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Dodgers Sending Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, Alex Wood to Reds for Homer Bailey and prospects, Yuck

Well it's  happening  folks. The Dodgers are trading Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, and Alex Wood to the Reds for pitcher Homer Bailey and a couple  of Prospects. https://twitter.com/JeffPassan/status/1076229413694509056 This clears about 40 (actually around 17-20) million dollars in payroll  for the Dodgers. Honestly this is a terrible trade if it doesn't end up

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The Dodger Pitching Staff Should Be Strong in 2019

It’s almost Thanksgiving which means the hot stove should be well underway. Unfortunately it’s not. As usual the Dodgers have done very little to nothing in terms of adding players for next year’s roster. The Dodgers still need a new GM, hitting coach, third base coach, starting catcher, and starting

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Roberts Takes Bad Managing to 11 in Game One – Dodgers Lose 8-4

World Series, Game 1. Dateline: Boston The first (and last) time these two teams met in the World Series, the Dodgers were known as the Robins. Their lineup featured a young Perfessor, Casey Stengel, and the Red Sox boasted an up-and-coming hurler by the name of Babe Ruth. Both players went

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Dodgers Scratch Out Win Against Giants

Two tough losses against the Diamondbacks for the Dodgers set this three game series with the Giants. Hyun-jin Ryu faced off against MadBum. The Dodgers will need help to overcome the Rockies because the Rockies lead the NL West by one game. The Rockies won today against the Nationals, but

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Alex Wood

Justin Verlander flashes dominance in 2-1 win over the Dodgers

Age is just a number. As an athlete tends to get older, onlookers tend to believe that they are transitioning out of their prime playing years and are on the decline. Managers are lucky to get a solid six innings out of 35-year-old pitchers. Look at 44-year-old pitcher Bartolo Colon.

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