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Should The Dodgers Dump Hyun-jin Ryu?

The Dodgers have some decisions to make concerning their starting rotation. The club is finishing up their road trip with a series in San Francisco against the Giants starting on Monday night. Lanky right hander Brandon McCarthy is due to be activated off the disabled list and start in the series opener. Southpaw Rich Hill is also slated to be activated and start in this series as well. With those two returning the Dodgers are going to have to make a couple of roster moves to clear space. Most importantly they’re going to have to figure out who stays in the rotation and who goes.

The club has already announced that left hander Alex Wood is staying in the rotation. That’s not a surprise after his recent dominant stretch of starts. I’m good with that. Obviously Wood has been very strong and you have to leave him in the rotation.

The Dodgers could use a six-man rotation which is something they were doing earlier before guys went down with injuries. Otherwise at least one starter is going to have to be removed from the rotation. Right now, the Dodgers have Clayton Kershaw, Alex Wood, Julio Urias, Hyun-jin Ryu in the rotation with Kenta Maeda still on the disabled list as well.

Maeda should come back soon as he recovers from hamstring tightness, but with McCarthy and Hill returning in this series the Dodgers can choose between using a six-man rotation or letting someone walk.

The Dodgers could option someone like Josh Fields back to Oklahoma City again since they’re carrying 8 relievers. However Fields has pitched well and the choice could come down to either keeping Hyun-jin Ryu on the roster, or sending Urias back down to Oklahoma City.

I’m going to go out on a limb and make a bold statement here. Hyun-jin Ryu is cooked, I think they should release him instead of sending Urias or Fields back to triple-A. It pains me to say this because I’ve always liked Ryu. He’s been great for the Dodgers since he was signed in 2013. He had two solid years in 2013-2014 for the Dodgers, but sadly he has been riddled with career threatening injuries since then and hasn’t been an effective pitcher in years.

Look, I hope I’m wrong, but looking at the numbers and facts and seeing him attempt his comeback this season and the way he’s pitched you can tell. He doesn’t look good. Hs velocity and command have been poor.

The numbers don’t t look good for him. Ryu is 1-5 this year in 6 starts with a 4.99 ERA in 30.2 innings pitched. He’s given up 10.3 hits per nine and struck out 33 against 14 walks. His FIP is at 5.06 and he’s allowing over 4 walks every nine innings. Ryu has had two good starts this season and has pitched past the fourth inning in only 3 of his 6 starts.

As for Urias, he’s had some control issues this year. He’s walked 11 in 21 innings and has yet to win his first start of the season. His strikeouts are down and he’s struggled with his secondary pitches. Urias is still a multi-talented young pitcher and a rising star from the Dodger’s farm system. Urias is developing but he needs to be pitching. He needs the major league experience right now.

The Dodgers management know that things don’t look to be working out with Ryu. He doesn’t look good and the club is going to try and give him some extra rest by pushing him back a couple of days.

I don’t think that’s going to help him much. I know that this is a process with Ryu and that management believes they can build him back up into a reliable starting pitcher again. That takes time. However the numbers and results say otherwise. I think that Ryu is not the same pitcher he was and may never be again. He didn’t pitch in a major league game for over two years. Sometimes guys don’t come back and you have to make a decision that’s best for the club.

We may be approaching that point with Ryu.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

35 thoughts on “Should The Dodgers Dump Hyun-jin Ryu?

  1. My guess is Ryu back to the 10 day DL, nothing bold just DL business as usual. A bold move would be to send Urias down. But FAZ aren’t into bold moves. We shall see later today.

    Boy is SF off to a horrible start or what?

    1. Why in the world would the team even consider sending Urias down?
      Because of options? Oh. That makes some sense, but not a lot.

        1. I have a solution as far as roster space is concerned. I think Ryu is cooked also but if the FO wants to keep him, say bye bye to Romo and Hatcher. They are so far absolutely useless.
          That doesn’t address the problem of too many starting pitchers.We have CK, Hill, Urias, McCarthy, Wood, Maeda. Maeda in my opinion, would probably benefit the most in a 6 man rotation. Put Ryu either on the 10 day DL or in the pen.

          1. Our BP would have Kenley,Baez, Avilan, Fields and Stipling along with Ryu. If needed we could bring up Ravin, Dayton(is he on the DL?) or have a look at Rhame, Schuster, Younginer or even Somson.

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    1. Who is pitching? Didn’t you read my clever line in the last thread:

      “Cain and dis-Abel’d today. Could be biblical.”

      Dis-Abel’d of course is Brandon McCrystalpants

      That’s ok. Nobody else commented on it. And if I have to explain it it’s either not funny or I’m wasting my incredible talents on the wrong crowd. Not funny is the better bet.

    2. Chili

      I am not trying to start a political war, but I was just wondering what you thought about those pictures of the Russians in the White House, and the smart A remark, from the Russian guy, about Comey, the day after Comey, was fired?

      And I truly am not wanting to start anything, I just a wanted to know your opinion on this, because I know you will tell me what you truly feel, about this.

      1. I have no opinion on it. Wasn’t there and do not believe ANYTHING the media says or prints.

        The last President bowed to a foreign leader.

        Told the leader of Russia to wait until after he were elected before doing anything.

        Lied to the American people about the number of refugees he was willing to allow in this country.

        Allowed the terror state of Iran to have access to billions of dollars.

        Sat by and did nothing while the little man in NK were developing nuclear weaponry and the means to deliver them.

        The last President encouraged protests and division within our country.

        Those are true acts of treason.

        Do you want to know who the 2nd person after Hillary that should be in prison?

        IMO, Donald has the best interest of this country in mind. Quite a contrast from the last 8 years.

        Now he has to try and clean up the mess left him by the incompetence of the ‘community organizer.’

        1. Chili

          I didn’t expect this from you!

          I was just asking you because I thought you would give me an honest, opinion.

      2. You sure believe a lot of right wing media nonsense to not believe anything media says.

        I think there are several levels of decision makers above the president. This world is not run by politicians. It’s run by billionaires. The media has been neutered.

        1. Right wing Media Nonsense? I’ve seen with my own eyes the majority of what I just mentioned. Didn’t need any media to tell me what my eyes seen and my ears heard.

        2. Badger

          Sorry I wasn’t trying to bate Chil I just thought he would give me an honest take, because he has, before.

          1. No problem. Minds are made up.

            Interesting development yesterday, don’t you think?

      3. Yeah MJ,
        Let’s, as usual, get political.
        Keep watching Madcow, she..he..whatever, is all knowing. As long as you watch that
        you will for sure be misinformed. That is fake news that is meant to divert your attention
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  6. Starting line up for tonight’s tiff with SF. Pederson CF, Seager SS Grandal C Bellinger LF Puig RF Utley 1B Taylor 2B Hernandez 3B McCarthy P. No word on who is coming off the active roster yet. As to the question posed by our illustrious host, Ryu should go to the DL. I do not know if he still can veto a trip to the minors, but he might be better served working on his stuff at AAA. Get stronger, get better and come back after the break and make your case for a new contract, either in LA, or elsewhere. Well word just came down on twitter. Eibner back to AAA. McCarthy activated.

  7. First nothing should be done until Hill can prove he can pitch well enough, and is able to pitch through the rotation for at least three or four times, without having to really to go on DL.

    What has Hill done to prove he can pitch to major league hitters, this year?

    He pitched in an A ball game for five innings well, only once.

    And if Hill was made to pitch in Colorado after not pitching in a game for ten days, he wouldn’t have pitched any better, then Ryu did.

    And Ryu has had to pitch in Colorado, twice this year.

    Mr Curve ball or Hill, would have not been able to take one for the team, like Ryu did.

    And just the fact that Ryu had to go through that, he deserves another start, to prove his worth.

    And why is Hatcher still on this team anyways?

        1. I don’t do TV anymore. Or streaming MLB. I’ll watch a couple of innings on Gameday, Then to sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub, for in this sleep of death what dreams may come…

  8. Ryu has worked hard trying to come back from his injury for the last 2 seasons. He was a very decent pitcher before his troubles started. I think the least the Dodgers could do with him is put him in the bullpen and see if he can be effective. He is no longer starter material. If Stripling can survive the bullpen, why not Ryu? Cut Hatcher! He’s been given enough chances and has blown enough appearances to be deemed close to worthless. This is the big leagues. Borderline doesn’t make it.

    As far as Urias goes, you keep him in the rotation. He’ll find his legs with consistent starts. We are not in bad shape with the remaining starters.

  9. I’m never going to have any respect for ballplayers at all until they quit taking perfect pitches right down the middle of the strike zone for third strikes. Like Seager just did…

    Bellinger strikes out. The only ball that was in the strike zone was the last one. Which he looked at.

  10. Moisture in the air in SF. Good place for Blister Boy to get a start. Hopefully he gets through the weak SF lineup while keeping his pitch count down.

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