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Boomtown Brewery Hosting Dodgers Opening Day Event

Boomtown Brewery

With opening day approaching quickly, there are many Dodger friendly locations that offer great food and drinks with a great atmosphere to hang out and watch the games. Some even offer ticket giveaways and prizes as well. One such place is the Boomtown Brewery located in downtown Los Angeles.

Boomtown is having a massive event on opening day which is March 29th. Opening day is a celebration of the beginning of a new baseball season. Of course it should be a national holiday with all businesses and federal agencies shutting down….except for Boomtown. The Dodgers will be home on that day taking on the hated Giants while they try on their National League Championship rings.

The Boomtown Brewery will be open early starting the festivities at 11AM. There will be food vendors there serving up some great eats. In addition fans will be able to watch the Dodgers/Giants game on a big screen projection on the wall of the building. Of course there will be plenty of tasty craft beer to guzzle down while you watch the game.

There will also be a ticket raffle giveaway as well. The event will run from 11 AM – 8 PM and the event is free to all fans. Boomtown is also a hop, skip and jump away from Union station too. That way you can catch the Dodger shuttle and not miss a pitch. You can find more information about the event at the link below. Also included is Boomtown’s twitter link @Boomtownbrewery and website. Don’t miss out!

Location: 700 Jackson St. Los Angeles

Event Info

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

28 thoughts on “Boomtown Brewery Hosting Dodgers Opening Day Event

  1. We will learn a lot about Forsythe when he comes back. If he goes into another slump I think we need major changes at second and CF once Turner gets back.

    Guys who can perform under pressure don’t let physical discomfort get to them long term. They adjust to the aches and pains.

    1. YF

      That is my issue with Forsythe.

      If it was the injury at the beginning of the season, and going out, why didn’t he have any trouble hitting lefties, especially since he saw far more righty pitchers.

  2. Venditte got sent down. That’s too bad.

    One good news is they are apparently teaching Joc to play first base. This is an excellent idea. Now all we need is to teach Grandal How to call pitches, game plan and block balls in the dirt like a catcher. (Sorry couldn’t resist.)

    1. You forgot to mention that they need to increase Grandal’s speed so he can retrieve passed balls from the backstop quicker.

    2. Venditte is going down to get innings….in my book that means they think he can be a long man or a spot starter. Garcia will go down too. What irks me is keeping Pederson over Toles who is doing pretty well coming back.

  3. Well Scott, I hope they all have a good time. Personally I think beer and a steering wheel are a bad combo. 40 years over the road taught me that. But beer and baseball is the same as apple pie and ice cream. They just naturally go together.

  4. I’m in Tustin with a busy day planned. Was in Laguna Woods yesterday. Big march scheduled on the beach there in Laguna this morning. I’ll miss it. Anybody attending rallies today? I know beer is big here, anti gun rallies maybe not so much.

    News I read said Forythe ok. Any news to the contrary?

    Ok, brefas’ with the in-laws.


    1. Forsythe is ok. Just precautionary. Marches to end gun violence all over the place….problem with that is the people who are homicidal do not care. No matter how many gun laws you enact, you are not going to stop someone who really wants to kill from getting a weapon. The only way to do that, or think you are accomplishing that is to disarm the entire population……that solves nothing and is not allowed by the constitution. You can still be killed by other means…you ban guns and you solve nothing…….people can still build bombs from stuff available at a hardware store and they can learn how on line. Marching is great and raising the awareness level is fine, but it will not solve a damn thing.

        1. MJ, where anywhere in that statement do you see me advocating automatic weapons? In the first place, automatic weapons are already illegal in the US. You cannot buy military grade auto weapons in the first place. You cannot buy an M-4 or and M-16. Those are military weapons. An AR-15 is the civilian version of the M-16 without the automatic capability, It fires as fast as you pull the trigger. Now some people have converted these weapons. Does anyone need one? No. Do they have the right to own one? Yes. I have seen AK-47’s, a Soviet weapon for sale. Easy to acquire and pretty deadly. No one needs an AK either. What is as plain as the nose on anyone’s face, and what most people fail to realize is that gun laws are not working, and criminals do not obey them anyway. The people who commit these crimes have serious mental issues. Confront the mental issues. Strengthen the back ground checks and keep weapons out of the hands of those who have a history of mental problems and those who display aggressiveness against society. You want the killing to stop? Put armed security and detectors in the schools. These kinds of people are basically cowards and would not go up against a school or workplace that has armed security. Even with that, you are not going to stop someone who is that determined from even trying. I have weapons. They are all legal. I have never fired on in anger and I hope I never have to. And even though none of mine are so called assault weapons, they will kill someone just the same. A determined person, even with a handgun that is perfectly legal can get off a lot of rounds in a very short period of time. My shotgun holds five rounds and I can get them off in about 15 seconds.

          1. It is WAY PASSED time for common sense legislation on the sale and ownership of assault rifles. No one has any idea how many of these weaoons are in circulation, and that is intentional. By law, the government isn’t allowed to gather that metric and put it in a modern, searchable electronic database. And those lobbyists at work to see to it we never know have legislators in their back pocket. We have been stupid about this issue long enough. Hopefully the children will get this done because the adults clearly haven’t been able to.

          2. That is obvious Badger. I think that the kids have the right idea if done right, but not the power at this point….too many old old old men in office…AND WOMEN….WHOOPS…..

          3. Michael

            I am not a gun person.

            I was talking about those assault weapons these kids and crazy’s, are using, to kill 16 people, in 5 minutes.

            I just think we are going to need some compromise, by everyone involved, in this discussion.

          4. Any weapon can be an assault weapon MJ if you are using it with the intent to kill. The weapon used was a semi automatic. It is a civilian weapon. I could kill 16 people in 5 minutes with a hand gun. All I would need to do is be committed to the act. It is not the guns fault. It is how it is used. Those weapons were initially designed for home defense. All you need is the will, and the intent. Some weapons can be reloaded very quickly and if you have enough pre loaded magazine’s, you can do a lot of damage like that guy in Denver did a few years ago at the theater. Colorado immediately passed legislation to limit the amount of ammo a weapon like that can hold. Right now that number is 15. They are talking of reducing it to 10. Not that the reduced amount would make that much difference to a committed person with knowledge and skill of reloading quickly and on the move, which seems to be the MO of most of the mass shooters. This is why back ground checks should be more thorough. Extend the waiting time before the person is allowed to pick up the weapon. In California I think it is 10 days. Here in Colorado I can get mine in minutes. There are moves that can be made. Banning the sale of so called assault weapons is possible, but not probable.

  5. About Joc playing first base, why would anyone want Joc to play any position on the field, if he can’t hit?

    And he has not hit in two of the last three years consistently, and once again, he came to spring training with no swing, and he is having trouble hitting!

    1. I have to agree with you there MJ. Why even have the guy on the roster if he can’t hit? And so far that has been the case. They also have a bunch of other guys who can play first including Grandal…who so far is a better hitter than Joc….I can’t believe I just said that…….

      1. Better than Joc?

        Low bar.

        I hope I’m wrong about Pederson but I’ve been saying the same thing about him for two years now and nothing has changed. I think he’s easy to pitch to and ML pitchers are proving me right.

    2. Michael

      That sounds like good ideas, because things are getting out of hand.

      Because every western country in the World don’t have the same problem we have, and the population of crazy people is not any bigger, then in our country.

      1. MJ. In Mexico guns are illegal and their murder rate is astronomical. In Europe they are more at risk to terrorism than we are. Britain has a no gun policy, but they still have murders and have even had their fair share of serial killers. But like I said a person who is willing and committed will find a way. Blame some of it on the collapse of family structure and the fact that kids are basically raising themselves. Especially in one parent homes. I also blame the gangster mentality a lot of these kids get from video games and the music. Rap is especially violent. Now not everyone is influenced, but some of these games are so graphic that the kids are desensitized to violence and blood. Poverty also plays a role. This country has a lot of problems and until social issues are addressed, I see little chance of solving much especially before I am dead and gone.

  6. Here is a list of players already assigned to OKC…P ..17 so far…..Allie, Baker, Broussard, Banuelos, Buehler, Jankowski, Lee, Liberatore, Neal, Owens, Paredes, Ramos, Santana, Sierra, Stewart, Venditte, and Ysla. C. Gale, Zarraga. Inf. Locastro, Mora, Muncy, Peter, Rios, Segedin, Solano. OF, Ramos, Scavuzzo, Taijeron, and Verdugo. With at least 2 more cuts coming…Garcia most likely and Toles at this point.

  7. Looks that way. That is a pretty stacked lineup….as for the Grandal-Pederson thing, I meant so far this spring…..Joc has as much if not more power…just a bad set of mechanics.

    1. Pederson is slugging .298. Grandal.714. They’re both squirrels, Grandal has more nuts. So far anyway. I think it’s a throw up as to who has more worser mechanics.

      1. Precisely….I have had a running argument with a guy on Twitter about the Orioles signing Cobb. He keeps telling me Hill is a much better pitcher and the stats say that is not true. He even tried using the hitting argument that Hill can hit and Cobb cannot. Lame argument since Cobb has exactly 17 career at bats. Hill has exactly 17 career hits in 13 years. Hell Koufax who could not hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle had 75 hits in 12 years and 2 homers….all Hill has mustered is 4 doubles.

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