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Ladodgerreport Gets a Makeover

In less than 10 days LADR will celebrate its one-year anniversary. It’s hard to believe that I launched LADR nearly one year ago to the day. The site continues to change every day, just as the early mammals and humanoids of the Stone Age did. Much like the first life forms that crawled out of the sea did as well. While the world around us advances, so do we evolve at Ladodgerreport.

So in conjunction with our first birthday, Ladodgerreport has gotten a little makeover. What I mean is that the site has a brand new design. All of the functionality remains the same, as does the commenting system. The boards will be the same, and there are no posting restrictions. The widgets are still in the same place. The link stack remains on the right hand side and you can still find the rest of the bells and whistles unchanged. The CSN banner at the top has been taken down momentarily so it can be resized. Rest assured that we are still a proud member of the Champion Sports Network. The CSN banner will be back up shortly. You’ll also notice a better mobile experience.

What is new is the image slider on the home page. The theme and layout are different, and I think the new design gives the site a cleaner more professional look. Now you can see the top 3 latest articles at the top of the home page. Take a look around and see how you like it. Hopefully the new theme will provide everyone with an easier and better experience. Tell us what you think. All questions and comments are welcome!

I appreciate every one of you! Here’s to a great new year at Ladodgerreport, and more quality Dodger coverage and discussion on the internet. Happy birthday Ladodgerreport!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

51 thoughts on “Ladodgerreport Gets a Makeover

  1. Way to go Scott, congratulations on 1st Anniversary!

    The biggest improvement is THE STENCH that has exited this site (yes. the narcissist is monitoring this site, trust me, he can’t help himself apparently, he is a troll -seeking to pleasure his narcissism).

    I have avoided posting until THE STENCH exited. I’ve taken a looksie every once in a while but now I look forward to less pollution in this environment. I don’t suffer human debris well.

    Looking forward to your reports as the new season approaches.

    1. lolz, I know you don’t like him. Apparently he had a disagreement with a few people over here and decided to leave and relaunch his site, unbeknownst to me at the time. I hope everyone can get along between the two sites for the time being, but thank you.

  2. Thanks for running this page! It’s a good place to comment. I am hoping for fewer personal insults and more of a focus on the Dodgers going forward!

  3. Great job LADR!
    Nice new look 🙂

    “Stench” 🙂

    I’ll probably be banned from the other site just for smiling!

    1. Scott

      I like the new design, it is easier to see, on my IPhone.

      Like you Scott, I hope everyone gets along, on both sites.

      And Congrats, and thank you, for having this site!

  4. Unbeknownst to you? Dang man, where you been?

    Welcome back True Blue. I’m hoping others will return as well.

    4 weeks. What happens between now and then?

    1. 1 – a new 2B
      2 – a trade or 2 for salary relief (Kasmir, McCarthy, Ethier or Puig)
      3 – a new reliever or 2
      4 – maybe a righty-hitting OF

      1. Trading Puig is not salary relief. His contract is very team friendly. And if you have read anything Friedman has said lately, Puig is expected to be in great shape and ready to re-take his RF job. They are very impressed with his winter workouts. The other 3 will be very hard to unload, and Ethier goes no-where unless he approves it. 10-5 guy, right to veto any trade.

    2. Thanks Badger. We move onward and upward.

      My dad was a pastor (btw, he served as one of the Rams Chaplain for many years also, George Allen and Robinson years), he used to say about some people (the one’s that are just complaining pain in the ass type) that would choose to leave a church “A backdoor revival can be a good thing”. I think that applies here as well, better times ahead with some having moved on.

      What happens in the next four weeks? Probably much of the same, the front office doesn’t really make big splashy moves, as we all have noticed. So I expect small, little puzzle piece moves and acquisitions that wouldn’t make headlines anyplace but in here. Those that expect big exciting moves will continue to be frustrated. I do feel the Dodgers are close but they do need to make some key moves to shore up the needs. What we really need to see is a break-out year from Joc and Puig, if that happens many sins will be covered.

    1. A perfect fit W

      1. Probably. Unless Utley comes back
      2. If you can trade Kazmir and McCarthy, you’re hired. Puig trade is not salary relief
      3. Yep. I will add the word good.
      4. Maybe. Maybe Puig and SVS is enough

    1. On second thought, that red script may not have been the best choice. I think I would opt for a nice green or maybe Dodger Blue…

  5. HPWolfe, I posted this for you on the previous thread. It is from another site.

    utley09 # 109980.47(47 of 108) Replied to: bcjello12/7/12 12:08 PM
    Unfortunately, as a teenager, I had to watch Mays and Snider come into Connie Mack Stadium and haunt the hometown boys more than I want to recall…

    I was in Connie Mack Stadium the day Duke made one of the greatest catches I ever saw..Richie often talked about it in his frequent talks with HK, and in columns he wrote.. My recollection is that the Phils trailed by 2 runs, bottom of 9th, 2 on 2 out..Willie Jones drove a ball that looked ticketed for the LC field bleachers,a real poke..Duke literally climbed the wall, planting his spike, and made a miraculous catch. It looked impossible, much speculation ensued whether Duke actually caught it, I believe Richie thought he trapped it against the wall, it was impossible to say with certainty..but the ump ruled a catch, thus he caught it..I still remember the whole Dodger team , headed by Reese , going out to greet the Duke as he collected himself..

    1. Today’s players make the big bucks but the players between 1910 and 1970 (or so) are the ones that made the game. I’d settle for a Dodger team of the 1950s against any team out there today…

      1. Wondering

        The Dodgers teams 1974 through 1981, did beat a couple of teams, that had there share, of Hall of Famers.

        The Reds and the Expos.

        And these Dodger teams only had one Hall of Famer, on them, Don Sutton.

        1. Sutton was on those teams and had some good years. But he was gone in 81 when they won the world series. Was with Houston that year. In 77 He won 1 game in the playoffs and 1 in the world series. In 78 he lost all his post season games. Sutton is in the hall because of longevity, not because he was a great pitcher. Never won a Cy Young nor did he ever throw a no-hitter. In 23 years in the majors he won 20 games once…..21 in 1976 when the Dodgers finished 10 games back of the Reds. His playoff and world series record is 6-4. He was never all that spectacular a pitcher. Just steady.

        2. 74 World Series. Lost to A’s 4-1 77 World Series lost to Yankees. 4-2…78 World Series, lost to Yankees…4-2. Those teams had guys like Reggie Jackson, Rollie Fingers, Catfish Hunter….all HOF players and the Dodgers lost all 3. They had a hard time beating the Reds during the regular season because they had Rose, Bench, Perez, Geronimo, and just flat beat everybody.

          1. Michael

            I know they played the A’s, I didn’t want to write Reggies name, so I didn’t list there players.

            And I must have really started being a big Fergie fan, in that World Series, because of his great throw!

            We did beat the Reds that year, and I loved it.

        3. By the way, only 2 guys from the Expos are Gary Carter and Andre Dawson. Catfish Hunter went into the hall with no logo on his cap. Reggie went in as a Yankee.

      2. The fans are responsible. We could have at any point said “enough!” We did not. Record attendance every year. TV deals in the billions. I’m as guilty as anyone I suppose. I’m there every year.

          1. I still go. Only when I get good seats.

            Love Dodger Stadium. Could use better food. Miss the programs.

          2. I probably won’t go to Chase this year. Spring Training maybe, but not regular season. I bought mlbtv last year, mostly for Vin. It’s just not as important as it usta be.

        1. Badger

          UCLA’s Men’s basket ball team is playing tonight at eight my time, on Fox One.

          And they are playing Arizona St. so it should be a good game.

          1. That’s easy, MJ, I don’t. I sort of follow it on Gameday. It takes more than a baseball game to hold my attention these days. You know that 90% of the time nothing is happening. I go to bed early so I see very little of home games. Road games, games earlier in the day anyway, I read a book and check the progress periodically on Gameday. Guess I’m not really a baseball fan. So be it.

      3. Campy, Pee Wee, Duke, Jackie, Gil, Furillo, with guys like Shuba, Pafko, Billy Cox, Sandy Amoros, Gilliam, Neal, Don Hoak, Newcombe, Roe, Labine, Erskine, Those guys right there could compete in anyone’s league.

    1. I read that too Wonder. Another Hernandez? Baez would be cool. Maybe we can get Rick to work out a deal with the Cubs for Kazmir and McCarthy. He’s a lawyer. He can convince them that what they see is not what is.

      This is encouraging:

      We weren’t as bad as I thought we we were. Certainly not nearly as bad as the year before when we were awful. Sounds like Lombard made the difference. No one will accuse us of being a fast team, because we aren’t, but if running the bases can be done properly we can be efficient. We were 14th in runs scored. It would be a big deal to move into the Top 10 this year. 30 more runs would do that.

    1. I think everyone went to celebrate at the Inauguration.

      It’s a beautiful day in Reno! Sun shining, birds singing, flowers blooming.

      Many, many reasons to rejoice today.

      1. “I think everyone went to celebrate the inauguration”

        Wrong again.

        Try about 24%. The rest of us are hoping for the best, expecting something way short of that, and awaiting Spring.

        1. Reno may be nice today but Southern Nevada is looking at rain for the next 4 days. I love it, don’t have to get out of the house, got lots of food stockpiled, lots of books to read and the heater keeps me warm… What else could I ask for? Oh yeah, disable the phone….

          1. Reno ain’t nice. Look at your weather app. Catbox is blowing more smoke, or in this case, snow and fog.

          2. BAAAAAAAger: “Reno ain’t nice. Look at your weather app. Catbox is blowing more smoke, or in this case, snow and fog.”

            B.S., before your negativity/hate there was a beautiful sun burst, breaking through the clouds and snow, ducks were quacking, geese were honking, indoor flowers were blooming (Christmas Cactus).

            Today’s lesson for ewe, always be thankful for what ewe have!!!! Learn that and ewe will be a lot happier!!

          3. Good!! Just goes to show, even ewe can learn to appreciate what ewe have.

            Very happy for ewe, Grasshopper!! Lesson learned????

  6. Bluto – I too still go the games at the Ravine… Still can move around to secure a better seat…
    I have a food issue also and go a little earlier and park at the train parking garage and head over to Philippe’s for my meal… Walk back to parking and take free shuttle to stadium… Sweet

  7. Big news in the local paper is that Jack In The Box is coming to town. Last fast food place to come in here was Carl Jr’s, seven years ago. I was really looking forward to that because they were my favorite hamburger place in SoCal. Don’t know what it is but their burgers up here aren’t anywhere near as good. Might be different food supplier or might be my taste buds have gone to Hell… I’m still looking forward to a new restaurant anyway. Sorry about the off-topic post but the Dodgers aren’t giving us a thing to talk about. If things don’t improve I’ll have to start posting ads from the local cathouses. They’re legal here, you know…

  8. Boxout, a question if I may… Other than yourself, which posters from this blog have posted on LA Dodger Talk? I’m just curious, no hard feelings toward anyone who does, it’s their right.

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