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Dodgers Announce 2016 Training Staff

I guess this is all the news we are going to get until spring training camps break in a few weeks. However the Dodgers have announced their 2016 training staff. Neil Rampe will serve as the new head athletic trainer, and there will be two new assistant athletic trainers. Everyone else will be returning from last season. Rampe was with the Dbacks organization until he joined the Dodgers.

I kind of miss Sue Falsone. She was nice and sat on player’s laps in photos. Since I have no knowledge of anything sports medicine related, and I am far too lazy to research any of it anyways I will go ahead and just copy paste in the Dodgers official press release. Perhaps you sports medicine experts will like it.  Enjoy!

The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced their training staff for the 2016 season, with the additions of Neil Rampe as head athletic trainer and Nathan Lucero and Thomas Albert as assistant athletic trainers. Brandon McDaniel (strength & conditioning coach, fourth season), Steve Smith (physical therapist, fifth season) and Yosuke “Possum” Nakajima (massage therapist, second season) will return to the club in their same roles as 2015.

Rampe spent the past eight seasons with the Diamondbacks as the manual and performance therapist, holding that role since 2008. The Kalida, Ohio, native graduated from the University of Findlay (Ohio) in 2000 with two Bachelor’s degrees in Athletic Training and Physical Education with an emphasis in Strength and Conditioning. He went on to receive his Master’s degree in Applied Kinesiology with a Sport and Exercise Science emphasis from the University of Minnesota in 2002, while serving as the assistant strength and conditioning coach in the Golden Gophers’ athletic department. He then served as a certified athletic trainer at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, from 2002-03 and then spent five years at the University of Arizona from 2003-07 as the associate director of performance enhancement.

Lucero spent 23 seasons with the Astros, the past seven as the head athletic trainer for the Major League club. Prior to his promotion to head trainer in 2009, he served as the assistant strength and conditioning coordinator for the Astros from 2007-08. The Villanueva, New Mexico, native spent 14 years in the Astros’ minor league system before joining the big league club, serving as the club’s minor league strength and conditioning coordinator from 2002-06 and as an athletic trainer with the GCL Astros (1993-94), Quad Cities (1995-97), Kissimmee (1998) Jackson (1999) and Round Rock (2000-01), where he earned Texas League Trainer of the Year honors in 2000. Lucero graduated from New Mexico State University in 1993 with a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training.

Albert joins the Dodgers following four seasons in the Indians’ organization as rehab coordinator. Prior to his time in the Cleveland organization, he spent three years at Physiotherapy Associates in Tempe, Arizona, and also worked as an athletic trainer for the Harlem Globetrotters from 2002-08. Albert received his undergraduate degree in Athletic Training from Upper Iowa University, where he played basketball, and earned a doctrate in Physical Therapy from A.T. Still University in Missouri.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

29 thoughts on “Dodgers Announce 2016 Training Staff

  1. Since you are only supposed to say good things about people who are gone, here goes:

    Stan Conte and Sue Falcone are gone!


      1. He still has time in Spring Training to get it together. A good trainer can get it done in 8 weeks. If Puig doesn’t listen, and doesn’t do the work, it says all anyone needs to know about him.

        1. I just read about Puig and Puig said that he was at 240 right now, and I guess last year, he was 255. In the article, it said that Puig didn’t see a correlation between weight, and injuries, or the correlation of weight and the ability to play. I wonder if something got lost in the translation, because this isn’t rocket science. How much did Puig weigh when he first came up to the majors? I wish we could bring back that same Puig, when he first came up, he was so hungry, and so eager, to show his true talent. That will never happen I know, but I do think Roberts will make a big difference this year, with Puig, and the whole team.

  2. We had enough hamstring injuries last year that I think it qualifies as a pattern.

    Don’t know it was a fluke cluster or not, but suspect it wasn’t. Not sure why, though not everything in life is easily explainable.

    Changing staff was the prudent thing to do.

    I am optimistic.

  3. great to see both of you are still posting. do you plan to post regularly? Miss the LADT site and hope I didn’t contribute to the distress.

    1. Hi Denny

      yes I plan on posting daily. Come over here and be part of the fun.
      I miss LADT as well. But Mark deserves his time to spend with his family. 15 years is a long time. I can only hope to follow in his footsteps.

  4. Well a nice surprise to wake up to.

    Was nice of the guys over at TrueblueLA to babysit us for a few days but will be nice to get going in here.
    Hope all the regulars reappear and the volume of posts continues to increase as was happening at LADT.
    Also, a big thanks to Mark for the 4 years I was reading & posting there.

    So a new day begins with good news.

    1. Will bookmark this site and check in daily.

      I’m already on record about this pitch framing thing. I spent about 10 years as an umpire and I can tell you that if I read somewhere that catcher X was fooling me better than other catchers I would take notice and that “stat” would change. Umpires, especially in the Major Leagues, are a sensitive egotistical group. They read this stuff and you can bet they are aware who it is that is fooling them.

      1. From what I’ve heard about framing, it’s not so much about pulling the glove back as giving the umpire a “good look.” One ump last year actually told AJ that he wasn’t giving him a good look, which calls into question how he could make it to the majors.
        It shouldn’t matter where the ball is caught, it’s where it crossed the plate. That’s why they will eventually have to go electronic IMO.

  5. I’m curious about something, and maybe you can email me an answer. I was recently talking with a friend who works in the online advertising business. He gave me the dope on how audiences get targeted in this business. I notice right away here I am staring at the bottom of feet and am, again, looking at more advertising for clean water technology. And this on a brand new site. Did you bring these advertisers with you from Lasorda’s Lair? I used to be in the advertising business so I don’t mind as billboard advertising is everywhere you look these days and one has to just accept it.

    1. Hi Badger!

      Glad to see you over here. In answer to your question, I am not sure. I think Google uses past search queries to determine this. I didn’t bring any old ads from LL though. I’m just using google adsense over here and this was an old domain of Marks so it’s possible it’s just pulling old search data.

      1. Interesting. So it just shows up and you don’t get paid for the space? If that’s the case I object. I think you should get paid then write all of us a check. Yeah, that’s what I think is fair.

    1. I am suprised that we have not heard from BOB, especially on this subject manner. I will be glad when everyone gets to this new site. That was a long couple of days, and I missed everyone. Thanks again Scott and Mark!

  6. I am still trying to figure out how to work this site. I clicked in and got the old Picture of Tommy and limited comments. Then another way. Not sure what I am clicking or should be using.

    Had to search for the “comment” button. Let’s make this easy for folks that try in once or twice, or they might just see an article and not how to get into the conversation . . .

    1. Sometimes I’ve seen comments at the bottom of the column, sometimes it’s not there, but the recent comments on the right tells you who has commented and where. I think it might just take some getting used to. Not sure how to edit yet. Somebody said we could.

      I just saw the video of Puig playing soccer with the kids in LA. He looked fine to me. Not fat, but not slim either. A few weeks of workouts in Spring Training under Dodgers supervision and he should be good to go.

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