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Beastmode is Back and Better Than Ever

Matt Kemp

One of the great stories of the 2018 Dodgers is the resurgence of outfielder Matt Kemp. The last time we saw Kemp in a Dodger uniform was October of 2014. The Dodgers were playing the Cardinals in the National League Division Series. Kemp hit a go-ahead home run in the bottom of the eighth inning of game 2 at Dodger Stadium that would end up being the game winner. It would also end up being Kemp’s final home run as a Dodger, or so we thought at the time. It was hard to forget that blast. Kemp hooking the ball just fair inside the foul pole as he mouthed the words “fair ball” while going into his home run trot. The Dodgers would go onto lose to the Cardinals in four games and that helped usher in the new era of Dodger baseball.

With that crushingly disappointing playoff exit, the ownership decided to bring in Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi to run the front office. One of their first moves was the headline swap with San Diego. The trade brought Yasmani Grandal to Los Angeles, and sent Kemp to the Padres.

Flash forward to this winter when the Dodgers reacquired him from the Atlanta Braves in a notorious salary dump deal that sent Brandon McCarthy, Adrian Gonzalez, Scott Kazmir and Charlie Culberson to Atlanta. Nobody thought that Kemp would even break ground with the Dodgers in spring training and the Dodgers were rumored to be aggressively shopping him. Here’s the funny part, nobody wanted him apparently.

Now those teams must feel pretty silly because Kemp has been the Dodgers best hitter this season. He’s been one of the most dangerous hitters with runners in scoring position and one of the top hitters in the National league.

Kemp is slashing .426/.446/.745 with 4 home runs and 30 runs driven in with runners in scoring position. That’s the tops in baseball. He’s batting .409 with 7 home runs and 38 runs driven in with runners on base. The guy is an assassin with men in scoring position. Overall Kemp is slashing .336/.370/.566 with 12 home runs and 43 runs batted in. His wRC+ of .154 is the eighth best in MLB.

Not only has Kemp been good at the plate, he’s been good in the field as well. His defensive runs above average rating is a +3 and he’s committed just one error on the grass. He’s played 43 games in left field and 18 games in right. Not everything has been rosy for Kemp though. His 5.7% walk rate is alarmingly low. He’s drawn just 13 walks to pair with his 54 whiffs. However his 155 OPS + is nothing to scoff at.

The last time beastmode was patrolling the outfield at Dodger Stadium and playing at an MVP caliber level was many years ago. The Dodgers were still stuck in the Frank McCourt nightmare and Kemp was the best player on the team. Many years later he’s back and better than ever. He doesn’t complain and is a great teammate in the clubhouse. Beastmode is back and it feels like he never left.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

125 thoughts on “Beastmode is Back and Better Than Ever

  1. Your right Scott, a lot of people scoffed when most of us here, said he can be the bat we need.

    We all knew after he lost weight, that he could be at least adequate in the outfield, with the way the Dodgers shift on defense, and he has been a little better, then even that.

    And Kemp is the most important hitter in our line up now, and he has been, since almost the beginning of the season.

    And that is why Package wants Kemp to be in the line up everyday, because Package knows his baseball.

    Kemp has the highest war on this team too, remember when some said, he had no value?

    They sure missed his bat yesterday, because it is hard to be a factor most of the time, with only one at bat.

    Well our guys are very familiar with the pitcher they are facing tonight, because they have seen this starter tonight, more then any team in the central division.

    Because he pitched for the Rockies in the last few years, before going over to the Cubs.

    We got lucky because the Dbacks lost yesterday too.

    1. MJ
      Thanks for the kind words. I don’t know about knowing baseball but I know people and I knew Kemp was ready to take off barring injury and he seems very much in condition. I just hope he continues to be the team leader he is. Everybody always thought Kemp was the bad apple but it was always AGon. Just my opinion.

  2. I love the way Kemp has been playing. This is kind of a fairytale season for both him and the Dodgers. Both have a chance to redeem themselves for the way he departed. We always complained that the Dodgers would never pay for a big name star. They are doing just that for Kemp, perhaps not the way they figured it would turn out. Would anyone like to see Kemp gone at this stage? Does anyone object to the money he is making currently?

    Chicago tomorrow. This will be a big test for the Dodgers against a pitching staff that is the best in the NL. The Cubs pitching staff have a .218BAA. That’s insane! I’m a bit worried our mini-slump in batting will continue in Chicago. We need those bats desperately if we are going to have a chance to win. Hopefully, Maeda doesn’t give up any HR’s early in the game. I’d love to see our pitchers dominate.

  3. Chicago today Jeff. And you are right, we will need the sticks to wake up to compete with the Cubs. Amazingly, early line has us favored. I wouldn’t favor us.

    The K/BB ratio means nothing if a guy is OPS’n over 100. In today’s game the number to look at is OPS+. This morning Kemp’s is 160. I don’t care what that ratio is if he keeps doing that.

    And Scott, while I was typing this a Thompson’s Water Seal ad covered my post. Don’t try to tell us there is no advertising on that video.

    I’m still in full support of keeping Kemp’s body fresh with regular days off. We need that 160 in September and October. If it means pack has to do 500 pushups, so be it. (yeah, I know. Just having some fun with you packman)

    1. Badger
      You might want 500 pushups but I don’t think this body can do 500 unless it is just a few at the time. Ha! I do disagree Badger that he needs so much rest. He needs 420abs.Ha!

      1. He will need some time off in the dead of summer. He’s got some miles on his tread.

        This is an organization that uses the 40 man and sees to it that all on the 25 contribute. I’m not saying I prefer that, but I understand it. Anyone over the age of 30 will be guarded. And from our history of injuries I’d say it’s a good idea to do so. Besides, with our stupendous depth, we can afford to do it! Take a seat Matt. Joc, you’re in.

        1. Badger
          Thanks for pissing me off. I fail to see the humor. I hope Scott puts more popups on your computer.

          1. You’re welcome pack. I’m here to provide anger service to those who are just too damm mellow for these troubled times.

          2. That’s my ultimate goal pack, a barrage of popups only on Badger’s computer. Tim too. A waterfall of popups. Ones that circle and fly around their computers for hours 😉

          1. They do. But by the FAZian law of transitive deptherian inequality, our depth is more stupendouser than all the others.

  4. Scott
    Good article. You said it just as it is and gave Kemp his due even though the Dodger website tries not to. Kemp has been good for the team, especially the kids. Pretty good huh, considering he is supposed to be the bad apple?

  5. Against todays pitcher, Tyler Chatwood, the Dodgers have faced him 15 times in his career. They are hitting .276 against him with 81 hits, 24 of which are extra base hits. 7 for HR’s . They are slugging .414 against him. Only team with a higher slugging pct against Chatwood is the Giants.

        1. Badger

          Your right, that trade is only good, if we can win a World Series, while Fields is on this team.

          And that we didn’t do, last year, but Houston sure did, and they have our former middle of the order force, not us.

          1. No MJ.

            That’s inane reasoning that will make it nigh-impossible for trades to be measured a success.

            A trade is good if it works out for the positive, not for the ultimate.

          2. Fields is a’ight. 32.1 IP, 3.83 FIP, 2 IPmult, 7 holds, .878 aLI, 76 BAR. Great sub 1 WHIP. He’s got 2 L’s and a BS. Yordan got zero of those. I got nothing against the guy. I just like the sound of a giant middle of the order force. Sounds like Paul Bunyan batting cleanup.

          3. Fields is good, filled a role and continues to fill a role.

            Alvarez is developing well, hopefully will continue.

            I like pointing Alvarez’ case, because it reminds me of a number of things:

            1. Prospects are important not just for the team, but for trading.
            2. Prospects need development. Good orgs (like Dodgers/Astros/Yanks) provide that in addition to drafting.
            3. Trades should NEVER be considered zero sum. Even though it looks like the Hill and Wood trade are as lopsided, these are young kids (more below) whose lives and family fortunes are dependent on them doing well. Let’s hope for that, even for another team.
            4. Holy crap are the International signees young. This kid was traded at 18! Heredia and Estevez (still in the Dodgers’ system) are 19 still.

          4. MJ
            Guess Kemp got worse as he hits 5th tonight. Dummy probably had not used this lineup before.

  6. Alex Verdugo has his average up to .341 now at OKC. Cute story during the game last night. Andrew Toles was asked by a reporter how he was doing, this was down at OKC, and he told the reporter, not too good….Kemp’s hitting, Joc’s hitting, Puig’s hitting……..I was watching Ken Burns Baseball documentary last night. Inning six, the 40’s. There is a really great section in there on the Dodgers the beginning of the decade and they were profiling some of the characters who used to frequent Ebbet’s Field. One of them was a lady named Hilda Chester. The older of us have heard of her. She used to ring a cowbell during Dodger rally’s. Vin Scully was talking about how cozy and close to the players you were when you went to a game there. You could hear the players talking to each other and things like that. Anyway, one day the place was pretty empty during a game. Hilda always sat out in the left center field bleachers. Red Barber was doing the broadcast and all of a sudden this gravely voice booms out, Vin Scully, I love you! Well the crowd just roared and Vin was very embarrassed and hung his head. When he did that the voice yelled out…..Look at me when I am talking to you! Awesome story. One reason I really miss Vin in the booth. Davis has an impossible job because he can never replace Vin or even come close. With Vin gone, I now realize why I so dislike the so called analyst that sit up there with the broadcasters now. Nomar is better than Orel, and Rick Monday is heads and tails better than both of them. The game could really use some characters like that again. The Dodger Sym-phony band. Happy Felcher. Hilda Chester. The last fan I can remember like that used to frequent Dodger Stadium for years. Frances Friedman. What a character. She used to twirl a bag of garlic to stifle opponents rally’s !

    1. Love Toles.

      Perhaps he, like the aforementioned Alvarez who was also blocked, can find success elsewhere through a trade?

      1. I think Toles is part of our depth that we may need before this magilla is over.

        That said, if we can trade for him for Josh Gagne, I probably do it.

        1. Badger

          I am surprised we are favored too, because the Cubs have a better run differential, then we do.

          But it must be because the Dodgers have hit Chatwood well in that past, like Michael mentioned.

    2. Bluto

      That only applies to people that don’t value World Series championships.

      And that is why even though the Cubs gave up a lot for Chapman in 2016, it was worth it, because he helped them to win, a World Series.

      1. No MJ, it applies to all trades.

        Are you saying the Chris Taylor trade hasn’t been successful? The Wood trade?

        I guess not to you and your theory.

        1. Bluto

          These are only opinions, and no ones opinion means more then anyone else’s opinion.

          Because non of us are experts on these issues, and even the experts don’t always get it right.

        2. The Taylor deal was pretty good. The trade for Wood is much more complicated since it was a 13 player deal and Wood was not the center piece. When rating that trade you have to factor in who came with Wood, were they any good? Were they traded for a piece that contributed. The Dodgers got a lot of DEAD wood back in that deal, sorry for the pun, and Wood was not very good that first year. They traded Peraza to the Reds after the season and none of the players from that trade are even in the organization anymore. Although all 3 game via the White Sox. Montas is an A, Thompson is back with the Sox and Johnson is in the Giant system. Most of the rest of the haul were released. Wood was good last year and has been mediocre this year. Johnson and Avilan the only two other players still in the majors from that trade.

          1. There have been some trades that worked. Like the team they put on the field, the FAZ team is a squirrel too. They do stumble across a nut now and then. Or maybe it just seems like there are a lot of guys like Olivera, Latos, Jim Johnson, McCarthy, Anderson, Kazmir, Forsythe, Darvish … and a couple hundred other moves that mostly went unnoticed. The good news is the team was damm good when those guys got here and though it’s showing cracks, it’s still pretty good.

          2. Wood started the all-star game, 9th in Cy Young and was 3.4 WAR.

            That alone makes the trade a big win, are you seriously saying that every player acquired (in the Wood trade for example) has to contribute?

            I dare say that’s a bar no GM can clear.

            The Taylor trade wasn’t “pretty good.” It was highway robbery. Like the Grandal trade. Like the Hill trade (right now, I’m still hoping that Montas can make that one more even.)

          3. Wait a minute. The Hill trade? I know you have a man crush on him, but in 2 full months he pitched 34 innings. He made only 6 starts, won only 3 games and had a rough NLDS.

            I rate the Wood trade not so much by who we got, but by who we gave up, which was nobody of significance. Good trade. Wood had a good year last year. Last year.

            Montas, Holmes and Cotton all injured. What are the odds of that?

          4. Badger,

            1. I am totally, 100% biased when it comes to Hill.

            2. They got a MLB LHSP in exchange for three players who have done nothing.

            That’s robbery. There’s no way to say it otherwise.

    1. Bear
      Looks like Dummy thinks Grandal hits better than Kemp. It also looks like he can’t do enough for Joc. I would be glad to trade Joc Grandal and I would even through in Dummy for anybody.

      1. Pack. Joc has been one of the best hitters on the team over the last month. He has earned the starts. As for Grandal, Doc is loading up lefty’s against Chatwood and obviously Grandal must have good numbers against Chatwood for him to be hitting in front of Kemp. Joc is hitting right’s at a .298 clip against RHP, right behind Kemp, and all 8 of his homers are off of RHP. Grandal has 11 HR’s all against RHP. That’s why he is hitting 4th.

      2. Package

        Grandal does have the best numbers on the team against Chatwood, but Grandal has also not hit much, in the last couple months.

        Kemp probably hasn’t seen Chatwood for quite a while, because he was playing in that different league, but I think I would still hit Kemp fourth.

        I also read the wind is suppose to be blowing in, from right center tonight.

        Because Grandal is really streaky, so his high numbers against Chatwood, is probably when he was in one of his streaks, and he is not on one of his streaks, right now.

          1. He has hit 5th in the order all year against right hand pitchers and I’d say it’s been working.

    1. Great move by the Nationals. The FBZ won’t be able to countermove as the Nationals have set the table. We should probably wait out the non waiver trade deadline like the Astros did last year. Who did they trade away to get Verlander again? Right, no one knows and no one will care in a few years – the prospects were that bad. Learn from the champs.

      1. YF

        The Nats seem to always make their moves early, but the question is, why did the Royals make this trade early, when they could have had more teams in the market, to possibly get a better deal.

  7. Package

    Kemp has six HRs against lefties, and 6 HRs, against righties.

    And we will be facing two lefties starters in this series after tonight, so the left hand platoon players, will probably only get one start in this series, and that is tonight.

    1. Update: Verdugo homers in his second AB tonight, so his last 6 hits have produced 4 doubles and 2 homers.

      1. Good for him! A top prospect for certain.

        What do we do about it? We could trade him. Sell high. There’s no room for him on this roster.

          1. Fine by me.

            But somebody else has to go to keep us under 197. Maybe they’ll take Hill. After all, he was a steal for us, right?

        1. Can we unload Forsythe, Farmer/Barnes and Verdugo on the Rangers for Cole Hamels? I think yes, after the non waiver deadline. I think that keeps us under the lux tax cap since Forsythe makes so much. I’d throw in Ferguson or Santana too. There’s no room for them even after this year. Just get rid of Forsythe please.

          1. Hamels makes $23 million.

            Whatever you do, it must keep us under 197. Also remember, Maeda made over $8 million last year and we want him to do it again. His base salary is a little over $3 million, so, don’t forget to add $5 million to your totals.

  8. I would never rate the Grandal-Kemp deal as a steal. Kemp did a pretty good job in SD and Grandal did ok here. So it is a win-win. SD got 46 HR’s and 169 RBI’s out of Kemp in 1 1/2 years of service.. that’s pretty good. Dodgers by comparison got 43 HR’s and 119 RBI’s out of Grandal those same 2 seasons. Pretty even stats, no steal at all.

    1. Bear
      Got to question whether or not it was an even trade. I would say Kemp with 50 more RBIs is significant and that is enough to know that the team would have been better with Kemp than Grandal.

      1. Package

        If we are talking about this year, there is no contest it is Kemp.

        And Kemp probably would have had better numbers, if he stayed on a team like the Dodgers anyways.

        Because he was not hitting in line ups, like the Dodgers have had, in the last few years.

        And I don’t dislike Grandal, but Grandal has had a lot of trouble staying healthy, and being a factor, all season long.

      2. Pack, I did not add the 12 homers he hit that last year in Atl after the trade. His 2nd years production dwarfed what Grandal did in LA that year. Kemp had 35 HR’s and 108 RBI’s that year, and hit .268. Grandal was 27HR’s, 72 RBI’s and a .228 average, and he all but disappeared in the 2nd half. Had Kemp been hitting in a lineup that had some protection, he might have had much higher numbers. Grandal has never been and never will be as good a hitter as Kemp. As for his defense, he is terrible at throwing out runners, leads the league consistently in passed balls, and other than his so called pitch framing ability, is probably one of the worst defensive catchers in my view. And I have never been impressed with his game calling skills.

    2. Grandal had higher WAR numbers only because of the oracularly obtuse catcher’s defensive statistical constructs. Kemp playing left field, and apparently not playing it to the saber lords acquiescence, hurt his WAR numbers. I agree with you, 46 home runs, 55 doubles and 169 RBI’s in SD is impressive. He also had 3 triples, 12 stolen bases ….. and no passed balls. Grandal has 3 triples and 5 stolen baes in his entire career. And it’s hard to not notice his passed balls. They are legendary………..

    3. Yes, by those stats pretty even.

      By the stats that you are not a fan of:
      2015 Kemp .5 WAR
      2015 Grandal 1.4 WAR

      2016 Kemp .2 WAR
      2016 Grandal 2.7 WAR

      2017 Kemp -1.3 (NEGATIVE!) WAR
      2017 Grandal 2.2 WAR

      1. Maybe you can explain catchers dWAR Bluto. Maybe you can do so without using framing, tell us why passed balls do not count as errors, and why backhanding balls in the dirt is ok. And while you’re schooled us on saber evals, tell me something about Gold Gloves. Kemp has 2. Grandal hasn’t sniffed one.

        1. I have no clue what goes into dWAR for catchers.

          I do have an inkling about why framing is so important. Because strikes are a major factor. Hitting with an 0-1 count is statistically worse than 1-0, etc. Further you only need 3 strikes for an all-important out.

          I would guess (and only guess) that passed balls and wild pitches are so subjective that it’s hard to really count them as hard analytical factors. Similarly, the Golden Gloves are like the Cy Young. Not very good data to use, as a metric for analytically minded folk.

          Just speculation from this person who knows little about baseball.

          1. If I were reporting on this framing thing I would interview umpires on it. It still makes NO sense to me. 1. the strike zone is ONLY over the plate, a good 3-4’ in front of the catcher. Where he receives the ball has NOTHING to do with a strike. EVERY ump, from Little League up knows this. 2. Umpires are being fooled by certain catchers and once they know who they are they would tighten up their act. It might even begin to work against the pitcher.

            Electronic strike zone. This nonsense has gone on long enough.

          2. Could be right on all those counts Badger, if any of them start to happen I would expect the value of framing to diminish quickly.

            Until then, though it seems to be of really high importance. Even more than pitch calling, which seems to be more and more tendency and reporting driven than “feel”

    1. YF

      Like I already said, the Nats seem to make these deals ahead of time, but why would the Royals, when they could have waited, and had more teams bidding for Herrera?

      And if like you said, the Royals didn’t get much for Herrera, so I don’t get this trade from the Royals point of view.

      1. Herrera makes $8 million. Maybe that has something to do with it. He’s sure a nice piece for that bullpen.

    2. The Angels and Dodgers each were in serious talks with the Royals for Kelvin Herrera before being traded to the Nats. Meanwhile, Shohei Ohtani likely to return this season-at least as a DH-amid Mike Trout’s greatest season.

      As per the never reliable Bob Nightengale.

  9. Dammit. Had Chatwood on the ropes in Round 1 and let him off. 0 for 3 WRISP after 1 inning. That might cost us.

    1. The game already started??!?!?

      MOre minor league data:

      The Arizona League began play on Monday, and I drove to Camelback Ranch for the Dodgers opener to see rehabbing righty Yadier Alvarez. His stuff was otherworldy at times last night, as it always seems to be when I see Alvarez, sitting 94-97 and touching 98 while flashing two separate, plus breaking balls.

      Alvarez’s blood runs cold when he’s on the mound. He doesn’t emote, save for a few McNabbish smiles when he’s getting squeezed or facing some other adverse randomness, nor does he work with any pace or urgency. His delivery is graceful and fluid, without much violence for this kind of velocity, and yet he has never improved his scattershot fastball command (though it was fine last night and he worked up more often than he typically does). His continued troubles with strike-throwing, plus the emergence of a groin issue, caused him to tumble down our overall prospects list, but the siren call of Alvarez’s stuff continues to grip me, and I think he’ll at least turn into something similar to what Neftali Feliz became, at peak.

      Dodgers 18-year-old righty Melvin Jimenez reached full-season ball in July of last year, before he turned 18, and struck out more than a batter per inning there while sitting in the mid- to upper 90s with his fastball. Jimenez began 2018 back in the Midwest League but wasn’t missing as many bats and wasn’t pitching consistently. Last night he was 91-92.

      But another young Dodger has emerged as this year’s relief prospect du l’an, 19-year-old Mexican righty Gerardo Carillo. He was 93-97 last night with a fringe breaking ball and came right at hitters with his heater.

      1. Rain out. So they have a day-night doubleheader and your boy Rich over the Hill is starting game 2. Hope he fares better than Maeda has looked so far.

      2. Did Alvarez find the strike zone with 97? He’s averaging about 5 BB per 9.

        Don’t know those other guys but will check ‘em out.

  10. Badger

    That umpire didn’t help Grandal, and the hitters after him, with that bad call.

    It was if that umpire, couldn’t let Chatwood walk another hitter.

    But they better get to Chatwood before he leaves this game, because I don’t think the Cub’s relief pitchers, will be easier to hit.

    But as you know, sometimes pitchers that are not around the plate much, or harder to hit, because they can be effectively wild.

  11. He’s been inconsistent, but you’re right, that strike 3 was 8” outside. Strike 1 was a ball too.

    0 for 7 WRISP. You don’t win ball games like that. Especially against the better clubs.

    Trade for Herrera was an organizational 10th rated prospect, a .236 hitting A baller and a 17 year old. The Dodgers weren’t that interested.

    1. Badger

      What is Herrera making?

      I felt like that with JD Martinez last year, because the Dbacks really didn’t give up that much, but Joc stopped hitting right after the trade deadline, so it didn’t look like we needed JD, at that time.

      But I think he could have made a big difference for us in the post season, and in the World Series especially, because he had played so long, in the American League.

      1. $8 million.

        Yeah, JD Martinez would have helped us, but unless he knocked in 5 in Game 7, he wouldn’t have been the difference.

        1. Or…


          If he could get Darvish to stop tipping pitches?!??!??

          Just kidding Badger, just kidding.

          1. That’s why he would have needed to knock in 5 Bluto. After giving up 5 in the first two innings you knew the Dodgers would never catch them didn’t you. I mean, they only had 8 innings left.

            And I’m just busting your chops Bluto.

        2. Badger

          It sounds like the money, I guess.

          But why would the Royals deal so soon?

          We should have never had to go to game seven.

          Our top two pitchers couldn’t give us, even two good games.

          They were only one, for four, unfortunately.

  12. That last pitch to Kemp was ridiculous, it was not even on his shoe tops.

    It is hard enough to hit a pitcher that is being effectively wild, and it is even harder, when an umpire is giving him pitches, that are either way off the plate, or just ridiculous pitches, like with Kemp.

    Because hitters, really don’t know when to swing, because anything can be a strike.

  13. We need to win this game, but the momentum in this game right now, doesn’t look good.

    Because it sounds like Montgomery has been pitching really well, and we have had trouble in the past, getting to Lester.

  14. Bluto’s steal, Grandal 1-4 today, but has 3 strikeouts. Last one with the tying run sitting on second. And of course, Kike, playing for Kemp who was tossed by an umpire who doesn’t know the strike zone from his ass, grounds out to end the inning. Showing once again why he is so lousy vs. RHP. Entire offense sputtering the last 4 games.

      1. yeah he is quality all right, 4 k’s and gets tossed in the 9th inning. The guy is a total slug. Farmer gets a CLUTCH PH double. I trade Granny for a bag of new balls and use Farmer and Barnes the rest of the way. Better defense and much younger than grandma.

          1. I am glad, because they are for one thing consistent. I do not back down from what I believe. And I believe the Dodgers could be just as competitive with Barnes and Farmer and Grandal elsewhere.

          2. Yeah, me too Bluto. Let’s hear it for the Bear!

            Grandal is the Alpha Squirrel. (see the attached Badger Guide to Players photo). He will be back around some day.

            But I already traded him, and Joc if necessary, clearing cap space and traded for Machado. I used every prospect I got for those guys along with a couple of ours in that trade. A new Manny World was created. We are 18-2 since I made that trade btw.

            What a comeback. Farmer, .238, OPSn .574 before today, comes through.

          3. So you would rather have Barnes be the everyday catcher even though he’s the worst hitter on the club and possibly in the National League?

          4. Scott, I think if Barnes was playing everyday his average would go up because he is more of a contact hitter than Grandal will ever be and today he gets a clutch walk and drives in the only run so far in game two. He is faster and a better defensive catcher than Grandal and almost as good at the phantom skill of pitch framing. He has decent power, and from what I have seen a better and more accurate throwing arm. He also has a much higher OBP, which means he walks more than grandma! And I also believe that Farmer is a very adequate backup, plus he plays multiple positions whereas grandmal is only a catcher….he is listed as able to play 1st, but he is lousy there.

          5. Michael,

            He’s hitting .213 with one home run this year. He’s a fine catcher, but he is without a doubt a horrendous hitter. Sorry but Grandal is 50 times better than him. Maybe he gets better and could regain his form from last year but thus far in 2018 he has been terrible. Can’t keep punting away at-bats with him in hopes he gets better.

          6. It is more than obvious Scott that I totally dislike Grandal…..always will…….guy is a total slug.

          7. Like I said Scott, I think with more playing time and regular work Barnes would be a much better option than Grandal who is so one dimensional it is unreal. I know Barnes is only hitting .213. But I believe his numbers would be much closer to what he did last year with regular play. Grandal is a power threat and not much more. He strikes out too much and is about the WORST clutch hitter on the team. He proved that tonight in the second game. 0-2 with 4 runners left on base. And Barnes drove in the only Dodger run in the 2nd game. Against that LH reliever, I would have pinch hit for Grandal with Farmer. Barnes career BA is higher than Grandal’s. He is more of a contact hitter, and he was slowed during spring because of injury and got off to a slow start. That coupled with Grandal’s hot start put him behind the 8 ball a little. So he is not a horrendous hitter. Barnes BA last year was 42 points higher than Grandal. Yeah, I would much rather have a contact hitter up in the situations Grandal was in tonight than his all or nothing approach

      2. Bluto, when are you going to get it that I care less about sabermetrics and what some Geek site like fangraphs says? He fails my eye test…and that’s the end of that….and that is not sarcasm, that’s over 60 years of watching MLB baseball……..he is no where near any of the really good Dodger catchers of the past including his predecessor, AJ Ellis.

        1. No, Michael.

          I was totally sincere, I do like your opinions. And I enjoy your historical context.

          I also don’t really care if you like Sabermetrics or FanGraphs. I do, and so do most of the people who make baseball decisions professionally.

          1. Yeah, I get that. But I do not think the game as played today is half as good as it was 20 years ago. I know the players are more athletic, but they lack the discipline at the plate and the overall skills of the players of yesteryear. Too many strikeouts, all or nothing mentality. Give me a player like Pete Rose anyday. Not that much in real talent, but made up for it in desire and drive. If Cody Bellinger were to use the entire field instead of trying to hit everything out of the park, he could hit .300…….are you satisfied with a .232 hitter? Sorry, I think they should cut down on the strikeouts and concentrate on contact. Bellinger will end up striking out more than Joe DiMaggio did in his entire career in a 2 year period the way he is playing. I appreciate the compliment, and I realize I am just way too old school for todays game……kind of like Clint Eastwood’s scout in the movie, Trouble With the Curve.

          2. oh, by the way, just because they make those decisions it does not mean they are always right, as a matter of fact I think they miss more than they hit.

          3. Totally agree.

            There are always misses. Quantifying them is a little problematic (is a minor league FA who amounts to nothing a miss? Is Latos?)

            To me, for the upteenth time.

            Process > Results

  15. Good for Farmer, he got them this win!

    Let’s hope the next home ump, isn’t going to be so bad, it is frustrating enough for hitters, when a pitcher is all over the place.

    1. MJ, you hit the nail right on the head. 3 guys tossed arguing balls and strikes. That should have been his first clue that he was missing pitches. He was the one who got Chatwood out of those early jams.

      1. Michael

        Yes that ump stopped a couple good innings, and he kept Chatwood in this game.

        That is why I would like the electronic strike zone, especially in the post season.

  16. Farmer with the clutch hit. Grandal and Forsythe have contributed nada during our resurgence. Good to see Turner get on a hitting streak.

  17. Sources: The DBacks and Orioles have been in contact about a possible Manny Machado trade this season. Dialogue remains open between the clubs. This is viewed as due diligence on Arizona’s part as the team’s needs become clear.

  18. Bluto
    No Sarcasm. He likes those kinds of things. He once served a 50 game suspension for PEDs I think but could have been other drugs. You know, once a drughead always a drughead. He is also a turkey.

  19. What does “he likes those kinds of things” mean?

    I once did drugs, I don’t anymore.

    Glad to see you are a forgiving person.

    1. Bluto
      It just means he must like drugs. More sarcasm Bluto?? Just to set the record straight I am not very forgiving at things that should not ever happen. Good for you though.

      1. There’s a lot of assumptions in that “it just means he must like drugs.”

        I wouldn’t make any of them.

        He’s a good catcher, probably very good.

        Let’s not worry about the past.

        BTW: What is good for me?

        1. Bluto
          Good for you that you don’t do drugs anymore. No Sarcasm or mean spirited comment meant.

          1. Ha.

            I’m actually fine with weed. Read good stuff about coached hallucinants.

            The other stuff I agree, good riddance.


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