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Dodgers Clinch Another NL West Title

We can certainly complain a lot about the Dodger’s inability to win a World Series championship since their last in 1988. Yet I think we can be a bit spoiled. The Dodgers may still be searching for their first championship in over 31 years however they have had a stranglehold on the NL West over the last seven years. On Tuesday evening the boys in blue clinched the National League west division crown with a 7-3 win over the dreadful Orioles at Camden Yards.

The game was rather anti-climactic. The celebration was subdued. The team is on the road and they have been here before, many times. They know how this all goes. It’s not their first rodeo. Starting pitcher Walker Buehler tossed seven shutout innings, struck out 11 and made 91 pitches. Corey Seager smashed two home runs. The first was a three-run shot in the top of the first and the second a two-run blast in the top of the third. Star prospect Gavin Lux hit his first MLB home run to put an exclamation point on the night.

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The Dodgers are now 94-52 and are a cinch to open the division series at home. Whether they open the NLCS at home remains to be seen. But let’s not get too bogged down in negativity and give the club credit for a well played season. They may have a few issues to iron out before the postseason begins but let’s appreciate and respect that the Dodgers are going to the playoffs for the seventh consecutive season. After all it could be far worse for us. Look at how bad things have gotten in Baltimore. Enjoy everyone and happy clinch night! Congratulations Dodgers!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

28 thoughts on “Dodgers Clinch Another NL West Title

  1. All kidding aside, Congrats to the Dodgers for their 7th straight NL Western Division Title. Quite a feat, regardless if they have been blessed to be the the weakest division in baseball.

    I am pleased to hear that the clubhouse celebration was a bit subdued. Still much work to be done, and maybe the sense of urgency has set in, this year. They have to stay sharp, and not just sit back, bathe in their glories, and lick their wounds, while their potential playoff contenders are still playing meaningful games with their best hand. Being the first to clinch, the Dodgers now have a huge target n their backs.

    A few observations.

    Buehler robbed of a complete game shutout possibility, as he was pulled after 7 dominating, shutout innings with 11 KO’s. Reliever Sadler blows the shutout to the first batter he faces, with a dinger, of course. Sadler ending up surrendering 3 runs in the 8th, one due to a throwing error by Pollock.

    Left handed Joc Pederson allowed to start at DH vs. a Lefty, goes 2-3 with a double. Joc wasted in the 8-hole…. then pulled for a R/H’d, .190 PH’r (Gyorko) when a lefty reliever came in…. Gyorko out after two pitches.

    Left handed Cory Seager clubbed two HR’s, with 5 RBI’s vs. a Lefty, singlehandedly assuring that the Dodgers will not have to “moonwalk” into the playoffs.

    Left handed Gavin Lux, slugs his first HR, and goes 3-4 vs., you got it, a lefty! Wasted in the 9-hole, as leadoff Pollock could not cash him or Pederson in.

    Right handed AJ Pollock leads off in the “Lefty Lineup”, and goes 0-4, with 2 K’s, and a GIDP.

    Dodgers 2-11 RISP, 2 GIDP (by two righties in the “Lefty Lineup”).

    So, although they won handedly, they obviously could have done better. Even in the thrill of victory, the agony of the Dodgers’ weaknesses continue to surface…. weaknesses that may send them home early in October, if they do not wise up.

    Don’t get too comfortable, Dodgers. The “Real Battle” has not even begun yet.

    Go Blue!

  2. Don’t look now but the Braves are only 4 games back for best record in NL. I guess we will find out how important those early season, mid-season and late season bullpen losses matter. Yeah, I know (as you know) all games actually matter and count.

    Speaking of all games matter, did you all notice how crappy most of the NFL games were this past opening weekend, why, nobody used their starters in the 4 pre-season games (what a complete waste of time and total rip off of people who bought season tickets and were forced fed two meaningless games). So really even pre-season games actually matter, as you know, teams came out flat and out of sync, no timing or rhythm (no Catholics allowed apparently) to start their first came of the regular season.

    1. Hello TrueBlue and Bluefan! Well congrats are in order, as only the Braves and Yankees have had more cosecutive division titles won. Well, I am honestly not too surprised because even with Gavin Lux going 3 for 4 with his 1st MLB HR OFF A LHP no less, is not in today’s lineup, and neither is Joc. Go figure but IIWII

      1. Time to cool them down, they need some rest from running around all the bases. Hmmm, this very strange and discouraging mindset of management is really odd, Dave Roberts as a player was constantly having to earn his spot in the line-up (at least most seasons of his career), you’d think he would get it, if you produce you stay in the line-up, alas, staying in the line-up for left handed batters doesn’t really mean much, unless you are Bellinger (no matter how much you K, you’re in there) or Max Muncy, is Max that dominating against lefties that he gets to stay in the line-up regardless. Hell, none of this matters if the bully situation is left like this for the post season, so WTF!

      2. True & Paul,

        We knew Joc and Lux would be benched after dominating the O’s lefties last night. With another lefty going again tonight, it would make too much sense to keep these two in the lineup. Just another chapter in “Playing Baseball the Dodgers’ Way”. Definitely don’t want these guys to get too hot, and deprive the “Automatic Outs” some quality playing time.

        We know that Lux is in way over his head, and is not ready for “The Big Show”. And we all know that Joc was just lucky last night, and it would be stretching it to think that he could provide an encore performance. I hope Joc packs his knapsack, and walks next year. Would hate to loose him, but he is just not getting a fair shake in Dodgertown. pederson deserves more respect.

        1. Well, what do we blame this most recent lose to the worst team in baseball on?
          A) NL Western Division Clinch party hangover?
          B) Reverting back to the “Listless Lefty Lineup”?
          C) Raggedy ass Bullpen?
          D) All of the above

          Did somebody forget to tell the Dodgers that they are behind in Home Field Advantage to the Yanks and Astros, and soon to be behind the Braves and Twins?? Are the Dodgers throwing in the towel, satisfied with just winning the West?

          I knew they were doomed when they chose to sit the hot bats of Pederson and Lux. I guess the Dodgers don’t want Lux to get too fatheaded, and they do not want Pederson to have any leverage when he goes up for arbitration next season.

          1. Well, I am giving the team sort of a ‘pass’ for last night’s game because although champagne was being sprayed around at one another, ya can’t tell me that a lot of it was not CONSUMED as well.

        2. Bluefan, I would not be too surprised that because Joc will be in his walk year in 2020, the Dodgers attempt to move him this coming off season. But since he is in his FA year next year, teams are not going to empty their bank of players for him.

  3. I think it has all been said about the expectations for the Dodgers this season, by many of us in here. Management is going to rigidly stick to the plans and expectations that they have for the players, both team-wise and individual players. It is what it is.

    They have won division titles, they have won some post=season series, they have done it all except win a WS title. So really it is WS Ring or bust, that is why so many of us have been pointing out the glaring weaknesses that will block the Dodgers from winning that ring.

    So I will watch and wait to see this thing pan out, if you don’t see me post for the next few weeks I will not be teets-up. I just got some vacationing to do in a faraway land, I’ll get back to ya come October.

    Peace & Love, Out

    1. Have a great vacation, True.

      I am currently “Teets Down” as I have my head buried in my pillow.

      The Dodgers boosted about a healthy return by Hill, but he looked terrible today. They may have believed he had recovered from forearm injury, but now they say he has a knee issue. He was laboring the whole time, and could not complete the first inning. So, as the Management continues to rely on miracles, instead of making necessary adjustments to the roster, they leave the Fans hanging on, and ask for your hard earned dollars to reserve playoff tickets.

      So, the saga continues…. now, what is the proposed October rotation, and relief core? Who will be the eight core, positional players in the lineup? I don’t think anybody knows.

      To add the the late season “Blews”, JT now has a mysterious ankle injury?

      To all you “Blue Goggled” Fanatics, I am just as disappointed as you are. Or, are you continuing to consider this a minor setback, and see the glass as half full? I think the glass is more like empty.

      The lineup shuffle continues, as the Dodgers continue to hold auditions for playoff spots. After 147 games, the Dodgers still do not have the answers.

      Go Dodger Blew.

  4. Dodgers eek out another close one. If not for the 3 run gift inning, the Dodgers would have lost. Relievers did a commendable job, considering the fact that Hill flaked out in the first inning with another unrelated injury, this time an ankle.

    Unstable offense surfaces again, 2-12 RISP. I blame this on the constant shuffling of the lineup.

    Now, off to see the Mets, who still are still playing for something. Gonna’ be a a tough time in NY… definitely tougher than Baltimore.

  5. Hi, everybody. This is my first time here chatting about the Dodgers. I’ve been a Dodgers’ fan since 1977. OMG that 1977 WS! Reggie Jacksons’ 3 first pitch hrs in game 6 of that WS. I remember it like it was yesterday. My concern is the Dodgers’ offense. The ONLY way for the Dodgers to win the WS is scoring lots of runs. Good pitching, good defense and only timely hitting will NOT do it for them, especially against teams like Yankees, Astros, A’s Twins. Just look at the previous two WS.

    1. Mickey
      Welcome! I agree with some of your assessment of the Dodgers. I do think that when they play good teams that they do not score near as many runs and sometimes very few hits. I feel that the bullpen is really the biggest problem. Again welcome and I hope we hear from you often

    2. Hi. Mickey!

      Your concerns about the Dodger offense are most certainly valid. I complain almost every day, about their ability to leave so many RISP…. way too many blown scoring opportunities, GIDP’s, and strikeouts.

      The other three areas you maybe forgot to mention are defensive stability, starting pitching, and the dreaded relief corps. No way they can be good on defense if they keep playing different players at different positions. The starters have shown that they are only conditioned to go 5 innings, or twice through the opposing lineup before they are tanked. Then when they are pitching well, DR pulls them too early. The recent poor outings by Kershaw, Ryu, and now Hill, add to this dilemma. The relief pitchers are used so often (eight pitchers used last night) that they are burned out, and we really don’t know who will emerge from the pen?

      But, welcome. We need some new points of view. I even think that mine are getting a bit old, and I am sure many will agree. I know I sound like a broken record.

      Main objective for the Dodgers during these last few weeks, is to win home field advantage. If they have to face ATL, NYY, or HOU without it, that would be an extreme disadvantage, to say the least.

      Go Blue.

      1. Hey Bluefan, did you noticed that the day after Gavin Lux was 3 for 4 with a HR OFF A LHP, and yet the next day because of a LHP going he was on the bench? That’s the type of lineup managing which frustrates me the most.

        1. Exactly, Paul.

          Not only did Lux go 3-4 with a HR, Pederson, batting 8th in front of Lux, was 2-3 with a double. Both were successful vs a LHP in game 1, yet they were benched the next day in game 2, because of a lefty…. and the Dodgers ended up losing game 2.

          Totally ridiculous. Other observation….Pederson wasted in the 8 hole in game 1, as the “Lefty Lineup” leadoff hitter, Pollock, went 0-4 with 2 KO’s.

          ….So goes the crazy game of baseball in Dodgertown.

  6. hey, everybody. I’m back. I wanted to ask other Dodgers fans this question: Has anyone noticed that in the previous two ws, the Dodgers ended their seasons with indentical scores: 5-1 ( At Dodger Stadium)? And the recent series with the Yankees in game 3 that game ended with the same score (5-1). At Dodger Stadium? Coincidence? or……?

  7. It seems to me that the Dodgers can’t do well against American League teams at Dodger Stadium. Anyone has any inside info as to why? I don’t really believe in curses, but, well, one never knows

  8. I have another question for Dodgers fans: Are The Dodgers the losingest WS team in MLB history? I believe they have been to 20 WS and lost 14? Is this correct? And if so, anyone know why this is so?

    1. Not a pretty start for Kershaw (yikes, another 1st inning dinger), but he kicked it in gear, and also got some much needed offensive support, as well as relief support. After leaving game with bases loaded and one out, Kelly came in to put out the fire. After an early, sputtering offensive start, the Dodgers kicked it in gear with Gavin Lux’ three run HR. Also, Pederson goes 2-5 with a run.

      All you Dodger fans who thought that AF should have given up the farm for “Thor”? Bet you are all breathing a sigh of relief….. Gavin Lux would have been one of those trading chips, and possibly Will Smith too.

      Will DR sit Lux and Pederson tomorrow? I hope not.

  9. Fellow Dodger fans, the way I see it, the only way the Dodgers will win the WS is they are going to have to have their version of Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Reggie Jackson, A-Rod , Derek Jeter, etc. The Dodger Greats r going to have to be great when it is time for them to be great! Joc Peterson has tried in the two previous WS, Yasiel Puig also ( hated to see him go). But the others have to step up! We cant depend on just good pitching, good defense, and only TIMELY hitting. Will not get it done! And they’re going to have to do it at Dodger Stadium.

  10. Ninety Seven Wins.

    NLDS home field advantage clinched.

    Ryu back in form.

    Jansen looking better.

    A 3rd WS appearance is still unlikely, but this team and org is just great.

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