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Dodgers Drop Game and Series to Cubs

The Dodgers lost this afternoon’s rubber match against the Chicago Cubs 4-0. That means they also lost their first series after winning the previous nine. Looking back over that long stretch its easy to see the bright spots. Unfortunately, looking at their last few games paints a darker picture. One which portrays the boys in blue as a team that has once again forgotten how to score without the long ball.

Ross Stripling took today’s loss, but he pitched well enough to win. The newest Dodgers ace went six innings with seven strike outs and no walks, while allowing three runs. He could have given up only one and he still would have been handed a loss by the Dodgers’ non-existent offense.

The Dodgers have suddenly lost their home run pop and haven’t been able to make up for it with any kind of sustained rallies. They scored just five runs and stranded 31 base runners across the Chicago series. They are putting runners out there, but are flailing at the plate and not having the quality at bats that will end with driving runners home.

The boys will now travel to NY and face the Mets. Don’t expect things to get any easier in the Big Apple.


Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

64 thoughts on “Dodgers Drop Game and Series to Cubs

  1. Over all the years I have watched the Dodgers and been a fan, I have never really gotten too upset when they lose, unless it is in the playoffs or the World Series. I have been pleasantly surprised when the won series they were supposed to lose, 1988, 1959, 1963, and a little stunned when they lost when I thought they should win, 1978. Last year I thought it was pretty evenly matched with the Astros having a little edge in the starting pitching. But when they go through a stretch like this where they leave tons of runners on base and end up losing a series they should have easily won, I get just a little bit frustrated. These games are very hard to watch. The futility of it all is sometimes maddening. To me they are treading water. They gained a lot of ground over the last 20 plus games, and have gotten close to the lead. But then a 6 game stretch like this happens and all the bad April memories come back. The injuries have not helped much. At least Hill looked very good yesterday, and Kershaw just a few days more away from returning. But which Kersh will it be? The Cy Young Kersh, or the thrice injured Kersh who has given up more homers in his last 2 years than anyone ever thought he would. At least when he comes back we will have some idea since he will most likely start against the Cubs in LA next week. There are a couple of players who are mired in long slumps. Bellinger who has a good game bad game kind of thing going on, Kemp has slipped some the last 10 games, he is hitting .200 in those, and Grandal, who after tearing the league up most of April has disappeared for the last 1 1/2 months. Forsythe is all of a sudden hitting the ball well. But they are not hitting in sync. The RISP the last few games has been horrific. Unless they improve that stat ASAP, there will be more series like this one , than sweeps.

    1. It seems like Forsythe never gets a hit when runners are on base, or in scoring position.

      It is hard to get three hits, and not hit in a single run, like Forsythe did in the previous game, but he did.

      It is frustrating to see everyone continue to hit the ball into the air in rightfield, when it is very apparent the ball is not going to go anywhere in right, except an outfielder’s glove.

      Kemp can’t be on all the time, and those ten games are nothing compared to others hitters, and he did hit a couple HRs, during this time too.

      Kemp has been the only consistent bat on this team all year, but he will have some down times too, just like the rest of the players, but that won’t happen long.

      And like Badger said at the beginning of June, these guys are not going to hit like they were ,when they were hitting everything, so we all should have known that to be the truth, after watching Baseball this long.

    2. Bear
      In answer to your comment on the last thread about Roberts. Everybody gives Roberts credit for how good he is but no one can give any credible evidence that changing the lineup day after day increases wins, therefore, that does not make him smart. Badger……….Dummy is good about bragging about how much money he has made but cannot hold a candle to the scores of MLB players who make his money seem like a pittance compared to them. He picked his profession but I do not see him as even average compared to most players now or in his era. He is pretty confident that he has made more money than any of us yet he does not know. He is still dummy in my book.

      1. Hey Pack, I get the way you feel and the guy does frustrate me a lot too. No where did I say he was a good manager. I have always felt some of his in game moves were very head scratching. I also doubt his changing the lineup everyday gives the team a better chance to win. But the point you are totally missing, and the most important point is that he is exactly the kind of manager that FAZ wants. When he is given the information gathered by the saber guys, he uses that as a guide as to how he is going to manage that day. He is pretty consistent about that. Now, some of his manipulating the lineup so much has had to do with the injuries the team has incurred. His one consistent excuse for doing so is that he says he wants to keep guys relevant. Whether we like it or not, he is going to be the manager of this team for a while. He is in the last year of his contract and no doubt will be getting a new one. I understand your frustration and anger, but in this case my friend you are fighting a losing battle.

        1. Bear
          Yeah, that is my MO. I get so frustrated by him and FAZ that I probably go a bit overboard but I am much like you on sabermetrics and being much more for the traditional baseball I grew up with. Sabermetrics is more about what should be and I more about what has happened. Yes, Roberts is FAZ type of manager but I know not why? Sorry to aggravate you my friend.

          1. Did not aggravate me at all Pack. I think in my mind that Geren would be an excellent manager. He managed the A’s for 4 years when they were pretty bad and had a decent record. Doc has bought into FAZ’s philosophy which is why he is their kind of guy. I think the Dodgers really blew it when they let Mike Scioscia walk after he had managed a year in their minor league system. He would have been the perfect successor to Tommy.

  2. Wood, Ferguson and Hill in NY this weekend. Farmer sent back to OKC as was Stewart. Utley will be activated on Friday. Mets are throwing Wheeler, Degrom, and Vargas. Taylor left the game with left hammy tightness. In Tulsa today they won 7-1, Smeltzer 4-5 gets the win, Jackson had 2 homers, his 6th and 7th and Scavuzzo and Smith hit their 8th. DJ Peters average is now at a season low .232. He has been coming off the bench more than starting. Diaz, Reks and Scavuzzo getting a majority of the starts. OKC is off today. OKC lost yesterday to Las Vegas, 3-2. Venditte got the loss on an unearned run. Former Dodger Jacob Rhame got the win for the 51’s. Rios went 2-4, scored a run and is hitting .316. Toles is hitting .329 and Verdugo is at .342.

  3. I don’t understand Oscar’s comment about things not getting any easier facing the Mets. We just faced arguably the best team in the NL. They’ve got the best pitching staff to date. How can the Mets even compare?

    True, Dodger bats have been asleep, yet we won 9 out of 10 series! Our pitching has not been a problem. The problem started when Turner began to slump after returning from his injury. The team was energized by his return and everyone was on fire for a stretch. When he began to cool, we saw the reversion back to the 5 and 6 hit games, some of which we won due to HR’s. Turner has been the heart of this team and without his production, we are back to being a .500 team, with or without Kemp, who has been terrific but is also slumping presently.

    I believe the Mets are just what the Dodgers need to wake up and start smelling the hits again. Let’s see what happens.

    1. Degrom is the best pitcher they have, so the Dodgers have a shot at 2 of 3. I think Ferguson will be the sacrificial lamb in that game.

  4. Turner is indeed the heart and soul. I think the more he plays the better his production will get. The problem lies in the fact that Grandal is in an extended slump, Kemp has slumped the last 10 games, but I expect he will turn it around, too professional a hitter not to. Bellinger has lost whatever consistency he had early in the season. Taylor has been better, but is not nearly as consistent as he was last year. Muncy and Pederson have surprised. Barnes has been a disappointment. And they sent their best clutch hitter so far this season, Farmer, back to OKC after the game. Forsythe has looked good the last few games, so we will see if he can pick it up some more. The pitchers have been pretty good. But this RISP problem has reared it’s ugly head once more. And that is something they need to fix PDQ.

  5. Turner will come around like he did after he had his knee surgery, but how soon, no one knows for sure.

    We will get the Cubs at Dodger Stadium, when we come back home.

    But it is going to be a long game the first time we get back in LA, because they don’t have a day off, traveling from NY to LA, and I bet the Cubs will already be on the West coast, before we will.

    But they must start having better at bats, when runners are on base, and especially when runners are in scoring position.

    It wasn’t just HRs that got them going on this streak, and they are not going to hit a lot of HRs against good pitching, and that is why they must have to have better at bats, when runners are in scoring position.

    Because sometimes they can get runners home, without having to get a hit, if they make their at bats count.

    And strike outs don’t do anything, and because saber metrics dont penalized strike outs, that is why players are striking out at such high rates, and that slows the game down to much!

    1. Astute MJ. They definitely need to be a lot better with men in scoring position. They are a pretty patient team, but I also notice that there have been quite a few occasions where they have been a little too patient. A lot of 0-2 counts and also a lot of times the best pitch they are going to see in the at bat has been the first one. Cody is probably in a 0-2 hole more than any of them. Some times you have to ambush that first pitch.

      1. Bear
        That comment about being too patient is right on!! They do have to ambush that 1st pitch but remember they have Dummy coaching them.

        1. Dave is not the hitting coach……but he does flash signs to the 3rd base coach, Woodward who passes them on to the hitters. Unless there are men on base, they are pretty much on their own. The veterans have the green light 3-0 if they see a pitch they like, otherwise you usually will take that pitch.

          1. MJ
            I think Cody just needs to relax and let it happen. He is just young and needs to do what he knows to do. Do you agree?

      2. Michael

        As you know, I agree whole handly about the first few pitches.

        I think hitters often tend to be over patient, when they are not feeling right, up at the plate.

        And it is never good for any hitter, to be down on the count, but it is even worse, for a power hitter, like Cody.

        Although he has tried to have better at bats, I still haven’t seen him, hit a high fastball this year, like he did last year.

        1. MJ, it seems to me that Cody is in that 0-2 hole almost every at bat. He is still using the new batting stance, but still also swings so hard it looks like he is going to come out of his shoes.

          1. Michael

            He does get down with two strikes to fast at times, but the week before, he was walking a lot more, and that is why I said, he was having better at bats.

            He should just try to take the ball the other way, like he did last year, and I am very surprised, that he hasn’t done that, yet.

            But he also could turn on a good belt high fastball last year too.

            I still think it is the extra muscle, because I think Monday knows what he is talking about.

          2. That is so true. I think the extra muscle has actually slowed down his bat speed some. As for going the other way, he has not tried to do that all year and it is frustrating because the opposition constantly leaves the left side wide open when he is up and he still is trying to pull the ball. I once played in a tournament and I got 9 hits in the 3 games. All of my hits went to left field.

  6. Weirdest story I have read in a while…….Phanatic launched hot dog injures fan…………what was in that hot dog? A cannon ball?? Utley will be activated before Fridays game……rumor mill heating up……Phils may be targeting Beltre, Yankees after pitching, and D-Backs still talking to O’s about Machado.

      1. Dodgers according to Jon Heyman, have kept the communication open, but there are no real talks for Machado going on. Of course, when the 1st of July rolls around and then the All-Star break, things between all teams are going to heat up. I have an under the radar deal I would like to make. Trade for 2nd baseman Brandon Drury of the Yankees. He is at AAA right now and tearing it up. You might remember him from his stint with the D-Backs. Good hitter and a solid glove. The Yankees have no real need at 2nd and we do.

      2. Package

        I truly think it is that extra muscle with Cody, because it seems like even if a pitcher would tell Cody he is going to throw a belt high fastball, Cody still wouldn’t be able to hit it.

        Because as you know last year, I saw Cody hit a 98 fastball at his neck, but this year, he has trouble hitting a 92 fastball, that is waist high, or higher.

        Monday did say it takes a lot of flexibility to swing like Cody does, and because Cody was not over built, that gave him an advantage over more muscular players to get to balls, that were all over the place.

        And where he put the extra muscle on, he uses in his swing path.

        I would tell Cody to stop building up in the area he didn’t built up, last year.

    1. The hotdogs were taped together so they wouldn’t fall apart, and the lady they hit, couldn’t put her arm up to protect herself, because she has a problem with one of her shoulders, that she is getting operated on, next week.

      1. Okay, that explains it, maybe…what moron thought up that idea? I saw a guy at a minor league game doubled over by a T-shirt launched out of one of those air compressed guns.

  7. You learn something new every day. I just learned that the luxury tax is not really a luxury tax after all. The official title is the Competitive Balance Tax. Does not make sense even with a different name. But all of sports are trying to keep a lid on runaway salaries. The exception would seem to be professional soccer. Some of their huge stars make outrageous salaries.

    1. Soccer has a financial fair play, which is implemented on the UEFA level.

      That said, soccer is comprised of multiple leagues (Spanish Primera, English Premiere League, etc.) So it’s more a collection of leagues than a single league.

    2. Michael

      But I don’t think it is fair that teams like the Dodgers have to give money for teams that are purposely tanking, to get better draft picks.

      Because they are not trying to be competitive.

      1. Contraction.

        Let Miami and Tampa wither on the vine then just close the doors. What the league is doing would be like us giving banks money when they do stupid sh*t and go bankrupt.

        Oh…. wait…..

  8. Okay so I bought a brand new phone. And I still have the same flipping issues with this stupid small pop-up that will not close. And then the big giant pop-up comes up and hijacks half of my screen. I guess I will have to spend more time reading the other site, although I will never ever post over there. I will check in every now and then when I’m on a desktop, but checking into this website when I’m on my phone is a pain in the ass. Not to mention it is impossible to post on a phone WITH THE STUPID POP UPS!!!! See y’all, have a great season

    1. Tim, there’s just one video that comes up. Click the X in the corner and it closes. There’s no other “pop-ups” on the site. A video is not a pop-up. The other ads on the sidebar are stationary and never “pop-up” as you say or move….EVER! So don’t know what you’re talking about. THERE’S NO POP-UPS ON THE SITE! I don’t put any pop-ups on the site. So maybe you have some malware, or there’s something else on your phone, because it’s not the site. Please send me screen shot of these pop-ups so I know what the hell you’re talking about.

      1. “There’s just one video that comes up”


        I think maybe the problem is you have a learning disability Scott.

        1. I think the problem is you and Tim have a learning disability with technology. do you know how to do a screen shot? Please screen shot me the popups.

          1. Of course I know how to do a screen shot.

            Do you know the difference between a pop up video and a video that comes up? A video that “comes up” IS a pop up video.

            You buy them books, you send them to school……

          2. It’s actually not, (A video is not a pop-up, even if it autoplays) but read the email I sent to you and Tim. I took the video down for now. Check it out on your mobile.

          3. A pop up video is not a pop up.


            Must be a sabermetric thing. A pop up is not a pop up. When you hit a ball toward the sky and it comes down on the infield, because of the distance it traveled up and down it counts as a long fly ball.

            It’s gone. Kinda like what happened recently – it takes an act of Congress, not an Executive Order. No, the executive can make it happen with a click. Thank you Scott. About time might sound unappreciative so I won’t say it.

  9. Good look at Joc Pederon’s continuing quest to adjust and improve and how it doesn’t always lead to positive results:


    As​ a player grows,​ he learns the game…​ and the game​ learns him. It’s​ that balance​ that​ determines​ the future​​ role of a player. That process has produced negatives and positives for Joc Pederson that have come to a head this year. Obviously, given his past struggles, he’ll take it on sum, but detailing the wins and losses might help us understand how difficult it is to establish a place in Major League Baseball.

    Given the fact that Pederson is a lefty, the early loss in his career is maybe not the biggest deal. It looks like he can’t hit lefties. For his career, Pederson is 31 percent better than league average against righties, and 41 percent worse than league average against lefties. It’s one of the worst observed platoon splits in baseball since he broke into the league in 2015.

    1. That’s why they never play him against southpaws. For the record, I have always believed in Joc’s Talent. He’s a good player and a decent outfielder. I think he’s young enough to get even better and learn to hit lefties.

      1. Badger
        Hmm. Perhaps you should be nice Badger and the pop ups may go away. HA! I want my popups of you doing the Matt Kemp pushups. HA!

        1. I’ve been nice. Waited a long time for that pop up video, I mean that non pop up video that popped up, to disappear. It’s gone now. Executive Order took care of it.

          I forgot how many at bats the bet was for. 450?

  10. Badger was right when he said, our hitters would come back to earth, and not hit like this for long.

    And in our last two series, non of our players, have really hit that much.

    The season is to young to make any pronouncements, on any of our players, especially our streaky players.

    Lets hope the team finds that offense they had before these last two series, in this next series, in NY.

    They will only be facing one quality starting pitcher in this next series, so our offense should be there, in NY!

  11. Badger

    I know you read the Dodger articles in the LA Times, and read the posts after the articles, Dude 7777, sounds like you.

    1. Hey MJ
      Looks like our boy is in a small slump. Hope he snaps out of it soon. What do you think? He is in the cleanup spot tonight.

      1. Package

        I think he comes up big, in this next series.

        I wish I thought the same about our other players, but history is usually right.

        1. MJ
          What a shame we don’t have AGon to watch this weekend. I miss him like I miss 2 broken legs.

    2. MJ
      Oh no Dude 7777 is not Badger who is much more kind hearted, smart, insightful, lodgical, understanding, friendly, helpful, and many other good traits which are to numerous to say. He is one of a kind. Glad he is on our site. See how I did that? Just like Roberts.

      1. Package

        So everything you said about Badger, was merely lip service?

        That was a compliment to Badger, because that Dude 7777, seems pretty smart, and witty, especially when it comes to Faz.

        1. MJ
          Just trying to let Badger how much we value his presence on this site with maybe a little lip service. Not trying to make anyone mad or feel bad. Badger is a good guy!

    3. 7777. Outspoken guy. And I did wear #7 on 4 uniforms when I was younger. Mickey Mantle was my favorite player. I agree with a lot that is said in those comments. I too believe this team is flawed, and I think there are better teams in the league. But I also think that anything can happen in the playoffs. Get there and and be playing well in October. It’s possible. The odds don’t favor us, but other underdogs have pulled it off.

      pack must be buttering me up for something.

      1. Badger
        Gee Whiz! I try to say something nice about you and MJ wants to jump me. She will not allow anything to be said about anyone if she thinks it might be bad.

        1. MJ is my friend. So are you. But, as much as you pull my lanyard, it did sound a bit odd to hear you say all those very nice things. Nobody in here is that flattering about anybody. 7 compliments followed by “many other good traits”. Say what? My own mother never strung that many compliments together on my behalf. If you meant it I appreciate it. If you need a loan, I’ll still have to charge usury rates.

          1. Badger
            Maybe I did over do it but in the scheme of things, it was meant as a compliment. I am sorry you thought it might be something else. Not meant to be that way. I tell ya though, I never thought I would have such a problem with the comment. I have MJ offended for whatever the reason and you thinking I meant something I did not. Man, life is too short.

          2. No problem pack. You were one of the first to welcome me back after the….. incident. I won’t forget that. Even when you’re getting on me I don’t take it personally cuz I know where you are coming from. I appreciate the compliments.

            Kershaw skipping rehab start. He’ll go tomorrow.

            Oregon State plays the game right. They don’t chase, they move runners, keep the line moving and play good D. They did have a base running gaff, but got it going again quickly.

      2. I always respect your perspective and out look Badger. I also think this team has a ton of flaws. Unlike you I am not as optimistic about their chances to even make it to the playoffs.

        1. I agree with most all Your takes Bear. You know what we most disagree about, but it doesn’t get in the way of conversation.

          If the team played the Astros again now, the result would be the same only in fewer games. In October? Who knows. A lot can happen between now and then.

          1. Yeah a lot can happen. Maybe the squirrel can regain his stroke, Hill actually WIN a couple of games, Wood rediscover the strike zone, Baez sent packing somewhere else, Buehler and Kershaw healthy, Turner back to being Turner, Taylor and Bellinger actually strike out less and hit the ball more. Someone actually pitching well enough to be the BRIDGE to Jansen. Someone steps up and becomes the REGULAR 2nd baseman and no more Forsythe or the who gets to play there today twins. But other than that, this team is poised for the playoffs………….NOT. They will have to make a serious run at overtaking the D-Backs to even get there, because at this point they are not even close to being one of the wild card teams, and they only have 7 games left with Arizona, and Goldschmidt is back at being Goldschmidt.

          2. Damm, when you put it that way it sounds like a steep hill to climb.

            There are only a few NL teams I think can outwin us. Obviously the Cubs and Nats are very good. I also think the Brewers and dbacks are contenders. The Braves? Maybe, but the real threats, in my opinion are the two favored to win the East and Central. There are 3 teams in the AL I think can beat us in 7. Yankees, Astros and Red Sox.

            Things can of course still evolve toward unexpected outcomes. Deadline and commitments. At the moment we are +1500 (+1000 in some boards) with 7 (5 on a few boards) teams having better odds.

  12. Thank you Scott. Much appreciated. Yes nops ups are showing up everywhere. See what I did there. Do a go fund me page and I will donate the first $20. Seriously

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