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Preview and Prediction: St. Louis Cardinals at Los Angeles Dodgers

Mayday, Mayday! Another blown save by a Dodgers closer in their most recent loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. In an already tight National League race, every pitch and every run will determine who advances to the postseason. Two bad pitches in the ninth inning led to the Dodger's demise. Dodgers

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Alex Wood

Justin Verlander flashes dominance in 2-1 win over the Dodgers

Age is just a number. As an athlete tends to get older, onlookers tend to believe that they are transitioning out of their prime playing years and are on the decline. Managers are lucky to get a solid six innings out of 35-year-old pitchers. Look at 44-year-old pitcher Bartolo Colon.

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Preview and Prediction: Pittsburgh Pirates vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Ping, Ping, Ping! These sounds echoed throughout the night at Dodger Stadium as they routed the Pittsburgh Pirates 17-1, in what seemed to be a never-ending day of batting practice. The Dodgers accumulated over 21 hits and had four home runs, a continual sign of success for MLB's 8th-best offense. Pirates

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Hyun-Jin Ryu Vs. A's

Preview and Prediction: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres

We are in the middle of a rare situation in the NL West, as the Los Angeles Dodgers open up their first three-game series with the San Diego Padres trailing in the division. The Padres currently boast a 1/2 game lead on the Dodgers and will have home-field advantage. Tonight's

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Preview and Prediction: San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgers

The 2017 National League Champions, Los Angeles Dodgers are in the midst of a scoring drought against the Giants. In their first two games, the Dodgers were shutout and combined for a bleak seven hits. This occurred despite strong pitching performances from both Clayton Kershaw and Alex Wood. Combined, they

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Remembering Dodgers Outfielder Wally Moon

The Dodgers organization and fan base are saddened by the recent death of former National League Rookie of the Year Wally Moon, who died at his home in Bryan, Texas on Friday Night. The left-handed outfielder played his 12-year career in the major leagues for both the St. Louis Cardinals

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Who should the Los Angeles Dodgers look to at second base in 2018?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have big-time decisions to ponder about in order to make a return to the 2018 World Series. Who will they try to resign? Who will they push for in free agency? Are there any standouts in their farm system? After their thrilling but disappointing Game 7 World

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