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Dodger Stadium Flooded With Optimism (Mostly Water) in Freeway Series Finale

Dodger Stadium Flood

Dodgers exhibition season ended a little earlier than expected on Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium. With the Dodgers leading 4-3 in the bottom of the fifth inning, after a sewage pipe burst right outside the Dodgers dugout sending water onto the field and into the expensive box seats. The spillage was so bad that they were not able to continue play. The game was called with two outs in the bottom of the fifth and the Dodgers credited with a win. There were some people that were claiming that it was a sewer pipe, but it didn’t look like sewer water and nobody reported any funny smells coming from the field. Shrugs Shoulders.

Hyun-jin Ryu started the final game of the Freeway Series and allowed three runs on nine hits (two earned) over 4.2 innings. He struck out three, walked none and made 86 pitches. Angel’s starter JC Ramirez lasted 3.2 innings giving up four earned on eight hits. The Dodgers had an early 3-0 lead after scoring one run in the first and two more in the bottom of the second.

Yasiel Puig belted a solo shot in the first inning. After singles from Yasmani Grandal and Logan Forsythe, Enrique Hernandez walked to load the bases. Chris Taylor’s line drive double scored two runs but Hernandez was thrown out at the plate on a very close play.

The Angels tied the score with two runs in the second and one in the third. Consecutive singles from Andrelton Simmons, Kole Calhoun, and Jefre Marte plated the first run. A Luis Valbuena ground force out scored the second run when Enrique’s return throw to first was wide. An Albert Pujols sacrifice fly tied the game in the third inning.

We went back in time in the bottom of the fourth when Matt Kemp launched a home run over the center field wall and onto the black hitters tarp in the right center field pavilions. Kemp has not homered as a Dodger since game 2 of the 2014 NLDS against the Cardinals. It didn’t officially count but it was like going through a time warp.


Then the pipes broke. Chase Utley had just singled and with two runners on and two outs Austin Barnes was at the plate in the bottom of the fifth inning. Suddenly water is seen flooding onto the field in front of the Dodger dugout. There hasn’t been a rainout at Dodger Stadium since 2000, but we’ve had a flood out. The game is called after the grounds crew was unable to get the field into playable shape. Technically the Dodgers were given the win. Hopefully they get this cleaned up before opening day. How bizzare. See you on opening day!


Scott Andes

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

30 thoughts on “Dodger Stadium Flooded With Optimism (Mostly Water) in Freeway Series Finale

  1. They are bottling it as a new drink offering, now that’s a bad omen.

    Michael don’t characterize me as a Kemp hater, I don’t hate him at all, I’m just recalling some of his issues he has experienced. I want him to do well, of course, I just happen to think he is going to have injury problems and they will be approaching soon. Depending on their severity, they will either cause him to decline at the plate or go on the DL. That observation is hardly a hater statement. also I personally believe that he has been a head case thru out his career and it has raised it’s ugly head(case) in various ways in the past, like total crappy inconsistent performance to bitching, whining and moaning in the clubhouse, again hardly a hater statement. Keep it sweet and clean, Michael, and it will stay sweet and clean in here.

    1. Blue

      You should look at the at bats Kemp has had since he left the Dodgers, the only time he has went out for a significant time was last year, when he was really over weight, and it was a hammy issue.

      Just take a look at his at bats, in the last four years, you will be very surprised.

      Remember Kemp was just finally feeling healthy in the second half of that season, right before he was traded.

        1. Package

          I was never worried about Kemp when he cooled off a little in spring training, because I know he is going to have one heck of a season, this year.

    2. Well I think that most of the stuff about Kemp was after he was pulled from playing CF. You never heard any of the players saying Matt was a cancer. That came from the media, who I trust about as much as I do politico’s. I apologize for calling you a hater. That was a bad choice of words. But facts are this, his first 2 years away from LA he drove in 100 runs both years and there was no talk of him being a club house cancer in either Atlanta or San Diego. Last year he fell off because of the hammy. But he does not look like that guy at all now. Slimmed down and hitting the ball pretty hard. He has even made a few nice plays out in left field. Could an injury curtail that? Yep, anything is possible, but the fact is that even with the injury last year, his production over the last 3 years is better than any of the outfielders who have played for the Dodgers over that period of time. I give him a pass until he proves different. He is definitely better than Pederson or Thompson…Oh yeah, 23, 35 , and 19 homers. 279 RBI’s in a 3 year stretch…no Dodger OF has come close to that. No Dodger has driven in 100 runs except Adrian Gonzalez…Ball players have huge egos. Matt is not an exception to that. He was very vocal about losing the CF job and I do not blame him for that. I would rather have a player that was upset about being moved than one who went quietly like a lamb. It did not hurt his production. He was the Dodgers best hitter in the 2nd half of 2014 when he finally was healthy.

      1. I still think it would be a good idea to give Kemp plenty of time off. Treat him like we do our starters, take him out early, rotate him on and off the 10 day in August, keep him fresh for October. On this team he could easily knock in 100+ in 1200 innings, but with our outfield depth I think it wise to keep that number under 1,000 and have him rested for the playoffs.

        1. Fully agree, Badger. I think a lefty bat as our fourth outfielder will get a lot of ABs, which is why I don’t really get Toles being sent to AAA, unless it’s really to get him more time in CF in case Taylor needs to be moved to the infield.

          Also, I think chances are slim and none that both Kemp and Grandal finish the year as Dodgers if they provide league average defense (which both are capable of).

        1. Mattingly was never a players manager. Most of the players thought he had terrible communication skills. Donnie Baseball could not and still cannot deal with the egos of the superstars which is one reason there are none left in Miami.

  2. Well, Toles is gone to Oklahoma City while the Dodgers keep Joc. I just don’t get it. Joc has never really performed up to expectations but it seems if you are tight with Roberts you stay. IE Kiki, Joc, Grandal. Apparently no one who is outside the organization knows anything because I have not read one post or comment that says Joc should be playing. Agreed, we might not get it all the time but never is ridiculous. Maybe it is value.HA!

  3. Not sure I know why Toles was sent down either. Roberts said it’s because of something to do with the swing, but it didn’t make much sense to me.

    Not sure where Package is getting the idea that Kiki and Grandal are tight with Roberts, but Toles isn’t. Where is that theory coming from?

    1. His swing? Roberts must be confusing him with Joc.

      Maybe there are too many swing and a miss with Toles, but that might still be there if he doesn’t see more Major League pitching. He’s only got 217 PA’s in the bigs and he’s slashed.294/.341/.483 with them. Against RH pitching is nearly the same .295/.347/.481. Why would you send that down in favor of Pederson?

      Maybe it’s a con. A version of a double cross bait and switch. The ol’ Joc-o-Dupe. If Roberts/FAZ believes in Pederson, maybe we (other GMs) should too. Toles goes to OKC, works on his “swing”, and in a couple weeks/months Joc is traded and everything works out without animosinous disaprobation. Zero cool, no?

      1. Joc is a 2 million plus fourth outfielder, and what teams want to pay a back up outfielder two million dollars?

      2. Badger

        That can’t be right, Toles can actually hit.

        He isn’t the one that could only muster a 140 average, in spring training.

  4. So with Kike at 2B its Utley, Joc, Barnes and Farmer on the bench. That bench doesn’t look too exciting, but maybe it is.

    On paper it doesn’t appear that Utley, Barnes, and Farmer provide much at all. But maybe they do.

    1. Way to take a stand there Artie.

      Past 5 teams before the Dodgers to lose Game 7 of World Series recovered well enough to average 98.6 wins next season (3 won 100 or more). All 5 made the playoffs, 4 won their division and one (2015 Kansas City Royals) came back to win the World Series the following year.

      I’d be thrilled with any of those outcomes.

      1. Just from memory losing game 7, last five teams
        Cleveland 2016
        KC 2014
        Texas 2011
        SF 2002
        NYY 2001

        Did any of them use a 4 man bench and. 13 man bullpen? Did I even get the list correct?

        1. All of them did.

          Actually I have no idea.

          We have a good team. We are one of the favorites. It’s difficult to repeat a championship and precedent is there for losing then winning. I give the team a 100% chance of having 5-1 odds to win it all.

        1. MJ
          Yeah, I can’t stand that crowd. They talk about the food at the ballpark and no baseball. They are sharp as rocks.

  5. MJ
    Yeah, don’t show the game and interview a player like we want to hear them instead of watch the game. Oh well, that happens when we are last year’s NL champs! YEA!!

    1. I kind of hate that they are giving the players their National League championship rings, while we are playing the Giants.

      You know how Giant fans are, they will throw their three world championships, and laugh that our players are getting Nation League championship rings.

  6. I think Farmer is going to be a huge asset. I see the guy playing multiple positions and spelling Forsythe at 3rd. AJ Ellis’s contract purchased by the Padres so AJ makes the 25 man roster. Toles will be playing everyday at OKC and Pederson will no doubt be playing himself off the roster unless he makes some sort of miraculous turnaround, Utley is a total pro and will give the Dodgers plenty of quality AB’s when he does play. This is Kike’s chance to show the Dodgers, or some other team he can be an everyday player. We will see how that goes.

  7. Le Grande Orange Rusty Staub has passed away. I remember him well. Was a thorn in the Dodgers side both with the Mets and Expos. RIP Rusty.

  8. ESPN ranks the Dodgers #2 in MLB. I think that’s a bit rich, but it’s definitely great to read.

    Can’t be upset at positive news.

    Since it’s free, I’m pasting the forecast below:
    2. Los Angeles Dodgers
    2018 projected record: 95-67 (first in NL West)
    World Series odds: 9-2

    Best case: It’s championship or bust for a Dodgers team that came one stinking win from taking it all in 2017. While no one in L.A. would admit it, what might aid that cause is if a couple of starters beyond Clayton Kershaw prove so adept at navigating beyond 18 batters that it convinces Dave Roberts to give them a little longer leash in the postseason. Alex Wood, Rich Hill, Kenta Maeda, Walker Buehler — whoever. Just two arms that can ease the burden of Roberts’ postseason bullpen.

    Worst case: There is so much redundancy built into the Dodgers’ roster that it almost feels immune to worst-case scenarios. But they exist for everyone. All teams, even the Dodgers, rely on a certain bit of star power. If Justin Turner’s wrist injury lingers and ruins his season, and if Corey Seager’s elbow becomes a bigger problem, and if Cody Bellinger’s strikeout-heavy cold stretches become a strikeout-heavy cold season, and if Kershaw’s back problems resurface, and if Kenley Jansen’s hamstring pops … you get the picture. Still, a lot of things have to go wrong to keep the Dodgers from the ranks of the elite.

    Make-or-break player: Seager is probably the closest thing to a make-or-break player that the Dodgers have. If his elbow keeps him out of the lineup or unable to make the requisite throws from shortstop — and there has been no indication this spring that will be the case — then it creates an unfortunate domino effect. L.A. is deep all over but less deep at shortstop than any other position. Chris Taylor can play there, as can Enrique Hernandez. But if Taylor is taken out of center field, it creates a defensive hole at that spot, and Hernandez is valuable as a utility guy but might not be able to start against righties, anyway. It would simplify matters if Seager’s elbow stays sound. — Bradford Doolittle

  9. Since it’s free?

    “Worst case: There is so much redundancy built into the Dodgers’ roster that it almost feels immune to worst-case scenarios. But they exist for everyone.“

    Been saying that for over a year. Sure we have guys to plug in there but our bench doesn’t look all that scary to me.

    We’re gonna miss Turner and Koehler, but not as much as the giants will miss Bumgarner and Samardziga.

    If the stars come out all year, we’re in good shape. Seager, Bellinger, Puig, Taylor, Kemp, Jansen…. we have offense if all those guys play 140. Kershaw and the Gang of 5 Innings Band will have good numbers. Good enough? Hope so. I also hope we have only our share of All Stars. 4 is enough.

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