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Coldwell Banker and MLB Bring You Inside Joc Pederson’s House in Home Field Advantage Campaign

Joc Pederson

Ever wonder what your favorite player’s home looks like? Coldwell Banker Real Estate and will bring you that answer over the next 11 weeks with their home field advantage video series. This series will take us behind the scenes of 7 MLB player’s homes with exclusive video tours, interviews and behind the scenes extras. The first video was released on Tuesday and featured a tour of Dodgers center fielder Joc Pederson’s house.

Each week Coldwell Banker Real Estate will release a new video of another player’s house. The series runs from June 21st through August 30th. The year’s series will feature 6 active major leaguers, one retired player, and one baseball personality and you can see where they all live. Check out the first video of Joc’s incredible home. If you thought Joc was cool now, just wait until you get a load of him in this video. I’ll give you a hint, it involves a hover board.

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Since the launch of the series in 2014, Coldwell Banker Real Estate has covered 25 homes of some of the best players in baseball. Think of this as MLB’s version of MTV’s cribs. I think it’s pretty cool. Past players in the series have included our own Yasiel Puig, Jose Altuve, Jacob deGrom, Josh Donaldson, and Kris Bryant among others. Here’s a list below of some of the players being covered, and the dates their videos will be released.


Home Field Advantage Video and Player Release Dates
Player* Team Video Release Date*
Joc Pederson Los Angeles Dodgers June 21, 2016
Heidi Watney MLB Network June 28, 2016
Dellin Betances New York Yankees July 5, 2016
Dallas Keuchel Houston Astros July 12, 2016
Ben Zobrist Chicago Cubs July 19, 2016
Joe Panik San Francisco Giants August 9, 2016
Mookie Betts Boston Red Sox August 16, 2016
Ryan Zimmerman Washington Nationals August 23, 2016

* Dates and players subject to change; TBD: August 2 and 30

You can catch each video on Coldwell Banker’s main site here. You can also see the videos on as well. So check it out and let me know what you think of Joc Pederson’s shoe collection. It makes me wish I was born with any kind of athletic talent.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

77 thoughts on “Coldwell Banker and MLB Bring You Inside Joc Pederson’s House in Home Field Advantage Campaign

  1. Badger said on the last thread: Urias “All he needs to do is throw more strikes and he could pitch through September.”

    And many said a month or so back, Urias has nothing to learn in AAA, he belongs here. Maybe that something else is just a bit more command and control. He does seem to throw a lot of pitches and high pitch counts. Other teams do get the bat on the ball.

    Last night — sometimes a team wins by plain hitting the baseball, others times by great pitching. Sometime won by skill, sometime won by luck.

    So the Dodgers have won a few by: walks with the bases loaded, and then last night by a centerfielder on the other team over-running the baseball and letting the ball go all the way to the wall.

    Last night Turner, Gonzales, Thompson and Pederson (all in order in the lineup) went for a collective: zero for 15.

    The Dodgers left on base, 11 runners. Fine. Washington had two players leaving 11 on base by themselves — Harper went 0 for 5 leaving on base 6 runners. And Taylor, the centerfielder who over-ran the ball struck out 5 times and left 5 runners on base. Long night for those two guys.

  2. Washington playing terribly. Glad we caught them when we did.

    Just read Dodgers to bring up Nick Tepesch.

  3. I’ll take any kind of win, but luck has been on our side lately. Will it even out? On Urias: 5 and/or 80 should be the rule for him. I wish he didn’t come out of his shoes when he throws. It must be stressful on something. I don’t think he can keep pitching with that max effort without injury.
    I think our suits have come onto something, which I have never seen before: they stuff a young pitcher on the fake disabled list so he can rest up for the end of the season. Stripling is a case on point. This probably can’t be done indefinitely because of the rules, but it is not a bad idea. Keeps the innings low and stress down. Of course, the guy gains no experience either. The trade off. For me, it diminishes the value of the young pitcher because you cannot use him to the max. Maybe our brains do this only for the guys they will trade, so they are healthy trade bait with future innings on the plate for the acquiring team. Interesting. I think all this importance on pitch count, etc is a bunch of BS. The doctors have gotten everyone convinced that the amount of use necessarily damages an arm. Cause and effect; or chain of events? My take is that everyone is different and let the young guy pitch. There will always be another arm or arms somewhere to take his place. The life of a professional athlete.

    1. There’s a theory that a sudden jump in the number of innings is related to injury with young pitchers, which is why it was unfortunate he wasn’t able to pitch more innings last year. I’m not convinced that having prospects hanging around Glendale waiting for a chance to pitch in real games is doing anything but retarding their development.

      Urias threw 94 pitches last night, which is fine, but he needs to be much more efficient with his pitches. I was shocked when Matt Herges said they couldn’t teach him any more at AAA–sounded like a coach cruising for a demotion.

  4. Just win, Baby. That’s the beauty of baseball. Sometimes you are just snakebit – like the Dodgers early bullpen struggles and hitters struggling to even see the Mendoza line… and then it somehow balances out! Go Figure! If anyone has an ounce of sense, it was obvious this team was not as bad as they looked earlier. I knew they would come around and said so. I stand by that still. They can still win 95 games, but the main thing is to get into the playoffs. Then, anything can happen.

    Some of you can’t come to grips with the FACT that A-Gon is in DECLINE. When you get older, you have more back issues – that can be a big contributing factor to the decline. But it is a decline and it will get worse! He’s untradeable in the sense that the Dodgers would likely have to pay half his salary… and you can’t replace him for that, so they just keep him.

    He has been rested one out of 10 games this year, although he has pinch hit in 3 or 4 of those games. Maybe he needs more rest, but from experience, I can tell you that rest is not always the answer with back problems. The fact is, he is ours and will be! In a year or two, he will be an expensive caddy and for young Mr. Bellinger and maybe a $21 million dollar pinchhitter!

    1. Would you rather have Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder? A lot of teams have guys past their prime under long-term contracts. And then you have throwbacks like Beltre still playing at a high level. Is it my imagination or are players wearing out sooner than they used to?

  5. Overlooked in the game last night was Kendrick’s pinch hit single in the 9th. If he starts to hit, it would make all the difference. He and Turner, two veterans, can carry this team for a while.

      1. I don’t know man, he’s hitting .240 and is a year younger than AGon – so he too must be in decline. How about signing some that are inclined?

        1. He hit .151 the first month. Since then he’s hit .275 and .278……353 the last 7 games. So….he’s inclining.

          1. I say if Kiké was playing everyday he would be hitting better than .240. It’s my opinion that Kendrick was an unnecessary signing.

        2. Howie is doing a good job in the utility role, but I think Daniel Murphy was a better signing. He’s making about $12 million/yr for 3 years.

  6. AGon isn’t even the oldest guy on the team.

    And here’s another FACT – physiologically the human male starts his decline at age 19. Yeah, I learned that in an upper division Phys of Ex class’s so “some of you” won’t be able to come to grips with it. I think AGon may need to consider the DH to finish his career.

  7. Kendrick’s being the good soldier utility man makes him a good signing. I hope he starts hitting up to his career average of about .290. If he does that, he will be the starting left fielder for the rest of the season.

  8. The Dodgers lost a lot of close games early in the year. They are winning some of them now.

    Some of the losses (and the wins) have been the result of “luck” (like the other team’s CF making a 3 base error). Some have been the result of the manager learning who he can rely on in the bullpen and having Blanton (!) and Libertore pitch late in games instead of Hatcher, Howell or Baez.

    In any event, the trend is improving and since Turner and Kendrick have started hitting again, the team has a few more options offensively. (On the other hand, it looks like Thompson has turned into a pumpkin.)

    The team is still facing a Nick Tepesch (!) start on Friday against a tough Pittsburgh team. And Urias for one more 5 inning start. Then??? A whole host of injured (Ryu, McCarthy, Wood) or ineffective (Kazmir) 5 inning pitchers return. Still too many questions in the rotation to suit me.

    For now, let’s savor a hot stretch and some nice wins.

    As an aside, Roberts has done nothing to impress as a game manager lately. Enough has been written about the decision to use Van Slyke (!) as a pinch runner and Kike as a pinch hitter last night – to use AJ as a pinch hitter to SAC bunt. Yuck! He’s certainly no improvement over Donnie Baseball – maybe no worse but certainly no better.

    1. Joe Maddon and Bruce Bochy both make some really unconventional moves. Have you ever looked at what they do? They get criticized all the time.

      It’s easy to second guess which is why everyone does it.

      That’s why I refuse to do it. If it seems easy, it’s because of a lack of understanding!

        1. He didn’t really mean it, a narcissist never does. If you haven’t noticed Mark’s head is the size of an swimming pool, he has to drive a convertible just to get his head to fit. Badger, I know you know this, there is no hope for Narcissist Melon Head, he’s lost in his own self-appreciation society.

          1. I do have to admit that I don’t think you are stupid. You just have a bad luck when it comes to thinking! You are about as sharp as a bowling ball. You are just a flat out dumbass who hides behind a different moniker. I know who you are you little B>>>>>>>>>>>>

            Use your real name or STFU! Chicken!

    2. The bunt was a good thing.

      He should have kept Utley in the game.

      All we needed from Kike, was a flyball, or a grounder to the right side.

      We didn’t even need a hit there.

      And kike has been in this situation four times, in the last three weeks. And he has done the same thing everytime.

      And that was striking out on three pitches.

      And like I have wrote, Chase had just got a hit off this same leftie pitcher, in the game before.

      I agree with you Rick, about that being a terrible decision.

      And I am tired of Baez giving away the lead, or giving away the go ahead run, right when he comes in the game!

      1. Kike should have pinch-run, not Van Slyke. Kind of sad the only bench player who can lay down a bunt is AJ Ellis.

        Those of us who wanted Baez to develop an off-speed pitch should be slapped upside the head. Twice in a week he gave up a bomb on the change-up. Put it back in the box. And stop him from going walkabout between pitches. He’s the poster boy for the pitch-clock!

        1. Snider
          I agree with you about Kike running.

          But if Kike knew how to bunt, I would have had him bunt, instead of striking out on three pitches again.

          And Baez needs to be moved down, because he is just not getting it!

          You are right about his change up, because he throws his change up, in the same place, he throws his fastball, when he gives up a HR.

          He throws both right down the middle of the plate.

          And if you look at his stats, he isn’t getting better.

          And for a relief pitcher, to have more HRs this year, this early in the season, then last year, speaks to his uneffectiveness.

  9. Just because a player is getting older doesn’t mean he’s getting worse. Who wouldn’t love to have a certain 3B who is playing for Texas or a certain OF who at age 43 is still hitting around .350.
    There are exceptions to everything.

    1. Of course there are, but look at A-Gon’s stats – they are declining. No question about it! That doesn’t make him Carl Crawfish, but he’ s not an elite player anymore. He’s a good player.

      1. Mark
        Agone has done pretty well, considering he has been the only big bat, in the line up, since Kemp was traded.

        And Turner not hitting at the begining of the season, has also effected Agone’s at bats.

        What is odd about Agone’s numbers, is that he has a really good batting average, and decent slugging percentage, away from Dodger stadium.

        And A&TT park is bigger then Dodger stadium.

        I think it is mostly his back, that has caused this much decline.

        It is obvious that it is his back, because he is almost trying to use most of his power, to hit to leftfield.

        This means it hurts his back much more, to pull the ball.

  10. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 everyone was complaining that Clayton Kershaw was throwing too many pitches. Hell, one guy suggested he be sent back down to learn how to throw strikes.

    How did that work out?

    Urias needs to be in the majors RIGHT NOW. He can’t learn anymore at AAA and I don’t think he has a motion that is violent or hurts his arm. It’s a pretty easy motion. Give him a break. He will figure it out… but not at AAA!

    1. Mark
      I agree about Urias.

      He doesn’t throw max effort.

      And I believe Vin said that Urias, had a very smooth wind up, and delivery.

      If you want to see a pitcher that throws max effort, when he pitches, watch Jose Fernandez.

    2. Where did that come from?

      I don’t recall what EVERONE was saying 8 years ago, but it seems to me that most people now think Urias is doing ok here. He does need to get better at throwing strikes, and I see no reason why he can’t do it here. Frankly I wish we weren’t so desperate that we needed to do this. But, this is what lack of real depth does to a team.

      1. Badger
        It seems like Urias has trouble with his control, mostly in the first inning.

        Maybe he needs to warm up more.

        He said that he just didn’t have a good curve ball, and fastball, when he was pitching yesterday, until the last inning.

      2. Monday points out that even when he gets ahead, his “waste” pitches are too far out of the zone to get hitters to bite. The great ones get hitters to swing at balls outside the zone and take pitches on the corner. I think he’ll learn.

        1. I know it’s a thing, but the idea of a waste pitch is one I find troubling. If you are on a pitch count, and they all are, why in the world would you ever consider wasting any of them? Here’s another term I’ve never agreed with – throwing a pitch deliberately high to “change the eye level” or whatever that term they use is. As a former hitter I’m looking for a pitch to drive and with 2 strikes I’m looking to protect – and a pitch that is a foot out of the strike zone is doing me a favor. It’s easy to lay off. Thank you. Every pitch should have a purpose. If you want to miss up, miss up by inches. These guys are all professionals, at the top of of a very steep pyramid, if they can’t miss the strike zone by inches whenever they want, why are they here?

          I watched Greinke pitch again last night and though he was missing his spots, he was missing down in the strike zone. Urias, and other Dodger pitchers, miss up and over the plate way too often. Urias, like all young players, has a learning curve. We are watching it in progress. He’s been better each time out. He will eventually get the close calls because all the good ones do. But he won’t get them as a 19 year old rookie and he won’t get away with missing up in the zone.

          Spin the ball. Tight spin, always down, away from the middle of the strike zone. Fastballs – high and tight, low and away. If you’re going up, don’t miss by a foot and don’t throw it twice in a row. These hitters won’t miss anything that is straight and thrown twice in a row. (see Baez)

  11. Mark: Good point about Keshaw. Unorthodox. But he is 6’6″. Like I said, everyone is different, and I agree that until someone better comes along, Urias should be a 5/80 starter. No bullpen.

  12. giants win again. Since May, they are playing about .800 ball. They won today with a AAA replacement pitcher. Isn’t anyone going to beat them?

  13. And they’re coming home to face the Phillies while we give our starters extra rest with Tepesch. I’m not sure Alston or Lasorda would’ve done that. But who knows, he might be better than the guy the Giants won with.

  14. Who is 6’6″?

    The number of pitches and the number of innings is different in every game. It depends on many factors. If the team is ahead and Urias is breezing, 90 pitches is very doable. If it’s against a crap team and he’s throwing strikes he could get 6+ innings. I see no reason he can’t start 10 more games here. He’s thrown 72 innings. If he starts 10 more games and averages 6 innings per, that’s 132 innings. That’s about what they wanted out him, right? Personally I don’t much care what the results are because, as you know, I don’t think this is our year. He’s here. He wasn’t supposed to be but he is. Let him pitch.

  15. I’m waiting you big punk> >>>TrueBlueThru&Thru

    My name is Mark Timmons. I’m easy to find. Are you a man or a mouse? Come on, squeek up! Tell the rest of us your name. I already know!

    By the way. I will be at Dodger Stadium July 5th and 6th!

    1. Will you be signing autographs?

      I’ll be at Chase Field on the 3rd. I won’t be signing autographs, but bring a pen. I don’t own a signet ring, so, not likely anyone will be kissing my hand. Tell me, you gonna take that ring off when you kick True Blue’s ass?

    2. I will do everything I can to make the game and finally meet you. Olive branches on both sides. Shoot I need to find some blue olive branches. MJ, Bobby, Scott etc let’s ALL be there. I am buying the first round!!!!

      1. I’m in. The family will be with me on Tuesday night and I am going to try and get them a tour of Dodger Stadium as well (offices and pressbox).

  16. We need to have a meeting of everyone who can make it. Scott and Oscar you can get my email. Feel free to send it to mark. Oh hell it’s [email protected]. This could be a blast…. Or defining moment

    1. Tim,

      I’ll coordinate with Mark and see if we can get an LADR meetup going. I’ll put together a mailing list for the guys that live locally. It would be great to meet all of you.

  17. Since we needed Will Venable like another hole in the head, I’m wondering if signing him was just a snarky attempt to keep the Giants from getting him.

    1. Will Venable is 1 for 10 with 3 K’s. The midgets can have him.

      We could use Ethier’s stick. Thompson is slowly sinking – .200 in his last 86 plate appearances. We could platoon him but it’s not like he is clubbing LHP – .255, though that’s a bit deceiving because he is hitting .288 vs lh starters. Here’s a positive note: Yasiel Puig is hitting .500 in his last 4 at bats, so, he’s on a roll.

      I sure hope, like Washington, Pittsburgh continues its schneid.

      1. Even the Cubs are having a minor swoon. It’s what happens when you have a rash of injuries or underperformance. The Dodgers have had four – five if you count Kendrick – who have significantly underperformed offensively so far. Perhaps the pendulum swing favors some of these guys in the second half. Grandal seems to think his swing is coming around.

        I might take a flier and sign Gurriel if I was the FO. He might help this year, and either Utley or Turner or both probably won’t be around next year.

        If I’m the FO, I still want another reliever, though interest in Vizcaino is heating up.

        1. Grandal mentioned in the same article with Gonzalez, Upton, Fielder and Stanton is f’n hilarious.

          The Dodgers issues with injuries should come as a surprise to no one. Injured players are a commodity we look for. Hell, we even draft injured players.

          If I’m the FO we look nothing like the product on the field today, unless of course I was hired this morning. If that were the case, I ride this Equus asinus to the finish line. (you like that Tim?) If it unexpectedly finishes in the money, hallelujah. If not, I still have all the young breeding stock in the barn for next year and the years to come.

          You want a bullpen arm patch? I give you Yadier Alvarez.

        2. Like I have said before, there is a lot of players, not hitting like they normally do.

          And there are a lot of teams, that only have a couple of players, hitting really well, if you look up and down there line ups.

          The Nationals had there two guys, that were hitting really well, Murphy and there catcher.

          I think McCutchen is not hitting really well either.

          I didn’t look at his stats, but I heard this on a broadcast.

          I am wondering what they can do with Baez to get the point across to him.

          I know they will still use him, but I hope Roberts, doesn’t use him in high leverage situations for a while.

          He gives away any momentum that the team has gained, and he does this, so quickly.

          1. Teach him how to bounce the change in back of the plate. If it’s aimed at the knees, it could be an effective pitch. Hanging it out there belt high is only going to get it returned at about a hundred miles per hour. The good news is he’s working on it. The bad news is, it still needs a lot of work.

    1. Nick Tepesch. First round draft choice out of University of Arizona where was the MVP of the College World Series. He has 4 frontline pitches, including a 98 mph fastball and a knee buckling curve and a swing and miss change up. He averages 11 k’s per 9, has a 7/1 strike out to walk ratio and a 0.89 WHIP. I made all that up. I never heard of him.

      1. Badger
        You had me there at first. And after hearing your made up stats, I was going to say, why isn’t he pitching in the big leagues already.

    1. 9-17 on a good club. That means he could go 1-2 with us if he gets some breaks.

      I just read he went to Missouri. 14th round pick. His nickname there was Tepid. Tepid Tepesch the Timorous Tiger. Ok I’m done.

      1. Now that’s funny right there. Why isn’t he a Cardinal? Apparently he’s pitched very well in 3 games in a row at OKC and that is enough for the FO.

      2. Badger….there is something seriously wrong with you…..sometimes…..but that was a funny line…..Tepid Tepesch? Wow, they must have really disliked him huh? On the Dodgers we have Rabid Roberts, Ugly Utley, Pugnacious Puig, and Grandal the not so Great…..

  18. giants at home vs lowly Phillies coming off 3-4 vs Pirates at Pitt. Easily could have been 4-4. Tonight the Pirates start a #1 draft pick whom I watched throw a no hitter for 6 innings a couple of weeks ago. The Pirates are looking to break out of a terrible slump, and their season might just about be over. Very dangerous. Tepesh is all we have? Bullpen better be ready. Grienke got knicked for 3 runs in the first 2 innings last night, but that was it for the Rockies until the bullpen came in. Wish we had him. Ryu stunk up AAA yesterday. I’m starting to think he will never be the same. I doubt if he will be of much use this year. I’m afraid it will be Urias and Stripling down the stretch. Maybe one will be a hero.

    1. Urias is on a 100 inning limit, so do not expect to see him after July. He is already at 80 innings. Stripling is building his innings count at AAA. McCarthy should be ready just about the same time as Ryu, and I would not sweat a bad outing. They all get lit up now and then. Of more importance is how his arm feels today. Tepesch is a spot starter, and yes unless you want another Bolsinger Blunder, he is all they have. They traded Lee, and obviously do not feel Montas or any of the other AAA guys are ready, and that includes Frias…

  19. OK, so July 5 and 6, we play Baltimore. Tuesday July 5 is a 7pm game, and Wed July 6 is a 12noon game.

    Funny how we all argue, and as soon as Mark says he’s coming, the rest of us in LA wan go and have a love fest at the Stadium! Count me in (unless I have to leave town for work). Looking forward to having some merlots with you all!!

  20. Anybody know what Tepesch throws? Anything average or above average? What’s the “skinny” on him?

    1. Fastball, curve, nothing really outstanding or will make you sit up and take notice. Just an average guy. Has pitched well at OKC with an ERA of 2.00…

      1. More likely a replacement should they dump Howell who the team has lost confidence in. Choate a strictly LH specialist…and good at it too.

          1. Still can get that one big hitter….that is all he was used for his last stint as a Dodger… is stop gap that is all…and Howell has gone south pretty fast. Liberatore is the main lefty now………

  21. In case you’ve been on an Interplanetary Vacation for the last 6 months or so, the Dodgers have a few problems, namely scoring runs and keeping the opponents from scoring runs. Now it is alleged that they have some good pitchers down on the farms, rehabbing and developing. As long as that pot boils, I can understand them not trading for a pitcher. They may get burned on that boiling pot, but it is a worthwhile gamble. Hitting is a different story. As far as I know, there are no impact hitters coming off the farm for several years, so trading now makes perfect sense. Trade whom for whom? . Catching is our weakest department. AJ is toast but some fans want to keep him and Agon around till they’re eligible for Social Security Benefits. Grandal every now and then shows enough ability to be intriguing. I would trade Puig and whatever for Lucroy and let Grandal and Lucroy split the catching and back-up Agon at first base. And I wouldn’t sit my dead end till the end of July to get it done. There are a lot of other teams out there shopping….

    1. You sure are hot to trade Puig……………….would be a mistake since his value is down, and they would have to give up more than him to get Lucroy. AJ might not be an everyday player anymore but he is a helluva lot smarter catcher than Grandal…….Grandal is a total bust and should be jettisoned ASAP….you want a backup for Lucroy? Call up Barnes……….

      1. This was suppose to be Frankie Montas start, but there is more that is wrong with him then, a minor sugical irritation.

        The Dodgers reporter said that Montas would be out for two months, because of a broken rib!

        1. I saw that he is on the 7 day DL at OKC……but obviously something is wrong…I have not read that he has a broken rib, but then I do not read Dodger report either…

  22. No love fest at the stadium in a few weeks Bobby. But just a good opportunity to put a face to a name. I had the honor of meeting Badgerdomous at spring training. Now I get to meet the other half of spy vs spy.

  23. Re: Montas, from True Blue LA:

    “LOS ANGELES — So much for Frankie Montas being one small step away from helping the major league club. The Dodgers’ hard-throwing right-hander reportedly has a broken rib and is expected to miss four to eight weeks, per Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.”

    1. Remember when we were told not to worry, it was a common surgery, he would be back in 15 minutes, yada yada blah blah blah? Like surgery is a good thing. Hey, he was throwing 100 mph! Yeah, until he broke a rib. One removed, another broken? Yoiks.

      But. again, dealing in the walking wounded is part of the business model. Ryu, Montas, McCarthy, Anderson, Wood, Garcia…. who am I missing? And who’s next.

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