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Judging The Dodgers Puig, Kemp Trade to The Reds, Possibly One of The Worst in Dodgers History

Looking at the Dodger’s blockbuster trade with the Reds it seems like the Reds got all the block, while the Dodgers got stuck with the bust part of this deal. The news broke fast and swift on Friday afternoon. The Dodgers traded Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, Alex Wood and poor Kyle Farmer (who got lumped into this stupid trade) to the Reds for over the hill and injury riddled Homer Bailey and two very young, raw A-ball prospects. The Dodgers also sent seven million dollars to the Reds as well to offset costs.

The two young prospects coming back to the Dodgers are infielder Jeter Downs and right handed pitcher Josiah Gray. Both prospects are several years away from being major league ready at the least. Gray is considered a top-100 prospect, or once was. Gray tossed 2.58 ERA in 52.2 innings pitched at the single-A ball level. Downs batted .257 and hit 13 home runs and stole 37 bags at the class-A level. I don’t see either player ever suiting up in a Dodger uniform to be honest, but they’ll provide some useful minor league depth. Hey even the Rancho Quakes need players too. Check out the analysis Dustin did on the prospects over at Dodgersdigest.

That doesn’t mean this trade is anything resembling a major league swap in any way whatsoever. As a matter of fact this is probably one of the worst trades the Dodgers have ever made in the history of the franchise. I don’t mean that because they traded Puig, Kemp or any of the other guys. I mean this because they didn’t get anyone of value back at all. They essentially gave the Reds several good players while opening up another hole on the position player side. This may go down in the hall of shame for trades right alongside other whoppers of foolishness like the Pedro Martinez for Delino Deshields debacle, or the Fox created Mike Piazza trade to the Marlins in 1998. The Dodgers have given the Reds charity during the holiday season and I sure hope the Cincy faithful appreciate what Andrew Friedman’s idiocy will do for them in 2019.

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Puig should hit 25-30 home runs at Great American Ballpark, and Kemp will have a good year hitting there as well. This ends one of the most tumultuous Dodger careers of our generation. We’ll have fond memories of Yasiel Puig. He may not be the same player he was when he first broke in with the Dodgers but he’s still an immensely talented and entertaining player. He’s one of the most marketable faces as well and losing him for nothing stings. We’ll take a look back another time at his incredibly up and down Dodger career. We’ll miss Kemp too; it was nice to see him back one last time.

Let’s talk about why the Dodgers made this moronic trade. Other than sending Package into a rage, why did the Dodgers do this? One would say that they’re gearing up to sign mega free agent Bryce Harper. That would make sense as there is now a gaping hole in right field and Harper would slot right in there. However you and I both know how unbelievably small market minded and cheap Friedman is. He’s never given a contract to a marquee free agent since him and his penny pinchers rode into town. I doubt they start now, especially considering Harper would command a humongous deal. Probably somewhere in the 300 million dollar range.

This was a deal made to save money and create roster space. Surely Friedman loves to save money, but let’s not pretend the Dodgers even need to do something like this. The Dodgers saved somewhere around 17-20 million dollars in the trade, which can be used to do something this offseason, so I am assuming more moves are coming. But again the Dodgers are not poor.

Please do not even begin to try and sell me that the Dodgers had to do this to get below the luxury tax, or because they’re in the red, or bleeding money all over the field. Look I get that payroll can’t be like 500 million or something but let’s not pretend like the Dodgers are poor. Yes the poor little broke Dodgers simply can’t afford Puig or Kemp anymore. The Dodgers are not the Tampa Bay Rays despite Friedman running them like they are. The Dodgers are one of the richest if not the richest sports organizations in the world. The two riches teams in baseball are the Dodgers and Yankees. They’re owned by a multi-billion dollar per year investment firm that has resources in the billions. The franchise and brand makes billions of dollars per year off marketing, ticket sales, a huge television deal, merchandise, endorsements and who knows what other business dealings. The fact is if the Dodgers want a player, they can get him easily. They have the funds.

With that being said, Friedman better go out and sign someone like a Harper, Machado or acquire a JT Realmuto. Because while I do think the Dodgers can survive without Puig and Kemp, a large market behemoth like the Dodgers salary dumping like this for no reason not only sends a really bad message to the fan base but it makes them look awful in the eyes of the sports world. The way to make up for this stupidity is to fork out the cash and sign Harper. Otherwise the Friedman fans get to cheer again about how much money he saved. His wallet never looked thinner.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

13 thoughts on “Judging The Dodgers Puig, Kemp Trade to The Reds, Possibly One of The Worst in Dodgers History

  1. I certainly hope Puig and Kemp fair well in Cincinnati. They are probably thrilled to get out of Platoonsville.

    Dumbest trade ever? I think it will definitely rank up there in the top.

    As far as Kemp leaving, I could live with it. Although I think he is a great ballplayer, he was too expensive to keep on the roster, especially if he was going to stay on the bench and sweep the dugout floors. Kemp had the tools necessary to be a HOF candidate, if not for his attitude during his early days. He has since matured, but too little too late.

    The biggest loss is Puig. He was still young, just beginning to mature. Obviously one of the best defensive arms in the MLB outfield. Great offensive potential, he had the tools. He brought excitement to the otherwise boring Dodger lineup. His only limitation was the Dodger FO. Because of his age, he was subjected to a discriminating double standard with regards to discipline. Also a victim to the excessive platooning.

    Farmer had the makings of a very strong back-up catcher and utility player.

    Wood is still young, but I feel he just needed a change of scenary. I hope he does well in his new environs. He is still teammates with his buddy, Farmer, too.

    At the end of the day, the Dodgers dumped three All-Stars, for a 1-10, 6 ERA, 32 year old rubber arm, who the Dodgers will probably DFA and eat his big salary. Prospects, are just “Prospects”…. not a good place to be the the Dodger organization. Like all other “Dodger Prospects”, they will probably waste away in the farm, while the Dodgers struggle with a high dollar, non-productive, mediocre, 25-man roster.

  2. Ug. Sometimes this blog disappoints. Just devolves into silly hot takes, without much thought or effort.

    Alas, the conversation is good.

  3. If this is the only transaction the Dodgers make before the season starts, then it is a horrible trade. But I believe there are more trades or signings coming… Perhaps a trade for Cory Kluber or the addition of AJ Pollack or Harper. I will miss Puig but I think he will be a better player in Cincinnati than he was with the Dodgers. Perhaps he will work on being a better hitter against left handed pitchers. I wish him well EXCEPT when he goes against the Dodgers.

  4. The Dodgers gave away 4 major league players for nothing. The two prospects may or may not ever make a major league club but you can bet Freidman has no idea if they will or not. Bailey has never been any good and will probably be released and very possibly never play MLB baseball again. Friedman banks on convincing fans that saving money and getting below the luxury tax is just as important as winning. Some fans cheer when he does this. Where is the team success figured in and I mean winning a WS? Friedman does this crap all the time and it is really past old. Some say Kemp should have been traded because of the 2nd half of the season, when in reality the reason he did not play well was because he was put on the bench by Dummy and left there to rot except for a little platooning which is very unentertaining. Again we will be made to wait and wait and wait for something good to happen. The ownership should be ashamed of themselves for putting that kind of an asshole in charge. We now get to see if the great Joc, Cody, Chris, Kike, Muncy and the rest can win without those they let go.

  5. I can understand trading high on Kemp and Puig. I can understand Wood is not in their future plans. I can’t understand or forgive just giving away major-league talent for zero return. Now that there’s no more surplus in the rotation or the outfield, what could they use to trade for Kluber or Realmuto?

    The next salary dump I’m hoping for is Fraudman and Kasten. And trade Doc for Alex Cora.

  6. Dilly Dilly, Package….. Dilly Dilly.

    Even if this a precursor to a Harper aquisition, this one player will not make this team a World Series Champion. I’d rather have a team of great players, then one overpaid superstar, and mediocre supporting cast.

  7. Could have simply non tendered puig and wood. They are projected to make 11.3 and 9 million via arbitration. 20 million. Giving away three mlb players (each with at least one all star appearance) and a slightly less than viable backup, while receiving zero viable mlb players and zero top prospects. (Jeter is the reds #9 prospect, #9,#9,#9!!!!#9#9#9#9#9??????#9#9#9). Briiliant!! I have seen reports of 15,16 and 17 million in savings. We’ll soon see how much it cost for the pleasure of doing this deal. It will be the difference between what puig and wood end up making via arbitration and the 15-17 they received for the honor of throwing in even more.

  8. I do like the Joe Kelley signing. Fried Man has been loathe to hand out a three year deal to relievers who are not named Jansen for quite some time.

  9. The narrative for the past few weeks has been that Friedman had to clear outfielders before signing Bryce Harper because if he does it after he signs Harper the league would know he had to move guys and he would be in a bind. Boras supposedly gave him a few weeks to clear this up. that all ended when Boras called Freidman and said time’s up buddy. Friedman panicked and pulled the chicken switch. He dumped these guys and got nothing COMPLETELY CONTRADICTING the week’s previous narrative. Now here’s the problem. Boras has Friedman by the SHORT HAIRS. Friedman, who one assumes, had a verbal deal with Boras, has got to dance to his toon or we end up with Joc, Beli, Verdugo. The league should stop this so-called “trade” as it is not a trade at all.

  10. Lol Scott. Deshields. Piazza. Konerko. Dodgers dealt hall of famers or borderline hall of famers.

    Dodgers traded a washed up Kemp. A decent OF and a 4th starter. Did they get anything back? No. It’s called a salary dump.

  11. Puig can hit lefties, if given the chance. He will get that chance in Cincinnati.

    I hope he slams the Dodgers… No Mercy, Wild Horse!

  12. Simple addition thru subtraction, we’re talking about clubhouse and payroll cancers plus tens of millions of dollars freed up to be applied more effectively
    Dodger fan since 1962

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