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Dodgers Crushed Early, Attempt Comeback, Fall Short 10-7

The vastly improved and newly optimistic Dodgers went to dangerous Colorado for a four-game series against the NL West, first place Rockies. They did so after a night game, which meant they landed at four in the morning. Maybe they should have planned to be there earlier, because they slept-walked through a stinker of a first game. 

In a battle of the southpaws, the Dodgers brought ol’ number 99, Hyun-Jin Ryo to face off against rookie Jeff Hoffman, who struck out ten Diamondbacks in his last outing. Hoffman continued that hot streak by striking out three Dodgers in the first inning.

Ryu had no such luck. He quickly gave up a walk, single, and a two out, two run double in the first. Rockies 2-0

Ryu you wasn’t done serving up fat, two out pitches, and the Rockies weren’t done taking advantage. in  the second, they blasted another TWO two out, two-run doubles. The deuces were wild, but oh boy, not in a good way. The conga line continued, and it was 7-0 Rockies at the end of two. 

In Ryu’s defense, the five second inning runs were unearned, as Austin Barnes committed an error on a sac bunt throw to second. The resulting error kept the inning alive, and the Dodgers’ fate was sealed.

Meanwhile, Hoffman the rookie had five strikeouts after his first time through the Dodgers lineup. 

In the fourth inning the Rockies sped things up and scored with only one out. The game went to an almost insurmountable 9-0 score,  Ryu was at 90 pitches, and no one was up in the Dodgers’ pen. It was clear the skipper was leaving Ryu out there to take the beating for the team. 

To add a touch of comic tragedy to the affair, at one point the HP umpire, Ryu’s translator, and assorted interested parties gathered at the mound to talk Ryu through an interpretation of the balk rule. When everyone returned to their positions, Ryu immediately balked in the 10th run. The game was officially over, and the Dodgers were dead men playing. 

In the fifth, and after 101 pitches, Ryu was finally put down. 

Naturally, in this game of oddity, Scott Van Slyke came up to PH for Ryu and he hit a home run. Rockies 10-1

Josh Fields came in to mop up the mess in the fifth. 

The Dodgers managed to generate a pulse in the sixth with two runs behind a Chase Utley triple and an Austin Barnes double. Rockies 10-3

The boys stayed quiet for the next couple of innings, and managed to get off the floor in the eighth, with a rally that was capped off by a two run double, courtesy of Yasmani Grandal. It was Rockies 10-5 and the Dodgers were starting to feel like it was a game again. 

Enrique Hernandez and Brett Eibner combined for one more run in the ninth to bring the Dodgers within four.  At this point they had scored six runs in a comeback, and were still down by four. 

Cody Bellinger singled to make it two on with no out, and suddenly the Rockies felt like it was a game. 

They switched pitchers and Chris Taylor rapped a single into left field to load the bases (with no out) for none other than Chase Utley. Utley swung at the first pitch and into a double play. One run scored but the Dodgers were down to their last out. Rockies 10-7

Up came Yasiel Puig – who had been played by the Rockies in his previous at bat.  Puig returned to his over-aggressive chasing of balls far out of the strike zone, and the Rockies milked that again. Yasiel struck out on terrible pitches, but that really didn’t matter as the Dodgers had a terrible night, and there was enough blame to go around. 

Dodgers lose 10-7 

Finish it!: The Rockies scored their first seven runs with two outs.

More Finish it: The Dodgers left nine men on base and Puig was responsible for leaving four of them. Then again, so was Cody Bellinger.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

80 thoughts on “Dodgers Crushed Early, Attempt Comeback, Fall Short 10-7

  1. So, even though the Dodger’s starting pitcher gave up 10 runs with six walks in like four innings, it’s a positive because the team has a surplus of quality starting pitchers …you know….depth.

    See how I was able to spin that? Only moderately tongue in cheek.

    Hey, Hatcher was lights out!. He’s actually not pitching too badly. …ERA down to 3.00. Looks like his walk rate is down, and SO rate is up, so his command is better than last year. His stats look on par with his performance in 2015, which ended with him pitching the last couple of months pretty effectively.

    The offense was carried tonight by guys who up till now have done nothing. Everything evens out. Maybe Utley can stay.

  2. I feel like it’s a bit of karma. We tried to game the system by putting Maeda on the 10 day DL with a fake injury, and Ryu gets hammered.

  3. I told you we would score some runs.

    In other news Greinke goes 8 again, loses a no hitter in the 8th, strikes out 11, but still won’t be worth the money in the 6th year of that contract. The dbacks surprisingly are able to run a starting pitcher out there every night so they must have some starting depth too. That could be a problem for the West later on.

    There’s news on the Trumpanzee front that could effect the average baseball fan, should we talk about it? No, probably not.

    Meeting with appellate lawyer today. That sounds like fun. At least this meeting won’t cost $300.

    Kershaw today. Do we win it in Colorado? I’ll be in New Mexico by game time. I look forward to that.

    1. Badger

      Check out any political stories on Yahoo, and read the comments people make, if you want a really good, laugh on your trip.

      1. I do that with Huffpost. I don’t even read the articles…just scroll down and read the comments. Pure unhinged, hateful, self loathing virtue signalling gold.

  4. I just want to escape Coors Field without any injuries.

    Did I mention that I hate Coors beers? I think Oscar could give some bad reviews on Coors beers in the next video, just for laughs.

    1. YF

      Is there anyone who really likes Coors beer?

      I liked Michelob light!

      I wish they still made it, it is a lot better, then the other Michelob they made, that doesn’t have carbs, but the truth is, beer doesn’t have any fat in it, anyways.

      And Michelob light, was one smooth beer, that most women, would like.

  5. Lol… mean the D-backs are able to put a body on the mound to start every one of their games? Wow. They must have depth.

    The Cardinals have 3 outfielders injured….Fowler, Piscotty and Martinez AND they are still able to start the game with 3 outfielders. Amazing how they are able to do that. They must have depth. Especially considering that they have won 6 in a row while not having 2 of their starting outfielders.

    All along I thought that when other teams had injuries that they would have to start forfeiting games…..because the great and powerful FAZ was grabbing all available players leaving none for anyone else.

    1. Well Chili, there are some who apparently have a difficult time counting to 40, and don’t realize every Major League team has minor league affiliations from Rookie Ball to AAA. Some minor league teams are better than others, and those who write about them are often biased of course – some are passive, some are aggressive. I’ve been accused of being both, but I figure those who say that must be oxy morons because you can’t be both – right?

      1. passive…..aggressive….might depend on the subject matter. For example if discussing Seager’s talent level, not going to argue that it ranges from a multi year All-Star to a possible HOF career….. I’m passive on that subject as yes, I would agree with that perception/evaluation.

        If discussing the dominance of Rich Hill throughout his career…..well I could get very aggressive and point out how he has pitched for 8 different organizations over his illustrious 13 year career and has made a whopping 96 starts with a cumulative ERA of 4.09. So what does the great and powerful do……offer him more money in his last 3 years than what he had made his prior 12 years combined (you know those years where his age ranged from 25 to 36 , also known as the prime years). Can you say dumbasses? …..notice the tone, aggressive!

        So Badger, Confucius says that you can be both passive and aggressive but I believe the subject matter might have something to do with one’s reaction.

      2. Naw…..that was most definitely passive aggressive. Hmm….maybe more characteristically snide and condescending than anything.

        One…two…three….six…..DARN!! And what does my auto club have to do with baseball?

        1. You might need a refresher course in counting……just sayin. And In Dodger land the proper way of counting would go like this……Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez, once, doce, trece, catorce, quince, dieciséis, diecisiete, dieciocho, diecinueve, veinte, veintiuno, veintidós, veintitrés, veinticuatro, veinticinco, veintiséis, veintisiete, veintiocho, veintinueve, treinta, treinta y uno, treinta y dos, treinta y tres, treinta y cuatro, treinta y cinco, treinta y seis, treinta y siete, treinta y ocho, treinta y nueve, cuarenta.

          Keep working at it and you’ll be counting correctly soon.

          1. Chili

            I know some of the numbers in Spanish too, but I am not good after thirty, either.

            I can actually sound out the Spanish alphabet better then the English alphabet, but that is because English doesn’t stick to all the same rules, all the time.

    2. I know you’re struggling with all of this, and I know it’s hard, but you’re ALMOST there. The light bulb is just starting to faintly flicker.

      Your realization that teams don’t have to forfeit games when a player gets injured is a key insight. You’re on the right track.

      What if I drop a hint? What is the replacement player is actually GOOD? And what if the team has a number of replacement players who are actually good?….as opposed to just replacement level?

        1. Here let me help you out since your Daddy is probably not available to help you……

          The Dodgers (and their great staff) are 11-1 against the 3 ‘P’s’ also known as piss poor major league baseball teams. That would be the Padres, Pirates, and Phillies.

          The Dodgers against the rest of the league is 9-14 (including last night’s game.) And of course you were able to witness what it was like pitching to a major league lineup. How did that fare? About how it has fared in the other 22 games against real major league teams. The fact that the Dodgers play in a pitchers ball park and have Kershaw (the best pitcher in the league) on it’s staff is the reason the Dodgers will be top 5 in ERA once again like every other year.

          BUT, stay with me here cause I know Daddy is not around to provide you with the ability to say things 3 different ways to make sure you are right, THAT HAS NO BEARING COME PLAYOFF TIME.

          What the Dodgers do against real major league teams with good lineups and good starting pitching is 100X more indicative of the type of team they have.

          How long has it been since the Dodgers were in the World Series? You do know that every other team in the NL WEST has been in the World Series since the Dodgers last got there.

    3. Chili

      Also from what I have heard, the Cardinals have had one of the easiest schedules, in the last few weeks.

      1. Yes, the Braves and Marlins are not world beaters but they did sweep both of them at their place.

        The Dodgers had played (12 of their first 34 games) against the “P’s’ of the league. Last night, while playing against a good lineup, you get a real taste for where the pitching is.

        1. Chili

          That is true, but they made that pitcher better then he really was, with some of their at bats.

          And the Rockies stopped scoring runs, after the fifth inning, too.

          I did feel bad for Ryu though!

          Only five of the runs he gave uo, were earned runs.

    4. Chili

      We lost a good outfielder too, and he was hitting so well, he had a really good OBA in the lost couple weeks, , without getting more, then just one walk.

  6. Cotton optioned to AAA by the As (is it As or A’s? If the latter, how do you do the possessive case?)

    I always read he was more a bullpen arm, but I hope he can reorient and prove me wrong as a starter.

      1. How are the Red Sox doing?
        Power shortage, especially from the key positions. 3B, 1B, LF.
        Pitching is a worry, although Sale is good. I’m optimistic, but is there enough powder to trade for power?

        1. Bluto


          I haven’t followed much baseball, other then the Dodgers, because of what is going on right now, in the news..

  7. YF

    I thought you made a good point about the starting pitching.

    Starting pitchers are not going to stay sharp when they have not pitched, for ten days.

    Resting pitchers does sound like a good idea, but we are still early in the season, and the starting pitchers need to pitch every five days, to stay sharp.

    Especially a pitcher like Ryu, that had been out for such a long time.

    That ten days rest they gave him, didn’t allow Ryu to stay sharp.

    And Ryu is a pitcher now, that must have good command, to be able to pitch on the corners.

    And for him to pitch in Colorado after having ten days off, was not a good decision, this early in the season.

    At least the team did come back enough, that the Rockies had to use their closer, and that might bite them, later in this series.

    Our players were trying to do to much, at the begining of this game.

    They were making the Rockies starting pitcher’s job very easy, by swinging at high fastballs, that they couldn’t hit, and that were out of the strike zone.

    Did you guys hear that obnoxious fan, yelling Cody’s name, everything he was up to bat, even after the Rockies had that big league?

  8. Well the first 2 innings of last nights laugher were unwatchable. Compounded by the fact that I had to listen to the Rockies lead announcer and his cohort, Drew Goodman, and Jeff Huson. They are about as entertaining as whale snot. I left for a while because Goodman is worse than Joe Buck. I could not get the radio feed because my computer was downloading updates. But between watching episodes of Criminal Minds, the new one with Gary Sinese, I would check back to see if the boys had a pulse. I did watch the 9th inning. When they had the bases loaded and no outs, I thought they just might pull it out. But Chase went after the 1st pitch and DP, then Puig looked like a rookie and swung at 2 pitches he could not have hit with a 8 foot 2×4. Game over. My optimism was based on a game I went to last year when they lost a 7-0 lead and were down 10-7 in the 9th and scored 5 runs and won 12-10. Good things coming out of a bad game. 1. The bullpen responded. 2. The offense woke up and made it close. 3. Chase Utley actually had some hits. 4. Cody Bellinger deserves to stay here the rest of the year. Bad things. 1. Puig reverted for this game at least to old BAD habits. 2. Ryu’s pitches were fatter than a Thanksgiving turkey, and guess who will be headed to the DL again when McCarthy is activated for Monday’s game at SF. 3. Dodgers again lose to a good team. 4. Their road record is 7-9. Dodgers once again make a rookie from Colorado look like Cy Young. They took hittable pitches for strikes, and swung at balls they had no chance of hitting. ( I watched the Dodger innings later on my streaming service). 5 Corey Seager is in a slump, and he is not alone. Yes MJ, I heard the fan. I think that same fan was there when I was last year. He is an obnoxious loud mouth. Plus, as I do when the Giants do anything against the Dodgers, I get the family feud thing going on facebook with my daughter in laws brother, who is a pretty nice guy, but a die hard Rockies fan. The Giant fans in my family are my youngest daughter, her husband and 3 of my grand daughters. Oh well, I tried to raise them right. I have pictures of my girls when they were little wearing their Dodger caps and swinging little bats I got them at the stadium.

    1. I doubt Holland will be too affected. The guy is used to working a lot. And if my math is correct, he has not blown a save this year.

      1. Michael

        The thing is after he pitches so many days in a row, Black won’t use, Holland.

        Tons of baseball people went to Hollands try outs, and I am surprised teams past him off.

        I wanted the Dodgers to sign him for our set up guy.

        I know he wanted that second option year, or year, but I thought he might be a good risk, especially since they have given those starting pitchers, at least three years.

    2. Michael

      I think the ten days off, was part of Ryu’s problem.

      He needs to stay sharp, and it is hard to stay sharp when you don’t pitch in a game, for ten days.

      It is to early in the season, to rest these starting pitchers, and the starting pitchers, don’t like these lay overs.

      1. I personally think MJ, that when a guy like Ryu, who is basically an off speed pitcher who relies on breaking balls a lot, should not pitch in Coors all that often. You are right, he was probably rusty, but you can bet he was throwing on schedule with his bullpen issues. They could have had him do a short re-hab stint. This to me is the worst part of our so called depth. Rotating pitchers on and off the DL, not having that routine every 5th day is not a good thing. Kershaw is the only one who is on a schedule. Pitchers are creatures of habit. Take them out of their comfort zone and games like last night will happen. McCarthy is coming back Monday, when was the last time he pitched? Almost 2 weeks ago. Hill back on Tuesday, he has been gone close to a month. His rehab starts were less than stellar. I put that crap on the front office for signing these guys, except Ryu, who has been injured most of the last 2 years. I might not like Greinke’s contract, especially the last 2 years of it, but he damn sure is a better option every 5th day than the flotsam that FAZ runs out there and the strain the bullpen feels. Not to say anything about how pissed off we as fans get having to watch this garbage. Red Sox hovering around .500 right now, Orioles and Yankees ahead of them.

        1. I think (maybe hope is the right word) that we could have gotten as much good using our pitching prospects (including the ones they wasted) as we have and will with the likes of Kazmir, Hill, and McCarthey. If we didn’t think they were better than that, then they shouldn’t have been prospects in the first place…

          1. Jonah

            I have wondered about that, for a while now.

            I still think Ryu is a good pitcher, and I felt bad for him, and I give him credit, for just staying out there, and pitching, and taking one, for the team.

            There is no way that Kazmir, Anderson, or McCarthy, would have stayed out there, and done that.

          2. Jonah,

            If you would drink that specially formulated 2017 Blue Kool-Aid you would be able to see how great each and every one of these pitchers have been throughout their careers. They have been studs. At least one of them is always competing for the Cy Young award. Also you would be able to see ALL of the aces in the minors that are just awaiting Friedman’s call. Last week we had 4 aces in the minors, after another week of drinking the Kool-Aid, we now have about 6 of them……Buehler, Santana, Alvarez, White, Oaks & May. Friedman is producing aces every week now…..the guy is great. I bet Tampa wish he would have done that for them…..hell, over 9 years he only produced 2 quality major league pitchers through their system. Now he’s producing 2 a week. The guy is just awesome…I think he needs a pay raise.

          3. That is a given, in my opinion as a decades old fan. Our prospects do well as Dodgers, and they pitch with a great mound at Chavez Ravine with the marine layer at night. Usually other teams’ pitching prospects do better here too.

            General observation from me as a long time fan, do not trade out pitching prospects for over the hill vets.

        2. Michael

          I think that is all true.

          And these starting pitchers don’t need ten days off, right now, the season just started.

          1. At the very least Ryo WAS a good pitcher. I didn’t see any pitches over 87 mph last night. It is possible his injuries have destroyed enough of his ability that he may never be good again. The same is probably true of Kazmir. Hill is not a has been, he is a NeverWas. That is probably the most unforgivable mistake FAZ has made. I vote we shoot him for it since he lacks the honor to do it himself…

          2. The thing people seem to forget, concerning Greinke is.

            That when the Dodgers signed Greinke to that original sizey contract, did anyone even once, think, that Greinke wasn’t performing up, to that original big contract, the Dodgers signed him, too.

          3. Michael

            Also like you know, pitching a bullpen session, is not the same as pitching in a game, with real hitters.

  9. It seems like Roberts threw in the towel a little early by leaving Ryu in and taking JT and Seager out, but if he hadn’t the Dodgers might have faced better relievers instead of the dregs of Colorado’s bullpen. I give them credit for fighting back, though. Some guys who were useless in April are starting to produce–can it last? Will any starter besides Kershaw stay healthy long enough to start 25 games/

      1. Jonah

        I still think Ryu is a good pitcher.

        You have to remember the effect, that the altitude has, on off speed, pitches.

        1. An off speed pitch is effect when it is just that, off speed, slower than normal. When it becomes the norm, it is no longer effective.

          1. As the scouts say, “a good off speed pitch makes your fastball ‘faster ‘ “.

          2. Jonah

            He is still hitting 92 or 91, but he hadn’t pitched, for ten days.

            But I will keep that in mind!

    1. In their history the Dodgers have not been overly active in the trade market in May, and if the Brewers are going to trade Braun they have 2 days to do it because on May 14th he becomes a 10-5 player and can veto any trade.

  10. This day in Dodger History, a new segment on my posts. On this day in 1956, Carl Erskine threw a no hitter against the Giants beating them 3-0. It was Oisk’s 2nd career no hitter and the first one to be nationally televised on TV. Warning, if you do not like feel good story’s most of these posts will not be for you.

      1. Yes Jonah my boy it was. Erskine pitched his first no hitter in 1952. I guess you were a pup then…..and so was I. I use the LA Dodgers media guide as my reference book. At the back of the book they have a section devoted to that. They also have a section that lists every trade the LA Dodgers have made, and one for former players and what uni number they wore……do you remember Erskine’s #?

  11. MJ, I know a bullpen session is not as stressful as game situations. But they are not supposed to be. They are supposed to be sessions that a pitcher works on weakness’s in his game, or on new pitches. When Hill threw a simulated game against hitters, Utley volunteered to hit against him, which according to Dave Roberts, he has never seen a 13 year veteran do. Must have helped, Utley at least, since he did that he has 6 hits in the last 3 games. Joe Gunkel must definitely feel unloved or wanted at this juncture. After a very short stay as a Dodger, the Marlins made his stint with them even shorter and put him on waivers.

      1. Again that is common knowledge and practice, but since when has FAZ done anything the normal way?

  12. Trivia: Only 2 Dodgers have ever worn O’s. one wore OO and the other O. Can you name them.

  13. MJ, when Greinke came to the Dodgers he was exactly what they expected him to be. And he was that all 3 seasons he pitched here. His contract is ridiculous that is true, and he had a pretty bad year by his standards last year in Az. But he is at least consistent, and seems to be able to win in spite of playing in a launching pad.

    1. I would certainly favor trading our bad contracts (KAZMIR, Hill, McCarthey) and some others, for Zack back.

    2. Michael

      I was only talking about the original contract that the Dodgers signed him to, nothing beyond that.

      And no one was complaining about that, up to the time he opted out.

      1. I know that MJ, and everyone seems to forget that FAZ offered Zack 160 million over 5 years and he was about 1/2 hour from accepting it until AZ went nuts. They came back to the Dodgers, but FAZ would not give him that 6th year and I do not blame them.

    1. I have a vintage 1959 Erskine card….his last year with the Dodgers. But he was gone before the series rolled around.

    1. Erskine over his last 3 years was a shadow of his former self. He was 4-7 as a LA Dodger and only won 5 his last year in Brooklyn. Joe Gunkel has gone from the Dodgers, to the Marlins and now the ultimate humiliation, he is a Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp !!!

  14. I notice no one is commenting on the new post where Oscar once again is pimping his video. I hope he doesn’t give up his day job.

  15. Tonight’s starting lineup is much like last night except, Grandal in the #5 hole. and Taylor hitting 6th. Everybody else pretty much the same. Pederson, Seager, Turner, Bellinger, Grandal, Taylor, Utley, Puig, and Kershaw…..answer to the trivia question and Erskine’s number. Carl wore #17. #O was worn by Al Oliver when he played for the Dodgers and OO by fan favorite, Brian Wilson………that’s a joke folks…he did wear OO though.

    1. He is in a little slump right now and he is really banged up..but still hitting .350.

  16. Monday, the 15th is the anniversary of a very dark day in Dodger history…..can anybody relate what happened that day?

      1. Very good Tremor…..On that day Piazza and Zeile were traded to the Marlins for 5 guys, the only one who ever had any impact was Gary Sheffield. Piazza was traded by the guys from FOX who ran the team, not by the GM, Fred Claire. Claire was not informed until after the trade was complete. He did not like the deal at all and would not have made it. Piazza was traded because he was at a contract impasse with the team. They thought his wanting 100 million was outrageous. It would have been a bargain.

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