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Dodgers Bats Come To Life Crushing Crew 11-2 For Series Win

The Dodgers squandered a boatload of scoring opportunities on Saturday in their 4-2 loss to the Brewers at Miller Park. On Sunday afternoon it was the Brewers turn to waste early scoring opportunities as the Dodgers crushed the Crew 11-2 in the series finale. Milwaukee loaded the bases in the first two frames against a shaky Alex Wood but only scored twice.

On the other side, the Dodger bats came to life against opposing starter southpaw Brent Suter who gave up six earned runs on eight hits over three innings. Suter eventually had to lead the game after three innings with forearm tightness. That’s never a good sign. A good sign for the Dodgers was their impressive hitting on Sunday. The boys in blue scored 11 runs on fifteen hits as Matt Kemp led the way with two home runs and a 3 for 3 performance. Kemp has always hit well at Miller Park, (checks books) indeed he does. According to the numbers Kemp has now hit ten home runs and driven in 33 runs in 176 plate appearances at Miller Park. Every Dodger batter had a hit today, with Kemp and Logan Forsythe each getting three knocks. Even Austin Barnes had a hit. The Dodgers were 4 for 15 with runners in scoring position.

Unfortunately Justin Turner (starting his first game since July 11) had to leave the game with groin tightness. Turner had started the game and knocked in a run with an RBI double. Max Muncy started at second with Chris Taylor in left and Enrique Hernandez in center. Hopefully Turner can get healthy soon; in the meantime the Dodgers may have to start playing Manny Machado at third because Muncy made another error at third after replacing Turner.

Dodgers  11 15 2

Brewers  2 6 1





Matt Kemp
Los Angeles Dodgers’ Matt Kemp reacts after hitting a home run during the second inning of a baseball game against the Milwaukee Brewers Sunday, July 22, 2018, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

As I mentioned above, Wood began the game more wobbly than a spinning top. He loaded the bases in the bottom of the first after a walk and two singles. After Ryan Braun’s line out to Machado, Travis Shaw’s two-run single put the Brew Crew up 2-0. It looked like Milwaukee was going to knock Wood out of the box before our beers were warm. Wood would either settle in or pull off one of the greatest tightrope acts of our time. Because he got Hernan Perez (who would later pitch two scoreless innings) to ground into an inning ending double play.

In the bottom of the second the Brewers juiced the base again on an error from Logan, a single and a walk. However wood wiggled out of it again by getting Braun to ground out and stranding five runners over the first two innings. Wood didn’t have any problems after that, turning in a quality start. Wood allowed two earned runs on five hits over six innings with three walks and four strikeouts. He’s now 6-5 on the season with a 3.87 ERA.

The Dodgers bats are capable of putting up crooked numbers and boy did they ever. The Dodgers scored five runs in the second inning and one more in the third. Matt Kemp got the fun started with a majestic home run (as Joe Davis called it) over the center field wall to get the Dodgers on the board. Hernandez and Logan singled and Taylor followed with a bloop two-run single to give the Dodgers a 3-2 lead. Back-to-back RBI doubles from Machado and Turner put the Dodgers up 5-2. Kemp hit his second home run in the top of the third to put the Dodgers ahead 6-2.

The Dodgers put up another five spot in the fifth frame. Cody Bellinger tripled, Muncy reached on a funny missed catch error from Braun and Kemp singled into left. Consecutive RBI singles from Logan and Barnes made the score 10-2 Dodgers. Later in the inning the Dodgers would add another notch on a sacrifice fly from Taylor to go ahead 11-2.

Once the Dodgers were leading by nine runs, the Brewers sent infielder Hernan Perez to the mound in the top of the seventh. Perez had pitched a couple of other times before and was bringing the heat, pounding the strike zone with 87 MPH heaters. Perez tossed two scoreless frames allowing just a hit, a walk, a hit batter and striking one. His lone strikeout was Alex Wood.

Even Caleb Ferguson got in on the fun, tossing three shutout innings to pick up a rare three-inning save. This is his second save of the season. Ferguson gave up only one hit, struck out four and walked one. It seems like Ferguson has found his stride as a long reliever. According to Eric Stephen he’s been fantastic since being moved to the bullpen several weeks ago.

The Dodgers (55-44) now will get on a plan to fly to Philadelphia For Chase Utley’s final homecoming to begin a three game series starting on Monday evening. They’ll hold onto their slim 1.5 game National League West lead which depends on the outcome of the Arizona/Colorado game. Ross Stripling will counter former Dodger Zach Eflin in the series opener in the city of brotherly love.

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Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

56 thoughts on “Dodgers Bats Come To Life Crushing Crew 11-2 For Series Win

  1. I think Manny is going to be creating a lot of Mannyacs that will be going crazy in the stands, and not just in Dodgers Stadium. Who can blame them, we should all be Mannyacs based on what we have seen so far, and that includes his defense he has flashed in the last three games, particularly today.

    When Shyte goes 3 for 4, you know there is something seriously deficient in the other bullpen.

    I think Manny needs to be moved to the 3 spot or 5 spot, he is too valuable to waste in the 2 hole when we desperately need consistent RBI help.

    And for God’s sake when Puig comes back he must stay put in the 8 hole, consistent in the 8 hole, terribly inconsistent anywhere else.

  2. Why RBIs are a lacking stat:

    Today Mike Trout officially drove in someone other than Mike Trout. His two-run HR also plated Andrelton Simmons. Trout hadn’t driven in a teammate since June 19.

    1. Kemp with 2 on two towering home runs. Taylor 2 with a wounded duck that went about 140 feet.

      Too early to talk about short. But I’d rather see Seager at third. Easier onhis arm.

      Ok, I’m stepping out there with this one. Time to trade Muncy to the AL. We can get another utility guy (never have enough of those, right?) or a reliever. Send him to Texas for their closer. They don’t need a closer anymore.

      1. I don’t see Muncy going anywhere soon, the villagers would bring out the pitchforks.

        I would see Puig going somewhere before I see Muncy on the move. Puig probably brings more in return besides.

        All this stuff depends on what is going on behind the scenes with Manny, are the Dodgers wooing him into signing a very lucrative contract. If he signs, then all sorts of options open up, suddenly The Little Red Leprecaun could be on the block, Muncy could be, Seager could be, etc.

        In my mind, the FO (in this case meaning the front office and not a message to Felony Brutus) didn’t make this deal without the thought of trying to nail Manny to a long-term contract. Manny will break the bank, but the Dodgers have a very big bank.

        1. I dunno. I’m not sure Machado is in the plans past this year. It’s tough to trade Turner. They will never trade Seager. Maybe some shuffling with Bellinger.

          Let’s just enjoy this year, hope it’s at least as much fun as last year….

  3. A crushing win is always good for the morale. And, good to see Wood get into the win column. He is slowly turning a disaster into something he can be proud of. He’s got the perseverance that good pitchers need to get them through the rough times. Bats were batting giving the run support and vital fluid to the pitching. Ferguson more than improved his standing with me. 3 innings! Things are shaping up for that pitching staff. #1 in the NL.

    Defense is another matter. Muncy, clearly showing his inferior skills in the infield. This is a problem they need to fix. Without Turner at 3B, there is a hole defensively. Moving Manny to 3B, Taylor back to SS, Muncy to 2B? or Hernandez to 2B?, Muncy to LF? This will be an interesting problem to solve as we move forward. As long as the bats are batting, we can cover the defensive mistakes for the most part. Muncy is a big part of the bats batting. He would be ideal as the DH, but this is the National League and the HR is important for this team. I’m not at odds with this.

    1. Well, if you’re going to keep him in the NL then hide him at first base. We don’t need him in the outfield, we’ve already got 4 other second basemen and he’s a disaster at third.

  4. Turner most likely DL bound. They might move Manny to 3rd, Taylor at short, Muncy at 2nd and Bellinger at first, call up and outfielder. Puig still a couple of weeks away. They are not going to trade Muncy or Puig. Puig makes the defense better, and Muncy makes the offense better. Talk about keeping Puig in the 8 hole. The only spot where Hernandez is hitting at all is leading off. Only slot where he is over .300. Went to Rancho Cucamonga to watch our single A team. Lux was 2-4 and made some nice plays. They lost 3-1 when Santana made a critical error at 3rd dropping a pop up ala Ryan Braun. Easy catch and he blew it. But he had hit a Mammoth Homer in the 2nd. Got an autograph from former Dodger, Joe Thurston. Joe hit .462 in 8 games in 2002. But he never lived up to his high status as a prospect and was eventually traded to the Yankees.

  5. Badger

    There were posts in the LA Times suggesting to trade Muncy too, so you are not alone.

    But the way they are trying to revive Forsythe, tells me they won’t touch Muncy.

    It is funny, because Muncy did not hit that well in this series, and the Brewers obviously don’t have top pitching, like I have read.

    But they will be facing the Phillies top pitchers in this next series, and I only think we hit one of the next three starters, the Phillies are throwing at us, in this next series.

    I usually don’t like when they trade for a player from the American League, but when a team trades for a very good hitter, I don’t worry at all, like Manny.

    But Reddick and Forsythe are not very good hitters, and that is why they both didn’t flourish in the National League.

    And True I still like the name you went with, including the spelling!

    1. Machado is a fantastic hitter in our lineup. He’d be great as a Dodger long term with Seager and Bellinger. They all can play multiple positions so there will be plenty of playing time and flexibility to fill in the gaps. That’s a foundation for a championship roster for 3-5 years if we can sign Machado. As opposed to Harper, whom based on handedness and a variety of other factors, I just think won’t move the needle as much, next to our core. The fact that Machado is able and willing to place weak singles against the shift will open things up for everyone. He’s a winner. Just my opinion.

  6. Forsythe could play third. I think Muncy is a prime target to get traded for a reliever or two. As is Puig or Verdugo.

    The problem here for the FBZ is that Forsythe and Grandal are both favorites of theirs, and they need to remain under the lux tax threshold after landing said relief help.

    I know that Grandal has been (arguably) the best catcher this season, but he’s nothing special and we have a ton of depth at catcher even with Barnes struggling. I also have zero faith in Grandal not being in one of his 2 month slumps come September and October. So if we can’t unload Forsythe with a prospect (which is increasingly the case since Muncy is not the answer at 3rd), I would try to unload Grandal.

    Again, it’s not about the prospects now. The FBZ are trying to stay under the tax threshold (we have little buffer left after the Machado trade), so the options are limited. Prospects make very little and they will have to be combined with a salary dump of a few million if we want a proven reliever or two.

    1. Agree with everything here except trading Muncy or Grandal. Even if Muncy’s value is at a high, why take that chance in the middle of a playoff run.

      There will be plenty of relievers on the market, cost shouldn’t be that bad. A Watson/Cingrani move is almost all the team needs again this year. That move cost them bupkes last year.

      Grandal, for all of his obvious flaws, is still has the 3rd highest war for Catchers in all of MLB. No way the front office moves him and creates a hole.

      1. Can’t imagine them trading Muncy. Makes no sense especially where the $$ are concerned. And moving Grandal is nuts, too. If anyone goes, it should be Shyte.

        1. The only problem with trading Shyte is that he ain’t even worth his batting average in shyte. Now if we can package up that Shyte with someone else to make him even slightly desirable then so be it. Remember the old adage “Shyte in, shyte out!”

  7. Really interesting stuff from old friend Jesse Chavez on pitching for the Dodgers as compared to other teams he has been on:

    “With the exception of the Dodgers, I’ve really just been able to pitch my own game and not be told when, and when not to, to do certain things,” said Chavez, who was then with the Angels. “You want to be coachable — you don’t want a bad rap, and all that — and if something helps me get outs, I’m going to do it. At the same time, I know what works for me. Don’t just bring me a piece of paper saying ‘This guy is doing this with curveballs,’ because my curveball might be different than the curveballs he’s been hitting. Who’s to say this guy is going to take the same swing on mine as he will on somebody else’s?”

    In the case of Chavez and the Dodgers, the issue was less about the curveball and more about fastball location.

    “I like pitching down in the zone,” explained Chavez. “Sometimes they wanted me to pitch a lot up, and went I went up, my up wasn’t high enough. Pitching at the letters isn’t me. I now that analytics can be really, really good, but some philosophies match, and some philosophies don’t. Mine and theirs didn’t mesh.”

      1. I would just let a pitcher throw their game, and if it isn’t working, then we would do what I think might work.

        I don’t know how much time I would give a pitcher, but that would be probably the hardest decision, to make.

        We know Kershaw doesn’t change his game in the post season in a short series, when a team sees him five days later, and I think Kershaw definitely needs to change it up, in a short series.

        Puig is normally a good defensive player, but his defensive numbers are not good this year.

  8. As soon as Muncy was named to the Home Run Contest I thought it was the kiss of death. Just a gut feeling. I don’t expect him to keep pace with his first half and he’s just not a Major League defensive player. Trade high. If not, hide him at first.

    They won’t trade the first string catcher this far into a season.

    I could not care less what Jesse Chavez thinks. He of career 4.59 ERA might be wise to listen to Honeycutt. The Dodgers make the most of some pretty suspect pitching and have for a long time. We will pick up somebody, but it won’t be a guy like Britton. He’s going to a different good team, maybe Houston. Our major purchase is done.

    Machado is a great fit here, especially with Seager gone, but even with him here next year it’s still a fit. We will have a real chance to keep him. That said, my instincts tell me we will be outbid by somebody. Will he take the money? They usually do.

    1. Funny how Muncy can’t play one of the corners, but most want him to play the other corner. Why can he field adequately at 1B but looks like $%!t at 3B?

      If the Dodgers are betting with their cash, they better think strongly about making a strong bet on Manny.

      Mannyacs Rule!

      War, Out.

      1. Because far fewer ground balls are fielded by the first baseman than the third baseman. It’s a simple matter of numbers True. You want to hide an infielder, he’s best hidden at first base.

        1. I know I know that is the theory, but each corner can have shots hit at them, Muncy seems to do alright at first but a hot shot hit to him at third and he goes matador on us. That is really what I was commenting on, not the fact that fewer ground balls are hit to first.

    2. These days, elite athletes want to win championships. Giving up a few million for the sake of winning it all is becoming much more common. Machado will stay unless there is a problem with either the teammates, or the Dodgers not being serious about keeping him. I can’t imagine, the 2nd possibility as happening. I doubt playing 2B or 3B would be a deal breaker unless the team decides to underperform and choke the last half of the season. Then, we will know, that the beginning of the season was no fluke and the Dodgers are basically flip-floppers. I don’t see that happening either. Our team is full of surprises.

      1. Building around a 27 year old All Star shortstop is sound logic. Unless he flops, or doesn’t get along wit teammates, he’s a keeper. I don’t think this guy will flop. And, I think he’s going to fit here. I still believe if he leaves it will be for years and dollars on the contract offered. He’s a 7 year contract player.

        1. According to our fearless GM, Machado was acquired with only 2018 in mind. Lets face it, they want to stay below the tax, so who stays, Kersh or Manny??? You pick…

          1. They only need to stay below the cap this year. That resets the penalty. They can go over next year, meaning they can have both players.

            Will Kershaw opt out? If he does, I would not be surprised to see him leave. He’s got a contract for $34,571,429 for ‘19 and ‘20. Is he worth more than that? I don’t know. Maybe. Or maybe he’s one pitch away from DL every time out for the next 2+ years.

          2. I forgot about that part, but unless something changes, Matts contract will still be on the books also..they trade him this winter??

  9. Turner to DL, Alex Verdugo recalled. Utley starting at 2nd tonight. Toles screwed again…just trade the poor guy.

    1. I’m hoping Moura or McCullough can shed light onto the Dodgers thinking with regard to their short/medium OF roster.

      1. It’s Ken Gurnick with the short term reasoning:

        Roberts said one of the reasons Verdugo was recalled is that Andrew Toles had a hamstring cramp. Also, Verdugo has been the hottest hitter at OKC.

        1. Bluto

          Guess what, Toles has been hitting better the last couple games not Verdugo, but they did pinch hit for Toles in his last at bat, in the game before, so maybe he did have a tinge in his hammy.

          Verdugo went zero for four in the game before, and he only had one hit in the last game, and Toles was 2 for 3, and 2 for 4.

          Toles is batting 329 now.

          1. Hi MJ,

            I’m sure the club has a very strong grasp of who is doing what. The last 6 ABs notwithstanding Verdugo has been superhot and they probably want him to feel rewarded. Sadly, we’ve heard it before with Tolesy injured.

            Who knows? Who cares. This OF depth has victims. Last time it was Verdugo, this time Toles. Next time maybe both.

  10. They are still playing with a 4 man bench. I think that is not smart. Limits your moves in the late innings.

    1. Bluto

      Toles is not injured, he played last night.

      I was talking about the game before, it was just a muscle cramp.

      I think your right they do want to reward Verdugo, I have no problem with that.

      Puig is suppose to be back anytime, so I don’t think Verdugo will be up a long time.

      I think it is better that Toles is playing everyday at AAA, then sitting on the bench.

      He needs to see more live pitching because he has only been back, for around forty days.

  11. Forsythe has not earned the right, to be on this roster, and I think the front office needs to do better with the guys they bring to this team, that don’t produce.

    They pushed Reddick on us, they pushed Granderson on us, and they gave this guy Forsythe a raise and another year, and now he is just taking up, valuable roster space.

    That is not a good look, to our young prospects, and that is a terrible waste of valuable money, with the luxury tax concerns

    1. But I don’t dislike Forsythe as a person, I would actually feel more sorry for him, if he wasn’t given that contract this year, but that is on the front office, not Forsythe.

    1. Yeah.

      I also read during the all-star break that Stripling has an inning cap. So we may see him go down, go to the pen or go to the DL.

    1. Bluto

      I was only speaking the truth, because these next two starters, are not going to a a piece of cake, like the Brewer’s pitchers, and this pitcher tonight.

  12. Alexander looking really good.
    The depth coming through.

    The team may, don’t look now, be starting to come together.

    That’s an attempt at a Major League reference.

  13. YF

    Don’t you feel better when we have a two run lead, when Kenley comes in, it makes it a lot easier on Kenley, and us fans!

  14. Fangraphs has a nice article, which Bluto kindly pointed us to, that summarizes conversations with Stripling and Chavez.

    One thing that Stripling said was that with the amount of his spin, his fastballs stay up longer than batters think it will and they swing under it.

    I am thinking that Jansen’s spin rate may be down and that is why there are so many homers. Just a suspicion.

    1. Stripling’s 3 HR’s given up did not fool the batters tonight. Stripling hasn’t learned to never discuss your pitching with the press. You don’t hand out info like that for all to see.

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