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How Did You Celebrate The Dodger’s World Series Win?

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On October 28, 2020 the 32-year old World Series championship drought for the Los Angeles Dodgers came to an end. The Dodgers clinched the World Series by winning game 6, defeating the Tampa Bay Rays four games to two. The Dodger’s fall classic win ended decades of pain and suffering for Dodger fans. It was an incredibly special moment. Everyone celebrated differently.

Most Dodger fans just celebrated in general. They did so in a safe and constructive way. They hugged each other, smiled, yelled and pumped their fist. Some Dodger fans cried. Some Dodger fans shed tears of joy. I know I cried. I cried and cried and cried. All of the soul-crushing postseason losses over the last 10 years, the pain, the anguish, the heartbreak were in those tears.

Some fans celebrated in the streets, set off fireworks drove around in their cars honking horns and waiving Dodger flags. Yes some fans got into some trouble. Most fans celebrated inside their homes with their friends and family. How did you celebrate? Did you cry?

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

16 thoughts on “How Did You Celebrate The Dodger’s World Series Win?

  1. Hi Scott,

    Just spent the entire post season “bubbling” with my immediate family….there was just five of us. The Dodgers had a fantastic run this year, so no tears, just excitement as the Dodgers steamrolled to the 2020 World Series title.

    To be honest, I was close to tears when the Rays walked off with the game 4 win, to tie the series, but I guess I was too much in shock to believe what I had seen. My first thought was, “Here we go again”.

    Also, emotions were running high, when we realized that JT had been pulled from the game, and was not in the dugout, with no explanation. First thought was a mysterious injury…. again no tears, but just overly concerned, especially if they needed to go to game 7, without JT.

    After the win, the five of us were jumping around, with high fives, and hugging. But, sort of anti-climatic with the game being in the Texas bubble, and not in LA. It just did not feel the same, not watching it happen at Dodger Stadium. Also missed the locker room celebrations and interviews that would have transpired.

    Just glad that Tommy Lasorda was able to see it. God bless Tommy, who is reported to be in intensive care today.

    And, aren’t we lucky to still have Vinny around to narrate the MLB 2020 World Series video! I could not imagine anyone else doing it…. now that might be able to force out a tear or two. I am so glad that Vinny was able to join us on this incredible journey via social media.

    Also, congrats to Kim Ng. Ex-Dodger VP and Assistant to Ned Colletti, and first female Asian American GM in Major League Baseball, with the Marlins.

    Thanks again, Scott for everything you can do to keep LADodgerReport alive.

  2. I was about as happy as a bear in a stream of spawning salmon! When Urias struck out Adames, I immediately flashed to 1988 when Hershiser struck out the last A’s hitter. Cannot even remember who that was. I ordered a coffee mug and a T shirt off of ebay, and I got my world series cap at a 50% discount on the MLB site. Feels good to have gear that says Champions on it that is not referring to just being NL champs. Since the end of the series, I have been watching game 6 replay’s a lot, and even going back to games during the season for some of those special moments. When you take the season as a whole, they were 43-17 during the regular season and 13-5 in the playoffs. 56-22. That is pretty impressive when you think about it, and they were () that close to being eliminated by the Braves. I watch Mookies catches from that series and then realize he is going to be a Dodger for a long time and we can look forward to more of those kinds of spectacular plays. I also reflect on the fact that we may have seen 7 guys play their last games in blue. I am hoping they keep JT, but I also know that anything more than a 2 year deal would be out of the question. Joc, Kike, Baez, Treinen, Wood, and McGee are all free agents. I know from things I have read that Treinen has an interest in returning, and the team feels the same. But it won’t be for 10 million a year with all the uncertainty of how much the virus we be under control and will fans be back in the stands. You also have to wonder how the minor leagues will play out. Missing one year is bad enough, but 2? That would be really hard on these kids. And enough of them are going to be out of jobs with the minors set to retract at least 40 teams. So, the offseason is going to have a lot of intrigue. Sorry I have been gone for so long Scott. Had a lot on my plate.

  3. I did not really appreciate all the vitriol aimed at Turner after the fact. And when all the stuff about MLB actually dropping the ball during the celebration and not locking him down like the protocols specified I was livid. And his team mates were telling him to come celebrate with them. I thought it was appropriate under the circumstances that he was not disciplined.

  4. Lindy McDaniel who was a star reliever for the Cardinals passed away today. Nats signed Yasmany Tomas. Probably the worse free agent ever signed in Arizona.

    1. Cano’s 1-year suspension is not long enough. Another example of MLB allowing cheaters to continue play, and continue to make millions in the game, after suspension. A $24M salary lost, may sound like a lot, but in today’s game and outrageous contracts, that is just a mere slap on the hand. Like Hinch and Cora…. they are both back in the game making mucho money after a measly 1-year suspension.

      At least it is more than the A$$tros players had to forfeit for their shenanigans.

      Cheaters should be banned from baseball, period. MLB has no morals, as long as they continue to rake in millions.

  5. Smyly signs with the Braves for 11 Million. and now Charlie Morton signs with the Braves for 15. Atlanta loading up on starters.

    1. Ha Ha… so much jealousy and envy. I think all of baseball has the LA Dodgers in their sights. It is open season on the Dodgers. Many will do all they can to try and redeem, spending lots of money and trading prospects in the process.

      I hope the Dodgers do not get too anxious to make a big deal, and just concentrate on taking care of the key players they have.

  6. Randy Arozarena arrested in Yucatan on domestic abuse charges stemming from an incident with his ex wife and daughter. Happy 72nd birthday to Boomer, Steve Yeager. And on this date in 1953 the Brooklyn Dodgers signed Walter Alston to be thier manager. Headline in the Brooklyn paper ” Walter Who? “

      1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone on LADodgerReport! Be safe, be smart, and wear a mask so we can hopefully beat this virus, and return to Dodger Stadium for a full season and see our boys defend their championship.

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