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Andrew Toles Had a Grand Day. Brandon McCarthy, Not so Much

Today is Trayce Thompson‘s birthday – and he hit a home run!

Most of the time, that would be good enough for the headline…but not this time. Today Andrew Toles stole the spotlight with a magnificent day out on the diamond.

Mr. Toles didn’t hit a home run, nevertheless, he put up some pretty good numbers across the board. Toles had two big catches in left field. One was leaping to glove a ball over his head, and the other was made diving into left-center field. Unfortunately, I watched the game on the Mariners TV network, so Tolesy’s first catch got no replay, and his second was nearly missed while they focused on a side interview.

Toles was active with the bat and on the basepaths today as well. He turned his first hit, which would have been a double for most players, into a triple with his speed. He ended the day with two hits, two runs scored, two RBIs, and those two big catches I mentioned earlier.

Let’s not forget the birthday boy, Trayce Thompson. He went deep in the third inning to give the Dodgers a 3-2 lead, and in the fifth, he picked up an RBI by knocking in Andrew Toles.

Unfortunately, today wasn’t all puppy dogs and candy canes for the Dodgers.

Brandon McCarthy had a rough outing, as everyone but the Mariners coaching staff was hitting his pitches all over the park.

McCarthy gave up a quick single and a stolen base to his first batter, and a two-run home run to the second man he faced. He also gave up two stolen bases. That was just the beginning.

The 2nd inning was a bit better. He only needed five pitches, but he was partly helped by over eager Mariners and a bunt that high-bounced right to him for an easy out.

In the 3rd inning Andrew Toles made a nice leaping catch to save McCarthy. The Mariners stole their third base, and (as in every inning before) just about every batter made some kind of contact. McCarthy simply wasn’t fooling anyone.

Then came the McCarthy fourth inning: He gave up two solid fly balls, Toles making a diving catch on one of them. Then McCarthy gave up a solo home run. That was followed by a double. Brandon McCarthy’s afternoon was done, and the Mariners were sorry to see him go.

Julio Urias also had a rough day at work. He only recorded two outs on 31 pitches in the 6th. He walked one, gave up two doubles and two runs. On the bright side, he struck out the first batter he faced.

In fairness, it looked like Urias was just working on his pitches. His first eight or so pitches were all down in the dirt. Low and away, low and inside.

He gave up his first double on a hanger, and he was visited by pitching coach Rick Honeycutt. After that, Urias never threw another pitch below or even close to the knees. Everything was belt-high and up. It didn’t look like Urias tried another curveball after that hanger. It was one of those extended innings that Urias throws before he gets locked in. You probably remember he had plenty of those last season.

By the way: Justin Turner had a first-pitch home run in the first inning, and in the end, the Dodgers pummeled the Mariners 12-5.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

98 thoughts on “Andrew Toles Had a Grand Day. Brandon McCarthy, Not so Much

  1. Nicely done Oscar. Great to hear that Toles had a good day in the field. He’ll start in AAA but I expect him to be called up for his MLB ABs throughout the season. He’s the heir to LF once Ethier come off the books.

    The next generation: Seager, Bellinger, Peterson, Toles, Verdugo. Contact, speed, power, versatility, and hopefully discipline too.

  2. Oscar

    You can catch Toles second catch, on the Sports Net Dodger show, tomorrow morning.

    I just saw it.

    I expect Toles to be up too.

    And Ethier is still out, because of his back.

  3. McCarthy, 3 runs in a little over 3 innings. They lit Urias up a little too. McCarthy gave up 2 homers. Both Thompson and Turner hit their dingers on the first pitch. That was the same Henson that threw a no no for the Gnats against the Mets. Taylor had another hit….avg over .500……all in all a good day at the office…..

  4. Thompson had a rough day on the base paths, he stole a base, but then was thrown out at 3rd and tagged out there by the left fielder! Ya do not see that every day. Later he got thrown out at 3rd again trying to get an extra bag on a hit. Players starting to be optioned and released. The aforementioned Derek Norris, ( no relation) and Logan Ondrusek.

  5. Boy AGon sure is livid over the World Baseball Classic. Hardly ever see (hear) him like this. I guess one thing is he’s gotta cover his brother, who’s the manager, but I’ve got to say it’s always hard to be eliminated based on a technicality.

    1. Seems a little over​ the top. We all have things we don’t like or appreciate to deal with. Maybe he’s exposing a part of his personality that is not public. I don’t know the guy, but I do know that people do react when things don’t go their way. Rules are rules, no matter who you are. (Unless you’re Hillary)

      1. National pride????

        In other parts of the world, wearing your team’s colors in more than just an honor.

      2. Melton

        We already know that dirty Flynn paid off a guy, to say that stuff.

        And Flynn also worked as a forgein agent, and lobbied for Turkey, so he had plenty of extra money.

        It is only a matter of time.

        And Agone is a stand up guy.

        1. General Michael Flynn is a registered Democrat and was an Obama hire. Trump will soon learn to just get rid of anyone that has any ties to the Democratic party/leadership. With Obama and Hillary being at the top of the food chain for that party, might as well call that party the Dumb and Crooked party.

          1. Chili

            Trump hired this guy too.

            The difference between the two, is that Obama fired him, unlike Trump.

            The only reason Trump fired him, was because it came out to the public, that he met with the Russian diplomat, KGB, and was talking about easing the sactions, on the Russians.

            After the Russians, messed with our election.

            And there are so many ties to Russians, that I would be worried too, if he was my candidate.

            And it is looking more and more, that Trump and his bumpkins, helped the Russians, do what they did.

            And if the the democrats are so dumb, then why are they the latest party, to serve, two terms?

            When was the last time a republican served two terms?

            And you notice most democrats, don’t have to name call, because we have facts!

          2. USA TODAY Published 3:13 p.m. ET March 16, 2017 | Updated 8 minutes ago

            ‘President Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, received $33,750 from Russia’s state-owned television network for a 2015 speech he made in Moscow, documents released Thursday show.

            Flynn, who was fired by Trump last month over his contacts with Russia’s ambassador to the United States’

            Ahh….Trump fired him a LOT quicker than the dummie did. Notice how this is all being learned now that Trump is in office. His taking money happened prior to Trump.

            Notice how they tied this guy to Trump. Do the math. 3 weeks compared to 2 YEARS. The guy is a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT.

            Not going to argue opinions. Flynn worked 2 YEARS for Obama. Worked 3 WEEKS for Trump. Like I said earlier, Trump will soon learn NOT TO HIRE ANY ONE tied to Obama/Hillary.

        2. MJ
          What does Flynn have to do with Adrian?
          He sure seems like a stand up guy.
          Maybe he’s right, I don’t really know.
          I just don’t agree with his public reaction, seems unseemly.
          Same with your reaction, a little defensive?

        1. Speaking up, ok. Acting like a baby (prima dona) when the rules were in place before the WBC begin, well that shows one’s self absorption and a total lack of maturity.

          All about ‘Me’……screw the other team (which I believe was Venezuela) as ‘my team’ should have advanced despite the rules that EVERYONE knew were in place.

          And he was the one mentoring Puig. That might explain a lot.

          One must ask oneself, what would Chase Utley have done?

          1. Chili

            Why are you saying this?

            I thought you liked Agone?

            And about Chase, if it wasn’t the Mets, that would have never happened to Chase.

          2. Why?

            Because I think A-Gon went overboard. Wish he would get that fired up when the Dodgers do not make a much needed trade to help the team. Wish he would get that fired up when the Dodgers get bounced from the playoffs.

            He does get that fired up about where he sleeps when traveling. Another sign of ‘ME’ mentality. No respect for the players that might have voted for Trump or their families that might have voted for Trump and DEFINITELY not being a team player when you are staying at a separate hotel than everyone else. Is that leadership?

            How much did he make for playing on the Mexican National Team? Wasn’t he hurt before the WBC began? Did he miracously get healthy for that event? A lot of hypocrisy there.

            I call it like I see it.

            p.s.—missed my point about Chase Utley completely. Oh well.

          3. Chili, I think you’re seeing Gonzalez inaccurately. He’s done quite a bit for the Latino community. And yes, you call them as you see them, as you should. So does Adrian. I would think you would respect his right to speak out. I read that the team was told by WBC officials they would advance if they won by two. If that is true, they have a legit beef.

          4. Badger,

            Not sure where or whom said that to the team. Please provide if you know. It’s simple math. Runs allowed per defensive innings is the first tie breaker amongst three teams.

            Just because the Mexicans think that playing into the ninth and not getting an out before giving up the winning run constitutes a complete inning, well, not sure where they’ve been for the past 100 years.

            Let’s break it down. Does 3 outs equal one inning? Yes or No.

            IF yes than what does zero outs equal?

            The Gonzalez’s can cry all they want and they can say whatever they want but THEY do not want to fess up to the fact that THEY misinterpreted the rules of the tie breaker.

          5. “Not sure where or whom said that to the team”.

            I’m not sure who but it’s said in every article I’ve read about it. This one has Gonzalez saying it:


            Others, even the la times said “Mexico was led to believe after reading an explanation of the rules provided on MLB Network and through the official Twitter accounts of both the WBC and Major League Baseball”. Twitter. You must value that source – right?

            Maybe you’re prepared to call AGon a liar, I’m not. Apparently even the WBC thought Mexico was in because they tweeted it (since taken down) after Mexico won. I just don’t think Gonzalez would make this up. To your question about innings defended, I get your point, but if 5 runs are scored in any inning, that inning was defended. Not well, but in the book it will be recorded that 5 runs were scored in that inning. This won’t go anywhere but Gonzalez has a right to gripe about it.

        2. Surely you find that political discourse with unlikeminded folk doesn’t get very far.
          Got my haircut yesterday and my barber has Hannity on the radio. I just love that. Somehow I did not walk out with the newfound realization that the media is just out to get Trump and that they are just a bunch of hacks and that Donald is the savior.

          I can’t verify this, but I believe this is a direct Donald quote:

          “I always knew I was good. I was always good at it. I was always the best athlete. … Always the best player. Not only baseball, but every other sport too. … I was the best baseball player in New York when I was young. … Everybody wanted me to be a baseball player. But I was good at other things too. I was good at wrestling. I was really good at football. I was always good at sports. I was always the best at sports.”


          Q.How good a hitter were you?
          D: The best. -“Baseball wasn’t a thing then.”
          Q: 1963?
          D:Back in the day when we were winning all those wars.

          Are you familiar with the cinematographic film Koyaanisqatsi?

          1. Rye

            It won’t be to long, there is way to many Russian ties.

            And so many transactions with money, with Russians too.

            The Russian ambassador, met in Trump tower, with Flynn, and Trumps, son in law.

          2. I see you are back on the job MJ. This should motivate you to get to the bottom of this!!

          3. Rye-
            IF you are speaking to me…..I did not start the political conversation. Maybe you need to re-read all of the posts. Sorry if I responded on behalf of Trump when folks on here start in and do not deal in the facts.

            So if your posts was not aimed at me, then I completely and fully apologize. If not, then maybe you should ask ‘them’……
            “Surely you find that political discourse with unlikeminded folk doesn’t get very far.”

          4. Badger

            This is all about Trump with Chili.

            He doesn’t like that Agone choose not to stay in a Trump motel hell.

    2. YF

      Remember in the play offs against the Cubs, when Agone scored that run, and the umpire called Agone out, and the replay didn’t change the call.

      That was a big moment in that game, and in that series, because we were up two games to one, and we would have went a head first, if we would have got that call.

      I bet Agone is just sick of the baseball people in NY, and there decisions.

      1. Boxout

        Most people don’t believe in alternate facts, believe it or not.

        And I didn’t start it, it was your buddy Melton.

        1. All I did was mention Hillary’s name. If it wasn’t the Russians it would be the Martians. I know everybody’s competitive but come on, the election was a few months ago. Some people are just terrible losers, everyone else is to blame
          I bet you just loved that Maddow drama.
          A lot of crazy nonsense.

          1. I could care less about his tax returns what I care about is our economy and stopping the decline of this country. When I look around I see a third world country. I see things that were once beautiful ruined by cultures that could care less about the environment. I want to see everyone assimilate and be pluses instead of minuses to our country. I believe in legal immigration, not a virtual free for all for the poorest of other countries. This tax return BS is nonsense very Petty. Let’s try looking at the big picture

          2. “I could care less about his tax returns”. “Tax returns are nonsense”.

            Then do what all other presidential candidates have done – make them public so all this Russian connections talk will be put to rest.

            I agree with you about the rest of that post. We could do better by taking care of our own problems, of which there are many.

          3. Ah Melton,

            I think I’ve just found a key difference between your perspective on the world (nation) and mine.

            I, even though I’m Canadian, still think America’s the greatest and getting better. From your comment, it looks like you think it was once better (I’m not sure when) and is getting worse.

          4. Ah Bluto,
            I see we are living on different Planets
            I am from … the planet Earth
            and am a … U.S. Citizen
            20 Trillion in debt
            94 million out of work
            etc.,etc. I’m sure you’ve heard Hannity

  6. As far as A-Gones rant against the WBC, I agree with him. Deciding a spot based on some stupid stat is ridiculous. Decide the game on the field. If you tie, play another game. What’s the big deal? I dislike the WBC anyway, it is purely a publicity stunt to try and bring baseball to the same status as Soccer with the rest of the world. The WBC is supposed to be baseball’s answer to the World Cup. I dislike both. I think players making that much money should be concentrating on helping their team. The Olympics have also degenerated into a joke. I remember Hanley messing up his thumb playing 3rd base and he was lost to the Dodgers for 6 weeks. By the way MJ, MLB had nothing to do with the decision in the WBC. There was a committee made up of members from all nations that set the rules. International rules are different than those of the MLB, for instance, they have a mercy rule, just like little league.

    1. Michael

      I didn’t know that, because in the article I read, it referred to the MLB.

      It was weird because in one of these WBC games that was tied, and going into extra innings, they had that rule that MLB has been wanting to use, where they put runners on first and second, in extra inning games, before the inning starts.

      I looked at the Cubs line up today, and they don’t have even one of there regular players, in the line up.

      They might have a pitcher, but non of there regular players, are in there starting line up, in today’s game.

  7. After the debacle and retraction Joe Torre held a meeting Monday morning to ensure the tie-breaker rule was correctly applied. It was, to say the least, an absolute embarrassment. When you set up a rule system then implement it incorrectly yeah that’s embarrassing. Makes people not want to participate, which I doubt is the goal.

  8. I was just reading about Brandon Morrow and discovered he was something of a neigbor, played on a few of the same fields I did in the Rohnert Park area. He did something in 2011 that had never been done before, and will nevervbe done again because it’s virtually impossible. Anybody know what it was?

    1. Morrow was also infamously picked by the Mariners ahead of Tim Lincecum (local kid). Andrew Miller and Clayton Kershaw haven’t been too shabby either.

    2. During a thunderstorm while out golfing with the Mrs., survived a lightening strike on his back while him and the Mrs. were doing it under a tree. Just a guess, after all they were still newlyweds.

  9. Good guesses. He pitched 100 innings without a double play being made behind him.

    on this pitch Jonah? General rule, don’t bunt a ball that is over your shoulders.

    1. Badger

      Are you listening to this?

      No integrity, why don’t they just quit, instead of covering up, for all of the lies?

      They will never get another good job, from anyone.

      1. Yeah, I’m hearing it. Not buying any of it. It’s not what is said, it’s what is done. The lesser among us are in serous trouble.

        I almost jumped in on the Flynn discussion, but thought better of it. People choose to believe what they choose to be true. People believe Trump. Not MOST people, thank goodness, but enough to keep this can kicked down the road.

        1. Trump: …”believe me”

          Audience: “Anything you say. Newspapers, reporting, science, facts – blah. Tell us more of how you see the world. You’re the guy that speaks for us!”

      2. People in those jobs get them because they lie for the boss and take the blame when he gets caught. Someone else will always be willing to hire a patsy to shill for them. Especially if they’re being paid with someone else’s money. (The Taxpayers) Are you really so naive? Everyone in Government, and that includes military, are totally corrupt, both sides of the aisle. Patriotism died decades ago.

  10. Interesting comments above about AGon mentoring Puig.

    Puig was just ejected for arguing a 3rd called strike, having been called out on strikes his previous AB. He threw his bat to the ground in disgust.

    AGon then helped him gather his things, and then walked along the 3rd base line grinning & looking back at the umpire.

    I then come here and read the above comments & have to agree that Chilli might have a point about Utley possibly being a better pal for Yassie.

    I don’t think he’ll be here after the TD

    1. Watford

      Firstly some time last year, Agone moved his locker to get away from Puig, when Puig wasn’t listening, and acting out.

      Chili was talking about Agone being upset, about the WBC.

      Agone was upset, because it wasn’t clear, what the rules were.

      Agone is a up stand up guy.

      Puig is a grown up, and he a lone, is responsible, for his behavior.

      He has played Major League Baseball, for four years.

      It is time for people to stop acting like Puig is a child.

      And this remark about Agone, was started for that someone, that has a problem.

      1. Ah, I see. If someone doesn’t see things your way, they have a problem?
        Maybe, I’m a Russian Spy (we are everywhere infiltrating everything, don’t turn around, just assume we’re watching)

  11. I’m sure Oscar or Scott are working on the wrap up of today’s game, but….sneak peak….not a bad performance by Ryu. Nice progress so far.

  12. Are people really focusing on Adrian Gonzalez’ reaction to Mexico getting an unfortunate result in the WBC?

    There’s not an entire baseball season to look forward to?

    Relax, chill, enjoy the Dodgers. Go walk in the sun.


    1. You are correct, Bluto. If I had commented on that, I probably would have laughed at people getting so upset over the antics/rants of overly wealthy children playing a child’s game. C,mon, you going to ask their advice on voting, or stock market investments, or cooking dinner? They are athletes, they skipped ethics class and most of the others to practice baseball. Who cares what they say or do?

      1. Well, I agree 98.5% I do like it when athletes encourage people to do good things:

        1. Support charity
        2. vote
        3. Spend money
        4. etc.

  13. I knew someone would make a big deal out of Puig getting tossed. I watched the game. There was a pitch called a strike earlier in the at bat that was very questionable. Puig stepped out and took a second to gather his thoughts. The strikeout pitch was borderline and Puig was obviously frustrated…….big deal. In a spring game? Come on, get serious. The guy is doing everything they have asked. I am sure A-Gone walked to the club house with him to calm him down some. If he is traded it will be because he is not performing well. He, like Joc is adjusting to a new stance and approach. Both are making better contact, but not getting the desired results yet. Turner Ward has had praise for both of them. And MJ, he has not been in the majors for 4 years. He has played 2 full seasons and parts of 2 others. Between his injury’s and his minor league time since he was signed he has played 435 games. equivalent of about 2 1/2 years in the bigs. I expect Dave Roberts will no doubt talk to him about todays game. As fans we can bitch about the guy all we want, but in the end it will not matter because only the FO and the manager know what the teams plans are for any player.

    1. Michael

      First I didn’t say a thing about Puig, until people were blaming Agone, for Puig’s behavior.

      Agone is not responsible for the way Puig acts.

      And I was talking about behavior, not performance.

      And why are you on me, I didn’t say a thing about Puig!

      And by the way, Puig has been in the majors, 3 years, and 5 months or more.

      Just because he was on the DL, doesn’t change that!

      And you know that!

          1. Defend yourself, haven’t you learned anything from our Great Leader? It’s the Liberals posting lies under your name, etc, etc…

          2. I still don’t know how Agon and Flynn are related
            But I am excited to be a Russian Spy

      1. Actual service time yeah. Actual games no. Everybody rags on Puig, including you. And his behavior is a product of his upbringing more than anything else, and the fact that he was raised in another country. You give a kid like he was all that money, and the instant fame thrust upon him, and he has never been around people who have all that, it is an adjustment. He really connected with Uribe. Juan kept him on the straight and narrow that first year. A lot of his problems started when Juan left. The game came easy to him. He had instant success, and to tell the truth he did not know how to handle all of that. He is an adult, yes, but he is a child of a totally different culture. 435 games is 2 full seasons plus 100 games. I do not count the months he spent on the DL or the time he was in the minors. He was the Wild Horse, and they are taming him and changing his game. The only way he knew how to play was all out. That takes time to teach out of someone, but nobody can say the kid does not have 5 tool talent. What he does with that talent will tell the story. And not one single person here or on any other site has a clue what the FO really wants to do with him. I just get tired of people pissing and moaning about his behavior, what they need to worry about is his production and play during the regular season. Dodgers have had some players who were a lot worse than Puig, Dick Allen and Frank Robinson come to mind. Alston hated both of them which is why both were gone after one year.

        1. Michael

          The point is I didn’t say a thing about Puig, until people started blaming Agone, for his behavior.

          And on the last thread when I said stuff about Puig, I also said I was giving him chance this year, because he does seem different, in spring training, this year.

          And many others, didn’t even do that.

          And you got all over me in the last thread, and you said something to me, in this thread.

          And you didn’t say a thing, to the people that was saying stuff about Puig.

          Puig is still responsible, for his actions.

          And I am partly happy that you are sticking up for him, because one of people that said something about Puig and Agone, only said something, because of Puig’s and Agone’s ethnicity.

  14. I quit watching the news, I think my blood pressure has dropped.
    It’s been a couple of weeks now, but I still peek at the Drudge report and get
    the LA Times in my email…talk about polar opposites
    They do have a pretty good sports section that I’ve read for the last 40+
    years. I’ve always called it the ” Good News”

  15. I lost the connection between Agon WBC and Agon related to Puig getting tossed in a ST game.

    I applaud Agon for criticizing the WBC. I also remember him charging the mound in a ST game which I though was ridiculous.

        1. Wow, that’s a great presentation Badger.
          I noticed that you narrated it yourself. Nice touch

          1. No, that was Matt Drudge. I’m surprised you didn’t recognize his voice. It was funny though, wasn’t it.

    1. I thought we had “depth” in starting pitching?

      Drudge Report? Fake news bro. Oh wait, you just want us to THINK that you are open minded enough to read the rantings of a gay 7-11 clerk. Very clever agent Mel. You probably read Moveon.Truthdig.

      AGon said his piece. Now he’s back in camp. Talking with young, passionate, Latin players is just one of his many skills.

          1. Vladimir Putin: Emo’zhiti gavaree’t’ pa anglee’jski); – Ti govorish po-angliiski (ti’ govori’sh po angli’iski) Ja umnyi,

            Donald Trump: smeshnoi, dobryj, simpatichnyj, uspeshnyj (ja oo’mnyi, smeshno’i, do’bryi, simpatee’chnyi, uspe’shnyi; ‘Ja’!

            Now that’s funny. Right Meltonstantin?

          1. You’re saying our Russian Spy is a Democrat? I don’t think Meltonstantin is gonna like that.

          2. Boxout

            Get up on history!

            The current Republican Party, is not the Republican Party of Lincoln.

            That is because of a lots of things, but the most recent, is when the people in the south, joined the Republican Party, when Nixon became president.

            Badger isn’t even close to being like that, and I hope you are not either.

  16. “I’m sure Oscar or Scott are working on the wrap up of today’s game”

    I’ll start it for them Artie:

    3 for 30, 9 K’s, 0 for 5 WRISP. We got throttled. Sh*t happens. And it can happen a lot. To a lot of people. Maybe it’s just life. For most everyone on the plant. 3 for 30 is just baseball. And being baseball, 0fer WRISP is another random cruelty in a series of malicious heartbreak and stinging loss. Suck it up candy pants. It could be worse.

    1. Sorry folks, no recap for today from me, as I missed the game.
      But I’m still giving you all a little something…I just posted a report on Scott Kazmir’s bullpen today.

    1. Melton you crack me up! Be careful the “Defective Detectives” scare easy!

      I am patiently waiting for Jeff Sessions to gear up and pursue Obozo/Crooked Hill. Do you know why they sold Russia 20% of our uranium resources? Me either!

      1. What?! What a ridiculously stupid comment Catbox. I would say you know better, but the fact is you really don’t. Between Breitbart and the Drudge Report you’re about as misinformed as anyone I know.

        Read real news now and then. I recommend Truthout or Vox or Al Jazeera. Broaden your horizons. You ever read Chris Hedges? You might try. If you need help, just ask. Keep a dictionary close by.

        1. Funny that you would quote Snopes, David mikkelson is actually a friend of mine. I’ve known him since he lived in a little trailer in a crappy Mobile Home Park. Of course now he’s a millionaire. Speaking of millionaires, I noticed that Malibu is now a sanctuary City. Their criteria is that there are 80 children in the school district that are illegal and the millionaires there don’t want to lose their​ indentured slaves. No way they’re going to clean their own toilets nor will they pay for a legitimate maid service. Funny how millionaires are so cheap

  17. BAAAAAAAAAAAger, ewe truly are a “Picture Postcard” example of the term “Sheeple”.

    Take the ring out of your nose and stop being led around by libtards telling the Sheeple, “Go to our “fact check” site to get the truth”. Your unquestioning belief that your’s and other libtards “sheep shit” don’t stink has blinded you to the obvious!!!

    I know “fact checking” snopes says Russia gave the Clinton Foundation $145M because she is so good looking, makes sense to you???

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