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Can Yasiel Puig Do Enough to Remain a Dodger?

Do you remember when Yasiel Puig was THE FACE of the Dodgers? Think way back to when the team used to be available for all of Los Angeles to watch on TV. That’s how long ago that was.

Today only 60% of L.A. can watch the Dodgers on the tube, and that seems to be a higher percentage than the amount of Puig backers to be found in the Dodgers fan base, among the writers, and most importantly, in the Dodgers’ front office.

Everyone knows what Yasiel Puig is capable of when he’s firing on all cylinders. His rookie year was gangbusters. But that was a long time ago, and the only thing Puig has delivered on consistently since then, has been his inconsistency. He occasionally shows flashes of brilliance on the field, but more often than not, he’s resided on the disabled list, angered teammates, frustrated coaches and managers, and gone missing at the plate in clutch situations.

Yasiel Puig went through the usual Puig dramas last season, and he even did time in the minor leagues. He rescued his season and made it back to the big club, only to shrivel up in the post season.

It’s a new day and a new season. Spring Training 2017 is starting to hit its stride, and so is Yasiel Puig. On March 6 Puig hit his first home run of the spring, and just a few days later, he tagged Cole Hamels for two more blasts. Here are his ST stats so far:

2017 Spring Training Stats 23 4 6 3 5 0 .261 .346 1.085

The numbers are respectable, and everyone loves the power he’s showing early. Puig came into camp with a lighter frame and a new attitude, and manager Dave Roberts has hinted that Puig will be his starting right fielder on opening day.

“We all know Yasiel as a defender; if he’s out there he can impact a game on the defensive side,” said Roberts. “Now you look at at-bat quality vs. right or left. If it’s consistent, there should be no reason why he wouldn’t be out there virtually every day”…”I expect him to play a lot.” – Dave Roberts 

Basically, right field is Yasiel Puig’s to lose. Puig fans might think, “What’s not to love?”

For starters, this Dodgers regime (read front office, not Roberts) has a record of saying one thing until they contradict it with a completely different action. They also have a record of trying to trade Puig regardless of how well he’s playing. So all bets are off, regardless of what you might hear.

Secondly, some of the bigger guns in the media are taking aim and thinly slicing at the tightrope Puig is trying to walk to remain a Dodger. Los Angeles Times writer Dylan Hernandez is calling Puig “an afterthought”.  Over on the east coast, the New York Post is declaring Puig is “out of second chances” with his club.

It makes one wonder if Puig can really do enough for the rumors and pokes to finally go away. Franchise players can and always have, got away with anything, because of who they are. Unfortunately for Puig, he never blossomed into that franchise player. So, his chances of remaining with the club – even if he busts out of spring training like a wild horse – are diminished, because of who he is.

Don’t forget the Dodgers are currently stacked in the outfield, and hot prospect Alex Verdugo is already pounding on the door. Puig is 26-years-old and he’s in the last two years of his contract. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dodgers see an improved Puig as nothing more than enhanced trade fodder.

Love him or hate him (and you can put me in the former camp), he’s going to have to put up monster numbers, and do it consistently, and not get injured, and not aggravate everyone in the clubhouse around him, if he’s going to have any kind of shot at remaining in Dodger blue.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

76 thoughts on “Can Yasiel Puig Do Enough to Remain a Dodger?

  1. Hernandez is a muckraker, and he asked Puig a really dumb ass question yesterday, then spun the story to make it look like Puig was still the petulant kid he was a couple of years ago. From what I have seen on the field and the comments by Dave Roberts, and Friedman, they are both happy with his progress, and the fact that he has shown a whole new attitude. There are fans out there that are too damn blind to see that he is really trying and those who still say that the Dodgers are going to end up trading him to the Brewers for Braun, which in my opinion is lunacy. You do not trade a guy with his talent for a huge contract and an over 30 player who will begin to lose his skill set sometime in the next 2 years. It is the TRADE all over again without the excess baggage of Carl Crawford. I think Yasiel understands the thin ice he is and has been on. I also think he really wants to be a Dodger.

  2. This is interesting (to me.) What do we think Puig would have to perform to make questions about his future viability go away?

    Obviously Trout like numbers, but I would say. Well, Piscotty had an OPS of .800 and a WAR of nearly 3. That’s pretty good.

    With his defense being a plus, perhaps I could live with an OPS over .750?

    What do other people think?

  3. Well many here knows my take on Puig. He saved Mattingly and set the Dodgers back 2 years by playing so well in the first few months of his rookie season (Hanley catching fire helped a lot too). Mattingly was a major fail that year and on his way to being canned.

    With Puig, I’d have no problem if he is traded and becomes an MVP elsewhere. I feel like the team and the LA sports inner circle has treated him unfairly, and having guys like Alex Guerrero around made it worse (remember the report last year where Alex was advising Puig to try to hit home runs every time).

    If Puig stays a Dodeger and comes a 5 tool All Star here, it will speak more about him than this organization, sadly.

  4. Interesting takes.

    I had stated many months ago that if Puig performs well early in the season that the FO will look to move him before the trade deadline. For one, it’s what they do. Two, Puig has 2 years left on his contract with an arbitration year so trading him when he has value would be the thing to do. Right now, he has little to no value, hence why he is still on the team.

    What will keep Puig on the Dodgers beyond the 2017 trade deadline?
    1.) Puig has to perform well (at All-Star level) OPS above .800 minimum.
    2.) No off-the-field incidents or with teammates.
    3.) Puig will need to show that he has learned the fundamentals.
    4.) The Dodgers will need to be leading the Division come July 31st.

    If the first 3 are accomplished and the Dodgers are more than 5 games back, I can see him being dealt. Primarily because I do not see FAZ resigning him in 3 years as they definitely will not give Puig a long term contract.

    That’s my 2 cents. Let the season begin.

  5. Puig is signed through next year at a ridiculously low figure. He’s got an arb year left after that. He’s 26 with multiple tools. It’s my opinion you don’t trade that away, you look to trade for more of it. I think if given enough at bats he will put up near 3 WAR easily earning the $8 million he is owed. If they want to trade that, there will be teams lining up.

    1. Yes, 3 WAR would be great. For RFs only Betts, Eaton, Springer, Cruz, Calhoun and Harper did that.

      BUT, given Puig’s defensive acumen I agree, that’s a good threshold.

      1. Bryce Harper? In 2016 using the same stat reference that Badger used for Puig, Harper’s WAR was 1.6, not above 3!

        Again though he hit 24 homers, 86 RBI’s, 24 doubles, stole 21 bases, had a higher OBP, a higher SLG and a higher OPS than Puig and yet he was only worth a .2 more WAR than Puig. Give me a break.

  6. I think he will be trade this summer sometime . Players who have attitude problems just do not change. Example, last week he almost threw a runner out going from first to third. He missed the cutoff man and the other runner went from first to second. The announcer said he missed the cutoff man again. Now we have two runners in scoring position. I think the Dodger organization has done everything to help him. They are tired of him and so am I.

    1. I think you are wrong Al. I have seen players with attitudes change, and I have just in the way he has played this spring noticed that in Puig. Dave Roberts and Freidman have both stated they are extremely pleased with his work and dedication to becoming a better team mate, and player. Missing a cut off man in spring? Please. I will bet that Roberts reminded him when he got to the bench that he needs to hit the cut off man. What he does during the regular season will mean more. Besides, you trade him, who are you getting back to replace him? He is the best RF on the team. Nobody has an arm like his. He is 26, under team control for a very reasonable price, and you want to trade him? For Braun maybe? You get back power, but a guy who is over 30 with a huge contract. You want to saddle the FO with another deal that hamstrings them? And there sure as hell is not another RF I can think of that brings to the table what he does.

  7. Maybe FAZ hasn’t ever said it, but, I believe EVERYONE in the entire Dodgers organization can be had in the “right” deal. One thing we ought to know by know, FAZ is opportunistic. You offer them what they perceive is a good deal ANYONE is fair game.

    Puig is 26 yrs old, decent contract for two more years, arb in the third year, super-star potential. If he is traded FAZ would need something really good in exchange. (Unless he is a TOTAL knucklehead and I don’t see that happening.)

    He has got himself into top-notch shape and I am looking forward to seeing him in Dodger Blue at least the next three years.

    1. I’d bet a lot of money that Puig is not in Dodger Blue the next 3 years. I don’t think he will be in Dodger Blue NEXT year.

      Think about it.

      1.) NO off the field incidents, otherwise gone.
      2.) NO incidents with teammates, otherwise gone.
      3.) Will need to start making the appropriate play whether that is throwing to the correct base so that the ball can be cut or not running into outs on the basepaths. Multiple signs of ‘Me’ ball. Gone!
      4.) Will need to perform at a higher level than the last 2 years, otherwise gone.
      5.) Will need to stay healthy for a full season, otherwise gone.
      6.) Will need to be coachable, otherwise gone.
      7.) Will need to be a positive influence on the team, otherwise gone.

      This guy has ran out of rope. If I’m a betting man…….he’s gone before the start of next season.

      1. Yeah, but think about this, He already did all those things, he isn’t gone. If FAZ can get something good for him, he could be gone, but until that happens he remains on the “trade inventory shelf”.

        1. Because his trade value is nil. No one wants to give up anything for him.

          Until he performs on the field, he has no trade value. Hence, why I and a few others feel that he will be dealt IF he performs. I listed the only way he stays on the team beyond the deadline. He has to perform at a high level and the Dodgers have to be in first place.

          1. Yeah, but you listed all kinds of negatives “and he is gone”. I am hoping “he performs at a high level and the Dodgers are in first place” so we can both be right! I think Puig is potentially one of the most exciting players in MLB. Don’t want to see him reach his potential in another uniform, unless we get something good in return.

          2. And that my friend we agree upon. The Dodgers could and ‘should’ be in first place and it is not asking much for Puig to perform at a fairly high level. Be positive, be coachable, stay healthy and perform. Easy Peasey.

            Let the games begin.

          3. He HAS performed. Look at his total production (WAR) for the time he has spent in a Dodger uniform. His total contract for 7 years is only $42 million. He’s already put up 12.7 WAR and he has 2 years left. Do the math.

            Missing the cut off at this point in his career is aggravating, but maybe in Spring Training he’s showing off and sending a message to the league “don’t run on me”. Roberts and his staff will work on that. I’m not at all worried about Puig. I am still concerned about this starting staff. And Seager’s back. And then there is Kershaw’s back. Back problems seldom just disappear. Ask anyone who has ever had them. They tend to revisit. Maybe in his case not until he’s 35, but, it will bark again.

          4. Puig has not performed the last 2 years. This league (and society) is a ‘what have you done for me lately’ world. Since FAZ has been on board Puig has not performed. It doesn’t matter if they are paying him the minimum, of which btw, they are not, he had shown his on the field skill set (for a short period) and since then the league has made adjustments. Puig has not.

            He might perform this year but I still say that IF he does, he’s gone UNLESS he is one of the primary reasons the Dodgers are in first place then he will finish the year……but then if he ‘flops’ in the playoffs, he will be moved in the off season.

            I still say Enjoy your Puig in Blue while you can!

  8. If Puig is hitting 250, and on his usual pace of ten, or eleven HRs, like he has done, in the last few years, he won’t even keep his starting job in right field, especially, if he is acting out.

    Michael spring training means something, when Puig continues to make the wrong play, to show off his arm, instead of playing like a team player, and keeping the runner, out of scoring position.

    He knows the correct play and he has known this, from the begining, but he likes the attention, he gets, by showing off his arm.

    A player’s bad attitude, is only going to be tolerated, if they are really producing, and Puig hasn’t produced at a high level, for the last couple years.

    And he should be making the right plays, in spring training, to show he has really changed.

    Puig does seem different this year, and I know we have heard this for the last few years, and Puig never kept it up, but I am going to give Puig a chance to show me, he means business, this time.

    What choice do we really have?

    He hasn’t produced well enough, to draw that much interest, because of his behavior, so we should wish the best for Puig, so that he produces enough, to help the team.

    And also to get a better trade value for him, if he isn’t being a team player, so other teams, will be interested, in Puig.

    He only has two years left on his contract, so we can’t wait much longer for his potential, if he isn’t doing the right thing, and not doing what is best for the team.

    But like Boxout said, it is going to have to be, a very good deal, for the front office, to trade Puig this year, but next year, is very different.

    If Puig starts running in front of Joc to get attention, when he isn’t producing enough, to get attention, he will be a platoon player, or just a part time player.

    And if he tries to manipulate all of Roberts time this year, like he did last year, who knows where he will be.

    1. Badger

      Now that is a reach, Puig is trying to tell the league, not to run on him.

      I think the word has been out on that, for some time.

      Maybe the word is out, that a person on first, will be able to get in scoring position easily, when there is a runner, running to third, because Puig almost never, makes the right play.

      And Badger, Puig has known what the right play was, from the begining.

      1. There you go again. Almost never makes the right play? If he was wrong that much his ass would be on the bench. I have seen that guy make way more right plays than wrong ones. And yes, the league should know not to run on him, but once in a while he has to remind them. There is not a single outfielder on the Dodgers with that kind of arm except Puig. Unless you are on the bench or in the club house, you are not privy to what the FO or Roberts thinks. None of us are, it is all speculation.

  9. They should have never tried to “break” the wild horse. Once broken, always broken. His unbridled joy should have been enough. He misses the cutoff man. So what? Many outfielders know where the cutoff man is AND still miss him by a mile. The Yankee stench sucked the baseball life right out of him. Sometimes the thrill of witnessing pure joie de vivre has to be enough. He was so exciting when he came up – from Cuba, no less Then came the conformists who insisted our wild horse become just another yawn. Tragic.

  10. MJ, it means nothing, not a damn thing. It was a meaningless game. And I will tell you this, there is not one person on this site, nor any reporter, who knows what the FO thinks about Puig. Not a team player? Please, the kid has done everything the FO and Roberts have asked him to do. He lost weight, changed his approach at the plate. Do you see him lunging across the plate trying to hit that outside pitch? No. He has in the games I have watched played pretty well. He makes one throw to third and everyone piles on and says the guy is not a team player. Judging him on one play in a meaningless game is nuts. If you just want him to play well enough to raise his trade value, that is nuts too. I have read plenty of story’s about other teams and how they see Puig, and Milwaukee still see’s a huge upside. He raised his trade value with the way he played when he came back last year. Were you on the bench last year? Did you see Yasiel manipulating Roberts time? Where do you people come up with this crap? Roberts had no problem handling Puig last year. When the FO sent him down it was a wake up call. Is he perfect? No, but he is not the distraction he has been at times. Gonzo and Turner have praised the guy for his work ethic this year and his commitment to getting better and being a better team mate. I think the fans are just looking at making him a scapegoat. I think fans are placing way too much value on a play in spring. People change, and he looks like he has. He will throw to the wrong base now and then. Because he will think about getting that lead runner sometimes. But until it cost you a game in the regular season, I would not get too upset about it.

    1. Michael

      Bottom line, Puig and the team has said this, for the last few years.

      And last year, he only did the right thing, for a few weeks, at the begining of the season.

      And Roberts went out of his way, to help Puig last year, and Puig, didn’t appreciate what Roberts did, instead, he did what he wanted to do.

      I didn’t think Mattingly, was good with certain players, but Roberts, is a different story, and if Puig couldn’t do the right things, with Roberts, he is the problem.

      If you don’t think a player that is on his last leg with the team, needs to do the right thing, I don’t know what to say.

      He was sent to AAA last year, because he had warn out his welcome, with the team, and the organization.

      Actions mean more then words, and Puig needs to show everyone with his actions now, because his words, have been nothing, but cheap.

      His actions have spoke out, loud and often, in the last few years, and his words, have been silenced, by his actions.

      He must show with his actions this year, and for longer then two, or three weeks.

      Because his actions, are the only thing he has left, to change everyone’s mind, and prove everyone, is wrong.

      1. Wrong again MJ, it he had worn out his welcome he would be gone. They would have taken an old pair of tennis shoes for him. And he did everything he was asked when he came back, and he played better. If you are not in the club house you have no clue what they think and what they are doing. I could give a rats ass if he misses a cut off man in spring, what I care about is what he does between April and October. Has he run out of chances? Most likely, but you do not just give up on that kind of talent when there is no frippen replacement anywhere close to his ability in the organization. What you see and what the facts are, are two entirely different things. You and every body else can sit here and postulate and think you know what happened, but you do not. I have a little more faith in the guy than you do obviously, because I look at the game and what I see there a lot different than you, and I have been watching this game a lot longer than you have. If he blows up by May, fine, trade him, but if shows what he has been showing all spring the entire year, you and a lot of other people are going to be mighty glad he is a Dodger.

    2. Michael

      This is nothing new with Puig!

      Every spring, this always comes out about Puig, and Puig, doing better.

      Puig always says he has made the changes , he needs to make, to be a better player, and a better team mate.

      This comes out so often, one of the new Dodger writers, has already said everything I have said, even before Puig and the Dodgers, started this, right before spring training this year.

      This writer used these same words, when he was interviewed, about Puig, on the MLB Channel.

      And this new writer covered the Royals, before covering the Dodgers last year, so this is his first spring training, with the Dodgers.

      Because he didn’t get his job, until after the season started, last year.

      And I didn’t have to see Puig manipulating Robert’s time, because Roberts, and the front office, said this last year, right before, Puig was sent down.

      Roberts said he couldn’t keep watching Puig, and making sure, he did his work.

      Roberts said that Puig is just to much to have to watch, when he is running a team.

      Because Puig wouldn’t do the work he needed to do, to help prevent him, from having a hammy problems.

      And guess what, he went out for a hammy problem again last year, after not putting the work in.

      Puig was also not reporting on time, for work last year.

      Even though he often tweeted, Puig not late, or Puig on time.

      1. Last year was last year. Get over it! The past is the past and according to Dave Roberts, it is what he does this year that matters. You people are like a dog with a bone, give it a rest, let spring take care of spring and see what happens. There are 3 weeks left before it starts in earnest. Last year has no bearing on what happens this year.

        1. Michael

          I have already said that Puig seems different this year, and I will give him, a chance.

          But don’t act like Puig doesn’t say this every year, and then, doesn’t deliver.

          And when Puig doesn’t make the right throws, or plays, he isn’t being a team player.

          And he has known from the begining, where the throw needs to go.

          Every kid learns these things, in little league, or any youth league, in Cuba.

          And when Puig is not producing, he does things to get attention, like running in front of Joc.

  11. According to Dodgerblue, the leading candidates for the 4 and 5 spots are Wood, and McCarthy. Urias most likely to extended spring. Kazmir will no doubt end up on the DL……..again.

  12. When Puig “missed the cutoff man,” the play at 3rd base was close; thus, his decision was not ridiculous. He has made some outstanding, memorable assists–made possible by “missing the cut-off man.” If he consistently fails to get an out, clearly it is a problem, but if he has a fair ratio of success, there is a net gain not only in the greater positive value of an out than the negative value of an extra base, but also in the positive value of runners who do not attempt the extra base when Puig is in right field. Also, as long as the success/failure ratio is not prohibitive, those throws add an element of excitement to the game. With all that being said, I think this year is a decisive year for Puig.

    1. HP

      Puig has such rep with his arm, he really doesn’t, have to make that throw, especially with the extra runner, on base.

  13. Last year was not a good year for Puig, and yet in 104 games he put up 1.4 WAR. Over a full year, a full not good year, that translates to about 2 WAR. I hope that in year 26 he puts it together. We all do. If in a bad year he puts up 1.4 in 104 games what could he do in a good year over 150 games? He’s in his prime now and he costs $8 million this year and $9 million next. As an organization you don’t get opportunities like this often.

    1. Given the choice in a hypothetical, who would you rather have in RF:

      Puig or Hunter Pence?

      in CF, Pederson or Span?

      in LF, Ethier et al or a spring training battle between Jarrett Parker, Mac Williamson, Chris Marrero, Justin Ruggiano…

      I will say that the one regretful move not made by the Dodgers and in turn made by the Giants is the signing of one Johnny Cueto.

      1. Rye

        That would have only been a good move, if the Dodgers could have back loaded Cueto’s contract, and didn’t sign him, after his opt out, like Dodger patch, has said in the past.

        Because Cueto has had elbow soreness, in the past, and he is over thirty.

    2. Sorry Badger but the more PA’s does not translate to a higher WAR. That’s not how that works.

      Chris Parmalee had 8 PA’s and finished with a .3 WAR. You mean to tell me that if he would have accumulated over 600 PA’s that he could/would have finished with a 22 WAR? Hell no. MVP Trout finished with a 9.4 WAR.

      I would digress to say that IF Puig would have had more PA’s last year that his WAR would have been lower.

      WAR is a rating or measurement of one’s performance based on the quality of his PA’s. Andrew McCutcheon had 675 PA’s……24 homers, 79 RBI’s, 26 doubles, a higher OBP, a higher SLG, a higher OPS and nearly the same BA as Puig and his WAR for 2017 was a 0.7.

      Just think Parmalee was nearly half way to McCutcheon’s performance. All he needed was another 12 or so PA’s. LOL Talk about discounting 24 homers and 153 hits, etc, etc.

      Players that are platooned will have higher (as I like to say inflated) WAR because they are not being placed in more situations for them to fail. With the game on the line, who do you want up to the plate……McCutcheon or Puig?

  14. Mike Trout put up 10.6 WAR in 681 plate appearances. So Chili, you’re saying he would have put up 10.6 WAR with only 300 “same quality” plate appearances. Interesting take. I don’t think it works that way, but, interesting take. I think if Puig were to get 600 plate appearances it would mean he would have more production, on offense and on defense. He won’t get that many though. Not in Platoon Ravine.

    1. Fangraphs had Mike Trout’s 2016 WAR at 9.4. That was my point of reference. In fact you reference Fangraphs most of the time when discussing WAR but reference another site when building your case for Puig (Fangraphs had Puig’s 2016 WAR at 1).
      Do we agree that WAR is not an accumulation and that if one underperforms for a significant time frame at a level less than a replacement level player that their accumulated WAR up to that point would decrease, hence how players acquire a negative WAR.

    2. McCutcheon had 675 PA’s…..doubled Puig in home runs, had more Rbi’s, more doubles, a better OBP, a better SLG and a better OPS than Puig.

      Had 326 fielding chances, 6 assists, 3 errors equaling a .992 fielding percentage.

      Puig’s defensive numbers….182 fielding chances, 6 assists, 4 errors equaling a .978 fielding percentage which ranks towards the bottom of outfielders fielding percentage.

      McCutcheon’s 2016 WAR was .7, Puig’s 2016 WAR was 1.0. Something wrong with WAR.

      1. Oh I agree it’s an evolving science that often doesn’t appear to make sense. But it is the language they speak now.

      2. Puig doesn’t have good defensive numbers, saber metrically.

        And some think, it is because Puig doesn’t concentrate, and stay into games.

        Remember when AJ bunted to move Puig over to third, and Puig went back to second base, instead of advancing to third.

        And remember they had to play a bunch of extra innings, because Puig wasn’t paying attention, on base.

  15. Puig is so controversial.

    I agree with MJ’s take that we have heard the story that he will be better “this year” every year – in better shape and thus less injury prone, a better teammate and he’ll practice better and show up on time, a better/more selective hitter/baserunner/defender and he’ll stop making all of the stupid mistakes – but he hasn’t – at least, not yet.

    Will this year be different? Don’t know.

    The reason that Puig still wears The Blue is that no one wants to be the one who trades away the next Vladimir Guerrero or Roberto Clemente. The talent that everyone acknowledges is there restrains the Braintrust from trading him away. We don’t know if he will ever realize his potential, but at some point if he doesn’t you have to give up.

    As to the WAR question, Puig scored 1.4 WAR last year and 1.1 WAR in 2015. A 1 WAR player isn’t a league average player but a guy stashed in the minors – a marginal major leaguer or AAAA level player. It takes about 2 WAR to be league average – and Puig hasn’t been better than that since 2014. He has not played up to his contract in the past 2 seasons.

    And WAR is based in part on counting stats:

    “Keep in mind, each of the WAR values are, in essence, counting stats. That is to say that a player with more innings pitched or more plate appearances / games played will have more chances to rack up a higher WAR value than a player with fewer IP / PA / games. If Matt Harvey racks up 6.1 fWAR in 178 innings pitched in 2013, but Adam Wainwright racks up 6.2 fWAR in 242 innings pitched in 2013, which is the better pitcher? Well, it depends on how you value the innings pitched difference, but fWAR would imply that Harvey was a more effective pitcher in the innings that he pitched, given that he was able to rack up nearly the same value in 60+ fewer innings.”

    1. Rick

      That is why Puig won’t be starting and playing everyday, if he doesn’t produce, beyond what he has, in the last couple years.

  16. Good points Rick.

    “FanGraphs has a way of converting a player’s WAR into his monetary value on the open (free agent) market. The site calculates how much teams spend per projected WAR in a given season, and then applies that “market price” to each player’s output at the end of the season. That gives us a sense of how much it would cost to buy the WAR he created. FanGraphs isn’t the only one to perform this calculation — so we’re dealing with a bit of estimation here — but if you take a consensus average, teams were willing to pay about $7.7 million for every additional WAR this season.”

    Well, there will be those that 7.7 number will favor, and there will be those it does not. When you have guys like Puig on your roster you keep them around until some outlying event forces you to dump them. 1.4 X 7.7 is a lot more than 8, which is what he gets paid this year. Then there is the simple fact he is more experienced, hopefully more mature and only now really entering his prime years. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, until I have somebody that is clearly better, he’s my starting right fielder.

    1. Speaking of fangraphs, just read the scouting report on the guy.

      Obviously not everyone lives up to potential, but should Puig exercise some more discipline at the plate, you’ll probably see a higher walk rate and potentially much more power. That would generate a very healthy wOBA, or wRC+. With his athleticism he could post top tier defensive metrics for right field. Add it all up, and he could easily be 5+ WAR in 600 PAs. But the game isn’t played on paper, so baseball fans will just have to let it play out on the field.

  17. Puig is here because he has value and other teams would love to get him for in exchange for even a 2-3 WAR player. And we do have plenty of options to play outfield other than Puig. Puig is immature, but growing up. He has lost weight when asked. How many ball players with weight issues don’t lose weight when asked? He is impulsive and immature, but he listens and he tries. We’re getting behind Calhoun, who is only a few years younger and grew up in this culture, hence he knows the right things to say to whom at what time, but not Puig — I see somewhat a double standard there. Fine by me; to each side their own. And I’m not bagging on Calhoun – I like him and want both him and Puig in there instead of guys like Gutierrez and Kike.

    But he’s here and not going anywhere yet. Roberts, who is a realist and not afraid to make decisions face to face, has said and shown he will give Puig his chances. FAZ is not going to trade Puig because they would want more back in a trade (i.e. he has value).

    So while I understand the frustration and takes on his character, those who say that Puig’s trade value is nil, or that he’s untradable , I have issues with. He’s still here because FAZ won’t trade him for a league average player, not because they can’t. And I would bet that if they did trade him for a single career 2 WAR vet at the same salary level, most of the fans picking on Puig would be all over the FAZ for that.

    1. ‘He has value.’ But yet no other team has offered anything of value for him. Folks like Chris Sale and Adam Eaton amongst others have value.

      As a reminder, heres what was offered for the 28 y/o Adam Eaton….. ‘the Nationals will send two of the game’s top 10 right-handed pitching prospects, Giolito and Lopez, to Chicago in order to acquire him. Beyond that, Dunning was Washington’s first-round pick (No. 29 overall) this past summer.’

      Here’s how 28 y/o Eaton was described…. ‘he’s fresh off a season in which he batted .284/.362/.428 with 14 homers, 14 steals and perhaps the best right-field defense of anyone in baseball.’

      I can’t believe that the Nats weren’t banging the door down for Puig….as everyone can see he’s the next Vladimir Guerrero or Roberto Clemente.

      I wonder if during their 4th seasons if they were sent back to the minors….hmmm.

      Puig so good that FAZ traded for a RF.

      ‘He’s still here because FAZ won’t trade him for a league average player, not because they can’t.’…….hmmm.

      Is this the same player that was placed on waivers?
      Four teams passed on Puig. ‘Since the Brewers won the claim, that tells us the Braves, Padres, Reds, and Diamondbacks did not place a claim. They didn’t want to risk getting stuck with Puig in case the Dodgers decided to let him go’…..not my words but rather courtesy of CBS Sports.

      Yep, teams are beating down the door for Yasiel Puig.

    2. YF

      Calhoun is just the opposite of Puig.

      Calhoun wasn’t blessed with a body like an Adonis, like Puig is.

      Calhoun is a really good hitter, but he is not a big guy, and he doesn’t have the speed, that Puig has either.

      The difference is that Calhoun willing to work hard to get better.

      He is the first one on the field, and the last to go home.

      Puig still isn’t coming to work on time.

      And he still does questionable things on the field, to get attention, like running in front of Joc, on a routine flyball.

      I want him to do well, but he is not a victim of anyone, but of himself.

  18. I’m on Puig’s side. After Kershaw no one creates the level of excitement that Puig generates.

    When he scored from 2B on the Giants 2B error, wow! The speed he generated, the head first slide into home, the roar of the crowd! That’s what the fans want to see. Beautiful, hustling, get dirty baseball.

    I love that kind of baseball! To see that traded away would be sad. But yes, as someone earlier pointed out: everyone is tradable.

    1. Agreed. Though I think the better Puig plays, the more FAZ will hold on to him, because other teams are either looking for a bargain, or do not want to take a chance at trading away real value in case Puig doesn’t fit into a new clubhouse. I think he’s here until he hits free agency, and I’m hopeful he’s going to put up two 3+ WAR years in his last two years on his contract, health permitting.

      And one other thing, the Puig saga really taught me that it takes the right manager, like Lasorda and Roberts, with the type of personality they have, to manage a team of international, multicultural and multi-socioeconomic talent. If you don’t have that type of manager at the MLB and AAA levels, don’t go on an international shopping spree.

  19. There’s an important fact you people wanting to get rid of Puig should keep in mind: You have seen the kind of players FAZ trades for… You want Reddick instead of Puig?

    1. Jonah

      Good point, that is why I say we should hope the best for Puig.

      Because if he is playing well, that is good for the team.

      And if he isn’t being a team player, and he is acting out again, maybe the Dodgers can trade him, at the trade deadline, next year.

      I was just not going to act like Puig hasn’t done anything, to be judged, the way he has.

      Puig has brought this on himself, by not doing what he is supppse, to be doing.

      After he didn’t listen to Roberts, I knew he was the problem.

      Because Roberts, is the most inclusive guy, that Puig will ever have, for a manager in baseball.

      And he couldn’t even get his act togther, even for Roberts.

  20. Here’s Molly Knight on this year’s Dodgers:

    “mollyknight: When I was reporting my book, Dodgers President Stan Kasten told me the goal was to make the playoffs every year because the playoffs are such a crapshoot and there’s no other way to control winning a title.

    But now it strikes me they may be turning into the ’90s Atlanta Braves. Which were also run by … Stan Kasten.”

  21. Thank you Dodger Rick. I said this a few times last year. Stanley is content being a continuous bridesmaid and making money. He does not possess the go for it killer instinct. He proved that in Atlanta.
    This is what fits Guggs business plan.
    I want to be excited and I truly am very optimistic about the club, but based on past history Guggs treats the fans like shepple. Enjoy the 6 games they threw you a bone for this April.
    Based on what I see so far I think we will be competitive and draw big numbers and be very exciting to watch. If that is all you are content to see, knock yourself out. I rest my case.

  22. Very well stated Slotim.

    Success is when preparation meets opportunity. What did Theo do last year? He prepared for the opportunity that was going to present itself and traded a high prospect for Chapman. He didn’t need Chapman to make the playoffs. He wanted to be sure if/when they got to those big games in the post season that he was going to give his team the best chance to win. That my friend is a good FO.

    1. dodgerrick, Slotim and Chili: Definition of a “sense of entitlement”. However misplaced it is!

      If “Stanley” is the architect of the 1990’s Atlanta Brave dynasty, I will take it for the Dodgers, without complaint, any day of the week!!

      14 consecutive Division Titles!!
      5 Trips to the World Series
      1 World Championship

      Looks to me “Stanley” did his job! Please “Stanley” put together 14 consecutive Division Titles. I will take my chances on the rest!!!

      I thought back on how “Stanley” assembled the Atlanta “Big Three”:

      Maddux, Free Agent
      Glavine, Drafted 2nd round, 69th pick
      Smoltz, traded Doyle Alexander for him.

      Keep On, Keepin’ On, Stanley!!!!

      1. Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz were 3 of the top 10 pitchers in all of baseball during that time. Add in 1 time all-star Steve Avery early 90’s and 1 time all-star Denny Neagle late 90’s to the mix and those were some high quality starting pitching rotations.

        So when is ‘Stanley’ going to remember what the road map to success was for the Atlanta Braves in the 90’s cause he seems to have forgotten?

        1. Isn’t this the makings of a 2020’s quality pitching rotation?

          Kershaw, Alzarez, Buehler, Urias, Stewart, Oaks, Sheffield, White, May, Stripling, Wood. Oh, and maybe the new flame-thrower “Stanley” and crew got from Seattle for DeJong, could he be our Smoltz?

          1. Wow. I would bet you a lot of money not one of those pitchers, not named Kershaw isn’t as good as ANY of Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz.

            Every pitching prospect is great until FAZ trades them. 2/3 of those pitchers you mentioned won’t start a total of 50 games in the big leagues with the Dodgers.

            So you think FAZ is going to pony up $40M per year for Kershaw?

            Are we trimming payroll or is payroll not relevant? Which is it?

          2. Your On!

            I am, like alot of other people, very high on Urias, Buehler and Alzarez. They could be the three headed monster in the 2020’s. Mark has a very nice write-up on White today at LA Dodger Talk. Check it out! I know alot has to go right to equal the Atlanta three, but I like what I am seeing!

            We can meet and settle up at President Trump’s farewell party in 2024!!

            P.S. No, I don’t see FAZ ponying up $40M for Kershaw, at least not for many years. My hope is he doesn’t opt out.

            We are trimming payroll, but luxury tax is reset next year. At least I think so.

          3. Not too confident there buddy, from the perspective that you will be ready to pony up by 2024 because not one of those pitchers will be in the HOF by then and of course 2/3 of them will be done or traded away before they get to 50 starts with the Dodgers. Hell, you might as well just send me the money now. 🙂

            p.s.—it’s too bad we didn’t make this deal a year ago, as you would have included Deleon, Montas, Cotton, Holmes & DeJong to your list of future great Dodger pitchers. Those 5 would be 33% already gone. LOL FAZ not done yet, more will be dealt.

          4. Not so fast!

            While it’s possible (microscopically) they are all out of baseball by 2024, and you would be the winner. I was counting on the Dodger studs starting their dominance in the late teens and continuing through the 2020’s. By 2024, the world will be singing their praises much like Kershaw today. I just figured you being the astute businessman I know you are, would want to consider the time value of money and pay up early (before HOF) and save that cost.

  23. How many times does Puig have to be told to hit the cut off man? He is a professional baseball player. Puig has not changed. He is not a team player. He has not learned one thing about helping the team. Everything he does is based on “me”. He has tremendous potential and that is why some of you continue to support him. I firmly believes he is trying . However, when a ball is hit to him his instincts take over his mind. Of course we should all play instinctively. But his instincts are wrong. The manager said he cannot babysit him every minute. I have a team to manage. He is a professional baseball player. Four years and he still misses the cutoff man. Time to let somebody else try to help him.

    Let me tell you a story. We won the Idaho State Basketball Tournament when I was coaching. The two best one on one basketball players I had were sitting on the bench beside me. Why? They could not play team basketball. When they were on the floor the team concept totally broke down. I tried and tried to make them play team ball. They would not and could not do it. End of story.

  24. On another matter, Am I the only one here paying more than $40M/yr in federal income taxes?

    I am very disappointed that President Trump only paid $38M in 2005. Talk about not paying your fair share.

    I hope the board’s Defective Detectives find Trump’s sinister link to Russia.

      1. Ah no, Sorry BAAAAAAAger, that is FAKE NEWS!!!

        I’m guessing your Defective Detective Sidekick will soon be reporting that she has evidence that President Trump hired you while he stayed in Russia. She’ll think she has “picture evidence” and of course, she will claim to have the “victim”s” (You) testimony. Fake News?????

        1. If you’re paying more than $40MM a year in tax, you’re one lucky SOB. Me and 99.999% of the tax payers in America will trade places with you in a heartbeat. To complain about an income that begets a $40MM tax payment is God-awful foolish, you have no connection at all with the above stated percentage of Americans, you are not one of us, and you have no credibility to criticize anyone. There is a small thought that you are lying and playing games with us.Either way, you have ZERO credibility here now. I will totally ignore your future posts, not respond to anything, and I hope others do the same. Your name is Catbox and well deserved.

          1. jackoff, why the anger?

            “I’m not one of us”? C’mon, in spite of our positions in life, we ALL have our crosses to bear. Me, I have to make do with a measly 300 ft yacht. Never forget we all came from the same place and even us rich guys are lovable!!

  25. Perusing the blogospheria this morning the most impressive Dodger news I found was a video of Maeda’s interpreter Will Ireton deadlifting 405 pounds. Maybe something else of note will be forthcoming.

    I say again, until someone better than Puig manifests, Roberts will continue to pencil his name in the lineup. If it’s in pencil, it can be easily erased.

    1. What’s so impressive about that? My 20 year old son and his buddy are 3, 4, 5 club members.

      300 pound bench press
      400 pound squat
      500 pound dead lift

      He has been mouthing off to me about it. Wants to arm wrestle me. I haven’t whooped him in about 3 years, but, I’ve been working very hard at gym lately to give him a possible summer rematch. I am hoping he has been working the wrong muscles.

      1. Nobody cares catbox. This wasn’t about you. This was about a smallish interpreter who works for the Dodgers.

        Jonah, 2 pages 1040 from 12 years ago? Why 2005? Where did that come from? And, there are maybe 500 pages connected to that thing. Let’s see those, and the full returns for the last decade.

        1. Nobody cares BAAAAAAAger. The returns are none of YOUR business, if he doesn’t want to release them!!! Can’t you respect a person’s privacy? I will never understand your bedroom fetishes, but I respect your right to privacy!!

  26. Keith Law has a very nice writeup of Mitch White. It’s a pay article, so I won’t cut and paste, but the highlight:

    White went with the 65th overall pick in that draft, but if teams redrafted today, he might go in the top five overall.

    Good times indeed in Dodger-land.

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