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Dodgers Hit Four Home Runs To Beat Philadelphia and Put a Crack in The Liberty Bell


The Dodgers second leg of their ten game three-city road trip saw them flying into the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia to face the Phillies for a three game series. This is Chase Utley’s old stomping grounds and his final appearance at Citizen’s bank Park before his retirement. Utley did receive a heartwarming standing ovation but did not factor into the game despite getting the start at second base. The rest of the Dodger’s lineup did factor in considerably as the club belted four solo home runs and scored seven runs to edge the Phillies 7-6.

This was a well earned and hard fought win against a tough team. Dodger starter Ross Stripling looked hot early on, but the Phillies ran up his pitch count which led to his early departure from the game in the bottom of the fifth inning. The Dodgers had a three-run lead entering the bottom of the fifth thanks to four solo home runs from Max Muncy, Yasmani Grandal, Chris Taylor, and Joc Pederson. Muncy and Grandal went back-to-back in the top of the first against opposing starter Zach Eflin.

Dodgers  7 10 1

Phillies    6 8 0





Eflin, a former Dodger who was acquired in the Matt Kemp/Yasmani Grandal deal and then traded to the Phillies the next day for Jimmy Rollins back in 2014 was just activated off the disabled list due to finger blisters. It’s unknown if the blisters were still bothering him or not but Eflin had come into the game with a 6-0 record and a 2.32 ERA over the last two calendar months.

Eflin didn’t last long in this game as he allowed three earned runs over 2.2 innings and walked three. He made 75 pitches and gave up three of the four Dodger homers. The Philadelphia bullpen gave up the other dinger. Unfortunately the Phillies got to Stripling in the fifth frame hitting two home runs, including a game-tying three-run shot from Rhys Hoskins to put four runs on the board and exit the inning with a 5-4 lead. A single from Jorge Alfaro and a double from Jesmuel Valentin put two on with one out. Stripling got a clutch strikeout on Carlos Santana but Hoskins deposited the ball into the left field stands. Odubel Herrera added a solo home run for good measure and it appeared the Dodgers had left Strip in for too long. Left hander Zac Rosscup had to come in and record the final out by striking out Nick Williams.

The Dodgers tied the score in the seventh thanks to Manny Machado’s unbelievable talent. The guy is next level. With one out he tripled into the right field corner. A shallow fly to center from Max Muncy didn’t look deep enough to score Machado but he races home sliding in head first to beat the throw and tie the game at 5-5. Great slide!

The game remained tied in the top of the ninth as Philadelphia brought in standout reliever Seranthony Dominguez. But Dominguez had control issues. Newly recalled Alex Verdugo (called up because Justin Turner was placed on the disabled list) drew a lead-off walk. Joc singled and after Machado struck out, Muncy walked. With Grandal at the plate, a wild pitch scored Verdugo to give the Dodgers a 6-5 lead. After another walk to Grandal to load the bases, Kemp’s single into left scored the second run of the inning to put the Dodgers up 7-5. We’ll find out later on how important that wild pitch was. Cody Bellinger grounded into an inning ending double play but the Dodgers had the lead.

In the bottom of the ninth, Kenley Jansen was called into close things out. Maikel Franco hit his second home run of the game on Kenley’s first pitch of the inning to cut the Dodger’s lead to 7-6. Franco knocked in the first Philadelphia run of the game with his second inning solo home run. Kenley would settle in and retire the next three batters, striking out Andrew Knapp and Alfaro to end the game.

Speaking of which, I know I complain a lot about the Dodger bullpen, but they were excellent today. Over 4.1 innings the Dodger relievers allowed just one run on one hit, no walks and struck out six. Five relievers, Rosscup, J.T. Chargois, Daniel Hudson, Scott Alexander, and Kenley were brilliant tonight. The series continues tomorrow and won’t get any easier as Kenta Maeda is due to counter Aaron Nola with first pitch scheduled for 4:05 PM PST. The Dodgers improved to 56-44 and maintain their 1.5 game lead in the National League West.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

46 thoughts on “Dodgers Hit Four Home Runs To Beat Philadelphia and Put a Crack in The Liberty Bell

  1. 3 HR’s off Stripling. Back to the bullpen? Hmm.
    Manny’s base running was a sight to behold. Mr. Puig, take notice!
    Bats banging out hits. It’s the only way we stay afloat. As good as our pitching is, they are not a lock down team by any stretch, but with the hitters humming, few teams will be beat us.

    Tomorrow will be a major test against Nola.

    btw: Bellinger looked lost at the plate. He’s not seeing the ball at all.

    1. First off, that makes no sense. So he gave up 3 HR’s. He also was coming off a long layoff between starts. He leads the team in wins and his ERA is the lowest of any starter. He also has never thrown this many innings in a season. If he goes to the pen, it is most likely because of an innings limit. He is just 2 years removed from TJ surgery. Without his stellar performance since he joined the rotation, the Dodgers are not leading the NL West. Hill has given up 3 HR’s in a game more than once in his Dodger career.

  2. Come playoffs I think we will see Stripling in the bullpen. I am losing trust in Jansen as it is. I would not pitch him back to back in the playoffs.

    Machado keeps on ticking. I think we are only seeing the “average” Machado and he can do even more!

    1. YF

      I agree with you about Machado, he is not only an all around player, he has immense power too.

      But we have not seen much of that, at this point.

      I like the fact he didn’t come over here, and try to do to much, to try to help carry this team.

      That shows me he is not only a talented player, he is also a smart player, and a team player too.

      On the Orioles he didn’t have much help, so it wasn’t easy for Machado to put up the numbers he has.

      1. Machado came from the AL like Reddick and Forsythe, but it’s strking to see how he deals with NL pitchers whom he’s not seen much before compared with the other two.

        Reddick just sucked and based on what I saw never really adjusted or put in the time to study the pitchers as much as he should have. Hence he went back to the AL.

        Forsythe just kept taking pitches. I applaud the idea of trying to see more pitches and studying the pitchers, but he’s constantly in the hole and there are many times when he should have just hit a nice pitch earlier in the count to bring home a run or to move a runner.

        Machado is doing neither. He’s seeing pitches but swinging at borderline strikes, and hitting singles. His weak contact hitting so far are due to him trying to study the pitchers while protecting the plate and going with the pitches without over swinging. He trusts his swing enough so he feels he can adjust for power later. I think once he gets more familiar with NL pitchers, look out.

  3. 1 run in first 4 innings. That’s a 2.25 ERA. That would work in the bullpen. Or, we just don’t let him go through the lineup a third time. Whatever. I think he will be limited somehow.

    Jansen just doesn’t look right. Spin rate. Location. They must be aware of it.

    We gave up 4 home runs and won. That won’t happen often.

    And Nola today. Philly favored. 7.5 runs.

    1. Vegas favors Dodgers over Philly almost across the board. Let’s see if we can hit Nola.
      Jansen seemed normal to me. Aside from that leadoff HR, he bore down and got the job done. I start to worry about him when he puts men on base. He was throwing 94 mph fastballs.

  4. Badger and Jeff are right!

    Tonight’s starter won’t be as easy, because I think we didn’t do much against him the last time we faced him, as well, as the next Phillies starter, we will face tomorrow.

    Although if any of these pitchers don’t keep their pitches down, and don’t make their pitches to the right location, their pitches may be flying out, with the weather conditions in Phillie, and in that band box, the Phillies play in.

  5. Jeff’s right. Line opened at Philly -120 and it’s now Dodgers -113. Fans throwing early money on it. Vs. Nola at home? I’m not touching that one.

    Truth be told I’ve never been a gambler. My addictions laid elsewhere.

  6. Jansen hasn’t been right since the latter part of last season. His location was great last season until late August, then he was all over the place, he got outs because batters were willing to chase him all over the place. BAtters are starting to learn to let him pitch himself into a hole and not help him out as much. If he gets his location back he will be a beast, if not, he will be on and off. I cringe when he enters a game with a one run lead.

    Dodgers FO is a bunch of idiots if they don’t pursue Manny hard, very hard!

    1. Every year Kenley has some problems with his delivery that affects how well, or not well his cutter cuts, and Honeycutt gets him back in the right alignment, that is best for his delivery, and makes his cutter’s cut, better.

      But when he or any pitcher tries to over throw, like everyone understands here, that usually straightens out, any pitcher’s pitch.

    1. Badger

      I was just about to comment on that. It looks like Dummy needs to sit someone so he could play Verdugo. So guess who he picked. That’s right, KEMP! Some day he will be gone and if I am here it will be one of the happiest days of my life. No matter how he leaves. He is dumb as a bag of rocks. Kemp goes 2-4 and then he sits. I know you have an excuse for it but I can’t find it. It can’t be rest because Kemp rests more than I do and he has to go a ways to out rest me. Maybe Verdugo is faster or has a better glove or is just the next best thing to sliced bread but I am sure there is an excuse.

    2. Badger

      You know there is not a bad thing that could happen to Dummy that I would not be cheering that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. I literally can not stand him.

      1. He will get an important at bat today. A day off now and then is nothing to get upset about. We will need him as much in September as we do now.

        I wish no ill will to anybody. That’s bad karma. I’ve built up enough of that over the years.

        Cody in center, Muncy at first, Hernandez at second. I predict……. only one error today!

        1. Badger

          The Dodgers need a platoon for Dummy. Let him miss a few games because he is tired. We don’t really need him in September or ever. He needs to join the list of former Dodger managers.

  7. To add to the annals of injured pitchers who continued to get injured:

    Koehler had season ending surgery today or yesterday.

    More news:

    Yasiel Puig will get 3 at bats tonight with OKC and rehab with them thru Friday. Join the Dodgers in Atlanta Sunday

    Pedro Baez will rejoin club on Thursday in Atlanta. Hyun-Jin Ryu will begin a rehab assignment next week.

  8. Koehler…….= huge waste of money…..not one inning in the season and he gets a full paycheck. Some analysts are implying Dodgers might not deal for a reliever at the break because of the guys who will be coming off the DL.

    1. Fields, Baez, Ryu, Cingrani, Urias, Garcia. If we knew that they were all 100% I’d be ok with not making any moves. That said, I’d make a move. Me, I’d give the Mets the Loons franchise for deGrom. Throw in Forsythe.

        1. Keep on dreaming there Pack…..Roberts is going no where anytime soon….much to your chagrin.

      1. There was a proposal trade that involved Verdugo, Ruiz, and Alvarez. Pundit said Dodgers would never do that deal, then suggested, May, Lux, and one other for him that the Mets might like. I think there is no shot he is traded in season. This off season is very likely. Reds have put Harvey on the market. There is also a rumor that they might DFA Forsythe before the weekend.

  9. Great article on Maeda’s new pitch mix and strikeout percentage. I have to imagine, with his number of pitches (Maeda has a 4 seamer, a sinker, curveball, slider, cutter, and two changeups), his feel for pitching and his adaptability, Maeda must be a dream to coach for a gifted tinkerer like Honeycutt.

    1. $250,000 fly out to start the 4th inning. #Dodgers⁠ ⁠ Kenta Maeda just reached 90 IP for the season, 1st of his IP bonuses. Already got $1m for making 15 starts. 2018 salary so far is $4.4m. All of this bonuses he collects counts against LAD’s shrinking margin under the CBT

      1. Does not matter……looks like Britton is going to the Yanks……Dodgers might deal for a lower cost guy. I know they do not want to give up the prospects that Barrclough would cost…

  10. Grandal and Maeda showing well.

    Love it when switch hitters hit from both sides in the same game.

    Almost as much as I love watching Hill pitch.

  11. The days of plodding squirrels may be over. There is a new stat now catching on, per Fangraphs. BBRV. Unlike wOBA and wxOBA, BBRV (finally!) takes speed into account on the batting side. Old school baseball values defensive versatility and speed. I think there will be a new stat revolution that finally gives speed its due.

  12. Horrible decision by Roberts here to send Maeda out for the 7th.

    Zach Britton goes to the Yankees in a massive haul for the Orioles. We could not have matched that package.

    1. Oh the Dodgers could match it but would never. Yankees have a crazy 40 man issue with the Rule 5 coming up.

      Grandad is infuriating. When he is on he is like over 1.100 OPS, but when cold he’s seemingly around .500. It nets out well. But….

    2. YF

      The Yankees always seem to have a ton of quality relievers, in their bullpen.

      That helps the fact, their rotation is not filled with aces, but they do have one young number one starter, that can dominate.

  13. BBRV. Bad Baseball Roberts Vucked-up.

    Ok, that’s a stretch.

    I don’t think we were ever really in on Britton. FAZ believes they got what they need. Just keep rotating these guys on and off the DL wheel.

  14. Three 0 for 6’s. You don’t see that often. Five for both teams.

    Jansen not throwing hard tonight.

  15. Funny how you see a guy now and again, and can get an entirely different view of
    him than his numbers.

    I’m a skeptic on Machado, in spite of genuinely impressive stats, ’cause he’s never
    been all that when I’ve seen him (a fair amount back east here in prior years, though not so much
    this one) – his 0-7 tonite, with handful of chances to impact the game, is typical Manny M. for me.
    Add that, like YF pointed to up top, he needs time to learn the NL’s pitchers, and I’m from
    Missouri on how much he’s gonna be able to grasp, and contribute, in a coupla months.

    Additionally, I said a few weeks ago the team has a ways to go to look like an authentic contender. After two games here, feel the same way. Who ya gonna count on to notch two
    wins in a seven game series? Just like last year this time, in the midst of the awesome streak – who?

  16. Well, that sucked. Philly is a good team. Currently better than us.

    There were several offensive duds dew. But Manny was certainly one of them. He’ll come around. We hope. Squirrel was big, with 4 Ks. Taylor also 4 Ks, Muncy 0 for 7. 11 for 57 with 17 strikeouts. Welcome to Blind Squirrel Ball.

    Bullpen was outstanding. The biggest mistake was leaving Maeda in.

    Still in first place. 5 tough games to go on this trip and no days off until August 6th.

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