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Dodgers Announce 25-man Opening Day Roster

Clayton Kershaw

The Dodgers have announced their 25-man opening roster for the 2016 season. The will have eight players on the disabled list to begin the season. As I predicted Charlie Culberson makes the roster. Louis Coleman does as well. The Dodgers are going with just one left hander in the bullpen. Tracye Thompson makes the roster as well. He should get some playing time with the injury to Andre Ethier. No real surprises in my mind.

The 25-man roster as broken down by position:


Pitchers (12):

Pedro Baez

Joe Blanton

Louis Coleman

Yimi Garcia

Chris Hatcher

J.P. Howell (L)

Kenley Jansen

Scott Kazmir (L)

Clayton Kershaw (L)

Kenta Maeda

Ross Stripling

Alex Wood (L)

Catchers (2):

Austin Barnes

A.J. Ellis

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Infielders (5):

Charlie Culberson

Adrian Gonzalez (L)

Corey Seager (L)

Justin Turner

Chase Utley (L)

Outfielders (5):

Carl Crawford (L)

Joc Pederson (L)

Yasiel Puig

Scott Van Slyke

Trayce Thompson


Infielder/Outfielder (1):

Kiké Hernandez


Disabled List (10):

Brett Anderson, LHP (60-day, herniated disc surgery)

Mike Bolsinger, RHP (15-day, left oblique strain, retroactive to March 25)

Andre Ethier, OF (15-day, broken right tibia, retroactive to March 25)

Alex Guerrero, IF (15-day, left knee contusion, retroactive to March 25)

Yasmani Grandal, C (15-day, right forearm soreness, retroactive to March 25)

Howie Kendrick, IF (15-day, strained left calf, retroactive to March 25)

Brandon McCarthy, RHP (60-day, right UCL surgery)

Frankie Montas, RHP (60-day, rib resection surgery)

Josh Ravin, RHP (15-day, left radius fracture, retroactive to March 25)

Hyun-Jin Ryu, LHP (15-day, left shoulder surgery, retroactive to March 25)

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

69 thoughts on “Dodgers Announce 25-man Opening Day Roster

  1. It looks to me that Lee needs to be traded. He had his opportunities with the Dodgers. Wood should be on a short lease. I hope Hatcher has it figured out. I wish we would of hired Pittsburg’s pitching coach instead of keeping Honeycutt.

    With all the veteran presence, this should be a good team. However there are so many question marks. Can CC stay healthy. Can Pederson and Puig have comeback years. Can Seager be the rookie we think he should be. Has age caught up with Utley. Will Grandal come back from injuries. Pitchers, take your pick. The only sure thing is Kershaw and Jansen. A lot has to fall correctly.

    Nice to see Culverson and Coleman make the team. Does Avilan have any options?

    1. Idahoal the Dodgers have already had, and let go, two pitchers, that the Pirate’s pitching coach, has fixed. I know what you mean. It does make you wonder. And one of those pitchers, we could have had, a lot cheaper then Anderson, at that time. And of course our long relief, who is now pitching good, and dominating, and is in the Pirate’s starting rotation, and we will see how that turns out. Nacasio. And actually the Pirate’s number two pitcher, the Dodgers I think could have had, instead of MCCarthy.

  2. In about a week we add Grandal and Howie which means Culberson and Thompson are removed (or Culberson and Barnes). And Bolsinger replaces either Stripling or Wood. And that’s about it for the first half of the season.
    Your 2016 Los Angeles Dodgers!*

    *Ryu is the pending wild card

    1. agree here is what I posted previously:

      “This front office will not trade prospects except for guys that they don’t want, and they won’t take on significant salary in light of the currently high payroll and luxury tax. There will be changes around the margins, but you are already looking at the 2016 Dodgers. We’d better get used to them.”

  3. Maybe there is another 1st round 4A pitcher somewhere out there that also needs a change of scenery. I’m betting whoever it is wasn’t pad $5 million to sign.

  4. Zach Lee has no suitors. He is a good guy, but he has milktoast pitches. The Dodgers will lose him in the Rule 5 draft next year. That was not Logan’s finest moment!

    The #5 spot is Striplings to lose. If he can hack it, Bolsinger will not supplant him. I hope he can – I like Stripling a lot. I had him rated way above Lee!

    Incarte, Please! Just do it, FAZ!

    Montas, Pederson, Verdugo and Davis for him. Thrown in CC and all his salary! Just do it! What the hell is wrong with you? OK, throw in more…

    1. I could not agree more about Zach Lee. I thought that he should have been moved last winter…anywhere with any kind of return. I like Zach, and I was hoping that he would show more promise, but he is just what I thought he would be if they kept him…organizational depth. Nothing more than Matt West.

      This is the second time that I have seen trade scenarios for Inciarte. Has he become available? If so, there should be no question that the Dodgers should be going after him. And Joc Pederson should be included in that deal. I was hoping that Joc would somehow listen to EVERYONE and stop swinging for the fences. But after watching last night’s game and seeing his at bat after Seager’s double with nobody out, I actually yelled at the TV. Down 1-0, all he should have been trying to do is move Seager over. Get something he could pull and at least get Seager to 3rd. Instead he was swinging out of his cleats. Even though he got the bloop single, it was a horrible at bat because of his approach. If I am Roberts, I bench him and start Thompson no matter how badly Trayce appears to be slumping. There has to be consequences in the team approach. Pederson showed no team concept, only to try to hit it 500 feet, as one of the announcers noted. I try to ignore negative descriptions of players, but I was advised by people that do know, that he was a selfish player in the minors. I cannot disagree after seeing last night’s at bat. Tell me Inciarte is actually available.

      Puig is another that needs to change the attitude. I was hoping that Doc could change Puig, but sometimes a player cannot be changed. Batting in the fifth hole and leaving two runners on with each of his first two at bats had to be demoralizing. CJ Cron batting in the fifth slot comes up with a booming double to score Trout from 2nd with two outs. Puig just looked badly with the strike out in the 2nd at bat. I know a lot of people do not like Wood, but I think you see a different pitcher if Puig actually acts like a #5 hitter and gets a few runs in. At the very least, the player has to want to change, and I do not see that in Puig or Pederson. Maybe a team can hide one, but two? Trade them both and get what you can, and not worry how they turn out, because I do not see either one being stars with the Dodgers unless they change. One thing that sabermetrics does not measure is the heart. I would rather see someone like Rico Noel get at bats. You know he is going to take the extra base and push the defense. Hassan or Brown would be better at this point. At least you know they are going to try. None of them have the raw talent that Puig or Pederson have, but you know they are going to do whatever it takes to win rather than pad their own stats.

      I never thought that Chris Hatcher should be the setup guy. So I am not surprised to see him struggle. He should never be put in a position to be a lockdown setup, and that is what he was/is being groomed for. I do not like the righty/lefty makeup of the bullpen, but it was Avilan that played himself off the roster, and Coleman that played himself on to it. Howell is really only there to face the tough lefty bat. What if Howell is out, and you want a switch hitter to come up and bat from the right side? Of if you have an inning where two or three LH hitters are due up? But knowing that there is a righty/lefty problem, what does FAZ go out and do, sign another RHRP pitcher to a minor league contract. Go after Trevor Bauer and put Wood in the pen.

      I was certainly disillusioned this past weekend, not by the results, but by the effort. I do not expect much offense out of Ellis or Barnes (with as few at bats that he will get). AGon, Utley, Seager, and Turner appear to be ready to go, but unless Pederson and Puig come to play, there are going to be holes in RBI situations.

      1. Hatcher–who was it that said you should never pay attention to stats in April or September? The Dodgers seem to keep ignoring that maxim when choosing pitchers.

        1. Not sure who might have said that but I have always believed all games are important. I also believe it’s how you finish. You must stay close so your strong finish will take you into the playoffs on a roll. The many Wild Card teams that have done well in the playoffs prove the importance of that point.

          And players are paid by what they do for 162,games. That being the case, stats in April and September do indeed count, and count BIG.

  5. Don’t forget that will will get Ryu, McCarthy and/or Anderson back this year!

    You never know….

    1. I’ve seen enough of McCarthy and Anderson to know. Throw them in on that trade and keep Verdugo.

  6. Interesting to read the takes from those who believe the Great and Powerful FAZ had all the ducks lined up for a championship year. Trade this trade that get this guy get that guy. Got news for you, not only is nobody gonna help us, the FAZ ain’t letting go of those who will be coming into their own in 2018.

    We’ve needed a real leadoff hitter since ours was traded away. We needed to get younger and more athletic and instead got older and less athletic. We needed a third strong starter instead we have…. who really knows what we have. We needed to get stronger physically and instead we start this year with 10 guys on the DL.

    It isn’t working people. Not yet anyway. Yes, it is true tha Ryu and McCarthy and Anderson MIGHT be back to help. Puig might get his head out of his ass, Pederson might actually change his wild swing and Seager might win ROY. SO….. in the words of the Four Seasons – lets hold to what we got, don’t let go cuz we got a lot …..hang on, hang on, hang on, to what we’ve got.

    This IS your 2016 Los Angeles Dodgers. Now, just enjoy the ride and listen to Vin. This is HIS year, not ours.

      1. His hand are higher and look quieter. I still don’t see a swing that shows he is trying to go the other way or back through the middle. No matter the count, or where the ball is in the strike zone, he looks like he is trying to club it 450′. His slash line was ..288/.354/.441. Do I think he will do that for and entire year? No. He also struck out 40% of the time. Will he continue that pace? I doubt it. But I could see it close to that if he doesn’t learn how to make contact with two strikes.

        He has a way to go yet. Maybe the light goes on. I sure hope so. But I find myself hoping when it comes to many players on this team. Hope isn’t confidence. It’s just wishful thinking.

        1. Badger there was a article in the LA Times, about Pederson. And that will tell you what Turner Ward has helped him with, and who helped him with his swing. The article came out in the evening, yesterday.

    1. I have never been against trades. I proposed more than my share over the Winter. None of which came to fruition, but because I did not talk with FAZ or any other of the GMs, I have no knowledge as to what they could have done. I was an advocate for both Pederson and Puig having good years, but I have always maintained that effort, attitude, and team come before individual. What I observed yesterday was two players who do not appear to want to change. Trade them or not trade them…I really do not care. But they should not be in the starting lineup tomorrow. They did not earn it. As I used to tell my kids, and still say to my staff, actions have consequences, positive and negative. Maybe Bobby is right and Joc and Puig have big RBI’s tomorrow. I hope so. But that is one game, and for them and the Dodgers to be successful, they need to change their approach…for the season.

      I thought before and still do believe that the Dodgers can compete for NL West. But everyone has to produce. If Puig and Joc can perform to their capabilities, that would obviously be preferable. I just have not seen the desire to change.

      I have not changed my position on FAZ. I still believe that they will make changes necessary to win. You and others may not like what they have done, but they have never given any indication that they are going to stand pat. They will make changes and they may or may not work. If they do not, and the Dodgers turn out to be a sub .500 team, then you, Dodgerrick, and Truth can gloat about how right you were. I will say you were right and I was wrong. I will be disappointed for another Winter, but come April 2017, I will believe the Dodgers will win.

      1. For the record, I haven’t predicted gloom and doom. I have predicted 87 – 90 wins and a dogfight with SF for the Division. I don’t believe that we are Series contenders. We only have one great starter and one reliable reliever right now and an offense that finished 8th in the NL in runs last year despite finishing 2nd in OPS and 1st in HR last year. The team still doesn’t hit with RISP and the Saberguys don’t believe in productive outs – moving the runners over for example. They tend to believe that an out is an out and therefore a strikeout doesn’t matter. KC proved this theory wrong last year. They have essentially the same offense as last year except Seager for Rollins which should be a big plus.
        Still – not 78 wins or 95 either. Probably 88.

    2. Great post Badger.

      AC, I will not gloat, we could all very much be wrong and I hope the select few of us are. I love the Dodgers, I hate to feel this way about our team, in fact, I never have before last year. I just know what I saw last year and don’t understand what anyone sees from this group. I really do not like the make up of this team whatsoever. Its like someone threw 25 darts and only 3-4 hit the dartboard.

      Tomorrow, it begins, hopefully Kershaw sets a nice tone, I just hope the bats are there to support it.

        1. That is called an opinion Cabbage Patch, one I have held for months, just like your opinion that the Dodgers will win the World Series this year.

          Since the season has yet to start, what am I gloating about? There are no facts, there is no proof to back up my claim, no pleasure or self satisfaction to base anything off of. What am I bragging about?

  7. It is clear from reading the various blogs that the Dodgers did not come out of spring training with fans excited about the chances of this year being the year the Dodgers finally win the WS. In fact most fans are down, worried, disillusioned, and angry with the makeup of this team.

    Also there is no reason to believe that Grandal, kendrick, and Crawford won’t have reoccurring injuries and be on and off the DL all year long.

    Some worry about stubbornness, maturity issues, and knuckheadedness.

    Not me. I think the Dodgers will be a 90+ win team and have the pieces needed to win the WS in time to actually win the WS. I refuse to be anything less hopeful and excited for a new season.

    And, if a runner is on second with no outs I want the hitter to knock him in and not lay down a sacrifice but or hit a feable ground ball to second just to get the runner to third with one out.

    1. Bums, I believe the Dodgers CAN win 90+, but only if Doc Roberts does his best Bruce Bochy and convince the entire 40 man roster to pull together as a team and not as individuals. Neither the Royals or the Giants had the best personnel, but they did have the best teams for the last two WS. It’s a 162 game schedule, and attitudes can change, and/or personnel can be changed.

  8. I think our payroll sits at about $253mm. It’s going to take one of two things to put together a WS winning team and keep payroll moving toward non-luxury tax levels. It’s going to take some yippee-ki-yay motherf$&@# moneyball genius moves that work, career years from some that are here and Manager of the Year brilliance all coming together in the perfect blue storm – or it’s going to take patience. If they pull this off in ’16 I’m gonna be both astonished and thrilled. I’m ready for the rocket ride, and no matter what I’m excited because I get to listen to Vinnie. Let it begin.

    Dodgers sign Dale Thayer today. That’s a sign. He played at Chico State. I graduated from Chico State. I did my post graduate work there. He’s a Wildcat. I’m all in on this. The first of the genius moves.

  9. At the end of January, how many here had Barnes, Thompson, Culberson and Coleman on the Opening Day roster?

    No one!

    If you had one there, you were delusional.

    If you had two there, you were crazy.

    If you had three there, you were a lunatic, and

    If you had all four there, you should have been committed!

    The point is: Who the hell knows anything?

    That’s why they play the game…

    1. I fall into the crazy category. I thought Thompson could easily make the team after all Heisey almost made it last year and I thought Barnes would make it because Grandal would be iffy due to injuries.

  10. I just hope the Dodgers do well, and win tomorrow, so everybody has something good to talk about. And I hope everyone comes to play tomorrow, because this last weekend, was a tough weekend, to be a Dodger fan.

  11. So we call one — “delusional, crazy, lunatic, should have been committed, knows nothing . . .”

    Mark says that is many of us Dodger fans —

    But — that also describes many TRUMP fans as well.

    1. Roger – did you read about the Panama Papers? I wonder who, if any, of our wealthy will be caught up in it. Trump? Wouldn’t that be interesting.

  12. Well, I thought three of them could make it… not Culberson, so I am just a lunatic!

    I used to get all excited or un-cited after a Spring Training game, but now I realize that lots of these guys just are getting ready or working on a certain part of their game.

    However, today it starts for real.

    I saw that Roberts said Barnes may stay on the roster after Grandal is activated. Barnes is Doc’s type of player!

    Get Incarte!

  13. I did not see Thompson as we have outfield options that don’t need him sitting on the bench. I would prefer he get 4-5 at bats a night. The others are only here because of injuries. And honestly, who didn’t think this team would continue with those? The question is not will the Dodgers have an active DL. The question is – who is next?

    1. Badger I totally agree with you about Thompson, and about Barnes. I rather have Thompson playing everyday, so he keeps his skills sharp. So he would be ready to come up, if needed. I know Barnes is on the roster, because of Grandal being hurt, but once Grandal is ok, I think Barnes should go down to AAA, and play everyday, so he is ready if needed too. I don’t understand why they would want three catchers, with two sitting on the bench, most of the time. I know Barnes can play second, but the Dodgers have many players, that can play second base, and the other players, have proven they can hit major league pitching, unlike Barnes.

  14. Since a RH is starting, here’s what I think the lineup should look like tonight:

    1. Crawfish LF
    2. Utley 2B
    3. Turner 3B
    4. Gonzalez 1B
    5. Puig RF
    6. Seager SS
    7. Ellis C
    8. Pederson CF

    1. Until Puig shows a consistent ability to drive in risp I would keep him out of the 3, 4, and 5 spots. When kendrick is back he should hit 5th and until then I think Seager get the 5th spot.

      I like Puig or Utley in the 2 spot.

      Enough with Joc hitting 8th. No lower than 7th.

  15. Here it is, OPENING DAY!! My prediction 90 victories.

    Badger: “Interesting to read the takes from those who believe the Great and Powerful FAZ had all the ducks lined up for a championship year”. Don’t remember anyone saying its a championship year, I think EVERYONE said “Compete while building a Juggernaut”. The trade and bad signings is still an anchor in 2016, but, happily the anchor is slowly being pulled into the ship. But will we COMPETE this year? I say yes.

    Badger: “I think our payroll sits at about $253mm. It’s going to take one of two things to put together a WS winning team and keep payroll moving toward non-luxury tax levels. It’s going to take some yippee-ki-yay motherf$&@# moneyball genius moves that work”. Lets see, $253M less Crawford $20M, Either $19M and Gonzalez $20M equals $194M, mission almost accomplished. Unfortunately, accomplishing that mission is beyond “moneyball genius moves”. But will we COMPETE this year? I say yes.

    the truth hurts: “I really do not like the make up of this team whatsoever”. Mark called it months ago. Payroll needed to go down. Put the handcuffs on FAZ. But will we COMPETE this year? I say yes.

    I haven’t seen Zack Lee pitch this spring, yes the box score looks ugly, never a fan since seeing him pitch last year, but, anybody know how he pitched to a 2.70 ERA in AAA last year?

  16. Nice prediction Boxout7 — but please complete your victories . . .

    Wins from the Dodgers and which other club to make the 90??

    Seriously — if Pederson continues to be lost; if Puig still cannot hit, if #’s 3-4-5-6-7-8 starters struggle. Really — 90 wins !!!!

    1. Roger Dodger, Those 90 victories are all DODGER victories. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

      You’ll be happy to know that I consulted my black crystal eight-ball this morning. “It Is Definitely So”.

      GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I think I saw something……Me! And I sorta resembled that prick little league coach of ours who likely had his whole paycheck on every game us kid played. He sure extracted all the what should of been fun playing from us kids.. I’m going to enjoy today win or lose and have in mind how lucky we are being Dodgers fans. It’s the whole package. It’s why there’s Dodger fans at all points of the planet. It’s Scully’s voice aiding vividness to our memories of every summer of our lives. Play ball! CHEERS!!!

    1. Quasimodo, What a “dumb ass” coach you had. All he had to do was promise, hamburgers, root beer, pin ball machines and candy after every game your team won. EVERYONE would have been happy. But maybe it would have blown your amateur status.

        1. So did we, good memories. Sadly, snow cones were found hazardous to kid’s health. Brain Freeze syndrome. Now kids get participation trophies. Damn those progressives.

  18. Happy Opening Day Kids!

    Scott, will this thread stay thru the game today, or will we have a new one? I”d love to post our predictions and see who sounds ridic and who’s completely way off base

    If this is the thread, then I will predict a tight 3 way race, with the Dodgers winning the division at 89-73 . I also believe we start off slow but play much better in the 2nd half, helped by the arrival of younger guys and a trade or 2. I also predict Ross Stripling finishes top 3 in the rookie of the year race

  19. We are playing the Padres and we have Kershaw on the mound. Aren’t we SUPPOSED to win these?

    Dodgers 4-2.

  20. There is an article in the LA Times about Pederson. It tells what Turner Ward has helped Joc with. And it doesn’t sound like Ward has worked much with Joc’s swing. Joc worked with his former AAA hitting coach, in the off season. This article came out yesterday, in the evening.

  21. I have the Dodgers winning 89 games. The competition will be from SF. I do not think the Snakes will be in it. I read an article that said Grienke did not have much left in the tank. Everyone is guessing this time of the year. I just wish the Dodgers could hit like Kansas City. They know how to play the game the correct way.

  22. Greinke doesn’t have much left in the tank? Well it’s true that he didn’t look all that great in his last outing with us. And it’s also true he threw about 450 innings over the last two years, and is 32, so, he could be washed up.

    I wouldn’t count on it.

    Somebody set the bar at 92 wins. One somebody suggested 97. And box, some in here have said that FAZ has built this team “to win now”. Win what? You are suggesting win 90 games. But not win in the playoffs? If you don’t intend to win it all, then why not just commit to a re-structure?

    I don’t know how good this team is. I sure see others that look a lot better on paper. But it’s a long season and much can happen. I still see a three team scrum in the NL West, going down to the last week of the season.

    1. Badger, I have always said, I believe FAZ is building the Dodgers into a Cardinals or now a Cub (with Theo) type organization. It isn’t hard to see what they are trying to accomplish. The kids are starting to become MLB ready, many more will in the next few years.

      To me 2016 is a transition year. Still stuck with Crawford, Either and Gonzalez’s salaries limiting flexability. But we do have the best pitcher in baseball and a lot of good young players with potential to compete now. Transition to the coming pipeline of young studs with short term contracts (i.e. Utley, Anderson, Kendrick, Kazmir, Blanton) and cost controlled players (Wood, Coleman, etc).

      So I am suggesting, if management did its job well (this year), 90 victories and get into playoffs. I have always believed the playoffs are a crapshoot. Playoff victories are on the players. I am an optimist and believe the Dodgers can win it all. Just get hot at the right time.

      What I don’t get is why you keep talking “re-structure”? Why re-structure when you can compete now? I believe Dodgers have a better handle which players are ready for MLB than us fans. If Urias or DeLeon kick butt in AAA they can make room for them. Better to let them be groomed for success, for when they are called up.

      But as George Allen said, “The Future is Now”.

      GO DODGERS!!

      1. You yourself are actually referring to making this organization into a Cardinal like team. “The kids are starting to become MKB ready”. I agree with that assessment. I think what we have in our youth could be awesome. I have said numerous times I think this is a transition period. I don’t expect a championship in a transition period. Of course I expect to compete. But if we couldn’t get it done with this group AND Greimke, I don’t expect the same group to get it done without him. I find this rotation lacking, therefor my lack of confidence in them. Add to that aging additions, questions on Puig, Crawford and Pederson, Ethier hurt…. I could go on but it’s all been said. This team could finish first in the Division or it could finish third. What I don’t see in ’16 is a championship.

        That said, I DID expect at least 1 World Series appearance in the last three years. Maybe the key is – expect nothing.

  23. Dreams just keep coming true. First career opening day. This was a tweet from Kike. He must be starting today.

    1. I don’t think Kike’ has ever been on a MLB team on opening day. I don’t think he will start with a righty going against the Dodgers.

  24. Will there be an opening day get your predictions in post?

    If not here’s mine. With this rotation for most of the season: 85-77

  25. I didn’t mean to ruin the opening day party! I am good at that stuff BTW.
    Just wanted to get my prediction in, just in case their was a door prize.

    1. I’m watching the MLB channel, and they are going live, to a lot of the opening day games, that are starting. And they are showing parts of the Giants against the Brewers.

  26. I might as well get my 2016 prediction in.
    NL West:
    Dodgers – 89 wins
    Giants – 88 wins
    Snakes – 84 wins (Greinke helps but the loss of Pollock and Inciarte is too much to push them to 90)
    NL Central – Cubs (On paper best team in NL)
    NL East – Nats (Dusty takes them to the top)
    AL West – Rangers (edge out Astros)
    AL Central – Indians (Probably closest race in MLB – Indians, Chisox, Tigers, Royals, and Twins can win)
    AL East – Blue Jays

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