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Dodgers Clobber Padres, Win Everything

Opening Day

Welp everybody the Dodgers have done it. They’ve defeated the Padres on opening day and won the World Series. Thanks to the benefit of their perfect record and 1.000 winning percentage. Of course I joke. There is a lot more work to be done here. It’s always nice to win the first game though. The Dodgers did that and then some with an epic 15-0 victory on opening day.

The first lineup of the Dave Roberts era had Chase Utley batting lead-off and Corey Seager batting second. It seemed like a good idea to me and Utley and Seager made Roberts look very crafty. Utley went 3 for 5 with a double, two singles, hit by pitch, and a run scored. He reached base three times and drove in two. Seager had a good game, knocking in two with an RBI double and a sacrifice fly.

Dave Roberts
Dave Roberts

The Dodger’s offense came out of the gates swinging. Far cry from the barren cupboard during the Freeway Series against the Angels. The Dodger offense scored 15 runs on 17 hits. Most importantly they got the clutch hits with runners on base. With runners in scoring position the Dodgers were 10 for 15.

Dodgers  15 17 0

Padres         0 4 2



The Dodgers scored two runs in the first inning, one run in the third, and put up five runs in the top of the sixth. The game started when Chase Utley’s bloop double was misplayed in center field by a diving Wil Meyers. Seager immediately scored him with a double off the wall in left to give the Dodgers a 1-0 lead. Adrian Gonzalez (who had three RBI singles) scored Seager (after Justin Turner moved him over on a productive grounder) with the first of his two singles.

The Dodgers should have scored two in the third, but settled for one because Utley got thrown out at the plate. We can’t complain though because Gonzo’s second RBI single scored Turner and the Dodgers went ahead 3-0.

Clayton Kershaw was in cruise control the entire game. He started out by whiffing Jon Jay and retired the side in order in the bottom of the first. He struck out another (Myers) in the second inning, and three more over the next two innings (Ross, Kemp, Ramirez).

The Dodgers exploded for five more runs in the sixth inning. Yasiel Puig was hit by a pitch and it all started to unravel for Tyson Ross and the Padres. Carl Crawford beat out an infield single. Then Joc doubles in a run. Boom! A.J. Ellis singles home two. Boom! After Kershaw singles, Utley singles in a run. Seager’s sacrifice fly brings home the fifth run. The Dodgers lead 8-0.

Corey Seager
Corey Seager

The Dodgers scored three more in the seventh. Trayce Thompson (in to relieve Crawford) doubled home a run, and Utley again singled to score a pair. Dodgers lead 11-0. The Dodgers tacked on a few more to put the dagger further in the Padre’s coffin. Meaningless runs, but still fun nonetheless.

Opposing starter Tyson Ross had a really bad day. He was charged with seven earned runs on nine hits across 5.1 innings pitched. Ryan Buchter relieved him in the sixth inning. Kershaw continued to dominate throughout the game. At one point he retired 13 in a row. He finished the game with 96 pitches and allowed just one hit and one walk across seven shutout innings. He and struck out 9 and was removed for a pinch-hitter in the top of the eighth inning. This was just another walk in the park for Kershaw.

You could say today was a great way to start the season. Everyone in the lineup had at least one hit and everyone scored at least once. Utley and Gonzalez each had three hits. The top four hitters in the Dodger lineup drove in seven of the Dodger’s 12 runs. Did you know that Kershaw’s opening day ERA is now 0.93? New Dodger Louis Coleman pitched the bottom of the eighth, and Yimi Garcia pitched the ninth.

I can’t remember the last time the Dodgers destroyed a team like this on opening day. Can you? I would have to look back in the record books. Speaking of records, this was Vin Scully’s final opening day game. That’s the only thing that could cast a pall on this wonderful game.

The Dodgers will do it all over again tomorrow evening. Scott Kazmir will counter James Shields at 7:10 PM. Join us again tomorrow. The Dodgers are undefeated so far this season. It feels pretty good to say that.

Go Blue!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

76 thoughts on “Dodgers Clobber Padres, Win Everything

  1. Scott,

    I blogged for about 15 years with a lot of these guys and of course, they assure you that they are not negative, but over the course of time, I have come to find that misery loves company and when the Dodgers win, the comments are about 30% of when they lose. People love to complain more than they love the Dodgers or they would post more when they win.

    Of course, they will say “It’s just one game.” They say that because they want to steal your joy and turn a positive into a negative. Yes, it was one game, but it was a statement! 15 runs and no homers! The boys hit where it was pitched, picked each other up and played fundamental ball. Kershaw looks like he could be better than ever and Utley looks ready for one last big season. He was running like a freaking Gazelle!

    A bunch of you had “I told you so’s” loaded and ready to post – that’s why it’s so quiet in here. The boys have made a statement for Doc!

      1. Yeah…amazing that the Dodgers lose three utterly meaningless games and you have multiple posts by the usual suspects basically writing off the entire team for the rest of the season. “Puig sucks, Pederson can’t get it together, the team is getting older, what the hell is FAZ doing?” There always seems to be lot to discuss when any part of the team falters. But a win………..*crickets chirping*

        I don’t know what you call these people. They’re not “fair weather fans” because they only crawl out of the woodwork when the team loses. We’ll call them “bad weather anti-fans.” They only come out to complain when a player gets injured or the team doesn’t do well. In that sense, they’re sort of like vultures. They start circling when they sense death, and derive nourishment from the untimely misfortune of the team they purport to be fans of.

        Poor Truther.

        I know, the Dodgers will hit a rough spot soon enough, and I’ll fall of my euphoric perch, but I’ll enjoy the win tonight, …cuz right now, there is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow. There’s only right now…and it’s sweet.

      2. Scott, I was enjoying the game and most of the time I don’t comment during a game. When it was over everything my thoughts seemed to sound like I told you so and I didn’t want to make a comment that sounded like that.

      3. A couple of points Scott……Utley was on base 4 times, not 3..he had 3 hits and was hit by a pitch….and John Jay was playing CF, not Wil Myers who would have had to be Mr Fantastic to be playing CF and 1B simultaneously. Other than that….spot on

    1. Can someone check the archives as to what were…the pre-season projections for the 1988 team? A team that basically had one ace starter and lesser talent, position by position, than the 2016 team. Perhaps, that can provide some hope for everyone concerned.

    2. Mark, yes the Dodgers did win big and yes you said they would be a good team, but you were ready to trade half the team for Encarte. Own up to that if you are going to gloat about the win.

  2. Scott,

    If they can’t bitch, they have no reason to live.

    They are looking for converts. The Truth used to be a positive guy, but they got to him and turned him to the Darkside.

    If the Dodgers win the World Series, it will just be you and me posting.

    If they had lost 15-0, you’d have a 100 comments by now. Now you know why I call them Negative Nellies!

    1. Wait a minute Mark, now your going to far. “If the Dodgers win the World Series, it will just be you and me posting”. Wrong, I will be posting. Lots and Lots of posting!!

    2. There you go again Mark. Its only you because that makes you feel even smarter if you can tell everybody you were right. I was a hell of a lot more positive than you were and so were quite a few others.

    1. Nothing wrong with loving wins.

      Nothing wrong with hating loses.

      There is something wrong when you love to talk about the negative more than the positive.

      It’s wonderful to just drive by and leave. I personally hate the focus on the negative.

      But I’m a realist!

      Yeah, Right…..

  3. I’m here.

    There’s a basketball game on and I’m also watching the Rockies clobber the Dbacks. Interesting day out there.

    It’s good to see the team hitting, but to make any more of it than a win, and an aberration, is to overreact. We were favored in this game. We were supposed to win this game. It’s a W, but it doesn’t mean this team is going to win the next 161. Come on guys, why try to pick a fight? We’re on the same side here.

  4. Mark gets to ride in the front of the Bus. Cheer leader #1.

    Now, is Kershaw starting tomorrow night as well?

  5. Like I said below, Turner’s hit to the right side, was the play of the game. Turner showed everyone what a team player is.

  6. I wonder how Lucille and the Drunk are feeling right about now? (I don’t care about being politically correct with the D-Bags)

    Greinke got lit up like a Christmas tree!

    Money well spent! I have a feeling the Bags will crash and burn!

    1. I don’t wish anything bad for Dumb & Dumber (Stewart & La Russa). Hopefully, someone has them on suicide watch. There was already a lot of second guessing going on in AZ land before today.

      Greinke was said by friends to be frustrated and disappointed at how much talent the Diamondbacks lost in getting Miller. Greinke, asked whether he liked the trade, deflected the question without a yes or no.

      Diamondbacks President Derrick Hall said he is thrilled to have Greinke but not particularly comfortable with the deal.

      1. I don’t with anything bad for them, much as I don’t wish anything really bad for a dope fiend. You just shake your head in pity.

        Even if Greinke is never the same pitcher he was and washes out of the league, they only thing he suffers is some shame and regret. He still gets that money. In that case I hope he regrets taking that six years over the five the Dodgers offered.

  7. Here is what I liked. Turner gave himself up on a grounder to the right side to move Seager to third. The number three hitter doing it the right way. Hope that sends a message to Puig and Pederson. Also when we had a runner on third, Seager hit a fly ball to score the runner. Small things, but important to be a winner. They did everything right. Good win.

    1. Seager made it to third (and scored on a single), but sure hope that Justin our number 3 hitter with a RISP didn’t “give himself up” to make that happen.

      1. Welcome Bob. I agree. If a runner is already in scoring position and a hitter like Turner is up, the goal is to score the run, not move him to third. But with two strikes and a curve ball that breaks low and away, Turner both protected the strike zone and took advantage of the pitch and situation to send the ball to the right side.

        1. You guys, If Turner can get a hit, by hitting behind the runner, then why not? And he almost had a hit anyways. I still think the team play is a good idea. And it all depends on the score, and maybe who is pitching, for the other team, so I don’t agree, because a sac, is a good idea, depending on the Circumstance.

          1. Sure, but I think the objective in that situation has to be to get a hit as opposed to getting the runner over to third, no? Sacrifices certainly have there place in baseball.

    1. Bob H I guess we’re both right, and it is always good to hit the ball, were it is pitched.

      It was early in the game, and the Dodgers had one run, but it was also opening day, and a new manager, with a different philosophy.

      So seeing the third hitter, try to get a hit, to the right side, is a great example, for the young players, to get them, to buy in, to the team way.

      It was the right time, and the right hitter, to start the season, on a good note, and make a team statement.

      Because this team last year, didn’t really have a very productive offense.

  8. It was nice to see Puig and Pederson join the fun. After their first at bats, I was not sure. I thought they looked like last year. Then they got started. This should help their confidence. Thompson looked good. Almost had two hits.

    I said on a previous post that I thought SF would be our competition, not the Snakes.

    1. Puig and Pederson could help make this a very interesting year. If they are on, it will help keep us in games.

  9. Hey, it’s another Murderers’ Row. OK, the Dodgers should beat the Padres, but 15 runs is impressive. Utley looking more like his old self and AGone not quite over the hill yet, despite several misguided calls to trade him. Good clean fun.

  10. Well I’m glad me won. The score is an anomaly. We won’t win or lose by that much on a regular basis. But nice to start off with a win. It means we can’t fall below 500 until at least game three! The only bad part was that the ESPN broadcast was blacked out here in LA 🙁

  11. Glad to see Chase have a good game. I was content with an Utley/Kike platoon going into the season. Thompson’s development will be interesting to watch. It will be interesting to compare his progress vs Schebler’s. A productive Thompson will have CC on notice. We all know CK can mow people down. The next four games will tell us more about this team.

  12. I too believe the key at bat was Justin Turner in the 1st. That set the stage. That is how you play a team game. He wasn’t trying to give himself up, but he was going to get Seager to 3rd with less than 2 outs. Utley and Seager both going opposite field in their first AB…Perfect.

    I was harsh with both Puig and Pederson, and those two will be the cause of me losing the rest of my hair. I think the HBP woke Yasiel up, because he was outstanding hitting and running after that. Joc did not look good in his K’s, but the double down the right field line was one of the best balls I have seen him hit. His second double was also great to see, and his ground out would have been a hit pre-shift days. As Badger stated, it will be an interesting year with Puig and Pederson. They are going to be the key to winning. Nobody is expecting the Dodgers to ask either one to put them on their shoulders and carry them. That job belongs to #22.

    I caught a lot of flack about liking the Utley deal during the winter, and while he obviously cannot duplicate yesterday’s performance, he is showing that he can still play. I think he has another year in him. Watching his professional approach can only help the youngsters (primarily Seager and Pederson). When he does go into that inevitable slump, they can watch him handle that as well. As I said all winter, players learn from players, not coaches. It was great to hear Nomar say basically the same thing during one of the ST games, since more than anyone else he was one who helped my son get through tough times. Orel also made the comment about Howie as well during ST.

    I was also very happy to see the Dodgers finally rough up Tyson Ross. It was no surprise that he started Opening Day for SD. He has been hard on the Dodgers even though he has never won a game against them.

    It was fun watching Greinke get trounced by the Rox. I cannot remember the last time that happened. He will obviously turn that around, but he is not invincible. And Goldschmidt is not going to go 0fer for the season, but he is going to miss AJ. The only thing that could have made Opening Day better would have been if SF and Bumgarner got beat. The Brewers could very well be the worst team in baseball. Certainly their owner does not believe in them. Lucroy is probably begging to get moved.

    1. I liked the Utley and Hernandez platoon at second and had mixed feelings about adding Kendrick into the mix. Kendrick could play a big part for the Dodgers this year and who knows, if Turner leaves as a free agent, Kendrick could be the 2017 third baseman.

      1. Yeah, that could happen. I believe Turner is from Southern California and grew up a Dodgers fan so he will obviously have a loyalty to whoever pays him the most money.

        I still see Seager at third. I want a quick high powered shop-vac at short. Nothing gets through the left side.

        1. I kept hoping the Dodgers would sign Ian Desmond just for that reason. We really didn’t need him there this year but he made a lot more sense than Kendrick. He could back up second, third, short, and all three outfield slots. And look what he signed for!

        2. The Dodgers will need a shortstop in the near future. I don’t know who that would be.

          No, Peraza wasn’t the answer at short.

      2. Bum I still think that Utley looks like a can move much better, then Howie. Howie is a little to muscular. The Dodgers need to tell Howie, not to work out so much in the weight room, like they told Crawford.

    2. I was giving some thought for a while to the idea of Kershaw developing a change up. I think when Kershaw gets hit, like the beginning of last year and during that last playoff series against the Cardinals, it’s when hitters try to guess on his fastball and time them. I was thinking that if he had deceptive change, added to that rather jerky and deceptive wind up and delivery, that would just be another layer to make him unhittable. – at least it would minimize hitters waiting on the fastball as much. I was listening yesterday and caught Vin describing a couple of changes he threw. I saw the replays on them and they were slower with more fade and drop rather than a straight change in the mid to high 80s that I think would be effective, but it was an interesting development to see him start throwing a legit change in a game.

      I think the reports of Utley being washed up are premature. I was ok with Ultey being the second baseman before the Kendrick signing. You have to remember two things: Utley was hurt most of last year; and Utley put a 4.4 WAR as recently as 2014, and actually that was one of his better years. He’s also a veteran pro and has an approach to the game and a serious clubhouse presence that is no-nonsense and professional…and I agree with you that this is an important characteristic to have influencing other young pros, namely Joc and Seager.

      Yes, the Dodgers are attempting to get younger, but they’re not going to throw out rookies to get hammered. They understand the importance of having good mentors, so yes, the team is going to sign veterans who can impart experience and create a winning team now, and prepare the young players for the future.

      1. Yeah, I saw Kershaw throw a few changeups last night and thought it was interesting. He led Kemp off in his first at bat with a changeup and it looked like Kemp’s face said “did you really just throw me a change up?”. He looked shocked. If Kershaw can throw that consistently enough to at least have it in a batters mind as a possibility then… well that would just be unfair.

  13. What a great way to start the season and the Dave Roberts era. The best thing about it is that they scored 15 runs without a home run. Last year they started out bashing homers like hot cakes and then fizzled out at the plate. This year they became a singles and doubles team–a line drive team–that hit with runners in scoring position. That approach is much more appropriate to who they are–and I give Roberts credit for that. I loved his after the game talk about how he expected guys to “conduct” their at bats. I think Roberts–the owner’s hire–is a winner. And the team has a shot to be special, especially when injured/developing players feed up the chain and back into the line-up. And part of that specialness is the new approach to how to play the game–the old-fashioned Dodger Way. Oh, and Kershaw just being Kershaw didn’t hurt either. Go Blue!

  14. Giants scored 12 with 4 home runs.

    According to BR we have a 50% chance of making the playoffs. Clearly they didn’t see yesterday’s game, nor do they read the comments in here.

    1. Interesting. Fangraphs has the chance at 87% and Baseball Prospectus has it at 81%. I guess it’s who you ask…

  15. I am not sure that the Giants actually have an Ace. Buggarden’s pitches so far are suffering from aphids.

  16. AlwaysCompete and dodgerpatch, I agree on Utley 100%. He and Kendrick are “professionals”, every team needs some of those guys. Interesting article on the subject:

    Dodgers are going to be getting very young over the next few seasons. Good idea to get the “Culture” right.

    Some on this board have complained about the cost of Utley & Kendrick. But they are bargains in the grand scheme of things. Heck, they might even cost less than what the DBags paid Greinke, for last night’s start.

    1. Might be risky, but I will respond to your post. No need to get personal about it.

      The Dodgers have always had a blend of youth and experience. That concept is as old as Abner. The point about signing Utley AND Kendrick is not about money. As I have said many times, the Dodgers are loaded and can afford to do whatever tf they want to do. The point “some on this board” made was the simple fact we already had a decent platoon after signing Utley. A platoon that offered a young hitter, a young hitter FAZ had actually traded for, a chance to step into a defined role. We already gave Kendrick his walking papers and Kiké the job when we had another brain FAZm and Kendrick, a player already dumped twice and having played only 117 games due to an injury, was brought back, not for one year, but for an astounding 2 years. And he’s already hurt again. I think signing Utley was an ok idea, as he might be a manager in training and will be a positive influence. But, in my opinion, signing Kendrick was unnecessary and sends a horrible message to Hernanandez. And then to add to that potentially sensitive arrangement, the team trades for Johnson. If I were Kiké I’d be pissed. Kendrick is superfluous, and if you want to talk money, how could that $20 million have been better spent? Some pitching maybe?

      1. Get personal? You aren’t related to Stewart or La Russa are you?

        While I do believe FAZ was OK with Kendrick leaving and the Dodgers receiving a draft pick, when the market turned out not very good for 2nd basemen (see Daniel Murphy) and Kendrick was available for $20M for two seasons they jumped all over it.

        In my opinion, Kendrick is a true professional, very solid, maybe he did only play 117 games in 2015, but how many did Turner play in 2015. What if Turner is hurt again this year? I believe Kendrick could handle third. He is good insurance at third and at least the right handed half of a second base platoon. What if Utley gets hurt again (or father time does catch up)?

        Regarding Hernandez and Johnson, they are 24 and 25 years old, you want to play, breakdown that door!! Take the position by FORCE. Johnson can show he is ready at AAA. Hernandez at LA. If they do show they need to be playing Utley/Kendrick’s contracts are easily moved. Bottom line, I like the options, I want to win THIS year.

        Lastly, regarding the pitching we “could of got”. WHO? Please be specific, who could they have got for $20M total contract. I think the pen is already deep and will be a strength this year. Sure it could always be better, I like some of AlwaysCompete’s trade ideas, but, I do trust FAZ is constantly looking to make GOOD trades, but, is holding on to the depth for the right deal. What starter could we have got for $20M total? Bottom line, the Dodgers have another $20M for any pitcher you come up with that was a bargain and available.

        P.S. I haven’t forgot our Kendrick/Gordon push up bet. And no you don’t get Utley as an alternate to Gordon.

        1. “WHO?”

          Seriously? You don’t remember ANY of the free agent relievers that were out there?

          Ok, without even looking I remember O’Day was available. My guess is you could have had him for 2 1/2 years for $20 million. How about Ryan Madson? He was out there for less than $10mm a year. And of course there was Aroldis Chapman. He makes about the same and I would MUCH RATHER have him than the redundant Kendrick. I’m sure there others but I’m not doing the research for you.

          And no, I’m not related to either of those men. I find the name calling sophomoric and annoying, but the “personal” I refer to is the continued implication to those who don’t agree with your take as negative and naysayers.

  17. Let’s win today or tomorrow and win this series on the road.

    More importantly, question for you kids: so the last 3 years I’ve had the app, and it actually let me watch Dodger games on SNLA, at my house in LA via wifi on my ipad and iphone, but not on my apple tv or laptop. I assumed it’s because I signed up when I was in Singapore or Ecaudor, so the system thought I was traveling (just a guess).

    But yesterday, my phone, ipad, and laptop all received the “you are blacked out because you’re in LA” message for both the Dodger game and Angel game. I guess my luck ran out.

    So, any recommendations on which is the cheapest/best hide-your-IP Address to use? Also, does that work on ipad/iphone as well? Thanks much

    1. Bobby I used unblockus on my Apple TV, and it worked fine, and only cost about five dollars a month. They also give you a free week of service, to try there system out. It didn’t work on my iPhone, but it is a cheap, and easy serivice.

  18. This is in response to the challenge given to us naysayers by the optimists of the group. The Padres stink and Kershaw doesn’t. This team better beat up on these guys because they will not with the contenders. I have to admit that Pederson looks a lot like Seager at the plate now. How did that happen? The real test will start on Thursday, and we may see the optimists not so chatty come Monday. I am curious to see how Kazmir pitches against this sorry bunch because he has to beat the doormats of the league even if he can’t beat the others. I was disappointed to see Grienke get bombed. He is my last, best hope against the giants this year. I noticed in the box scores from yesterday that hardly anyone scores on bullpens these days. Pitching, I guess, is now a 6-1-1-1 proposition, with the starter having to go through the lineup only twice. Assuming this to be true, I can see our starters pitching record low number of innings, win or lose. It’s just one game.

    1. Excellent analysis b17.

      For the record I don’t find those who offer honest baseball critique naysayers. I appreciate honest analysis based on reason.

      It Greinke and Miller don’t step up it will be a two horse race and the Giants appear to be loaded. Personally I don’t believe for a moment Grenke is finished. After yesterday, he will become more determined.

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I don’t think the Dodgers will win another game by 15 runs for the rest of the year. That game was fun, but let’s call it what it was – an anomaly. We are 1-0, tied for first place after one game.

  19. It is a good sign that the team wants to win for Roberts. And that tells me a lot. Yimi gave Roberts the game ball, and Agon, and Puig gave him the Gatorade treatment.

    It was especially a good win, with the points put up, with no HRs. This, and Turner hitting to the right side, to advance the runner, shows that this team is already on a better path.

    It reminds me about what Crawford said, on the Dodger channel. Crawford said, that they were going to be a different team this year. And Crawford, went on and said, that they were goIng to take the extra base, and hit to advance the runners, and play good defense, and we’re not going out there, to try to hit a lot of HRs.

    This also tells me, what
    Mattingly stressed, to the team. All of the Dodgers stats, for the last three years, projected that that the Dodgers should be scoring many more runs, then they actually did.

    So it was nice, to see this team, taking advantage of almost all the runners on base, and getting them in, to score.

  20. I for one am always glad to see the Dodgers win. What I sometimes predict (after the Dodgers don’t sign Greinke for example – let’s not pretend that his one bad start means that he is suddenly a bad pitcher) doesn’t mean that I always want the Dodgers to win.

    This is a 162 game season. The Dodgers won’t win every game – they won’t always score 15 runs. Unfortunately, Kershaw can’t start every game.

    I hope to see Kazmir pitch a good game today and for the Dodgers to score some runs.

    1. One bad start does not make Greinke a bad pitcher. He will undoubtedly have a very good year, because he is such a good pitcher. But that does not make it any less pleasing to see the Mercenary get shelled in AZ on Opening Day. When my grandson asked why I was so happy to see Greinke get rocked since I was so pro-Greinke last year, I simply said because he is not a Dodger anymore. Living up in Giants country, I have to make sure the kid is raised correctly.

      1. I couldn’t agree more – I live in NorCal too – I want to see the Mercenary get shelled too – and I especially want to see the Giants lose

  21. What a great start. Really, so many things to be positive about.

    No point going over them all again but particularly enjoyed the return to Dodger baseball.

    MJ, you may well be right about Utley & his need to get more ABs not less. That is the reason I didn’t think we needed Howie (although I like him and $20m for 2 years is a bargain).

    I’m hoping I was wrong, but Turner seemed to have a pronounced limp while rounding the bases last night.

    Finally, Mark, in response to your comments about the lack of posts after a win & higher number after a defeat – were you not part of that as well? I seem to remember numerous trade proposals and sabre rattling after a defeat.

    Maybe I’m just getting old and the memories going?

    1. Watford we both knew that Utley, was better, then last year. And he plays to win, any way he can. And I am not saying he is dirty, because he isn’t. He is a ball player.

  22. I guess I believe in Hernandez more than most. I would have given him a well defined, and in my opinion well deserved assignment, as a second baseman/utility guy. Talk about breaking down a door? I guess hitting .307 with a 130 OPS+ didn’t impress some.

    MJ – I just read about the flu thing too. It’s one start. It means nothing.

  23. 99 more wins and we can quit worrying. Was that a weather balloon? No, it was Zack Greinke’s ERA. Gritty veteran Utley looking good so far this spring.

  24. Funny to hear posters on this site talk about 162 games left. Most on this site think the season begins and ends with the post season. Tournament mind set.

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