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Are The Dodgers Looking To Deal Yasmani Grandal?

Yasmani Grandal

Here’s something interesting to ponder as we head into the long dark cold winter. Andy McCullough of the LATimes is reporting that the Dodgers could be contemplating trading switch-hitting catcher Yasmani Grandal this offseason. I know some of you are not very high on Grandal so this would make sense to a lot of you. However I don’t see much of a reason to do it unless the Dodgers could get reasonable value back for him. It would also thin out the Dodger’s catching depth. But with the emergence of Austin Barnes and Grandal’s disappearance during the Dodger’s October World Series run makes me wonder if this could actually be a possibility.

The 28-year old backstop caught 117 games behind the dish for the Dodgers in 2017 while battling hand and back injuries. In 2016 Grandal blasted 27 home runs and posted an .816 OPS. During the 2016 campaign he slashed .228/.339/.477 with a 118 OPS+. This season we saw Grandal’s batting and on-base skills dip somewhat as he posted a .247/.308/.459 slash line in 482 plate appearances. Grandal played in 129 games this season and slugged 22 home runs with 58 runs batted in.

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There is some worrisome decline from last season to this year. Last year he walked 64 times and reached base at a .339 clip. This season saw his walk rate decline significantly as he drew just 40 walks and posted a .308 OBP. His walk rate dipped while his strikeout rate and swinging-strike rates all increased. Perhaps most concerning is his decline in exit-velocity (91 MPH down to 87.5 MPH) and his barrels per plate appearance dropping from 7.4% to 4.8% from last season to this year. What that means is that when Grandal did make contact it was weak contact. His ISO power metric dropped nearly 40 points and his wRC+ plummeted from 121 to 102.

Again I know many of you are not high on Grandal right now but he does still have a lot of skills. Namely his power being his biggest strength. Grandal has slugged 49 home runs for the Dodgers over the last two years. He’s also considered one of the best pitch-framers in the game today. Not only that but he also threw out base runners (32%) at an above league average mark.

I don’t think the Dodgers would move him, but his lack of playing time in the playoffs raised eyebrows for many. Grandal garnered just 11 plate appearances (0 for 11 with 3 BB) in the postseason which included just three plate appearances in the World Series. Austin Barnes got the lion’s share of the playing time.

You would figure if the Dodgers were to deal Grandal that Barnes would take over the full time catching duties with rookie Kyle Farmer serving as his backup. Grandal earned 5.5 million dollars in 2017 and is projected to earn 7.7 million dollars (according to MLBtraderumors) in his final season of arbitration. Grandal is eligible for free agency after the 2018 season. He also made a questionable comment about Dodger fans, although Oscar defended him.

If Grandal was not nursing a hidden injury then it is possible he was sparingly used this October because of his career .087 batting average in the postseason. It was still somewhat surprising how little the Dodgers used him during their World Series run.

Do you think the Dodgers should trade Grandal? Do you see a fit with any of the other clubs? Sound off in the comments, but be nice. Remember he’s been a regular contributor and has smashed 65 home runs since being traded to the Dodgers in December of 2014.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

77 thoughts on “Are The Dodgers Looking To Deal Yasmani Grandal?

  1. “and his barrels per plate appearance dropping from 7.4% to 4.8% from last season to this year. ”

    What statistic is barrels per plate appearance?

      1. When I was a young hitter, starting in Pony League, I went to several clinics in San Fernando Valley, Orange County and Long Beach. One in particular was run by Tommy Davis. He was the first to tell me 7 out of 10 line drives were base hits. The goal back then was to learn how to hit line drives. But of course, most kids playing ball back then weren’t 6’4” 230 pounds. Fly balls were discouraged because most of them were outs. Hit it hard with a good swing, put top spin on it and you will hit .300 in every league you play in. And it worked for me. I hit over .300 in every league I played in until I was 56. I continued coaching what Davis taught me until I retired.

        Boy have things changed.

        1. I bet that was a thrill to get instructed by Tommy Davis. What a great hitter!! I remember those thoughts also.

          1. Remember a pitcher named Johnny James? He taught me how to throw what amounts to a palm ball. It’s more or less the same as the circle change now. He said I threw hard enough that it would actually work on the best hitters in the opposing lineup. “Don’t throw it to the bottom of the order” was his advice. I used it quite a bit, along with a left/right two seamer that Hershiser mastered. He was right, good hitters always sit on fastballs. A changeup on strike one had them swinging out of their shoes.

            Clinics back then were cool, and kinda rare. Now you pay big bucks for them.

        2. Tommy actually came to the home for kids I was living at in Highland Park when we dedicated the activities building they had just built. Larry and Norm Sherry lived about 3 houses down from us, and they brought Tommy with them. He gave me the same advice he gave you, and as a 11 year old, it stuck. I always tried to hit line drives. It was the best batting tip I ever received. It served me well everywhere I played and I never went up there looking to hit the ball out of the park. The only thing bad about the activities building was that they built it right on our baseball field. After that if we wanted to play we had to either go to the school grounds or down to Arroyo Seco park where the little league fields were. I saw Tommy at an autograph booth at Dodger Stadium in the 70’s and he signed my first baseman’s mitt. I told him the story and he remembered coming there. He was a class act.

  2. “Are the Dodgers looking to deal Grandal?”

    In a word, you bet your ass they are.

    He became a bench warmer for a reason.

    I already threw my proposal out there. Send him to Miami with Joc for one of their outfielders.

    Artie, a barrel is basically a line drive (or a home run)

    “ … A “barrel” is defined as a well-struck ball where the combination of exit velocity and launch angle generally leads to a minimum .500 batting average and 1.500 slugging percentage, though it will require a bit more explanation than that.”

    1. I think it might be best for the team and Grandal himself, to trade him.

      Because it can’t be good for the clubhouse, having Grandal on the bench, after he was the starting catcher, in the last couple of years.

      I do think Barnes has to do a better job of throwing runners out, and I don’t think I have ever saw Barnes, throw one runner out, but I could be wrong.

      I do think we need to get the true value for Grandal if we trade him, because he would be a lot of teams, best catcher.

      Because not many catchers, hit at all, so Grandal’s hot streaks, would be much better then most teams get from there catchers, on offense.

      But I do think Barnes has to do better then he has done, at throwing runners out, and that is a weakness with Barnes.

      1. Well, MJ, already sharpening your teeth for Barnes? One thing is for sure, if Barnes doesn’t deliver outstanding numbers EVERY day, you will rip him to pieces. You won’t trust him at all.

        1. Barnes slashed .289/.408/.486 with a positive dWAR, which makes Grandal expendable.

          Do we think he will repeat those numbers next year?

          1. Badger

            Will, Barnes was a 300 hitter in AAA, so it is possible, but he might have a small set back like second year players do, but I don’t think it will be a significant set back.

        2. Package

          Are you now trying to put thoughts in my mind, just like you tried to put words in my mouth yesterday, when you misquoted me, only to try, to make your argument, seem relevant?

          I happen to like Barnes a lot, he came from the same area, I grew up in.

          But unlike you, I want players to get better!

          I do think it is important for a catcher, to be able to throw some runners out.

          You have no expectations on a any of the players, but you sure have high expectations for Roberts, at least I am consistent!

          And I am not making my remarks, because of any bias, I have, like some!

          And by the way, you are not good at reading minds, so stay in your own mind, because my mind, is not mired in darkness, , and suspicion like some!

          1. MJ, ” But unlike me you want players to get better”. Really? You think I don’t want players to get better? Look who is reading minds now. I want the catchers to throw out runners too but I am not going to send them away because they don’t do it as much as I would like. Barnes best quality is he is good at blocking pitches in the dirt which Grandal does a poor job in my opinion. I would just like you to have an open mind sometimes. Even if you don’t agree with me.

    1. Pirates picked up Cutch’s option. With the new CBA, there is not as big a penalty for signing a free agent, since that is the case, FAZ may opt to trade a couple of outfielders, he has an overload, and go after Lorenzo Cain who fits the FAZ model of decent offense and outstanding defense.

    2. Package

      Stop putting words in my mouth!

      I never said, even once, that I wanted to move Barnes, like you said, above!

      And in every response you have made to me, you have either mis quoted me, or made something up!

      And me assuming you didn’t want our players to improve, is far closer to the truth, then anything you have said about me, or just made up!

      At the opening of my post, I said I thought it was best for the team and Grandal, if they traded Grandal!

      Where did I say even once, I wanted to trade Barnes?

      Because I never said that, like you made up, so stop making up stuff!

        1. Package

          You are the one, that started all of this today, by saying I was sharpening my teeth, and accusing me, of not being fair to Barnes.

          I don’t know how you were raised, but I don’t talk to anyone like that, even if I don’t agree with them!

          And I know what you said, and I know exactly what you insinuated, about me!

          And I have a good reason not to trust Kershaw, in the post season!

          And I am far from the only Dodger fan, that feels that way.

          I also said, that I thought everyone was expecting to much from Corey and Cody too, when people were complaining about them!

          Because Corey was hurt and Cody was only in his first year, and he only played a month, in AAA, before he came up to the majors!

          But Darvish and Kershaw, are fair game!

          1. Sorry you took some things that were not meant the wrong way. I will be careful that you will understand what I write in the future. By the way, I think I was raised OK.

  3. That I have never liked Grandal is no secret. I think defensively he is not all that good. He has to my eye, not very good agility at blocking balls in the dirt and his passed balls total attests to that. Pitch framing, well, I guess I think the ability to steal strikes is not that big a deal, but management places a lot of emphasis on that skill. By all accounts Barnes is pretty good at that too. He threw out 7 out of 31 base stealers, had 3 passed balls and 3 errors. His fielding PCT was .994. Grandal caught 21 of 65 would be runners, had 6 errors and 16 passed balls. His PCT was 995. So defensively, they are pretty close considering that Grandal did the yeoman’s work behind the plate. I know Grandal has a lot of power, but Barnes hit 8 HR’s in 208 at bats. He gets over 400 AB’s and he would be around 15 or 16. The big difference is Barnes adjusts when he has 2 strikes and is not a all or nothing kind of hitter. Grandal, and Puig often killed rally’s by striking out or hitting into double plays, which used to be Gonzo’s forte. The drop of exit velocity and the inability to barrel up balls would seem to say that Grandal is not the feared weapon he once was. My own observation was that pitchers were in no way intimidated pitching to him this year. They went right after him. But the question is are the Dodgers looking to trade him. I think he will be shopped. FAZ will kick the tires and see what his backstop can bring. The minors are loaded with catchers below AAA. Brant Whiting, Conor Wong, Will Smith, Keibert Ruiz, Paul Hoenecke. Garret Hope and Ramon Rodriguez. Ruiz being the jewel of the bunch, but Whiting hit everywhere he played last year.

    1. I’m fine with Cain, but he too was given a QO. We may need to trade for that bat.

      I know many are looking to Toles to fill that LF spot, and he might work, but I’d rather see a RH stud out there. Toles just doesn’t have the body of work to convince me. In fact, I’d throw him in the trade to Miami.

      1. Badger

        Toles could always play center, but I would like him to get a chance, because he has stepped up, with every chance, he has been given.

        And he has that rare combination of speed and power, and he has hit consistently for an average, and he has hit, in clutch situations too.

        I think players that earn there chance to play, become even better players, because they are not afraid of hard work, and because this, they are always trying to get better.

        And these type of players are more greatful, for the chance they are given, like Taylor, and Turner.

        And I don’t see this front office going after any of those top players, in the off season.

        1. Actually it was 323 at bats and if memory serves I kinda figured he would platoon with Utley. But, point taken.

          Maybe Toles will earn the spot. I’d rather see a guy like Ozuna or Martinez out there. Or….. Stanton.

          1. Badger

            I had no idea so I looked it up, 202 at bats, but I
            thought that was the right thing to do, too!

            I just don’t see this front office making any big deals, with the Marlins.

            And I don’t see any good starting pitchers, that will be free agents, after the 2018 season, that we could trade for, at the trade deadline, either.

            I hope the front office keeps that in mind, but I don’t see them going for any big free agents, like Arrietta.

            And I like Stanton, and especially Yelich, like Michael mentioned, but I just can’t see this front office, doing that!

            Do you really think the front office will go after Stanton?

            I was hoping they wouldn’t bring Forsythe back, to be our regular second baseman too.

            I thought they should bring him back, to be our utility player, instead.

            Because he didn’t even hit above 200 against righties, this year.

            And if he does that next year, then we could move Taylor to second, in place of Forsythe!

            And only have Forsythe hit against lefties, and fill in for Turner, on defense.

            I was hoping they would pay Forsythe’s option, and then, renegotiate with him, for a cheaper rate, like Jonah said.

            The only team that would probably sign Forsythe back to be there regular second baseman, would be the Rays.

            Jonah had the best idea, concering Forsythe!

          1. Badger

            I don’t know where you got those numbers, but Kike has never had 300 at bats, in one season, in the majors!

            He almost did this year.

            The numbers I put up, were from 2015, the first year Kike was on, our team, remember?

          2. MJ, I am talking total at bats in the Major Leagues. If you looked it up you could easily see that is what I was referring to. Toles has had 217 total at bats in the bigs. He’s done well with them. As for Kiké, I’m not as high on him now. I think if he played every day he would put up decent numbers. But on this team, in this organization, he will never be an everyday player.

        1. Badger

          I said I agreed with you about Kike at the time.

          Badger no one can easily know what you are thinking,, give yourself credit.

          I always thought you said you can start seeing and taking a hitter more seriously, after about the first hundred at bats.

          I myself, wouldn’t count Kike’s at bats, in those his previous years before he was a Dodger, and after the 2015 season, because Kike only got consistent at bats, in the second half of 2015.

          I think it is much harder for a player to hit well, when they are not getting consistent at bats.

          I can understand the Dodgers platooning certain players, after they were so bad against lefties the year before, but I don’t think you should do that with young hitters myself.

    2. Michael

      I don’t remember seeing Barnes ever throwing any base runner out, at second or third, so I looked up the ways a catcher can be awarded a CS.

      If a pitcher tries to pick off a runner at first, and that runner runs to second, if that runner is thrown out, before they get to second safety, that catcher is awarded a CS, even if the first baseman, makes that throw.

      Also if a runner makes it to second safely, but is called out, because they couldn’t keep contact to the base, the catcher gets a CS for that too.

      1. PO is a different stat than caught stealing. And I remember a couple of games where Barnes threw a runner out. If a pitcher catches a runner off base, that stat goes to the pitcher if the runner is thrown out. If he is not, then the stolen base is on the pitcher, not the catcher. You would have to go back through the box scores or game summary’s to find out when Barnes did it. But they are there in his season stats. By the way, the catcher with the highest caught stealing pct, Reds catcher Tucker Barnhardt who caught almost 44 pct of runners.

        1. Michael

          I looked up, the different ways a catcher is awarded with a CS.

          And if a pitcher throws to first, to tries to pick off a runner, and a runner, runs to second, but gets out, the catcher is awarded with a CS.

          I would assume the pitcher would be awarded with a pick off, too.

          I believe you saw Barnes throw someone out, but even you, only saw him do it twice,

          I just think he can get better at that, because a catcher has to throw out some runners out, to keep the other team, honest, on the bases.

          But I do know it is mainly off the pitchers.

  4. Compared to Roy Campanella, Grandal is a slug. Campy caught over 58 percent of the runners trying to steal against him 6 times. Over 60 percent 5 of those years. Johnny Roseboro caught over 50 percent twice. Catchers today not nearly as successful. Of course Pudge Rodriguez was one of the best.

  5. This is what annoys me about FAZ . Everyone here is throwing different scenerios and we know FAZ with do none of it. Actually, Yu is really the only player that should have been worth his salt that FAZ obtained. The rest have been old or broken down or just no good. Before everyone attacks me I admit I could have missed somebody but can’t think of it right now. I am not talking about a player like Wood or Brandon Morrow. Players with bad pasts that turned out OK. That is luck on their part.

        1. That wasn’t very hard at all.

          I can live without them both as well, but they easily out-value (out-value?) what they were traded for.

      1. 5?

        Do you have any idea how many moves these guys have made since they arrived? Of course you dont! Neither do I. But I just took a peek and they completed close to 70 transactions from the time they took over in October ’14 to the start of the season the following April. Yeah, like I said, some of the moves have worked well. But there is a long list of names that were nothing more than hair balls coughed up on the living room carpet.

        1. Not sure what you are talking about or towards Badger, Package’s comment was:

          >>Actually, Yu is really the only player that should have been worth his salt that FAZ obtained. The rest have been old or broken down or just no good. <<

          I think those 5 off the top of my head is a fine response to that.

    1. Package

      I don’t think the front office will bring anyone big to this team, like Stanton either.

      But I do think Cingrani was a good move!

      I just wish Darvish could have pitched in the World Series like he did, in the other post season series.

      Because he wanted to be a Dodger badly, and he really pitched better then any of our starting pitchers, in the two previous post season series, before the World Series.

      Darvish was a big difference maker, in our prior series this year!

      And I don’t see even one good starting pitcher, that we can trade for, at the trade deadline next year!

      1. MJ, I was hoping Yu would turn out great and FAZ would want to keep him but I guess that is out. You ar e right, no good pitchers available and I think they should keep Cingrani too. Everybody is talking about hitters and we need pitching.
        Just my opinion.

        1. Package

          That is something we agree on!

          Corey was hurt in this post season, and Cody is only going to get better!

          We already know Cody is able to shorten his swing, and hit the ball the other way.

          He just tried to do to much!

          And he only played a month in AAA.

          Our players gave our pitchers more runs to work with, then people remember!

          That is why everyone thought, this was the best World Series, they have ever saw!

        2. I think we need pitching too. Arrieta, Darvish, Ohtani, Cobb, Vargas….. I doubt we get any of them. Morrow, Swarzak, Reed, Holland, Davis… whoever else might be on that list – yeah, we might get one. We are looking for deals. Check the waiver wires and the sick bays of all the clubs. There has to be a Brett Anderson, Jair Jurgens, Kyle Hooper, Anuerys Zabala, Franklin De la Paz, Colt Hynes, Fabio Castillo, Carlos Frias, Louis Coleman, Jeremiah Muhammed……shall I go on….. I could for another couple hundred names……

          We won a lot of games. I don’t see FAZ jumping on any free agents any time soon. I think it’s going to be a long, dry winter.

          1. Badger

            All I can see happening is that we get a quality reliever, at the trade deadline.

            I think there were about three or four, really good closers, and set up men, that will be free agents at the end, of 2018.

            Or possibly, Darvish wants to be a Dodger bad enough, he will agree to a two , or three year deal, and a discount.

            But you are going to have to talk to Darvish, and tell him to work off his fastball, if he ever has trouble throwing his off speed pitches again.

  6. MJ, I just read about Honeycutt returning. The only coach who is not is assistant hitting coach Tim Hyers. He went to Boston to be Cora’s hitting coach. There were a couple of other story’s on there too. One, and Package may get depressed about this, Friedman said that he expects a LONG relationship with Dave Roberts as the manager. Another story has the Dodgers very interested in Shohei Ohtani. That kind of surprised me because of the posting fee that will be required.

    1. Michael

      Can the Dodgers go after international players now?

      I thought we were limited on the money we can use for international players.

      1. not sure of the rule but I think Japanese players are under different rules. his first couple years might be at a lower rate. but you know the Dodgers will kick the tires on the deal

      2. We can sign international players, but I think we are handicapped with Otani because we cannot offer the big signing bonus (yet). But maybe that signing bonus restriction is tied to a certain date. I don’t think the Dodgers are putting in so much effort just to kick some tires. I think there is likely a path where we can sign Otani, probably one that requires a lot of gymnastics to get through, but things will become more clear in the next few weeks, as I think Otani will be one of the most talked about items this offseason.

        1. Okay, I just read an article on MLB trade rumors about Ohtani. He has hired a US firm to represent him in his quest to play in the majors. Any team, not just the Dodgers, will be hamstrung by the new bonus regulations. He cannot like Matsuzaka, be offered a huge signing bonus. According to the story there is also a new twist in that the posting team might be entitled to a percentage of his bonus. All this is yet to be worked out before any move can be made. If he is signed, it will most likely be a shorter term deal.

          1. The agent he hired is Andre Ethier’s agent, who also represents Nori Aoki. It’s going to be an uphill battle for the FAZ to sign Ohtani ….

            Here is a link to a new Yahoo! article on Ohtani today:

            The money quote is below.

            “While Otani had previously said that he wanted to come and play in the U.S., it wasn’t a sure thing. Beyond the fact that he didn’t have an agent (until recently), the 2016 collective bargaining agreement put a severe limit on the money he would get if he chose to come over. Otani is just 23, and the CBA states that players under the age of 25 are international amateurs and have to sign a standard minor league contract. That means his bonus would be limited to $4 million at most, and teams who have gone over their international spending limit in the past (like the Los Angeles Dodgers) would only be able to offer him a fraction of that.”

    2. Ha! Listen, I like Roberts a lot more than I like FAZ. I would love the Dodgers to get Ohtani but I know it is a real longshot.

      1. Orel and Friedman went to Japan this year, to take a look at him, so who knows.

        I don’t see this front office making a big deal like this, but LA has the biggest Japanese population in the US, and Ohtani would be a big draw.

        And I am sure Darvish would only have good things to say about the team, and the Dodgers organization.

        And Darvish also said the food was really good in LA too.

  7. Well, as we are talking about Grandal, here is my exit review on Grandal. Again I am aware of a lot SABR stats on these guys, but I don’t want to dwell on them since a majority of blogs out there put out SABR stats. I am just stating my own observations and recollections of these players over the course of the year, with more focus on their performance during the playoffs (where applicable), and lastly how they could help the team next year.

    Grandal. While many here dislike Grandal, I think a large part of that was due to the heightened expectations placed on him as the centerpiece of the Kemp trade, and also because many bloggers overhyped him based on SABR or just plain enthusiasm for the FAZ (in fact either Sullivan or Cameron at Fangraph gave Grandal an MVP vote in 2016 – they did not get to vote in 2017). I think he has improved in his overall defense – yes he threw out more runners but I also think he blocked pitches better this year. However, I think his play-calling is below average, and as Scott laid out at the top, his hitting has taken a dive. I don’t see his hitting to be a short term fix. Because of his slow speed and his long swing, pitchers are going to make him chase sliders and high fastballs, and then wait for the double play as he is unlikely to advance on all but the deepest flyouts. Nevertheless, Grandal is valuable when compared with the rest of the flotsam that passes for catchers in the majors. But barring an offseason injury to Barnes or a trade involving Farmer, I think the FAZ needs to work very hard and be flexible to trade Grandal. There are some thoughts in the blogosphere that Grandal will not return much value in a trade because (1) the rebuilding teams are not likely to trade for player with only 1 year eligibility and (2) the Dodgers are unlikely to trade Grandal to a contender. I am not so sure about either – first I think if Grandal gets back to pre-2017 levels, which is possible or even likely given his body of work, he is a top 5-7 catcher with his combination of pitch framing, power and OBP, and he could have value as a lefty DH in the AL during off days. What does this mean? It means a team that picks him up, on a low salary since this is his last arbitration year, will have a veteran catcher who is worth a QO and therefore could be in a great position after this year to get a pick even if Grandal walks. The Dodgers are not able to wait for Grandal to turn it around, because with the rise of Barnes, Grandal will likely not get enough opportunities in 2018 to be worth a QO (and giving him a QO with such a rich pipeline of catching prospects in our system would be borderline incompetence). I think the SABR savy FOs (which is the majority out there), including those for rebuilding teams, will be looking at Grandal through this lense, and I am hopeful that FAZ will be successful at getting decent value in return on a trade.

    1. YF

      I think you gave a fair analyst of Grandal, and I agree with your thoughts, on why some people don’t care for him!

      I know I was really upset, when Mattingly played him in the post season over AJ, when Grandal was hurt.

      But I never hated him, like some.

      1. To be clear, even if Grandal gets back to his pre-2017 levels, I would not want him on the Dodgers. I think more speed and more contact in our lineup would put us over the top. So I would ecstatic if he is traded even though I think he can be a top catcher (he is just not so helpful on our team).

    2. The one statement I totally disagree with Yueh is blocking balls in the dirt. He had more passed balls this year than last. Which obviously points to not improving in that part of defense. I do agree that his in game pitch calling is mediocre. I saw him call 9 straight fastballs to one hitter when Baez was pitching this year. Kemp was traded for one reason and one reason only. He was considered a cancer by the front office. Grandal on his best day is no where near the offensive threat Kemp was. Most of the dislike was because Kemp was highly popular with fans, Grandal was also suspended for PED’s and some, including me, did not want him on the team based on that alone.

      1. Michael

        Grandal didn’t call those 9 fastballs, that was on Baez.

        They gave Heyward the gold glove this year again.

        And I went to fangrahs to compare there numbers, and Puig had better numbers overall, except one number.

        1. Well he kept putting the 1 down because I watched that game, if he wanted the pitcher to throw something else he should have went out there and let him know. Baez can shake him off, but Grandal is the ultimate end game when he is the catcher. I do not and have never liked the way Grandal runs a game. I can see him not arguing with someone like Kershaw, who knows hit pitches better than any body. But someone like Baez, not one bit.

          1. Michael

            I know you don’t like Grandal, but that was all Baez, because that was talked about after that game.

            Remember Baez was afraid to throw any of his off speed pitches, during the time.

          2. Michael

            Also, we didn’t do a good job pitching to Springer and the Astros third baseman in this series, and especially Springer.

            I am not saying that is on Barnes, because Honeycutt and the coaches, help these catchers prepare there game plan, to pitch hitters, on the other team.

            But they allowed Springer to hit five HRs in the World Series, and that can’t happen.

      2. Kemp was traded because:
        1. His OPS was dreadful
        2. His WAR was worse
        3 His defense was lamentable
        4. He wasn’t well-liked
        5. He had a bad contract

          1. Your opinion not based on any facts. He is still a better offensive player right now than Grandal. His defense had slipped, that is well known, but it was directly caused by his injury’s. But you show me an interview with one player who said Matt was not well liked. The only player I ever heard of who said that was Kent when he was a Dodger. His contract is pretty much on the Dodgers because they signed him right after he had a monster year. They did the same thing with Ethier. But I would take his 30 plus 100 RBIs over the immoveable object behind the plate anyday.

          2. Kemp is looking old and if he can’t stop rolling over on, and missing, breaking balls down and away he will fade like a Malibu sunset. His K/BB is like 9/2, and he led the league in GIDP. I was a fan when he hit 30/100 but I can no longer overlook his “lamentable” defense and propensity to miss the barrel of his bat. The man’s only value as a 33 year old would be as a DH and only if he shows more strike zone discipline – and after 12 years in the bigs what are the odds of that happening? I’m officially off the Kempmobile. And we are still paying him 75% of what Altuve made this year.

            Read on the prospect list that catchers Ruiz and Smith are ranked about 20 spots ahead of Farmer. Adios Yasmani. Take your passed balls and your back handing balls in the dirt and hit the bricks. He did manage a 2.2 WAR this year though. 1.2 dWAR which I find equivocal. Somebody will value that so I hope we don’t get shorted on the transaction.

  8. No. Don’t deal Grandal unless you get a future power player. Dom’t love him, but I can appreciate him. Farmer??? I I can dig Will Smith.

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