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Dodgers Put Runners Everywhere But Across The Plate, Lose 1-8

As Scott told us in the pregame report, this is the last time in 2016 the Dodgers will play in the Baseball Devil’s Triangle known as Coors field. Kenta Maeda, the most consistent Dodgers starting pitcher since the All-Star break, was tasked with winning his seventh straight game.

The game was a scoreless pitcher’s battle for the first three innings. And there was this…

4th inning
I got home just in time to see something special: The Traded Flop getting a base hit.
There was another single, but no one came in. After a total of five hits through four, the Dodgers remained scoreless.
With one on, Maeda left a pitch up too high and paid the price, a two-run bomb. 2-0

5th inning 0-2
A single and a HBP put two Dodgers on. Results: Nothing.
Held scoreless. Maeda had 6 Ks by this point.

6th inning  0-2
Maeda out. Grant Dayton in.

7th inning  0-2
Over the past two innings the Dodgers had been expanding the strike zone and really helping the Rockies pitchers.
Corey Seager was hit in the wrist by a pitch. It was a scary moment as Seager reacted to being hit by showing immediate and intense pain. He remained in the game.
Adam Liberatore in. After a walk and a couple of singles, the Rockies had their third run. 0-3
He then gave up a two-run double. 0-5  All with only one out.
Pedro Baez in. Another double, another run. 0-6 The Rockies weren’t done slapping around Baez. They added one more run.

8th inning 0-7
The Dodgers went quietly.
Add another Rockies run. 0-8

9th inning 0-8
Andrew Toles (finally getting in the game) blasted a triple to the wall. Charlie Culberson knocked him in with a ground out for the Dodgers’ first, and only, run. 1-8

Dodgers lose 1-8

Kenta Maeda used fastballs and an effective change up to keep the Rockies scoreless for the first three innings. He gave up a 2-run dinger on a mistake pitch, but otherwise kept his team close enough to win. It was a shame to see him get the loss in a game where the bullpen gave up six runs after Maeda left.

The Dodgers had their chances: By the 5th inning, they had left six runners on. By the end of the game, the count was 11.

Maeda-san is the boss of Coors: He is the only Dodger to pitch at least three times in a season at Coors and only give up two or less runs every time.

The Rockies hit our ROY twice today. The second time was particularly scary.. Seager took a tight and inside pitch on the inside rear of his left wrist. It looked painful as all heck, and the cameras showed a clear bump and bruise growing there. We may not see him tomorrow.

From the Traded Flop Marching and Chowder Society: He got a base hit today! Wake me when he gets an RBI.

Dodgers bats cooling off? Per Dodgerrick: before today’s game the Dodgers had scored only 9 runs in the past 5 games. They scored only one today, giving them 10 runs over the last 6 games. We all know scoring 1.6 runs a game is not going to cut it. The A.J. Trade Curse lives on.

Kenta Maeda (L 13-8) went five innings with 4 hits, 2 runs, 1 HR, 1 walk, 6 Ks.  ERA 3.38

Team with RISP: 0 for 8  At Coors. 0 for 8!

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

119 thoughts on “Dodgers Put Runners Everywhere But Across The Plate, Lose 1-8

  1. Indeed, the Dodger bats have been rather silent lately, haven’t they? They don’t have the consistent pitching to help them win games when these bats are quiet. Occasionally, they will win a low scoring game as we saw with Chicago. But, to hope that they remain where they are without the help of their bats is to dream on. I can’t say why this happens to the Dodgers. How a team goes from red-hot to ice-cold is a mystery to me. Any realistic explanations to this?

    1. Yeah…easy peasy….good pitching. Chicago has it and Jon Gray very good and the Rox BP improving from it’s low point.

  2. I wasn’t going to say anything regarding the Kaepernick affair until I read the posts in the previous thread and the varying views of many posters. I was quite surprised at the different reactions that people had, especially the negative feelings that are directed towards him. Americans are not known for their subtlety. What they are known for is their aggressive attitudes and behavior, which given a chance, far exceed what would be called ‘normal’ reactions in many societies. In fact, many other countries see Americans as being uninformed, bigoted, and very racially biased. They feel they are always right and entitled, somehow. Perhaps these views are mainly about ‘white’ Americans, as they are the biggest group to travel outside the USA.

    My wife, who is Asian-American, and knows a thing or two about racism, pointed out to me the origins of The Star Spangled Banner. I think many of you will be surprised, as I was, to learn its history. Here’s an article that you should read that will better inform you. https://theintercept.com/2016/08/28/colin-kaepernick-is-righter-than-you-know-the-national-anthem-is-a-celebration-of-slavery/

    1. Jeff,

      That very well may be revisionist history… or not. The fact is: the song writer is not alive to explain what it meant. Read this:


      The relevant part says this:

      “In fairness, it has also been argued that Key may have intended the phrase as a reference to the British Navy’s practice of impressment (kidnapping sailors and forcing them to fight in defense of the crown), or as a semi-metaphorical slap at the British invading force as a whole (which included a large number of mercenaries), though the latter line of thinking suggests an even stronger alternative theory — namely, that the word “hirelings” refers literally to mercenaries and “slaves” refers literally to slaves. It doesn’t appear that Francis Scott Key ever specified what he did mean by the phrase, nor does its context point to a single, definitive interpretation.”

      There are lots of other works on this very subject, but if you are inclined to believe the racism, then you will buy into it. Jeff, American’s are racially biased, but it’s nothing like it is in some countries, where if you are just live in a different areas, you are marked to be killed. Ethnic cleansing they call it. Many Asian people are extremely biased. In my family, we have Filipino, Chinese, African and Latino’s. I am very familiar with their biases!

      Here’s what I hate: I hate the fact that people who are always complaining about oppression or racism just give away their power and will never surpass their own preconceived barriers. They hold themselves down. I hate to see people dis-empowered by their own beliefs.

      Kaepernick is within his right to not stand, but the action would have more impact if Colin were actually a person that was respected. He’s not and that’s part of the issue. Many of his teammates have had little respect for him for quite some time. I put him in the same file as Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson – glory hounds who really accomplish nothing!

      EVERYONE is affected by racism – even “privileged white people.”

      Back to the Dodgers: Rookies had 60% of the Dodgers hits last night. The solution: Play more rookies. Hey Roberts, Toles has to play – let him do it. Sit Reddick – enough already!

        1. Because they hurt only themselves. It’s like drinking poison and thinking someone else will die. I don’t hate much – not even the Giants – but I hate self-inflicted wounds!

        2. It all comes down to the way you are raised. Or in some cases, where you were raised. In the Army I saw it first hand and experienced it too. We actually had a race riot on our post in Germany. Caused by a white guy from Georgia. He was yelling racial slurs at some black troops headed towards the mess hall, and it was on. MP’s got it all settled down after about an hour. I asked him later why he would do such a dumb ass thing. He said where he lived, blacks did not walk down his street, and he felt our company road was his street. The black troops were part of an all black engineer battalion. Yep, segregation in the 1970’s era US Army. I have had friends from all races and when I was stationed at Ft. Bliss I played baseball in a league that was made up of 90 % Latino’s. Nice guys, every one of them, and generous too. Always had huge meals set up after the games. They accepted me and my family readily. I am not prejudiced, and I hate no one, although there are some who are low on the I like you totem pole. But if we could change the mind set, we might have a little more racial harmony…….

    2. The USA is a wonderful country and.. there is always room for improvement. What individuals think needs improving comprise the huge debates of our day. Freedom of speech is a pretty good thing and deserves defending. As Voltair said I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Kaepernicks protest not worth the bullying… and is as American as Chevy and apple pie. GOOO DODGERS

  3. “Glory hounds who really accomplish nothing!”

    You haven’t a clue.

    What was lost here in the reaction to that post by Oscar is why the athletes are choosing to do this in the first place. Some even went so far as to say the victims of the violence had it coming. Sad testament to how far out of touch we remain in this country.

    To the game. You go to Colorado you better plan to score some runs. Are we back to hitting like we did early? Just a team slump? As bad as we’ve looked, we are still 6-4.

  4. AMEN MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeff: “Americans are not known for their subtlety. What they are known for is their aggressive attitudes and behavior, which given a chance, far exceed what would be called ‘normal’ reactions in many societies. In fact, many other countries see Americans as being uninformed, bigoted, and very racially biased”.

    Actually, that sounds like THOSE “many countries” are made up of a bunch of Ignorant racist bigots. I note, that people from THOSE “many countries” would, and do, crawl over broken glass to join us “uninformed, bigoted and very racially biased” AMERICANS. Why didn’t your Asian-American wife stay in the foreign paradise she came from? If she was born here, why doesn’t she head to those Asian paradises and their “informed people? I know why, America is a “Noble Experiment”, as Jackie Robinson noted, created by a bunch of largely WHITE MEN, that is unique to the history of all mankind. Today, ALL of us are reaping the benefits of their “Experiment”. After reflecting on it, I am disappointed to read Jackie Robinson didn’t appreciate his gift of being a “principal actor” in this “Noble Experiment”.

    Bottom line, it’s 2016, all of us can only control the present, as a White Guy, I only have an obligation to try and make the present and future better. The past is NOT my responsibility!! Slavery, racism and bigotry are all God given traits and given to EVERY person of EVERY race and have been with EVERY society in EVERY country in this world throughout history.

    This “Noble Experiment” in AMERICA is the envy of the world. It is a one-way street at America’s borders. Countless American’s have come and gone, adding and contributing to this “Noble Experiment”. The continuation of this “Experiment” is worth fighting for, preserving and it is worth RESPECTING.

    I will ALWAYS show my respect, for the sacrifices of so many, by standing during the National Anthem of this COUNTRY, which has afforded, millions from EVERY race, the greatest opportunities available on this earth.

    1. Boxhead,

      My wife is Asian American. She was born in S.F.

      Your attitude is the very one that is represented in my post, aggressive and over reactive. Have you ever lived outside the USA?

      1. Boxhead? How very moderate of you!

        Yes, I have lived outside the USA. I spent a year in Asia as a young man.

        Consider this, “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

        1. Al Sharpton?

          And, yes box, I know who said that. Quoting Barry Goldwater’s anarchist speechwriter does not get you any points. And it’s probably a waste of time but I would suggest that Aristotle would strongly disagree with your premise in regard to extremism. Extremism, by its very nature, tends to err on the side of excess.

          1. Yeah, I guess you’re right.

            It sure would be horrible, if we took extreme measures to ensure liberty for ALL and extreme measures to ensure justice for ALL. Damn that would be bad if we err on the side of excess. NOT!!!!

            Aristotle: We should be extremists! We should go to extreme measures to do good for others.

        2. I guess you were too young to notice anything about your environment and gain any wisdom from your experience judging how you think at present. You seem like a real product of the American form of brainwashing.

          1. Just a question Badger. And it’s directed to Jeff because of his comment about how other parts of the world view Americans. In the end it’s just a question.

        1. artieboy, I think you are referring to the Japanese ideology that played a big part in their aggression towards other Asian countries and that led to WWII in the Pacific. Every country has their own brand of nationalism and prejudice. Religions also contribute their elitist ideas. It’s a human problem and I wasn’t trying to single out America as the perpetrator of all evil.

          I was in Japan last year. It’s a fantastic place to visit and the people there go out of their way to help you. Polite, respectful, and the streets are safe. In fact, most of Asia is very safe and doesn’t have the crime that the U.S. has. People have no fear of others. They greet you on the streets, smile, have a sense of humor. You feel comfortable to be among them being of a different skin color. It’s not paradise, but a lot nicer than the streets of America.

          But, America has its own brand of power and control that is no better than any other brand of power and control no matter what you call it. And, they want to export it. Most Asians like their own culture and don’t want to become Americans. They like some of the things that America exports but not power and control.

        2. No. Very few Asian cultures preach, period, much less about race. In fact there are still a bevy of Asian self-critical academics and business writers who bemoan the inferiority of Asian ways (as a driver for reform). I always have to tell my Asian clients that when they walk into a negotiation with Americans, don’t just assume what they claim is fair, is actually fair from an international point of view.

      2. Jeff, the problem with your rhetorical technique here is that you’re starting with a premise that is probably false and, in a way, bigoted itself and designed to offend, and when you get the expected response it becomes a self-validating closed circuit.

        “I think Americans, especially white Americans, are ignorant and racist. In fact, the whole country, going back to the beginning is based around ignorant racism.”


        “See! Told’ya”

        I would probably guess that if you were having a discussion in a mosque and brought up the prophet Muhammed’s possible pedophilia you’d probably get some strong reactions. And I doubt that an Asian born and raised in San Francisco has truly experienced racism.

        I hope you don’t label my response as overly aggressive, but I do have say that I find the condescension in your posts a little grating.

        1. dodgerpatch: You quote me and yet I never said any such thing. Is this what you think I said and took the liberty of arranging your own words as my quote? Bad manners, sir.

          Plus, you doubt that an Asian born and raised in S..F. has truly experienced racism. Do you make this statement because S.F. has no racism, or that you know my wife’s experiences first hand? Where do your conclusions come from?

          You don’t want me to label you as overly aggressive. I don’t. But, I can’t fathom why you misquote me or make that statement about my wife’s experiences.

  5. I think it was a team letdown. They were up for the Cubs and Giants but figured they could handle the sub-.500 Rox with one hand behind their backs. Having Toles and Turner in the lineup would probably have helped, but when your bullpen gives up six runs would it be enough.

    1. What would help are starters that can go 7.

      But even then, you don’t score, you don’t win. I look for a mile high offensive rebound tonight.

      I see Peraza and Schebler are liking Cincinatti. Good for them. Cotton likely to get a debut for Oakland in September. And good for him too. That wouldn’t happen here.

      Ethier to return September 1st. He’s 4 for 10 at Rancho. It’s going to be a very crowded outfield in a few days. Yasiel might be getting bored in Oklahoma. 0 for his last 4.

      Boxhead. Good one Jeff.

      1. Badger
        I read some where that the Phillies asked for the Rangers top prospects too.

        I can only remember two of the top three prospects, that the Phiilies asked for, from the Rangers.

        Here is the two I remember Gallo and Profar, but they said that the Phillies got a lot less.

  6. Wed 1 run
    Thr 0 runs
    Sun 1 run
    Mon 1 run

    2-2 but yeah it looks like a bad offensive period right now. Hopefully it goes away tonight.

  7. I think we may be heading into a stretch where the Dodgers and Giants try to see who sucks more at baseball ….

  8. “Glory hounds who really accomplish nothing!”

    You haven’t a clue.”

    Oh, I think I do. Talk is cheap. I hear people talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk.

    If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

    Have you ever taken in a homeless child for 5 months, just so they didn’t have to go to CPS?

    Have you ever seen a homeless Black couple and invited them into your home for 9 months?

    Have you ever taken in an illegal Mexican teenager because his parents disappeared for months at a time?

    Have you ever taken in a Korean student for two years?

    Have you ever taken in women and their children who are hiding from husbands accused of domestic violence?

    If so, then you are part of the solution. To me words are hollow. It’s rare that we don’t have someone like this living with us. We do those things because if we don’t who will?

    I have been blessed with a big house where I can do these things. Good does not come from every situation, but at least I know I have done my part. I am not telling you this for any credit. I believe we all owe it to each other!

    I have a clue. I don’t like excuses. I don’t like rhetoric – just do something good. Build on the good. You don’t have to ignore the bad, but you don’t have to focus on it. When you do, you lose all perspective.

        1. I’m not going to tell you what I’ve done in defense of this country. Brag all you want Mark. I know who you are.

          I think I’m going to try to stick to baseball.

          1. See that’s the difference between us. You are so presumptuous that you believe you know who I am. I don’t presume to know who you are. I just know your words are the words of a little man (and I do not mean physical size) and a blowhard!

            BTW, many times over the years you have already told us what you have done for the country which makes these remarks so disingenuous.

          2. Bullsh*t Mark. You have NEVER heard me talk about the things I saw and did over there and you never will. YOU don’t deserve to know.

          3. I don’t really understand the level of hostility. Maybe I do, but I don’t want to elaborate.

            For someone to share a little about themselves as an example of what is good about human nature, and the good people are capable of, and for you to turn and smear him with some attack on his character…I just find it unfortunate.

            You really just have to do a little soul searching. To hold such a huge grudge for the sake of ego is just not healthy.

    1. All that stuff is very commendable, really very commendable, and if it’s not made general practice or even law of the land to aid in those injustices it’s a dirty rotten shame. Generally all our shame.

  9. Baseball is a funny and sometimes maddening game. The Dodgers go on the road to Phillie and Cincy, and score runs by the boat load, come back 4-3. The Giants and Cubbies come to town, they go 4-2, but start having trouble scoring. Of course some of that can be traced to better pitching being faced. Then they go to Colorado, and are almost shut out save for a lone tally in the 9th. Observation, Segedin did fine in Turners spot, Reddick could not hit my grand mother, and she’s dead, Toles should be leading off and playing every day until someone shows otherwise that the kid cannot produce. The first pitch to Arrenado should be right in on his hands so they feel what it is like to have your best player hit twice, they need a power RH bat badly, and they looked totally flat out there.

    1. High and tight, low and away. If they hit that, hats off to them.

      Agree about Toles. Hit Utley 2nd and 8th. I know that sounds extreme, but it’s what I would do. I would also bring Puig back up, start De Leon on September 1st and put Ethier in on any occasion that calls for Reddick.

  10. If I am looking for an excuse to the hitting slump I offer this weak thought:

    1. Joc lost his momentum when he sat 4 out of the 6 games on the home stand against the Giants and Cubs.

    2. Joc tried to hit the long ball all day long in the Dodger 19 run game and lost some of his groove that he had before that game.

    3. Reddick being in the lineup. Granted, Roberts had to put him in for at least the first 2 weeks.

    4. Puig screwing up and having to be sent down compounded by trying to replace him with a left handed bat in the name of Reddick almost simultaneously with trading AJ.

    5. Turner having a sore wrist/hand.

    6. Libotore not the being the same pitcher that he was before going on the DL.

    The Dodgers would have been better if Sedegen, Pederson, and Toles had played more for the last 7 games and Reddick and Kike’ less.

    1. I agree, Kike is a total mess at the plate. He is only hitting .200 against lefty’s now. If anyone should have been sent to OKC it is him. Joc has gone back to his old swing and the results should not be shocking. The Reddick experiment should be shut down, the guy is lost up there. Seager might not play tonight which means in all likely hood, Culberson at SS. With about 31 games left, I put the regulars in there every night.

      1. I feel badly for Kiké, but he is where he is. We can’t afford to nurse him through this. The team has more useful options. It’s my opinion he deserved better, but as Will Munny might say “deserve’s got nothing to do with it”.

      2. Michael
        I would put the regulars in too.

        I just can’t understand this continual use of this almost all rightie platoon line, considering they are last in offense, in all of baseball.

        Why don’t they try something diferent, like you said, and play the regular line up, the rest of the season.

        And let the regular team hit against lefties, so they can get ready for the lefties in post season, if the Dodgers make the play offs.

        I think Roberts might be playing this same line up, because he thinks, this is what the front office wants him to do.

    2. Bum
      I agree because Joc wasn’t playing as much, it is going to be harder to hit.

      And that is the reason that these part time players, they use against a leftie pitcher, shouldn’t be playing everytime the Dodgers face a leftie pitcher.

      Because these players, are getting even less at bats, then someone like Joc.

      Culberson has almost cost us two runs on defense, and if Cory wouldn’t have caught that bobble when Culberson tried to catch that pop up next to Cory, that defensive mistake, would have cost us that last game against the Cubs.

      And Culbersons bat, and the other part time players at bats, or not worth any defensive lapses.

      Culberson and Kike, are really not hitting much, and how can anyone justify this platoon line up, let alone, march then out there, any time we are facing a leftie starter, which is going to happen more and more.

      And if they don’t start playing Toles, he could soon lose his sharpness, sitting on the bench.

      And instead of worrying about Reddick, they need to reward Toles, and set the example that the best players, are going to be on the field.

      Segedin has got enough at bats, that he has remained a threat, but at this time of the year, the best players need to be playing.

      Especially since this platoon team is a fail, and doesn’t give the Dodgers any big advantage, and has cost them some runs on defense.

      And about Joc, he is back to swinging from his heels with two strikes, and with runners in scoring position.

      Part of the reason that Joc may be having trouble hitting, is these stupid platoons, but he needs to stop reverting back to his bad habits.

      Joc is O for 17 right now, and has eight strike outs.

      A lot of that is on Joc himself, because he should know better, after two years of this, so I hope he gets back on track.

      But I doubt it will be tonight, because we face a leftie pitcher tonight.

      And about Ruiz, he isn’t going to be much help against lefties, unless we are facing a leftie starter, because we can’t use him to pinch hit later in games, when the other team brings in a leftie reliever, because we only have two catchers.

      At least when we had someone like Ruggiano, he could start against a leftie starter, and could still pinch hit later in games, when the other team brings in a leftie reliever.

      So we are not going to get a lot of use from Ruiz, and once again, was this trade worth it, when there is so little reward?

      And every team we face from here out, are going to throw, or bring in a leftie pitcher, to try to stop our offense.

      How can anyone justify Reddick getting at bats over Toles, with so little time left in the season.

      Toles has to play at this point, and Reddick needs to sit.

      Not only do we need Tole’s offense, it would be smart to give Toles more experience on defense, and playing in the different major league parks, to give Toles more experience and more confidence on the field.

      And I rather see Toles play against the leftie tonight, then most of our other options.

      He has had three at bats against a leftie pitcher, and he has three hits, in those at bats.

      I know that is a small sample size, but Kike and Culberson have not been that great against lefties, so trying Toles against lefties, can’t be that much worse, then the platoon team has done this year.

  11. I think everyone has a different life experience and it you haven’t lived in another person’s shoes, you don’t know or understand there life experience.

    1. Very true, we have no clue how the other half lives. But I do know this. You do not dis respect my flag, or Veterans. They did something most will not do, and they did it for love of country. And consider this, only America’s armed forces are made up of entirely volunteers. Every other standing army has conscription of some sort.

      1. Agree.

        I think we should revisit the draft. Young people should serve their country at least 2 years. You are a pacifist, then join the Peace Corps. After doing so, you get educational assistance through graduation. We can afford it.

        1. yeah, right after I typed that I knew I forgot the Brits….but still, 2 democracy’s that use all volunteer military where all the other big country’s use conscription…..

          1. This is a pretty weak argument. The USA used a conscription service for a very long time. Did that make it a lesser country? The armed forces now use a very pro-active recruitment system targeting many of the underpriviledged and ethnic communities. God and country have always been the battle cries of countless wars fought all over the world. No one seems to question why this is the case. Why do we fight wars and hate the ‘outsiders’? Some would say we are taught this way of thinking. There is a lot of fear underlying our ways of looking at things. Some deep introspection is needed.

  12. Consider…….Fri 4 runs, Sat 3 runs, Sun 1 run, Mon 1 run, are we due to be shut out??? Well lets hope they get on a Rocky Mountain High and crush the ball!

  13. During the second half of this season, I have seen progress in the hitting approach of the Dodgers under Turner Ward. Some days, especially the first game of a road series, it seems that the entire team is low energy. It certainly looked that way last night. I for one, am anxious to see Turner Ward’s second year progress.

    However, verses LH pitching the Dodgers are last in baseball with a .219 BA which is deplorable. I mean that is absolutely the worst! The following players should NEVER hit against LH pitchers:

    Joc Pederson – .085
    Josh Reddick – .120
    Chase Utley – .176
    Kike Hernandez – .193
    Yasiel Puig – .231

    Toles has 3 hits in 3 AB’s against LH pitchers. Leave him in there, you dumbasses!

    Segedin and Ruiz and Culberson are all over .300 against LH pitchers. Seager is .278. A-Gon is .258 but his OB% is only .314. Grandal’s OB % is .414 against LH Pitching. Turner is .192 – ouch!

    Here is my lineup against lefties:

    1. Toles CF
    2. Culberson 2B
    3. Seager SS
    4. Grandal 1B
    5. Segedin 3B
    6. Ruiz C
    7. Kendrick LF
    8. Ethier RF

    Put guys in who actually have a chance! Forget the matchups. If you want to play against LH pitching – hit ’em!

    1. You left out the one guy who might could mash LHP the rest of the way – Puig. Ethier pinch hits against RH relievers.

        1. Agone has a better average and has hit in more runs, then Grandal, against lefties.

          And if Grandal was hitting in the line up where Agone was, he wouldn’t get that many walks, and walks is the only reason,
          that Grandal has an high OBA.

    2. Mark
      I agree with most of the things you have said, but I rather give Utley four at bats, then Culberson.

      I have seen Utley get some big hits off leftie relivers, late in games.

      Culberson has not proven he can hit consistently in the majors, and has cost us at least one run recently with his defense.

      And he would have cost us that game against the Cubbies, if Cory wasn’t able to bare hand that bobble, caused by Culberson.

      Utley has the gile and experience, that helps him to have much better at bats then Culberson.

      And Culberson has shown to be a liability on defense lately, and his bat isn’t good enough to continue to keep him on the field.

      And the last time I looked, Agone had a better average against lefties then Cory, and most of the team.

      Agone’s average is not great, but it is respectable, and he has done better against lefties, then most of the team.

      And Agone is the best guy on the team, when we need an important RBI, because he knows what a pitcher wants to do to him, and he always shortens his swing, to get a run in.

      And the last time I looked, Grandal wasn’t doing much against leftie pitchers.

    3. Mark,
      Did any of those big wins we had come against LH pitchers? I can’t remember now. Certainly your analyses of the hitters has some validity, but the disparity between the team facing Lefties and Righties shouldn’t be that great. In times past, most starters faced whoever the other side threw at them. Whatever happened? Is it a problem that is actually created in the farm system with batters not facing both types of pitchers?

      OTOH, maybe players like Joc don’t belong in the majors or belong in the AL where they can be designated hitters when facing RH pitchers. If I were the FO, I would be seeking out players who don’t have a strong weakness against ‘same handed’ pitchers.

      1. Jeff
        The reason this team now has so many problems, hitting lefties, is because after the front office traded Kemp, and let go Hanley, they never replaced, either one of these big right hand bats.

        And a team constructed of mostly leftie hitters, needs at least one or two big right hand bats, to off set this leftie dominance.

        Agone and Cory have a decent batting averages against lefties, but they are not as dominate against lefties.

        And Turner and Puig, have not hit leftie pitcher much either, so there right hand bats, don’t help with this problem.

        And like I said above, we can only use Ruiz’s right hand bat, only when we are facing a leftie starter, because he is the only other catcher, so Ruiz can’t be used, to pinch hit against leftie relievers late in game.

        1. Yep, agreed — they are hurtin’ for righty power against lefties — far from ideal roster construction.

        2. MJ, I think one of the reasons they traded Gordon was to get Haney so they could trade him for Kendricks who was needed to help replace Kemp’s bat.

          I will give defense more importance and as such keep Joc in CF, Toles in LF, and Kendricks at 2B against leftys.

          Against leftys:
          LF Toles
          3B Turner
          SS Seager
          RF Sedegen
          1B Agon
          C Ruiz
          CF Pederson
          2B Kendricks

          I also think it is harder for pitchers to adjust to hitters if the hitters are a mix of left and right bats.

          1. Bum
            I think they mainly wanted Howie, because they wanted players, that we’re fuctional, to help the team get farther into the playoffs.

            That was the word they used, concerning that trade.

            And although he is a good hitter, he isn’t the hitter, that Hanley and Kemp are.

            And Howie really doesn’t have all that much power.

  14. Per Dodgers.com:

    “Several Dodgers hitters, however, are struggling. Josh Reddick, in a 1-for-26 drought despite many hard-hit outs, went 1-for-4. But Joc Pederson is 0-for-20 with 10 strikeouts after going 0-for-4 and Yasmani Grandal is in a 1-for-16 slide after going 0-for-3 with a walk”

    The offense is cooling down which is expected – but they seem to be going back into a funk all at once, hitting like they did in May. This could be disastrous – in May they had Kershaw pitching historically good and Kazmir going out pitching OK every other start.

    1. Rick
      Thanks for your info on Grandal, I thought he hadn’t been hitting much lately.

      And about Reddick, he might occasionally hit the ball hard, but he is hitting into the defense, which is into the shift.

      A lot of players hit balls hard into the shifts, and if Reddick wants to hit he is going to have to adjust, and hit the ball that other way.

      Most of the balls I have seen Reddick hit, are little flyballs, to the outfield, because he gets under the ball to much.

      And I wouldn’t lump Reddick in, with the offense going down, because he hasn’t done a thing, since he joined this team.

      I was looking at Joc’s numbers, and hit well mostly in July when he first came back.

      And in July Joc only had half the at bats, he has had in August, so maybe that is the reason Joc’s offensive numbers, look so much better in July.

      Agone is still hitting well, and so is Cory, so I don’t think it is a team wide slump.

      It might just be, that the Dodgers are facing more leftie pitchers lately.

      And when they face a leftie, that offense barren platoon team is always used, even though this line up is last in offense, in all of baseball.

  15. Did a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation: Dodgers team batting avg over the past 6 games = .164 Ouch! We need to restart the hitting engines! I really hope Turner recharged his batteries on his day off — to me, he is the key to our offense — when he is a monster (with Seager and Agon on either side of him) our lineup is tough. I also agree it is hard to fathom how little PT Toles has had given his level of success so far — I would love to see him batting leadoff for an entire week!

    1. I don’t think we will see Turner hitting a lot tonight, because Turner doesn’t see lefties well, and because of that, he doesn’t hit well against lefties.

      But I do hope

  16. I would have thought that the Dodgers would have been better served trading for Hill and Khris Davis rather than Reddick. Davis would have been that righty bat and I don’t believe his splits are very big. Maybe they did and were rebuffed or the cost was too much but Reddick always seemed redundant with Peterson and Ethier not being able to hit lefties. The other part I don’t understand is the thought process of having Reddick play against lefties to try to snap him out of his slump. Most of the coaching staff is different but didn’t the old coaching staff try the same thing with Ethier? They finally stopped and let him just mash righties.

    1. Oakland traded Reddick because he’ll be a free agent next year; Davis is under team control until 2020 and making the league minimum. Mark said that they had to take Reddick to get Hill but if that’s the case I think they should have shopped elsewhere.

          1. MJ, why didn’t FAZ deal with the Bad Beane that traded Donaldson and Addison Russell away?

      1. Snider
        I agree!

        Who did this front office think would get the best of this deal, with Billy Beane being the other negotiator involved in this deal?

        Everyone in baseball knew the Dodgers needing another starting pitcher, badly.

        That is part of this front offices problems, because they seem to limit there negotiations, to only a select few teams.

          1. Mark
            It still seems like they gave to much, considering they made us take Reddick, and it is only for a little over a month.

            I don’t know what seconds were out there, I will have to look.

        1. Bum
          That is what I was thinking, but I understand why Beane made the deal for Addison Russell, because the A’s had won there division twice, and he wanted to go farther into the playoffs.

          I think it was personal with Donaldson.

      1. That sounds funny.
        Q “He’s a major leaguer, what’s his problem?”

        A “He can’t hit at all.”

        Yeah that would be quite a problem for a major league player! And he’s a Dodger… for about a month and some change. Maybe that 1 key hit will come soon. And then we’ll see a better Reddick.

  17. Hill alone may be worth the trade (time will tell), but Reddick is lost and cannot hit lefties. I would put Toles in there now. I would lead him off and I would do it now. Move Utley to #2.

    It does not seem logical that these guys will suddenly start to hit lefties without ba RH bat… and why can’t Turner hit them?

    1. Mark
      Look at Turners stance in the batting box.

      He is practically turned around, and looking more toward the left side of the infield.

      Turner looks so turned around, it looks like he is only seeing a lefties arm slot, from the corner of his eye

        1. Bum
          Yes he looks to close to plate, but it looks like he is to turned around, so it kind of limits his sight.

          It looks like he is only seeing a leftie from the corner of his right eye.

          Turner is behind a lot on leftie pitchers.

  18. Rodney Harrison on Colin Kaepernick:

    “I tell you this, I’m a black man. And Colin Kaepernick — he’s not black. He can not understand what I face and what other young black men and black people face, or people of color face, on a every single (day) basis.”

          1. You are consistent box.

            Nobody said what you claim they said. And you know that.

            Harrison knew he was wrong and had said something stupid. He apologized.

            But you?

            Do you have any idea who Tommy Sotomayor is, or what black people think of his ridiculous tirades? You think he’s great? And you think this because you are familiar with his work? Why do I doubt that?

          2. Badger: “Do you have any idea who Tommy Sotomayor is, or what black people think of his ridiculous tirades? ”

            No, I don’t know what black people think of his “ridiculous” tirades. Do tell! After all, I always look to OLD WHITE LIBERALS to tell me what ALL black people are thinking. NOT!!

            I knew the Great Sotomayor would be too “uppity” for your liking!

    1. Who is Rodney Harrison?

      Rhetorical question. In reality I don’t give a $#i+

      I love it when one person who can’t walk on the water attempts to show the rest of us his/her all powerful expertise. Makes for good drama.

  19. Well guys, I have to leave y’all for a while. My room mate has taken a turn for the worse, and now it looks like the time is very near. Be good to each other on here, and lets root for the Dodgers heart and soul……..

      1. I appreciate all the good wishes. It is hard to watch someone die from this horrible disease. But he has fought a good fight, and when I went to the hospital this morning, I told him it was time to just let go. I know he barely heard me. The VA has done right by him, although it took them a while to get their stuff together. He gave me a gift about two weeks ago. A LA Dodger cap, with Kershaw’s autograph embroidered on the side with the #22. He knows how much I love my Dodgers. Deadline for waiver deals is tomorrow……we get anybody? Doubt they will…….unless they can unload Puig….

        1. Good on ya for being there. Are you also under VA care? I have been for a while. I’ve discovered from moving around a bit the care varies depending on the facility. Minneapolis was by far the best in my experience, Phoenix by far the worst. It could be better everywhere with an infusion of money. I don’t see anyone doing that. I am grateful, but for all veterans I hope someday they get properly funded and then get organized. Probably won’t happen in my lifetime. Prayers with both of you Michael.

          1. I use the VA for outpatient stuff. I have medicare for my hospitalization. I have mild diabetes and the VA is treating me for that, and I get my glasses through the VA. Denver has a new VA hospital opening soon, State of the art. I use the Pueblo clinic.

        2. Michael
          That was really nice for your friend to think about you, especially in the condition he is in.

          Even though you have never said this, this has had to be really hard on you.

          Once this is all over, it is time for you to take care if yourself, and go out and have a great time.

          It is good to know that there are guys out there, like yourself.

          1. Rick has always put other people ahead of himself, just the way he is. It is hard, but necessary at this point in time. He does not trust anyone else to follow his wishes, even his family. So I am in charge of everything. When everything is all over and done with, I will definitely take a little break for myself. Probably head out to California to spend some time with family. But I also have to find a new place to live here because I cannot afford this house on what I get from SSA.

          2. Michael
            I’m sorry to hear that you are having to find a new place, that is probably the last thing, you want to do right now, but you have some good karma, coming your way.

            Please do me a favor and give your dog a big hug.

    1. Bobby
      I wish I didn’t feel so bad everytime I hear a leftie is pitching again.

      But I know I better get use to it, because that is what the Dodgers are going to be facing the rest of the season.

      I just wish there was a right hand bat out there, that wouldn’t cost the team to much.

      But this stupid right platoon line up, needs to go.

  20. I look forward to this lineup we put out today. Seager won’t be in, I believe, due to being hit twice yesterday.

  21. Jon Heyman ‏@JonHeyman 16m16 minutes ago Aventura, FL
    sources: puig has been claimed on waivers. dodgers can try to work out a deal with that team, if they can.

    Wonder who it was

    1. This 6 minutes ago:

      Puig claimed by unspecified team, per @JonHeyman. Again: Trade more likely in off-season when #Dodgers can deal with 29 clubs, not one.

        1. Wondering
          The Dbacks have been burned on a Cuban so I don’t think it is them, unless it is just keep the Dodgers from making a deal.

  22. As long as people insist on using this site to argue politics, law, philosophy, history, theology, epistemology, sociology, etc., I will be absenting myself.

    This is not the place for those arguments and while I have the interest in those subjects, people who post here have enough trouble minding their manners and making their points in a non-personal, non-insulting, logical manner on something that we all agree on (we all love the Dodgers). The issues being discussed on a baseball blog are all so divisive and make people so angry that I don’t see any advantage to having that conversation here.

    1. Rick, I am just ignoring it and staying out of the fray. Hope you check in and come back when the non-Dodger stuff ends.

  23. Your choice. People think about and talk about a lot of different things. Most of us find at least some of them interesting. Those who don’t, don’t participate. Thing to keep in mind is that only the message board owner has the right to limit subjects and he usually doesn’t because the more people who participate, the more money he makes. The solution might be to start your own restricted message board. I don’t think it costs much at all to start one, I’ve been tempted but lethargy always prevails…

    1. We’ll move on.

      Saw my first national election yard signs today. The first one, pictures of Hillary and Trump, with the words Nope and Noper under them. The other one, said They ALL Suck. Sums it up for me.

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