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Dodgers Blow it in The Eleventh, Lose To Giants Again

Last night was such a fun night, but it was back to reality for the Los Angeles Mediocrities, I mean Dodgers. After scoring 13 runs on 11 hits the night before, the Dodgers score one run on six hits and once again roll over to the Giants like a folding beach chair. This time Jeff Samardzija was fantastic shutting the Dodgers down for eight innings and striking out 11.

The Giants stranded 13 runners on base but were able to break through in the top of the eleventh inning. This time the Dodger’s bullpen blew it in extra innings allowing 4 runs (Thanks Grant Dayton) in the top of the eleventh as the Dodgers lost 4-1 and also lose the series.

Giants    4 11 1

Dodgers 1 6 0




Oh sure the Dodgers mounted a little mini rally in the bottom of the eleventh but they failed. The Dodgers have won two series this season. It’s quite pathetic honestly.

The story of the game was the dominating performance from Jeff Samardzija. I don’t know if he made an adjustment or just ate some wheaties, but he was fantastic. The shark tossed eight innings allowing just one unearned run and three hits with 11 strikeouts. He walked none and made 101 pitches. Unfortunately for him he was not involved in the decision. That’s because the San Francisco offense was totally flaccid again (until the eleventh) and somehow the Dodger pitching staff wiggled out of jam after jam.


Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Starter Julio Urias tossed 5 innings and allowed no runs on 4 hits, but walked 4 and struck out only one. He was missing his spots most of the game, and his command was shaky. Dodger pitchers walked 8 Giant hitters on the night.

The Dodgers had just one hit until the sixth inning when they scored only because Joe Panik muffed an easy pop fly from the bat of Yasiel Puig. The ball popped out of his glove in shallow right field allowing Puig to advance to third on the three-base error. After Chase Utley’s obligatory strike out, Chris Taylor, the pitch-hitting expert singles to right to score Puig and put the Dodgers up 1-0.

But the Giants kept putting runners on base in every inning. The Giants put a runner on in the first, and second. They put two on in the third, and fifth, and had first and third in the sixth inning and couldn’t score. In the top of the eighth they broke through and tied the game. Hunter Pence singled into right field on a ball that a healthy Adrian Gonzalez fields easily. Then Ross Stripling uncorks a two-base wild pitch that puts Pence at third. For some reason the Dodger infield was playing back and Buster Posey’s grounder scores Pence and ties the game at 1-1. I don’t understand why the Dodgers conceded that run in that frame. Especially considering that there was little chance the Dodgers were scoring.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

The Giants loaded the bases in the top of tenth, but the Dodgers narrowly escaped by getting Arroyo to strike out and Nunez to fly to right. Josh Fields did a good job of not giving up. Then Grant Dayton was called in to pitch the top of the eleventh and this time the Giants finally scored. Panik singled, and was sacrificed to second. Nick Hundley walked, and Gorkys Hernandez doubles in Panik to put the Giants ahead 2-1. Then Brandon Belt singles to right, and Pence’s sacrifice fly scores the fourth run. 4-1 Giants.

The Dodgers almost got back into it in the bottom of the eleventh against Giant’s closer Mark Melancon, but it fell short. Franklin Gutierrez and Andrew Toles singled, which brought the tying run to the plate in Corey Seager. But of course Seager grounds out to third and that was the game. The Dodgers lose another series and remain unimpressive in 2017.

What a terrible way to lose on a night Vin Scully is honored by having his microphone retired. While Vin was honored before the game, he deserved a better tribute on the field by the Dodgers actually winning the game.

Turner was hit by a pitch on the calf in the tenth inning and was seen limping to first base. That may be something to keep an eye on going forward.

The Dodgers should be getting reinforcements as Joc Pederson and Logan Forsythe are ready to be activated from the disabled list soon. The Dodgers are off on Thursday and then will travel to San Diego to begin a three-game series against the Padres. The Dodgers better not send Cody Bellinger down.

Embed from Getty Images

Speaking of Bellinger….

Cody Bellinger watch: nothing doing for the kid tonight- 0 for 4 with a strikeout. Batting average: .303, OPS: .937.

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Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

28 thoughts on “Dodgers Blow it in The Eleventh, Lose To Giants Again

  1. I get the feeling that the Dodgers can find a way to win most games, but I also get the feeling that they can find a way to lose most games, too. Seems contradictory, but that is what mediocrity and underachieving can do to one’s perceptions. Underachieving may even be optimistic. This team has no spark to it, no chemistry, and more importantly, no clue to what the heck is going on.

    I said it earlier in the season, without Agone’s production, this team goes nowhere. I love how well Turner is doing and I had the feeling he would breakout this year which he has, minus the power. But there is so much more that this team can give and they just don’t cough it up! What is it? The water? How can a team collectively stop hitting? Last year, we had 8 players with double digit HR’s, 6 players with over 50 rbi’s. What the heck happened? The best they could do was let SVS go? This is the 4th year in a row where we’ve slumped big time. There is no personality or identity to this group. Is it the drabbyness of the mgr’s? Mattingly and now Roberts, not exactly bosses I would particularly like to work for. Will Utley ever get a hit again? 🙂

    1. Watching Utley and AGon is just sad for me. It’s a matter of time for both. I don’t see any profound decisions being made on either in early May, but you can bet the pencils are being sharpened in the FAZomath cubicles. From 13 earned one night against a left hander to 1 unearned (in 13 innings) against a right hander no doubt has the nerd team scratching their heads, but you know they will come up with sime kind of a solution on paper. I suspect it will involve a released veteran player or maybe an eventual deadline move, but our payroll number suggests no towels will be tossed. We pay these guys too much to justify starting over.

      On the night we honor Vince Scully we roll over like that. Embarrassing.

      The DL will be used soon, and I think Bellinger will get OJT while AGon rests. Toles and FGut trade off in left and Pederson is our centerfielder. That’s what I think needs to happen, but what do I know. I’ve been wrong on predicting what these guys will do for two years now. At my age, I’ve got no algo rhythm.

      1. At our age, that’s not all we don’t have anymore…
        I think people, even managers, forget how much this game takes out of even the young healthy players. I think if they instituted a system of giving all the players at least one game off a week, it would enhance their play in the 5 or 6 games they start. I’m thinking specifically about Seager. That would also justify keeping Taylor around and starting 4 or 5 games a week. Too bad he can’t catch. That’s by far our biggest failure this year. Grandal is making a lot of people, like Michael, happy by justifying their negative opinion of him. Come on, FAZ, a better catcher would improve the team.

        1. Jonah

          I was thinking maybe Turner is getting a little wore down, because he has been hit more then any other player in the majors.

          And those bruises he has, have to get to him after a while.

          I thought he needed to take a little more time off, after he got hit on his hand, because I don’t know how he is able to hold a bat, and hit a 90 plus fastball, after getting hit like he was.

        2. Players just ain’t as tough as they usta were. Look at stat pages of all the players before Moneyball. Look at the stats of the great pitchers before the 5 man rotation was implemented. Hell, Maury Wills didn’t even get started until he was 26 but look at his stats from age 27 on. He played every day, or damn close to it. He played 165 when he was 29! That’s a record that won’t be broken. Maury played 149 when he was 38. He hit .281that year. Wally Pipp played 155 when he was 33. What isn’t it argued he was replaced by Gehrig because he was well past his prime? Because 30+ year olds played every day until Moneyball was published.

          Yeah, rest the mid 20’s because when we all in our mid 20’s we had 150 days off every year. Right?

          1. You got that right. Gehrig played with broken fingers. Pete Reiser before they knew how bad concussions affected you played after hitting walls that were made of concrete head on. I saw pictures of Maury’s thighs that were so bruised from sliding it was a wonder he could sit down.

      2. According to reports that are now coming out, A-Gone has a back problem too. Me, I put him on the DL immediately. Forsythe injured his hammy last night at Rancho, so he is not coming back soon. How do you score 13 against a guy and then only 1 against a guy with an ERA over 6????? It is not that Utley is not hitting, Utley is not even swinging. Is he seeing those pitches at all? Has he suddenly lost his vision? I play Taylor every day until he proves that he cannot handle it, or he wins that job. Turner is our best hitter and he has not had a hit the last 2 games. But I am not worried about Justin. Another start where the starter does not go more than 5. Urias was totally lucky he got out of that game without a scratch. Joc will be back Friday, so who is on the OKC shuttle?? No easy fixes for this mess.

  2. When Pederson and Forsythe come back, the required roster moves just have to be Agon to the DL and Utley buried at sea. They cannot afford (yet) to send down Bellinger and Taylor.

    1. Jonah

      After Agone missed that grounder, that allowed the Giants to tie the game, I am hoping he will make the right decision and go out of the DL.

      Joe mentioned that Agone takes pride in not ever having to go out, but Agone doesn’t have to worry about money, and because of that, he should go out.

      Because I could see if Agone didn’t want that on his record, if he needed to be able to get picked up from another team, after his contract runs out, but he is well paid for life already, and he is hurting the team right now.

    2. Jonah

      Logan might not be coming back, with Joc

      I think they said he had a hamstring problem.

      I have no idea on how he pulled or messed up his hammy, while being on the DL, but I have read he is one of those players, that is always going out for something.

      Even before he went out on this last DL, he had already had to take a few games off, because of hammy tightness.

    3. Forsythe will not be coming back this week. He strained his hammy yesterday……

  3. After last night’s game, Roberts needs to play Taylor, over Utley.

    Kike is once again, trying to hit it out, everytime he has been up lately, and his average is dropping because of this.

    I don’t know if it was the Dodgers were so bad, or the guppy pitched a very good game.

    And I say that, because even our good hitters, didn’t get any hits.

    Corey hit one ball hard, but it was right at someone, and he is a good hitter, so it might be a little of both.

    And like I already said, Agone needs to be a team player, and go out and try to get better.

    He cost the team a run last night on defense, because he isn’t 100 percent, and he is not hitting that well either.

    Fields once again comes into a game, and puts a lot of people on base, but he was able to get out of that inning, without anyone scoring.

    But he isnt going to be lucky like that every time, he needs to stay ahead on the count, and not pitch in traffic, every time he pitches.

    And Dayton now has given up I believe five runs, and he just got back from being out.

  4. My take on the state of LaLa Land.

    Chase Utley:
    Releasing Chase Utley will make FAZ look bad. Most of us didn’t understand why he was resigned anyway. Yeah, yeah, he can provide guidance to our young players (isn’t that the job of the many coaches on staff) …..and of course can spell Forsyth against tough righties. Blah, blah blah…..all excuses from the FAZophants to support their leader. Now he is just blocking the development of younger players which was stated after he was signed.

    Adrian Gonzalez:
    He should have never played for the Mexican National team. He was supposedly hurting in ST. Miracously got healthy enough to play for Mexico and returned not healthy. Again, who is paying you? So much for loyalty. Which leads me to my second thought. Gonzalez will not accept a bench position. He will not be the ‘company man’ and lead the team from the bench, in fact there will be dissension if that would happen. I believe Roberts/Management both know this as well.

    Yasmani Grandal:
    Another FAZ boy. That is the only reason one can explain why he would ever be hitting 4th. He has yet to show in his career that he is a RBI guy, don’t get me started about clutch hitting. He takes advantage of the weaker pitchers in the league (that is why he is driving the Padres bus to LA this weekend), as the better ones dominate him. Don’t even think about getting any offensive production in the playoffs.

    Joc Pederson:
    IMO Joc has about another month to get his BA above .250. (No reason to set the bar too high.) If not, I can see him being included in a trade come June. Someone of the following have to go somewhere at some point…..Pederson, Puig, Toles, Verdugo, Dickson, Eibner & Thompson.

    Yasiel Puig:
    Puig has been outperforming Joc therefore is now higher on the totem pole. He also has been healthy….but it’s only been a month. I can see a hammy issue coming soon.
    Have always thought he would be a good fit in Chicago with the White Sox…..I would have went all in for Sale. Puig and who and who for Jose Quintana.

    Logan Forsythe:
    The journeyman 2nd baseman is well (or was) performing as just that. Been injured…who could for see that coming? ONLY one time has played more than 130 games in a season. Now he is experiencing hamstring tightness so his return is unknown.

    1. One correction. Grandal is driving each day’s Padres starting pitcher to the ball park this weekend in San Diego.

  5. Chili: Utley should be released. Or put on the DL with bad eyesight. A blind man could have hit those balls he let go last night. Gonzo is banged up and should be on the DL. Pride be damned, go and get healed. Grandal is pitiful. His framing skill is not enough to keep him out there everyday. He is about as good at blocking pitches in the dirt as a groundhog. He can’t hit my grand mother and she is dead……PS, Bobby Wilson has 5 homers in the last week at OKC. Joc will be fine and sorry , he is one of the best CF in the league. He hits .240 like he did last year, they are not trading him. Puig has been hitting in bad luck, and Roberts knows it. He has been scorching the ball and has totally changed his approach at the plate, and only a moron would trade the best RF in the NL. Forsythe is injured and just sustained a new injury, he is not coming back in the next week or so.

      1. Jonah

        I think if Taylor keeps it up, you just might be right!

        And really if Taylor continues to hit, he will be much better then Logan, because of is age, and his good speed.

        1. Quite so. On another subject, MJ, there is one little thing that worries me about my eye. Actually, about the doctor. Every time I see him, he asks several times about the pain. I have told him there was never any pain, before, during, or after the operation. Should there have been? He is sure the healing is going on fine and more quickly than he expected and he is accelerating the next operation. I suppose he is just so used to people complaining about pain that he expects it. Seriously, not one second of pain.

          1. Jonah

            What was weird with me, I did feel quite a bit more pain when they did my second eye, but that was during, the procedure.

            But I felt no pain after my procedure was over, and non, after I went, home.

            But some people make a big deal out of something, and will ask for pain pills.

            When I went in to have my surgery on my hand, there was a guy in the waiting room with me, that came in, with ambulance crew, on one of those beds, that they move people on.

            But I seemed like his private help or something, and he was already talking about how he was going to need some pain killers, even though I heard him say, he had his morphine pills.

            I didn’t feel one thing, during my surgery, and not much after it, because the local they gave me, lasted quite a while.

            I have a friend though, who always says, if a doctor offers you pain pills, you should just take them.

            So you will have them if you do feel pain, or for later down the line, if you need something.

  6. Good takes. I got little to add. Put all 40 names in the blender and hit frappe. Roberts will want to show loyalty to the veterans and as long as we are within one week’s striking distance there will be no major moves. I told you what I would do. I doubt they do it.

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