going down with hammys and a down season by Scott Van Slyke.

    2015 was a year where a lot went wrong. Can new expect more of the same in 2016? If you like, you can, but in reality we just don’t know! There are some things we have no clue about:

    • Can Yasiel Puig come back and be the force he used to be and can he stay healthy?
    • Can Joc Pederson regain the All-Star form of 2015?
    • Can Yasmani Grandal become the offensive force many (including me) expect him to be?
    • Can Kike Hernandez stay healthy and hit like he did in 2015?
    • Can Justin Turner be a star at 3B and return from injury?
    • Can Adrian Gonzalez have another productive year?
    • Can Howie Kendrick stay health and put up his usual numbers (.293 BA/.755 OPS)?
    • Can Chase Utley still play one more year?
    • Can Carl Crawford stay healthy or could he be cut?
    • Can Andre Ethier have another year like 2015?

    See, these are all things we have no answer to, but we will find out. I do believe a year of Corey Seager at SS will make the Dodgers better – a lot better! I think he will be a key “middle-of-the-order hitter” for the team THIS year. I also think a number of youngsters are ready to step up: Micah Johnson, Trayce Thompson, Austin Barnes, Carlos Frias, Yimi Garcia, Pedro Baez, Ross Stripling, Jose De Leon, Julio Urias, Jharel Cotton and others. Will they have an opportunity? Will it be THIS year? Will they step up? Some likely will. Some won’t.

    This I know – the youngsters are a year older, a year more mature, a year more experienced. If you gauge the level of talent and apply the maturity and experience factors, good things are likely for many of the prospects.

    While Friedman has been loathe to trade prospects, he has not been shy about acquiring prospects. A case in point was taking three prospects from the White Sox, instead of slugger Todd Frazier. Will the Dodgers be better in 2016 with Thompson, Johnson and Montas instead of Todd Frazier? Conventional Wisdom says no, but there is a distinct possibility that all three COULD play a large role on the 2016 Dodger team.

    Friedman has been quietly (well, not so quietly) stockpiling talent, a huge variety of talent. What will the starting rotation look like in 2018? OK humor me…

    1. Kershaw
    2. Urias
    3. De Leon
    4. Maeda
    5. Wood

    We can argue what the rotation might look like, but what is interesting is that a lot of names are conspicuous by their absence in 2018:

    • Brett Anderson – Free Agent signs with another team after his best season ever in 2016;
    • Brandon McCarthy – Traded after the 2017 season where he proved his health;
    • Scott Kazmir- Left after 2016 and his career year in which he won 18 games with a 2.90 ERA;
    • Hyun-Jin Ryu – Traded after 2016;
    • Zach Lee – Traded to Marlins;
    • Ross Stripling – Traded to A’s;
    • Mike Bolsinger – #5 Starter for Reds;
    • Frankie Montas – Dodgers Closer;
    • Yasiel Sierra – Set-up man;
    • Jharel Cotton – Dodgers Bullpen; and
    • Chris Anderson; Dodgers Bullpen.

    Then there is Walker Buehler, Yadier Alvarez, Chase De Jong, Jacob Rhame and Joshua Sborz who are still in the mix in 2018. Here’s the deal – I don’t know what all will happen, but I do know that the Dodgers have a ton of starting pitchers that they can traded between right now and the end of 2017.

    Depending upon the health of certain starters and the advancement of others, the Dodgers could be in a position to trade many of those starters THIS year. They could also be in a position to trade Howie Kendrick or even Kenley Jansen. I’m not saying they will, but it’s in the mix. The Dodgers had Johnson and Hernandez at 2B and now they have Kendrick and Utley. Options are good – watch and see what plays out.

    This team has so many options, that I would not even attempt to predict the roster or lineup… at least right about now. Here are a few things I will take a hack at predicting:

    • Joc Pederson will improve over his second half, but will platoon with Trayce Thompson in CF.
    • Carl Crawford will tear his Achilles and miss the season.
    • In July, Howie Kendrick will be traded and Micah Johnson will take over at 2B.
    • Yasiel Puig will regain his rookie magic and finish in the top three in MVP voting.
    • Corey Seager will be the ROY and finish in the Top 10 in MVP voting.
    • Dave “DOC” Roberts will be a contender for Manager of the Year.
    • Some teams will need help in the pen. Others will need help with starters and still others with 2B or OF. I think the Dodgers will swing a big deal that no one sees coming. I don’t see it coming, so I can’t even guess.

    Yes, I am predicting that Scott Kazmir has a career year, his first in the NL. He has been re-inventing himself anyway from a sheer power pitcher to a pitcher, but he’s not your soft-tossing lefty, as he still tops out at 91 or 92. He wouldn’t be the first pitcher to come to the NL and do better. After all, he was 4th in ERA in AL last year!

    Let’s not forget how horrible Jake Arrietta was before the Cubs brought him from Baltimore. That’s why you continue to bring in players that the average fan thinks are silly. The Cubs just brought in Shane Victorino – does he have anything left? We will see – they will see. The Cubs are everyone’s darlings right about now, but they have made about as many moves as the Dodgers. First they signed Heyward to play CF, now he goes back to RF. Does Solar fo to LF, what about Schwarber? They have a plan, but they aren’t going to tell you, just like FAZ won’t tell you.

    I would not be surprised to see this lineup at the start of the season (Crawfish and Ethier are missing):

    1. Johnson LF
    2. Turner 3B
    3. Seager SS
    4. Puig RF
    5. Gonzalez 1B
    6. Grandal C
    7. Kendrick/Utley 2B
    8. Pederson/Thompson CF

    Reserves: Ellis, Hernandez, SVS

    Rotation: Kershaw, Kazmir, Madea, Wood, Anderson

    Pen: Howell, Avalin, Baez, Garcia, Blanton, Hatcher, Jansen

    I’m not predicting that – just showing how things could look. I don’t know what the team will look like – it depends upon who steps up, who gets injured and what other teams need. I just believe that Friedman has lots of assets to consummate a variety of different trades. This should be fun to watch. If things go wrong, the Dodgers could finish slightly above .500, but if things go well, we all might have a lot to brag about!

    1. Simple game really. Dodgers play well, 95 to 97 wins possible. Dodgers play poorly 3rd or below possible. I am up beat myself. This core team has been together going on 4 years and I look at that as a big plus. Miss your articles Mark. They’re never the same old same old. Always something that gets you thinking. Keep posting often. Still think a rejuvenated Puig that learns to run the bases would make the best lead off hitter.

  10. Ryu has not fallen behind on his recovery, the LAD lied about when he would be ready, as they always do. See my prediction regarding when he would be ready (One that other website 🙂 )

    1. But he is behind. Ken Gurnick wrote this:

      Ryu, who several weeks ago insisted that Opening Day was still a realistic goal, has adjusted that view after spending a week in training camp and falling behind his healthy teammates. Ryu has been throwing bullpen sessions every fourth day instead of every other day, like the rest of the pitchers.

      “I’ve just barely thrown a [bullpen session] with changeups,” Ryu said. “I totally accept that. It is what it is.”

      Now, I am sure he could catch up and maybe be ready by Opening Day, but he IS behind right now. The thing is, I know they want to showcase Wood and Anderson, so look for Ryu by June. It makes perfect sense to me.

      1. Mark on the program on Friday nite, about spring training, they made it sound like Ryu is right on schedule, and then yesterday, they made it sound like Ryu had a set back. I don’t understand why they don’t just be truthful, about Ryu’s real target date, the true date, that Ryu should be close to being ready to pitch in the rotation. And then put in a qualifier, saying no one person, heals at the same rate, so they can’t give a precise date. This makes fans suspicious, especially after last year, when they strung everyone along, about Ryu.

        1. I don’t see any deception whatsoever. Ryu was the only one who said he would be ready opening day…. And maybe he could be, but as Gurnick says, he is only pitching every 4th day compared to every other day for other pitchers. Sometimes FAZ haters see things differently… In fact, they see things that aren’t!

    2. I may be wrong but I have never read where LAD ever said Ryu would be ready by opening day. The only thing I read from from Roberts or FAZ was that they were not going to rush him. Now, Ryu said on multiple occasions that he would be ready by opening day, but that’s not the same as LAD. That’s a confident pitcher thinking he is ready. To what advantage is there for LAD to lie. Make incorrect judgements creating bad decisions (to some), that can be argued…but I do not see lieing as a strategy.

        1. MJ, I assume you are referring to Time Warner Channel, which I do not get. But I am watching the 30 teams in 30 days on MLB network.

      1. They didn’t. It was Ryu who said he would be ready. It’s just another FAZ obsessed hater creating reality to fit his narrative. It gets pretty tedious.

  11. Always Compete… We both share a long time love for the Dodgers… I remember hanging out with Joe Pignatano at a Carl Furrilo rented house in the tree section of Manhattan Beach… Joe helped me a lot with my catching…
    I treat each season as a new beginning and ‘chance’ to succeed… Defense, health and luck… Roll the dice…
    P.S. Not one ST game and were looking at an illusion!?!?
    Badger I’ll soon be getting my MLBTV also… what is the black box or ?? that allows you to make MLBTV think you’re in Spokane or Montana???

  12. Mark – I have come round to looking at the longer term picture, and of course you are correct, things look good.
    However, we could be sitting here in the glow of a WS win for the 1st time since 88 if we had been more proactive at the Deadline although we would have had to give up some riches.
    Of course we will never know as you can’t rewrite history, but it has to be considered.

    Also, depth is great but not if it’s lots of average players which I fear is the case with a lot of these.

    1. Yes, it’s possible we could be looking at a World Series win in our rear view mirror (but not guaranteed). What is guaranteed is that we would not have several of our top prospects, because if you want to win a World Series, you go all in. That means Hamels, Tulo and Cespedes might have been Dodgers. That also means Seager, Urias, De Leon, Holmes, Verdugo and Bellinger would be gone.

      1. I like the long term too, with certain reservations:
        1 – Prospects are just that – maybe one in three top prospects work out, if you are lucky. While the Dodgers have several top prospects, remember that they won’t all work out.
        2 – They have very few position players among their top prospects. Of the home-grown variety, they have Verdugo and Bellinger and that’s about it. They are going to have to fill in the gaps from outside the organization. They are also going to have to start drafting something other than pitchers.
        3 – Johnson is not going to be the 2B of the future. Here’s what the Braintrust-lovers over at Dodgers’ Digest had to say about him:
        “Where Peraza has the edge is on defense. Johnson is less than graceful at second base. His footwork and mechanics are poor and not terribly conducive to him remaining at the position long-term. His arm is average at best, so there’s no ideas of him playing third base at some point. If he cannot make the necessary improvements to be a full-time second baseman, he’s rangy and athletic to handle center field. It remains to be seen if he make the correct reads to be a legitimate center fielder. He could be the next in the long line of second baseman/left fielder types — better than Alex Guerrero, though.”
        4 – Going all in on winning a World Series wouldn’t have been such a bad thing. For a team that hasn’t been there since 1988, when you get a window, you try to go through it. The window can close quickly. Greinke is gone and Kershaw can opt out after 2017.

        You’re right of course that no one knows how the season will end up playing itself out. That’s why they play the games. You have neatly referenced the many question marks that have yet to be answered. We can hope as fans that things work out well.

  13. The truth of the matter is none of us knows how this will all play out. Will Greinke dominate the NL west again? History suggests he will do very well. Will all these players avoid injury? One major pitcher goes down on any of these teams and their chances take a shot. The Dodgers are basing their rotation on one sure thing, Kershaw, and a bunch of maybe’s . Ryu out until May is not that big of a deal. April usually is rife with off days and missed turns on the rotation. I do not expect McCarthy back until at least the all star break, and there is not a guarantee of that. Beachy, Frias, Bolsinger, Lee, are all back up plans. I think Wood starts the season in the rotation….It should be Kersh, Kazmir, Maeda, Anderson and Wood. I think Anderson has a better year than last. Long shots are Lee and Bolsinger. I think eventually Lee will be traded.

    1. Well it is no secret that I am an Alex Wood fan, so I will pulling for him hard to do well and make it difficult on Doc to schedule the rotation out once Ryu is green-lighted. In my world someone else is going to the bullpen.

        1. MJ,

          I don’t think the Dodgers can count on him much this season. If we get 15 starts or 150 innings out of him it would be a miracle. I have a sinking feeling that is shoulder is totally blown. Unfortunately it happens and we can only wait and see. Hope for the best with him.

          1. Thanks Scott I appreciate your honesty. When I heard the May announcement I was suprised, because I had just watched that Spring training special
            all week, and this news sounded very different, in only in less then 24 hours.

  14. One final thing: I have always thought that Clayton may want to pitch at home before his career is over. If that is true, nothing the Dodgers do can stop it. However, if he wants to be the best Dodger pitcher of all time and stay in LA for his career, that will happen… Regardless of the cost!

    Going back home is not something the Dodgers can give him – other than that, they can give him more than anyone. So, you can cut all the drama that if the Dodgers don’t win, Clayton might opt out.

    This is Clayton “Freaking” Kershaw. That’s not his M.O.!

  15. Kershaw’s opt out year is after the ’18 season – right? That’s his 30 year old season, and like Greinke I am assuming he will turn it on that year in preparation for opting out. (and part of my reason for going long on ’18) He will be making around $35 million so I would think what he might be looking for is an extension to his 36 year. I think he leaves and I think FAZ won’t try that hard to stop him.

    1. Scott something is wrong. After I make a comment, and hit post comment, it says that there was disconnect with my network I believe, and I lose a connection to this blog, so I push the arrow to go back, and my comment is still there, and I push post comment, and it goes through, and says, this seems to be a duplicate comment, but only one comment is there.

      1. Not sure MJ, must be some kind of momentary glitch with the network. everything seems ok on my end. Let me know if it keeps happening and I’ll look into it again. Sometimes it could just be a problem with the internet connection.

      2. I lost a couple of juicy posts because of that. Into the ether until I realized if I pack paged, it would still show up in the text editor.

  16. Carlos Frias future lies in the BP some where from what I’ve seen. Not a starter or spot starter or long relief. Mid to late inning relief, no more than 4 or 5 outs, so he can go in there and blaze away with that good heavy fastball.

  17. When Kersh finally has that post season run for the ages he will be beloved as much as any Dodger pitcher ever has been. Tied with Koufax. If he wants to play in Texas he’ll let everyone know. If not he’ll stay a Dodger. That’s what stand up guys do.

    1. Clayton isn’t just Texas, he’s Dallas, Texas. I was pleasantly surprised when he passed on FA and extended when he did. I thought that he would seriously consider the Rangers when FA hit. But he is also a great community guy in LA. Mark is right, if Kershaw wants to go home and pitch for the Rangers, no amount of $$$ will convince him to stay a Dodger. He’s not Greinke. He will go where is heart is and the $$$ will be secondary (although A LOT). I am hoping that he remains loyal, and he decides to remain a Dodger at the FMV of a 30 year old future HOF (ok even a little above) for the remainder of his career.

  18. I have the same problem MJ. Twice I have posted, and it told me I had a disconnect. Both of my post were completely lost.

    1. Idahoal mine says duplicate now, and I posted, and it didn’t go through this last time. Let’s see if I can post now.

    1. Idahoal I think I figured it out. On my other posts, it took a little time, to post, and I hit post a second time, and that’s when this happened. But I just post before this one, and just let it slowly post, without hitting post again, and it worked.

    2. Idahoal,

      I’m not sure what happened. Everything appears to be fine on my end. It might just be a slight glitch with the network. I cleared the cache so I am hoping that everything is ok. If there are any further issues let me know.

  19. AC,

    In response to an earlier post of yours, I decided to take the direct route after all of his subtle passive-aggressive attacks. I see no need to try to veil what I want to say, like him.

    BTW, I have no doubt that if Clayton wants to be a Dodgers for life, that FAZ will give him a blank check. Only a moron would look at what happened with Greinke and say FAZ will let Kershaw walk! But actually, morons have already said it.

  20. There is one thing myself, Badger, Rick, and Watford all have in common, we are all die hard Dodger fans just like everyone else. I know this is hard for many here to comprehend, we just enjoyed posting on LAdodgertalk for over a decade almost every day and watched every Dodger game on television just so during the off season of 15/16, we can truly show our true colors as haters, some of you need to get over yourselves.

    As Badger stated above, we see good things in 2018, not 2016, what is wrong with that? That doesn’t make us any less of fans, we will still watch every pitch and root on the blue.

    I said many months ago I think FAZ is rebuilding in 2016, so far it looks that way, do I see the blue winning the World Series this year? Not even close. Will I root for them to get there? Hell yes.

    This is not hating, it is tough love.

  21. No one knows what will happen in 2016 . . . but some like to think they do.

    No one knows what the Dodger inner circle is deeply thinking . . . but some like to think they do.

    Unless someone FROM the Dodgers posts here — and gives us their opinions and ideas — we are all just fans having fun. When some start name calling, like using words: moron, or stupid, etc. it really drags this fan board to the bottom of the barrel.

    What some of us feel is this — from the last year or so, when the Dodgers need an addition or change in player personnel — F&Z have not delivered. They tried, but failed. So let’s see what happens in 2016.

  22. Why in the hell should I think Kersh is any better than all the mercenaries before him… He’ll go where his heart is??? Give me a break por favor… This game is about how much the other guy gets and your rank… Before we canonize Kersh lets take a deep breath…
    Of course there is a chance the kid across town playing for the Angles will break down at Arte’s podium saying that he will take less $$ than ?? because he loves the fans and especially Disneyland…

    1. Pete,

      I think you mis-understand… Kershaw wants the money. Of course he does, but If he wants to go home to the Rangers, he will do that and get the money too. The Rangers will pay it. It all depends upon what he wants. I have always felt he might want to go home at some point in his career.

      I will say this: Clayton will pitch for the Dodgers or Rangers… no one else.

  23. For the record, I am fine with anyone saying that they don’t think the Dodgers will be very good this year. I think they are misguided, but they are entitled to their own opinions. It’s sad that they are so miserable for nothing. I believe they will see how silly they are come September… or sooner. I can wait!

    What I do have a problem with is when people say “FAZ hasn’t done anything.” That is moronic… and people who say moronic things are what? Rocket Scientists? I guess we can see how this season plays out… and maybe I’m really the moron. The scoreboard will tell the tale. I’m down for that.

    Roger said: “No one knows what will happen in 2016 . . . but some like to think they do.

    I agree, and in fact on this thread I said: “What Will the 2016 Dodgers Look Like? The short answer is I don’t know and neither does anyone else… not even Andrew Friedman.

    Then he said: “No one knows what the Dodger inner circle is deeply thinking . . . but some like to think they do.”

    Well, I don’t know their EVERY thought, but I do know what they are thinking and what their plan is. It’s not that hard to understand. If you don’t know, here it is:

    1. Build the farm like no farm has ever been built before;
    2. Stockpile young players and be loathe to trade them for established stars;
    3. Don’t worry so much about what position a player plays, just stockpile assets and trade them when you don’t have to; and
    4. Make moves from a position of strength, not weaknesses.

    Finally, when a certain poster subtly and passively-aggressively uses many cloaked and veiled words and innuendo to call someone stupid, I use the direct approach – nothing subtle with me. Others see it too but few want to engage him or call him on it. Me? I don’t really care!

  24. Mark, as a long time friend — just let some things go. Let them go.

    Fans say a bunch of things on a fan board like this one. Some just have a few second to dash off a thought and quick idea. They might not be using 1,389 words like you did on your post above. That was a lecture from Mark. Some of us are tired of lectures.

    So, if a fan here, says something — let it be and give your thoughts, some of us are tired of attacks.

  25. The 1,389 word comment was an attack?

    Can you point out the offensive parts?

    BTW, for the most part, it has been me against a vast majority of the posters here. Boxout, AC, Bumsrap, 1958, Dodger Denny, Idaho Al and a few others see some of it the same way I do (correct me if I’m wrong) and I have been saying this for a long time and others have been telling me I am wrong for a long time… so I’m not likely to let it go. In fact, I’ll be here to remind everyone when it plays out… or you will remind me!

    Peace Out, Old Friend!

    1. Mark, You are correct, I see FAZ pretty much like you do. I believe they are “state of the art”.

      Additionally, In spite of all the criticism, I think they did an excellent job putting together an organization that produced 92 victories in 2015, after incurring all the problems your stated above. The organization is getting better and better.

      My post below regarding the Cubs and Theo, was done in sarcasm. I admire Theo and what he has accomplished at Boston and Chicago. Read the article Badger posted, he and FAZ are mirror images. Also look at his 2015 deadline deals. He approached the deadline the same way FAZ did. Sometimes the best, well laid plans, don’t work, that’s life.

      Keep the 1,389 word posts coming!!!! They are better than most articles on the internet.

  26. Badger: “This is scary”

    Agreed, Chicago stockpiling talent and “spending the offseason exploring deals that would bring them a young, impact arm, preferably one under control for multiple seasons” is scary!! Unfortunately, its an absolutely FAZtastic idea from Chicago’s point of view.

    Happily, we can find some hope in the fact that Theo has been an EPIC FAILURE in his almost five years in Chicago. He sure was coughing up hairballs last October after acquiring Dan Haren (6.79 ERA) and Tommy Hunter (8.62 ERA) at the deadline. EVERYBODY except Theo knew he should have gotten, Hamels not Haren, Miller not Hunter, on second thought nothing to worry about here.

    BTW, wasn’t it you Badger, who crowned the Cubs champions after they beat the Cardinals?

  27. dodgerrick, I appreciate your “pitching depth” response.

    We agree Dbags had no depth in their rotation, added Greinke and Miller (at HUGE cost), and are better, but, still no depth.

    Regarding Midgets, I see the following:

    Bumgarner, 2015, 218 IP, 2.93 ERA
    Cueto, 2015, 212 IP, 3.44 ERA
    Samardzija, 2015, 214 IP, 4.96 ERA
    Heston, 2015, 177 IP, 3.95 ERA
    Peavy, 2015, 110 IP, 3.58 ERA

    Cain, 2015, 60 IP, 5.79 ERA

    Lots of questions after Bumgarner. Principally, Cueto’s elbow. I am not aware of much else in the organization in the event of injury. Are you? They lost Hudson, Vogelsong and Lincecum. Evidence of lack of organizational depth is the 78 quality starts they had in 2015, compared to Dodgers 95 (even after losing Ryu and McCarthy). Can they survive a couple serious injuries to starting pitchers? I don’t think so.

    Regarding Dodgers, I see the following:

    Kershaw, 2015, 232 IP, 2.13 ERA
    Kazmir, 2015, 183 IP, 3.10 ERA
    Anderson, 2015, 180 IP, 3.69 ERA
    Wood, 2015, 189 IP, 3.84 ERA
    Maeda, 2015, Japanese Cy Young Winner

    Bolsinger, 2015, 109 IP, 3.62 ERA
    Frias, 2015, 77 IP, 4.06 ERA
    Ryu, 3.17 Career ERA
    McCarthy, 4.13 Career ERA

    DeLeon, potential stud
    Urias, potential stud
    Sierra, potential stud
    Cotton, potential stud
    Beachy, fully healthy

    Lots of questions after Kershaw, as you correctly pointed out, but, I still see a MUCH higher probability of the Dodgers putting a quality starter on the mound, in more games, than the Midgets (even with some serious injuries). That is my definition of “organizational depth”. Good job FAZ!

    It seems, everyone has a different idea on pitching depth.

    Badger: “All organizations have at least 5 starting pitchers at AAA ready to go at any given time. Ergo the Dbacks have just as much depth as any team in the league”. Thats like saying “all organizations have at least 5 starting pitchers on their MLB roster. Ergo the Dbacks starting pitching is just the same as any team in the league”. I guess when your a Dbag fan your reduced to such silliness.


    1. I’ll be at work unfortunately. But I’ll have a game thread setup over here for everyone to chat. I’ll try and pop in as much as I can, and I’ll watch the replay.

  28. box, Dbacks top 4 prospect and 6 of their top 10 are starting pitchers. Not sure how many veteran 4A veteran dudes they will have at AAA. The point of course is every team plans depth for pitching. Is ours better? Nobody knows that. Is it good? Looks good. But, nobody knows.

    1. Cmon, sure every team plans for pitching depth, but, pitching depth is rated/ranked/evaluated/projected just like rosters and farm systems. All projections are educated guesses and an educated guess will tell you the Dodgers have much more pitching depth than the Dbags or Midgets. Try giving credit where credit is due. It won’t hurt!!

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