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Should The Dodgers Bring Back Chase Utley?

Chase Utley

The enormous crater size hole at second base for the Dodgers has been the focal point of discussion for most of the offseason after the Dodgers traded Howie Kendrick to the Phillies for next to nothing earlier in the winter. With the Brian Dozier deal all but dead after the front office has decided to hoard all of their prospects, another season of the .190 hitting Kike Hernandez batting lead-off against every southpaw is looming like a speeding asteroid crashing into Earth. While we all know that the brain trust strangely loves Hernandez’s awful hitting and subpar defense we’re all still holding out hope that the Dodgers will bring in somebody else whether that comes from inside or outside of the organization to fill the second base void.

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That could be veteran Chase Utley. Last winter the Dodgers brought him back on a one-year 7 million dollar contract and he played admirably, spending most of the time at second base going in and out of the lineup for the majority of the season. Utley played respectable baseball proving again that he can still play despite his age.

The 38-year old MLB veteran slashed .252/.319/.396 with 14 home runs in 565 plate appearances. Utley played in 138 games and posted a .716 OPS. That was good for a 95 OPS+ or roughly league average offense. On defense, Utley played 134 games at second base and put up a -3 defensive runs saved rating.

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While Utley hit .273 against right handers, he batted just .154 against left handers. He hit better on the road (.281 .809 OPS) then he did at home (.216 .602 OPS). Utley was a decent lead-off batter hitting .264 and getting on base at a .329 clip. He did quite well when runners were in scoring position, posting an .813 OPS and a .276 (24 for 87) batting average. Utley had just a .194 BABIP against left handers compared to a .320 average against right handers. Perhaps some poor batted ball luck contributed to his poor performance against left handers. Utley has a .797 career OPS against left handed pitching.

Despite going just 3 for 16 in the NLDS against Washington, he came up with a huge go-ahead RBI single in game 4 that helped extend the Dodger’s season. He was 0 for 12 in the NLCS against the Cubs, and had just 3 hits overall in the postseason.

Right now Utley is a free agent, and has had some talks with the Dodgers about returning. Maybe the Dodgers could platoon him with Hernandez or Charlie Culberson? With a good history against left handers and a proven postseason track record, Utley might be worth bringing back on another affordable one-year deal. What do you guys think? Should the Dodgers bring back Chase Utley? Please Vote in the poll above.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

418 thoughts on “Should The Dodgers Bring Back Chase Utley?

  1. As a player? No. As a coach? Yes.

    Look at that slash line. Most of that was put up before before June.

    FAZ has traded for and signed a substantial group of second baseman from which to choose. Let’s see why they did that. If they screwed it up, then we can move to fix it. Maybe, just maybe, they got it right.

    I don’t see it as an enormous crater like hole. I see it as an enormous opportunity for that group of middle infielders waiting for Spring Training. They can now show their worth. May they make it a tough decision for Roberts.

  2. Keith Law rates the Dodgers’ system 5th overall. Really remarkable given Urias and Seager’s promotion and the team being so good.

    It’s a pay article, so I’ll just paste part of the write-up:

    … those teams have been able to focus just on building without having to balance that and contention, but for a team this good to have this kind of star potential in full-season ball is remarkable.

      1. I believe that some lower level minor leagues, and some very young players only play split or partial seasons.

        The Dominican Summer League, the Arizona Fall LEague. Rookie Leagues.

        The Full Season Ball, and again I could be wrong, intimates more developed prospects.

        1. Oh. I think all minor league teams, from A ball up play at least 132 games. AA and AAA play over 140.

          By the way, Law also said this:

          “Los Angeles at this point last year boasted the second-best farm system in baseball per Law, but slipped to fifth in his 2016 midseason update.”

          1. I know, I found that incredible with Urias, Stewart and Seager moving up. Nice time to be a fan. Good minors, good player dev.

            Good times.

          2. Oh. How did you read it? Did you think they should have been higher? The Braves and Yanks really restocked through trades, but I guess the Dodgers could be 3?

            What were you thinking?

          3. YES! You are 100% correct. I forgot that, and Law does mention that as well. But still. Think about losing 6 prospects (7 if you count Toles, which I don’t think you can) and still being top 5 in MLB.

            That’s pretty awesome.

          4. Yeah, we’re in good shape. I hope, for now anyway, we freeze our assets and see how things look in camp. It’s good to be us.

  3. Badger is correct. We have a bunch of guys that have talent; one of them should be able to do the job. We don’t need add any more older vets or utility types. If we upgrade at 2b from the current lot, make it an impact guy. Dozier is impact. I believe profar can be as well. He has insane talent

    Bluto is also correct in that our farm is great and our team is great. Let’s combine the 2 now. Either make our farm #1 or go get some impact studs using our farm to make our big league team # 1.

    as far as today: It’s always a good day when you get to live in America. I know: i was born elsewhere.

    But I’ll just keep it at that and say go Dodgers

    1. Bobby

      It is always going to be good to live in America, and what is happening today, isn’t going to change that, because there are far to many people keeping a close eye on everything, and everyone is ready to make a difference, if anything happens.

      We all can make a difference!

      The only way I would bring back Chase who I love, is to make sure he is told he will only be a bench player.

      I don’t see Chase complaining about not playing, like Howie did, after he was told ahead of time.

      Chase has far more respect for himself, and the game, to pull a Howie!

      He might make a difference on the bench.

      I see that Cuban Fernandez getting a chance to play second, if he shows he can handle second defensively, in spring training.

      He is a leftie hitter, so we will only have to worry about leftie pitchers, if Fernandez can’t hit lefties, but let’s hope he isn’t another platoon bat.

      Fernandez doesn’t have much power, but on this team, we have plenty of different players, that can hit one out, if it is needed.

      Fernandez just needs to make sure he is on base, when someone hits one out.

    2. Well Bobby, according to the 2016 World Happiness Report (yeah, there is such a thing) the United States didn’t make the Top 10. Now why is that? A number of reasons that are obvious, but no need to visit that today, right?

  4. Lots of action in MLB, just none involving the Dodgers. Trumbo back to the O’s. Joey Bats back to the Jays, and Luis Valubuena signing with the Halos. Getting used to this kind of off season with Kinky Friedman. Well my opinion on this particular subject, is do what they do with non-roster guys. Let the candidates fight it out in spring, and may the best man win. Utley did a good job for a while last year, then age caught up with him. We do not need a guy for half a season. We need someone in there every day. Be that a regular guy or a platoon with say Kike and Calhoun, or Taylor and Calhoun. Let the new Fernandez guy have a shot….as long as the guy makes the easy plays and is not a total screw up in the field, he will be as good as we got last year. I would like to see Utley as a coach of some sorts like Manny Mota was for years.

    1. Makes sense to me Michael. We got a large group from which to choose. Fernandez will start in the minors I suspect, but he should hack them up right away. If not, then the pool shrinks by 1, but there is enough competition to drive something to the surface. If they sign another aging vet for that job I’m gonna puke. You brought this group together for a reason. If you go elsewhere for an answer it’s an admission you don’t know wtf you’re doing.

  5. I agree that keeping Utley around as a coach makes sense. I doubt if he wants to be one right now. I wouldn’t give him the position full time and not even as primary backup. I think that leaves him on someone else’s roster. Maybe the Angels, Padres.

    1. I didn’t check that out as I’m not sold on anything from either side of anybody enthusiastic with current politics. And just because I find it difficult to see Trump through a positive lens doesn’t put me in the other camp. Neither are about anything of American greatness regardless of what they tell you.

  6. I’m ambivalent. I didn’t really like bringing Utley back last season, played very good baseball (IMHO) then quickly faded away after a long season. Bringing him back for a few months gives a 2B up to the trade deadline.

    But I’m with Badger. I don’t see 2B as a giant crater. LF is more drepessing. Sans Manny on rhoids, when was the last time we had an everyday right hand hitting LF capable of the 30/100? Sheffield?

    1. Ethier and SVS should give a decent split. Not Manny-like, that’s for sure, but if they both stay on the field all year, it should suffice. We need Puig to step up. He does, we should be a’ight in the outfield. Could even be good out there.

      1. With Toles, Ethier, SVS, and eventually Thompson I think they will be fine in LF. I worry about LF if they can’t upgrade 2B significantly enough. If Puig can maintain his body and not pull a hammy every time he tries to beat out a grounder, he will be plenty good enough in RF.

        1. Hawkeye

          I worry more about what Puig will do at the plate, then anything else.

          His offensive production has went down every season.

          1. I think a healthy and humbled Puig that gives us .280-285 with 15+ Hrs and dozen SB’s while playing great defense is in the cards for 2017

  7. Long time pitching coach Red Adams passed away at the age of 95. Served as pitching coach for LaSorda and in the minors. Mentored guys like Singer, Sutton and Charlie Hough.

    1. Hawkeye

      I sure hope you are right about that.

      It would be nice to see him hit a few more HRs, and get better at the plate, with runners in scoring position.

      When he is playing well, he doesn’t usually pull any stunts.

      He only starts doing that stuff, if he isn’t hitting, or doesn’t have a play, to make one of his great throws.

      He is always a guy I root for, when he is playing the game the right way.

      But when he isn’t taking good at bats, and running in front of Joc, and trying hard to get attention, by doing that other stuff, it gets old fast.

      I hope he can finally start using his good power, to hit to the right side, because when he is doing that, instead of trying to pull everything, he is hitting like he can.

      1. I guess I don’t know what you mean my stunts and other stuff. He always plays hard. If he handles preparation for games and his body he will be fine.

  8. With all the names of 2nd basemen being tossed around for the past few months, let’s add another name to the pile.
    Cesar Hernandez(Phillies). 371 OBP last year, switch hitter, lifetime(362 PA) vs LHP .316 BA. I wonder what it would take to get him?

      1. Scott, I don’t think Kike could be worse than Kike. As a matter of fact I’m certain he has much more talent than he showed this last season. Too much outside of baseball on the kid’s plate. It’s hard to function properly when one gets confused at the pitches life sometimes throws at ya. The interviews and banana suits followed by not performing well might make you want to forget him, but I think that might be the mistake.

    1. Richie

      Hopefully they talked about this player, when they were trying to trade Howie.

      But this was only one year for this player, so you never really know.

      1. He played 155 games. Hit pitching from both sides well. 27 in May. Not a free agent until ’21. 4.4 fWAR for a half million. He and the Phillies are close in arbitration – he’ll get around $2.5 million. Why would the Phillies trade him? Because they got an offer they couldn’t refuse. I don’t see FAZ doing that. I think they would blink on Dozier first.

    2. I think they reportedly spoke about him when the Kendrick deal came around, but as Badger points out why would the Phillies deal him for less than what it would take to get Dozier?

      1. Bluto

        I agree about that, and he wouldn’t be quite the risk Dozier would be, since he has played two seasons in the National League.

        And the National League East, he is facing some tough starting pitching too.

        With what the Mets and Nationals, have in there starting rotation.

        1. Let’s not forget that we are not going to have high draft picks,
          Our young players will be difficult to replace. We can’t even sign international players (apparently). As a matter of fact, I would love if someone could explain the future of finding a Urius out there. What happens? Are you allowed to sign him? Are you required to subsidize Tampa Bay and San Diego? And whatever other losers there are?

          1. Hi Ray,

            So, as best I understand it. The Dodgers, vis-a-vis the new CBA are going to have a hard cap of 4.75mm to spend Internationally. Now this cap should go up with MLB revenues, but let’s just keep it there.

            On top of the cap limitations, the Dodgers can’t sign any intl free agent for more than 300k until 2018. That’s because the team went wild two summers ago.

            Now, if we assume that the future Urias is identical to the one we have on the team, then signing him will be no problem after 2018. Urias signed for $450k, and that is easily slotted in.

            Urias is a good example of why larger market teams should still have an advantage even with the hard cap. The Dodgers can and do spend a fortune on scouting, which should enable them to find and sign the proper players.

          2. Ray

            It looks like the Dodgers have been going for college pitchers more lately, and I don’t think that is a bad idea.

            You can better tell what they are going to be in the major leagues, as compared to high school pitchers.

            The Cardinals haven’t had many problems drafting, and signing good pitchers, even though they continue to win, and they don’t get high draft picks.

            So I don’t see why the Dodgers can’t do the same thing.

            And I do think we have some of the best young pitching, in our minor league system, unlike the Cubs.

          3. MJ, the Cardinals don’t get high picks but they’re given extra competitive balance picks.

        2. I think he would be much more expensive than Dozier. Sorry if that was unclear. I still think Dozier is the ideal fit, but only if the cost is contained.

      2. Dozier hit 42 Hr’s, was 18 out of 20SB’s and is unanimously considered a top 10 second baseman. Hernandez had a nice season but isn’t an established commodity. So Dozier should cost more, but Minnesota is looking to cash in while Philly isn’t so that could bring their respective values closer.

  9. Have Calhoun play when Kershaw is pitching. Kershaw will handle everything up the middle and Calhoun will hit the ball.

  10. It looks like today is going to be every bit as boring as yesterday on this blog. Not blaming the writers here or the blog commenters, the truth is there is simply a dearth of new Dodger information in the media. The news media and sportswriters are suffering too. The Dodgers need to appoint a Director of Fans and Media Information. Yes, I know they probably already have a Media Director, but it doesn’t look like he/she is putting out much information to the News Media, does it? And none at all apparently to the blog writers. How about having all the Media people and Blog Writers on a mailing list for distribution? Then get a short release about what they are doing or hope to do from the Dodger Front Office, FAZ and the other departments every day. Add in some personal items about the players and coaches, what they’re doing in their down time. Any internal thoughts that can be made public… And send that to the Blog Writers and Media every day to stimulate and maintain interest in Dodger Baseball. The stimulated interest should generate a nice return in more ticket sales.

    1. Wondering

      I think it would be great to hear what certain players, are working on, in the off season.

      And it would be good to know if certain players, are playing in one of the winter leagues, and it would be good to see how they are doing, or how they did.

  11. Wonder, the value of this blog is, in my opinion, is contained in the conversation. We lost some very interesting and intelligent posters over the years, two unfortunately will not be back (RIP Lawdog and Roger) but maybe others will return. We as writers can bring whatever we wish to the table here and I think, as long as we don’t have interruptions from those who wish us ill, this is the best place to discuss Dodger baseball.

    To the point about Hernandez – I don’t know the Phillies well enough to know who is behind Hernandez on their depth chart, or for that matter what they think of him. And I don’t have a clue where he falls on the FAZ wish list. It’s just a guess on my part, but a 27 year old arb eligible athlete coming off a 4.4 fWAR year is a guy a rebuilding team would likely want to hang on to. If somebody is interested I’m sure they will answer the phone, but I think the offer had better be a damn good one or the response would be “no thank you, we’ll pay this guy $2.5 million and encourage him to repeat last year’s production. Good luck with those 4 or 5 second baseman you’re trying out. Oh, and we encourage you to add more, like Bellinger maybe, to that Dozier offer. The less we see of your prospects in the future the better we’ll like it”. (I added the last couple of sentences for theater.)

    I’m fine with where we are currently positioned at second base. I would prefer we tell Kíke the position is open, earn it in Spring Training and it’s yours. But, understand this, if somebody plays better over the next 10 weeks, they will get the nod. 10 weeks. Marine Corps boot camp was 10 weeks. We got a lot accomplished in that amount of time. Calhoun has a head start, Taylor and Fernandez want that position too. Let the competition begin.

    1. Considering the lack of Dodger information, talking about other subjects makes all the sense in the world. But some people really resent discussing other subjects, they want to make the same old stale Dodger comments, day after day. If it’s been discussed here before, I see no reason to bring it up again.

      1. Wondering

        It was a very boring day for me yesterday, because it was just cold and raining all day, and on Fridays, I don’t ride my excercise bike.

        I wondered where you were, but I assumed you were having a nice day reading a book, and listening to your music,
        for the day.

        I did get some good news yesterday, when my doctor told the nurses, that have been calling me, to make an appointment to have a colonoscopy, that I don’t need to have one, until next year.

        The the prep for one of those, is never a fun thing to do.

        I wish they could find a better way, to do that job.

        1. It was a very boring day for me too, I kept checking in here to see if anyone posted anything but found little and nothing new. I had the colonoscopy 4 or 5 years ago, the preparation was no fun at all. The place I was sent for it, the doctor (?) does nothing else. He does them two days a week, the rest of the week he just interviews and sets them up. He has this large ward, maybe 30 beds in it, screens around the beds. Patients go in and get undressed and into beds. Someone works their way down the line administering anesthesia, the doctor and assistants follow with the mobile colonoscope, doing the patients like on an assembly line! (Wonder if Henry Ford planned the procedure?) Two hours later the patients wake up, get dressed, leave. Doctor goes to bank with bulging wallet. There are alternative procedures available now but some doctors don’t use them for obvious reasons: Here’s one, Cologuard ( It is highly effective, no discomforting preparation, do it yourself at home, costs about $600 versus $5000 for the colonoscopy, approved by medicare and most insurance companies. You might mention this to your doctor.

          1. I guess every doctor is different. My prep started with no food, nothing but clear liquid after 6 PM Saturday; clear liquid only on Sunday; One gallon of laxative on Monday morning, nothing but water after that till after the procedure Tuesday morning.

        2. Early last year I was scheduled for a colonoscopy and chose not to. As I got a new gastro doctor I stated she’d have a hard sell if she was thinking I needed to have a colonoscopy. She laughed and never brought it up after. If I’m wrong on this issue so be it. I just don’t want my unit tampered with.

      2. I believe civil people can discuss anything, and I know from our personal discussions you feel the same. It’s a question of tone and respect and we’ve seen a lack of that with some people here. I hope that has come to an end.

        It is the off season and often baseball events often slow down. We’ve also had a very bizarre and highly contentious national election that clearly has people at odds. I get that, but I also think no matter the topic, thoughtful people can discuss differences in thoughtful ways. I may be naive in that position, but I intend to be a part of the solution.

        I just read again the DD post about Dodgers and Cubs helping each other out. Seems strange, but, what the heck. De Leon+ for Baez does make sense for both teams. Thoughts?

        1. Wondering

          I am suppose to have a colonoscopy every year, because I have ulcerative colitis.

          People who have that disease, have a fifty percent more chance, of getting colon cancer, then others.

          And because I take pain meds, my digestive tract, doesn’t work as fast, as others.

          I have to go without eating for three days, and like you, on that second or third day, I have to drink that go litely.

          I hate that stuff!

          It makes me want to puke.

          Last year, even after all of that, I was still not cleaned out enough, so the doctor got the rest out, during that procedure.

          I have seen that test that you mentioned, but I think people like me, can’t do that test, because of my risk factor.

          You cracked me up, with the way you described, that S factory!

          Doesn’t that make you wonder, why any doctor, would specialize, in that type of medicine?

          I can just visualize you sitting there waiting, and seeing that long asembly line of people, just waiting for the best time of there life.

          What is funny is, that I was talking to my aunt yesterday, and she said my grand father , actually worked in one of Ford’s factories, before the depression, hit and everyone lost there jobs.

          I bet Ford never pictured a doctor using his concept, in quite this way.

          1. I don’t see how anyone could be a doctor. If you care about people, it must be awful to be around people who are suffering all the time and knowing you can’t help them all. And I don’t believe any doctor starts out in it just for the money. The schooling is incredibly hard and there are easier ways to make money if that’s all you want. I think some doctors over time and stress get to the point they just go through the motions, but they never intended to go that way. I think eventually diagnostic computers will replace doctors. Technicians feed them patient data and the computer diagnoses and prescribes treatment.

          2. If I remember the GoLitely stuff, it pretty much tasted like salt water. I’ve certainly taken worse…

    2. Badger

      There is a good rally in DC today, that was organized by women, and is a rally for women.

      This is how everyone in the country, needs to start doing.

      I haven’t heard the amount of women that are there today, but the crowd looks really big to me.

      Maybe this last election, will get people involved again, and they will be sure to get out there and vote, like you have talked about.

      1. I’m watching it now MJ. Rallies in many cities across the nation. Good for them. Stand up and speak out. This elected president only got 24% of eligible voters approval. The other 76% need to let their voices ne heard. Though I must also say, in all honesty, you don’t vote you get what you deserve. But, at least they are taking notice now!

        1. NO President has ever received over 50% of the eligible voters. Your argument or continuous statement of 24% is truly weak. Based on your artificial argument, Bill Clinton did not even receive 20% of all eligible voters approval in 1992.

          People were not in the streets protesting in 1992. People were not in the streets protesting in 2008 & 2012 after the ‘community organizer’ was elected. First, it was BLM, now the liberal females. Next we’ll have the LGBT community taking to the streets.
          Hopefully Trump will ignore all of these snowflakes as they will all melt away in less than a week.

          Here soon I do expect law enforcement, of which 90% voted for Trump, to begin treating the road blocking, illegally organizing groups as the criminals they are.

          Unfortunately all of these millenials and snowflakes do not understand our system. The vote took place and Trump won the election. The Presidential approval of destructive protest is over.

          1. You missed the point Chili. Over 90 million eligible voters did not vote. I find that alarming. I don’t believe for a second Donald Trump represents the values of a majority of those 90 million that sat on their hands. That is what’s weak. I also find it shameful. And we got exactly what we deserve. God help us.

          2. Missed no point whatsoever. Thats about the same number (within a +/- of 5%) OF EVERY ELECTION, hence the statement regarding Bill Clinton getting less than 20% of all eligible voters approval. Even Obama did not receive 30% of all eligible voters approval.

      2. Wondering

        I got Squirt to drink with that stuff.

        I would drink that stuff, and then Chase it with Squirt.

        They both are kind of salty, and a little sour, so Squirt does a pretty good job masking that stuff.

      1. Spot today is $17.18 per ounce. So $601.30 for the coin. That’s bullion price, it would have a higher collector value.

    1. Wondering

      The Statue of Liberty on the other side of Trump, just doesn’t look right.

      It seems like a big counter diction, to building a wall.

  12. Watford – I’m going to start looking at the UK for a betting line on how long the Donald last… Overs/Unders about 13 months???
    I’m sure he’ll step on his d— big time in the near future with his twitter crapola…

  13. No news on the Dodgers front, and I am not talking politics anymore. Braves close to signing Kurt Suzuki. Dodgers did talk to Texas about Jurikson Profar. Just preliminary stuff, nothing concrete.

    1. Michael

      I’m sorry, I don’t want you to think it is anything personal, to you.

      I agree with what Dodger Digest’s thoughts, were on Profar.

      I don’t think he is a player to bet on, even with his possible upside.

      His has missed to much time because of his injury problems, and the Rangers will probably ask for to much, because they are still going to value him, like he is, still that seem top prospect.

      And prospects have that name for a reason, because even some of the best prospects, are just that, only prospects, let alone a prospect, that has missed so much time, because injuries.

      1. Texas can’t get any true value for Profar if he’s delegated to utility guy. He was the #1 prospect for in baseball. If you read his scouting reports, he is someone the Dodgers should be exploring. His post surgery reports were very similar except he lost some velocity of his throwing arm from shortstop. The Dodgers can’t go into the season with the likes of AAAA players, Culberson or Taylor, playing 2B.

        I do find it interesting if the new Cuban player and Calhoun both wind up at AAA. Calhoun wound need every inning possible to work on his defense.

      2. I never take them as personal attacks. We have differing views. That’s what life is all about. as for Profar, I think the Dodgers are kicking the tires on a lot of things. Personally I think they have enough options in house. Are they good options? Only time will tell. I do think the Twinkies are over valuing Dozier, and I would not trade more than 2 guys for him. The Twins want top prospects for a guy we would only control 2 years. I think they need to develop some talent at that spot on their own. Calhoun has a lot of hitting chops. They need to give the guy a real shot, Taylor might be an alternative too.

        1. I wonder if Culberson is in the mix. Where is he by the way? I hope Taylor surprises, but he’s rather a light hitter.

          1. I believe Charlie will get a look see in spring. He played well last year and is not that bad a player..

        2. Michael, and Hawkeye,

          I believe the Twins are over valuing,
          Dozier too.

          But he is there best player, so I don’t blame them.

          But that is why the Twins are not a perfect trade partner, like some insist.

  14. MJ, revisit your post about your medical efforts yesterday. I posted a response, two actually, that you might find interesting…

    1. Badger

      That sounds good, but we need more balance on the team.

      It is nice to give the starters a blow, but they need to pitch there share , of innings too.

      They can’t put continual stress, on the bullpen, like they did last year.

      These veteran starters, are getting paid, to pitch six and seven innings, every time they start a game.

      But hopefully only one of McCarthy or Kazmir, will be in the
      starting pitching rotation.

    2. That’s the good part of the team’s pitching depth.

      The bad part is the pressure it puts on the gameday and 40 man roster.

      1. I’m still curious – would an extra days rest translate to an extra inning per start? That would go a long way to help ease the stress on the bullpen. As good as our pitching was last year, 5th in ERA, our starters were at the bottom, 29th, in innings pitched. It sure would be encouraging to see them climb up at least to the middle in that stat. Now I don’t know that a 6 man rotation would change a thing. It could be that the guys FAZ put together, which is everyone after Kershaw, are just not that strong. They sure haven’t looked like it, which begs the question – would they benefit from an extra day off? It’s worth asking.

        1. Well Kazmir wasn’t able to pitch well enough, to pitch past five innings, in most of his starts.

          He put to many hitters on base, with walks.

          And they said he had control problems, because he had that condition, but
          he never pitched well, even from the begining of spring training.

          I wonder how many times, was he able to pitch past five innings, last year


  15. Pete – hope you are well.

    Trump is even money, So in other words 50/50 to either be Impeached, assassinated, or resign within the 1st 4 years- which is incredibly short odds.

    I watched the Inauguration yesterday with great interest as I am a massive USA fan.

    On the one hand it was incredible how un Presidential it all was, but on the other hand, you couldn’t help but be taken by the straight talking & Passion that he exuded.

    It is certainly gonna be a very lively & entertaining ride.

    But be sure of one thing – 99% of the worlds’ population would love to be living in your wonderful country, so don’t be embarrassed, we would all love to be in your shoes.

    And you’ve got Baseball

    1. Straight talking passion? That’s what the UK is saying? I think you folks should look more closely at his history.

      We’ll see if he changes, but I don’t expect it. And, let’s see those tax returns. Also, the cabinet he picked? Not exactly a group that has anything in common with the middle class. I’m waiting. Show us what you got Donald. And it begins with those tax returns.

      1. Badger, you probably can’t help it, but you’re sure setting yourself out on a frustrating journey. The “If rape is inevitable…” metaphor could be appropriate here.

  16. How so? We’re stuck with Trump for at least four years. The only alternative was Hillary and she’s not one bit better. But a few of the people stepped forward and put their money on Trump, so be it. Your pointing out his ever mistake as we go forward is not going to change a thing, and you’re going to have the same kind of comebacks as when anyone criticizes FAZ. Waste of time fighting about it, might as well laugh at him and let it go. Nobody wins a fight.

    1. Wondering

      At least she doesn’t brag about sexually assaulting women, or made fun of a disabled man.

      And she didn’t claim
      a Vietnam prisoner of war, isn’t a hero, because he got caught, and was in a Vietnam prison, for six years.

      This stuff is a big difference, but I do understand, where you are coming from.

      1. MJ: “At least she doesn’t brag about sexually assaulting women, or made fun of a disabled man.”

        Oh course not, Crooked Hill was to busy dodging sniper bullets with Chealsea. Oh and handling Bill’s bimbo eruptions.

        You people are HiLLLLLarious, I haven’t stopped laughing since November. Please don’t stop. Trump is the gift that keeps giving and giving.

    2. I’m not fighting anyone here. I was responding to a post.

      Look, I’m one of the 76% of eligible voters that did not vote for that guy. I believe that majority is in shock and will stand up to this kleptocrat. I don’t want to fight anyone and I don’t want to hear the personal snark from you know who, but I will talk with those who wish to talk. Frankly I’m surprised to hear you suggest to remain silent. And for the record, your statement that Hillary is not one bit better is also surprising. I’m not a fan of hers but I believe Trump is the worst candidate for president I’ve seen since I first voted in ’72. We’ll see where this goes, but I am, like the millions you see protesting today, very worried. Maybe this is the wake up call this country needs.

      1. And some of us think ‘she’ was the worse candidate in the past 50 years. Because 70% of all eligible voters did not vote for Obama THEY acted grown up and did not destroy cop cars, break business windows, injure cops trying to keep the peace like the ‘protesters’ of the 2016 election.

        One thing that will need to be done infrastructure wise will be to build additional prisons cause I can see where many folks will end up soon.

        The time of blocking public roads is just about over.

        P.s.– has any of the folks that said they were leaving the country if Trump were elected left yet?

        Or was that just a bunch of hot air once again from that side?

        1. Chili

          I see you didn’t question any of the things, that I said Trump said, because every word is the truth, unlike the other guy, who just makes up stuff, to not look like a fool, for supporting that type of behavior.

          Bottom line, three million more people voted the other way.

          So it isn’t suprising that there were many more people, protesting today.

          And it wasn’t just one group out there today, like you suggested.

          Most women don’t believe, it is ok to sexual assault them.

          Let alone, brag about doing it.

          And most people don’t lean to the left, or the right.

          Usually most people are in the middle, depending on the issue at hand.

          1. I did not comment to your remarks cause I would have to type a book regarding the treasonry Hillary. Not wasting my time. She lost. Good riddance as we’ll never hear from or about the Clintons ever again. If I was President and the first time she opened her mouth, well I would open up the Clinton Foundation investigation that Obama and his cronies covered up. I know a Governor that did less than what she did and is now serving 8-10 years.

            But I’ll keep things simple. Going into this election and every other election for the past 200 years, what is the deciding factor for winning the Presidency? When you research that and understand why that is in place AND the fact that all political parties know the rules beforehand, well then it’s safe to say Trump won and actually won big. Not my fault some of you listened to the Dems and talking heads as most all said that Trump’s path to victory was somewhere between narrow and impossible.

            So has everyone that said they were leaving the country if Trump was elected President left? Should be some nice homes on the market, especially in LA.

          2. Sorry Snowflake but the majority of women do not feel or think like the ones walking the streets today. In fact if you would have listened to CNN today they confirmed that women that are Pro Life were not invited to protest so yes, it was a certain segment of our population unless you believe that pro life females never get sexually assaulted.

          3. Chili, I believe you are being overly optimistic when you say we’ll never see her again. If Trump messes up big time, as many say he will, the backlash could very well sweep Hillary into office in the next election. My God, one of them is not bad enough? That we should have to suffer both of them would be too much.

        2. And by the way, Obama tried to get the infrastructure way, before Trump talked about it.

          It isn’t the only idea he has took from someone else.

          His make America Great, was a slogan he stole from Reagan.

        3. I keep wondering what is going to happen to Hillary for all of the front money (pay for play) she accepted from the Saudis and Qatar, etc. as “Campaign Contributions”… Does she have to return it? And if so, Will it come from the Clinton Foundation?

          1. And your guy has already been accused of using charity money, for his campaign.

            And that investigation isn’t over yet, let alone the Russian connection?

          2. He is not”my guy” nor is she “my gal”. But maybe we’ll get to see her helpless on the AL Jazeera network with some menacing hooded figure and an Isis flag in the background. Crooked crooked

          3. Exactly Melton….all of the libs must have overlooked the meeting that took place between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump after Trump won the election. Bill Clinton was doing some much needed kiss ass so that Trump would not open the Clinton Foundation scandel. I have no idea what was said or agreed upon between the two.

          1. All of our best players with the exception of Gonzalez were not traded for. Trades haven’t worked out in our favor, and I have little to zero faith that that will change.

    1. I believe FAZ is obsessed with Dozier. He might be going through the motions of shopping other players but I believe his eyes are firmly fixed on Dozier. And Minnesota will just sit quietly and let him talk himself into over-paying for him…

      1. Wondering

        I hope not, because I think Dozier would either be a big bust, or a big boom.

        The question is , is four months of Dozier, in two seasons, enough for one of our top pitching prospects?

        I don’t think so, and that is assuming he would have two seasons, like he had last year, and that is very unlikely.

        I don’t think he makes the difference that will help the Dodgers win the World Series, so I say no.

        Everyone says we have so much depth in right hand starting pitching, that it is ok to trade one of our top pitching prospects.

        But the fact is not all of our pitching prospects, will become good major league pitchers, so we really don’t know how much real depth, that we have in pitching.

    2. Melton

      Don’t worry about it, I have no problem sparing with you.

      It is just that this guy isn’t the same.

      You saw that he was taking Russia’s side instead of the CIA, and then he blamed the media, for reporting his tweets.

      This guy’s father got a lot of political help for him, in Manhattan NY.

      He isn’t a politician but most of the ground he got early in his career, was because of his fathers connections, with politicians.

      What I am saying is almost all of these politicians have got money, just like the Clintons, and they are far not the worse, in that area.

      The Supreme Court has already ruled on that stuff, and that was before the Clintons were ever brought up.

      I am just saying that Trump has said a lot of stuff, to offend everyone that is upset, and that is why there is so much discourse.

      I’m sure no one here would want him to do and say what he did about, that entertainment reporter, to there mother, there sister, there daughter, or there wife.

      And when he said what he did, about a prisoner of war, when he has never served, that is terrible, especially when he is the age he is, because he should have had to go to Vietnam.

      But I love my Dodgers too!

  17. MJ: “And that investigation isn’t over yet, let alone the Russian connection?”

    Yes I agree, we NEED an investigation to find out if Putin hacked” the election.

    If Putin gave Wikileaks, Podesta’s emails, exposing some of Crooked Hillary’s many crimes and Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz’s emails showing how she and Crooked Hillary cheated good old Bernie. Give him the Nobel Peace Prize!!!! If true, Putin was merely doing the job the Lame Stream Media wouldn’t. Good job Vlad!

      1. Me too MJ!

        There once was an old crook named Hillary
        She drank like she lived in a distillery
        She drained the whole jug
        ….then lied like a rug
        And soon she will be locked up in a pillory

  18. Chili: “P.s.– has any of the folks that said they were leaving the country if Trump were elected left yet? Or was that just a bunch of hot air once again from that side?”

    Ha Ha Ha, don’t know of any leaving yet. I think maybe many of the libtards are hanging around Madonna’s house thinking she will pay up.

    Today the hag was threatening to blow everybody up at the White House. She is as delusional as the libs on this board if she thinks ANYBODY in the Trump administration would want her touching them.

    When the libs get down and go low, we go high!!!

    1. Lol…I had seen that regarding Madonna. I know for a fact that the Secret Service is following up on a few folks (ladies in this case) that through Twitter and Facebook have made statements of taking out the President. I would expect Madonna will soon have some folks at her door. Lets see if she keeps running her mouth.

      1. Chili

        If that is true, that isn’t America!

        We have a right to speak out!

        And I am still waiting for your guy to lock Hillary up.

        That was one of his many promises!

        1. Speak out…ok. Threatening to kill the President or to blow up the White House, not so much. Here ya go. These are not Laws created by Trump…..

          ‘Threatening the President of the United States is a class E felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. … The maximum penalty for threatening a United States judge or a Federal law enforcement officer is 10 years imprisonment — double the maximum penalty for threatening the President.’

          1. Come on Chili. I heard what she said, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as those ignorant crackers who threatened “second amendment remedies”. Women are pissed because there is a narcissistic pu**y grabbing misogynist in the White House. Give them some time, they’ll get used to the idea.

          2. Chili

            All I heard her say, was FU.

            And although I do like Madonna, that wasn’t the right way, to make the point.

            The women callling themselves nasty, was a better way, by turning Trump’s own words, against him, and using his words, as a word, to take power back, for women.

          3. LIKE I SAID – I DID HEAR IT!!

            Capitals for emphasis because I already told you I heard it.

            Blowing up the White House isn’t a direct threat to the President. Blowing up Trump Tower would be though. He will spend more time there.

            This is pointless Chili. Give it up.

          4. Then maybe…..I was responding to someone else’s comment. Don’t recall saying ‘Badger’ this is for you.

            All you have to do is read the comment below yours, here I’ll help you…..


            All I heard her say, was FU.’

            That is whom I was responding to and felt the need to post the actual words spoken.

            So defensive.

            Pointless? Well the Secret Service will be paying her a visit.

            Lets see how many more times she threatens to blow up anything in or associated with the White House.

          5. I read it differently. I think EVERYONE is upset at Washington’s inability to get things done that will help ALL Americans and she was just using the White House as a point of reference. I think this akin to “drain the swamp”.

  19. Speaking of voting, looks like no love for Kike. Not one vote for him. Come on Kike talk about all the benefits of giving you the position. Couldn’t hurt.

      1. MJ, every day is a day for women. You say whatever you want. There are those, a majority by the way, who agree with you.

  20. So much hate and misinformation. Fake news will contribute to the undoing. It is very sad to see all this happening.

    Football today. Distractions might help.

    1. Cry us a river will you?

      Yes, go on home and watch some football. In case you didn’t notice Madonna is in D.C. Just between you and me, your going to have about as much luck getting her to pay up as you did standing in line for a refund on your Dbag season tickets.

      By the way, Fake news ALREADY did contribute to the undoing!

      1. Boxout

        When you say the crazy stuff that you do, it takes away any credibility that you have.

        But sometimes you can be very entertaining.

    1. Wondering

      I know most politicians are a like, and because of that, you don’t trust any of them, but I wondered what you thought about Jimmy Carter, as a man?

  21. MJ, I will be rooting for GB and any Pitt, but if I had money on it, which I dont, i would bet against me. Oh, ignore Catbox. He’s just trying to disrupt the board.

    Wonder, fwiw, I’m selfish. Trump is be snapping (good start yesterday). I’m guessing catbox is “all of the above”.

    1. Badger

      Did you see another young pitcher died in a car accident in the DR.

      It was the Royals pitcher Ventura.

      He throw a very good fastball, and it looked like he did it, effortlessly.

      He had some fights, with the Orioles.

      And he throw at Manny Machado last year, and because of that, Machado went out after Ventura, and there was a team brawl, because of it.

    2. Here’s another Pisces Horoscope:
      PISCES (Feb. 19 – Mar. 20) – You have a vivid imagination and often think you are being followed by the FBI or CIA. You have a minor influence over your friends and people resent you for flaunting your power. You lack confidence and are generally a coward. Pisces people screw small animals and pick their noses a lot.

      Mark would probably think that one true. Anyone else want a reading?

  22. Damn, Oscar and Scott, when politics creeps up on this board, you two go disappear quite easily

    Maybe you two actually want politics on this board? I don’t know

    As far as today goes, Go Pats (gross, but I hate pitt), and go Atl (as a Bears fan, can’t root for gb)
    However I could easily see GB and Pitt winning. Should be 2 great games today

    1. What they want is people reading and posting. No posts, no income. I probably hate politics more than you do, but I’d rather see people post, even if it’s politics. Tell jokes, war stories, post family pictures, whatever. The Dodgers aren’t giving you a thing to work with…

      1. It’s about traffic, not necessarily posts. Just click on it and it’s bank. A Washington Post article recently reported those who run the fake news sites make as much as $10,000 a month and they openly admit it’s done because Americans are incredibly gullible and they all have computers. We’re a nation of morons so click on “FBI AGENT SUSPECTED IN HILLARY EMAIL LEAKS FOUND DEAD IN MURDER SUICIDE” (500,000 shares) gets dumb f&$*s all lathered up and makes some clown in Macedonia thousand$. What a world.

        Should the Dodgers sign Utley? How many visits on this? No they shouldn’t, yes they should, who knows who cares how in the world does he solve our hitting lh problem good lord the man is 50, let him play golf or bring him in as a coach but if you’re gonna sign or trade for a half dozen second baseman USE ONE OF THEM, don’t sign grandpa then work to convince us he’s not same sh*t different year……….

        I need some herbal tea.

    2. Bobby,

      What would you like us to do? Start banning people? I don’t see a problem if guys want to talk politics on this blog as long as they do it respectfully. Without name calling or cursing.

  23. Really strange that two ball players die in car accidents in the Dominican. Yordani Ventura and Andy Marte who used to play for the Indians. Always sad to see them die young.

    1. Michael
      Did you see the sight of the accident?

      I haven’t, but it did say it was a terrible accident.

      That is the third player from DR, in the last three, or four years.

      Remember the Cardinals lost one of there top prospects, that way too.

      I haven’t seen our top Cuban pitching prospect, pitch, but they say he hits close to 98 very freely, and that reminds me, of how Ventura pitched.

      Ventura was a very slim pitcher, and he didn’t look real big to me, but he throw at that type of velosity, very freely, like our Cuban pitching prospect is suppose to throw.

      1. Did not see the pictures. Unlike the accident in the boat that killed Fernandez, rarely do you see pictures of accidents from other countries unless someone takes a picture on a cell phone. I think the Cuban you are referring to is Alvarez. He is supposed to have nasty stuff. Having that kind of velocity is great if you have the control to go along with it. Koufax, when he first came up probably was in the high 90’s most of the time. Problem is he was over throwing the ball and because of that he was very wild. That got corrected in a spring training B game he started. Norm Sherry, Larry’s brother. was catching that day. He told Sandy to quit trying to strike every body out and just play catch with him. The rest is history. PS to that story. He was almost traded that off season to the Yankees for Elston Howard, but the Yankee owner nixed the deal. Probably costing the Yanks a couple more world titles in the process. PS, you asked Badger about Jimmy Carter as a person. Jimmy was a nice man. Way too nice to be president, and that made him weak in the eyes of our enemy’s. One reason the Iranian’s did not released the hostages until after Reagan took office.

        1. Michael

          Yes that pitching prospect.

          I totally agree with you, about Carter.

          I think he has been the one president, that truly was a good man.

          But like you said, the enemy didn’t take him seriously.

          I still think there is a lot more, then we really know, about the hostages being released, at that precise time.

          But Carter did serve his country during World War Two, unlike a few of our later presidents, that never served.

          1. Michael

            But it figures with Carter, because he comes from the greatest generation, in our country, and those were some young men, that helped defend, and built our country.

          2. Bush Sr. served in the Navy during WWII. He was a pilot and was shot down. Luckily he was picked up by a US Navy ship and not the Japanese. Most of the documents concerning the release of the hostages have been released. The deal was they wanted the Shah sent back to stand trial. We refused because the man was dying. He was being treated for cancer in New York I think. Reagan did not serve, nor did Clinton. Clinton went to Canada to avoid being drafted. One reason I have zero respect for the man. George W. Bush served in the Air National Guard. He flew F-102 Convair’s. George H.W. Bush was shot down during a mission over Chichijima. An island close to Iwo Jima. He was rescued by the submarine Finback, which was what was called a lifeguard sub. Job was picking up downed pilots. His gunner bailed out, but his chute did not open

      2. I’ve spent some time in some of these countries including the Dominican. I do remember leaving Santa Domingo seeing a burning little car and later seeing a dead horse. The next day I saw the burnt car with the charred remains of a human in the front seat and the bloated horse. Not a lot of respect for life down there. Spanish Nationals own everything and treat the Dominican’s like filthy little creatures. When they drive their big SUV’s down the road, people better get out of the way

          1. I would also take any story out of the Dominican with a grain of salt.
            I grew up in the Cigar business. You can tell when their lying.
            (they make sounds)

  24. When did you get your first computer and how old were you?
    It was February of 1999 and I was 58 years old. I took an evening computer class at a local school. I was probably the youngest person there, other than the instructor. It was torture. As simple as it is, he couldn’t have pounded it into most of those people in a lifetime, same people who couldn’t program VCRs. Very few people finished the six sessions. I bought my first computer at Sears after several weeks of shopping. Most computers had RAMs of 32 MBs, a few at 64 MBs and the one I bought at 128 MBs. Can you imagine? Now all my computers have RAMs of at least 4 GBs! The hard drive was all of 8 GBs! And it cost almost $2000 with the printer and separate scanner. Within 6 months all the big electronic stores had free computers if you signed up to buy Internet Service from them for a year, and computer prices were down to around $400. I’ve always had great timing like that… Computer hard drive collapsed in two years but I had already ordered a newer better one from Dell. And so it began…

    1. ’96. Forget what it was as it belonged to the lady of the house. My first venture into chat rooms was on a WebTV unit. Never took a class, though I know I should have done so.

    2. 1999. I was 51. My daughter kept bugging me to get one so I bought a HP from Wal-Mart. Had 264 MB of storage. Nothing like the computers today. That thing was so slow. Big monitor. When I started driving across country again, I just used the ones you purchased minutes with in truck stops. The two I have now, laptop is a Dell and PC is HP. Dell has 6 gigs of memory and this one has a 22 inch monitor. Actually my monitor is the TV I used to have in my rig. 22 inch Vizio. Started a repair class years ago, but it was so boring I quit.

  25. Football playoffs…..oh, yeah. I have no dog in the fight nor money on the line today. But I do think the league/networks are wanting GB to win. GB and either of the other 2 would prob be good for ratings so Atlanta might have their work cut out for them.

    1. Though I hear Rodgers has disengaged from all things Chico, I’m still going for the Packers. I’m Badger, of course I’m going with the Wisconsin team. What do I know or care about Atlanta. It’s enough that it’s in Georgia. And I root for anyone playing Gnu Inglin.

      1. When I was young my father got me to be a Redskins fan, when Allen was the coach, and they were the called, the over the hill gang.

        Didn’t Billy Kilmer play sports in high school, in Covina?

  26. I’m reading a book named Super Cool: One Marine’s Fond Memories Of Viet Nam. The author served in Nam and later became a jeweler. Here is a link ( to a video of two men trying to rob his jewelery store. He shot one and drove off the other who was soon captured. The book is darned interesting and the author donates all proceed from sales to helping Disabled Veterans. It’s available at Amazon.

  27. Here’s Obama’s legacy…..

    ‘Democrats are down to 192 members of Congress. Under President Obama, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats. That’s some legacy.’

    There are ONLY 4 states today (since the November election) that have both Democratic majority #’s in the state legislative body and a Democratic Governor. In contrast after the November vote, the Republicans control both the state legislature and the governship in 25 states.

    For those that can’t comprehend, the Democratic Party was stronger before Obama became President.

    The ‘unifier’ has only unified the people to put Republicans in office throughout the country.

    1. Pendulum will swing. Hillary got nearly 3 million more votes, 90 million stayed home, women are pissed, minority’s are pissed, things will change. This is a wake up call.

      1. Glad you can speak for ALL women but all the ones I know and was in communication with said that the few women marching yesterday did not represent them. Tell them to keep marching and wearing their p—y hats and vagina costumes cause that will only persuade many others to vote opposite of that. How about planning another march next month? It’s fun to watch the media climaxing. The same media that has no clue.

        But yeah, the Democratic Party can’t go anywhere but up after the last 8 years.


            Or have family responsibilities (it was a school day and parents need to be home for their children) unlike the many dikes marching yesterday.

            I, for one had to work. There were millions others just like me.

            Do you want me to tell you why Obama had so many folks at his inauguration?

          2. No, most of the “majority” that drove Trump are the under-employed, non-college educated people who have been killed by the WTO and NAFTA.

            I’d guess so many people attended Obama’s inauguration because they were excited about it?

            It’s not easy to travel to and afford Washington DC

  28. Here’s Obama’s legacy…..

    ‘Democrats are down to 192 members of Congress. Under President Obama, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats. That’s some legacy.’

    There are ONLY 4 states today (since the November election) that have both Democratic majority #’s in the state legislative body and a Democratic Governor. In contrast after the November vote, the Republicans control both the state legislature and the governship in 25 states.

    For those that can’t comprehend, the Democratic Party was stronger before Obama became President.

    The ‘unifier’ has only unified the people to put Republicans in office throughout the country.

    1. This is true, irrefuteable and an accurate result of the Democrats ignoring state-level politics.

      However, it bears mentioning that the states that drive the nation’s economy are, with the exception of Texas and its fossil fuels, resoundingly blue.

      1. Bluto

        You are so right.

        And California is more like a country, as compared to most of the states, that Trump won.

        And although Trump took Hillary in the state she is from, it wasn’t by much.

        In NY Trump lost, so the people who know him best, didn’t vote for him.

        And he lost by a lot.

        I think there will come a new party out of this.

        I am going to call it the pink lemonade party.

      2. Wrong. Unless you think California, Oregon, Hawaii and Rhode Island produce more than the other 46 states (of which are either split or Republican controlled).

        ‘There are only four states with Democratic governors and legislatures; it is true that these include one of our most populous states (California), but the majority of Americans live in states in which there are Republican trifectas or veto-proof legislative majorities.’

        1. Hi Chili,

          I’m not wrong. New York City, Chicago, MIami, Austin, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley.

          These are the economic drivers of the country. You took it to a state or legislative level, which is different from economic.

          I don’t think you would dispute that urban centers, where populations are concentrated, tend progressive while rural areas trend conservative (or, I guess, populist.)

          At least I don’t think you would.

          And, for the record, I don’t think it’s healthy. To have a fundamental difference between those driving the economy and those driving the political direction. But I don’t have solutions for that.

          1. You are correct. The large cities lean heavily Democratic, therefore those states traditionally vote Democrat. As you understood, I was just pointing out that despite these large populated cities, some of those states either have a Republican Governor or one of the legislative branches (or both) are under Republican control and that is by that states citizens. I understand what your implying about the cities you mentioned but there is so much more out there effecting the GDP. The plains area of the midwest (Iowa, Illinois and Indiana) feeds the world. You got the coal mining industry in West Virginia. Detroit still produces the most vehicles in this country. There are Toyota/Nissan/Honda/Subaru, etc auto plants throughout the midwest and southern states. The oul industry is large in Texas’ 3 largest cities Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. North Dakota is now producing a lot of oil. The large mining trucks, as well as agricultural and new development construction equipment (i.e. CAT, John Deere, Komatsu) are primarily mfg in Illinois and none are housed in Chicago (with exception that CAT has one large plant in a suburb). My point is that there is a lot more effecting the GDP than the few areas you mentioned. I’m not bashing your comment because those places are ‘drivers’ but in many cases that is because a lot of product is passing through California, Florida, Chicago and New York with destination points elsewhere.

          2. A few problems.

            1. California is the top agriculture producing states, but it’s followed by the midwest as you point out.

            2. Coal is on the way out. Not only because it’s bad for the environment, but because Natural Gas is cheaper and more efficient.

            This leads me to my next point.

            Natural Gas production? Not that many people as you’d think. That goes double for car plants. It’s more and more automated every day.

            This is the problem I have with the “populist’ movement these days. There are no answers or solutions for getting jobs back for the people who worked in mines, or built stuff. Those cars are either overseas or automated.

            I guess you could say some of those other factors (outside of fossil fuels, which are huge (and environmentally dubious)) impact GDP, but not much. Not anymore.

            Again, I’m not saying this is good. It’s not.

        2. Chili

          California probably has a bigger economy, then any other state.

          And California pays for other states, education, and for other things.

          If that is the case, why did he lose, by three million votes.

          It isn’t about the area or land, it is about people.

          And I bet that electoral votes, won’t be the way, an election is won anymore, in the future.

    2. The crackers united. Good for them. Organized intolerance. It’s a beautiful thing.

      You really want to do this Chili?

      1. Badger

        I think we may not have to wait for another four years, to get a new president.

        But the guy below him, is no jewel either.

        The people from Pence’s former state, would have never put him in office again.

      2. Do what Badger? Please be descriptive. I can’t read your mind.

        And calling people crackers. Your really classy. You’ve lost this debate/discussion and you do what all dems do, start with the name calling.

        Sorry the facts got in the way of your narrative.

        1. Do what?

          Facts? You’re (not your) not dealing in facts. You have your narrative that supports your argument and facts about the last 8 years are not part of it. The truth is a lot got done after the war lords Bush and Cheney left town. Jobs? The hemorrhaging of lost jobs was stopped. Did you have any money in the market? It tripled if you did. Health care for 20 million, stimulus, Wall Street Reform, ended the Bush mistake in Iraq, including getting bin Laden, another thing Bush left undone, turned the auto industry around, passed credit card reform, repealed don’t ask don’t tell, rescued banks at no cost to the government, told Mubarek to go, reversed Bush torture policies, vastly improved Americas image abroad, expanded Pell Grant Spending, increased support of veterans, tightened sanctions on Iran, empowered the EPA, expanded stem cell research, signed FDA Food Modernization Act, achieved a new START treaty, expanded Wilderness and Watershed protection, gave FDA power to regulate tobacco, invested heavily in renewable technology…. shall I go on? The list is long and would be longer if he hadn’t been stonewalled by Congress. So, you see, it wasn’t as bad as you remember it.

          You don’t approve of racists being called crackers. Ok, out respect for your tolerance of racists, I will not call them crackers anymore.

          Do that.

          This nonsense will end soon. I know your mind won’t be changed, but please don’t say facts don’t enter the narrative. They just did.

          MJ, to your point. I don’t anticipate this current president will make it 4 years. You say it will be his ego, I say ethics will bring him down.

          1. Obviously I could counter argue most all of those points but the bottom line is that during his time as President, the Democratic party has taken a beating in the polls by the citizens of this country. And every state Obama campaigned in on behalf of Hillary, she LOST. As some of the talking heads said later, that probably wasn’t a good move. You probably believe the polls that show his inflated approval rating. Guess what, those polls are wrong too.

          2. Obama’s approval rating is around 65%. It’s Congress people hate. And, there still are those 2,900,000 votes that separated Hillary and the Donald. (48.2% to 46.1%). Trump approval rating is around 40%. I think the people of America are more progressive than they are retrogressed.

            But who knows. Maybe the billionaire non tax paying boys club that is our president and his cabinet will be the answer to all that ails us, though Bloomberg does say things are much better than they usta was. I could give you their stats…… but, maybe it’s time to move on. Spirited debate, it’s been fun.

    3. Chili

      I wish I could say the same thing, about Bush, who destroyed this country’s economy, and Trump is doing the exact same plan, that Bush did for the economy.

      Trump is giving all of his Rich buddies a big tax cut, much like Bush, and the money never seems to ever trickle down, to the middle class people, or to the people, even lower.

      And Trump has already talked about oil, so I hope he doesn’t send our young people to war.

  29. Michael Norris
    January 22, 2017 at 1:36 pm
    Bush Sr. served in the Navy during WWII. He was a pilot and was shot down. Luckily he was picked up by a US Navy ship and not the Japanese.

    Lucky for whom?

    1. George Sr was not a bad president. I would have actually voted for him again but I thought he made a HUGE mistake not going into Iran during the first gulf war. I thought they should have deposed Saddam right then and there. But that’s just me. And since it was a war, I am pretty sure his family was happy about it. He was at one time the youngest pilot in the Navy. I admire those who have served and served proudly. What ever he accomplished after that is gravy. There have only been 45 presidents in the country’s history. So give the man his due. It takes a lot of guts to pilot a torpedo bomber like the old Avengers. They are slower than Gonzo. And very easy to shoot down.

      1. You’re not the only one that thought he quit too soon in Iraq. Here’s Bush and his crew in front of their plane, and Bush being rescued by the submarine.

      2. George Sr mistake was saying ‘read my lips, no new taxes’ and then signed off on new taxes. Didn’t get my vote the 2nd time. Mr. Ross Perot got it.

          1. Melton

            Those school lunches were not that good.

            You probably didn’t want to eat those lunches, anyways, did you?

            I sure didn’t like them much!

          2. Paid for along with everything else, our national credit card that Obama promised not to further abuse

          3. MJ
            and by the way…I grew up being locked up. Started out for protective custody when I was in grammar school. All my mother had to say in those days was “don’t you tell me how to raise my son”. Went to school one day and some detectives took me to juvenile hall. In and out of trouble until my father finally stepped up and put me in a boarding school run by clinical psychologists. The story continues, I am not a burden to taxpayers nor have I ever been. Hell, I remember getting my ass kicked when the bill for Juvenile hall came. Crappy lunches

          4. Melton-

            Definitely sounds like your boyhood was very difficult (and that is probably an understatement).

            From a distant ‘stranger’ allow me to say ‘Congrats for getting to where you’re at today.’ Not knowing your age, hopefully you’ve had the chance to give someone a better childhood than what you had. Sometimes that is a blessing in itself.

  30. Alex Anthopoulos was on Dodger Talk with the insufferable host Vassegh (did I properly spell that?)

    Interesting points were tough to find, but he did intimate that the Dodgers are very happy with Avilan, Ravin, Dayton and Fields contributing to support Jansen in the pen.

    I am not sure if this is hopeful or informed thinking, but think it’s probably the latter given his role.

    1. It is likely what anyone would say about an employee, especially if you might be trading those players at some future date. “When their lips move…”

    2. With all those former GM’s in the FO it is hard to remember how to spell any of their names. And yeah, Vassegh is a real nimnul….

        1. More of a smile. I just think that AA is in a difficult position. Obviously I don’t know the true heirarchy in the FO but I think it would be tough to speak like a GM and not be the GM. Maybe he is laying some ground work for future endeavors.

    3. Melton

      I was joking with you.

      I don’t know how the deficit is going to be paid, or brought down, with the huge tax breaks, given to the one percent rich people.

      Trickle down has never worked.

      Our economy today, is much better, then when Obama took over.

      1. Melton

        I was in a very bad car accident when I was 24, where my pelvis was shattered, my hip socket was broke off, and I broke everyone of my ribs, among other minor things.

        And the trucker that was 100 percent at fault, had no insurance, and he killed three people, and critically injured three people too.

        I was critically injured, and I was in the hospital in traction, for a month.

        I was a grocery checker at the time.

        After being down for over a year, because of my injuries, I went back to work, and worked another twenty years, standing on my feet.

        I have two metal plates, and six bolts in my pelvis, and hip.

        I also had nerve damage in my glutinous Medius, and I had to ride an excercise bike, just to be able to walk normal, all my life.

        And I did have a back surgery about ten years later, and I still continued to work, so I am not a taker.

        And I could have went out on disability for life, with that damage, when that happened, but like I said above, I worked another twenty years, after that accident.

        Sometimes looks can be deceiving, we really don’t know other’s stories.

        1. Things happen. One of the bright lights from my youth was seeing the Dodgers on TV And listening to Vin Scully. I know it’s new president time but hopefully that’s not why we’re on this site. It is devicive. Trump is like no one else, he is not beholden to political correctness. Nor anyone else for that matter. First time he’s been elected for anything is my guess.It is the best opportunity for our country we’ve ever had. Let’s see how it goes.
          (Couldn’t help myself)
          Now, back to the subject matter of baseball.

          1. Melton

            No problem, I have always been able to talk politics, and not take it so seriously or personal.

            I just don’t understand the draw.

            But now I know he is your guy!

    4. Melton

      I’m sorry you went through that, but it sounds like you think it made you better.

      My point is that the middle class, always seems to have to fit more of a percentage of the bill, then the one percent rich, in this country, especially with this same system, that has never worked.

      And I see a lot of foxes watching the hen house, in his cabinet.

      1. Please. Or did you mean ‘smart as a fox?’ Just about anyone would be an improvement over the last cabinet personnel.

        And yes, I would prefer someone that has had prior success in their previous endeavors. The more successful, the better.

          1. Maybe spend a little more time watching cartoons rather than CNN.
            Don’t forget, it’s those terrible 1 percent that own the very media that so many
            people quote

        1. Exxon owns the lease rights to over 63 million acres in Russia. I expect Putin to be pinning more medals on our Secretary of State. A $500 billion oil exploration deal with Vladimir Putin. What could possibly go wrong?

          1. Back in the mid-90’s no one cared that Bill was sticking cigars up someone’s ‘vagina’ while in the oval office.
            (And no women were seen marching in the streets.)
            I remember hearing multiple times from life long Dems, as long as the economy is good I don’t care what he does.

            So if Putin is sticking pins on our Secretary of State and the economy is going well, does it really matter?

            Or should we continue to work with and support the Saudi’s? You know the country that doesn’t let their women drive, vote or go uncovered. I would think every female would have been protesting the fact that our last President bow to their Royal Highness. EVERY female should be protesting against us doing any business with Saudi Arabia (but with the Clinton Foundation benefitting monetarily) that wasn’t going to happen. Can you say hypocrites?

          2. Badger

            It isn’t worth it, these people don’t care what this guy does.

            I personally don’t want our young people, to have to go into,
            another war.

            This guy has been caught in so many lies, he probably won’t last four years.

            They are calling his lies now, as alternative answers.

            At least most of America, didn’t fall for this stuff.

            They probably still think, that he got more votes.

          1. Melton

            I looked at many different articles on that, and Trump is the one who said that.

            He first blamed Sanders,
            for doing that.

            The only other person that said that, was a Trump fan, in that crowd.

            And Trump said it happened in Colorado.

            And this lady said, it was in DC.

            I happened to see this same lady on C&N yesterday, and she was all in love, with Trump.

            Non of this news, came from the real newspapers, or news sources.

            And Trump constantly lies.

            He said he had a bigger crowd, then Obama did, at his inauguration, and that was a complete lie.

            There were many different news sources, that proved Trump wrong.

            How do you believe him, he has been caught in so many lies?

        2. Chili

          That is ok we will see.

          When has a bunch of billionaires,ever cared about the people below them?

          And there is some reason, that someone doesn’t want to show there taxes.

          As well as his constant, lying.

          I think this guy could murder someone, and you all would think it is ok.

    5. Vassegh is an idiot. I’ve been blasting him on twitter every time he says Toles got exposed in the playoffs. Toles hit .364 in the playoff. DV man crush on Ethier and obvious dislike for Puig clouds his vision. That show sorely misses Kevin Kennedy. Too much of Vassegh’s opinions and the crazy lady calling in every show.

  31. Melton

    You sound like Trump now.

    Fifty people in that big crowd in DC, is not very many people.

    That crowd was bigger then the people, at his inauguration.

    I will look into that further.

    1. This guy has been caught in so many lies, he doesn’t have any credibility.

      He also said he never met Putin, and they have a tape, that showed he met Putin.

      1. ‘They’ have a tape? Please provide it. About as made up as Trump getting with prostitutes in Russia. The folks on the left make this stuff up to see how many of their uninformed, uneducated folks will take it and run with it. Rise above the fray and acquire evidence before speaking as if something is the truth.

        1. Chili

          He was caught in constant lies, if you don’t want to see that, that is your deal.

          Just like he said there were more people, at his inauguration.

          That wasn’t true, just like the last thing he said.

          I don’t think people in the CIA are liberals.

        2. Chili

          It is on an audio tape, when he was talking to conservative talk host, Michael Savage.

          And there are many different news agency’s, that have a list of every lie he has said, in the election, as well as his alternative truth, about, his inauguration.

          And I am just giving you the truth, because other then this, I have always talked with you ok.

        3. Not just prostitute’s but prostitute’s to piss on the Obama’s mattress… this is just truly……muiy fantastico!??!!!!!!!

  32. Chili and Melton, of course you guys are correct!

    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: First two term president to have the Country at War the whole eight years

    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Historically Low Home Ownership Rates

    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Obama Created ISIS – And Now the Killer Group Is Active in 17 Countries

    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Obama’s Libyan Catastrophe Unleashed Hell on Middle East and Europe

    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Obama’s $20 Trillion Debt an Unprecedented Disaster

    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Obama’s Signature Bill – Obamacare – Is a Complete Disaster

    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Obama’s Food Stamp Nation, over 90 million people on food aid

    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Obama Gave Billions to the World’s Leading Terrorist State Iran

    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Obama Released Taliban 5 for Deserter Bergdahl- Current Whereabouts Unknown

    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Obama Ignited Riots in Ferguson Over ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Lie

    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Obama First President EVER to Not Reach 3% GDP Growth

    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Most Racist President in 50 Years – Since Democrat LBJ

    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Obama’s Involvement in Hillary’s Criminal Email Activities

    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Obama’s Open Borders and Anti-US Immigration Actions

    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Obama’s Many Lies about the Benghazi Terrorist Attack

    WORST JOBS PRESIDENT EVER: Obama’s 94 Million Jobless Americans

      1. Boxout

        Obama took an economy that was the worse economy since the depression, and it is much better now.

        And Bush the previous president, used the same method, that Trump is going to use.

        And this has happened many times.

        Trickle down economics has never worked.

        Trump took Reagans slogan, that was Make America Great again.

        1. It’s an artificially floated economy that is totally unsustainable.
          The government is passing out the dough, we are not earning it.
          People HAVE to take it. No work, no job opportunity. They are not counted
          as unemployed.
          What you call an improved economy is fake, they have pulled the wool over
          your eyes with tainted numbers. Why is it that we are 9.3 Trillion further in debt
          than when Obama took office? That is not how an even fair to meddling economy is defined.
          We can’t keep printing money and have everyone taking a cut through all of these programs and government jobs. we have to make an actual profit. Reality. What’s happening now is phony and unsustainable.
          When I got my first credit card and went over 300.00 and missed a payment, they cut it in half in front of my date when we were getting a hotel room
          That’s the type of awakening this country needs (my opinion)

          1. Melton

            He had to do something to save the economy.

            Are you now going to say, that Bush didn’t leave the economy in shambles?

      2. So I know how strongly you feel on this subject, both sides, what is your point in treating everyone to the dissertation? Nobody will change their minds, both sides will only get more angry. What is the point?
        Guten nacht. Let me know how it comes out….

          1. Rick

            I am not uneducated!

            I don’t freely throw around words, others choose to denigrate, others with!

            I don’t like when people try to denigrate others, because they are different.

            And that is all that guy puts out.

            I thought you were different, but that isn’t the case.

            You just signed on, to everything he puts out!

          2. BoxOut:
            Won’t argue your criticisms of one major party. But what about the other major party?
            Bombing Laos, “anything that flies over anything that moves”
            Death squads in Central America
            Selling arms to Iran
            Establishing rebel groups to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, the same groups who morphed into Al Queda
            Launching a war in Iraq

            Or are those alternative facts?

          3. Wasn’t this nation founded by racists? That bloodline is alive and well. There is a dark side to our history. Jefferson apparently knew slavery was wrong, but couldn’t see a way out of it. The money was too good. The nation’s economy was built on it. He figured abolition was coming, but would have to be accomplished by young men of the next generation.

            Yes, Johnson was born and raised a racist. But he did the right thing there. His big screw up was the Vietnam War. He should have ended it. But the money was just too good. It’s always been about the money. Was early and obviously still is. So, like Jefferson, we must wait for the next generation to figure out how to make money without waging war. I bet the next generation of men don’t figure it out. My bet is it will be the women who do.

          1. You slave party democrats really should try to educate yourselves on your party’s racist history. Everybody knows Johnson was a racist, even MSNBC, read for yourself, it’s the best they could do to cover for the racist pig. Never forget the Democrat Slave Party is responsible for

            Black Lynchings
            Jim Crow Laws
            Japanese Internment Camps
            Affirmative Action
            Racist Set asides
            Racist hate crime laws
            Black Lives Matters


          2. MJ, The first clue is that Obama spent 20 years in Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American, anti-white, anti-Semitic church. You don’t go to a church for twenty years unless you’re in general accordance with the pastor.

            Then there is the New Black Panther Party. This is a group that blatantly espouses anti-white and anti-semitic views. Even the Southern Poverty Law Center has called them a black racist hate group. When several of their thugs showed up at polling centers at Philadelphia in 2008 carrying police batons and calling out racial slurs at voters, the Obama administration declined to prosecute that for voter intimidation. It’s not hard to imagine what would have happened if members of the Klu Klux Klan showed up at an Alabama polling station carrying weapons. Enough said.

          3. Badger

            The bottom line this country was built, and the government was formed, on the back of slaves.

            And any good history teacher, doesn’t leave these things out.

            It is just a fact.

            It isn’t worth it, they don’t look at any news, except from Trump, and his group.

            I thought it was a policy thing, but for most here, it is pretty obvious what it is.

            And I don’t think Chili is this way, and I give Chili credit for telling the truth about the situation, by comparing President Clinton, to Trump.

            But the rest are apparent here.

    1. Boxout
      I have always thought that Obama’s heart wasn’t with us but against us. He and Michelle hate America. We have been totally scammed by one of the best in history. We are so far off kilter that only someone as radical as Trump can hope to right the ship. Been floating to left for a long time. Obama just finished the job.

      1. Obama should go down in the history books as a traitor against these United States of America. And by the way…. There are Fifty of Us you selfish ignorant pricks….. SO SHUT tf UP

        1. Let California break off, adios CA. instead of adios America. We’ll know who and where the enemy is and can target them immediately. And reconquer and rename it, Melton

          1. Melton

            I don’t know which state you live in, but Calfornia pays for many other states, education system, and pays for other things.

          2. Melton, You are a true Patriot!!

            Yeah, Obozo is nothing but a ten-cent grifter, who won the lottery. As BAAAAAAAAAAger noted below, the dumbing down of America has been going on for years (That’s what happens when you put libtards in charge of the schools).

            I am just sooo happy that Obozo has now go back to selling dime-bags of weed (cut with oregano) and our country survived him (But what a mess Trump has to clean up). Glad he took that Aunt Esther look-a-like with him. Sadly, Fred Sanford has more sense than half of America.

            Liberalism is truly a mental disorder!

  33. The Dodgers are boring right now, i know – there’s nothing going on. But this isn’t a politics site. I won’t come back here if politics are to be the main thing and right now it’s the only thing.

    1. Have to agree with you there Rick. Nothing that is said here can change any of what has transpired. I am pretty sure all the political talk is because the Dodger FO is sitting on their hands and there are no rumors of anything happening. I did read this one guys post on Dodgerblue about the Dodgers shopping Gonzo, which I have seen no where. The trade he proposed with Pittsburgh, Gonzo, Barnes and Deleon for McCutcheon made zero sense. That would leave the Dodgers with no 1st baseman with any MLB experience and no backup catcher with any MLB experience and they would still have an OF glut. Wilson on a minor league deal and not on the roster so he does not count. Guy cannot hit anyway.

    2. dodgerrick, and all
      my humble apologies. Let’s please let us get back on topic.
      It’s a good site for Dodger stuff.
      Maybe one of us has the gumption
      to start up a political debate site….It looks like it will get plenty of Hits

      1. And I agree with you totally. Trouble is most of the posters would be wacked in the head. And have little constructive to say….Just the same old lame rhetoric. Go Dodgers and please Friedman, do something besides sit on your fat mattress and do nothing.

    3. Fangrapghs has several articles out on position players’ contact rates. Let’s talk about those and maybe start with Joc Pederson, whom sabermetrics like very much as a center fielder.

      I have to say that there’s noticeable improvements, and remember how bad he looked last spring training?

      1. Y F

        I believe I either heard, are read, that Joc wasn’t going to build his legs up, as much, as he did last year.

        Amd I think he is going to be even better in center this year, with little less muscle, and another year of experience.

        I thought he did well in his first year, but his metrics were not as good, as I thought they would be.

        But I don’t put much into defensive metrics, because to many good defensive players, have big differences in there ratings, from year to year.

        I thought he did fine last year, but I really think he will do better with a little less muscle in his legs.

    1. Boxout

      If I did, I wouldn’t tell you!

      But I will say there was a heck of a lot more people, then there was, at Trumps alternative inauguration!

  34. Patriots-Falcons. That stacks up to be a lousy super bowl. But since I do not watch pro-football anymore it makes not one bit of difference to me. All the Stupor Bowl means is 2 weeks until spring training. Lakers get their ass handed to them by the Mavericks. How the mighty have fallen and a once proud franchise on the verge of mediocrity……Thank you Mr. Buss……you are probably the most incompetent owner since Donald Sterling.

  35. Will start moving into my new apartment this week. Finally. Been in this house almost 4 years. My dog will miss the big backyard, but at least I can have him where I am moving. I got a DR. to say I needed him as a companion dog to help with my PTSD. Caused no doubt by the Dodgers lack of a World Series championship these last 28 years……………Got to blame it on some thing or someone, so they got the vote! My dog Red…….a 4 year old Chiweeny. And one of the best pets I have ever had……! He loves the Dodgers!!!!!

    1. Michael

      The only thing that counts, is that he will be right there, with you!

      You both look like you are a sleep, in that picture.

      He will be ok, because he is a little guy, but he has a big personality, like his daddy!

      My dog loves the Dodgers too.

      I don’t care if he barks during a game, because I can still see what is happening.

      1. That picture was taken right after a visit to the vet. He is wearing that bandage because he was attacked by a Pit Bull…….No, not asleep, just damn tired!

        1. Michael

          I remember that, didn’t that happen in California?

          I would have been a wreck, if that was my dog.

          Really I would be a wreck, if I saw any dog get attacked.

          1. No MJ. It happened right after I got back. Some people were here helping Rick repair a few things on the house. They had a Pit that they usually kept chained to their RV. I got back from Butch and Karen’s house with their dog Jake so he and Red could go play in the back yard. I did not know that they had let the Pit loose in the back yard. When I opened the door to let them out, the Pit made a bee line for Red and grabbed him. Took 4 of us about 8 minutes to get Red out of his jaws. I thought he was going to die. If he had, I would have come home got my 357 and killed the Pit. He made it and it cost a lot of money. But I would do it again. The guy that owns the dog promised to pay me back. But not one cent. That’s ok. I know where he lives. And sometime after I get settled I am going to go pay him a little visit.

    2. Michael, please be careful. NO PTSD! They want your guns my friend, some here are counting on you handling our right flank.

      1. No official report. This is just a letter from a DR I know that only goes to the apartment complex, which is run by a church group. And they have ZERO chance of getting my arms there my friend. Since I am a lefty, I will be more comfortable on your left flank!

      1. No, that is a Platte River Cuttbow. Cross bred rainbow and cut throat. Big bucks?? Me?? you are dreaming my friend….I am broker than the democratic party!

        1. The Platte River, I thought I had been there in Idaho or Montana. Looked it up and I guess not.
          I do love to fish, went with a guide recently on the wild part of the Rogue River in Oregon. Funny, I lived there for years in the 70’s. Right on the river before they built the dams. Salmon used to run into your legs if you wore waiters, now there are basically none. But, I went Steelhead fishing recently, as I was saying and caught as many as I was up to. For me it was totally catch and release, I don’t want to have a negative impact . I wasn’t doing it for food. The guide was 400 a day. Not a bad way to retire. Of course you have to be someones uncle or son or brother or cousin …cousin is doubtful. When I lived there I definitely fished for food. Best time of my life. 7 years, broke but happy and healthy and had no idea how to catch steelhead. Just caught trout and salmon

          1. What do you consider the wild part of the Rogue? West of Grants Pass or East of Medford? Nice area. I was just over fishing at Port Orford a couple months ago. Actually, ran into a huge cold storm. Fished but no fish.

          2. Boxout
            West of Grants Pass
            Stayed at Morrison’s Lodge
            In the 70’s I lived outside of Central Point right on the

          3. Boxout,
            Morrisons Lodge is a very cool place. It’s outside of Grants Pass, been there forever.
            Clark Gable used to go there, plus a couple of Presidents, etc..
            You will be treated like royalty and catch fish. It does cost a few bucks depending on the season and whats running.i go there every Oct.10

          4. Morrison’s Lodge, Is that on the road to Crescent City or along the Rogue somewhere? I do plan to go back up there fishing. Like I said terrible weather last time.

            Unfortunately, the highlight of the last trip was meeting some guy in a bar. Good guy, his daughter was the bartender. We had finally warmed up after fishing and went to get something to eat. I ordered a $9 bowl of clam chowder. His daughter brings it out, looked pretty but very small. I’m just looking at it, like WTF, and he says, “where’s the rest of it?” Daughter goes, “DAD”. We all busted up laughing. Partied in there while hoping the rain would stop, it never did.

            I lived in Eureka/Arcata during the late 70’s.

          5. You went to Humboldt? It’s on the river. Actually the road to brookings is the 199
            this is on the 260 to Galice, great area, north of the 199
            I don’t want to get too much flak but this crap about acceptance and oecd and all this crap. the further left we go, the less happy we are.

          6. Yeah, I went to HSU. Worked at the Arcata Co-op. Accounting Collective.

            Hwy 199, I had a VW van in those days. Remember one time going to Mt. Ashland to ski. Slept somewhere along Hwy 199 not far from the coast, rained all night, the next morning on way to Ashland hundreds of beautiful waterfalls from the rain. Very cool.

            Thanks for the info on Morrison’s Lodge. I will for sure check it out.

    3. Michael has a therapy pet! Big deal, all the animals we keep are therapy pets, unless they’re working dogs, like tending sheep or guarding property. Enjoy, Michael. I’ve thought about getting a dog but decided it wouldn’t be fair to the animal, I’m not very nice to be around…

      1. Wondering

        That is one thing that dogs don’t care about.

        They are practically the only thing on earth, that practices unconditional love, on a daily basis.

        I think you feel better, and be a little more positive, if you had a dog.

        Your nephew’s dog, always made your day.

        A new dog might not be like that dog, but the new dog might suprise you, in another positive way.

        1. No other dog could ever live up to the high standards the Wolf set. Honest to God, he was more intelligent than most humans, and more in control. Any other dog would be … just another dog.

          1. Wondering

            You are right, but every dog is special, and can touch you, in a different way.

            Believe me, my little girl dog, was not only the smartest dog I ever had, she was also the sweetest dog, that I ever had.

            She was just an angel on earth.

            My dad bought my dogs what looked like a little candy or gum ball machine, that you put dog treats in.

            And my male dogs had to sit there, and wait for my girl, to hit the latch, to let the treats fall out.

            She was the only puppy I ever had, that didn’t bark or yep all night, the first night, I brought her home.

      2. He is not a therapy pet. In order to have a dog in the apartment that I am moving into you need a letter signed by a DR stating that the pet is a companion dog. Big difference. As far as Red goes, I have had him since he was 7 weeks old. He is a small dog and very well behaved. He does not crap on my floor, piss in the bathroom or do anything else that is disgusting. I do not have PTSD nor do I really need a companion. But I am attached to the dog and he to me. I feel it would be unfair to him to give him to someone else and him have to readjust to another environment. He is happy where he is. I can be a bastard to be around too, but I am not that way with the dog. They give you love unconditionally….something most humans are incapable of.

  36. I must admit, I’ve had great time and am totally entertained for tonight. Maybe I will start a debate site. (make the BIG bucks, like Timmons and Norris) anyone want to partner up?
    There is obviously a Market. Maybe even a hole in the market.

    1. You will be shocked at how few people “flock” to such a site. There are few things in this world more boring than listening in to one or two people go on and on and on, repeating themselves ad nauseam, about a subject you have zero interest in. Don’t give up your day job….

      1. Wondering, I guess you know then how it felt for the rest of us, when you and MJ went on and on about your colonoscopy’s.

        Although, I have to admit, I have just been waiting to tell MJ she is full of crap. NO arguing that, after she told us that even the All-Clear couldn’t get it all out.

        Got a foot of snow here in Reno last night. Don’t have to go to work today, lots of time to go on and on.

        1. Boxout

          That is a scary thought, that you have way to much time, on your hands.

          Especially with your scary, imagination!

  37. “Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.”

    – William James

    Good luck. I think we are going to need it.

  38. Either the SS had a little talk with her or she took the initiative to back track on her remarks. She is such an example of the folks in the musical and Hollywood scene as far as their overall intelligence (or lack thereof).

    But the good news is that she is choosing love. Going forward I would expect her to show ‘love’ to our President, after all that is what she chooses…..

    “And the only way to change things for the better is to do it with love.”

    So now that one of the leaders of the few women walking the streets Saturday has chosen love, maybe the rest of you will follow her lead.

    1. So she was, as I suggested, speaking metaphorically.


      I’ve heard some people suggest blowing up the Dodgers might be the way to go. Not once when that was suggested did I hear anyone here complain about killing all the Dodgers being the correct course of action.

      Can we all just take a breath here?

      Politics does not bring out the best in people. Not in those who are in office, nor those who make choices who to back for those leadership positions. We’ve lost our minds here. I find the argument of “The dumbing down of America” to be evident everywhere I look. It’s actually in the numbers. We rank around 27th in the OECD rankings of 34 nations tested. USA! USA! USA! Maybe we’re too stupid to be the world’s police force anymore. We should be fired from that job.

      Circle the wagons.

      I saw a documentary at the Sedona Film Festival a few years ago called “The Listening Project”. What the world thinks of the US was the study. The audience had opportunity to ask a question of the filmmaker after the viewing, so a man stood and asked him “what did you hear most often from people around the world that you chose NOT to put in the film”. The director paused, then said to the audience in attendance “that is an interesting question. What was said by people on every continent we visited was ‘we feel like are witnessing the fall of an empire “. A stunned silence filled the theater. Sobering.

      I wonder what the global community is thinking now?

        1. That’s true. All empires fall. I think we need an adjustment. Like going to a chiropractor. Our spine is definitely out of alignment.

          You ever read Chris Hedges Wonder? Interesting guy. He said this in his column the other day:

          “The platitudes about justice, equality, and democracy are just that. Only when power is worried about its survival will it react. Appealing to its better nature is useless. It doesn’t have one.”

          I would submit that those who elected Trump, and those who marched after his inauguration, have more in common than they may realize.

      1. Wow.

        First of all talking about ‘blowing up the Dodgers’ and blowing up the White House are 2 COMPLETELY SEPARATE statements/situations. There are laws on the books regarding threatening the President and ‘blowing up the house’ where he resides. That is a direct threat.

        It’s impossible for you to accept that you are wrong, isn’t it?

        Madonna is back tracking and ‘laughing it off’ today but Saturday she meant every word she said.

        Our ranking of 27th in the OECD rankings of 34 nations tested… often is that test performed? Did our ranking improve under Obama’s 8 years or did it get worse? With such a low ranking than not sure why everyone still wants to be here (yes, even the blow hards that threatened to leave) or why everyone still wants to come to America (cause they can get free handouts here that doesn’t happen anywhere else).

        The #1 ranked country is Singapore. LOL. Really. So then why isn’t everyone flocking to Singapore? Isn’t this the country that canes folks for something as simple as graffiti. Here’s one for you, from this past year….. ’16 year-old blogger Amos Yee was charged in court on Mar 31 for allegedly making insensitive remarks about Christianity in a video on Youtube.’ I wonder what they charge for threatening to blow up their President’s living quarters.

        Here’s another thing that took place in Singapore this past year…… ‘The Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Act came into effect on April 1, bringing booze-filled nights under the void deck to an end. The new law meant that drinking in public places is banned from 10:30pm-7am, and shops were also not allowed to sell alcohol during the period.’

        Here’s a recent news item out of Singapore…..’ An online petition to remove Adam Lambert from countdown show Celebrate 2016 at Marina Bay made headlines as organizers of the petition cited that the singer’s “highly sexualized lifestyle and LGBT rights” were in conflict to mainstream Singaporean values.

        WOW. Singapore is #1, Singapore is #1. Take your OECD ranking and stick it somewhere the sun never shines.

        And the propaganda of the ‘The Listening Project’ is another one. It was done in 2006 with an agenda. Let me guess, all of those people in those countries over the past 8 years now thinks America is great. You really need to quit.

        The more you post the worse you sound. Hopefully your not wanting to march against the government in Singapore cause they will not allow it.

        1. Sorry, Got to disagree with you Chili, BAAAAAAAger is right (although wrong on EVERYTHING else), Madonna will never go to jail for saying she wanted to “blow everyone” up in the White House. She has the perfect alibi, now maybe, they could pin a prostitution rap on her. Kind of like, how they got Al Capone on tax evasion.

          Get out of the car BAAAAAAAger, too many libs have already lined up at Madonna’s house, you will NEVER be able to collect.

        2. Again, it isnt your, it’s you’re, a contradiction of you are. And it isn’t “cause” it’s because. And I’ll bet you never heard of The Listening Project before today – and you wouldn’t know OECD from OCD. But, you’re (you are) looking stuff up and that’s a good thing. Get them thinking, first step toward being enlightened.

          I don’t believe I’m wrong. Nothing will happen to Madonna, like nothing happened to that idiot tea bagger who threatened a “second amendment remedy”. It’s free speech and both were just told to tone it down. I’d ask you and your litterbox friend to do the same thing but I suspect it would do no good.

          So much for constructive dialogue.

          1. Texting creates habits…..’because’ gets shorten to ’cause’, that is better than ‘bc’ which is used most often in the texting world.

            Yes, I know the difference between your and you’re. Chalk it up to posting while multi-tasking. I’m not a retiree or close to being one for that matter.

          2. Don’t worry about it Chili, BAAAAAger doesn’t know the difference between a “contradiction” and a “contraction”. Easy to see why he couldn’t keep his substitute teacher position!!

            Charter Schools/Vouchers! No more teacher’s unions. Do it President Trump!!

      2. Badger

        Everyone has to see there is a problem, before something happens, and everyone just woke up.

        And like I said before, a new party will form, called the Pink Lemonade party.

        It will be just the opposite of that other party, that truly showed there true hearts, and it wasn’t in a loving way.

        1. Yeah, MJ a lot of people woke up and saw the problem!! That is why Trump was elected.

          I think the “Pink Lemonade Party” is a good idea!! Democrats showed us their hearts long ago when they enslaved Black People. Let’s get rid of the stench ASAP.

          One thought for you though, you said above that the Racist Johnson was just a southern man, of his time. Consider this, southern democrats used to whip, rape and sell their slaves, they were just southern democrat men of their time. But it didn’t make it OK!!!!!

      3. As long as our borders are open we are nothing more than the sum total of our parts…3rd world. It’s no wonder that we’re bummed

    2. Chili

      I know you are not coming from the same place as some others here, but it is just a fact, most don’t believe a thing he says, with good reason.

      He has been caught in to many lies, but you were honest last night, about comparing his exploits with women, with president Clinton, so I give you credit for that.

      Only time will tell!

      1. Thank you MJ. And trust me, I’m not a die hard Republican. Hence, me voting for Ross Perot in 92. I did not vote in 2008. Didn’t like either candidate. I’m not a John McCain fan whatsoever. That guy should have stepped down, oh 15 years ago. I like new blood. I want term limits for all congressman. I do like that we do not have a traditional politician in the White House. I do think we need to view things more as a business as the Federal government has become a very big business. Much fat needs to be trimmed. Unlike the die hard Dems that vote for the person that has a ‘D’ next to their name, many Republicans that I know hold their electives to a standard. Not going to argue the issues at hand cause I differ from most all Democrats on those but if Trump does not say/accomplish what he said he would, I can guarantee you that he will not be re-elected. Changes need to happen in this country, and good or bad he just might be the guy to do so. Trump isn’t ‘pretty.’ Trump is about results. Trump expects results. Have at it President Trump.

        1. Chili

          I thought Ross Perot had so many more redeeming, values.

          But I do understand where you are coming from.

          You haven’t been happy with either side, of the government, and I think that is the main reason, that people voted for him.

          I have never liked John McCain either, especially being a Dodger fan, but I thought that was wrong what Trump said about him,
          about being a prisoner of war.

          That guy was in a Vietnam prison, for six years.

        2. I see common ground. I’d like to attempt a civil exchange.

          I agree about term limits. How about campaign finance reform?

          I did not vote for all people with a D next to their name. Not all progressives are democrats. I believe it’s naive to think so.

          I’ve written McCain a few times. He lives around here. I’ve seen he and his wife at Safeway. In person he looks old and very tired. He did answer my letters.

          I want new blood too. I don’t mind businessmen in political positions. But not this one. I know too much about him to trust him. I think he’s a con artist, a notorious liar, a misogynist, a racist and a tax dodger. And I don’t like a Secretary of State who has already engaged in a half trillion dollar deal with Vladimar Putin. The Rusdian government is in charge of all energy companies and the Rusdian leader is a dictator and an outlaw. I believe if any position should be a civilian diplomat it’s Secretary of State.

          I like the Dodgers to win the West (in a close one again) but get bounced in the playoffs.

          Tell me where I’m wrong.

        3. Chili

          Most people when they get older, become more conservative.

          And older people tend to get out to vote, more then anyone else.

          Remember the Tea party was formed, because people were not happy with what there politicians, were doing.

          And they organized and made there views known, and they called there congressmen, and they actually funded some of there own candidates, and used there power to vote.

          And this created a new sub party.

          I think that will probably happen,
          with the democrats.

          I will say this, I wasn’t empressed at all, with Hillary’s Campaign manager.

          The more people get involved, it is better on both sides, because they hold there politicians more accountable.

  39. Keeping a pet is an expression of their inherent need to control something in their lives, so much of it is well beyond their control…
    Me not keeping a pet is an inherent expression of my need to avoid responsibility for anything…

    1. Wondering

      You got that wrong, most dogs control there owners, it isn’t the other way.

      And I am not saying, in a bad way.

      But you are right, dogs are a responsibility, and people need to think seriously, before they get a dog.

      Dogs are the only animal on earth, that has been made especially for humans.

      1. Hey they were just talking about Calhoun, on Hot Stove right now.

        They were talking with there minor league expert.

        And he said that Calhoun is the real thing.

        He did talk about his defense, and he said that with his bat, they will find a place for him.

        He also said that Calhoun is a hard worker, and went straight up to AA last year, and produce very well there, as we already know.

        And that was only his second year in pro ball, and that is what everyone doesn’t get.

        He only played at a JC, and he has advanced pretty fast.

        He said he could see Calhoun coming up, in the second half of the season.

        One of the things I like about Calhoun, is that he hits with power, but he doesn’t strike out a lot.

        And I think that is a good sign, that he is a very good hitter.

        1. Yeah, he can hack. And he’s been working hard on his defense. The kid deserves a serious look in Spring Training.

          1. If we don’t trade him, then I”m all in for him coming into spring (in 1 month) and winning this job.

            I know I’ve stated before that another leftie hitter is the last thing we need, but if this guy is the real deal then keep his leftie bat, and trade another leftie bat!

          2. Badger

            I also like his confidence, and his attitude.

            He actually went up and told Friedman, that he was going to give him a laser show, with his bat, that day.

            And he let his bat, do the taking.

            And it didn’t sound like arrogance, at all.

            It just sounded like, he was just having some fun.

          3. Bobby, I get the left handed hitter issue, but if he can clobber RH pitching? And who knows, maybe he can hold his own against left handers and we won’t have to platoon that position………. yeah, I know. Fat chance of that.

            I like the kid MJ. The only criticism has been his tree trunk legs hurting his defense, which I find ridiculous.

      2. Yes, I know what you mean. The Wolf was most definitely in control. He controlled the people and other dogs around him for sure. He had everyone trained to perfection.

  40. Did anyone ever think that the Dodger off season is so boring because FAZ is boring? Food for thought. At least with Ned you never knew what he might do. Campanis was the same way. Of course the epitome of boring was Fred Claire.

    1. So, you know what FAZ is going to do? Other than sign broken players, and trade top prospects for more broken players – what will they do next?

    2. Michael

      I think it has more to do with them already signing Turner and Kenley, and they are just waiting the market out, to find some better buys, and to try to add on, without putting more on the pay roll.

      And I think it is because they are still in that rebuild mode, along with trying to win now, so they are still trying to be conservative, with the money.

      And like you already know, some of the best trades and deals, are the trades and deals, that don’t happen.

      And if they can’t find someone now, they can always add on, at the trade deadline.

    3. Somebody in their Public Relations Office is definitely dropping the ball there. There is so much they could do even if no trades are made. They could report on what the players are doing, the 40 man and all the minor leaguers, they could recall exciting and important games, review them. There is just no end of things they could do to maintain fan interest. The Guggenheimers are too busy counting their money to worry about the fans. The fans need to take a year off, don’t attend any games or buy junk from them, let them know we count.

      1. They know they’ve got us. Baseball is a moneymaker. Especially the Dodgers. Second most valuable MLB franchise. 14th most valuable sports franchise. $2.5 billion. Up 4%. Red Sox and Cubs gaining ground on them. Actually, so are the giants.

        A few years ago, on the old site, I suggested Dodger fans boycott Opening Day as a message to McSphincter. I got a lot of push back on that proposal. Mostly from Timmons. He loved that guy.

        I can take a year off. I only bought mlbtv for Vin last year. I don’t need to do it again.

  41. Bobby

    I know he is another leftie, but I have heard comments about him, and they said he hits lefties too.

    These were just comments from people like us, but I haven’t been able to corroborate, that that is true.

    1. Yeah, I’m only saying leftie because we seem to be left handed dominant; I’d prefer a bit more balance.

      As far as a pure hitter, he may very well be it; and if he is therefore he has to play. And if his bat, a leftie bat, has to play at all times, then perhaps we can find that balance at another position. 2b doesn’t necessarily have to be reserved for a right handed hitter.

      1. Bobby

        I totally agree with you, and one of the reasons I bring Calhoun up, is because he is already in our system.

        I just think the Dodgers are going to have a make sure that they are helping and training there prospects, to be able to hit both lefties and righties, at least, decently.

        And I do know we need another good hitter, for the middle of the line up, and maybe they can add that bat, at the trade deadline.

  42. Looking for a partner in a money making scheme:
    Selling Hats, T-shirts, and Buttons that say, “He’s Not My President”.

    1. I’m in!!! Been looking for a way to make big profits off of the libs in this country, after supporting hundreds of the dead beats the last eight years!!!

      1. You didn’t respond to my comment above, which is fine. Just pointing out there are (at least) two sides to a story, not just one.

        1. Artieboy

          Don’t even try, you can’t have a fair debate, with someone who doesn’t listen, or won’t look, at other sources, are listen to reason.

          Just know that that there are more people, that feel like you do, then not.

          1. MJ, the purpose of debate is to recruit those whose minds are not yet made up. Changing minds is a virtual impossibility and therefore a waste of time and energy in dealing with… shall we say, ‘mature people’ like ourselves. Its only value was to entertain the participants, everyone else would find it exceedingly boring.

        2. Artieboy, Didn’t respond because we were discussing civil rights issues. Was too tired to start on another topic. When it comes to civil rights, it has been a one sided story. The Democrats are a stain on this country’s history.

          Bombing Laos: Democrats got us into Nam. Either get out or kick ass. MUCH, MUCH better to have never gone in.

          Death Squads: Educate me. Anything like drone attacks?

          Selling Arms to Iran: When, what and where? Better to sell arms than just give billions to Iran like Barry for nukes.

          Establishing rebel groups to fight Soviets: Bi-partisan issue.

          Launching a war in Iraq: Bi-Partisan issue. Dems begged Bush to wait to let them vote for it.

          Bottom line, Our politicians are a bunch of morons (both parties), up to and including Obozo, hopefully Trump will be better. Best things to do quickly.

          Cut the government size down BIG TIME. I see Trump did a government hiring freeze TODAY. Good job Don. Now get rid of at least half of what we already have.

          Put America first!!!!!!!!!!! Why the hell do we pay for WARS/NATO/UN we’re broke.

          Get out of Afghanistan NOW. What the hell has Obozo been doing the last eight years. No strategy other than to get thousands of our people killed while he golfed.

          Get along with Russia to solve middle east problems TOGETHER. Let them do the fighting.

          Fix the crappy trade deals. Bring the jobs back.

          Cut taxes, let people keep what they earn.

          Secure the border. NO country can survive open borders with generous welfare for illegals.

          1. Well the topic seemed to be two presidents in two different eras tied to the history of one political party. So I merely asked what about the other political party. And it’s what I expected.

            When it comes to the other party either ignore history or group it under bi partisanship. But all those historical actions were done under a republican president.

            But if argument is strictly regarding Americans it was a democratic president who signed into law: the social security act, the civil rights act, the voting rights act, the Americans with disabilities act, and the affordable care act.

            I could care less about partisan politics, I just find it interesting that you demonize a party that has enacted legislation to help all Americans. Unless you think those acts actually hurt Americans?

          2. Boxout

            All of your talk about southern democrats, is a bunch, of hot air.

            Those Southern democrats you talk about, joined the Republican Party, when Nixon was elected, so you are talking about your own darn party!

            And let’s talk about who took us into this last war, on nothing, but just BS.

            Iraq didn’t have nuclear, anything,

            That was just a lie, to go into that country.

            They were not responsible, for 911.

            It was Bush, the same guy, that destroyed our economy, by giving the ultra rich, big tax cuts.

            But Chaney sure made a bundle of money, both times, he was served under, a Bush.

          3. Artieboy, Down below is a CNN article on the kinder, gentler KKK. The KKK is adopting a highway. Heart Warming? I guess, but not good enough!!!

            The Democrat Party is the SLAVE party. You can try to bleach the stain they have put on this country all you want, but, they will always be the SLAVE party.

            I agree with MJ, get rid of the Democrat stench ASAP, replace it with the “Pink Lemonade Party”!!!

            I find it interesting, you would name the Obozocare law as a defense of the slave party. It was the first law in this country forcing American’s to involuntarily buy something they don’t want! A form of involuntary servitude, a democrat specialty. I don’t like any big political parties or government, but, at least not a single Republican voted for this monstrosity.


      2. Box-

        You ARE too funny!

        LOL….just think what they would do when they learned that a conservative was making money off of them……as loony as they are they would burn the hats, shirts and buttons immediately.

          1. That’s the good news. Sadly, you would be shocked on how many women/men/??? paid with EBT cards.

          2. Well now I know they would burn the merchandise. What’s that saying, you don’t quite value something near as much when you use someone else’s money to buy it. Yep, burn baby burn.

            Maybe that’s the next planned protest…..meeting in Central Park – New York and having a bon fire. Everyone can toss their purchased products from Box in the fire. That’ll show them conservatives.

          3. LOL, Gives me an idea, next time I sell pink pussy hats, I’ll hire some people to stand down the block to inform the tards they just enriched a conservative. They immediately want to burn them, but we shame them with global warming rhetoric, the more responsible ones will throw their pussies on the ground, we pick them up and resale. It is always wise to to ask yourself, “what would P.T. Barnum do?” when around libs!

            You are correct about not valuing something you didn’t earn. The other thing is, the libs just create messes and expect the rest of us to clean it up. Did you see this?


  43. For most of my life I went into work very early, didn’t eat breakfast except on days off. Since retiring, breakfast is my favorite meal, actually the only one I am hungry for. Usually skip lunch now and don’t have much appetite for dinner. Today I had a country breakfast like my mom used to make. Potatoes, tomatoes, ham and red-eye gravy, and toast rather than the biscuits she would have baked. Probably do grapefruit tomorrow, pancakes next day, then toaster strudel, fruit waffle next day, and back to potatoes and bacon or sausage. Never liked eggs. At least breakfast is worth getting out of bed for….

          1. Actually, I don’t plan them precisely like that. I just decide every day what I want. And I do take pains not to repeat things so I never get tired of something.

          1. Chili

            No that is just eating, what you feel like eating.

            Lying all the time, is worse then being indecisive.

            And thinking you know more then anyone else, is also a problem, as well, as not listening to anyone..

            Lying is a way of being indecisive, and waffling on issues, and questions.

          2. MJ, who are we talking about? I was talking to and replying to Wondering on his scheduled breakfasts.

            Are you still talking politics? Are you accusing Wondering of lying?

            If we’re still talking Trump, then ok. Go Trump Go. Hiring Freeze at all Federal agencies. Pay raise freeze throughout the Federal government. Repealed TPP. Next going to address NAFTA.
            GO DONALD!

            Hell, what I thought would take, oh, a couple years, DONALD is going to knock out in a week. Keep up the good work. Time to cut the waste out of the Federal government.

    1. Wondering

      I never ate breakfast, most of my life.

      And I didn’t like cereal, when I was a kid.

      I use to grab a Diet Coke, and an apple, or some other little snack, and hit the road.

      I do eat breakfast now, but I eat Cherrios, because it is not high in calories, and it helps me to keep, my cholesterol down.

      I don’t want to take those meds, they have for that.

      1. MJ, I take cholesterol meds, blood pressure meds, diabetes meds, gout meds, and non-prescription stuff for arthritis. They cost me nothing through my Medicare Advantage Insurance. I take readings every morning. My blood sugar averages about 100; blood pressure 120 over 65 to 70; pulse rate 65 to 90, varies every day; blood oxygen level 96% to 98%. The medications allow me to eat anything on earth I want and maintain healthy levels. I might add I don’t drink or smoke and that is a big factor. I see no reason not to take them. I haven’t seen my doctor in 6 months. I have aches and pains every day but they’re minor and I know and accept that. I got a lot of miles on this old body…

        1. You really have to take care of yourself, with diabetes.

          I had that, and it was undiagnosed, and once the doctors found out, I had to take three shots a day.

          It was steroid induced, so I got off those steroids, and about a month later, I didn’t have diabetes, anymore.

          I know it sounds like I am not healthy, but I am now.

          Most of my problems, were from, taking prednisone, to long.

          I have been off that stuff, for over ten years now.

          I am healthy, and active, now.

          1. Wondering

            I never smoked, and, I don’t drink much at all, right now.

            I can’t even remember, the last time, I had a beer.

            I ride my stationary bike five days a week, an hour a day.

            And everyone has aches and pains, as they get older.

            I really have a high pain tolerance, but I do take some pain meds, at times.

          2. I get no exercise now. When I lived in California there was a little park a couple of blocks from my house. I’d wake up about 4 or 5 o’clock, before the sun came up, and go to the park to walk an hour or so. There were dozens, many dozens of Vietnamese walking there every day, old people, children, whole families. After daylight some old gentleman would lead a class in exercising with the long stick, I don’t remember what they call it. They were always very friendly, very polite. I really enjoyed talking to them. One of the men about my age told me he was in the army there during the war. They sent him to Arizona to learn to fly planes, Skyraiders, I guess. After the fighting was over, he was put in a “re-education camp” for five or six years before he escaped and made his way to the coast and eventually California. They were wonderful neighbors, quiet, hard working, friendly, much better than that other prevalent ethnic group there.

  44. I rarely like to comment on political rhetoric, but both Chili and Melton have struck that one cord in me to make me reflect. All your credibility is trashed – by your own doing nonetheless. The minute one resorts to name calling weakens your position. I’m all about listening to each side of the story; however, your hateful and vile drivel leads me to assume that you see the writing on the wall, and the inevitable change that will occur. One day, soon you will be the minority and let me tell you no matter how hard you and others try, we are coming. What scares you is not the the minorities on government assistance, but the minorities that are becoming educated and enlightened and realizing that a person should not be labeled as a second class citizen based on the color of their skin or cultural background.

    Obama did mess up in his eight years, but tell me, which president has not? It is naive to think that it was a fair playing field once he took his first oath of office. The color of his skin dictated what many in Congress deemed unfathomable, call and African-American their Commander in Chief. Like Badger has stated before there is still a long line of racism within members of Congress. What I find comical are your “alternative facts” regarding government assistance. We live in a data driven world and you can easily find facts. As for lunch handouts, it is not based on individual need but the poverty line within the school or its boundaries. So if a student who would generally not qualify for free or reduced lunch goes to a school where students are below the poverty line ALL students receive free lunch.

    Also it was funny when Mr. Chili got offended being called a “cracker” wrongly so and then call women dikes. The kettle is calling you sir. The solution to OUR nation’s problem is that everyone needs to be treated equally and be given equity to prosper. What good does it do when you take a woman’s right to choose and try to disband a program like Planned Parenthood? Now I’m against abortion. If a woman is promiscuous then why bail you out? However, in cases of rape, incest or health to the mother; shouldn’t she have the right to choose? I believe in a higher power and will let that entity deal with it. Who am I to judge? So hypothetically speaking if PP was abolished would the Right take responsibility and help feed, clothe and educate children born? If you are complaining of government assistance to those in need, guess what will happen? More of the same, “Why do we have to support these people” murmurs will get even louder.

    Before I get bashed, yes I am a registered Democrat but never vote party. I was a Mccain supporter when he was actually Maverick John. I was hoping that Governor Kasich would be the GOPs nominee and I would have gladly casted my vote for him because he is a man of honor, ethics and morals.

    Here is some data for you.

    1. Do you get money from one of Soros’s organizations? or directly from him?
      You should at least cut down on the Kool aid. Live in peace, unburden yourself
      from carrying around all this nonsense

        1. Less. My immediate reaction to anyone calling me a racist is that they themselves must be racist. I am definitely not racist and I never think about another persons skin color. If people stand out I see it as a choice they made for whatever reason. It is or was their decision.

    2. Just saw this Gonzo. Good to hear from you.

      And of course you’re right on all counts. Obama’s election triggered a wave of hate, led by the TEA Party. I thought an all white tent would be a liability but I underestimated the depth of racism that still exists. It’s in the White House now.

      Again, good to see you here. I hope you will continue to participate.

      1. Yea, blame it on racism, a little narcissistic don’t you think?
        Has the term “Patriotic” ever meant anything to you?
        I recon not.
        Try to third party it, get out of your prejudice mindset, meditate on it
        Do something. You sound like an angry bigot

        1. He is an angry bigot. Paranoid also, he sees racists behind cars, trees, fences and bushes. Only place HE doesn’t see racists is in the mirror!! Happily, His political party recognizes him for the racist he is, they think with a little training they can get him to “shut his sorry white mouth”.

          Get it done DNC:

        2. Patriot? You don’t have a f’n clue what you’re talking about mel. You ever stand a post? You ever fight for your country? You ever bleed for your nation, or try to stop a buddy from bleeding out?

          I can call a racist a racist because I know what they look like, I know what they sound like and I sure as hell know what they act like. I see them everyday, and have for decades. You know them too if you have your eyes open. We all know where many of them live. That map hasn’t changed much since 1860. Whether you care to admit it or not, we now have one in the White House. So what he’s not the first. Of course he’s not the first. This country was founded by, and built by racists. The roots in bigotry are deep in the U.S. I look forward to the day the last racist dies off. I’m sure I won’t be alive to see it.

          I don’t know you but I know Gonzo, and I know him to be a smart, stand up guy. Since I don’t know you I have no idea if you are or are not a bigot. But if you don’t think they exist, and if you don’t believe they voted en masse this past election, then you’re part of the problem.

          1. Your sense of entitlement is overwhelming. I did not have the pleasure of serving my country, but I did come from a family who did. From WW1 forward. Most of them would not talk about it. The one who did was very discriptive, photos and all the Momentos. WWII, the Pacific. When I was a kid all I wanted to do was shoot a Jap. I couldn’t wait to grow up and join the Marines so I could kill a Jap. Cool eh? But now, I just care about simple things, my country, my team, my son, my wife, my dog and the like. I am however against people who scam, cheat, lie and otherwise undermine my country. I hope you noticed that my country came first on my list. A couple of years older and I would have fulfilled my childhood dream. Wouldn’t that have been something? Luckily it didn’t happen given my background. I am not clear where I would have drawn the line.

          2. My wife is a psychologist, we all get our therapy in different ways, please dear God don’t let me stand in the way of yours. It is definitely not my intention at all.

          3. Please stand back and read your post, does it not sound like the post of someone who has issues about racism? What are you trying to overcome? And by the way, Obama got rid of the tea party via the IRS

        1. I waited a day, thinking about what you just wrote. The truth is – I had you pegged. Patriot. You dont have a fucking clue what that word means. You have no idea what it means to actually fight for your country. You’re that little nutless dog that barks from the shadows. You say you didn’t have “the pleasure” of serving your country? Bullshit. You didn’t have the courage. Your wife is a psychologist. People in your family served. Is that supposed to impress me? You think that somehow gives footing to your weak ass criticism of me? You think that because you know people with experience, and you read about war it gives you the right to judge me? I don’t think so. Like so many jelly legged loudmouths in this country, and several who post faux patriotic bullshit from the safety of the Internet, you talk the talk, but you have never in your life actually walked the walk.

          I no longer care what people like you think Melvin. My record stands on its own. You and litter box can continue to support the racists, and homophobes, the pedophiles and the war mongering never served a day in their life plutocrats. Good luck. You’re gonna need it. We all are gonna need it.

    3. Gonzo good rant!!

      Gonzo: “One day, soon you will be the minority and let me tell you no matter how hard you and others try, we are coming.” Who’s coming? What does that mean for members of this country’s smallest minority group like me?

      Gonzo: “The color of his skin dictated what many in Congress deemed unfathomable, call an African-American their Commander in Chief.” Got any specific examples of this, other than policy disagreements?

      Gonzo: “The solution to OUR nation’s problem is that everyone needs to be treated equally and be given equity to prosper.” Did you really mean “equity” (money) or did you mean equality? If equity (money) how much? If equality, AGREED.

      Gonzo: “What good does it do when you take a woman’s right to choose and try to disband a program like Planned Parenthood?” Is Trump trying to outlaw abortion? Disband PP or stop funding them? I think every abortion is a tragedy and most are an act of incredible selfishness. Why should my tax dollars be used to fund them? Couldn’t the people who support PP’s mission just make donations to them to keep them in business?

      Gonzo: “Now I’m against abortion. If a woman is promiscuous then why bail you out? However, in cases of rape, incest or health to the mother; shouldn’t she have the right to choose? I believe in a higher power and will let that entity deal with it. Who am I to judge?” Why are you against abortion? Anything to do with valuing the baby? Aren’t you judging the promiscuous woman?

      Gonzo: “Before I get bashed, yes I am a registered Democrat but never vote party.” Are you aware of the Democrat Slave Party history? Ever considered MJ’s suggestion of getting rid of them and starting a new party, “The Pink Lemonade Party”?

      Thanks for considering my questions. Jump into the debate earlier next time!

      1. Boxout
        Because of your response I had to read that crap instead of just skimming over it.
        Do you think that maybe Badger, Bluto and Gonzo are the same person?

      1. Sounds like a nut. What has gotten into people? Is it just the ones that are out of their gourds that speak out? Or maybe they only speak out when they are out of their gourds?

    4. Planned Parenthood is largely funded by Soros. Originally it was meant to help keep the black population down. Fatherless children if I recall correctly…. Could be wrong trying to beat the edit

      1. I don’t really care about its origins. I don’t really care if Soros gives it money or if he doesn’t. I don’t care if Marty Scorsese gives it money. Who cares what happens in the private sector. We need more charitable givings.

        I’m in the minority, I don’t mind abortion. It’s rare enough for me.

        I do want health and human services for the less privileged though. That’s vastly important to a healthy national economy. PP does good stuff. To me that good stuff must outweigh the handful of abortions that it helps facilitate.

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