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Ladodgerreport Reader Appreciation Day

Vin Scully

Today marks the final game of the regular season between the Dodgers and the Giants and also marks the final game of Vin Scully’s brilliant career. We’re witnessing the end of an era and it’s sad. Dodger baseball may never be the same and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that all I want to hear today is the sound of Vin’s beautiful dulcet voice one last time.

Oh sure the games go on. The Dodgers are assured that they blew their chance to get home field in the NLDS and will have to start off on the road in Washington on Friday. The Giants are battling for a wild card and can get it with a win this afternoon. More important is that Vin is saying goodbye and we all must deal with it in our own way.

Dodgers Lineup @San Francisco

Kenta Maeda-16-10 vs. Matt Moore-12-12

Game Time – 12:10 PM – TV- SNLA-KTLA 5

As for today’s game, the Dodgers are trying to avoid a sweep. They’ve been playing like collective garbage since clinching the NL West a week ago. These games are meaningless for them but they missed a chance to enact some revenge and knock the Giants out of the postseason. My fear is if you let them in again they may go another run. Only time will tell.

I wanted to thank all of you for following along and commenting all season long with us. I want to declare this day Ladodgerreport reader appreciation day in honor of all of you. Without you guys, there wouldn’t be a site or blog over here. Not to mention I would be pretty bored.

The pitching match-up will have Kenta Maeda facing left hander Matt Moore. That seems secondary at this point. Many people around baseball wanted to say goodbye to Vin including long time White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson. Vin will always be a good guy.

And so will all of you! Again I thank you for being here.


Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

30 thoughts on “Ladodgerreport Reader Appreciation Day

  1. Hawk Harrelson. The antithesis of Vin Scully. One who has great stories and makes you love baseball and one who makes you turn the television off and head to the golf course.

    1. Bobby
      You don’t play the platoon line up, against lefties all year.

      And then play mostly the regular line up against lefties in the last two games, and expect them to hit.

      And I don’t like our run producers split up, having Puig bat forth, and Howie, hitting in the lead off position.

      That splits Corey, Turner, and Agone up.

      Puig hits better fifth, sixth or seventh, not forth.

      But Puig has done much better lately, but not hitting forth

  2. I can tell you for sure why the Dodgers are likely to lose today and why they lost 5 days ago: FAZ told Roberts to pitch Maeda. They did it because it gets him to his bonuses and the Dodgers want Free Agents to know the FO respects them and doesn’t want to screw them.

    Maeda simply is generally not effective on 5 days rest which means he should be excellent in game 3!

    I was hoping to see Vin sent out with a win….

    1. Mark
      On today’s pregame show, they said the front office told Maeda that they would pay him his bonus even if he didn’t start today.

      Mark that explains Maeda, what about the offense?

        1. Iowa City. I’ve only been coming to Indy once or twice a year now that my kids are in so many activities but I could count on one hand how many games I missed during the Manning era. Went to Sper Bowl 41.

          I stay on on the south side with some friends I met tailgating in the late 90’s.

          Fire Grigson!

          1. Pagano has to go too. He is so outclassed in the brains department.

            I was confident Irsay would get rid of them last year, but alas, the painkillers numbed his skull.

        1. I would have no problem with Pagano going. I’m neither here nor there on him. Grigson survived on his first draft and has made nothing but mistakes since. Richardson and Werner being the worst two.

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